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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 31, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. >> right now on fox 50 thanh truong gets ready to make a major speak on his immigration policy today but first off to mexico >> breaking news in samson county and what we are learning about the crimes in the city of the clinton. good morning to you. the time is now 7:00 and thanks for joining us i am lena tillett. >> and i am bill leslie . i don't like the sound of the weather coming in this weekend. we need is some rain but 8 inches? >> what a change since
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it was going to end up for off our coast with minimal impact and of course a lot has changed in the last 24 hours. let's take a look at the forecast track for this storm. it will spread across florida but it is attractive now of florida closer to the carolina coast and the strength of the system is a lot stronger. by 2 a.m. friday it crosses the florida peninsula in my 2 a.m. hour off the coast of north carolina meaning heavy rain and more likely damaging winds. it is likely to be friday in the saturday with the entire weekend not the best but this is different forecast than 24 hours ago. there is our durham skycam where it is 71 degrees.
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and 72 for rocky mount and fayetteville with patchy fog eastward across parts of which would county. today will be able like yesterday where it stays mainly dry but that begins to change tomorrow bringing a chance for showers and yesterday wet and cooler. more on that coming up. meet is here >> it has had to pick up in the last half-hour. we our strategy see things picked up on 40 at the clayton bypass. we see these delays into wake county passed the johnson county line and then they stretched too thin out. you can see reflected in our live drive time. about another 12 minutes across the south
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up toward the park. a couple of minor accidents mostly off of the main roads on lewis baker road into town now checking into inside the beltway at trolley boulevard. notice here if you are starting to see a flu slowdowns. take a look the camera at i-4 40 at six forks road this is some volume picking up on the north side of town this morning. we should start to see these points touch enough but know -- no major incidents this morning here. back to you. [ music ] it should be
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least. donald trump heading to mexico today to talk face-to-face with the president of the country. >> tracie potts has more on that as well as the political battle over immigration. >> the arizona immigration speech is still on for tonight and overnight we learned donald trump is planning a trip south of the border. >> he is going to lead and administration that will end >> we're also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> his message in arizona tonight and mexico today. the president confirms he has invited both candidates to visit. he has 3% support in new mexico pulls. -- in the mexico holds.
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they say the speech will contract his policy with clinton's which he will call guaranteed amnesty. >> all we know is that something strange is going on. >> reporter: clinton's running mate is going after trump ties with russia.'s speculative in the american voters deserve to get the bottom of why trust relationship with russia is so cozy? >> reporter: democrats are asking the fbi to >> our real last line of defense. >> reporter: both john mccain and marco rubio one primaries in arizona and florida. clinton speaks to the american legion today. she has been fundraising the hamptons for the past three days and it is $21 million. tracie potts, wral news pick >> clinton speaks to the
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publicly release the investigation as early as today. they will also release notes of their interview with clinton. governor mccrory will attend a roundtable on teacher pay today in johnson county at liver would middle school. he will also do a back to school tour. police are on the scene of a crime in clinton. a multiple shooting on howard street. police have not provided any details but it was an active scene overnight. we are working to learn more information about a shooting in durham. officers found the victim after 7:00 last night on fisk street. police have not said what that to the shootings and they do not have any suspects.
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a moped driver on highway 301 at bagley road. the highway patrol says the driver of the sudan turned the path of the moped and then collided throwing him over the car. he was taken away with serious injuries. the driver of the car was cited for failure to leered -- yield. agents are asking anyone who may have witnessed video of the incident to come forward. to voluntary was shot and killed terry and police exchange fire. officers were responding to a call about a 911 call about a man with a gun. with watching her tropical depression 8 would affect the coast with minimal impact. now residents and tourists are looking at the tropical
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>> history will be made today as travel between the u.s. into the gets easier. >> next on fox 50 the first direct flight in more than 50 years. a controversial band at a french city is overturned and
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a use commercial flight will take up directly for cuba today for the first time in half a century. >> the jetblue flight local
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renee chou is in our newsroom to tell us more. >> jetblue is one of several airlines approved for round- trip flights. the u.s. law so prohibits travel but there is now a dozen categories of authorized travel including family visits, journalist visits, and educational activities. commercial lights are expected to increase the number of american investors significantly. currently used by expressive charter flights expected to out of business with the advent of regular scheduled service from the u.s. scheduled service from the u.s. cuban officials into havana are expected by the end of the year. bill and lena? >> renee chou, thank you. several offices will be open today after unspecified threat were spent to close.
