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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  September 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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and the east coast could be in the crosshairs of another tropical storm. elizabeth is tracking what could become matthew. good morning. i'm renee chow. >> and i'm bill leslie. a man charged in connection with a deadly shooting last week has hi appearance today. >> he has faces charges of murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon. he's in the wake county jail this morning. 24-year-old aaron jacobs was shot in the chest outside of mcdonald's one week ago today. four years after the murder of faith hedgepeth, her family is confident that her killer will be brought to justice.
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composite sketch. it was take friend dna financed on her body. her sister still question what's led to the 19-year-old's death. >> is what would she say? what did she do to you for you to do that to her? >> and the sister said she saw the sketch a few she is stead satisfied with how the investigators are handling the case. members of a football team killed in a bus crash will be remembered today. four died and 40 injured when their bus crashed in a guardrail. and the dead were two students from clinton college on the way
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first football game. the bus driver and eight-year- old boy still died in the crash. no arrests following a statewide amber alert that ended well. this was breaking news yesterday morning. the girl was in the backseat of her morning's car when it was stolen in rocky mount yesterday morning. the car was found about five miles awaytown hours after she was taken. -- away ten hours after taken. the child was not hurt. the congress did not approve a bill to fund zika research because they said it did not include money for the flint, michigan water crisis. they say that they could have a compromise bill that could be passed and head off a
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both presidential candidates will be back out on the campaign trail today. hillary clinton wants to capitalize on her debate performance and donald trump went to change the conversation. >> reporter: riding a wave of energy from her debate performance, hillary clinton reminded the crowd in raleigh north carolina that donald trump criticized the amount of time that she took to prepare. >> i said yes,dy prepare. and i'll tell you something else that i prepared for. i prepared to be president the united states and i think that is good. >> reporter: she went on to say that trump has never treated women fairly. at one point, 20 years ago, even calling the miss universe winner miss pig gym and political analyst said that trump helped clinton during the debate. >> he looked like a bully. >> reporter: in florida he tried to turn the conversation hammering clinton on establishment ties.
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>> what has hillary clinton accomplished for your family in the last 26 years that she's been doing this? nothing, nothing. >> reporter: experts say that he may have a lot of ground to make up before the next debate october 9th. edward lawerence, nbc news washington. monday night's debate was the most watched debate ever, more than 84 million people tuned in to see clinton and trump face off. and it only tracks viewers that watch tv at home on different networks. those that watch on line are not counted. and the previous record set for 36 years. 86million-dollar people saw the debate between jimmy carter and gerald ford. israeli prime minister perez will be laid to rest on friday after he died at age of 93 after a stroke. there will be a long list of
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former president bill clinton and hillary clinton will be there as well. perez served as israel's minister of finance, foreign fairs and the country's prime minister in his 60 year career in politics. they are on the front lines of the most difficult moments of our lives. we're talking enforcement, firefighters,ema ems and paramedics. >> reporter: we're having a lot of fun this morning surprising the first responders. many said we knew. that is why we're here today and others did not know. what they can get for free is this breakfast male that is a
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they can get a classic double cheeseburger and soda. so why are we doing this? it is a thankless jobs. so often we seed them on the front lines at scenes and it seems routine. but it takes a lot of work what they do. i talked to a firefighter what has been with the fire marshal's office for 47 years. know they are coming and sometime take them for granted. we're just trying to say thank you. just so some tort of identification, with a badge or uniform or official id saying that you are a first responder and your meal will be free. and i just want to shout out bill for representing us so well for the folks that work at hardy's and they saw you in the
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said that you were so kind to them. and they said is he that really that nice? and i said yes. and they said thank you. >> they serve up a mean little cheese cheeseburger. >> tell us about the first responder appreciation day. and we hope that first responders feel love and support today. go get yourself some protein and a biscuit and a coffee. grab your umbrella today. you'll probably need it. exactly no not everybody needs it this morning. we had some showers south and west of the triangle last
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this is beginning to disbait a little bit and over to rocky mount as we head northward from the infield closer to roanoke rapids, you see the line of thunderstorms moving across i- 95. and some of the rain will be heavy close to infield and whitaker. if you're about to head that way, plan a little extra time heading through there and being extra careful. and the temperatures range from the upper 60s to low 70s and is it is warm and muggy for this time of ye the temperatures should be a good ten to 15 degrees cooler than they are this morning. we have a lot of low cloud cover that we're dealing with and the clouds will stick around for 67 of -- much of the day. late tore, a good chance for showers and storm and possibly some severe weather. and brian is here taking a look
