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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  September 8, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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a state department of labor investigation into her death will now move forward. wral's bill leslie is in our newsroom w >> investigators do say there's no evidence of any criminal conduct surrounding the death of 17-year-old rachel rosoff. there are lingering questions about what happened. rosoff was a lifeguard at the community pool in the heritage point neighborhood, and according to a 911 call, an employee of the pool said they found the them,l high school student in the water on saturday. a preliminary autopsy say suggests rosoff was knocked unconscious by an
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drowned. investigators have not said how the pool may have been electricically charged. routine safety and health inspections at the pool were done recently in april, june, and july; but they did not include electrical inspections. the north carolina department of labor says it could be 3, perhaps as long as 4 months before its report is complete. rosoff's funeral is set for 11 this morning at brown win funeral home in raleigh. such a terrible story, but we will be following it and the continue. >> we certainly will. the search is over for a man suspected of killing his teenage son and seriously injuring his ex-wife. police found earl valentine's body inside a south carolina motel room. they say he died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. valentine had been on the run since tuesday after police say he shot and killed his 15-year-old son and critically wounded his ex- wife, kisha valentine.
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confessing to the shootings. police say, for the first time since the shooting, valentine's ex-wife spoke yesterday, and she is doing better. an amber alert remains in effect for two missing children last seen in greensboro. police are searching for six- year-old davian mccollum and two-year-old navia mccollum. detectives believe the children are with their mother. police and social services remain very concerned because this boy needs medication for health problems. if you see them, call 911. old girl who died in a hot van is still in jail this morning, because prosecutors say she's a flight risk. rosio estrada is charged with manslaughter and negligent child abuse. the judge raised her bond to $100,000. prosecutors believe she's a flight risk because she recently visited the mexican consulate in raleigh. they also claim maria estrada had a fight with her daughter the same day the
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car. >> she left her three-year-old biological child in a vehicle for approximately four hours, causing her death while the child was in her care. >> family members say that maria estrada had been running errands with her five children and thought leslie got out of the car when they got home. her other children are in the custody of social services. the cause of a fire at an apartment complex in carey is still under investigation. this was breaking news yesterday it happened just after midnight, and burned three floors of one building. twenty people are now without a home. eight units are now unlivable. everyone got out safely thanks to smoke alarms and neighbors who went door to door. three pets, though, did die in the fire. a state trooper killed in the line of duty will be honored today. trooper jean d,luth was struck and killed by a burglary suspect who led police on a chase. it happened on highway 64 4 years ago today. deluth was hit while he was
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that suspect, christopher rogers, is in prison after pleading guilty to murder. today the dot is naming a bridge after the trooper. it is overred oak road in nash county. the dedication ceremony is at nash community college in rocky mount at 1:00. all right. another hot day on tap; but -- and the humidity may be creeping up a little bit. >> a little bit. it's going to be mid-09s, but feeling like, you know, 98, 99 th you know, just right back to august. let's take a look at our skycam over rdu, and everything looks nice and quiet. already looks a little hazy out there. certainly the amount of moisture in the atmosphere will be creeping up a little bit. it's just hot, or going to be any way. still feels pleasant at wake forest. 68 in carey, and 72 in holly springs. town by town, 64 in rocks beforeoro. that's our cool spot. 72 in rocky how about mount.
