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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  September 14, 2016 7:00am-7:58am EDT

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news in the days long search for suspect in a shell that officer's death. tell you where authorities tracked him down. stomach a shooting hotel in raleigh. what we are learning about the victim ends up for suspects. new fallout from house bill two. how much the decision from the ncaa could cost the state and concerns from republicans. stomach we are watching
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impact on florida. the question is, will it do much for north carolina? short answer, no. we might get a little bit of showers down to the south. we could use the rain is all about moisture is going to be well to the south of us. the heavy rain will be across southern south carolina, georgia and florida that system. a few showers for seven communities. that's about it. you can see the heaviest rain is offshore. that will start to wrap back around and impact parts of the southeast. not really doing much here. camera provides a marriage of patchy fog nothing widespread. temperatures this morning were feeling pretty good. temperatures are low to mid to upper 60s. 63 in rocky mount, 64 goldsboro, clinton is 65 0 in the wind. here's a here's a look at those visibility spurred disabilities are down to less than 2 miles in southern pines. that looks like the worst of it right now. has to get under 1 mile for it
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not a big concert and sporting but you may read a little bit of fog. 69 and 8:00 a.m. with patchy fog. 85 at noon with mostly sunny partly cloudy skies and 90 for high temperature today. we'll feel a little like summertime today. have a cold front that brings temperatures down a little bit. stomach following an accident in durham right. durham police just tweeted this saying that the chapel blvd. northbound is closed at 501 with them because of the crash no access to chapel hill blvd. at this location. let's take a look at the live commute. at this point we're not seeing any delays on that side of the room as we check the sensor readings. no backup showing up along 15 - 501. look at the horizon that will
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shaping up. that northbound side is blocked around 501 according to durham police. also render them were looking 585 in both directions or north durham and if you're leaving chapel hill heading toward 40 eastbound from there into the park no backups. so far the durham freeway is clear both directions. let's take a live look around with one minor crush on the northeast side of rally on buffalo and iron worst road. not too far from the new hope road intersection. no backups are there. also a stalled vehicle may slow you down a little glenwood avenue around early road. look out for building delays on 40 westbound. the bypass is starting to slow little bit around the jones sausage road interchange. also highway 50 northbound is backing up the alternate route from 422 business 70. this travel times are slowly increasing. breaking news in the search for suspected killer of the shelby police officers report now over. civic authorities arrested irving fettered turner in rhode
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>> rhode island authorities to 23 -year-old irving fenner junior into custody around 2:30 a.m. he was captured in coventry, rhode island. center, is from grover, north carolina was taken to a nearby hospital. according to our affiliate in providence authorities say he was shot here in north carolina during a shootout with police over the weekend. on saturday shelby police officer for a figure who had missed his court date. on monday the 38 -year-old married father of one died from his injuries. four women have been arrested in connection to this case. they are facing charges of being accessories after the fact of first-degree murder and harboring a fugitive. we do not know the extent of fenner's injuries. no word on when he will be extradited back here to north carolina.
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shooting that sent one man to the hospital. happened just before 230 at raleigh in on mainland drive. the victim was taken to wake med. no word on his condition or details. stomach a pedestrian is in critical condition in fayetteville after he was hit by a car while crossing the street. happened in north raleigh road just before 11:00 p.m. last night. a woman was walking across the road when the driver of the chevy corvette hit her. the pest valley medical center. both directions of north raleigh row to close between philly road and paxton drive while police investigate. stomach a section of interstate 85 is back open this morning. stomach after it deadly crash in at the door -- term orange county line of band went off the shoulder hit a tractor- trailer collided into a pickup truck causing it to overturn. a passenger in the van and drive
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want to make it clear that no one ... i do not believe, least i did not realize the consequences of this bill, that would have worldwide consequences. and they just keep pi stand up and say, let's put the brakes on it. let's get together and find a common solution that we all can live with and move forward in north carolina. >> behringer, who's locked in a tough reelection campaign said she still does not want men and boys sharing bathrooms with girls virtues word about the ongoing negative reaction. stomach we have learned the estimated cost of losing the ncaa tournaments ncaa tournaments due to hp to his state. nearly in losses for greensboro and carry alone.