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maps. it is starting to ease up nicely and look at the live crime to times from 42 westbound. and still a little sluggish in the fortify work zone between 440 and lake wheeler road. and it looks like a smooth trip to the west side of raleigh this is up in 440 and the this is a ride from wade to 546 is taking about you 7 minutes. and we want to zoom into raleigh and get you a little better view of the conditions through there. and the fortify work zone, a little slow. we have a report of a stalled vehicle on 40 westbound not too far from gorman's street. and you notice it as soon as you get beyond that incident it is looking good all the way out to west rally and sluggish to
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avenue and slow on the outbound and the i-40 merge. we're on the east side of raleigh and we have delays on pool road and the 440 interchange and slow in both directions out there. back to you. cars are safe are than ever. and they can stop by themselves and warn you about crashes and blind spots. >> but the highways are not safer. find out why more people are being killed in crashes and how you can stay safe. angry protests erupt overnight in san diego suburb after another
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because we have safer cars does not mean that we have safer roads. 45,000 people died in car crashes last year. the largest increase in nearly 50 years. accidents are on the rise and what to do to stay alive, paul bloom in the casualty insurance oh, of america. good morning. and thank you for joining us. >> good morning, bill. >> according to your study, some of the problems include more cars, poorly maintained roads, inexperience directed driving and distracted walking what can people do to reduce accidents?
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is out there is to keep people safe in cars and avoid accidents. but the new technology of hand- held phones and smart phones that is coast to coast is really potentially causing significant problems and you mentioned the nation will safety council statistics. and putting your phone down is critical. and as parents, we think that parents should put their phones down even going so far as maybe their driving. we found in the study that 90% of americans agree that the distracted driving is becoming a problem. they think that with all of the great technology in cars that is all we need. but we need to put the phones down. >> i think a lot of people would say amen to that. and what are some of the other dangers on the road, paul? >> some of the over dangers
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especially in urban areas. if you look at the statistic i cans from the states that have -- statistics that have legalized recreation and medicinal marijuana, the fatalities went up 40% in colorado. while we don't take a position on legalization of marijuana, we think that are making legislative and regulatory decisions with respect to that and voters when they decide on whether to make marijuana legal or not, should be thinking about auto safety as well. >> and what do the findings mean for auto insurance costs? >> auto insurers have been historically involved in auto safety. we were one of the founding
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safety. so auto safety is a significant concern for you the. but with the number of accidents going up because of the numbers that weave see seen with the cost of fixing a car because of all the new technologies and medical costs that are going up higher than medical inflation, the jury lying -- the underlying product is likely to go up. and we have safer cars and go up. >> paul loom from the insurance association of america, we thank you very much. families ever those killed in the orlando pulse nightclub manslaughter kerr are getting financial concession for the loss. but the money is caused problems for some of the victims' relatives. we'll tell you how. and we follow breaking news in harnett county. a deadly shooting in the spring lake area.
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narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns icare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you.
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this is northwest of rocky mount and whitaker. this is the only spot that is causing any problems out there this morning. you can see at 4:20, we have a line of heavy rain and stronger thunderstorms up in the virginia line. that moved out. but as it moved eastward, watch how this develops down to the
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shifting eastward. this afternoon, we'll end up with another line of thunderstorms and at the could be strong to severe. and starting to dry now the roxboro. and it's been a while since we had the showers and storms. behind the rain, the fog has developed. the sensor in roxboro is reporting fog and that is about the only spot. and we have a lost cloud cover and overcast conditions and a few peeks of and the last time we saw a little sun. and 70 at the airport and warm and muggy for this time of year. and the visibility in roxboro at a mile and quarter. this is coming up a little bit. still some low cloud cover in the south hill and rocky mount and fayetteville and clinton. and we range in 66 in roxbury and that is warm and muggy for
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slipping into our area and it will salt next couple days help -- will stall the next couple days and help spur up some showers and thunderstorms. and there could be some strong gusty winds too. take to lunchtime and we have a 75 to 80% chance of showers and thunderstorms and this will be the case in the afternoon. 60, 70, 80% chance of rain of the and tomorrow, the the chance of heaviest rain it going to be along and east of i- 95. so not as much rain in the triangle. but the eastern counties will have a better chance of seeing some of the heavier rain. getting a little concerned about what is going on down here in the tropics. you can see here the cluster of confection and that is a tropical what we have could be named matthew anytime now. and it looks like the hurricane center is giving it a 90% chance of development.