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security. the fbi is investigating and offices in west virginia will remain closed for security improvements are made. it could be the first hurricane to make landfall in hawaii in years. and the concerns being raised
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you know, the weather changes in north carolina a lot . >> isn't that gorgeous? >> it doesn't look too good about right now.
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relaxing. >> yesterday we were watching tropical depression 8 right off the coast of kill devil hills and it was beautiful. is just a click by friday and into the first half of saturday we will be dealing with something that is stronger than tropical depression 8. we will be going over that in the first couple of minutes. let's first get you out the door. we set off with our skycam which is in durham right now. not everywhere do we have sun. we do have load -- low cloud cover east of the triangle area. it is 71 officially at the airport with partly cloudy skies and dew points in the 70s. here is our visibility which has dropped around the rocky mount wilson airport. nash county you are going to run into some low cloud cover
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continuing either toward greenville for the triangle area everything is looking pretty good. i just notice that the bill has dropped 5 miles. none of this will causing any major problems for your morning commute as of right here around rocky mount wilson we you might run into some fog. it is 72 in clinton and fayetteville and 65 in south hills. you may wonder how we can have such a big change in 24 hours. i was wondering that myself so i came inside looking at everything. it is all thanks to this fronts. it has slowed down significantly. it is going to move in here tomorrow and then helped to push all possible systems away from us. this right here is tropical depression 8 moving away from us.
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depression nine. it is just a low pressure system sitting off the coast of georgia and south carolina. it will feed moisture into northern east carolina. we will probably have some showers and storms on thursday but friday is actually pretty wet for us here. here is tropical depression 8 with the low pressure system and right there is tropical depression 9. you can see how it is prominent theme and it is likely to continue to strengthen. the hurricane center is to forecasting tropical depression 8 to become a tropical storm. it doesn't really matter whether it becomes a storm or not because it is moving away from us. by late thursday night early friday morning this storm which will potentially be either
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the florida peninsula with winds at 60 miles-per-hour and 5 to 10 inches of rain here. it runs of the coast of north carolina and it has a strong storm with 70 miles-per-hour into saturday morning and 70 more close to the hurricane. it will be affecting friday in the first half of saturday. into sunday this thing is going to move quickly. it has less of an impact but that said friday in the first half of saturday could be dangerous and we will be watching for that. 89 today with nine through tomorrow and it gets hot because it arrives late in the day. friday will be a wet day with a mess out there. temperatures will be cool just
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it may start to taper off in the evening but plan on it being wet for football friday because now through late friday we could see at half an inch through our area we are talking on the coast for to 8 inches. -- 4 to 8 inches. our weekend still looks good unless we have further changes. we should have a nice dry saturday and sunday with highs in nate is here when an update for the beltline at l. >> this is the old out about line if you prefer with an accident and a crusher on the inside lanes. the left lane is closed past -- cruise road -- yonkers road. we are seeing some slowdowns with a mile or so.
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peerages on the map at capital boulevard backing up about a mile or so. things are looking pretty good after that with lots of green for the rest of i-440 through wade avenue heading out toward the park. a couple things to let you know about is a stalled vehicle on the louisburg road road. otherwise, the commute this morning is starting to see some classic so points are starting to activate here with jones sausage road and 40 at trial would through the fortified zone it is moving okay and out toward durham over at south point things moving nicely at fayetteville road. back to
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alert as parking madeleine enter the state. it is true that includes strong wind and the category 3 storm could pass dangerously close to the island. the coast guard is shutting down ports in anticipation of madeleine. eight strong typhoon in japan nine bodies found in a nursing home in northeastern japanflood the typhoon slammed into northern japan on tuesday hitting and erika still recovering. police are still investigating how a ferry had a
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hurt and taking to the hospital. the captain tasted negative for drugs and alcohol. protested negative for drugs and alcohol. strike a balcony collapsed in the apartment building under construction. six balconies fell off the side of the building. no one was hurt. the middle balcony gateway first than the top one came down. scaffolding was set up ago. chris brown is facing an assault with a deadly weapons charge this morning. investigators spent hours looking into allegations brown pulled a gun on a woman for admiring a piece of jewelry. his entourage domenici sign a nondisclosure agreement. chief refused and left with her friend to call police. brown posted several videos
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a french court has overturned a band they said it to create violates basic freedoms and is illegal. human rights groups are planning to over turn similar bans. the white house is concerned will pay if the european union forces apple to pay billions of dollars in back taxes. the eu ordered apple to pay $15 million to our lands and also more in interest. it could deduct a big payment of the amount it owes to s. to will challenge the bill. the eu claims they were granted a deal to let them pay taxes
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i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases. we fixed the problems at the crime lab,
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good bill leslie here . an investigation is underway in sampson county for police responded to reports of a multiple shooting in the city of clinton. authorities have not provided any details but it was an active scene overnight. governor mccrory attends a roundtable on teacher pay today in riverwood middle school in clayton. he will also do a back to school tour.
