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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  September 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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with how the came to be abducted and the stroke you need to look out for. utah presidential candidates go head to head in their first debate. the issue they were thinking about the st some terms of importance. >> unsettled pattern of weather is moving in for the rest of elizabeth will tell us when to ex some severe week. g. i hope you have great usthtun morning. i'm lena tillett. >> iie. likewise, i think it will be pretty good sad story right now. we are hoping for a happy ending but we have breaking news out of rocky mount where police have issued an amber alert.
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department has every single officer from all shifts out right now looking for that 2- year-old girl that is missing. take a look at your scene. this is the little girl that rocky mount police are searching for. that is 2-year-old nevaeh richardson. family members says she has been missing since midnight. she has been gone for now eight hours. family members say the toddler's mother was visit you go afriend's house when a man stole her car with nevaeh in the back seat. we do know that nevaeh was sleeping at the was in her car seat. the vehicle, the girl and the suspect have not been seen since. nevaeh richardson is a 2-year- old african-american female. she is two feet tall and 20 pounds. she is we aring a white t-shirt with a rainbow. -- she is wearing a white t- shirt with a rainbow. the super bowl ductor is a bald
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2004 mitts pitchy endeavor with a north carolina tag pcd9688. this suv also htz a live, laugh, love sticker on the back. if you are out and about and you have any questions about whether that vehicle that you are seeing matches the vehicle that police are looking for, please log onto and call 911. >> latest. overnight, a house fire killed six pets and sent two people to the hospital. the room where the fire started but there is heavy smoke damage throughout the home. the two people who lived there do not have life-threatening injuries but they did lose their two dogs and four cats in the fire.
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raleigh today following the first presidential debate of 2016 and for , clinton and donald trump went at it on trade, taxes, racial tension, terror and foreign policy. tracie potts is monitoring voter reaction from hofstra university in new york. >> we had a great debate almost. >> reporter: hillary clinton on what came out. >> to get the economy to work for everybody. >> reporter: donald trump on what didn't. bill clinton those? >> is very tempted. >> reporter: this first debate exposed competing views on creating jobs. clinton, invest in instruct and clean energy. >> typical politician. all talk, no action. >> reporter: trump, tax imports and lower business tax is. >> trumped up, trickle down. trickle down did not work. >> reporter: trump challenged to release his tax returns. >> when she releases her 33,000
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>> there is something he is hiding. >> reporter: trump unapologetic for how he does business. >> do the thousands of people you have stiffed over is the course of your business not deserve some kind of apology. >> i take advantage of the laws of the nation. >> reporter: unapologetic for backing stop and frisk or questioning president obama's birthplace. >> i want to get onto defeat isis. >> reporter: clinton doubled down on what trump said about women. >> who slobs and dogs. >> rosie o'donnell, i say very tough things to her and i think everybody would agree that she deserves it. >> the big question for both campaigns, did either candidate move the needle for millions of undecide voters. following the first presidential debate, hillary clinton heads to north carolina this afternoon. she will be in raleigh to host a rally. preps are under way for clinton's arrival.
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north carolina democratic party. clinton will deliver remarks. so what can she say that will help to further keep her momentum going. her camp says she will be outlining her vision for an america that, quote, is stronger together and puts families first. she will also discuss her plan for rebuilding an economy. clinton will also urge north carolina voters to get ready by registering to vote or checking their registration status. now, the rally will start in just a few hours. community college at 11:00 a.m. the program begins at 1:00. we will have a crew at the event. we can get live reports on wral news starting today at noon. >> we'll see a lot of cloudy skies today. gray size this morning. >> this is still a little bit of patchy light rain from the triangle area westward and northward. we had heavy rain in the western part of of the viewing
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take a look at the triad. you can see the beginning of the loop start right there, some of that heavier rain to the west. as we headed through the morning, our rain has tapered off from the west. we'll likely see that from now up through lunchtime. even though we've had a few showers over south hill, it is not looking terribly wet there. the roads are maybe damp in downtown south hill, virginia. mid- to upper 106, even low 70s. 66 in cary and holly 67 in wake forest. 66 in south hill. 71 in fayetteville. by lunchtime, temperatures will be chiming no the mid-70s. we'll see a high of 81. it does stay rather cloudy today with maybe a few be right back in the clouds. later this afternoon, a round of showers and thormd likely to redevelop and that may have an impact on the evening commute. it looks like tomorrow may be a bit wetter in the afternoon than today and coming up, we'll talk about how much run we may total up in the rain gauges in the income few days.