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and the middle of next week, 45 different computer models have it off the east coast. so certainly something concerning that we'll have our eye on as we get to the next week or so the biggest concern will be the marginal risk for severe weather and we may have heavy rain or wind damage. and still expecting some clouds and maybe a few patchy linger areas of rain on friday. 7:00, 71 degrees at 10:00, 64. and the morning lows will be in the low week. and the temperatures look good for saturday and sunday and the highs in the low 80s and lots of sunshine and lots of events going on. so it looks dry still for the weekend. officials are calling for calm after the deadly officer- involved shooting of a black man in southern california. the shooting parked protest at the scene for several hours
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racism. the chief jeff davis said that the man was not armed but pulled an object from his pocket and pointed in a shooting stance at two officers and it promised one of the officers to open fire. the man died at the hospital and both officers are on administrative leave. the public is invited to a public town hall style meeting to talk about the community and the police. this comes in charlotte. and that is the central school of law will look at ways to build upon and improve community race relations in our state. and it starts at 6:00 p.m. at the law school and nelson street in durham. payments are starting for the worst mass shooting in history. the families of the victims from the pulse shooting will
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should receive the money. it is a game that will not be happening in our state because of hb2. be happening in our state because of hb2. >> and what the i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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this is try on road and it -- tryon road and we have an overturned vehicle.
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cary and harrison avenue. the shoulder is blocked and we're look agent slow traffic from wade avenue to 40. and this is likely due to that and we're seeing backups on the west side of the raleigh. the overall trip from 40 west to wade is taking 24 minutes. army sergeant bowe berghahl will return to a courtroom today that is next on fox 50 arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. mccrory got thousands in campaign contributions from duke energy executives. and what will you get?
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we are on the scene in harnett county where the police are on the scene of a deadly shoot will. and we're live on the scene. we're at the sheriff's office to bring us up to date. >> reporter: it cleared up around 4:30 this morning. and around midnight deputies responded to mckay drive for shooting call. and that is just about half a mile away from the overhill school district near ray road. and we have confirmed that one person died at the scene. still no word who has been that victim is or the identity of a shooter. and we have video of a gold cam ray that was take and way -- camry that was taken away. and we're looking how this may have been connected to the incident. if we have any new information,
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>> thank you very much. back to court today for arm any sergeant bowe berghahl. there's a hearing on motions at fort bragg. he's accused of desserting his post in afghanistan and endangering the soldiers that went to look for him. his trial is set for february. police said that an undercover operation helped stop a hire for murder plot. the police said this man tried to hire someone to kill former girlfriend's significant other. he's charged with solicitation to commit murder and is being held on a half million dollars bond. and that is a charge of being a sex offender on child premises and violating probation. i unc football player accused of rape is speaking out to wral. >> reporter: did you rape her in. >> did not rape her. everything was consentual that
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true. >> he sat down with wral to defend himself. earlier this month a unc soft more held a news conference criticizing the university and the police force for the way they handled the situation. she said that he raped her valentine's night. the police have not filed any charged and said that the investigation is still ongoing. the junior linebacker said that he will fight to clear his name. he is due in court tomorrow. friday people applying to have their criminal records cleared in wake county. it is a partnership between the wake county district attorney's office and community leaders. it is offering people to clear old and main nor charges. and more -- and minor charges. the expungment court date is
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today is wral's first responder appreciation day. >> we're excited about this. we've teamed up with hardy's to pay it forward. and we're live at the gordon street hardy's. >> reporter: hi. i'm at the gorman street location. and i just checked with the district manager here and he told me he's seen a lot of law enforcement coming through the drive-thru and they didn't know they didn't know the meals would be free. so they were appreciative for that. they got a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. and it goes till 11:00 and that includes local law enforcement and ems and paramedics and emergency dispatchers and if you're a volunteer, we all want to let you know how much they value you and the work that we
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them on the news all the time at scenes and it seems routine. but what they do is really important and it is saves lives every day. i met with the firefighters here. one has been with the north carolina state fire marshal's office for 47 years. and he was thank youing us. and we said, no -- thanking us what we do. and i said, no. we appreciate what you do. just identification. if you come in with a uniform, that is an easy way to tell. if you come in with a badge or identification you can get that free meal t is not at every single hardy's location. so go to and search for first responders. we taste testified tested some of the meals and it was pretty good.