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in the planner, at lunch time, 89, 95 at 4:00, and it's going to take a while before those temperatures start to drop a bit. looking at mid-80s at about 8 p.m. not much chance of showers or storms today. that holds true through the weekend. . we really need the rain. there are a lot of events happening over the weekend. brian, all the sunday, has back up traffic to tell you about. sure do. watching delays -- away toward rtp. you can see that slow traffic. right now we're looking at 12 minutes on 40 eastbound. taking a look at the alternate route. 54 eastbound, not looking so good this morning from i-40 up to. the w. alexander drive. right now your best bet is just city in that stop and roll traffic on 40 eastbound. take a look at your drive times
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through south raleigh. 440 to wade avenue, taking about 22 minutes with some delays, congestion delays in the fortified work zone. as you make your way westbound on 440 from the i-40 interchange around to the wade i-40 merge, you're looking at 33 minutes, again, with congestion delays on the westbound lanes, especially between the night dale bypass all the way out toward wade avenue a. report of a crash on 440 westbound around lake boon trail. it's likely contributing to some of those delays. also seeing pretty heavy 440, heading out toward i-40. want to zoom into wake forest road and 440, give you a homicide up on the inbounded side. we do have a crash over on the right shoulder. not really blocking any travel lanes at this point. not really seeing any big delays as you head toward 440 on wake forest road, but something to keep in mind there. heading into central raleigh from the north. heads up about a ramp closure tonight. it's part of the fortified project. the ramp from 40 westbound on
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closed through the weekend, reopen in time for your monday morning commute. consider using trion road as and alternate route to get to gormon street. then back on 40 eastbound, head back to gormon street. back to you. >> thank you, brian. 8:70 now. hillary clinton and donald trump out line their plans on national security. >> what the presidential candidates told voters in a forum focused on national security . >> and the punishment for a swim chore lied about being robbed. . >> and a big event is preparing to take over the raleigh convention center this weekend. today on fox 50 at 8:00, the downtown raleigh home show, and how you can get free
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matt blashaw from hgtv's yard crashers and vacation house will also be there along with our very own wral smart shopper -- >> yes. >> she joins us this morning to tell us a little about what is going to be happening on the main stage.
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year, and i'm actually going to be teaching some free coupon classes and other classes out there. actually i'm out there every day this week, starting friday, saturday, and sunday, which is the duration of the show. and you can find information on the classes on my blog at, and we've got a ticket coupon code for you, and there's even more, military and first responders and teachers can all get in for free on friday, which is isn't that neat? that's great. >> really is. >> what do you love about the home show? . >> everything. i got a home, it always needs help. i love seeing the displays out there. they've got such intricate gardening and, you know, decorating. i'm interested to see this whole container thing they've got going this year. >> i would think a lot -- offering some deals and discounts. >> absolutely. sign up for all the little freebies, all sorts of fun things. >> so great to get inspiration ideas as well.
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how to lay out your place -- the perfect room >> especially yours as you're setting up your house. >> tell me about some grocery deals happen being week. >> there's fantastic buys this week. my favorite right there on the top of the list, eggs. crazy how good the deals on eggs are. you can find 18-count eggs at kroger for only 99 cents. you can find a 12 count at aldi for only 69 cents. for a half gallon. you get two of those, you're still getting a gallon of milk for less than 2 bucks. finally you can get some free danen yogurt with the combo of a recent coupon and 50- cent sale that's going on. love that one. >> so the egg prices, awesome egg prices. why are they going down? . >> crazy how good the egg deals are. actually egg prices have gone down since last year, july, over 29%. the main reason is because
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recovering from that horrible avian influenza outbreak that occurred a year ago. finally the egg production is up and going, and the egg prices are coming down. >> which we like to see. >> oh absolutely wonderful news. we eat eggs almost every day. so i'm thrilled. >> thank you so much for joining us. for more smart shopping tips from may, head to, and search "smart shopper." look under the "consumer" tab. the damage estimates are in for hermine. how much officials along the north carolina coast sa after the storm. >> plus a big decision will be made today when it comes how residents in certain counties will vote this election season. the plans set to be finalized
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puts a smile on your face. >> because of this guy. >> good stuff. hopefully you were doing that, too. >> yeah. >> that, too. >> a little shoulder. just making sure you're doing it in side. . probably come up with some hot songs. with had that week, a few weeks ago, where it was 95, 95, 95.
