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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  September 30, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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missing persons case that has been active for years. what we are learning about the discovery of erica parsons' remains. >> there is a new report out today on the use of police body cameras. the impact the cameras have on law enforcement interactions with the public. the time is now 8:00. thank you for joining us on this freeway morning. i'm lena tillett jack >> -- i'm lena tillett. >> i'm renee chou. it is friday and we are looking forward to the weekend with the big wide open bluegrass festival in downtown raleigh. >> elizabeth has been having a lot of fun downtown. we are jealous. >> very much so. >> yes. downtown has transformed as it does -- this is our fourth year of hosting wide open bluegrass. it draws such a big crowd. last year, the weather didn't cooperate. we ended up having to put
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convention center. it was still good but just something about having it outside. if you are coming to the bluegrass festival today, wear your shorts and t-shirts. it is really warm and muggy. yesterday, we had very heavy rain at this time and down in that same area, we have a storm that has developed. we'll zoom in down south. you can see the storm, when we talked about it 20 minute or so ago, it was moving across lightning with this. this is an area that saw devastating flooding yesterday. don't be too concerned about this bringing us any more flooding. there are still some flash flood warnings down in that area. we have ahay cell move through roxboro. that moved up into virginia for the most part. still lifting out of person county right now. this is what we'll see all through the morning, just these isolated cells popping up with brief heavy rain.
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morning. it is 73 in downtown. 7 # in rocky mount. we check our forecast for today. looking at temperatures -- visibilities very quickly, quarter mile in southern pines and in rocky mount. we have some low cloud cover here as well. quickly, the forecast for us today, looking at mid 107 at lunchtime. low 80s for this afternoon. -- looking at mid-70s at lunchtime. still a slim chance of a thunderstorm. back to you. >> thank you. elizabeth gardner reporting fry downtown raleigh. a temporary bridge will be delivered this morning to a neighborhood in alamance county where water created this sinkhole. since this is a private road, the dot says the resident will have to repair the roads themself at a cost of $30,000 to $100,000. a a run-swollen creek swept inside a church in harnett county.
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two years and the pastor saw the church just paid off all the debt on this building. now, water covers the floors and food stored inside the pantry is ruined. the little river runs noor that church in spring lake anden gulfs a bridge over east manchester road and will likely keep it closed for the next for you does. the teenager accused of shooting three people at a south carolina school is schedule to appear in court this morning. the #-year-old will be in juvenile court. two students and a teacher were wounded in townville elementary school. one boy remains in critical condition. tulsa police officer betty shelby is expected in court today to be arraigned on first degree manslaughter charges. officer shelby shot and kill 40- year-old terrence crutcher two weeks ago. crutcher what unarmed. dash cam and aerial footage of the shooting showed crutcher walking away from officer shelby. police have said crutcher did not have a gun on him or in his vehicle. a brit under study of
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conflict between police and the public. cambridge university found a 93% decrease in number of complaints against officers using body cameras. some some cases, complaint went down to zero. the study involved 2,000 officers from great britain an california. roush are studied 1.4 million hours of video over the course of a euro. people word being observed and know it change their behavior. five years after her disappearance -- found the remains of 13-year- old erica par sons of rowan county. the question now, who might be charged in connection with her death. bill leslie is in our newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: the announcement that parsons remain had been found is scial a bombshell but that may be the last bit of information we get about this case until next woke. parsons was reported missing by a family member in 2013. at the time, the family say she
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skeletal remains were discovered after authorities follow up on some new leads. the sheriff of chesterfield county, south carolina says those remains were located in his county. erica's adoptive parents, sandy and casey parsons, are currently serving federal prison sentences for fraud charges related to the girl's disappearance. testimony at their trial unvlade a pattern of abusing -- unveiled a pattern erica who lived with the family from 2000 until she vanished. investigators say casey and sandy parsons have been uncooperative though neither have been charged in the girl's death or disappearance. the fbi says there will an news conference sometime next week and we could learn then about any additional charges against the parsons as well as the leads that were the ultimate break in this case. it has been a long time coming and we are getting some closure in this horrific story.