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check everything looks nice now but we are tracking tropical depression 9 which could brush off the coast over the weekend bringing right and windy conditions to the coast on friday. let's take a look at our raleigh skycam. you will see similar conditions to yesterday accept around wilson and parts of the i-95 corridor. it is 72 in rocky mount, wilson and clinton with 65 in south hills. again today with 89 and 93 thursday. friday looks wet and cool with a high of only 75. nate is here with traffic. this morning you'll want to keep an eye on i-440 up toward capital with a crash on the inside lane. we are seeing some slowdowns
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about. otherwise things moving along smoothly across the area with lots of green and minor accidents off of the main traveled roads this morning. we are learning more about the death of a 3-year-old in durham. next on fox 50 with the girl's father told police. stay with us. a full hour of news coming up and we will be ri welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc.
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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence.
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it is 7:30. a hearing for a man who has spent two decades in prison enters its third day in durham. >> we are talking about the darryl howard case. wral mikaya thurmond joins us outside the courthouse to tell us more on why the hearing perhaps is going a little longer than expected. >> reporter: bill and lena accusations of sloppy police work are at the center of this darryl howard is fighting for a new trial. he is already served more than 20 years for two murders he says he didn't commit. the former district attorney never told washington and the daughter was assaulted. they never revealed dna found inside the girl was from someone else. it was matched to jim matt jones
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>> do you have any knowledge whatsoever of who attacked doris washington on the day of the murder? >> i am declining to answer the question. >> reporter: jones has never been charged in the case. at some poise -- at some point mike nifong is expected justify. we will let you know what happens starting on wral news at noon. >> mikaya thurmond, thank you for the update. the father of a 3-year-old girl who died set her death was a terrible accident. reni ramirez found his daughter unresponsive in the minivan. this happened in durham.
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the 911 calls revealed chaos as neighbors crowded around the girl unsure how to properly perform cpr and panicked. >> she tried to open her eyes but was too late already. >> it is unclear how the little girl ended up in the van. police are continuing their investigation and awaiting results of an autopsy we now though the names of a mother and a daughter found inside a home. imitated him and marybelle pull were found. there was no apparent signs of foul play surrounding their death. a raleigh man who once worked as a santa and kids parties will now spend the next 30 years in prison for possession
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leander jones had graphic pictures involving children he knew on his computer. jones will be on supervised release for the rest of his life. he was arrested after taking his computer to a repair shop. an investigation is underway at the bank of america stadium in charlotte. four a-10 thunderbolt's took monday morning and then flew over the stadium at a very low altitude. the pilot waved at the team and they are restricted pending the results of the investigation. the coach said it was kind of neat but kind of scary. >> [ laughter ] we are talking with this
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bad. >> today is pretty good. >> we have some big changes coming which will make some people happy. we are in need of some rain and our pattern may change as well. -ish we should get some rain out of the system. let's take a look at our south hills skycam. if you traveled further to the east there is some low cloud cover with a school bus at the colonial theatre. it is a little busier than it was last week now that school has become. it is 69 in wake forest and 71 in karner and -- garner and apex. at the bus stop this morning temperatures in the 70s and then just an isolated storm later today mainly southeast of
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on friday. coming up we will take a look at our forecast to coming up and track tropical depression nine. right now i will handed over to nate . >> we just saw the folks who got out of the way in the last minute or so. still some backups on i-440 westbound on the no and capital boulevard. you can see the backups on our live commute map with the reds backing up onto 64 here. keep an eye on that and we will start to see these loosen up now the left lane is open once again. otherwise a couple of mostly minor accidents off of the main travel through a pair with a little bit of red heading
