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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 30, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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gust thirty-first. right now fox 50 a homicide investigation under way in durham. mikaya thurmond is live with new developments and what neighbors are telling us. >> plus, the subject of a wral investigation. after years of delays, progress for wayne county's cherry hospital. >> and a tropical weather system off the coast of the outer banks is expected to strengthen. what it could mean for north carolina and when. thank you for joining us this tuesday morning, i'm lena tillett. the second day of school for most kids in our area. >> and time to start getting in
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good morning. and it felt okay. >> it did. mild. >> the kids are not having to carry their raincoats or umbrellas because they have school supplies but you know, bags and bags of school supplies. so fortunately, no umbrellas again today at least for the kids. on the flip side, it's really drying out and we could use rain. we could see some of that by thursday. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. nice and street. 68 in durham. 66 in cary and 66 in holly springs. 68 in rocky mount and wilson and 66 in south hill. and 73 in fayetteville. the planner, this morning, expect mid-60s and 70s and 85 at lunchtime and a high of 91, will feel similar to yesterday. it will be hot. the humidity will be moderate and very little chance of
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will change. the weekend looks glorious. wait until you see that in a few minutes. brian, you have busy spots. we are seeing typical delays on garner, 40 westbound, giving you an update. 16 minutes from 42 up to the beltline split. so starting to backup around the clayton bypass and we'll keep our eyes on the travel times. the next area is a section of 40 westbound before 440 where as that traffic daled -- builds and starts to gather on the fortify work zone. no trouble between 440 and wade and beyond wade, the ride out to the park is looking fine. as we check in on the live commute, a stalled vehicle on old leesville road. durham, looking okay.
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freeway between 85 and i-40. 40 eastbound itself, a smooth ride leaving chapel hill. the trip into the park, 7 to 8 minutes. we have a crash on 85 at highway 70. we'll work on getting details on that crash but the sensor is not indicate an indicating any delays. back to you. thank you, brian. and durham police are investigating a homicide after a person was found unconscious. >> neighbors say they believe that the person found his child. mikaya sure -- sure it -- thurmond has the latest. >> reporter: bill and lena, i
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for the durham police department and she said that the homicide team has taken over the the case. it started last night at 7:00 p.m. when durham police officers arrived and found an unconscious person who was pronounced dead shortly after. neighborssay they believe the person found was a young girl, 4 or 5 years old. police appear to be focusing their investigation on a van apartment. of course, it's still early in the investigation. we are working to confirm the identity of the victim as well as circumstances. but meantime, durham police are asking anyone with information to call them or crime stoppers. bill and lena? >> mikaya thurmond on a troubling story, thank you. a woman died after she was struck by a passenger train in
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of them were hurt. police believe that the woman stepped out in front of the train deliberately to take her own life but investigations are underway. one last motion filed wanting the high court to strike down a ruling on the elections law saying that it would cause confusion for voters. it's not clear when the supreme court might a task force looking to reduce the number of opioid overdoses will meet in fayetteville. they will come up with ways to promote treatment and recovery. the conference will be at 4:30 in front of the city hall. governor mccrory will be in cherry for the dedication of
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years of delays. the psychiatric hospital has 116 more beds than the old facility and creates more found jobs and serves 38 counties in eastern carolina. the dedication ceremony is this morning with the transferring of patients later this mo we are tracking the tropics in nags head. they are expecting up to 3" of rain, beach erosion, and current rip currents. but most tourists say they will be staying put. but officials are making sure they are read if the roads become impassable, something they are not expecting but they want to be prepared. amanda lamb is covering the storm on the outer banks.
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in the newscast. a personal problem makes its way into the political fray. >> how hillary clinton is
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c1 it's election day.
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see primaries for several politicians affected by the presidential campaign. tracie potts has more on that and the latest in the race for the white house including a tweet from a trump supporter some might find offensive. >> reporter: debbie washerman schultz and marco marco rubioy on in florida and john mccain in arizona all fighting for re- election. >> people judge me on john mccain. fallout of clinton versus trump. >> build strong borders, build a wall and end illegal immigration. >> reporter: aides say trump will call clinton's plan guaranteed amnesty and going after the black vote.
