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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  October 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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c1 right now on fox 50, the storm clouds are long gone but matthew's impact is across north carolina, 18 deaths. >> and roads are closed, major rivers are swollen and rising and the power is not fully restored by any means. we have live team coverage of the impact. renee clue is in goldsboro where there is historic
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mikaya thurmond is monitoring the power outages. >> i'm lena tilllet. thank you for joining us. t's take a look at the school closings. let's take a look at the school closings. here we go. clinton city, cumberland county schools, edgecombe county schools are closed. >> nation, harnett you county, hoke county closed, and a 1- hour delay >> moore county, nash, rocky mount, delayed 2 hours. >> and wayne county schools, so much flooding in the goldsboro area, they're closed and wilson county closed again as well. you can find a complete list at the bottom of your and on
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weather for a long time for those with the flooding and power outages. the tarboro is expected to crest in the next now hour and also for the neuse river, we'll take a look at those numbers ming up in a bit. that is pressing in the goldsboro area and then expected to drop down and then coming up in about 15 minutes, we'll check fayetteville for the cape fear river and th opping quickly, good news for cumberland county. but beaufuix of sun and clouds and a gorgeous start to the day with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. cool, 49 here at the tv studios in raleigh and 45 in cary. up to the north, a cooler spot in roxboro and 53 degrees in fayetteville right now. at 8:00 this morning, temperatures should be in the
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lunchtime, mostly sunny, 66 for the temperature at the lunch hour and higatures this afternoon in the los. coming up in about 15 minutes and the cape fear river. we'll take look at those numbers coming up, back to you. it's 7:03 d a look quickly at the 40 westbound drive times, significant delays with the morning computer traffic 40 west through garner it's just congestion as far as we can tell. looking good throughwork zone o no unusual delays. we'll keep your eyes on that. i know we are focusing on the closed roads because of the flooding but we are looking at typical accidents and let you
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to plan on more delays as you head out. one of the ones, 95, closed between fayetteville and lumberton this morning. they re-opened a stretch between dunn and fayetteville yesterday. the southbound delay starts in fayetteville, 95 business out to 162 west and takes you to 401 southbound to laurinburg, 74 and pick up 95 on the south end of lumberton. if you are heading northbound, pick up 15501 northbound and u.s. 1 northbound towards sanford back up to raleigh on 40 eastbound and rejoin 95 on the other side of dunn and benson. you need to think about alternate routes and 40 westbound remains closed heading back to 96. no tour posted. julaw back to you. >> quitea mess. k you, brian.
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continued threat of flooding on the neuse river. >> smithfield, goldsboro,kin s ton seeing the flooding, and renee chou is in goldsboro where they have set a new record for the height of neuse river. >> reporter: it's incredible, bill and lena, the flooding here. we've been here since 4:00 this morning and it was pitch black because of the power outages, no streetlights here and now that we have daylight we can show you what we're talking about. this is carolina street, the southwest part of the city. the mayor tells me a third of quickly the water has been rising, i spoke with a gentlemen out ear who lives in one of the homes in the neighborhood and he told me he was out there yesterday and the water was at the transformer
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he comes back out and the water has spread another 100-yards to where we are. so the new reading level for the neuse river, 29.7 feet and that figure comes to me from the mayor. when i spoke with him, he and the city nager were out here and told me 125 structures have had damage from matthew so far either from flooding or trees down and certainly, the number is likely to go up. let's take a look at the video, neighborhoods underwater since saturday, crews rescuing dozens of people. more than 200 others are in shelters. the mayor told me even yesterday they were ordering evacuations trying to get people out. sometimes, it can be tough to convince folks who leave their homes when it's dry and the water quickly rose. the neuse is overflowing, and the situation is changing
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ticking its way down very, very slowly but this morning, it filled up to the fronand we have been watching it progress through the day and it made its way up to the porch. >> reporter: in addition to r the water stt power. ke energy did have crews in from as far helping them to restore power. mikaya thurmond is in raleigh challenges that crews face. mikaya? >> reporter: yes, renee, i'm going to step out of the way here and give you a look at the crews staging at the duke energy headquarters. what you are seeing now is 1100 crew members arriving and rolling out, heading out to the troubled areas.