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development in this. bill leslie in our newsroom on that. thank you. so much going on this weekend, particularly obviously the wide open bluegrass festival. >> perfect tomorrowing for that too sandwiches between that rainy weather we had this week and then what is to come with hurricane matthew and we're watching that as well. >> just missed it. >> a little bit of sunshine we have some light rain out through but fog seems to be an issue. >> as you head into fayetteville, that is where we are seeing the biggest problem with fog and wet roads. not talking about dense fog. but you can see here in the distance, it is a little foggy and those roads are wet. we are see something showers this morning. take a look at that road weather index and the wide view. it shows the entire viewing area and you can see that green and where you see the little blue there, that is where it is raining harder on the western side of cumberland county up around spring lake.
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will contribute to the flooding unders we've been seeing there. you will run into roads that are blocked from yesterday's flooding on the northern side of cumberland county, also southern harnett in moore and hoke counties as well. you want to give yourself some extra time. over to the eastern side of the triangle, from the i-85 area in vance anwaren count yises on back towards rocky mount, wilson, northern johnston county, we are seeing low visibilities. could be some ground. another area there along i-95 where you want to show down and give yourself -- slow down and give yourself some extra time. an accident causing problems on mlk at garner road. some show traffic on martin luther king, jr. boulevard into downtown. donald trump and hillary clinton launch new personal attacks. >> this as a major newspaper comes out against the
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delay a ruling on cable box rules. the details of this proposal
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new personal attacks by both donald trump and hillary clinton. edward lawrence has more on that and the latest newspaper owed toarl boards across the country coming out against trump. -- editorial boards. donald trump has a new tag line.
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new hampshire. >> everything you need to know about hillary clinton, sometime referred to as crooked hillary, can be understood with a simple but very important phrase, follow the money. >> still, endorsements pour in for clinton n a surprise move, breaking with "usa today"'s tradition of not picking sides, in an editorial, the paper wrote, quote, by all means vote, just not for donald trump. vice pence wrote a competing op-ed in "usa today" stating trump is ready to lead. clinton attacked trump p's ability to lead the economy and he repeated she will raise tax is but not for everyone i don't i will not raise taxes on the middle class and i have defined it as i will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. >> reporter: as early voting starts this week this iowa, vote are looking for an
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fining a choice. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. and gary onshop made his second gaffe this month in the national spotlight. he couldn't come one his favorite world leader living or dead. after a long pause, he said, quote, i guess i'm having an aleppo moment. he later mentioned vicente fox who was president of mexico from 2000 to 2006. there is a huge crowd growing on fayetteville street in downtown raleigh this morning. and not just for elizabeth gardner. >> i'm sure a lot are out for her though.
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a direct request from elizabeth gardner, speed canyon rangers. apparently a favorite band of hers quo -- >> we are in a bluegrass frame of mind. >> elizabeth is downtown enjoying the preparation and all of the >> that's right. fayetteville street is transformed and ready to go. big crowd already here at the capitol stage. can you see folks there getting ready to hear the earls of lester. they are a tribute band to lester flatt and earl scruggs. earl scruggs from north carolina. the weather is always a concern when we have an event outside. eastbound though we are really
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clouds here and there are some showers and thunderstorms in the vicinity, it doesn't look like that will anen all-day thing. we to have thunderstorms down in the area that saw flooding yesterday. so let's zoom in there. the folk are still trying to recover from flooding especially in harnett and cumberland counties. fortunately, that thunderstorm that started down near fayetteville an worked its way up through spring lake is now moving through harnett county pretty quickly. so expect some brief heavy rain there, some lightning and that will move on out. this may be one develop again between now and early afternoon. it won't be as widespread or as slow moving as it was yesterday. we had an earlier storm in roxboro that now moved up into virginia. out here early this morning. we have abeen here since about 5:30 this morning. we had a little drizzle and mist. that is over. you can expect to see more of that during the day.