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>> reporter: top aide huma abedin announced she is splitting with her husband, former congressman, anthony weaner. >> huma is like a family member. >> reporter: clinton called ties to the couple, bad judgment and wiener could have accessed classified information. >> clinton can't afford a scandal for anyone else to build on. >> news, washington. a federal judge is giving the state department until mid- october to turnover e-mails about abedin working for the clinton foundation while she was at the state department. donald trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence is expected to speak in winston, salem tonight after making two stops in north carolina, one in charlotte and
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two councilmembers plan a news conference, protesting pence. he said he is standing up for what he believes in by not standing. why the 49ers' quarterback stat during the national anthem and when we will hear from him.
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i'm feeling smokey. [laughter] >> i think brian should play this when traffic is looking swimmingly. [laughter] >> oh, no. >> maybe they need it to calm down a bit. >> oh, there you go. >> yeah. it gets hectic in the morning especially about 7:15. ah. >> i know. day 2. stressed parents in the cars. day 2 is almost as stressful. but at least the weather is cooperating. take a look. it's beautiful, sunshine there reflecting across the colonial theater, looks gorgeous. yesterday, we woke up to more cloud cover, and the thing about cloud cover this time of year it keeps things cooler. so it's nice to see the clouds.
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and the dew point is be looking good, too. 65. the lower the number, the less muggy it feels and mid-60s is the moderate dew point, making it feel moderately humid in the mid-70s, and that's where we will be in the weekend, fantastic. 66 in south hill and 68 for rocky mount and wilson and 63 in sanford and 73 in fayetteville and 69 in clinton and goldsboro. things nice and dry for us just like yesterday and the same thing again tomorrow as a tropical system which is still just a tropical depression will be named a tropical storm later today so be sure to tune in to our newscast at noon and we'll let you know the latest update. another one at 11:00 a.m. before the noon newscast begins. back here is the front for thursday. this is going to bring us the
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showers and storms, a low pressure system that will not help to bring us any rain. tropical depression 9, probably the same story, too. there's 8 right off the coast. here's 9. we are not concerned about gaston because it's moving into cooler water right now. we have a tropical storm warning in effect from morehead city to nags head, looking 2-inch amounts of rain, maybe 3. the biggest impact will be erosion, not likely to have much flooding or wind damage with this system. it's just really wimpy. here's a look at the forecast track, staying offshore. here is 2:00 a.m. tomorrow, winds at 40 miles per hour and this is barely a tropical storm and maybes the right turn and heads out into
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will move across florida and out off the coast of north carolina. right now, no real indication it will have an impact here and it will be a stronger storm with winds up to 60 miles per hour getting into the holiday weekend. 91 the high for today and a hot one, only a 10% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms, and that chance goes up by thursday and behind the front, look at that. a nice drop in the temperature, a more than 10-degree drop in the high from thursday to friday. 86 we'll see, temperatures at or below normal for the holiday weekend with plenty of sunshine. it would be nice to have a little rain but you know, especially good to just hold that off for the holiday weekend. get out and enjoy and the temperatures look wonderful. brian, look at that, monday morning, 60 degrees. will feel great. time to open the windows. 7:18 right now, elizabeth, and take you to i-40, the clayton
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to school week and traffic is slowing down more than it did earlier this summer, a 19- minute right up to the beltline split on 40 westbound, pretty typical and will probably be like this the rest of the school year as we see the traffic volume building a bit. beyond that, it looks good as you head towards jones sausage road area and then slows down again in the fortify especially 440 towards lake a couple of accidents popping up on the map, knightdale and at smithfield and another on wade avenue not far from edwards mill road. right now sensors are not indicating any backup. picking up delays building on inbound capitol boulevard and lewis burg road slowing down approaching 540 but 540
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good shape. durham, no trouble to report but in orange county, a report of a crash on 85 northbound on the right shoulder. and you will see heavy traffic on the northbound side of 85 from hillsboro toward durham. want to think about anality an -- alternate route? maybe 70. >> thank you, brian. yesterday, mylan pharmaceutic offer a generic version of the epipen for half the price, $300. groups have delivered a petition to officials protesting the price hike. the drug itself costs $3, but the epipen costs $600.