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we need to do that again between now and the weekend. let's check it out. we are heading out to south hill, where there's just a little bit of cloud cover mixed with some sun. we had this interesting little plume of moisture that dropped in on us mainly just east of south hill all the way cub to to roanoke rapids and rocky mount. it's mostly out of here. we'll see more sun today. it was kind of interesting, all of the sudden, at lunch time we had showers and thunderstorms that developed. it didn't affect many people in the viewing area. if it like, "whoa, look at that. showers and storms." 72 degrees. look at our temperature. and our dew point 66. so it feels okay out there. a little on the warm side. slightly muggy, but not overwhelmingly so. it is 70 in roanoke rapids, and 71 in south hill. so this was the area that was dealing with those showers and thunderstorms yesterday, even down toward tarboro and rocky mount. temperatures there now are in the low 70s. i's 71 degrees in chapel hill. head south, it is 73 in southern pines, 74 in
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goldsboro. and it is going to stay hot, at least for the next few days. now, i would -- i would wager a bet -- this is going to be our last long stretch of highs in the 09s. just you look at the statistics, this is our minor million high temperature. 85 today. then it troops off to 83 by early next week. it's just hard to have temperatures in the mid-90s. i mean that's pushing records the you don't typically have 5 or 6 days in a row with temperatures near record highs very often. this may be our last 90s. it should probably, won't likely be our last day with highs in the 90s by any means, but at least maybe our long stretch. 95 today, 94 tomorrow, 92 saturday, 90 on sunday, and then the areas of next week does look like it will be feeling a little better, with highs in the 80s, mid to upper 8 0s, but 8 0s nonetheless. high pressure keeps things hot for us today. there's a look at that little plume of moisture that's been coming down from pennsylvania into eastern north carolina. it will continue to shift eastward, but you can
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rain associated there. a little bit of cloud cover again in that area this morning, and maybe a tiny shower before it all moves away from us by lunch time. after that, through the and, mostly cloudy and hot, hot, hot. we watch some showers and storms trying to develop up into the mountains, and eventually a cool front drops in on us by sunday. but even then, as we get closer and closer to sunday our chances for rain look lower and lower. sunday and monday, only about a 20% chance. between now and then, it 10. so just going be dry, dry, dry, and hot, too. here's look at our heat index. this is the way it will feel through the afternoon. by 2:00, 90, and 99 by 4:00 this afternoon. over the weekend, prepare for it to feel hot. but we won't be near records. 92 saturday, 90 on sunday. so it's going to be hot, not likely to have much in terms of showers and thunderstorms. but then finally we do cool things down by the time we get into next week with
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mid-80s. back to you. . hillary clinton returns to north carolina today after battling it out with donald trump last night on the stage. tracy pots has a preview of today's campaign stops and last night's commander-in- chief forum. >> how are you? good to see you. >> reporter: hillary clinton rallies in charlotte today after answering tough questions from a military audience about mailing classified information. >> i communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. >> reporter: she drew the line on ground troops to fight isis. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again, and we're not putting ground troops into syria. >> reporter: and she insisted donald trump also supported the iraq war. >> i have taken responsibility for my decision. >> let me go to --
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support. >> i was totally against the war in iraq. >> reporter: trump homicide to ohio today after being challenged repeatedly by the audience to explain his policies. he said immigrants who are not citizens should be allowed to serve in the military. >> it would be a very special circumstance, yes. >> reporter: he defended praising russia's lowered. >> if he says great things about me, i'm going to say great things about him. >> reporter: and he criticized our military leaders. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our >> reporter: trump and clinton clashed over va reform. >> i will not let the va be privatized. >> i never said take the va, take the veterans summation private. i wouldn't do that. >> reporter: setting the stage for their first debate later this month. tracy pots, nbc news, washington. >> and wral will be there when clinton brings her message right here to the tar heel state. she'll speak at johnson c. smith university in charlotte today at noon.
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covering that event. look for his live report on wral. ryan locht, will be banned from his sport for 10 months for his involvement in a gas station incident in rio. the punishment was handed down by the international olympic committee, the u.s. olympic committee, and usa swimming. an official announcement could come today, and a source close to the process says lochte will not be allowed to compete in the 2017 worl during the olympics, locht, was accused of vandalizing property in a gas station path room, then lying about what happened. police in rio found locht,'s robbery claims to be false. new developments in the flint, michigan, water crisis investigation. one of the eight people charged has reached a plea deal with prosecutors. former flint utilities manager michael glasgow is cooperating with the attorney general's office. in exchange, the felony charge against him has been dropped. the codefendants are accused of allowing the city to
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treeing it so it would be less corrosive. that's why city residents still can not drink the tap water without a filter. preliminary assessment shows tropical storm hermine caused at least $2 and a half million in damage in d,ir county alone. 667 buildings were dodged by the storm. that includes one home that was completely destroyed. hat race island sustained 1.5 million and damaged the most in the county. this estimate does not include debris removal or personal this week. and a south carolina of highway 12 is back open after the storm. the dot had a detour in place in kitty hawk because of the threat of more ocean overwash. the road opened to traffic early yesterday and. a big and important announcement today for voters all across our state. >> next on fox 50, the decision expected today from the state board of elections, and why the state naacp will be watching this meeting very closely.