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long period of time. -- it won't be lingering for a long period of time. now, can you see the low cloud cover certainly. let's talk about the temperatures. it is 73 degrees. we do have i -- a nice breeze downtown. it feels like the middle of summer. we have low cloud cover and fog this morning. fog in southern pines, fayetteville, rocky mount and wilson. low cloud cover here in raleigh as well as south hill and radar picture. we have a stalled front sitting right here across central north carolina that gradually pushes eastward today and it will take our chance for rain with it but we are still dealing with some of that. matthew a big concern. this storm just exploded overnight tonight. yesterday, this storm had 60- mile an hour winds and new it is up to 105-mile an hour winds.
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2 storm most likely later -- a category 2 storm and than it will be a cat 3 by the middle of next week and potentially affect the coast of the united states. that is manage we'll be watching closely through the weekend. let's take a look at what is going on here. if you are coming out after work, expect partly cloudy skies an 80-degree for the wide open bluegrass festival forecast. can you come in your shorts and t-shirts. it is warm and m we may have an isolated shower or storm later this afternoon or evening. that chance goes way down to about 10 or 15% saturday or sunday. i have to tell that you just in case one pops up but not terribly likely. it look like things are going to be pretty nice. temperatures in the mid-70s for wednesday and thursday. having a great tomorrow down here at the bluegrass festival. i'll be here as long as i can.
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back here at 4:00. and >> we are hearing you have a big interview coming up at 84:00 #. i don't that's right. we are so excited to interview juniory douglas who also huge name in bluegrass. he. [applause] with allison kraus. if you've never heard of jerry douglas, you no his connection with allison kraus. he plays in a lot of different bands. and one of those, earls of lester, will be playing shortly on the statement behind us and he will give us the honor talking to him later. >> thank you. an investigation continues this morning a day after the deadly crash of the new jersey commuter train. federal agents are still gathering evidence at the scene. yea gray is also there this morning with the latest on the tragedy. >> reporter: in just minutes, the morning rush unraveled. >> i have heavy structural damage. i have people trapped on the train. major, major casualties. >> reporter: train 1614 on the new jersey transit line sped into the hoboken station
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bumpers at the end of the track. >> it was horrific. it was an explosion of con croat dust, electrical wires. >> reporter: the canopy above the terminal collapsed falling to the ground along with steel beams, brick and shattered glass. a 34-year-old woman was standing on the platform. the hoboken rest den and mom was killed by falling debris. >> we just her people screaming in the first car that they were trapped. they can't get out. >> reporter: more than and off the train were injured including the engineer who is said to be cooperating with the national transportation safety board investigation into the crash. witness is say the train never seemed to slow down. ntsb agents hoped to get key data from the crash from the train's black box. >> from the event recorder, we hope to get information such as speed appear braining. >> reporter: investigators do have access to the locomotive but to this point, structural damage to the station has kept
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train. jay gray, nbc news, hoboken, new jersey. investigators hope to have access to the other cars later today. federal investigators expect to be on site for the next week to 10 days. so the pioneering rosetta spacecraft performed its final task this morning. european scientists crash hand the craft into a comet ending a 12-year scientific mission to the dusty, icy comet. the probe launched in 2004 and released a l 2014. scientists are vehicling the original ins and nature of comets. the last mission before crashes, close-up images of the comet. mission controller lost contact with the probe after it hit as expected. the navy is modernizing awful its # 9 enlisted sailor' job titles but dropping themment that is because man end in man. the newschannel 4y says sailors will be addressed by rank and in the rating or job title now. a junior sailor will still be
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rank steeped in tradition. the navy called for a are view of the titles in january after all military jobs were ordered to be opened to women. there is a delay on the rules for cable boxes. the plan is to require cable and satellite tv companies to make free apps for smart tees and streaming devices saving consume ares hundreds in rental fees. the fcc says commissioner ran out of time to disc minute changes to the proposal. a vote is expected before the end of the year. federal regular litter iss are amplifying emergency cell phone alerts. the fcc approved i ameasure that will allow messages to be four times longer than their current 90 character limit. officials can also include links in the messages.