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against attacks from hackers. hackers have hit elections systems in two states. the fbi isn't naming the states but are telling the other states to scan for signs of hacking. sites in illinois and arizona were shut down earlier this summer. both cases involved online voter registration. a suicide bomber attacked the suicide bomber rammed his car into the gate of the am -- compound in what is called a terrorist attack. in exclusive photos and research, the associated press
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expected by isis. more graves are expected to be uncovered as the islamic group's territory in syria shrinks. more funerals in italy as italian prosecutors have opened an investigation against the builders of the buildings that sustained the most damage. there will be in public facilities such as schools and hospitals. jetblue will be the first airline to fly commercially tomorrow to cuba, traveling from fort lauderdale in florida to the central cuban city of santa clara. it will be the first of as many as 110 daily flights by u.s. carriers to cuba american airlines will be begin
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havana are expected at the end of the year. san francisco 49er colin kaepernick is expected to play in a pre-season game against the san diego chargers. this after causing controversy for his refusal to stand for the national anthem. he said he will keep sitting until he sees changes against inequality in america. are taking the issue of athletes and social awareness to the airwaves and discuss sports figures and whether or not they have a responsibility to take political issues to the game. it's a fight over a man's freedom and whatever evidence prosecutors say is relevant.
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man's fight for a new trial with a murder he said he did not commit. and 911 calls involving a
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7:26. i'll bill leslie. here's your top stories. did your hand story -- durham police are investigating a homicide. neighbors believe that the child found hearthside street was a young girl, between 4 and 5. we tracking a tropical system. the d.o.t.
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the roads become impassable but it's not something that they are expecting. amanda lamb is covering the story and you can look for her information in later newscasts. elizabeth? that's right. and we won't see any impact from the system at the outer banks today. look at the school buses, three in a row down there. you can see the sunshine there, a lovely morning. 68 in rocky mount and south hill and 73 in fayetteville and most of our towns are seeing temperatures in the upper 60s. it will be hot this afternoon. 91 and 89 on wednesday, and thursdays warm but a good chance of showers and storms, and behind thursday's front, much cooler. brian? 7:27, elizabeth, as we check our live commute map. an accident on 85 northbound
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interchange. serving on the right shoulder with heavy traffic leaving the highway 86 interexchange. looking good in durham and raleigh, a crash on wade avenue on edwards mill road. bill? brian, thank you, and there is a job fair at the pnc arena. we'll tell you when it starts
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c1 the time is now 7:30. this morning, two raleigh police officers are on administrative duty following a shooting in which they were involved. >> one man was killed and one of the officers are in the hospital. wral's renee chou brings us up to date. renee? >> reporter: bill and lena, investigators released radio traffic leading up to shots. the man killed was jaqwan terry. officer bf burlson was shot in the leg. the call came in yesterday morning after they responded to a man with a gun on donald ross drive. we have obtained police radio
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up to the shooting. moments later on another call, you hear officers call for medical assistance. >> i got an officer injured. he's hit in the leg, conscious and breathing. we have the suspect covered still with his hand on the handgun. >> terry was previously charged putting the officers involved on administrative duty is standard procedure. bill and lena? >> thank you, renee. former district attorney mike nifong is expected to testify in the case accusing him of prosecutor misconduct.
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murder, and officials say that nifong never said that the dna found inside one of the victims was from someone other than howard. >> someone believes i have relevant testimony and i will give it like anyone else. >> nifong said that prosecutors put howard at the prosecutors say that the evidence would have raised reasonable doubt. the 54-year-old who always maintained his innocence is serving an 80-year sentence. the hearing for a new trial is expected to last several days. the durham teen detained for months by immigration officials is sharing his story. he left honduras in 2014 and came into the country illegally saying that the game there is
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he was going to riverside high school in durham when he was detained by immigration officials in january. family fought to stop his deportation. earlier this month, he was released. >> if it happens when you in those kind of places, there are many emotions that you go through in your heart. >> acosta is fighting to win asylum in the u.s. meantime, he hopes to return to high intersection in raleigh at mitchellville and forestville road for about two weeks. so it will be kind of noisy out there. >> and probably some traffic issues, too, but the good part is in terms of weather, no rain, good rain? i don't know. >> we need rain. >> you need rain? >> i like the rainless --
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tropical system and we may have what we need. >> you can make that happen, elizabeth? i can't make any of it happen but i can tell you what i would like to happen. this is the apex skycam, and we do need the rain. it would be nice to have it. as we take a look at the temperatures town by town, temperatures mostly in the 60s. 65 in lake forest and 68 apex, and the morning lows solidly in the 60s over the weekend after a front comes through on thursday and that front will bring us a better chance of seeing a better chance of scattered thunderstorms. mid-60sto low 70s and clear skies and on the way home, hot with a high of 91. and today, a carbon copy, dew points in the 60s. it will be hot but not