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expected to decide this week whether to pull events out of atlanta -- karen north carolina as well. the pj has decided whether to -- term senator mike woodard says state lawmakers need to call a special se and i say it is urgent now and bring north carolina back to the state -- table in consideration of these tournaments, we are going to feel the direct impact of hb two for years to come. legislative leaders did not immediately respond to the democrats call. we are hearing north carolina could lose more college games because of house bill two. the commissioner for the southern conference has hinted that this marks, 2017
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moved from asheville according to daschle citizen times. this he had aa also says it's monitoring the situation before deciding how to move forward with its picks. stomach a retired general and former secretary of state confirms his criticism of
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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new revelations this morning in the presidential campaign. former secretary of state colin powell's harsh donald trump. this comes as trump prepares to go public with some of his medical records. tracy potts brings us up-to-date from washington. stomach this near collapse by hillary clinton has forced the medical issue for both candidates. first this morning con supporting harsh words about donald trump. this morning former secretary of state, colin -- trying to powell confirms in an e-mail chain recalls donald trump a national disgrace part of the racist birth or movement. today's was to be a revelation for trump. he's promised to reveal results from his latest physical on the doctor always show. stomach and i can ask a question she is one answer.
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medical history. i don't know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy. stomach also trump is promising to reveal his economic plan fully paid for after announcing he would expand tax reduction -- deductions for childcare. to make those in leadership must put themselves in the shoes of the laid-off factory worker. the family worried about security or the mom struggling to afford childcare. >> really? this is the guy you want? to be championing working people. stomach president obama filling in for hillary clinton, tweaking i she is expected to be back on the trail tomorrow. back to those leaked e-mails for a moment. try to powell says there is more. we've also learned that hackers revealed the personal cell phone number for tim kane. stomach as no police arrested
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latest rally in north carolina. this attack was one of several reported last night at the us cellular center. officers say the incidents involve drug supporters and protesters. one protester is 69 -year-old woman says she nched in outsidef the arena. cers issued a warran of south carolina. when his party will be charged with assault on a female. stomach a decades-old murder case is now solved. detectives cracked the murders of two little girls in stomach there is a new report t took the life of a young
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look at that beautiful sunshine out there. stomach all of the sunrise shots this morning are beautiful. stomach that is a durham sky cam this week. omach thatis mocking monk and the funky bunch. of course wahlberg is back to wsbecause as a restaurant chain, while burgers which is coming to downtown
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to make you very picturesque out there in wilson. 67 0 at the airport in raleigh partly cloudy winds are currently calm. we've been taught -- talking about tropical storm julia that developed yesterday. they won't have any big impacts. we'll bring heavy rain across parts of southeastern, south carolina, parts of georgia and parts of fl not really big impacts. slowly moving to north, here's friday at 2:00 a.m. look at the winds at 25 miles an hour. it is expected to wink into tropical depression status later today. tomorrow we'll show you another system that is developing off the coast of africa. here's a look at the satellite and radar. not a lot out there just a
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tropical storm julia weakening to a tropical depression will bring heavy rain down to the southeast. we also have a cold front that will meet through the area and bring temperatures down just a little bit. it is hard to call this a cold front cold air but it will bring some slightly cooler temperatures. here's what likely looks like thursday. the cold front is moving through to her southeastern counties and that is what will keep julia, the remnants of julia down to the south tomorrow. we will still have showers and storms but the big rain stays south of us. here's a look at the rainfall potential through the next five days. 4 inches - 6 inches south carolina, georgia northeastern florida just about maybe a quarter of an inch around here. here's a look at the future test for today. this is lunchtime showers and storms down to the south. by 6:00 p.m.
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here is for tomorrow 8:00 a.m. showers and storms down to the south. as we get to the lunch hour still to rain down to the south will have some spotty showers and thunderstorms throughout the day tomorrow but most of the heavy rain again down to the south. 85 a lunchtime with partly cloudy skies. a couple of showers at that point in a few showers also in the afternoon of it was partly cloudy with a high temperature of 90 today. our normal for today is 83. we will be well above that number. will be a hot day. 85 for high-temperature tomorrow with a 30% chance of showers rolls in. he formed friday. good-looking weather for the friday night football games. it looks dry and a little cooler. 85 on saturday. temperatures start to heat up it was storms around sunday and back to 90s already. by monday. brian schrader is keeping on the roads for straight it does not look like we have too many accidents out there. overalls fairly quiet but
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durham police tweaking about this accident. is a 501 overpass. we are hard-pressed to find any delay showing up out there. but we have not seen anything from durham police about them having to reopen that northbound signed at chapel hill boulevard. we're watching that area very carefully we are picking up delays on outbound mining boulevard is yet away from central durham down to the southeast but overall major routes are looking pretty good. what to keep and ask him mind over on the west side of stomach the life commute map -- map is pretty clear as we look in a corner of court street 16 minutes as we look into and 42 and about one i think that is gradually climbing. those delays in advance of the 42 and a change in johnson county continue up toward business 70 in gartner. slows down against her south row between rock quarry road between lake weaver road and that overall trip right now from
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avenue is up to about 15 minutes. the light is looking okay for 40 westbound side between the bypass interchange -- change around wake forest road. not a bad right as you head west, 440. the city of orlaan to build a memorial to honor the victims of the mass shooting at the polls my club. 49 people died in the june 12 shooting at the club. since then people have been a chain-link security fence around the club. they will be replaced at the wall featured by art at by local residents. and 3500 so far tributes will be preserved. stomach federal prosecutors filed a complaint against a north carolina man accused of killing his own child. state authorities charset pickering of alaska with first- degree murder in the death of his sexual daughter. her body was found in the blue ridge parkway.
