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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 29, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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>> focused on people and community, this is wral news on fox other. right now on fox 50, the search is on for a murder suspect considered armed and dangerous. who he's accused of killing and his chilling social media post. and a his innocence after spending 20 years behind bars. who's expected to testify today. it is time to go back to school for more than a million children. what you need to know before they head out the door today. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. it is 7:00. i'm excited for you for the first day of school. >> i know. it is an exciting day. >> i am bill leslie, and i remember my first day of school, how excited i was to see my buddies.
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your shoes and you coordinate and today i guess sleeveless shirts. it is a hot day. >> yeah, starting off the school year feeling like summer definitely. there was a lot of that going on at my house. everybody is excited thinking about what they're going to wear. my daughter said let me make sure i text my friend and see what she's going to wear. maybe we can be twins. >> some of the kids are already out the door. some of them have to leave so early. here is how it looks, a nice mix of for a beautiful sun rise. in durham it is 70. 79 in kerry. 67 in south hill, 74 in goldsboro and clinton. expect low to mid 70s this morning. 82 by lunchtime and a high of 89. it is nice to keep it just under 90 and the dew points should stay in the involve. we do have showers -- stay in 60s. we do have showers and storms,
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more about that in just a few minutes. bryan, of course is following the commute which a mess in east raleigh. >> in deed, breaking news from overnight a car hit a utility poll, and right now new bern avenue is blocked in one direction, all lanes on the inbound side are blocked. the eastbound side, the outbound side, one lane is open as we zoom into that area and show you where it is you can see that newbern avenue is bl ton inbound side. i believe we do have yesterday owe of this from earlier when had car hit the utility poll. again, no serious injuries but it did cause damage to poll. that's a big mess to clean up and it looks like it will be longer before that is restored and traffic is restored to its normal at herb out there. a detour is set up. it takes you over to takes parkway and out to new hope and
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lane. so for that one lane is open but we're not seeing big delays. as traffic builds we will have to keep our eyes on those senator. >> >> we had a deadly accident involving a pedestrian on the the eastbound side of u.s. 70, this is the camera at 85 at u.s. 70. you can see where police have blocked it ramp. they're blocking all traffic from 85 on to 70 eastbound. it is closed from 85 down toward -- they set up, and it is like lick -- detour set up and it is likely to be the rest of the morning before they can reopen this street. it is down to miami boulevard. you can pick up 70 on the other side of the accident. we will follow both of those this morning. also a couple of other crashes reported. one in clayton at 70 and another in garner this morning on timber right now we're not seeingty delays on the senators on this back -- sensors on this
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looking for the man who killed two people outside after an apartment complex. they were discovered shortly before 5:00 yesterday morning. that is near strickland and rayford roads. police have not released the names and no words on a suspect. >>less believe someone kill today people and set fire to a home to cover their tracks. fire fighters responded only to find two bodies. they're trying to find out what the people inside died. but they are classifying this as a suspicious homicide. autopsys are scheduled today. raleigh police need your help identifying a man accused of inappropriately touching a woman at a department store. police sent us this surveillance video. he has short hair and a goatee. he claims he touched -- on july
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former durham prosecutor is expected to testify in a hearing beginning today. >> yeah, a hearing that could free a man that he helped convict more than 20 years ago. wral's renee is in our news room with more on the car real howard case. renee. the testimony will focus on evidence used to convict howard in the 1991 murder of doris washington and her daughter. howard has always maintained his innocence and in 2014 a judge vacated the conviction and ordered a new trial. there need today be a hearing on the evidence first. that hearing starts today a. among the evidence a dna test that excluded howard and point today someone else. there's also a police memo that stateed it case appear today be the-w of the new york gang for which the victim sold drugs. he never handed the memo over to defense attorneys. the former prosecutor is no longer practicing law. he was disbarred as a result of the duke lacrosse case.