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power. duke energy's website now says all of the customers should have their power back on by monday morning. let's take a look at those hardest hit areas. robeson county has the most number of outages in the state, 17500. wake has about 8000 customers without power. harnett down to 6500 and wayne county still has 5000 customers in the dark. renee, i know you are in goldsboro and were there it was dark outside. and in has to be devastating for residents in the area. >> reporter: it certainly is. here we are on wednesday morning and folks are without power since the storm hit. moving down the river, we are keeping an eye on winston where the water is rising, -- kinston where the water is rising there and officials are keeping their eyes on that area
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community college for folks and their pets and the water is expected to crhiest tting a rec here in goldsboro, nearly 30 feet and they are hoping that it has crested overnight and now it's starting to recede but it's going to leave behind a lot of damage and it will take weeks, months before the folks can get back into their flooded homes. back to you. >> renee, live in communities. thank you. >> so many lives turned upside down. a state trooper is on administrative leave after a shooting on monday night. the sergeant shot and killed a man monday in lumberton ina search and rescue operation. he was with two robeson county deputies when they came across a man with a gun on a flooded road and he became hostile. authorities have not released
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underwater while hundreds of people are hunkering in shelter. we are told that a jewelry store and abc store were burglarized and reports of gas siphoned from vehicles in used car lots. >> you can help people dealing with the aftermath by calling in phone - - storm relief phone banks with our here to get necessities to the hardest- hit communities. north carolina's candidates for governor make it clear where they stand on the issues. >> coming up, they meet in the first televised debate and tackle house bill 2 and the economy. i'm leyla santiago live in lumberton with a detour along
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or: what would sent to washington? yocut the debt?ere create some good jobs? you'd make people's lives better. in washington, richard burr has made his own life better. richard burr took 1.1 million dollars from the insurance industry and wrote a plan to privatize medicare. the insurance industry would make billions, while you pay more. serving himself.
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hurricane matthew hit the i- 95 corridor really hard. all lanes are now carolina. >> but sections of the interstate in north carolina remain closed. wral's leyla santiago is checking out the detours. leyla, what are you learning out there? >> reporter: there are sections northbound and southb95on. brian brian shrader is mapping that out for you but i want to step out of the way and you can see
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showing the closures, 301 south in lumberton and already just within the last hour i had 2 to 3 drivers pull over and ask me, what am i doing? one gentleman had a map and you don't see many of those these days. but you will see signs on the road indicating and showing you. there are plenty of cones and troopers out on the road and to get where we are, we detowers, one through the city of fayetteville, so, yes, you will see big rigs on the road where you don't normally see them. so, yes, you will have to spend time planning. make sure you give yourself time and take a look at the map to see if there are any alternate routes. brian shrader are mapping that out for you. so within the last hour or so we started to see more drivers
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delays as the morning moves farther along. back to you. >> leyla santiago, thank you. president obama stumps for hillary in our state. >> the interruptions he faced
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where does north carolina go from here? i'm roy cooper, and after years of our state moving backward,
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and keeping good teachers with better pay. we need to end giveaways for companies that send jobs overseas and grow our economy here. and we need to reform our tax system so those at the top aren't getting tax breaks at your expense. we can start building a better north carolina. chilly out there this morning. >> it is chilly. that's two days in a row for us. i know. i kind of like the nice fall crisp feel with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a moment. but we want to focus on the flooding, the tar river, the neuse river and now the cape fear river in fayetteville. we have good news for folks down there. those numbers have been
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you're still above flood stage. minor flooding at 35 feet and the boat ramp and ampitheatre flood at that point and we are at 37.9 feet well above the minor flood stage but we have just dropped into the moderate flood stage, good news. so the numbers are dropping fairly quickly and crested sunday night and it's expected to be below flood stage by thursday, by tomorrow. so that's a bit of good news. really high but the numbers are dropping quickly and we'll co and take a look at the tar river in tarboro and princeville in the next hour. those numbers are still rising. a look at the roxboro skycam. look at how pretty it is out there, a few clouds, 49 degrees and winds are calm at the airport. temperatures town by town, 44 in south hill and 41 in roxboro and 49 in raleigh and down