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you have some nonweather- related incidents happening. >> just some typical traffic accidents including one on the south side of durham on 40 eastbound around fayetteville road causing delaws. we take a look at that live camera out at 40 at fayetteville road, the eastbound side, right lane is blocked. they get a crash cleared up there. look luke a pretty meunchor accident. not really getting any reports of injuries with this crash but crowating some pretty big delays on an already busy rod. 20 minutes to make to the durham freeway interchange heading into rtp. your alternate route would be 54 and that is looking pretty good from i-40 out to alexander. that eastbound ride staking about 16 minutement consider using that if you are heading out of chapel hill and heading towards rtp. our major routes are looking okay. starting to ease up on 40 westbound around the clay to be bypass but still pretty busy between jones sausage road and
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the fortify work zone out towards lake wheeler road t starts to thin out nicely at u.s. 1. before awe report of a crash this morning on glenwood avenue at ebenezer church road seeing some delays on the outbound side of glenwood avenue but it looks like those are mostly before you get to the accident at ebenezer church so likely those are just delays because of congestion. we are still see something congestion on 440 westbound. we had an earlier accident on 440 westbound around wake forest road still looking bypass and capital boulevard. back to you. type of ares are spending more and more of their open money in the classroom. >> but crowd funding is now changing the profession. how can you help local teachers in the classroom. >> plus a call to action from civil rights leader following a deadly officer-involved
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r shatters she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense. hillary can. don't let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone. the nra political victory fund
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arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. and what will you get? years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess.
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teachers across the country spend more than $1 billion on basic school supplies appear learning materials. that is an average of just over $500 that teachers are spending of their own money and on their class romes and students etch single yearment a former public school teacher has a crowd funding platform to help teachers. it is called donors and it has helped to fund more than 750,000 project for public school students oondz teacher across the country. this now teaming one sonic
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this fall for teachers. joining us this morning to talk about all that is charles best and christie wood worth from sonic drive-in. >> charles, tell me, you remember a teacher in the bronx when you launched donors choose. why was it so important for to you start this crowd funding site? >> well, you alluded to all the money that public schoolteachers are spending out of their own pock oats school supplies. i was one of those teachers. we would spend our own money on books at communities to read and on a field trip we wanted them to go on. i figured there were people out there who would want to help teacher like us if they could see where the money was going. so we created a web site where public school teach rs create class rome requests and dunners can choose the projects, the requests that they want to support and now at limeades for, they can vote for the class and request they find most compelling.
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of money you were spending. >> i was spending my money coppy paper and pencils. i needed an overhead projector which i also spent my money o there were all sorts of really exciting projects where i needed art supplies, fabric and thread and needled that i couldn't buy with my own money and i knewnot have as exciting an education as i cogive them and as i wanted to give them. >> christie, temperature me about your limeades for learning initiative. five years. >> so this spring, launched a new initiative to put $15 million into public school chas rooms coast to coast over the next five years. today, we are kicking off our fall campaign where we are putting a million dollars into the hands of your viewers and our customers across the country to fund public school teach every's projects. >> how can viewers get involved locally? >> it is really simple.
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they can look for a project in raleigh or they can search if a project from a subject area they really care about and vote for a teacher's project f they visit sonic drive-ins, they can get some extra free votes as well. >> do you think it is fair that teachers are having to crowd fund and use their own money to pay for these class rome items? >> i don't think it is right that there are classrooms where kids do not have boxes and where teachs are are going paper and pencils. we think that donors is shining a spotlight on these classroom needs so our system can do an even better job of helping kids learn. >> charles best from donors choose and christie woodwort from sonic drive-in. thank you so much. it sound like a wonderfully initiative. chapel hill police are releasing more information in hopes of catching a killer. the surveillance video they've
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hedgepath case. a man cheered in the murders of a garner couple will be back in court today. the charge this man will be sentenced on. when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. narrator: look up the facts on the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record.