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died from stab wound to her chest. court documents show pickering and his exchange to -- a strange wife had been in a custody battle. pickering will appear in us district court. stomach a driver charged in a deadly wrong way crash in orange county goes on trial next month. prosecutors say charles kania was underage and drunk when he hit a car on i. 85 killing three people inside. as to his lawyers asked for a delay to give him time examine evidence, including a 15 minute videotaped interview of kenyan hospital after the crash. the judge denied their request. his trial is scheduled to begin october 3 and is expected to last two weeks stomach a driver faces attempted murder charges this morning after a scary incident. some may find this video we are back to show you disturbing. it is from surveillance cameras at an arizona gas station. this video captures the driver as he plowed into two police officers outside the gas
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the officer thrown in the air it was just his first-ever job. he suffered a head injury and the other officer suffered a broken leg. a third officer received minor injuries in a struggle with the driver. police say the act appears to be intentional. stomach authorities arrested two men for two murders committed in california nearly 43 years ago. 65 -year-old larry patterson and william harbour are accused of killing valerie friend doris derryberry in 1973. the 12 -year-old and 13 -year-old girl disappeared after going on a weekend shopping trip. their bodies were found in a wooded area both shot at close range. the case went unsolved until i was reopened in 2014 using technology not available 1973. stomach anticipation is building for the grand opening of the national museum of african-american history and culture in washington dc.
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the search for the man accused of killing a shelby police officer is now over. authorities arrested irving fettered junior in rhode island early this morning. he's being treated for gunshot wounds he suffered in north carolina. on some -- saturday a shelby police officer who shot looking for died nday.
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for greensboro and kerrya birnb for hb two but now she's the bl peal. > it shoulda pretty good day tofar as the weather goes. it is going to be hot. if you can deal with the heat you'll like today's weather. showers over southern sections of our state thanks rain tour today. storms possible tomorrow and cooler with highs down into the 80s for thursday and friday. where following an accident duam we get a tweak from the durham police department at chapel hill boulevard northbound side of the 501
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today chelsea clinton will stump for her mother in raleigh and carrboro. il also campaign in north carona b crucial to trump and clinton's bid for the white house white house. because of that, they are
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stomach a unc football player accused of sexual assault is this suspended indefinitely from the team. lanny robinson shared her story publicly on tuesday. she says 21 -year-old alan ardis raped her at an on-campus apartment valentines robinson said she reported the attack and worked with investigators. but she said she did not go e player. >> this man raped me and police -- for students. stomach artist has not en female and misdemeanor sexual battery. the district attorney says the investigation is ongoing. stomach there needs to be more oversight in the pool industry after a wake county
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the electrical systems were last inspected when it was built in 1979. stomach a celebration of life and legacy of rodney ellis will piedmont. he's a former north carolina association of educators president well known for challenging state policy. the wake is friday night from 6:00 p.m. - apm the great commission community church in winston- salem. the funeral services saturday 1:00 p.m. at the st. peter's world outreach. ncaa members across the state will either be wearing red or there we heart public school
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investigating overcrowding on a school bus after video obtained by wral shows the bus so packed the students were forced to stand in the aisle. this video was taken by a concerned student showing kids crowd in the island packed into seats on bus route was overcapacity three ds last a spokesnwoma for the district ss e school is in the process of taking steps to address this issue. south of us most of the state try not to appear to couple showers possible for the southern counties later this afternoon. most of us staying dry with the
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georgia, and florida with this particular system. it will slowly move to the north and continue to weaken and to stay south of us. were not really concerned about tropical storm julia. 61 0 in roanoke rapids, 64 and erwin, 66 and kerry and 67 and chapel hill. it feels pretty good up there today but it will be hot this afternoon. 90 0 for a hot temperature. a five for high temperature thursday with a few a few storms possible. a four on friday a five upper 80s on sunday. as far as rain chances go they are slanted a little bit higher in the south up to about 30% chance tomorrow and then slight rain chances heading into the weekend about a 30% chance of rain on sunday. we talk about that coming up in a few minutes. read how it went systems over to brian shader was keeping on