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53 in fayetteville and 54 in goldsboro. in the 30s in rocks bow, a low number. the numbers are crashing there. 52 is the current dew point reading in fayetteville, and the air is very dry, and we need to dry out from all the rain. we do have an area of high pressure over us and the weather is staying quiet for quite a while. we have a cold front to the port in and west that arrives late thursday. as it gets here it will be too we do have action in the tropics. we have hurricane julia we'll be watching closely but good news with this. we'll show you the track in a moment, a category 2 hurricane with maximum sustained winds at 100 miles per hour and moving north northwest. bad news for bermuda. it could go right over bermuda as a category 2 storm and continues to move north and east away from the united states and should not impact the united states which at this
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after matthew. temperatures today in the 70s, below normal, a very comfortable nice day. 72 in south hill and 72 in raleigh and 74 in fayetteville and mostly sunny skies expected. gorgeous today and warmer tomorrow and 78 for the high temperature. the cold front moves in, and it's cooler friday, 78. if you ared headed out to the football games once they get started at 7:00, temperatures should be in the 60s. so take a jacket for and then saturday, very comfortable weather after a cool start. le tour de femme, temperatures in the 60s, wral a proud sponsor of that. 74 on sunday, and 78 monday and
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and comfortable, low 70s. brian keeping an eye on the roads for us. getting busier in. pretty busy, delays on ga er live look at the tria the icons indicating roads closed due to the storm. want to show you the drive time through garner, 20 minutes on 40 westbound, 42 to 440 and up to jones sausage road. by the way, another lane shift overnight 40 westbound on the southeast side of raleigh in the work zone. shouldn't cause too many problems. a heads up. a reminder that 42 is still closed due to flooding and the d.o.t. will have to inspect the road. andelsewhere, so many roads remain closed this morning,
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i-40 westbound leaving newton grove to benson. nc 690 is closed with a detour in the area. cumberland county, 242 is closed because of bridge maintenance they have to do after the storm, south of thousands pack the white oak ampitheatre last night to see president obama campaign for clinton. trump supporters repeatedly interrupted his speech. the president urged supporters to get out and vote. and mike pence will be in raleigh today. this is video from his trip in august. he will be at the hilton north
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6:00, and democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will campaign in charlotte at davidson college at 5:00. candidates for governor in the in their first televised debate as parts of the state are recovering from hurricane matthew and the crime labs came up, and the candidates sparred over who would best prepare the state for an emergency. >> the attorney general recommended that our rainy days if you fopped was too high. our rainy day fund was too high. ladies and gentlemen, we had a lot of rain lately. >> talking about disaster relief, governor mccrory took $5 land,000 directly out of the disaster relief fund. you know what it's for? house bill 2. >> to watch the full hour-long debate, go to
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tuesday. david crabtree and laura leslie will moderate. david crabtree and laura leslie will moderate. libertarian lon cecil will when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. nt a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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it's 7:26. i'm bill leslie. your top stories, people of edgecombe county are watching the levels of the tar river. it's expected to crest near tarboro this afternoon. parts of the town are already underwater. a state trooper is on administrative leave after a deadly shooting during a search and rescue operation in lumberton. the sergeant shot and killed a man carrying a gun on flooded
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the man's name has not been released. time to get a check of the weather with amy -- aimee wilmoth in for elizabeth. bill, it will be a beautiful day with plenty of clouds and folks recovering from matthew. we will have nice weather for the cleanup and we still have the rivers rising, the tar river and neuse river and cape fear, high river waters. we'll take a look at the levels within the next half right now, quiet weather. cool, 49 in raleigh and chilly in boone, 33 there, and we'll warm up to 72 this afternoon and mostly sunny skies and warmer tomorrow, 78 and a cold front bringing us to the upper 60s by friday. 7:27, aimee, and things are looking pretty good over the triangle. we are seeing delays 40 westbound between 42 and 440 and on the south side of raleigh, picking up congestion