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sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. well when i shop, my coupons and my weekly ad are is folded like, ready to go...
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how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ?it could all be so simple but you'd rather make it hard. >> that is a good lyric, isn't it? >> it is does that apply to your life? >> it does not, bill. and if it did, i would not talk about it right now. >> the weather. >> yes, the weather.
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we have a little cold front coming in. it will help to bring us a bert chance some of showers and thunderstorms on and off through about thursday and then the weekend looks fantastic. we do start with the radar this morning. let's check it out. you can see some of the showers. we start the loop at about 4:15 and the showers were a little more numerous at that point. all morning long, we've seen this band of rain dissipating. it is still trying to hang on. it is not completely gone but not a whole lot left of it. just a couple of around orange and durham counties, up around roxboro. very little of that left. you will not run into a lot of wet rods on our most heavily traveled roads, the interstates, i-8 5rbg i-40 and over around i-95. -- i-85, i-40 and over around i- 95. it is very gray. that will be with us most of the day. we may have a few peeps of
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maybe a few thunderstorms cropping up. it is a little warmer and muggier than it was today. 64 in roxboro. we run into some 70s down south. 70 in clinton and in goldsboro. this feels a lot more hike summer than it does the end of september. our temperature should be a good bit cooler than that in the mornings and they will be by friday. it will be instantaneous. you will step out friday and go here what is is going to happen. this cold front will gradually shift eastward and behind it, we get into i much nicer feeling air mass. this is a very slow moving fronted. so instead of seeing this front zipping on by us today, it will just creep across north carolina, stalling for a little while. it will be sitting over us tomorrow, bringing a good chance of showers and thunderstorms and gradually shifts offshore during the day scurs. behind it, we'll have a much
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temperatures will be on the warm side. from now through lunchtime, we could see awe for you sprinkles. get a break early afternoon and later on, some showers and thunderstorms develop. some of those could produce heavy rain. we take it on lunchtime tomorrow and things will be prettyquiet inthe morning. in the afternoon, showers and storms develop and we have a better chance of severe weather on wednesday. certainly worth watching the tropics. we've had our eye on this that has come across -- off the coast of africa. right here, the meward islands. look at the forecast. these are the compute are model runs bringing in across the lesser antilles and then potentially turning it up towards the bahamas and maybe the united states. that would be late in the weekend or early next week. 90% chance that it will get a name and its name would be matthew. it is possible that that name would come during an 11:00 advisory. so make sure you tune in at noon and i'll have the latest
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afternoon, 40 to 45% so certainly is a possible that you will run no that on your evening commute. tomorrow, we'll also throw the marginal risk for some severe weather along with that chance of thunderstorms. we are talking about some significant amounts of rain between now through the end of the day on thursday. 1 to 2 inches as an average. as much as 3 inches up into virginia and to the west of us, lesser amount for rain. certainly we may see heavier rip on and off for the next knew tauzin appear then that blowerious weekend arrives in just a few days. bill? >> i can hear the guitars and the mandolins playing. so you the police department released about three minutes of video from two cameras over the weekend in the death of sceeght scott. a law enforcement source says the gun found at the scene was reported stolen after a burglary. that same source says the suspect in the burglary told
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scott. he also learned scott's wife filed a domestic violence order against him in 2015 saying he hit hi child, kicked her and threatened to kill them with his gun. the naacp released a list of demands in the scott case. they want a federal investigation into the case. they are demanding the repeal of house bill 972. reverend will item barb are says the organization not convince and body camera show that the shooting of scott was justified. during a charlotte city council meeting, some activists an residents called for the resignation of mayor jennifer roberts and chief putney. some demanded the end to the state of emergency and removal of the national guard from the city. there will be a march in tulsa, oklahoma for a man killed by a police officer two we the reverend alsharpton and the national ask network will march for 40-year-old terrence