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the mid-80s for afternoon highs, and we'll talk about that and when we'll see the highs back in the mid-80s in a few minutes, and i'll show you what's happening with the tropical systems. brian is here with just a few accidents on the map. we are seeing congestion in the typical spots but overall, not nearly as bad as yesterday. checking the live commute, red here and there in the usual spots but one unusual spot with look on the camera 85 at university station road, the bridge there. this is traffic from durham. we had an earlier crash on the right shoulder and still have police activity on the shoulder, residual delay that should clear up quickly once it's gone. if you can, stay on the left lane of northbound 85 and the delays begin in advance of
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the best option is highway 70 down to 85 and 85 up from 70 and you should be in good shape. around the rest of the triangle, red on the south side of raleigh. no trouble heading to the park and we're looking at 17 to 18 minutes in garner between 42 and the beltline split. a report on lufkin road, and by the time you get to 64 and tryon, looking good on the trip through cary. the west side of raleigh, an earlier crash on wade at edwardsville road but no delays on the sensors. and very quickly, live drive times, slow inbound capitol
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minutes inbound 401 inbound from rolesville. lena? >> thank you, brian. it's been nearly 20 years since hurricane fran made landfall near wilmington, september 5, 1996, packing 115 miles per hour winds causing massive damage all the way to raleigh. a 30-minute wral report looks back at costly hurricanes. you can see videos of our original coverage of the storm in 1996 and watch newscasts from before, during, and after the storm made landfall and see how we worked together to clean up the damage. just go to series and shows and select fran and you can watch on by entering fran in the search box.
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known forever more as st. mother teresa as she will be canonized september 4. bryan mims will be there starting thursday. we'll tell you how many volkswagen owners have agreed to the emissions settlement. >> and when apple will make their next big announcement and what will come of
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cut its deficit by nearly $1 million. a case of bad bookkeeping left it with a deficit of $1.3 million. they have cut it to $457,000. new shows will is that right fall. volkswagen owners are emissions scandal, 44% of them eligible for the class lawsuit, 21,000. the deadline to participate is 2018. in june, volkswagen agreed to buy back or repair car and pay $5100 to $10,000 to owners. the time approval of the $15
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300 part-time positions will be available at the pnc arena job fair. a list of available jobs for today is posted on line. the triangle and fayetteville are among 461 places where verizon has upgraded to lte. it's not automatic. only about 40 devices can support the technology. apple fans, list your way in one week. the tech giant sent out invitations for a big event in san francisco september 7. apple sold more than 214 million iphones in the past 12 months but sales are down from a year ago, and apple may show new models or features for
7:43 am
watch or macbook. sean diddy combs is giving back in a big way and find out
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adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet.
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teena marie. >> a classic. [laughter] >> got us all dancing this morning. >> it did. we are just moving along. >> get your blood flowing. >> we don't keep moving. yeah. [laughter]
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schools are already in this morning. goodness, gracious. our tall tower cam is looking beautiful with the sunshine. however, we do need the rain, and we have some coming on thursday but even with the tropical system, we are not likely to have much rain today or tomorrow, and it feels nice. 68 is the current temperature and the winds are calm, and dew points, 65, moderate, so when it feels more in the 50s, so we are in the middle of the road, and that's nice. nice to have a break from the oppressive dew points. 67 in south hill and 73 in fayetteville and the temperatures are running cooler than this time yesterday. 5degrees cooler in clinton and 4 in goldsboro, and here again, nice to have a little bit of a break in the temperature and
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high pressure is sitting here and has been sitting here for the last few days keeping things mostly dry with tropical systems sitting offshore, tropical depression 8. still no upgrade on the system, and we'll get another update coming up any time now. the 8:00 advisory, sometimes, it comes out early. i'll let anything changes. our next batch of rain is thursday. and then we have delightful weather for the weekend. here is the tropical system, 8:00 to 3:00 p.m. and you can see rain along the outer banks. but notice we don't get into any of that. and most of our viewing area stays dry. we couldn't rule out a tiny shower or two, and then the
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and tomorrow morning it pulls away. winds, only be at 40, 45 miles per hour and it will not be a big deal even for the outer banks. tropical depression number 9 comes across florida with a lot of heavy rain, 10" or more and that will be a bigger deal and then exits the florida coast with winds up to 60 miles per hour and the current forecast track keeps it away from north carolina. i'll show you both tracks coming up in 30 minutes but let's talk about what is coming here. our chance of rain, 10% and we take a look at the potential for amounts of rain, and look at that, just completely dry for the most part and an isolated shower or two possible but even along the coast and the outer banks, .50" to 1.5", so not a lot of rain. the biggest impact is the
7:49 am
highway 12 and rip current conditions. and if you are heading out to the football game at nc state it may be stormy, the kickoff at 85 and finishing off at 75 and highs in the 80s for the holiday welcome and -- weekend, and dry. brian? we are look on the southbound durham freeway, 7:49. we have a disabled vehicle not far from the glover road interchange. here's a live look at glover. a disabled vehicle partially blocking the right lane. so heading southbound on the durham freeway and you get to the truck you have to scoot over. delays begin in advance of downtown durham.
