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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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the new wood fired grill. only at applebee's >> fox ufc fight night sponsored by bud light. raise one to right now. a very emotional demian maia. his ninth submission. the only man who has had more in the ladies and gentlemen, referee john mccarthy stops this in the very first round. due to submission by a rear naked choke, demian maia! >> all right. i'm here with your winner. an emotional d emotional demian.
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wins. where does this stack up? >> right now, i think 16 in a row, this guy is just a former champion. he's a guy that has been knocking out everybody. this is the guy that i watch his fight against robby lawler. in the first line there, many people think he won. i also think -- so for me, he was the champion. come here and be able to put my work, all my respect for i knew it would be a hard fight. i'm just so happy that, you know -- i think i earned a title shot. you know, now finally i get the chance to fight for the title. >> and stephen wonder boy thompson is here. he's going to fight next. are you planning to wait or will you want a fight in between? >> no.
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wait forhe winner of woodley and wonder boy. >> you're a class act a true master. incredible performance. absolutely. [speaking in portuguese]. >> i said, you know, that i -- i'm very glad that there's a lot of brazilians here. more than that, i fight for martial arts and brazilian jiujitsu.
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everybody likes mixed martial arts and i come here to represent that. and i love my kids and my wife. that's it. >> congratulations. incredible performance. demian maia. >> three of four wins coming by rear naked choke. we'll talk to carlos condit. >> i'm here with carlos condit. very disappointed. but you put on some of the most exciting performances in the everybody wants to know what is next? this can't be it for you. do you plant to return to the octagon and begin another assualt on the welterweight division. >> first off, congratulations to demian. a matter of respect for him as a man and a mixed martial artist. as far as my future, i have no idea. we'll have to see. i'm disappointed tonight. you know, what you going to do?
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sportsman and athlete. one of the most exciting guys in the ufc. thank you so much, carlos. we look forward to your return or what is next. >> ladies and gentlemen, carlos condit. >> fans still love the natural born killer. all right. let's get it back to jon anik, daniel cormier and dominic cruz. >> thanks very much. when a night it has been here for the mma leader as we return to the great white north. let us welterweight main event. d.c., your thoughts. >> up believable by demian maia. he implemented his game plan. he got the take down. he kept position. moved and advanced the position. got the choke early. what he did to carlos condit no one has ever done or looked this impressive against carlos condit. demian maia is right where he
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rankings on the cusp of a title shot. he said he's going to wait and he should wait. >> nice job. the winning streak is now six. none more impressive than what you saw here on fox. dominic cruz, your biggest take away. >> i have to go with anthony pettis. the way he fought that fight was incredible a few reasons. he threw the gas tank out and went for the kill. he got gassed, but that showed adversity. he was taking the air out of oliveira early. the fight went on to the third round until finally you can see anthony pettis transition from a single leg defense as oliveira transitioned to the double. he catches the guillotine and choked him out at the end of the round. it showed that anthony pettis is not only still here but submitted oliveira with the kind of black belt skills that he has on the matt.
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division. to anthony pettis, this is something for him that he needed. you saw it. he wasn't shocked that he won but with how the fight went. he has something to prove. >> a massive win. i don't think you can overstate it for the former lightweight champion here tonight. of course, this evening we crowned a welterweight contender. in two weeks, the heavyweight title is on t land. >> on september 10, the heavyweights are coming. new ufc champion stipe moicic defends his title against alistair overeem. former heavyweight champion verdum takes on brown. and the octagon debut of former pro wrestling superstar, c.m.
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>> all right. that will just about do it for it. for a complete recap of all of the action, we hope you town into the ufc fight night post fight show starting in a few minutes on fs2. coming up next on fox, it's your late local news except on the west coast. thank you all for watching fox ufc fight night. see you in a few minutes on fs2. these are grillers. and we make them at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em.