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cell phone companies to support spanish messages. tomorrow is october 1st. that means two dozen new laws will go into effect. one of the more controversial laws is a body cam restriction law. under it, video for thible from the law enforcement cameras will not be public record. the law allows people word recorded or that you are representatives to see the footage if law enforcement agrees. the judge could allow others to look at the video if they present a valid reason and only a judge can make law enforcement vio blue alert system also goes into effect. the law coordinates a public alert system to find suspects who hurt or kill a law enforcement officer. red sox slugger david ortiz has maid his final game at yankee stadium. the team honored the retiring slug are with an oil painting showing ortiz standing at home plate and tipping his cap to the fans. former yankee relief pitch are
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the dignitaries on hand. order ease played 223 regular season games against the yankees, the fifth most all- time. >> the clean-up continues following record setting floods. following record setting floods. muck eye asure man after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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i'm lena tillett with your top story. cumberland county schools are closed again today because of all that heavy rain and flooding on thursday. that threat now is actually minimal but several bridges in the county are closed because of flooding again yesterday. elizabeth is downtown this morning enjoying all of the preparations for the wide open bluegrass festival. >> so excite about this. jerry douglas and the earls of
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behind me. they won the best entertain are of the year at the awards ceremony last night. they are getting ready to play a sneak peek preview concert to the cloud out here. it is warm and muggy. we had a little mist and drizzle earlier on. there are some showers and thunderstorms in a few places. harnett county seeing a little bit of patchy rain right now. some stronger storms in lee county. thames right now, upper 60s to low very warm and muggy across the region. our forecast by the middle of the afternoon, look at mid-70s. see a high of about 83. if you are coming out right after work, 80 degrees and partly cloudy skies. awe chance. showers and thunderstorms through the middle of afternoon. brian checking what is going on out there. a lot of low cloud cover. >> indeed. maybe a little bit of fog on the ground in fayetteville this morning. we take a look at the camera out here and you can see that
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earlier showers in cumberland county. there is an area there on the southern side of harnett county and over towards spring lake and northern cumberland county where we've seen pretty significant rainfall, likely leaving behind standing water in some spots. back to you. >> ahead on fox 50, investigators talk to a catawba county girl who was the focus of a search. what that young girl told them.
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welcome back. although the threat of additional flooding is minimal, there is a big mess to clean up in harnett and cumberland county this morning. >> a number of roads still closed. mikaya thurman has more. >> reporter: this is one of many. this is at south main street water acome lated here on this bridge. did i speak with the watch commander early are this morning. he says this is a heavily traveled road and they did have to close it around #:00 p.m. this wasn't the only place. tax awe look at this list. starting with this one, south main and parkton road. and then as well as research drive near tom starling road. finally, the bridge on blacks ridge road off of rock fish in hope mills closed as well.
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overinstitute. bridges weren't the only issues. dams also breached in cumberland county. this video is from long rally spark lake dam from sky 5. the dam is locate at carver's creek state park. you can see just how full that lake was awsm kosovoer look then shows how quickly the water rushed over the dam. park officials said that at the time of that video, the dam was breached about 25 feet wide. water, of course, rushing and now they are make sure that it didn't start back up again. meanwhile, over in spring lake, it was also difficult to get around. some roads including this being west manchester road was covered in water, university a prime example of some of the issues that we saw yesterday. those are just a few places right now. the water appears to be receding and i've seen crews and police officers come by
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to check on this situation. >> thank you. this is also a god time to remind you to downhood the latest version of the wral weather app. it is available for apple and android and will give you real- time updates about the weather situation wherever you are. >> good to have. a jump denied requests to throw out evidence in a deadly drunk driving trial. chandler kania's lawyers argued last week that jurors should not hear about his blood alcol records. they claim the evidence was illegally object towned but the judge disagreed. the form are unc student is charged with killing three people in a wrong-way crash on i-85 last your. the trial is set to begun on monday. awe tentative date of september 5. has been set for the trial of allen artis, a unc football player accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student.
8:33 am
in a news conference, robinson said artis raped her the night of february 14. . she filed charges against him. artis' lawyer says the junior lineback are was forced to come for word and defend him javel. >> we have a mug shot of a young black man athlete so how do you think people are feeling about this case right now? of course they're cop deming him in their minds. >> arti consensual inform a run statement, rob p son's attorney says she remains resolute if her pursuit of justice. investigators interviewed an 11-year-old catawba county girl to find out why she disappeared. emily dowdle was found wednesday night in a wooded area near her home after searches involving hundreds of law enforcement officers. she was reported missing on tuesday. neighbors say the girl missed several days of school but her parents weren't neat identified about the absences.