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officer betty shelby on september 16th. officer shelby is now charged with manslaughter. police released awe composite scch they hope will help identify the man who killed unc student faith hedgepath a snapshot tool created a sketch of what the suspect could look like based on dna collected at the scene. anyone who recognizes the man's face is asked to call chapel hill police. police also released surveillance video showing hedgepath and her rome mate just hours before she was found bludgeoned to death in her off- campus apartment. police identified an immigranty bottle of rum as the murder weapon. there is a $40,000 reward for information leading to the killer. we continue to follow breaking news in rocky mount. >> we have a live report at 7:30 on the abduction of a 2-
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new sat tests. find out how high school
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after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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i'm lena tillett with top stories. breaking news this morning on a statewide amber alert. rocky mount police are look for 2-year-old nevaeh richardson. we are told richardson's mother was visiting a family friend around midnight and her car was stolen with the child in the back seat. they are now looking for a 2004 green mitsubishi endeavor with north carolina license plate pcd9688 with a live, love, laugh sticker on the back of
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immediately call police. >> you are tracking some issues on the road. >> we have an accident on the south side of durham. this is on 40 eastbound at fayetteville road. it has been out there for about a half hour now. we have that right lane blocked. it is really contributed to some significant backups right now. 17 minutes to make that trip to 54 out to the durham freeway. if you are trying to get to rtp, we would suggest 54 eastbound as an alternate route. take a look at that drive time, already up probably best to stick with that. we do have significant delays on u.s. 1 northbound heading through cary on into west raleigh. but 40 is in pretty good shape. the ride from wade to 540 is delay-free. >> we do have just a few patchy showers out there this morning. mainly affecting folks north of the triangle. take a look at the radar picture. we started this at about 5:00 a.m. you can see over the last few hours, most of this lifting up
8:28 am
so durham county, orange county, person county, graham county, up into mecklenburg county, virginia. you may see a few sprinkles. pretty driveway everywhere else. temperatures are a bit warmer and more muggy than yesterday. we'll see a high this afternoon of 81 with a chance of thunderstorms. that chance is a little better wednesday at 78. next on fox 50, a 19 wrorld
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we have brebbing news out of rocky mount this morning where police have issued an amber alert. >> they are being flog a missing 2-year-old girl. take a look at your screen. this is the little girl in question. rocky mount police are searching for 2-year-old nevaeh richardson out of rocky mount. family members say she has been missing since midnight. >> family minutes say the toddler's mother was visiting a friend's house when a man stole her car with nevaeh in the back seat see here on nashville road. the vehicle, the girl and the suspect have not been seen since. nevaeh richardson is 2 years old, an african-american female, two feet tall, weighs 20-pound and was last seen wearing a white t-shirt with a rainbow on it and was last seen at that address, 731 nashville road. >> rocky mount police say the possible abductor is bald, an
8:31 am
mitsubishi endeavor with the north carolina tag pcd9688. the suv also has a live, laugh, love sticker on the back. we understand there is a news conference taking place right now and as soon as we get information on that, we will bring it to you. today, a teen will be sentenced on firearms charges in connection with the death of a wake county couple three years ago. a injure found israel vasquez not guilty of killing samuel mendoza and his wife maria mendoza. he was possession of a stolen firearm with an altered serial number. authorities say the men doe as were unintended victims of a dispute between rival gangs. last year, jonathan santillan was convicted of murder and sentences to life if prison without parole. "man accused in a raleigh drive-by shooting now face a charge of murder. policeup graded the charge
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tracie -- travis malloy died. a second person in the van was not hurt. the governor is firing back at big-time investors who say house bill 2 is bad for the state's economy. nearly 60 invchtors claiming to represent $2.1 trillion in managed assets are asking that the controversial bill be repealed. the investors a the law has troubling financial implications for the investment climate in the state. the governor says the latest attack comes froth people who managed the new york city pension fund that is on the verge of failure. raleigh police will benefit from a $20 million federal anai tice announced raleigh will be getting $600,000 of that money. greensboro will be getting $300,000. many departments in and around the triangle are working feverishly to ramp up testing of body cameras while others