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preparing for a first-of-its-kind mission. we will talk with tony rice about plans to visit an asteroid and the north carolina connection to this mission.
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their investigation into her death continues. and prosecutors say the durham mother who's charged in the death of her three-year-old daughter is a flight risk, because she recently visited the mexican consulate in raleigh.
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estrada's bond to $100,000. she remains in the durham county jail this morning. going be a hot, hot, hot day. >> it is. seems like we should be done with this. we have some heat to get through between now and then. our south hills skycam is looking pretty. a little mix of sun and clouds this morning. there's been a disturbance in that area during the last 24 hours, bringing some clouds, even a few showers and storms only to the very nearby corner of our viewing area. and that should be ending earl this morning. 68 in rocksboro. it's 74 in fayetteville and goldsboro. temperatures are starting to creep up now. 95 this afternoon, 94 tomorrow, 92 saturday, and 90 on sunday. so the heat sticks around through the weekend. brian? 8:27 now elizabeth. a slow ride this morning on the northbound durham freeway. looks like we have congestion as you head through the. the w. alexander interchange on up toward ellisboro. that overall trip from i-40 to manageam street is taking about 15 minutes. let's take a look at your best
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i-40 up to, thew alexander. rather, i-40 up to the durham freeway. it will take you about 14 minutes. allow extra time through there. we're seeing slow traffic on 40 eastbound. that ride's taking you about 15 minutes. you might consider using 54 as and alternate, l,na. >> thanks, brian. looks like a mess out there. indication on fox 50, one day after raleigh police participate in the governor takes aim at a state toxicologist today in another political dustup over coal ash. woman: governor pat mccrory's office is refuting claims
8:29 am
dr. megan davies was the state epidemiologist, but she resigned this week, saying she cannot work for a department and an administration that deliberately misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people who live near coal ash ponds their well water was safe.
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wral's mukaya thurmond is here to explain what's at stake with this meeting. >> reporter: good morning, renee and lena, voting rights activists will be watching meeting closely. they say they're prepared to return to port if the board makes it difficult for democratic voters cast their ballots. that federal court rueing h struck down north carolina's voter i.d. law, also came with other provisions, one of which increased the number of early voting days. with the november election fast approaching, election officials are now required to make changes, and make them soon. sixty-seven counties crafted new plans. thirty-three others, including cumberland and wake county, couldn't agree. today the state board will make a decision for them.
8:31 am
meeting and will be streaming it live on >> thanks. mukaya thurmond live in downtown raleigh. some voters are getting mixed messages about voter i.d. rules for the upcoming november election. last month, a circuit court refused to put a court of apools ruling on hold. that means voters will not be required to show a voter i. when they vet in person. one viewer contacted wral after getting information saying voters must now show i.d.. the information was postmarked as september 2nd. we reached out to the state board of elections, but have not heard back yet. governor mcrory finds himself at odds with the state's largest business lobby. during an event in winston salem, will said a group of top business leaders helped draft house bill 2. that is something the north carolina chamber has denied for months. the statement appears to put the republican candidate directly at odds with the state's largest business lobby, which has
8:32 am
in recent campaigns. veterans can got help filing claims anden rolling in va health care services at a special event in kerry today. there's a veterans benefits action center tat herbert young community center. it starts today and runs through saturday. attendisease are asked to wring proper i.d. and all available document station at their cases, plus any medical records. this is being hosted by wake county veteran services and the kerry branch of the veterans of foreign wars. the wilson police department is hold holding a they plan to focus on the department's procedures for traffic stops, body cameras -- and neighborhood improvement. the two-hour forum starts -- at hardy alumni hall. wilson police officers commit more than 10,000 hours each year to serving the community. this comes one day after 58 league's police chief held a citizens forum in a local barbershop. >> the important thing is that we go where the
8:33 am