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right now on wral news, a lot of people that caught by suppressing thundershowers today and what about tomorrow? check out with aimee wilmoth next. and a daughter and mother were found discovered dead in their
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neighbors who were helping a woman trapped in a bathroom by an attacking dog. breakingnews tonight, an accident involving over to vehicle has traffic backed up on interstate 85 and the woman driving that car told police it started with a carjacking and we are glad you are with us, i am ken smith. catherine has the night off. let's look at the live traffic camera where police were called on 8:30 pm on ier in the area, wral candace sweat joins us live with what she's been able to find out.>>reporter: you just mentioned traffic just started moving a few moments ago by before we started the show and you can see behind me the car involved in the crash is loaded onto the tow truck and ready to pull off. it is a toyota avalon and their
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spoke with the durham police department just a few minutes ago, it may be 30 minutes ago, the public information officer says a woman was involved in she overturned her car here on interstate 85 northbound here in durham right before the red mill road exit. she did report to investigators out here that this possibly involved a carjacking, that story hasn't been confirmed. what we do know is a woman was driving this car overturned the car here on i 85 northbound near red mill road. she refused medical treatment, no fatalities thankfully to report and traffic is again moving smoothly, but again several agencies out on the scene investigating and still lots of questions as to exactly what happened and what led to the crash. we will continue to investigate that and bring you more information on air and online
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>> thank you. several people were caught off guard by highly unpredictable pop-up storms to jake let's get right over to meteorologist aimee wilmoth, is there anything looking favorable for storms now? >> it will likely be a quiet night tonight but we did have thunderstorms today that popped up quickly out of nowhere if you are outside and did not pay attention to the radar. they were strong storms with heavy rain and lots of lightning with also some hail. right now it is quieter that we will show you some rainfall totals from the rain we had today, parts of wake county especially southwestern parts towards holly springs about 1 inch of rainfall, if you had to the west of roxborough about 1 inch of rain in parts of cumberland county 1 inch of rain as well so we had decent rainfall totals if you are lucky enough to get any. another headline was the heat.
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for 98 today the previous record was 97. we will look at how hot it gets for sunday and who has the best chance for storms tomorrow coming up. heat might be to blame for the death of the woman and her daughter his body was found in a fayetteville home this weekend their bodies were discovered after police conducted a well-being check on this woman aberdeen place and a woman in her 70s along with her daughter who recently turned 50 lived in the home, the woman we talked to one neighbor who says the women's air conditioning units stopped working this summer.>> they never got one. and i have no idea why. they could not afford one, my landlord would have been more than happy to buy one for them. >> at this point police are nothing if heat later role in the deaths and autopsy results are pending, it could be several more days before they could release the names of the women. a woman attacked by a
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tonight in this happened at home on presley court in raleigh and police say a pit bull that the 37-year-old woman on the leg, chest and abdomen and we spoke with the woman who owns the dog and she tells us her friend is terrified of by what happened hit in the bathroom until animal control arrived in neighbors described what they witnessed.>> we try to come over there with our weapons or whatever thinking we could do something but the dog was so angry, you know, and trying to get through the door because she was trapped inside the bathroom. >> the woman has not been identified but the dog's owner tells us she is recovering and as for the dog the owner tells us she is waiting to find out herself what will happen, police say the dog remains of the wake county animal shelter. no charges expected after a man was struck and killed on interstate 40 in wake county, 42-year-old jonathan brewster was attempting to cross interstate 40 near garner when he was hit by a car shortly
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his injuries. police officers don't expect to file charges against the driver struck and killed a pedestrian police say 33-year-old christina starling was walking around cumberland road when she was hit by a car just before 9 pm last night and was taken to cape fear valley medical center she later died from injuries and police say there is no indication the driver was speeding or impaired. police are looking for a gunman who shot two people at a basketball court, the call came in around 4:30 am this morning e. main st. in s. elm st. in durham, the victim's injuries cumberland county deputies are trying to identify this man trying to break into an atm, the scenario unfolded the state employees credit union on done road and eastover i'm a surveillance video shows the man has a tattoo on his right forearm and might be in a dark- colored ford taurus and if you know who he is called the cumberland county sheriff's office. in chatham county surveillance camera caught a woman selling his command vice