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that is because dowdle cloned her parents' e-mail account and messaged the school saying she would be absent. victory for conservationists trying to preserve the endang ared red wolf population. conservationists say the u.s. fish and wildlife serve have failed to protect the endangered animals. bluegrass has taken over downtown and elizabeth gardner is in the newel of it all jack kemp anticipate so excited to experience this. everyone raves about it. >> the weather should be great especially to set and sunday. we are excited about that. elizabeth, how are things going this morning? i know it is humid and you've had to deal with the passing rain. >> so this is what we were
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they won the imvaent taupe ares of the year at the awards ceremony last night. they do it old school style. just a minute ago, they were all clustered around one microphone. that is how they used to do it in the old days. this a tribute band for earl scruggs and lester flatt. they are one of the biggest bands and they will be playing tonight at red hat. a little sneak peek con seniority going on right behind me. let's look at what is going on weatherwis still going to be raining. if you are headed out this evening, we do have thunderstorms that have developed south of the triangle area moving up no chatham county. these are moving quickly so a little bit of rain down there in fayetteville and cumberland county. we'll see the storm developing on and off through the early part of the afternoon. we've had lower visibilities in spots and warm temperatures. up are 60s to low 107 right
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for late september. we'll check out again those visibilities. clouds are starting to lift a little bit and we're no longer seeing in drizzle here in downtown raleigh. at lunchtime, 79 and 82 at 4:00. as we get through about lunchtime, you should start to so the clouds thinning. we continue rule out ans late thunderstorm up to about maybe 5:00 or so. it look like the weekend will be pretty good. we'll check out the weekend forecast in more detail in just a few minutes. >> all right. we knew you would be busting out the dance moves. you have to teach me some of that when you get back. i need to be prepared. it is such feel-good mousic. >> your toes are tapping. your fingers are tapping. >> she couldn't concentrate listening to that music. >> she had to dance. >> she willery great interview with jerry douglas coming up in just 10 minutes. it is obviously a big
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so much else going on across the triangle. >> we'll take a look at the wound's best bets coming up next. >> and after 40 years, a raleigh bus driver is putting it in park sfx: door shatters she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense. hillary can. don't let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone. the nra political victory fund
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!"
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i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. let's take a look at this weekend's best bets. we already know it will be a busy weekend downtown. >> that's for sure. the international bluegrass music association will be hosting the annual celebration in downtown raleigh where we heard from ally beth gardner. highlights include the wide open bluegrass ramble. the bluegrass blowing is in downtown raleigh today and tomorrow.
8:40 am
red hat amphitheatre both days and the wide open street festival will be on fayetteville street. the nanth annual pepper festival is on sunday. guest will get to eat samples of gourmetted for featuring local will you grown peppers, some sweet, some hot and some smoky. nc fresh tach is holding festival at durham's central park on saturday. the bull city block party runs from 5:00 on 10:00 p.m.ment there will be fresh cooked local seafood, food truck and drinks. tickets are $8 in advance and $10 when you get there. this one sounds delicious. there will be a mac and cheese throw downfor hope at relate under cafe and bar in north raleigh saturday. enjoy live music from the imagine you can pipers, afinance photo booth, raffle
8:41 am
snakes will be focus of the north carolina museum of natural sciences final friday event. this will albright screening of the film anaconda and live snakes will be on hand. doors open at 5:30 p.m. mousse be an presentation is begin at 7:00 p.m. probably not for the faint of heart. >> raymond will be the first one in line. you can see cars from the 1920 and 40s if he north carolina museum of art. it is called art on wheels. it check off saturday and runs through january. there ill walk classic car meeten up saturday morning at #:00. -- meet-up saturday morning at 8:00. >> for mother information search out and about on can you download the out and about app and take it with you. this woke's local dish features a another recipe inspired by the north carolina state fair.
