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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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we begin with a trop cal depression that is going passed our coastline this evening. first, our meteorologist is tracking the tropics in the weather center, mike? >> reporter: a lot to talk about tonight. hurricane gaston.
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9. we will start with the big picture. that is hurricane gaston moving away. then, depression number 8 brushing the banks moving away. tropical storm number 9 looks more formittable than number 8 during the day today. for most of the day stationary. this evening it is beginning to move to the northeast at 5 miles an hour. the westerlies are starting to pick it up. top winds are still at 35 miles an hour. it might become a tropical storm tomorrow. tropical storm afternoon, top winds maybe at 40 miles an hour if it gets its act together moving to the north and east. thursday morning, top winds, 45, moving farther into the north atlantic. really, not a big issue for north carolina. but, the one that is in the gulf of mexico that is expected to be a tropical storm tomorrow, tropical depression number 9 may have a far greater impact of north carolina.
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locally as well. we will talk about this in greater detail. you will want to stick around for this coming up. thank you, mike. people along the coast are keeping a close eye on the storm system and the one that is on its way and what they might see. >> the worst they have seen so far really is a swell in the surf. wral continues the team coverage live at the outer banks, amanda? >> reporter: you know, a lot of people thought that this morning that this was going to be a w but it did not happen. a few light rainstorms, for the most part, visitors were able to get out and enjoy beautiful weather along the beach today. and now they are optimistic hoping they are going to have a storm-free week. >> it started out like most north carolina days at the coast, priceless. especially from this man from pennsylvania who was seeing the ocean for the first time in his life.
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thought after seeing it for real? >> it is big. basically. it is beautiful. >> reporter: despite the rainy forecast, most visitors chose to stay. having ridden out far worst storms on the outer banks. >> hurricane bob august 18th, 1991. that was a minor one. emily was the one that hit. everything conspired to make it bad on the island. >> dylan's family owned the outer banks motel for 60 years. she received a 100-year-old barometer that she uses to predict the severity of the storms. >> that is what i watch. if that gets bad then i get worried but it is not bad. poem are taking precautions like moving cars to higher ground in low-lying areas. >> in case the ocean came over or the sound blue up. the storms -- blew up.
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better to be on the safe side. >> of course, it does not sound like that is going to happen based on what mike is telling us with the storm going out to sea right now. but of course right now, everyone here is still watching tropical depression number 9 very close low. back to you. >> amanda, live at the outer banks, back to you. no better time than now to download the wral weather app. it will keep you posted with the latest information on this storm or any severe event. using gps to give you location- specific alerts. it is available for iphones and androids. north carolina continues to play a big role in the race for the white house. mike pence was back in north carolina to convince voters that donald trump is the candidate for the future. adam owens was there live and he joins us live, adam?
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know, thump ticket made visits to the state of north carolina. tonight, the governor of indiana was in salem as there were questions surrounding trump's poe -- position on immigration. >> trump will restore law and order to every city in every community. >> reporter: as the second man on the ticket, republican voice president candidate mike pence worked to build up trump. lower taxes and a bolster military. >> a truth teller. a man who will stand strong on the world stage. >> reporter: talk of immigration ignited the crowd in salem. recently obsevenners questions if his position softened. specifically on plans deporting
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we met face-to-face with pence to know where his ticket stands. >> does it include large deportations? >> i think what you will hear tomorrow night is a plan by trump that will be billed on the overall goal of ending immigration in the united states of america. whatever we do going forward will reflect the fair and tough approach that he has described in the past and it will reflect, you know, a humane approach. make no mistake about it, he is no path to citizenship, no path to legalization. people who want that path will need to leave the country. >> i want to get in front of the rally. >> reporter: none of the questions will change her vote. she arrived 7 hours before he spoke and says some changes to candidate positions are expected. >> you see people shifting who is running with all of the