8:33 am
and on the streets. in durham, some city leaders criticize the new state law which takes effect october 1st for sapping some of the transparency out of the design. >> because, when the public weighed in on that, that was before the general assembly acted. so the question now is will the financial investment that will need to go into that be worth the so high pressure transparency -- so-called transparency we were expecting. >> eddie davis believes the program will get the green light. northeastern north carolina is drying out after last week's intense flooding but it will be a long ry. governor mccrory doored parts of windsor. the governor says much of the area will need water testing
8:34 am
to be evaluated. they maw get a little more rain today and then again they may not because this system that we're dealing with right now is coming in from the west. >> that's right. it shouldn't be too bad for folks north and east of the triangle. most of the the rain we've seen has been from the triangle area northward and westward. a lot of heavy rain back to the west. that band of rain has dissipated pretty quickly as we've gotten through the morning hours. we take a look at the radar picture. that is the current image. can you see i little bit of patc orange counties and up towards roxboro and up into mecklenburg county, virginiament not much behind that until you get well into the western piedmont. a couple of just patches of rain likely this morning and some scattered thunderstorms later this afternoon. town by town, our temperatures are a little warmer. a little muggier than yesterday. 69 in lillington. 72 in knightdale. if you are headed out the door for the morning run or to walk the dog, you will notice a little change. a little muggier.
8:35 am
yesterday. temperatures in the mid- and upper 60s to low 70s. tomorrow, we'll have an other than better chance for rain and some of that may be fair hi significant over the next 48 hours. i'll show you some of the potential rainfall totals coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thank you. len off owe could be laying off up to a thousand worker but the y hasn't specified where the job cuts would be made this. information comes from unnamed sources at lenovo oh cuts would impact less than 2% of the company's global work force. home owners on the move are choose more affordable states and that includes north carolina. core logic found home openers making moves out of state are increasingly selling out of expensive markets and buying into more affordable ones. between the years 2000 and 2015, there were more buyers
8:36 am
texas than sell ares leaving. and more than do believe the sell ares left california than out of state buyer would came in where it is kind of expensive to live. it is almost that time of year again. cold and flu season. >> well, there are some new options available this year to help you stay healthy. we'll explain. >> plus, remember pokemon go? it was the game of summer.
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it is flu season and if you haven't already, it is time to visit your doctor or clinic for that annual shot in the arm that we don't love. >> it doesn't hurt that much. the flu shot is not something any of us really look forward to but our health team dr. alan mask is here to remind us why
8:39 am
pain. dr.mask. >> good morning. hundreds of thousands of people come down with the flu every year. most people, it is an unpleasant illness that keeps them home if a few days but for a significant number of others, it can lead to life-threatening complications. that is why there is no better medicine than the flu shot. of flu season brings new flu vaccine changes. the formulation changes depending on what strains of the flu virus are most features in the types of vaccines according to cleveland inclinic infectious disease specialists. >> there is a new vaccine available for people 65 years and older that has what is called an adjuvant in it, an added chemical to help it work better. >> there is also another vaccine produced without egg products available for people with an egg allergy. this season, there will be no nasal spray vaccine on the
8:40 am
last couple of years and found that the spray was base you beally ineffective. also, this year, more of the vaccine is doe signed to fight four strains of the flu rather than dwruft three as in previous years. when it comes to stead scheduling time to get you and your family vaccinated, dr. rim says the sooner the better. >> the important for people to take flu vaccine as early in the season as they can. it takes at least two weeks for antibodies to show up after the vac soon has been given. the soon vaccine, the sooner you will be protected. >> if for some reason, can you not get the flu shot until later in the season, get it when you can. it is belter late than never. >> getting that protect not only yourself but your coworks are. >> talking about your family members, strangers you mayen counter along the way. that is a huge consideration for those who are at high risk
8:41 am