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could last three days. this is a big case with a lot of attention. look for live reports on wral news at noon. >> all right. renee, thank you. the trial of a durham man accuseed in a deadly restaurant shooting nearly five years ago is scheduled to start today. police say jerry adams killed allen at an ihop in 201. two off duty durham county deputies told a group of people that included adams that they could not sit in a closed off section was crowd window 30 to 40 people. police say adams turn todayst rant a short time -- returned to the restaurant a short time later and opened fire. is holding a news conference today to share his story. he was held for months in a defense afacility in georgia. his attorney believes he qualifieds for a salem because he pled guilty to gang
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able to return to durham. his news conference is set for 35:45 p.m. >> deputys are looking for a man accused of killing his child's grandfather. anthony mcneal shot and killed eugene ray at a house north of fayetteville about 30 minutes after the shooting, a message appeared on the facebook page reading i am not turning myself in. if i can't make it out of north carolina, i am going to shoot myself. mcneal has a child with tell us the relationship had become contemptuous over last several month. >> >> fayetteville police are looking for the man who killed two people outside of an apartment complex. deputies discovered the men shortly before 5:00 yesterday morning. that's near strickland bridge and rayford roads. they have not released the victim's names and no word on a suspect. they're asking anyone with information to call fayetteville police.
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debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. how they're preparing now and the issues they plan to address this week. >> and the death of dewayne wade's cousin. >> and how the pope is honoring
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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italy. 7:10.
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today. trump said he has a major -- we have more from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton has more fund raises are today and tomorrow, she raised over $11 million sunday amid debate prep, advisor tell us she's studying policy, shortening her answers and preparing for the unpredictable. >> well behaved, modest trump, i doubt we will see that. kind of off the rails trump. >> sources say donald trump'sless formal preferring to discuss issues over lunch. >> locking her in a room and cram her mind with all of these binders. >> her corruption has been exposed again. >> the new web ad target it is e-mails in state department meeting with donation donor. >> when republicans meet, they call a meeting. when democrat doss that they call it a conflict. >> in a predominantly black
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detroit on sunday. wednesday in as he's giving a major immigration speech after confusion about whether he would deport undocumented immigrants or let them display no path to legalization, no path to citizenship unless people leave the country. >> he said he would work with law abiding immigrant who is have been here for years. tracy potts. trump's running mate will visit north carolina for a second time in a week. he's schedule today speak in winston salem tomorrow week, in charlotte and also new brunswick county on the coast. 7:12. new rules are now in effect for drones throughout the cub industry, how it could impact you and how nasa is hoping guide the future. plus, why two united airline pilots were arrested
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welcome back. that's the perfect song for this monday morning as a lot of kids head back to school this morning. >> exactly. i them. some of them are ready for school again. >> at least the first day is typically exciting. >> it is. >> then when you are recognizing the reality that this is for the foreseeable future, maybe then you start getting a little grumpy. >> especially you get that first homework assignment. it is like oh no, here we go. >> at least the weather is behaving certainly for today and it will really all week. there's not a whole lot of rain around to impact your morning commute or your ride home in the evening, either one.
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of i-95. mate be slightly bigger chance there. let's take -- it might approximate a slightly bigger chance there. we have a nice mix of sun and clouds make for dramatic scenes, you can see that behind the camera, the sun has found a whole in the clouds and it is really lit up the feeder there, and downtown south hill, really pretty and of course gray skies behind it. it is beautiful, beautiful shot there and we are seeing that all over place, a mix of sun and clouds and even though we are seeing cloud cover in plac falling out of these clouds and that will be the same story for the next few days. 70 is our current temperature, the northeast wind at 5 miles per hour. the dew point is 68. it should stay in the 60s for most of the day so that help it is oppressive humidity, however it is like throw be mid to upper 60s. it is not going feel refreshing but it won't feel oppressively muggy either. >> 74 in goldsboro, 72 in erwin, 74 in fayetteville.