>> -- brought several officers along with her last night to paul's barber shop on rogers road. they spoke about the citizens -- they spoke, rather, with citizens about how they do their jobs. residents had questions about policing bias and when officers can shoot. the chief expects more forums like this one in the future. thousands of drivers illegally pass a stopped school bus on a daily basis, and in some cases, that north carolina's superintendent of schools has teamed one the highway patrol and local school districts to spread the word about school bus safety. to help with enforcement, many school buss are equipped with stop arm cameras. educators hope, by raising awareness, welcome all reduce the number of violations, and save lives. >> today i'm calling on all of our parents of our students and our students to make sure that they understand the safety procedures at the school bus
8:34 am
crossing signal, and i'm also asking them to review the basic safety rules with their children. >> eight hundred thousands students ride the bus to school each day across the state. . >> in the morning at the bus stop, i guess it hasn't been that bad, but when they're coming home from school, they're probably sweating with those backpacks. >> absolutely. yeah, 95, that's what it's going to feel like when kids are heading home from school today. just keep that in mind. you know, it may be the last year, though. that would be a good thing. renee is going -- well let's take a look what's happening outside now. it does look pretty out there. check out our skycam. certainly generating plenty of energy out there
8:35 am
at the moment, it still feels pretty good. 89 degrees in downtown durham. feeling a little more humid than yesterday. 95 degrees, and we'll see partly cloudy skies again. not expecting any showers or thunderstorms. the presidents do go back up a bit by next week. we're going to have to suffer through 4 more days with highs in the 90ss as we wrap up this week. >> thanks, elizabeth. hollywood a listers and top musicians are getting ready to take over cancer. the stand up to cancer fund raising special is tomorrow, and that event is a ground breaking initiative to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly, and save lives now. this is video from last year's event. this year, jon hamm, who you're looking at there, vie control la davis, terry crews, and kristen wiig are a few of the stars participating. substantial doubt up to cancer airs tomorrow night at 8 p.m. you can watch it on wral and sister station fox 50.
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primed and ready to blast off tonight from cape canaveral in florida. >> next, low business beth garner speaks with nasa scientists about the osiris rex, and its mission to an asteroid and back. >> and there's a new iphone to clamor over this morning. we'll take a look at the upgraded features and how
8:38 am
the spacecraft is called,
8:39 am
the spectral interpretation resources identification security regularoluth explorer or osiris rex for short. it will travel to ans a strikeout named vinu near earth. joining me now is nasa solar system ambassador tony rice. always good to have you on. wonderful to hear sort of a local perspective about what all of this means, and venu "v,nu"? . >> we'll go with that. >> the name has a local tie. tell us about that. >> it does. periodically nasa will have some contests to encourage school children to get involved, understand these missions a little better, encourage them to come up with the names. kids are so much better coming up with the names than the scientists are. we are in love with the acronyms. a young man, michael pizio, i believe his name, from greensboro, came one the winning name. it ties in with the mission so well.
8:40 am
that's exciting. a kid from greensboro named the asteroid. we said it's near earth. we were talking to nasa scientists about and hour ago, and, of course, know it's going to take what? five years to get this data back once it's collected. it's really long way away, but it's considered close. are there any implications for an asteroid that close, having effects on earth? . >> this particular asteroid we've been watching for quite some time. it's number three on our list of asteroids that could potentially impact earth. numbers and figure out what the chances of that are, it's 1 in 2,700. it won't happen until late 22nd century. really nothing for us to worry about now. >> that's interesting, because i don't know that much about it, and i feel like i'm sitting on the other side of the fence now. last week we were talking about tropical storm hermine, and we were talking about pensioner and that sort of thing. i'm thinking to myself, it may not be such a big deal for us.
8:41 am
actually sounds, number 3 on your list. it sounds not scary necessarily. interesting. >> it's something we need to keep our eye on. in addition going and getting the asteroid sample, bring it back to earth so we can study it, we're going to be studying how that asteroid moves through space and how solar energy impacts it so we can better understand those orbits, really improve those predictions and percentages with those near-earth asteroids so we understand how much of a threat they might be. >> so the reason nasa is asteroid is because there may be some close to how earth developed, maybe how some other solar systems, life in other places, other universes may happen. but it's the first time this has been possible. this is a very special spacecraft they're sending? . >> it is. and the reason we go to an asteroid is the asteroid is the leftovers, if you will, of when our solar system was put together, didn't go through the same kind of very violent history that our earth did.