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things moving smoothly. 440 at lakeland trial we see this on to wade avenue with volume up in traffic moving closer to speeds right now. as we take a look at your drive time coming in out of johnston county it is slowing down right on schedule. it is taking about 21 minutes with another wade avenue six minutes. we just got an update of 23 minutes for that commute. overall the typical slowdown spots are not having any major accidents. lena , back to you. it has been nearly 20 years since hurricane fran hit the coast. it made landfall near
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per-hour winds causing massive damage all of the way to raleigh. a documentary looks back at a deadly hurricane that will air tomorrow night at 7:00. you can also find extra hurricane fran coverage anytime on our updated wral app and see extra videos of our original coverage and watch newscast and see how it all worked together to clean up the da the bonus material is on and the wral news app. those of you with roku and apple tv can view it all on those platforms. just go to select fran. check it is evidence of diversity in the police force. >> coming of the challenges women face in law enforcement and their strength as leaders.
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being a woman in leadership has its challenges. >> that is a topic of a north carolina -- north carolina university just and they tackled it on a forum in women and policing. >> mooresville police chief patrice andrews has unique stories about coming into law enforcement but the stories have similarities as it relates to climbing the ranks as women. both said they are hopeful for women in law enforcement today. >> what happened to me when it
7:41 am
officers coming through today. >> reporter: the department hosted a forum to discuss women in policing. they were invited to delve into the challenges they face and also the strength women has. chief davis says recruiting women contributes to the greater goal of diversity. >> i think it is important that we make sure we are diverse and we introduce creativity in our work. students packed the lecture hall. they touched on a number of topics. race, community tactics and current events. both were candid in admitting aspects of law enforcement they would like to change pick >> i think it is one important for women to be in nontraditional roles. it is about dean who you are and not having toworry about being someone you are not.
7:42 am
as it relates to policing and its community. candace sweat, wral news. coming up, how the ways -- waze app works.
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[ music ] ? and i am a bad boy because i don't even miss her. i am a bad boy ?
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>> it looks like a painting. >> it really does. yesterday we were a little bit worried about tropical depression eight. it has moved away from the coast but we have tropical depression 9 that all the sudden will be an issue. it is mainly going to be friday and turday. so if you have plans to go to the beach, you may want to go saturday instead of friday. unless something changes right so keep checking back with us. but right now if nothing were to change would be fine going saturday. let's take a look at what is happening around here. this tall towercam is also an artistic shot as well. we have a thin shower developing -- thin level of clouds developing in wake county with
7:46 am
71 is our current temperature and the dew point is 70. the visibility at rocky mount has been back and forth less than a quarter of a mile and east at i-95 where the visibility issues happen. the nd to be a littlepahy fog i areas. wilson and nash county will see this and south hill at it just means we have low cloud cover starting to develop. overall today we will be partly cloudy with 72 in erwin and rocky mount. temperatures are typical and the weather pattern is not. we have been dealing with high pressure for the last several days. we have also been waiting on this front which is our best shot at rain this week. the picture just looks a lot different than it did
7:47 am
going to arrive until friday. it will not have time to push aw the tropicamoture cluding tropical depression nine or hermine or ian. the front will bring storms tomorrow and this is tropical depression 8 moving away from us. it will no longer impact north carolina. this is not a tropical system but it is a wave of low pressure feeding pressure we do have a steady flow of moisture that is coming from the general vicinity of tropical depression 9 along this boundary up toward north carolina. it will help kick everything out. it will also attract with us to give us a chance of rain on friday. tropical depression 9 looking fairly impressive just in the last couple of hours really
7:48 am
tropical depression 8. it may get a name. the hurricane center forecasts winds at 45 miles-per-hour by tomorrow morning. but it will not be a consequence to us or anybody else. this is tropical depression 9 and overnight thursday night in his the florida coast with a lot of rain with tornadoes likely happening as well. the current forecast is carolina with winds at 70 miles- per-hour. so again you want to keep checking in with us. it may be we don't want to head to the coast friday but monday certainly should be okay. around here it should be hot with 93 tomorrow and the rain not arriving until later in the day. friday will be a fairly wet day
7:49 am