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in phoenix tomorrow. the governor, now, making his way down to the state of florida before making his way out west as well. gerald? and. >> live in salem, back to you. a man is in the hospital after a shooting tonight in durham. officers found the victim after 7:00 on fisk street. he is in critical condition at this hour. the police have not said what led to the shooting and they have no suspects. new tonight, the reaching out to the public for the officer involved shooting in raleigh. they are asking anyone who may of witnessed or videoed the incident to come forward. terry was shot and killed and an officer ot inthe leg as they exchanged gunfire. officers were responding to a 911 call about a man with a gun. los angeles police arrested singer dress brown on suspicious of assault with a deadly weapon. this is a story developing all day. the investigators spent several hours at the singer's home
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for admiring a peace of jewelry. the woman says his entourage demanded she sign a nondisclosure and she refused to sign it and called the police. an investigation into why a group of vets flew low over the stadium yesterday. officials with the air force base in georgia said 4 thunderbolts took off from charlotte douglas airport about 11:30 yesterday morning and at a low altitude. the coach said everyone was caught off guard but said he enjoyed it. >> i like the fact they waived at us as they went over and it is pretty awesome. the air force says they are restricted from flight duties pending the investigation. u.s. officials are looking into a taliban video of a couple held captive since 2012. the american and her camadian
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afghanistan. the video calls for both the u.s. and canada to put pressure on the government to change its policy on executing prisoner ins. the u.s. department of agriculture closed 6 officers in 5 states including here in raleigh. threats were made against the buildings. the local fbi enforcement are investigating it. tonight, wral and capitol broadcasting held a discussion about athletes and social consciousness. it was made up of former athletes, radio personality and professor of sports and business. i moderated a one hour talk about if minority players have a responsibility to stand up about what is going on.
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as an icon of mercy. soon she will be known as saint mother teresa. she will be canonized this sunday in rome. we will be there look for the report on thursday. it has been a couple weeks since he won a gold medal in rio. while ryan held is home he is still in the spotlight. how he was honored by 911 calls made after the "pulse" nightclub in orlando. we will play some of them for you.
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a father of a 3-year-old girl, who died in a hot car, says it was an accident. he came home to find his daughter unresponsive in the minivan. he pulled her out and tried to do cpr but it was too late. neighbors and family members
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unsure how to perform cpr. she tried to open her eyes but it was too late. >> unclear how she ended up in the van and if criminal charges will be filed. the police are continuing their investigation and are awaiting the results of an autopsy. being a woman in leadership in a male-dominated field has its challenges. >> that is a topic central university criminal justice tackled in a forum folk used on women in policing. wral's candace sweat was there. >> reporter: the women in policing forum just wrapped up here at ncc's criminal department justice. the police chiefs from durham and morrisville touched on a number of topics. also shared some very personal stories about coming up through the ranks as a woman in law enforcement. >> reporter: morrisville police chief and durham police chiefs have unique stories about coming into law enforcement.
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climbing the ranks for women. battling sexism on the job at the onset of their careers they are hopeful for women in law enforcement today. >> what happened to me and my personal experience might not be the experiences of, you know, young officers, young fee male officers coming through today. >> reporter: ncc's criminal justice department hosted a forum to discuss just that. women in policing. go into the challenges they face and the strengths women have in leadership roles. chief davis says recruiting law enforcement contributes to the greater goal of diversity. we make sure that we are diverse. we introduce creativity in our work and there is a lot of room for that. >> reporter: more than 170 students packed the lecture hall to gain insight. touching on topics. gender discrimination of course but race, community policing tactics and current events. they were candid in admits to aspects they would like to change but encouraged young women not to shy away from the
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>> it is about just being who who you are and not having to so much worry about someone that you aren't. >> reporter: the department of criminal justice says they plans to hold more forums abt policing and the community. back to you. the coast guard is shutting down ports and employees are shutting down hawaii national park arizona the islands prepare for what they get from hurricane madeline. in the next few conditions are expected on the big island. strong winds, heavy rain and high surf. forecasters say it is dangerously close. if the tract shifts it it could hit land noit looks like a prettiy storm. well formed. >> yes. >> yes. classic hurricane. >> yes. well, it is interesting, tomorrow we may no longer be lkg about tropical depression number 8 and 9. we could be talking about ian and hermine.