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radar. we have high pressure situate to the north and west the high pressure system has winds that rotate clockwise. this is about the extent of the high pressure system, it edges down here into north carolina and it does have sneaking air that keeps everything dry. we will be mainly dry from western part of north carolina up through the triangle area. but then just east of that along and east of i-95. we have the good flow of moisture tough at atlanta kick that mean it is potential for scattered showers thunderstorms. tropical depression, eight there, you can see this is the one that's going to affect us first: not a big deal but impacts along the coast. hurricane gastone not likely to affect the united states and -- tropical depression nine likely behind eight. eight has one to three inches of rain fall, tropical storm watch in effect from moore head city up toward virginia.
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deal. these wind gusts won't do a gusts, may just toss trash ca and a little low lying flooding, later today that storm likely to become a tropical storm. it may either be hermine or -- because nine is also likely to get a name in the next 24 hours: brushes by the outer banks with winds at 40 to 45 miles per hour and then back into the atlantic. here is tropical depression nine off the and cuba. it cippus cross the florida pea innocence -- it zips across the florida peninsula and then away from north carolina. that's good news for anybody who plans to be at the coast for the holiday weekend. watch that. thing can say certainly change with tropical systems. at the bus stop this morning, 73 at 8:00 a.m. and at at, 89. it will be worm a light chance of thunderstorms east but moist kids don't have to stow the
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backpacks, 86 is the normal high for this time of year. 101 is the record on thursday. we have a cold front that will drop our temperatures for nice conditions for the holiday weekend and highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s and actually stay dry. of course still following what's happening on newbern avenue which has been a reallies mess this morning: any improvement at -- has been really a mess this morning. >> any improvement. >> no. we will start at new hope road. it is a live picture from traffic camera, and right now the inbound side of newbern remains blocked. they're turning traffic around there. the outbound side, down to one lane. you can see some traffic making its way beyond the camera here out toward that intersection, that right lane remains open. at the moment at least we're not seeing big delays through that area but it is something you need to keep in mind as we zoom in there you can see the purple indicating where inbound
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and you will notice traffic is building that morning through that area. this is all due to an accident overnight where a car took out a utility poll. no serious injuries but it will be a while before they can get everything reopened out there. >> in durham we had a deadly pedestrian accident blocking now 70 eastbound at now 0 it is closed from 85 all the way down toward cheek road. here is video from just a little while ago, where you can see where that is closed. here is where they have the 70. that investigation is going to continue through the rest of the commute. you need to think about alternate routes, if they do have -- it is gear to miami, pick up 70 on the other side. in last few minutes we is a report of a crash on 55 at james slaughter down to the arena and also an accident on laura dunkin road at indian trail in apex area, also looking out for a vehicle fire
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hammond road glid the two people accused of killing the cousin of dewayne wade. they're both convicted felons out on parole. alldredge was pushing her baby in a stroller on the south side of chicago on friday when she got caught in the cross fire. this happened shortly after the mother of four registered her older children for school. >> donald trump true an online backlash saturday for a tweet he tweeted just what i have been saying, african american will vote for trump. he later tweeted his condolences. at least one person die affidavit a chemical plant in florida. investigators say they recovered it remains of one victim at the facility in canton, near pensacola. they say the blast left the plant welcoming like a mini war zone. the gas nitroxide exploded but
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ignite. pope francis will visit central italy as soon as possible. he made the pledge during his weekly prayer service the holy father sent a prayer for those affected. museums in italy want to do their part. they will donate money toward the rebuilding also, italy soccer teams are planning moments of silence before each match. a stunning bridge collapse shut down major roads through traffic backed up and was at a stand still as crews work today remove rubble and ensure the rest of the structure was safe for drivers. a piece of heavy equipment being transported ton back of a truck hit the bridge which then physician fell en to another truck. the highway linked lon con with key channel route. >> >> two united airlines pilots are suspended -- police arrested the men just before they were about to fly from
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saturday. the arrest delayed the flight for ten hours, while the airline got a replacement crew. the men will be arraigned today in scotland, you nighted airline also conduct an internal investigation in addition to police investigation. new overnight, new rules meant to track sky eyes in skies -- eyes in skys are now in effect. anthony forward-looking statements discuss the new drone rules which went into effect at mittened. some of the a weight limit, 5 pounds ask a time restriction flying in daylight only. the unmanned aircraft must only stay within the pilots visual loin of site. it is time to go back to school today, and school districts all districts the viewing area. >> the remainder for parents, -- the reminders for parents. >> and the new campaign kicking off today ahead of the fall