8:42 am
solar system and understand what the make up of that material was, see if there's any water ice there, see if there's any, you know, possible building block of life, bring that back, and study it. >> and this is a very special craft that's doing this. we've never been able to do this previously. >> right. it's going to bounce off a comet. it's a disk about this big around that is basically going to basically like a pogo stick. hit the asteroid very, very briefly. it's about 5 seconds, vacuum up that material, put it in as have the we can bring back to earth in 2023. >> very, very complicated. you have more about it on a blog. >> yes. >> you can find that on >> that's correct. >> thanks so many, tony. fascinating stuff. the language at 7:05 tonight. you can catch live coverage of the launch on nasa tv starting at 4:30 this afternoon, and more information about the mission
8:43 am
of course, on our web site with tony's blog on we'll be right back with
8:45 am
it's friday ', and everything's going to be all right. >> it's 95 degrees outside. >> going to be all right. >> and it's going to be all
8:46 am
early august. we don't have weeks and weeks and weeks to look forward to, you know, highs in the mid-90s. >> hop this is the last long hot stretch. >> it's probably the last hoorah. it easily could be the last time we hit mid-90s this year. it won't be the last tile we hit 90s, but maybe the last time we hit mid-90s. we'll see. let's check out what's going on. we're heading back to south hill, where it looks beautiful. a mix of sun and cloud cover. our temperature at the airport is 72. feels fine out. our 5 miles per hour. southwesterly win typically does bring in a little additional moisture. our dew points starting to creep up just a little bit to 66, may climb into the upper 60s this afternoon. so a little more humid, and certainly it's going to be hot this afternoon. 70 in henderson, 70 in rocksboro, and 76 in south hill. 74 in tarboro, 73 in southern pines, and 74 over in goldsboro. it's going to be staying hot around here, though,
8:47 am
guess. today 95, tomorrow 94, 92 saturday, 90 on sunday. we drop back into the 80s on monday. but look at our normals p. line is normal. so 85 today. . a lot of things happen pretty quickly in september. our normal high temperature drops quickly, more quickly than it does in the middle of summer. and our daylight also shrinks real rapidly, too. we lose a lot of daylight during the month september as we move closer to the solstice, which is just about two weeks from now. . . we're starting to see another little shower, bam, there just north of our viewing area. don't be surprised in the eastern part of hampton
8:48 am
two. it didn't do a great job of picking up on it yesterday either. as we do get toward lunch time, that should shift offshore. we're back to partly cloudy skies across the area. nobody is going to this affected by this blip except if you're up in north hampton county or maybe as far west as roanoke rapids. that's it. a tiny portion of our viewing area. taking a look what's going on out in the tropics. of course we're not having to talk ab anymore. it's falling apart. here is another wave developing. the hurricane center says give that a 60% developing next 5 days. something we will continue to watch. hot today, 95, feeling like almost 100. on friday -- last friday, all the games got washed out because of hermine. instead the complete opposite problem. it will be bright, sunny, and hot, 7:00. sun starts to go down by 7:00. still 86 degrees.
8:49 am
weekend. begins today, probably going see system of the bigger crowds on saturday. 92 for hopscotch for the high. about mid-afternoon. by 6:00, 87, and at 9:00, 80 degrees. a front cops through on sunday. and we were kind of holding out some hope it would bring us rain. but it's looking like maybe a 20% chance at best. does look like it will drop our temperatures. we'll see highs in the mid-80s for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. so a little break in the heat is coming. l,na? . >> a thank you. preorders of the new i- phone 7 begin tomorrow, and it's a new phone with a lot of cool features. of course everyone is talking about this lack of a headphone jack. apple unveiled its newest yphone 7 yesterday. it has an upgraded camera, flash, stereo speakers for the first time, and dual cameras for yphone 7 plus. it's also water-resistant. the new phone does not, though, again, have standard headphone jacks.