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number 8. it has been fickle. tropical depression number 8 it may be a storm tomorrow according to the hurricane center. moving to the northeast and away from us. looking at a cold front. approaching for thursday, bringing thunderstorms. friday if it stalls which, it should, southeastern north number 9. it could become a tropical storm. we will interact with that on friday. talking abouatt th more coming up in just a moment and the next half-hour as well. the impacts are rain, wind, rough surf. we could be talking about the potential for a hurricane watch issued for parts of the southeast coast that may include north carolina. we will talk more about that coming up. durham skycam ralooking over the area. clippers, bulls, just wrapped
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as well. partly cloudy, 68, northeast at 3. everybody is in the 70s close to home and in the wide view, everybody is warm, 82 at fayetteville. 74 in southville, virginia. had a pretty good day around here. 92 was the high. just off shore is tropical depression number 8 spinning. earlier today it was stationary, now westerlies are taking hold on. we will push the storm, carry it away from north carolina. there is the l. that is the tropical depression. there is the next cold front. we are calling should a proach. bringing scattered thunderstorms on thursday. heading to nc state game you might have to have a plan b. we expect thunderstorms for the gape. the front moves through and then it cod get hung up in the eastern part of the state during the day on friday. let's transeugz to the tropecks. looking more org noised and a little bit of an outflow to it. a large storm. the steers currents are weak. moving to the northwest at 5 miles an hour. should change tomorrow. we have thstream up to the the north.
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the utheast. it is digging to the soult ahead of the trough. southwesterly winds. it should carry more to the north tomorrow and then to the northeast. and the ultimate track of the storm down the road will depend on what we see here. this is the latest forecast track and intensity from the hurricane center. ifyou did not watch earlier today it might be a little bit of a shock. earlier today it was heading out farther to the the sea. the american model and the european model track closer to the coast. so adjusted to the track. now, 2:00 on thursday afternoon, top winds at 65. there is a hurricane watch issued for parts of the florida big bend area. here is the front. so, on friday, the storm moves to the northeast. it stays over water it is possible it could intensify, maybe become a minimal hurricane. now, the latest american ensemble model has it staying inland. if that is the days is more elongated and interacting with the front and could dump rain across eastern north carolina.
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be more of peaking the coast and battering the winds, the rain, beach erosion and rip currents and such. saturday, icy movingout. may encountea blocking ridge. some models say it can curve tpwaobg new england over the course of the holiday weekend. that is something to watch, too. a lot of if's and buts about it. now, if you have interest on the coast keep it here and we will let you know the latest. upper 60s, lower 70s. fitness forecast in the morning. 74. expecting quite a bit of cloud cover. thick upper level clouds. it may have an impact on the temperature keeping us in the middle to upper 80s to lower 90s in fayetteville. there is the forecast. storms on thursday with the next front. big question marks on friday. the system could interact with a front the and it could be a wet, breezy day with high in the 70s. after that, it all clears up and looks great for the holiday week. >> it is good. hay change quickly. you really have to follow it
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adjustment back out to sea. >> yes. >> we will hope for the best. >> yes. >> thank you, thank you. the rains came in louisiana people rushed to evacuate their homes nothey had to leave their belongs and pets sent to shelters. now that the flooding is gone they are able to reunite with their dogs and cats. how special it is coming up. unexpected coming up in duke and the hurricane.
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z23ivz zi0z
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over the past couple of years capitol broadcasting has was about race in sports and athletes. >> were you ever in a college level or professional level were you asked by a coach or organization person not to speak up? >> no. college level coach smith was very adamant about players speaking their mind and supporting social issues.
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i think when i was at chapel hill. coach said if you want to march, march with your fellow class mates. and most of the basketball team did. >> fascinating 1 hour discussion led by gerald owens. available right now for its entirety. now, starting over rehabbing a partially to jones out of charlotte starting on saturday. he is 6 '5. who00 pounder. a lot of reps for the first unit. a tough blow becomes an opportunity. >> we all felt like they have been kicked in the gut. but, i think our program, i think, you know, we talk about developmental knows what to do. and, and i thought everybody just went right back to work.
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but you got to be pumped at evy sition and you got to step up. >> duke's opponent posted an 8- 3 record. it will be a five le ride for the eagles to play their crosstown post. mack returns. he won 15 games in the first wo? years. most in school history. eagles and devils at 6:05. in a quick resolution, hurricanes g adjustment with the president through the 2018-2019 season. it was a no-brainer. he invited torres in for a tryout. he played 56 games in the last three years because of an acl injury and multiple suspensions. a known as a relentless headhunter. suspended for 25 games. 41 in 2015 for hits. they talked about that before the offer for the tryout.