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biscuits are free g we hope you enjoy the free male and we want to say -- meal and we want to say thank you. chelsea clinton will head back to north carolina today. she will be there on her mom's behalf. coming up later today, we'll have much more on the candidates' next stop. more fallout over h jerry brown signed a new bill into law. it bans government workers from nonessential travel to north carolina and other states with laws restricting the rights of gay or transgender people. and it blocks california stations for requiring their employees to travel to those states. and it applies to the university of california and california state university system as well. that mean it's can lead to travel restrictions for college
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championship game. it was slated for december at bank of america stadium in charlotte. and the game has been pulled because of house bill 2. one of a number of eye vents pulled by the acc. if you have tickets, you'll get a full refund. and you should see the refund in five to seven business days. and refunds will be given for any of the events surrounding the championship games. and they will have priorities in buying tickets once a new we have a lot to talk about in the weather. >> we do. and we have some showers popping up along i-95. >> we have a couple of cluster of thunderstorms develops up in the virginia line and it shifted to the east a little bit. take a look at the radar picture, you can see the little cell forth of rocky mount up into halifax county and a good bit of lightning with that and heavy rain that you'll see briefly that is the only thing happening out there right now. but later this afternoon, we
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rain possible and maybe some wind damage and some severe thunderstorms potentially later today. reporting a thunderstorm in both wilson and smithfield in the last hour. and 67 in henderson and 71 littleton and 70 in hillsborough. and warm and muggy this morning. and that is what you'll feel when you head out for your morning run or to walk the dog. and we have one cell still lingering in the northeastern portion of our viewing ar. are 60s to 70s this morning. and we warm up to 80 this afternoon and we'll talk more about our threat for thunderstorms and a storm that is developing in the tropics coming up in a few minutes. healthier school lunches for kids. >> coming up next, the recommendations from the
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too much sugar can lead to obesity in adults and high >> the american heart association said that kids should only get 25-grams of sugar a day and 15 milligrams of sodium a day. and kids ages 2 to 19 eat more than double that thanks to all of the processed food that we have out there, the pizza and the cold cuts and the cheese. joining us this morning to help parents offer healthier choices for our kids is our go ask mom editor sarah. good morning.
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>> it is. if you think about your typical child diet, they may have waffles and maybe really sweet yogurt. and it is quickly to go over the limits quickly. >> it starts with the parent. you have to make healthy choices for yourself as well. so you have to model healthy eating. >> exactly. and i have tips how to get your diet back on track and that is the first tip is healthy eating. if you'll have a snack, don't gap the chips. grab an apple or hum or hummus sticks. as you pack the lunch, talk about what is in t if they want
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you should say your limit is supposed to be 25-milligram. maybe we can make a better choice. >> a good way to teach them math at the same time. >> exactly. >> some nights you just don't have time make a home cooked meal and you want to go out and eat. but you should did your research before you do that. >> yes. i have a link on line and the heart association as great information about menus and the nutrition information for a lot of restaurants that we go to. take a look. make your decisions based on what the best choices might be and is makes the ordering process at the restaurant a little smoother that is another two for one opportunity for parents. >> multi-tasking. >> yes. >> and you can maybe volunteer for your schools, parent organizations to get more involved in the crafting of menus and things like that? >> right. and i talked about fundraising
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helping kids get a healthier lifestyle. there's a lot of discussion about the healthy fundraiser that he can do instead of a fun run. so you can get involved in those kinds of things. >> creating healthier lunches for our kids. so for our mom's advice go to it is an effort to help their parents children's struggles through their eyes. >> and we'll see the free resources for parents and kids with learning issues. they are among the most popular celebrities in hollywood. but you may not want to look them up on line.
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that song is called watchout. that is another original song from empire. you can watch the new everyone season 3under way. watch out for the weather. >> and watch out for the storms today too. we had a few late yesterday. and we had some severe thunderstorm warnings that greg and mike were walking you through. and 4:00 you can do you know into wral and they will be walking you through those again today. and we have the potentialtor severe weather and heavy rain. and we have a little cluster of thunderstorms that has developed north and east of the triangle area and it is moving quickly and it moved across i-
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we'll zoom in on it and being see where it is headed and it is moving past the infield and up to rich square and the eastern portion of northampton county. and here's a look at the radar loop starting at 4:45. and we had heavy rain by the virginia line and we had this line developing and it is now finally starting to pull away. we'll have a break now for the rest of morning into thelessly afternoon and then after that we'll have the thunderstorms start to develop. and fog in roxboro this morning and the temperature is 71 degrees and the dew points are in the upper 60s. so feeling a little more like summer this morning. and the visibility at roxboro is 4 miles and 7 in south hill and no real visibility problems just an indication that we have a good bit of low cloud cover and we're seeing a lot of that on our cameras too. and the temperatures range from the upper 60s and low 70s.