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stomach was so that one crash on the westside of durham that durham police tweeted little while ago. this is on chapel hill boulevard northbound aroundwe'r seeing any delay showing up on the northbound side of chapel hill boulevard right now. something you want to keep in mind as they get that cleared up. stomach we have a crash over on the pleasant drive. look at the heavy delay on the southbound side as you had away from central durham on down toward the south and east. you can see the accident south
7:36 am
get out toward the us one interchange and looking fine. also starting to get busy on the westbound side of 440 other way around would wake boone trail pretty slow right there and will likely get worse as we get closer to 8:00 a.m. not seeing any big delays showing up to there as they get it cleared up. also picking up heavy delays on and on capital boulevard once you are on 540 was down a smooth ride all without toward i 40. stomach she wants to help make mornings easier for parents.
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school is in session and one of the hardest decisions to make can be what is for lunch? joining us cookbook author and editor of award winning blog, one hungry mama stacey billets. so share with us the magic behind getting kids to eat
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stomach tonight's episode of the family feud will have you seeing double. >> every single day of my life people come up to me and call me steve harvey. stomach coming up, the local pastor and steve harvey look-
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vernor takes aim at a statover coal ash.ther p woman: governor pat mccrory's office is refuting claims he misled the homeowners about the safety of the well water. dr. mevies was e ate epidemiost foa department and an that deliberately misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people who live near coal ash ponds their well water was safe.
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down toward the southeast coast we are getting some rain and it is ass the heaviest rain but that system will be well to the south. good and bad news. we could kind of user rain here. stomach we don't want the floods or wind or anything like that but we could use a little bit of rain.
7:45 am
but we want to point out another system that we are going to be watching this is just off the coast of africa. the national hurricane center does give this system a 50% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone with the next two days. that system continues to move to the west and they diverge a little bit. it's something we'll have to watch couple of days. here's a live look from our raleigh sky candidate looks a l areas of low clouds and at the airport winds are calm at the moment. dewpoint is also in the 60s at 65 at 93%. temperatures town by town 6163 in carrboro 67 in durham. it is also 67 near the tv studios in raleigh. 65 and a little cooler in fayetteville. feels pretty good outside this point. dewpoint are in the 60s so it is a little humid so it's not
7:46 am
and radar. we do have some of those showers over southern parts of our state rest most of the rain stays here's the cold front, it is kind of waved across the area to our north and rest. it's going to bring temperatures down a little bit. look at how there is no rain ahead of the system. there's not a lot of moisture and if you check out the water vapor that shows you where the mid-level moisture is part where you see the blues and greens that three have a lot of moisture we see the red it's pretty dry over us. you don't see any big plumes of moisture with this from. it is what they call moisture starved. not a lot of rain with the system. but we could get up to about a quarter of an inch in a few spots pretty to get a
7:47 am
will be for tomorrow to see some of the showers and thunderstorms. today will be hot and mainly dry mainly dry. and here we might have astray shower later on today. close to 90 for everyone later this afternoon. it is above normal for this time of year. normal is 83. 85 tomorrow the front slips and so we have the potential of the couple of thunderstorms. friday 84 0 should be great weather for football. we'll have the friday football night. upper 70s very good football weather with low 70s as those games wind down. 85 for high temperature on saturday. it looks pretty good on saturday but some storms will be possible on sunday will start to heat back up. already close to 90 as we head toward monday and tuesday. time now to send it over to brian schrader. some accidents at 747. stomach will want to start in
7:48 am
accident has been blockiorthbou want aspirin still not received the all clear yet. we're not picking up any delays on that section of 15501 - chapel hill blvd. not causing any big problem on the roads. as you head out of chapel hill on eastbound between 54 and highway 55 addg overall commute. an accident on miami boulevard around pleasant drive. very heat vy d especially the southbound side as you come in from central durham go to alternate route southbound this morning. also in raleigh with accidents that will start off on the southeast side of rally with a crash report on water -- rock quarry road. we are talking about the bridge and not the interchange on the
7:49 am
rally although we are picking up some heavy northbound delays on rock quarry near the interchange. slowdowns on the bridge over i. 40 with that crash as they cleared up. we have an accident report on capital boulevard at spring forest road no big delay showing up just yet. stomach is phenomenal. that's how you this teacher is described. linda loveland describes as a teacher who makes life skills a priority. says he is blessed. >> i've been so fortunate to have my job consists of sharing time with your children. and to me that is the most precious thing that we have. stomach he is all the things a band director is supposed to do pretty teaches them how to play their instrument and how to read sheet music.