at 275 on friday. we will see if they change it on friday. through friday night and half an inch is pretty significant closer to the coast more like for to 8 inches -- 4 to 8 inches with more information to pinpoint what the impact will be. in the meantime we have nate he this morning. we did have an accident here on 440 westbound the old out about plane. -- beltline. we are still seeing lingering delays as the backup starts to flash through with an improving picture looking at some backups on the live commute map. here's capital boulevard down to
7:50 am
otherwise we are seeing that improving with a quiet morning for the rest of our commute. 440 over toward wade avenue is starting to slow up from glenwood back around with slowdowns also at 540. these are all volume delays. we are not looking at any crashes or anything else. just the volume of traffic. capacity at this point. we should are driving into rtp checking in six minutes from wayne avenue. once you get on to wade avenue things move quickly. on the durham freeway eight minutes and mangum street near the i-40 south on the durham freeway. a quick check and the 440 us-1 interchange with things moving nicely this morning.
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carefully is for children. the company is offering free kids meals on sundays in september. it is another attempt to bring customers back after the call like incident. -- e. coli incident. customers or in free meals based on the number of visits. on monday they announced college students could get a free soda if they show their id. [ laughter ] google is expanding its app waze. it allows anyone to get to work or home. waze was limited to six companies including google, walmart, and adobe systems. the next phase would allow anyone in the bay area putting
7:52 am
money for itself just for drivers are free to share a ride. renie is here with what is trending this morning. >> an interesting response on twitter to the ntversy of colin kaepernick's refusal to stand during the anthem. some people felthis actions was a shdisrestohad nothing but respect for the military. he has said he didn't want to show pride for a flock for a country that oppresses lock people and people of color. now military personnel are supported his protest with the hash tag #veteransforkaepernick. >> a tweet set don't use my service to justify the silencing of black americans.
7:53 am
try to shame someone with patriotism in order to silence their first amendment right and included a picture of himself in uniform. another shot soldier said i did not wear all of this care so people could be offended how others exercise their rights. so #veteransforkaepernick is trending worldwide. they are showing their support for kaepernick. >> very interesting. and princess diana. >> 19 years ago today she died. she was only 36. people are using social media to pay tribute to the beloved princess. people say they remember where they were when they first heard about that car crash in paris.
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adelle: at first, i was so happy toea in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet. someone needs to fix this. ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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it is 7:56 i am lena tillett. the father of a 3-year-old durham girl says his daughter's death was a terrible accident. reni ramirez came home from work to find his fifth -- daughter unresponsive. it is unclear how the girl ended up in the van and a criminal charges will be filed. an event today will address better and related issues. paige hill's va medical center is holding the summit beginning at 830 this morning. things are looking pretty quiet for us today.
7:57 am
happening in fayetteville with something clouds developing this one. we will see partly cloudy skies for today with very little chance of any showers or thunderstorms. it is 67 south hill and 73 in goldsboro. expect nearly 90 today with a better chance of light day storms and then a huge change friday and the potential for strong tropical storms to brush the coasfr nate ? commute wise overall it is mostly volume delays so far only one accident on 440 that has been cleared. we are seeing some slowdowns and they do start to loosen up around the south side of town. checking in at harrison avenue things going smoothly in both directions heading out toward the park.
7:58 am
just past glenwood with some slowdowns on the 540. it is another sign of the normalization of relations
7:59 am
focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. >> right now, trump gets ready to make a major speech on immigration policy today.
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>> what we are learning about this crime scene in the city of clinton. and how investigators are hoping the public can help them following the officer-involved shooting and raleigh. i am lena tillett. >> and i am renee chou. we begin with donald trump. trump heads to mexico today to talk face to face with the president of the country. >> tracie potts has more on that as >> he is going to lead and administration that will end illegal immigration. >> we're also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> reporter: donald trump's message in arizona tonight and mexico today. president henrique has invited both candidates to visit.


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