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game. i don't condone those hits and they were dealt with the right way in regards to the league and he served his time and gave up his money and hopefully he is in a different place moving forward. so, it is something we don't have a lot of in our lineup. so, we figured we would give him an opportunity to come in camp. it is a pto, tryout, not a contract. >> no guar but it is an interesting move. a gold medal durham bulls athletic park. olympic gold medalist ryan held. he brought the gold medal with him and posed for pictures and came the interesting part. he is a big st. louis cardinals fan. he said other than last night he had not thrown a baseball in five years. the main thing he did not bounce it. what a ride it has been for held going from olympic champion and now back aan nc state studient and going to class.
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class -- student and going to class. >> you think he wears it to the class? >> no, in the backpack. >> i dropped my gold, can you hand me my gold medal. chick magnet. >> a little bit. wrestling with a tasty twist. weigh -- we take you to the world gravy wrestling championship. what a photographer said as he saved a pregnant woman who crashed her cars into the woods. how many shots did >> i -- more than 10. i can tell you. >> more than 10. okay. >> hear more of the calls made after thlando nightclub >> hear more of the calls made after thlando nightclub shooting adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fall t41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding totsowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers,
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someone needs to fix this.
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2 months after the deadly nightclub shooting in orlando we are hearing the moments after the some of the 911 calls were release friday that tragic morning. the tapes are played for us. some of the calls are emotional and hard to listen to. . >> reporter: for the first time we are hearing the frantic calls for help. >> how many shots did you hear? >> i -- more than 10. i catell you. >> more than 10. okay. >> reporter: the first batch of 911 calls released by the orange county sheriff's office are from frantic friends and
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escaped. none of the calls are from inside of the club. >> as soon as we left gunshots going like crazy. >> reporter: some of the victims shot or hiding texted loved ones that called 911 to report what they said. he when he called he was in the bathroom and there are a lot of dead people and i don't know. >> okay. >> i understand. we are in the club. we are searching for everybody. we arepulling victims out. please just have patience. >> my brother right now he said he is in there and there has been a shng and there are a lot of people dead. >> reporter: some of the confusion came when dispatchers asked which bathroom their loved one was hiding in. most did not know. every helpless minute ticked by some complained help was taking too long. >> still in the bathroom, he is bleeding. he got shot. [crying] >> nobody is goi in for him. >> they are all scared to death and they are all going to die.
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department received the bulk of the calls after the shooting. they have yet to release the rest of the 911 calls. police in clover said a mother left her two young children home alone to get fast food. she facessa a number of charges g two counts of unlawful conduct towards a child. they found out about the crime when her 3-year-old daughter got out and knocked on a neighbor's door. the girl and her 7-year-old brother are in the custody of another family member. new florida teenager who impersonated a doctor. he was arrested and stealing for from a patient. the trial in those charges started november 11th. sef ral balcons collapsed in new york. is six of them started falling off of the side of the building. you can see the damage. no one was hurt. the middle one gave way first
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the building is still in the early stages of construction. crews are sang scaffolding was set up a few days ago. a television news photographer became part of a story. he was behind a driver who lost control of the car and ran off of the road and crashed into trees. her car, as you can see, immediately caught fire. he pulled over, rushed towards the flames to get the woman out. she was 7 1/2 months pregnant. of the car to get her. she said i am 7 1/2 months pregnant. i said you are going to be fine, i will get you out of here. we are human first and tell the story second. >> paramedics arrived and took the woman to the hospital. shy appeared confused but not seriously injured. a reason to smile for people in the baton rouge area who had to leave their homes after this month's flooding.
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they are housing the dogs and the cats. >> we always have been companions, she sleeps with me, she eats with me, everything together. [dog barking] >> they are family members for sure. in addition to cuddle time they get to take their pets for walks outside. it has been nearly 20 years since the hurricane hit the north carolina coast as a it made landfall packing 115 mile-an-hour winds. causing massive damage all of the way to raleigh. a new documentary looks back at the hurricane. it airs september 1st at 7:00 p.m. you can find extra coverage any time on our updated wral app. seeing the video of the coverage of the storm in 1996. watch newscasts from before, during and after the storm paid landfall and see how we work
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the bonus material is on and the wral news app. now, those with roku and apple tv and amazon fire can view it all on the wral app on those platforms, go to series and shows and select "fran". selena gomez is taking a
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actress and singer sele na is taking a break after having she wants to focus on her health and happiness. she thanked her fans for their support. dwayne "the rock" johnson is getting back in the game. headlining remake of family friendly action adventure "jumonji," kevin heart, jack black and nick jonas. it will honor robin williams.