7:50 am
stomach not only is he teaching the students how to play an instrument, but he is showing them how they have to be servants of the community. >> as part of that service the band plays at senior citizens homes. and last year they played a benefit concert for a young girl with cancer. they raised more than $6000 for her care. they did not do it for a great, they did it because they care. stomach sometimes the students missed the lessons of giving back to the community for another reason stomach whatever it is it will make someone smile. stomach he is also the assistant marching band and see stay. plus he was selected last year to receive a donation of instruments and $2000. to see all of our teachers of
7:51 am
stomach you'll certainly want to tune into the family feud today when a local pastor and his family will be featured on the show. as it appears that that has already gone viral thanks to pastor oren thurston's looks. >> it was almost as if steve harvey was looking in a manner when a local family visited the family feud. and the pastor joins us this morning. thank you so much for joining us. we've all been kind of taking second looksee this morning. i think a lot of people think you look exactly like him. the similarities are there. why did you decide to go on
7:52 am
symantec that is so much everyday that people were calling me steve harvey. and i said, it would be neat to actually go on the show and be his look-alike. say you can see the video we produced and we sent it in and got a response immediately. stomach that clip has gone viral. talk about the response. were you surprised? cynic i am still on cloud right now. as i mentioned to you earlier, actually go to chicago and spend the day with steve and be on his talk show tomorrow. this thing is far from being over. >> so steve took a liking to you as well. do you find at your personalities are similar in anyway? >> similar, but i guess i don't see where we've looked totally alike but i guess if you have a thick mustache and a bald head, he can work you know. stomach may be.
7:53 am
select we have not seen through senator through 20 through we are going through normal through service the through she wants to through is in through homeless population but the city wouldn't allow a spirit in the process now of hopefully getting houses now. we are hoping steve will write me a check to make it all happened. stomach you might have to make a couple of more jokes for him. >> pastor, thank you so much for joining us. i'm sure a lot more people will be taking pictures with you today.
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chelsea clinton will be in raleigh rning. she will talk about mother's plans to invest in technology and innovation for small businesses. afterward she will be in carrboro for a voter registration drive. lana trump is also in north carolina today. she will help open three new campaign offices in the charlotte area. stomach for arrangements are set for former ncaa president rodney ellis. the wake is friday night for
7:57 am
stomach it will feel more like summertime temperatures approachg 90 aga th lot of sunshine for some of you. of blue sky out there. pretty nice sunrises this morning. rain over southern parts of our state around here it is dry. most of us stayed dry today. it's anyone in wilmington. 56 0 a mountains. we wupl to 90 k. with storms possible tomorrow and 80s. this is 40 westbound little slow through garner looking at 17 minutes right now. really slow upward the way avenue interchange 23 minutes to make that overall trip what you get beyond that it's a smooth ride at the park. big delays on southbound miami boulevard you can see this big slowdown showing up there
7:58 am
traffic signals also there's an accidental miami at al is disturbing to some delays consider using the southbound durham freeway is your alternate route. stomach breaking news, the
8:00 am
in the days long search for a suspect in the shelby officer's death. the suspect is now in custody. a shooting at a hotel in raleigh. what we are learning about the victim and the search for suspects. stomach new fallout from house bill two. how much of the decision from the ncaa could cost the state and concerns from republicans. stomach breaking news now. the search for the su killer of a shelby police officer is over. stomach authorities arrested irving fenner junior in rhode island. >> rhode island authorities to 23 -year-old irving fenner junior in custody around 2:30 a.m. he was captured in coventry, rhode island. center, who is from grover, north carolina was taken to a nearby hospital according to our affiliate in providence.


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