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why why the first let's go straight to bryan monitoring a lot of issues on the roads this morning. >> in deed some major issues. let's start off at heading a.m. boulevard. we had an -- heddingham. outbound is reduced to one lane. inbound is blocked: we are starting to see pretty heavy
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an alternate route, that is really showing up really supports there. we had a -- sensor there is. we had a deadly accident at 70 east is closed right now from 85 down beyond cheek road. your best route is 85 from avon dale and then here to here to miami. back too you. thank you, bryan. deputys in couple ber listen county are looking for a man accused of killing his eugene north of fayetteville staff shooting a message appeared on facebook saying he did not plan to turn himself in. elizabeth. >> looking at the raleigh sky cam. it is looking gray but don't expect to see much rain. it is a pretty sun rise this morning but of course sun has been up for a little while now. in terms of temperatures, it is looking fairly mild this
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b 4 in faye yell yetville. faye 9 this afternoon. variablely cloudy and fairly warm and muggy. 91 on tuesday and wednesday but very little chance of showers and storm. >> reporter: thank you, elizabeth. it is back to school time for kids across the viewing area and across the state. next on fox 50, the changes for students on their first day back in wake and durham
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today is the first day of school for 1.5 million students in our state. >> along with them it is a huge day for the teacher, staff members and of course the parents: we will do live to roseville elementary, remembering her first day of school. >> reporter: it is not a good memory. i was nervous and it was hard but hopefully it will be different. we're here at roseville because they had to do some last minute preparations in order to ready for today due to construction over summer. luckily all of that is taken care of and summer is officially over the yellow bus also be rolling out this morning, as a matter of fact probably right now, of course with this new year there's plenty of changes today there will be a total of 159,000 students headed to school. >> that number is up by 1,000 from last year, also, there's a new price hike on school meals,
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$0.25 more. as far as facility, wake county now has six brand new school, that brings the total to 177 supporting those students are more than 19,000 staff members including more than 10,000 teacher. >> the bottom line is it takes a lot of people to prepare for this school year and bill and lena we have been talking about the first day of school experiences but you really had a special picture that you posted online and hopefully we will be able to pull >> oh. >> full with the scrunchies and outfit. >> i don't even -- i can't even imagine walking in school womenning with this outfit. -- school building with this outfit on. >> my mom, she wanted to celebrate our heritage, i suppose. it is a cute, i am embarrassed. >> it is adorable.
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thank you. >> sure. >> i think it is adorable. parents in durham are encouraged to double check their schools schedule as they begin classes. >> the system changed start times, elementary schools will begin and end earlier. mid example high schools will start and end later, the decision is based on research shows middle and high school students doing better in school, if they got a later start. draw backs to that change however include child care challenge, issues with after school activitys and part time work. and school officials cumberland county are reminding parents and students of the thumbs up boarding procedure during the procedure the child it waits until the bus stops and the bus stop arm is extended the driver will then hold their palm up letting the child know to wait for all traffic to stop. when it is safe to cross the road, the driver give it is child a thumbs and you points in direction that the child should cross the street. we have a back to school goad on, featuring our recent education coverage
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information, start times and so much more. you can find it in the don't miss it section or by searching back to school. we will also have a slide show to submit your photos, search reporter. >> the state naacp is supporting a moral march to the kick off today. all naacp marchs will conduct voter registration drives, the group has been outspoken against north carolina voter id law. last month a court law rule that had the id requirement and several other changes were discriminatory and illegal. the kick off is tonight at raleigh. >> today, former judges and north carolina supreme court justices will unvail a new unofficial congressional map for north carolina. the map was drawn as part of a joint project by duke university and common cause north carolina. the judges say they're trying to show how an independent redistricting process, free
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today marks 1 years since katrina's detraction on the coast. it made land fall on august 29, 2005 the storm surge overwhelmed the system and drainage canals in new orleans. 80 percent of the city flooded, more than 1800 people died and hundreds of thousands of people were displaced. it was the costliest disaster in one of the five deadliest hurricanes >> it certainly was. elizabeth you are monitoring some activitying atlantic. >> that's right. three systems, one of which does not look like it will have a real impact on the united states at all the other two certain slue that important. we have one by the coast and then another that's likely to move on up past florida and potentially then off the coast of the southeast. right now that wind does not look as likely to have much of an impact here.