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summer. john diddy combs and the makers of ciroc vodka rang the bell. all smiles. the investigators not so much. stocks closed lower as the summer slow down continues to wall street. time to look at what is trending. >> the rock and robin williams. trying to get a picture of him playing th >> and nick jonas. okay. all right. if only, lynda our children were this excited about taking a path. check this out. >> they are so cute, too. >> all the owner has to do is mention shower and this dog goes crazy. he can not wait. >> my dog likes paths but not like that. >> look at that. yes. went right in the shower. my gosh, ours will spread all four paws and brace themselves
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>> boom! >> oh my gosh. >> he is ready to go. what are you waiting for. let's go, let's go. >> that is so funny. 245,000 views. this dog loves it. the reason s he loves the water. you will see in a second. he just loves the feel of it and loves to play with it. >> my gosh. [ laughter ] >> shower to shower. >> yes. all you have to do -- if only they could wash themselves. >> exactly. >> yes. [ laughter ] all right, the next video is adorable. this girl is 2-1/2 years old. listen on her. [singing] singing the alphabet. she is 2? 2-1/2. [singing]
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trending all over the place. [singing] >> she is absolutely adorable. can you imagine her around the house? >> i know. wait untilsee can make words. >> her as a teenager. >> yes. 16 million views for it this. [ laughter ] >> she is awesome. >> i posted these links on our facebook page. let me know if there is a topic you think i should put on let's trending. >> i will share that one. right now our coast is depression number 8. we are watching number 9. that storm in the gulf of mexico heading towards florida. how people are getting ready, mike? they are seeing plenty of rain from the storm. take a look at the radar view. raining for the past couple of days across the panhandle and the peninsula. even more rain is on the way. potential is in the isolated locations up to 15 inches. we will take a look at our
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these are grillers. and we make them at johnsonville. they've got way more flavor than ordinary burgers. flavors like bacon and cheddar and steakhouse onion. people who try 'em, love 'em. because they're burgers. made the johnsonville way. i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth
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g of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab, and governor mccrory knows that. scientists may be closer to figuring out how to counteract the effects of zika on pregnant women. they discovered three existing drugs that may be the key in the fight against zika. right now those drugs are used to treat cancer, heap tightis c and infection. these tests are still in the early stages. mother nature welcoming the end of summer with powerful
10:46 pm
effect our state. tonight, laura ingals shows us how florida is preparing for the storm. >> the waves are choppy. winds picking up quite a bit. >> reporter: high surf in northeast florida as a massive storm turns in the gulf of mexico. it is forecasted to turn towards the sunshine state later this week. bringing heavy rain and storms to the area. >> a lot of mud that gets mixed in and you see it getting mixed out. >> the tide and the current it >> pokes in tampa stocking up on fro sandbags to keep any flooding at bay. and residents in central florida are urged to have a weaks -- weeks worth of items. >> food, water, gallon of water for person for day. >> so they have a lot to look
10:47 pm
carolina. a busy week -- weekend. yes, friday and saturday. then everything will be okay. the coast did not get hit by number 8 might for with depression number 9. today, surf in the outer banks. take a look at the sro. now, east of the coast all day. lks are looking like they are having a good time. tropical depression. minimal rip currents in such. greater impact from the tropical stor that is out there. now, take a look at weather desk stop. take a look at what is happening. big picture first in the tropics. now, going to africa and let you know what is up with the stem last might. this is a bay area and the rain, tropical depression number 9. moving to the northwest at 5 miles an hour. as i pointed out in the last half-hour, trough of low pressure deepens and moves to the south the winds ahead of it will and to the southwest.