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?i've seen trouble ?? >> a lot of feet tapping an snapping going not studio right now. >> man of constant sorrow. foggy bottom boys from that movie, oh, brother, where art thou. >> perfect setting for the carolina beach. >> i can imagine sitting out there an listening to that. i don't elizabeth is getting to
8:45 am
pollution right now downtown. how is it going now? who do you have with you? >> i have jerry douglas with me and you guys were just listening to the foggy bottom boys. jerry will be play with the fog question bottom boys tomorrow. >> that's right. >> we are so excited to have you in raleigh. >> thank you, it is great to be back here. i love coming to raleigh. >> i want to con grt late you, your band wonnent town are of the euro last night. >> yeah, wonderful. it's great. >> you were telling me earlier about what you evening. how many bands are you playing with? >> i'm in the foggy bottom boys. playing with them and than i'm playing with earls of lester. and then i don't know what rickey skaggs is going to do. we used to play together for years and then i'm play with the nitty-gritty dirt band. >> at that point, will your fingers fall off. >> then, i'll fall down and fly to san francisco.
8:46 am
bluegrass festival here as well. >> they've been wonderful for us, to our top lags. >> people would know you from the foggy bottom boys. >> we were actually in the movie at the end of the movie where they're riding this fellow out on a rail, out of the hall. we were up there behind them. >> you also play with allison kraus. >> i do. >> she showed up last night as well. >> did records which we recorded for for 20 years. >> i did see you two last year. the and then the earls of lester followed again. >> double duty. >> we enjoyed your sneak preview. would you do a little sneak preview. >> sure. ?[music]
8:47 am
>> thank you so much. it is an absolute thrill to meet you. legend of bluegrass. jerry douglas. i'll enjoy seeing you guys later on. >> we'll eyou later on. >> i guess we have to talk about the weather now. we do have some important weather to talk about. that showers and thunderstorms. in an area that does not need any more rain. let's zoom in again down just south of raleigh. we had a stronger storm come through came berland county. that is lifting on up into harnett county. we are seeing that west of lillington. the one difference between yesterday and today is these storms are moving quickly. they are not likely to continue to re-form over the same area for the length of time that they did yesterday but you will run into heavy rain.
8:48 am
northwest of pittsboro with a little bit of lightning. we have aseep that trying to edge up into chapel hill has well. for the most part, the triangle has been fairly quiet. here is a look at apex. west of the triangle and south we do have a few strong cells. just some low cloud cover. our visibility is improving in the last 30 minutes. right now, upper 60s to low amazing here at almost 9:00 in the morning that we are he just standing out here southwest -- we are just standing out here sweltering. what is causing this is awe stalled front that. front gradually shifts to the coast today. it will help to fire up a for you more thunderstorms this morning and into the afternoon. those will be on the mother isolated side. they will produce some brief, heavy rain and some lightning but should not cause any additional flooding that we saw yesterday. we take futurecast on through
8:49 am
scattered storms out there and up through lunchtime. once we get into the mid to latter part of the afternoon, watch what the clouds do. they start to thin. that destabilizes the atmosphere and we may have a few scattered storms again for later this afternoon but they shouldn't last too long. and then we should have more sunshine saturday an sunday. of course, a lot of folk will be out her for the bluegrass festival. i would not let i of this potential for thunderstorms later today keep you out of here. you could duck into a building this morning being looking at low 70s. 79 at lunchtime. ahigh of 82 this afternoon with pour clouds developing hater on. our bluegrass festival, if you will be here right after work at 5:00. partly cloudy and 80. awe tubey chance of showers or storms through the evening. of course, there are so many events happening over the weekend that bluegrass today and tomorrow and then more events all through the weekend across our viewing area. weather still look pretty good for saturday appear zipped.
8:50 am
say we could see an isolated chance for showers and storms. i'll happened it over to brian talking about the roads. i know there are some wet roads if places. >> we do have is wet roads and the good news is that we are not really seeing any big problems on the roads as far as traffic or accidents. we'll take a look at that in just a second. di open bluegrass festival. if you want to go to downtown recall you and see it, it is on fayetteville street and new saturday. so starting now, the fayetteville building will be closed all the way down towards city plaza. one block on either sued of the citywide streets will be chose as well. so that whole area will be blocked off for the festival. plenty of parking available downtown. the decks will be open.