become life-threatening. we are concerned about older folk, older than 65 or so, the very young, those unabomber are than five jurors of an and especially those under the age of two are at greater risk. those under six months of age are in that group and the flu shot is not recommended for them so they need others around them to be vaccinated. residents of nursing homes other lob term camp afelt are at higher risk. people with asthma and copd, hurt disease, diabetes as well as people or cancer, they are all at high are risk and should get the vaccine. it is really important for pregnant women to get the vaccine or even those about to good-bye pregnant you he need to schedule time to get the vaccine as soon as possible. it is not just important for themselves, their unborn baby is also at risk inform you get the vaccine now, protection will last through the flu
8:42 am
through may. in recent years, we've seen changes in the peak of flu cases. typically the peak comes in late january and into february but two years ago, it peaked at the end of december. the message is don't wait, get yourself and your family vaccinated right away and the flu shot does not cause you to get sick. some people run from a shot because of that. i have agiven thousands over the years and have had rally no one get sick. that is not an excuse. >> some people always looking for an excus >> are you being looking at me, bill? >> okay. >> we'll stay on her. >> thank you. >> thank you. to find more information, go to and search health team or can you find under the health and hive tab. the sports world continues to honor one of golf's greatest. >> how sports sill straitd will pay tribute on arnold palm are. >> the surprise guest for a
8:43 am
8:44 am
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>> you can make a song out of anything, can't you. >> enough a heard some of bill's music, haven't you? >> i want to see a performance. >> what are you play something. >> we have a couple things coming up. i just talked with someone yesterday about doing a concert over in chapel hill. we've got one in lend are son coming up in november. >> you need to put that on your
8:46 am
on our calendar. >> you told me to. i'll do t. >> we'll have a cheering squad. >> don't feel self-conscious about doing that. we want to know. >> thank you. >> they can come see you. he is so great. if you haven't seen him, it is really a treat. >> i look forward to it. >> we are stuck with gray skies again today and tomorrow and into thursday too and the reward will be the glorious weekend. let's take a look at our radar picture. we start this at at that point, rain had already begun to dissipate a little bit. this band of rain has been weakening all morning. it was pretty heavy overnight from raleigh westwardment we are just left way few patchy showers. most of this is from the triangle area northward. this batch could shift in around the triangle area. i think folks in fayetteville and clinton and goldsboro will probably miss out on the rain
8:47 am
a pretty equal chance of see something scattered showers and thunderstorms develop. that chance goes up tomorrow. we add in the potential for severe weather. ill ashow you more about that coming up. in fayetteville, can you almost tell. clouds are a little thin are there. can you almost see a little hint of sunshine there on the beautiful buildings in downtown fayetteville. not technically sunshine. the still gray out there. just the cloud are a little thinner down and the dew point is 66. fayetteville is 71. 70 in goldsboro. 66 in south hill. we are waiting on the cold front to move through. once it moves by, we will be treated to a very pleasant air mass. it is a slow mover. we have some thunderstorms develop along that yesterday evening and those ran out ahead of the front and then just dissipated. the front itself is still back here to the west. the front sort of creeps in and
8:48 am
tomorrow. it starts to push off cost on thursday. we'll stick with this wet weather pattern for the next few days. a less humid weekend with plenty of sunshine just in time for bluegrass and all of the other events. season many fun things happening. there is a great food festival in chapel hill over the weekend. along with a number of other things happening. today, we have a 50% chance of some showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon. 60% chance tomorrow. it is back to a 40% chance on thursday. finally, we can say good-bye to for us friday, saturday and sunday with veryling chance of any rain. 81 today. 78 tomorrow. the rain will be with us for the next three days. tomorrow, we sort of up the ante a little bit. we do have a marginal risk for severe weather. damaging wind would be our biggest threat. not likely to have tornadoes with that threat. strong, gusty wind are possible and heavy rain too. look at the potential rainfall totals for the next three days. this is through the end of the
8:49 am
to 2 inches as an average. it is a football friday which is going to feel great. our morning lows are going to start off in the mid-50s and temperatures will cool off pretty quickly on friday evening. so at 7:00, 71. but 56 by 10:00. friday and saturday, we have wide open bluegrass in downtown eventually and the weather looks fantastic for that. you remember last year, it all got rained out and moved inside. what a difference this year. at lunchtime on saturday, 76 daze and if you are take it to the bitter end at 11:00, 63. expect sunshine, clear skies all weekend and pleasant temperatures. late golf legend arnold palm are is on the cover of sports illustrated this week and the cover line reads, king of kings. a vintage photo here of him on the cover. he died sunday at the age of 87. this is the 12th time he has graced the cover of sports illustrated. palmer once golfed at wake