10:48 pm
east. there is tropical depression number 8. a contrast to what is going on in the gulf of mexico right now. it is puny. here is the hurricane. ifthe atlantic and moving away. shifting our gaze. moving to the east. let's see what is going on in the system. last night, impressive. wimpy right now. the hurricane center says there say 40% chance over the next 5 days that it could be a tropical storm. moving to the west. not looking that impressive. let's look at future cast. tropical depression number 8. the center says it could be a tropical storm tomorrow. just a lot of clouds and rain tothe south. not a tropical system. they say good-bye to that storm. hello to a cold front. coming in there in the afternoon and evening across the valley. we will see showers and storms for us during the day on thursday. watch for the heating of the day and the front moving in. showers and storms are forming. now, this front is not going to go all of the way through and
10:49 pm
the coastal plain that will allow the storm to get closer to us. there is the tropical storm thursday evening. now, as it moves closer to us it will interact with our front that stalled. a lot of times when you have tropical interact with dying onts you have a change in temperature across the front. and that could be a recipe for heavy rainfall. and again there is the center of circulation. we go through the day on president. model goes out to 2:00 in the afternoon. there is potential that the storm could be e log gaited as it super acts with the and dumps heavy rainfall. take a lock at the potential. i believe this will change over time if the storm takes a track that will close in on north carolina and stay closer to the coast. we are talking about -- myrtle beach, cape lookout. four inches or more of rain. as you get farther inland, lesser totals. the storm tends to stay over land and interacts with the front these numbers could come out higher. good idea to watch the weather
10:50 pm
likely seeing the end of the rain by saturday morning and the remainder of the weekend looks good. checking out the focast. two more warm days. e cloud cover will be dictated how warm we get tomorrow if we tend to have mostly cloudy skies, holding in the 80s. more sunny, low 90s like we were today. 93 on thursday. storms were up late in the day and evening. friday t is possible that it could be a rainy, breezy day down east of the coast. it could be a well could be hurricane watches issued for part of the coast if the storm stays over the atlantic waters. so, it is amazing how quickly things can change from yesterday. we were not considering that and today we are and tomorrow could be looking at a tropical storm. >> stay tuned bottom line. >> yes. >> we are all watching it. thank you, mike. yourog cares what you say
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have you ever had a dog looking deeply in your eyes like they are listening to what you are going to say? >> i had a special dog. looking you in the eye.
10:54 pm
erica edwards has the story. >> reporter: dogs have many ways of telling us how they are feeling. happy to not so happy. maybe even a little embarrassed sometimes. now, dogs can understand humans, too. researchers in hungry trained dogs to sit very still in a functional mri scanner. trainers then spoke words familiar and unfamiliar to the dogs in various ways. and then neutral tone. brain scans showed the dog processed those words correctly. regardless of tone and how they sounded. meaning hay under stood the words. how do d they do it? the theory, dogs understand that the word good boy are a good thing when they are said in a positive tone. even if our furry friends sometimes have selective
10:55 pm
>> reporter: eventually they figure it out. >> good, sit, good boy. >> reporter: erica edwards, nbc news. >> they just want to please us. >> dogs process words the way we do we are unique in our ability to use them. it is the birthplace a president. the first woman to fly solo across the atlantic, now kansas could be home to the world's largest peach. it is called weighs more than 763grams. that is 40 more than the biggest. they have to wait three months to determine it takes the cake. >> i compare today and his was 482 and that says it is 753. it locks about that size. oh, well. the streets of spain will be covered in red after an annual batel. >> it is not blood.
10:56 pm
tomatoes. it is from a food fight back in 1945. it was banned for a time during the '50s. >> boy is that a mess. another food fight. wrestling can be a brutal sport. it gets interesting. hureds turned out to watch the world's gravy wrestling championship. looks like brown gravy. oh. the ring to raise money for hospice. judges awarded entertainment value, not just wrestling. >> that is not gravy. they need to come to the south. >> i wonder what it tastes like. >> it is not thick enough. >> it is that pwroup gravy. >> -- brown gravy. thank you for joining us
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lights. camera. access. >> "dancing with the stars." is it going to be you? >> that would be cool. >> do you still feel like it's a good idea to put yourself out there? >> lochte and lori are ready to dance. with derek, sheryl and max back, it's anyone's mirror ball. who's our wild card to win to write something -- >> sticking up for herself and the excessive scrutiny on all women for that matter. i'm tim vincent with renee zellweger as she shares insight on aging in hollywood. >> it was hijacking the conversation. >> i'm going to have a good time. >> being fit has benefits for oprah. plus, a case of here we go agn for tom's wife rita.


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