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big delays, u.s. 1 northbound to cary. by the time you get up to tryon, the traffic is moving along well. durham, everything is moving along fine. a lot of roads are still closed, secondary roads and interstates. 95, expect a significant detour and 40 westbound closed as you
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right now on fox 50, matthew's impact is still being felt across north carolina. dozens of roads are closed, major rivers are swollen and rising. >> good morning, everybody. i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm lena tillett. we have live team coverage of the impact beginning with renee chou. >> reporter: and i'm renee chou in historic flooding is taking place. coming up we'll talk with wayne county's emergency management director about the biggest challenges including the status of the roads and how bad the situation is. and we are ready to talk with him here. we can have you join us right
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county emergency management director, and the biggest issue right now, the roads and how hurricane matthew has washed them out completely. that's making travel difficult for not only the public but first responders. >> it is. we have had about 50-plus roads washed out and when we say roads, we have major highways that we have had washed out and thoroughfares barricades, from to the southern part of the county closed down, hindering not only the public but our first responders when it comes to responding to the southern side of the country. >> reporter: and you were telling me normally it takes 25 minutes to get from the northern part to the southern part and now it takes what? >> it can take 2, 2 and a half hours to get there. >> reporter: my goodness.
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challenge is evacuations and water rescues. >> before daybreak we had two water rescues going on simultaneously in the county and some evacuations in the southern eastern part of the county. >> reporter: have people been following the evacuation orders? >> for the most part, yeah, but we are getting the word out don't wait until the water is up to your house. if you had water during the hurricane floyd, you will get wa and now is the time to evacuate. >> reporter: and a concern is people getting stuck in dangerous situations by driving around and not respecting the barricades. >> right. we put the barricades up because there is a reason. either it's a washed-out road or the water is too high to travel through, and what we are finding is people are going around the barricades, and then they're getting stuck and the car's bogging out.
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personnel in to do the water rescue. we are asking the citizens to take heed for the barricades. water is on wtocan't tell if there is even a road under the water. and that has been the case several times. >> reporter: you were here for hurricane floyd and it devastated this area. how does this compare to floyd? >> well, it was a bad flood but i infrastructure damage with water rescues and hurricane matthew and the roads washed out and the 200 plus rescues we have already done >> reporter: thank you for joining us, and the river is
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hurricane floyd. back to you. >> renee chou, thank you so much. let's take a look at the list of the school districts on your screen. clinton city, cumberland county and edgecombe county schools closed. >> and harnett county, hoke county, closed and lee county, delayed an hour. >> and >> and you can fient a -- find a complete list on your screen on wral .com. the tar river at tarboro is rising as we speak and expected to crest this afternoon at slightly more than 35 feet. models predict than 150 buildings at and in greenville, the tar river is
7:35 am
more than 500 buildings are at risk. >> today, we expect a status update on the condition of a crumbling dam in moore county. this view from sky 5 shows a look at the hole that is as big as two large trucks. they are using sandbags to try and stop it. concerns of a breach led to the evacuations of hundreds of residents. >> every time we and the water gushing out it's incredible. aimee will us the cresting numbers. lena, these are the areas where the rivers are above flood stage and in some instances, still rising. the tar river is still rising at the moment. and the tar river, concerns for at least the next couple hours towards princeville and
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water through the weekend. for the neuse river, it's crested in goldsboro and then will likely crest as you head towards greenville as we head into the next couple days. still rising there but it has crested in goldsboro and still very high and broken records there. for the cape fear river down to the south, those numbers are coming down in cumberland and fayetteville. and those numbers have been dropping dramatically in fayetteville and the cape but still many concerns across the tar and neuse rivers as well. the good news is beautiful weather again today, gorgeous, sunshine and cooler with the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 49 in raleigh and highs this afternoon will climb into the low 70s. brian is in to give us a look at how we are looking on the roads.