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we will look at the temperatures and that's pretty typical. 66 in henderson, 70 in holly springs, 73 in willington. it is a descent afternoon, of course the kids are heading out to the bus stop this morning, they're going to run into conditions that are pretty typical for a summer morning, temperatures in the throw mid 70s with variablely cloudy sky, not likely to sew much in terms of muchs in or thun not likely to have much in terms of showers or thunderstorms. coming up we will look at the tropics and i will show you the systems out there especially the two tropical depressions and how they may develop into tropical storms and when. in the meantime, bryan is watching what's happening on newburn, which is causing some traffic problems. >> in deed a growing traffic problems on the east side from an accident overnight where a
7:36 am
we're still dealing with problems here at with 36:00. we will take you to live camera and the inbound side, the westbound side of newbern is blocked all in bound lanes are blocked right now. it is getting turned around. they're asking you to avoid that area if you can. on the outbound side as you head out toward new hope road and beyond, we're down to one lane, just the right lane is open as they repair the utility poll at the intersecon bern at roger: that's inbound and that's the one that's blocked. people are getting turned around so the delays begin around roger and continue all the way out toward hetting ham this morning, the best alternate route is 264. use that to get to 440 and you can pick up on the other side of all of that. we are picking up delay there is and there's word of an accident on word 4 around the new hope interchange, contributing to delays. it will be a little while before all of that is reopened.
7:37 am
heavy traffic there on the northbound side of 8 a. and one of the problems that we are dealing with is on 70 eastbound, not too far from there. we have the road closed at cheek road due to an overnight accident, a deadly accident involving a pedestrian. it is still under investigation. we are still working to find out more details about that crash but again 70 eastbound is blocked at checkrows from 80 all the way down. they do have a detour from you can use amondale and you will notice it is getting back up here. another osama bin laden would will to take the -- another option would be to take the durham freeway and get around that way. >> thank you, brian. >> it is a mess on the roads. health care costs are skyrocketing for patients and hospitals. >> how a sophomore nc state engineer is helping hospitals around the world manage those
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kick, scream and beg for any food you want baby belly it's not a problem. cause with the help of a blue shirt you got the samsung family hub refrigerator est buy. it switches from freezer to fridge to store whatever food you want whenever you want it. yeah that's a t-bone steak and whipped cream, baby needs her vitamins. bring home the win at best buy.