8:50 am
buds called apple ear pods, or you can get an adapter to connect to the old ones. prices for the old yphone 7 start around $670. the apple wash ii has built in gps, brighter display, faster process soar. apple is phasing out smartwatch models made with 18-carat gold. i's being replaced with a new ceramic watch. coming to -- the new game will be released just in time for the holidays. starbucks wants to do more than make coffee; they want to share inspirational stories with customers. starbucks says it is moving further into the world of content creation with its series of text, video, and podcasts on subjects, including a former nfl player who helps disabled veterans. the company says it will begin
8:51 am
in stores and on its mobile app over the next 10 weeks. disney world is now scanning the fingers of small children before they enter the theme parks. disney updated its finger scanning policy to include children ages three to nine years old. they say the new policy will help block people from using stolenand shared tickets. parents who feel uncomfortable having their child asked and answered can use their own finger instead. construction on 11 new habitat for humanity hopes is underway. the town homes are build a block project. it's a collaboration between the habitat chapter at nc state and habitat wake. nc state chancellor randy wood son and his wife suzanne helped raise the first walls yesterday. the homes are located on kirk avenue in raleigh. nearly 10,000 volunteers will help build the homes over the next year. >> you know that the mascot in that costume yesterday when it was 95 degrees, that had to be miserable.
8:52 am
sweating in the august -- >> willie has some long fur, yeah. does this great job, though,. at tennis's u.s. open on tuesday night -- going back a couple days for this one, carlin whose any yak i can's best shot came after winning her match. take a look. she hit a ball into the crowd. just so happens a young fan wa tunnel makes the perfect catch. how about that? she's as surprised as anybody. whose any yak i can went on to the semi finals. the young lady takes home a nice souvenir. the lady in front of her was celebrating as well. >> no one fought over it; it was just -- >> that's right.
8:53 am
there's gold in them thar hills. take a look what oscar espinoza found. there's oscar, and there's the big gold nugget. weighs about 18-ounces, and could be worth as much as $70,000. >> man. >> jamestown, california, could be the home of the next big modern gold rush. >> a lot of people will be headed there, digging throug >> panning for gold. >> is there an app for that, app that can search for gold. >> there will be now. >> next conversation, any way. >> yourphone 8. more than 2,000 people at any given time are watch being. this is a live web cam. >> i know where that is, yes. i recognize the antler arch. >> this all started recently
8:54 am
bulletin forchan said, "watch this web cam. i'll do something out there." it's just become this big absurdist joke on the internet with people watching this for no particular reason. >> except it's pretty. >> well it is pretty. >> the camera doesn't move?
8:55 am
8:56 am
time now is 8:56. i'm renee chu. >> and i'm r,na toul,tt. the state board of elections meets today to finalize rules for early voting. those include wake, cumber
8:57 am
viewing area. this is a public meeting, be the board of elections does not plan to allow for public comment. the meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. at the part's office on north harrington street in raleigh. we'll stream it live on our heat wave continues. we will be well above normal by this afternoon. >> that's right. high temperatures in the mid- 90s, and with the heat index it's going to feel more like 98, 99. feels like we shouldn't have to be going through this time of year. it's pretty thin clouds. it's 72 at the airport now as well as rocky mount. it's 74 in irwin, fayetteville. 76 is our warm spot actually in south hill. 95 today, 94 tomorrow, 92 saturday, and 90 on sunday. it stays dry through the weekend. brian? 8:57 now, elizabeth. we are still seeing congestion on the northbound durham freeway as we take a look at the camera. moving along a little more smoothly on that end. you can see there in the distance where it slows
8:58 am
from 40th to manageam street. that's pretty good option for you this morning. 55 westbound from i-40 and the durham freeway will take you only about 8 minutes. back to you. >> thank you, brian. there are a total of 48 confirmed cases overzika in north carolina. prevention is key. there are concerns that pesticides used to ward off the virus could also pose their own health risk. today at noon, we'll examine the concerns and some options you may want to coid our next update is in 25
8:59 am
9:00 am
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show. good. how's everybody? how y'all? thank you very much. i appreciate you now. thank you all very much. thank you very much now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from arlington, texas, it's the mckissic family. and from the boogie-down bronx, new york city, it's rosado family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in


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