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are seeing delays build through the fortify work zone 440 to wade avenue, 20 minutes. heads up through the 40 westbound area around rock quarry road. you will see a lane shift as it moves over to the newly paved inside lanes. the fortify project continues there, and beyond that, no trouble heading out to the fainter and rtp. delays northbound leaving apex, and by the time you tryon, you are in good shape. a lot of roads are closed including interstates, i-95 for instance. let's check in with wral's leyla santiago in lumberton and leyla, it's busy behind you. >> reporter: it is. as the morning is moving along, you are seeing more drivers and
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detour we are seeing to get south-- to go south rather, on 95. i have had people on the way to florida, south carolina. and one gentleman is waiting to talk to us, i imagine, to find out how long the detour will last. a lot of folks are waking up and getting back on the road and they are finding themselveses with some delays. so you will see signs on 95 that give you a heads up of the delays. you'll see cones, troopers, and you'll likely see delays. you will have to do extra plan figure you can find a way to avoid 95. you will likely see some of the traffic buildup especially on the detours. much of 301 south is a 2-lane road. you will see the big rigs and see them going through fayetteville. we had to go through thew as --
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you will have traffic delay as a result. back to you. >> yes, indeed, layia, and people are finding their own detours. here is the one the d.o.t. has posted, southbound on 95 out of fayetteville, 95 up to 162 and 401 southbound and pick up 74 eastbound and head back to 95 in lumberton. now, the northbound delay is huge. get off at 74 to laurinburg and pick up 15501 northbound and sanford and apex into raleigh and then pick up 40 eastbound and head back down 40 eastbound into johnston county, and pick up 95 from there. that is not necessarily for local traffic, but if you were continuing northbound that's the detour the d.o.t. has officially set up. 40 westbound remains closed because of flooding concerns between newton grove out to meadow, 96.
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detour but d.o.t. says follow local law enforcement. back to you. >> 95 north is quite the detour. thank you. the river is rising for some and lowering for others. >> how communities on the tar river are dealing.
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arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory.
7:42 am
years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess. pat mccrory: not looking out for us. 7:42, and flooding remains a concern in edgecombe county where the river is expected to crest. the national guard is getting people out of flooded homes 25 at a time. the water in areas are receding
7:43 am
in danger. >> and evacuations for those in the black river basin. authoritiessay people need to get out now as the water is rising 3 to 5" per hour. two shelters have opened for those forced to leave without anywhere to go. >> and cumberland offer assistance to victims today if you have lost your food stamps and other benefits. you can help those impacted we calling into the storm relief phone bank. you can call between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. to donate. many communities need basics, food, water, and shelter. the event will raise money to
7:44 am
hardest-hit areas. coming up, a special delivery made in a whole new state. >> plus, a big move for a raleigh icon where and when it
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welcome back. the time's 7:46. people should call in to the phone bank today. there are so many communities hit so hard by this. hoping they will. >> typically, the community is so generous. we want to check in on the tar river, still rising this morning and expected to crest this afternoon.