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someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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cost. >> >> as student 50s cross the state head back to school, one -- stunts cross the state head back to school, a student at nc state in the engineering, systems engineering and industrial departmt. help hospitals run more efficiently, tell us about this project that you are working on right now. >> so what i did is find a way to analyze hospital systems and look at the resources that they use which include employees and equipment and see exactly how much each thing affect it is hospital as a whole. so if we add a machine anywhere in the system, does that mean we can treat more patients? does that mean that patients can get out of the hospital quicker which is what everybody
7:41 am
charge less per treatment. if we charge less her treatment, do they pass those savings to patient themselves. >> the other thing is the amount of stress that the system is under. you wouldn't want your doctor to be constantly treating patient after patient, running from room to room thinking about the next patient while treating you. i try to make sure that the doctor themselvess are under a safe amount of treatment and can direct more >> talk about this treatment footprint per dollar. what's that is and how will it make hospitals 30 pen usually more they're looking out how investmentment direct affect it is number of treatment that is can occur. each percent of equipment can cost millions and almosts of dollars. $5million on a radiation treatment machine, if it can increase the number of people
7:42 am
million. that means that the treatment per patient is only $1: that would mean it only costs the patient to $1 to be completely treated for their condition. >> >> bring this on a patient level. is it affecting the equal quality of care they're getting. >> the quality of care is one thing and also the time. everybody values time some the quicker that the patient seen from appointment to appointment or from one section of the hospital to the next is making sure that the patient can get out as quick as possible and the next patient can come in. >> but the one thing we look at is to make sure that the actual time that the patient is being looked at is not -- so we are only looking at the waiting times and not actual the time the patient is looked at. if we keep the time is patient
7:43 am
that means they can actually pay attention you as a person instead of just as a number or as a file. >> wow. sophomore at nc state. you have a bright future ahead of you. i am sure you are going to help a lot of people. we will send it over to bill. >> >> very, very nice. interview and yes i agree about that future. it is another redo for facebook trending topics feature, how that is taking the human element out to impress critics and we will
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
mt. ? i can be what i want to be. >> i gave my kids that speech last night. >> tomorrow is the first day of school, you are day to have work hard this year. >> there were a lot of speeching made over breakfast this morning. >> wonder how much sunk iningly am just ready go to sleep, mom. >> just leave me alone. >> hopefully everybody has a great first day of school. a lot of kids are already there. it is 7:45 this morning. door then get out. it is time. let's take a look at what's going on out there as you head out. the tall tower camera shows a mix of sun and clouds. we hcan down
7:47 am
as you head out. they're not generally producing anrawon't produce much this afternoon either except for maybe along and east of i- 95. we will talk about why that is coming up. 70 is our current temperature at the airport. our dew point is 78. nice to have them into the 60s instead of 70s. it is a touch muggy butanes as much as the adsory. so we backed off that intense heat just a it is 64 in rockboro, 73 in goldsboro, and 78 in fayette april clinton. we have high pressure that will keep things fairly dry. ssthure system have winds that rotate clockwise, around this high will be mostly dry: but the eastern extent of that lies somewhere along the i-9 acorridor so we do have an on shore flow coming especially related to tropical depression eight. that may bring showers and
7:48 am
that's where we will have best chance. lookt he, three systems that we are tracking right no noe is headed out into the atlantic and it will be weakening. it should not be a threat to united states. we won't have to talk too much about that one, but tropical depression eight is next in line to have an impact on north carolina followed by tropical depression nine potentially. here a look, from tropical depression eight. we ve we can expect one to three inches of rain along the coast, 35 to 45 miles per hour wind gust, that's not enough to do much damage except toss trash cans and lawn furniture. we should have low lying flooding, maybe a little overwash on highway 12 because it takes too much to see that happening but this is not like throw be something that causes a lot of major damage. it is likely to get a name some time later today, and by tomorrow morning and into tomorrow afternoon it brushes
7:49 am
45 miles per hour winds, and it heads to the north and east. >> then we start tracking tropical depression no. 9. it should get a name later today, and it korma's cross the peninsula -- it comes across the peninsula. we are watching that closely, if something changes with the track, that's a long way away. it could have some impact on north >> the bus stop, we have a morning temperature of 73. at 3:00, the a chance of thunderstorm, not likely to have much rain around here, it looks dry at least through wednesday, a chance of thunderstorms on thursday but a trace to a quarter of an inch around here. ryan is here, and we have a
7:50 am
delays. some on major route, let's first of all talk about newbern avenue. an overnight crash that took out a utility poll, and right now we have the inbound side of newbern blocked and some pretty significant delays starting to build especially around rogers road, and traffic you have one right lane open not really seeing significant delays that we are side. consider using 540 and 265 coming in from the east side of raleigh this morning, also looks like we have late update here, this is 85 at 70, and 70 eastbound has been blocked it morning out of cheek road, buzz of an accident involving a -- because of an accident involving a pedestrian and again that's blocked from 858 down, and there's new video from the scene there. this breaking story, police still are investigating that deadly accident involving a
7:51 am
again, 70 eastbound blocked between 85 and cheek road. we are seeing pretty heavy northbound delays on i-85 today. let's look at the map and maybe the best way to get around that the d.o.t. is suggesting that you take the suggesting that freeway southbound all the way down to alexander and then over to 70. that's an option for you this morning. again, seeing pretty heavy traffic on 85 northbound around the 70 interchange, rit now at least, the southbound side of the durham freeway, that alternate route is about those coming up in a few minute. >> >> thank you. facebook is taking new steps to reduce the role of human judgment in the trending topics future. trending topics is the focus of controversy over the claim it is service was suppressing conservative news. facebook denied any bias. facebook say it is topics are selected by algorithm. editors will still make the list but they will not write the head line or a summary.