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identify the woman shown here and you can see her face is partially covered by a scarf in the skimming device is used to steal debit and credit card information and investigators have not released the name of the bank but say the device was removed and new customer information was compromised. health officials are warning residents of confirmed zika cases and nash county, the rocky mount telegram reports that zika cases involve trav the zika prone area of the caribbean and no word yet on the amount of cases but we do know none of all the pregnant woman the symptoms include a rash, red eyes and stiff joints according to the cdc there are 35 confirmed cases of zika in north carolina and all of them travel related could a couple of traffic alerts, the golden street exit off of interstate 40 e. is closed this weekend from their rebuilding the ramp and that should be opened on monday morning. also the outside lanes of mooresville parkway are now
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road had been closed since early february to complete work on a rail over class - overpass bridge. 22 combat veterans formed the finish line for 2200 mile walk and it is meant to raise awareness about the issues of suicide among veterans. mike noncheck started the journey back in march and ended it at fault lake earlier today and the significance of the number 22 is that is how many veterans in many are suffering the effects of ptsd. two of wral's own phone line, terrence williams and gerald owens. a faith community practicing the faith they preach more than 400 volunteers from our lady of lords church and school took part in the one day for him service project in the volunteers tackle 23 different service projects and that included feeding the
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and writing up some triangle neighborhoods in the service project helps organizations like stop hunger now, habitat for humanity and the raleigh rescue mission. coming up will show you the man police hauled in overnight for the murder of two mississippi nuns. also a man killed on a johnson county road while walking his dog, 10 years later the person who ran him over has not faced justice but your tip that help. justice but your tip that help. that is she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. vate jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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a terrifying fight ended safely for passengers on a southwest airline flight, the sound of an explosion or mechanical issue for supply to make an emergency landing in pensacola florida and images taken by passengers showed a damaged inlet with engines and all 104 people on the board including the pilot are okay and it is unclear what caused the damage, the plane was headed from new orleans to orlando appeared a mississippi man facing the murder of two events after confessing he killed them. investigators say the suspect rodney sanders confessed to the crime of their working to determine if there was any link between him and announce, the two women were found dead in their home thursday, they were both nurse practitioners known for being compassionate servants in their own communities. investigators here greenville south carolina believe someone posing as a clown is trying to lure children into nearby wooded areas and a first police about the kids in the neighborhood
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child, i thought he was seeing things in the next day i had about 30 kids come up to me and they did you see the clowns in the woods? >> the woman said she also saw the plan waving at her from behind trees in the department or apartment complex nearby enacted a 10 pm curfew for children as a precaution and law enforcement says they picked up evidence from the area but so far no arrests. in the meantime police are increasing patrols until the so- called creepy clown is captured. wral news wanted. >> humid to harney county from colorado looking for a fresh start in five months later he was dead, daniel mccarthy was hit by a car while doing something so many of us do everyday only this time he died and the person who hit him has yet to face justice. we get more tonight from wral
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case with this german shepard named maggie, her owner daniel mccarthy died in done along the road on august 16, 2005 with maggie at his side. >> they were very upset him his wife was very upset. >> around sunrise mccarthy was walking a dog when a car hit him and kept going in the 53- year-old died instantly and thomas jernigan live nearby and his son mccarthy - his son found mccarthy it's been he said daddy there is a dead man in the ditch and i said how do you know? is that i just know.>> mccarthy landed a construction job at campbell university for five months he stated the royal in leaving an impression on those who met him good >> when they brought his name up, man, it shocked me to know who it was. >> maggie turned up hours after the crash about 1 mile from the scene on the same road mccarthy
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about the hit-and-run killed daniel mccarthy call our toll- free hotline at 866-43-439-2683 or go to and search report a tip if you don't have to give us your name.>> nc wanted operators are available day and night. meteorologist aimee wilmoth shares when we could amazingly comfortable nights here in the triangle and the most popular festivals of all most popular festivals of all happen in let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad!