8:51 am
point this, salisbury and also wilmington streets will remain open through festival. you can use those streets on get around. there is plenty to do at the raleigh con advantage center as well. plan a big weekend. it is a good time in downtown raleigh. we have some minor accidents but none affect major routes at the point. everything is looking pretty good out there. 40 westbound, a smooth ride through wake county from 42 here the clayton bypass out towards 540. back to you. >> thank you. the north carolina state fair is university week away and brian and the ago department's lisa princessa are celebrating with dishes inspired by the fair's cooking con zest. >> they are talking sweet potatoes. -- the fair's cooking contest. this recipe comes from lynn who brings in the pet of the day on wral. she is vegan. this is bag 'em up north carolina sweet potato casserole. it would fit the criteria for our north carolina sweet potato
8:52 am
are looking for one pot meelsz using north carolina sweet potatoes. >> we take some vegan sausage and dries it would with i have oil. put it in the oven at 400- degree for about 30 minute. >> you hole the bag an i'll dump. we have our north carolina speepts that we have peeled and diced. >> we add some north carolina apple, onion, salt and ander, than add chili powder, chipotle powder, monday, real maple syrup and coconut oil. i commence to shaking. once everything is coated, we add it to the cooked sausage and state your it altogether. >> i have anever had vegan sausage. >> neither have i. >> we'll try it together. >> bake it at 375-degree for about 40 minutes. when you are done, you have a did i have report way to enjoy income en-- north carolina sweet potatoes. >> i like the sweet apple.
8:53 am
>> a lot of good flavors. >> and you could put regular sausage in it. >> of course, you can. >> the spices are good. >> but this works. if you need a good vegan fall dish, we've got it for you. >> get a copy of the recipe on enter recipes on the search box and look for the links to the pruntable version. -- to the printable version. a popular bus driver in raleigh retired but did he not john giles drove this bus into moore square station for the last time yesterday. he drove a bus for the city of raleigh for 47 years. of his 23 when he started. that was back in 1969. he says his last ride was a great one. jielsz says after retiring, he and his wife will be taking a second honeymoon to the mediterranean. -- giles says. >> i hope that is her.
8:54 am
>> it was quite a friendly kiss this. >> so happy for john giles. thank you for all your service to the city. >> we'll get another check on your news, weather and traffic coming up next. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. mccrory got thousands in campaign contributions from duke energy executives. and what will you get? years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess.
8:55 am
narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns one-point-one million dollars. that's public record. and richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare. "new profits for private insurers would be as high as
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richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. welcome back. time now is 8:56. >> authorities a it will be next week before they will hold
8:57 am
investigation into the death of erica parsons. she disappeared in 2011 at the age of 1. her adoptive parents are in prison for tax frud for continuing to collect adoption benefits. -- for tax fraud. >> let's check in with elizabeth gardner. >> right behind me is shadow grass, a youth band. of a been enjoying listening to these guys for the last few minutes. they are amazing. let's take a look at the radar quickly. we do have some showers and west of the triangle and north. you can see the heavier rain in harnett county. we'll talk about the forecast for today. we'll con to see the showers and thunderstorms here for the next little while. temperatures at lunchtime in the mid-70s. a high of 82 this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms will be diminishing as we head new the afternoon. we could still see one at any point today. if you are coming down to the bluegrass festival at 5:00, 80 degrees. at 10:00, 70. >> watch out for some wet roads this morning.
8:58 am
you need to slow down. that is at eastern at grove near downtown. as we take a look at the rod weather index, the shower heading through her net county leaving behind some heavy rain an some standing water in some spots. awe devastating crash changed a race car driver's life forever. sam schmidt is now a quadriplegic but amazing technology is putting him back on the road. that is at noon. >> our next newscast is at noon. when good, clean food comes to the door, do your best to contain your excitement. now delivering to your home or office in raleigh. panera. food as it should be. i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you.
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