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basically going to stall over us for the next couple days. so today that becoming a focus to using mechanism of showers and thunderstorms to develop and it will not move too much further tomorrow. so the same thing tomorrow. includes linger and a good chance of rain and some of rain may be heavy at times and we slay some pockets -- and we may have some pockets of two to inches of rain. we may end up with strong winds. and in the average, the thunderstorms start to get cranked up and producing some of the heavy rain. and tomorrow the same thing. here is lunchtime tomorrow and into the afternoon this is the same thing right through the central parts of our viewing area. and a good chance of showers and thunderstorms. at any point, i think the national hurricane center will name this little wave matthew and for the next day or so, it may not be too much of a threat. but after that, look at what happens.
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forces the storm down to the south and it picks it up northward and this is 45 different computer models all showing the storm pulling northward along the coast of the united states by the middle of next week. that is something that we'll take seriously. and that will be named imagine thank you very much and we have a marginal -- matthew. and we have a marginal risk for severe weather. and the biggest threat is damaging winds. and the same story on thursday. and we finally start to clear things out for the weekend. but looking good for us for saturday for wide open bluegrass or anything else that you have planned outside. lunchtime 67 and high of 80 and 11:00, 63 and the highs close to 80 for the next 7 days. one in five children
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attention issues. and the vast majority of them may not receive a formal diagnosis. are launching a new national tsa campaign showing with it looks like from the adults' and the child's -- the adult's and child's perspective. good morning to you both. >> good your tsa. >> as you said, one in five children struggle with adhd or dyslexia. and many parents struggle to see the signs and symptoms and and what to do with them. and we work with 15 other nonprofit organization to bring the parents one central
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tools and walk hand in hand with them through the journey. >> what are some of the warning signs or signs that your child may have a learning or attention issue. >> this is an interesting time of year too. a lot of kids are back to school and they are starting to struggle. so that can look like problems with organization. it can look like problems with focus or reading >> timing is critical. anytime you see a disconnect what is happening in the classroom and what you know your child is capablable of doing it is time to create an action plan and golden
8:52 am
the website is available 24 hours a day and audio version is available and spanish t is -- i can't emphasize enough how much information is there and how beneficial it is to take a parent from homelessness and isolation and fear to be an enpowerred person to sit in a conference and be a valued component of making a successful environment for your >> rachel and kevin, thank you for speaking with us. great talking with you. wral's teacher of week said that she loves to learn and she never does the same thing twice.
8:53 am
>> >> reporter: she teaches science and will haves and she gets her students fired up about it too. >> i love this class t is the last class i have for the day. and it is fun. >> she has something and she really draws the kids in. >> i enjoy the kids and enjoy what i teach and try to make it relevant. >> reporter: she is that teacher whose the class that everyone wants to take even if they don't have an interest in science. >> i want to take a class with her because i heard she's such a good teacher. my friends said that she was amazing. and i want to experience that
8:54 am
my path is. >> reporter: that may be her biggest honor yet. >> to see all of our teachers of the week go to and search teacher. we'll get another check of your top stories, weather and traffic up next. when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement. now delivering to your home or office in raleigh.
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after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement. now delivering to your home or office in raleigh. panera. food as it should be. . time is 8:56. here are the top stories. there's a hearing on motions in
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sergeant bowe berghahl. he's accused of desserting his forecast and endangering the soldiers that went to look for him. his trial is set for february. a good shot for rain today and some of it heavy. yes. we have a lingering one from late last night into this morning. it came across i-95 in the last 20, 30 minutes . it is moving into northampton county. and the temperatures in upper 60s to low 70s right knew is warm year. normally our lows would be much cooler. 80 degrees today and tomorrow and a good chance for scattered thunderstorms. and there will be severe weather, especially in the form of wind damage and heavy rain possible and the showers may linger into friday. good morning. and that is a ticket of an accident from a little while ago between recall and garner at hammond road. and the police are still on the
8:58 am
delays but something to keep in mind. and a number of accident but most of these are minor and not affecting major roots. and the most part, we're in good shape in wake and durham county. the iconic flag that once flew at ground zero is back in new york after it disappeared for more than a decade. till recently no one knew where we'll talk to the nonpreserved
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