7:52 am
comments and an excerpt from a news article. mtv vmatv about adrenaline pumping performances and for about 15 minutes the world was bless window beyonce -- bless window beyonce. ? they don't love me like i love you. >> she performed a medially of songs from her lemonade visual. she moved seem leslie between outfit, songs and stages, took a baseball bat to a camera and had her dance percent and hads laying on the stage to symbol tuesday power of women. she also won video of the year. time for what's trending. >> renee. >> yes. >> everyone is talking about how adorable she looks with her growing baby bump.
7:53 am
amazing. check out the printed dress she wore that could have been pulled from the set of that 70s show, you know the sit come on which she star window ashton. they're already parented to 20 month old daughter, wyatt isabel. she's having this little human to raise was a balancing act. a great wife, great woman and be yourself and still be responsible for a living child. >> but, >> introducing a new baby. >> i know. i know. >> she makes pregnancy look good. >> she looks supercute like that. >> i just remember how tired and huge you feel, you know. >> she probably feel that is way. >> we think she looks great. >> thank you, renee. >> it is time to go back to school.
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations.
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we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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7:56. i'm bill leslie, top stories begin being traffic, brian slider here. >> we have an accident at -- it took out a utility poll and you can see that work continues to repair that poll. inbound traffic right now is blocked on new bern avenue at pettingham and we're down to. the best alternate route, 540 to 264 back toward the belt line, it should save you a little time. those delays ton inboundsi are significant, begin being roger road. over on the east sidofdid you am. we have some problems on 85 -- of durham, we have some problems 85.
7:57 am
we're still working to find out more about that crash and police still are investigating it. 70 closed around cheek redirect examination as you consider an alternate rude, the south side of the durham freeway is your best bet. also look out for an accident, slow traffic coming in from wake fogless busy on the roads and busy in the traffic. we are looking at tropical depression eight. it is going brush by the coast of north carolina potentially tomorrow, and it does not look here in our part of north carolina. we're really on the cost either. looking a bit gray throughout this morning, it will have aingly pleasant commute into work or school this morning. 64 in rocksboro. 74 in fayetteville. we will have a high of 81, 91 on tuesday and wednesday, but after that, it looks like we will see cooler temperatures into the weekend. the chance of showers and storm around here for the next two or three days is pretty slim.
7:58 am
slightfighting for his freedom next on fox 50, we will tell you who take it is stand in the
7:59 am
considerred armed and dangerous, who he's accused of
8:00 am
media post. >> >> a hearing today in man's fight to prove his innocence after spending 20 years behind bars. who's expected to testify today. it is time to go back to school for more than 1 million children, what you mode to know before you head out the door today. thank you for joining us this monday morning, this going back to school morning. the time is now 8:00. >>'m re iveyowith us we begin with a homicide investigation. police are looking for the suspect who killed two outside of tmt complex. officers discovered it bodies of the men ouide of the southwood apartments shortly before 5:00 yesterday morning. that's near strickland and rayford roads. police have not releaseed it victims named. so far no word on the -- someone killed two people and set fire to a home to cover their tracks. they responded to fire only the find two body, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire as well as how


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