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how about a taste of the caribbean without leaving the triangle? that happened in downtown raleigh today. [ music ] carnival kicks off with a festive parade featuring colorful costumes and calypso music and it was live music and caribbean cuisine. this annual event is put on by the raleigh-durham association and the lazy daze arts and crafts festival continues tomorrow for the first time the
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than 300 artists from 16 states are being showcased in this is the 40th year for the event. thousands of students head back to school and raleigh community leaders want to make sure they're well-prepared and the fifth annual back-to-school community of the boys and girls club in raleigh had everything to get children ready for opening day, barbers gave free haircuts, they gave out 1000 back-to-school gift bags filled with supplies, the results of food, games and a whole men's basketball coach made an appearance as well as tj tucker from the nba's phoenix suns. wral of live team coverage of the return to school, look for life reports and updates on school buses and transportation as well as new start times, coverage begins monday morning on wral at 4:30 am and continues to seven on fox 50 seven on fox 53rd aimee wilmoth
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meant business, there was a heavy lightning and heavy rain and strong gusty winds as well us and not what we would like to have for saturday whether that we really did need the rain. we'll talk about rain chances for sunday coming up but right now i will go back in time and show you the radar just after lunch today, it was fairly quiet at that point but then they just exploded. if you got under one the rain was coming down at a good clip, some folks getting about 1 inch down and just a couple of spotty showers especially from raleigh and points west. we could see a few more shots tomorrow but the best chance will be south and east of us. tim's still pretty warm, 800 for zebulun and 82 for buckhorn and 75 year the tv studios for raleigh, 78 and irwin. the dewpoint is in the 70s for most of us, 78 berlin and 73 for raleigh, light winds tonight with a lot of moisture
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from the dewpoint. we had rain today suspect talked to develop overnight into sunday morning, the bulls were playing earlier this evening and they were able to get that game in with the rank on all around the stadium, 75 at the airport is the cloudy skies with winds call. visibility down to 70 miles and if you spot, seeing the numbers go down reiterate the fact we could have a little bit of fog shows the showers as they were moving in from the east and moving west and the reason for that is because of an area of high pressure of north which will sink down a little bit to the south tomorrow, with high- pressure we tend to have drier air and that will slip into northern and central sections of north carolina tomorrow which is why rain chances will be highs he had to the coast, south and east of raleigh will have the best chance of showers and storms tomorrow and everybody else likely staying dry. future cast overnight tonight shows a couple of showers in
10:33 pm
fog are possible, maybe a couple of spotty showers along the coast but probably dry here and by 2 pm tomorrow afternoon south and east of the storms are possible which could impact sampson county and perhaps cumberland county as well. towards the evening hours most of the rain is staying east of us. if you're east of the triangle you will have a better chance of getting rain tomorrow and if you're closer to the coast you have a higher chance. fog ov the lower 70s and by 8 am tomorrow fog around, temps in the low 70s, 85 at lunchtime tomorrow and most of us are dry, it will be muggy but with the extra cloud cover in the morning i think temps will not be as hot as today. we made it to 98 for raleigh and 90 is what we will get to tomorrow but if the clouds break of our earlier it could the hotter. no matter what it will be
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school, we want to make sure the kids in the parents are ready for the morning routine and homework, i am not. at 8 am temperatures are low 70s and try the morning., dry in the afternoon was spotty showers and temps close to 90, 90 on tuesday partly cloudy thursday 92 the high but look at the dip in the temperatures, a cold front moves in late thursday and were hoping it gets all the way through central north carolina. ift will get down to the middle 80s and if it does not quite make it through the area we might have to move those temperatures up. fingers crossed that we get cooler temperatures late next week. mandy is in now and what is this with cam newton?>> he did not play well yesterday, not his best. next in sports y cam newton says maybe it was a good thing the team had a subpar performance against new england. usc defense improved greatly to thrive in an
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