7:50 am
readings. i think this is largely due to just congestion and an onlooker component. the best option is highway 55 between downtown and highway 40. we'll keep our eyes on the sensor readings and what it will be a good time to use 47. and hillsboro, earlier crash 85 northbound not far from highway 70 and you want to use 70 as a residual. it won't be long before it clears up on the northbound 85 at hillsboro. back to you. >> thank you, brian. a music mogul is helping
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their dreams. sean combs has opened a charter school in harlem. capitol prep harlem plans to eventually expand to the 12th grade. and no school in the country throws a better party than the university of wisconsin madison according to the princeton review. west virginia is second followed by the university of illinois. the only north carolina university in forest at 14. the survey ask body alcohol and drug use, the popularity of greek life and the number of hours they study out of class. uw officials called heavy alcohol use a pressing public health concern that makes schools less safe. brigham young university in provo, utah was the most sober
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19th straight year. >> i wonder what's trending. >> what's the t, renee? pokemon go, always a big trend. apparently, it's so huge that build-a-bear workshops are capitalizing on the character. starting tomorrow, a 14" eevee plush you $28 and oh, it comes with an optional wardrobe and come with an exclusive pokemon game card. pikachu became available earlier this year. >> pika-chou? [laughter] >> that was a nickname of mine
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now i go by chou-chou. that's right. a mary poppins remake is in the work and emily blunt will be taking over the role. rob marshall had a chance to talk with julianne drews about what he thought of blunt taking over the role in the mary poppins return. andrews said he she is a fan of blunt and she is completely on board. this was a huge relief to blunt and gives her more confidence knowing that poppins supports the casting. this won't be a straight remake so blunt very more freedom in the role and take the character in a new direction. mary poppins returns hits theaters on christmas day 2018. >> even looks like her, kind of striking. i can see that. >> nice to see mary poppins back on the big screen. that will be huge. >> thank you, renee.
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welcome back. it's now 7:56. i'm lena tillett with your top stories, but first to tracking issues. big mess durham freeway southbound, lena, 147 at glover. in the last couple of seconds they cleared a disabled vehicle that was partially blocking the right lane of southbound 147 at glover. the d.o.t. is trying to get a better look at conditions but while that right lane was partially blocked, we had big delays.
7:57 am
if a -- from mangum is 15 minutes. lena? 1 man is dead and 1 police officer injured following an officer-involved shooting in raleigh. officers responded to the reports of a man with a gun and gat officer was injured and in the hospital. darryl howard was convicted of murder more than 20 years ago. the first thing-year-old always maintained his innocence, and he will get a hearing for a new trial that is expected to last for several days. it is dry out there but it would be nice to see rain. the rdu skycam, completely clear and temperatures are
7:58 am
and 67 in south hill and 73 in fayetteville and a number of towns in the 60s and a high of 91 today and 89 wednesday and 93 on thursday with a better chance of scattered thunderstorms. an effort to get more
7:59 am
right now on fox 50, a homicide investigation is
8:00 am
new developments and what neighbors are telling us. plus, the subject of a wral investigation. years after delays, progress at cherry hospital. and the tropical system at the outer banks is expected to strengthen. what it could mean. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> and i'm renee chou. durham police investigating a homicide. >> neighbors say that the person they found was a child. mikaya thurmond has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: lena and renee, this was initially ruled a suspicious death. i spoke with a watch commander from the police department and she said that the homicide team has taken over the case. it started last night at 7:00 when durham police officers arrived to the 1100 block of


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