8:50 am
times. became the first person to make a million dollars playing government. the miami march lips scored a big win following the death of their pitcher jose fernandez. each player wore number 16 in his honor during their first game back and this was against the new york mets. fernandez died sunday in a florida boating accident. he would have been pitching that night. not only did the marlins participate in several certainly tributes to fernandez, marlins player d gordon hut a home run beginning of geament. the marlins boat the mets 7 34- 7b. tomorrow, first respond ares can get free food at any participating hardee's as part of wral's first responder appreciation day. all you have to do is show up in uniform or with your id. you can find the complete list of participating restaurants at molly ringwald will return
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of terms of endearment. the story was turned into an oscar winning film by james l brooks, of course. she is month stranger to dway. she had rolein cabaret and enchanted april. pokemon go fervor has waned but it isn't dead yet. the company says 500 million people downloaded the game in the first two months. last tuesday, the game ended its reign as the top grossing u.s. iphone app after 74 days on top. the company is adding features to help mayer interested trackers. poarkemo local middle schooler began their first week with a visit from an local medalist. track star rashan batman
8:52 am
school. he shared his message about overcoming adversity by staying focused and chasing his dreams. >> coming from where i come from, i didn't have much. a lot of kids are the product of their environment. i want to come and influence kids and let them know that anything you set your mind to you can achieve. >> and jackson won a bronze medal at the quiet olds. he also won track world am -- at the 2008 olympics. >> talk about career day. bring dad along. >>pretty cool. i woultry something like this. this is in china. a chinese team secured second place in the final of an ongoing wing suit flying world cup. >> you are going to fly in a wing suit? >> wouldn't that be fun? look at that.
8:53 am
>> then yoare next one over the edge. >> we'll soon you up for next year? >> i would rather ion you up for this. >> i would rather do this. >> this look like so much fun to me. -- i would raught -- i would >> the way they get a high score is if they land close to the landing area. >> how beautiful that area is. >> this is in the southwestern part of china. the hunan province. the present. team won. australia came in third and the united states came in fourth. we had a little work to do. i volunteer to lead the u.s. wing suit team. >> i thought you were going to
8:54 am
>> it is my community service. pu dif you'll do t. we'll be the win suit team. >> what about you? >> i love you. >> maybe. >> well be maybe somebody younger than us should do it. >> oh, i'll try.
8:56 am
south im-- i'm lena tillett.
8:57 am
a a stead -- i'm bill leslie. >> police are looking for 2- year-old nevaeh richardsonment they are looking for a green 2004 mitsubishi endeavor with north carolina license plate pcd9688 with a tick ore the back that reads live, love and laugh. >> we'll have to wait until the won to get some pleasant weather. >> that's right. friday, saturday sunday and look fantasticment between now and then, we are deal wlg a very slow-moving front. that is sent way this morning. take a look at the radar picture can you see from raleigh inorganicward up into roxboro. that is where we are seeing the showers now. we may see more of this on and off anywhere from the trianle area northward. downtowel raleigh, lots of cloud cover out there. we are seeing mostly cloudy skies across our area this morning. temperatures ranging from mid- 60s in the north to low 70s don south. a high of 81 today. 78 tomorrow with an even better chance of showers and thunderstorms.
8:58 am
southbound durham freeway right around briggs avenue. both the north an southbound lanes are slow. back to you. >> when men troops are deployed to war zones, finding someone to take care of their best friend can be a challenge. today at noon, how project active duty is putting service members at ease so they can seven that you are country. >> that is our news 25 minutesment our next
9:00 am
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, charlie, you all right? thank you very much, everybody. thank y'all. i appreciate you now. thank you very much. i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. w got a good one today, folks. returning for their third day with a total of 20,500 bucks, from woodbury, minnesota, it's the reed family. and from ringo, georgia, it's the sholl family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new fuel-efficient ford


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