7:47 am
greenville, it's rising with last check at 23 feet and likely to rise to 25 feet heading into friday morning. we still have a ways to go. let's take a close look at the tar river in the tarboro area and minor flooding occurs at 19 feet. jump up to 32 feet and it's a major flood stage. and right now, it's at 35.9 feet so it's above that major flood stage and forecast to crest at 36.2 feet as we head into this afternoon. so it's cresting around midday today and remaining high through the weekend. so tell take time for the floodwaters to go down and probably into the early part of next week for greenville area. temperatures town by town in the 40s and 50s, 52 in rocky
7:48 am
53 in fayetteville so on the cool side with some of you in the 40s and others in the 50s as we head at this time east. the south hill skycam, a pretty shot, a mix of sun and clouds and 49 at the airport and partly cloudy. the winds are calm at rdu and the dew point at 47. the humidity right now at 93%. quiet weather across the region with an area of from georgia extending into the northeastern part of the country, so comfortable weather, and we have a cold front to the north and west and you see the rain ahead of the front you might be concerned because of course we don't need any rain here but take a look at the futurecast. this is a wide view of what will happen in the next 48 hours, mostly sunny skies and a few clouds towards the east, towards the coast but generally a mostly sunny sky and the cold
7:49 am
you can see rain along the front you - - but you can see it's moving with the drier air and it will fall apart, the rainfall. and the only thing it will do for us is bring the temperatures back down a bit. temperatures in the upper 60s for highs on friday. 66 at lunchtime, beautiful weather, mostly sunny and very comfortable for the lunch hour and high temperatures today, close to normal if not below. 73 in rocky mount. 72 in raleigh and 72 in southern pines with a generally mostly sunny sky, gorgeous weather today and tomorrow is the start of the state fair, beautiful weather and the gates open at 3:00, 77, and fireworks later in the evening, highs in the 60s then.
7:50 am
staying cool into saturday and taking a look at the rainfall, we are not expect anything rain. all the rain stays west of us. yay for that. temperatures warming up next week. 78 on monday and highs by tuesday climbing back into the lower 80s. brian shrader is keep an eye on the roads. slow downs in a few locations but not a whole lot of accidents. that's right. mostly congestion as people head back to work wake county. 40 westbound has cleared up nicely but the traffic has moved into south raleigh in the fortify work zone and we are looking at significant backups. 440 westbound from that i-40 interchange there on the southeast side of town around and out to the wade avenue, i- 40 interchange on the west side
7:51 am
congestion on both sides. the idea is the westward trip out of raleigh, the westbound trip on raleigh on 40 or 440, it will be slow. durham, the freeway is slowing down northbound away, from i-40 downtown. and 40 eastbound is backing up with congestion slowdowns and the ride on 40 east is taking many roads south and east of the triangle are closed because of flooding and storm-related concerns. wake county, 42 closed south of garner between sauls road and rock service station road. back to you. >> brian, thank you very much. a hope mills man and his dog trapped in the attic by floodwaters are safe thanks to
7:52 am
brother. he said that he was trapped in the house and chris's brother tried to call for help but couldn't get through. drone photos showed his brother's house. craig, his brother, contacted the photographer. >> it occurred to me this guy just posted this. he is in the neighborhood right now filming, he must have a boat or something. >> he told me the guy with the drone had a boat, and i'm like is he messing with i was kind in disbelief but it worked. there was the drone in front of me. >> chris williams was stuck in the floodwaters for more than 14 hours. a florida family chased in their home by the storm returned larger than when they left. the jewell family ended up in a shelter in greenville, south carolina and misty jewell went into labor. >> the hospital was fantastic.
7:53 am
has been phenomenal and we are so grateful and just feel that we have a deep faith in god. >> the baby was born on sunday evening and the family of 7 before the storm is heading home as a family of 8. after more than 25 years, raleigh's iconic acorn will move from moore square to the entryway plaza at the center for the acorn is 2 first times the size of a record nut, a regular nut. it's made of steel and copper some of which came from the dome of the original state capitol building. all right. our continuing coverage of hurricane matthew continues at
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the time is 7:56. i'm lena tillett. here are your top stories. the neuse river is rising in goldsboro in wayne county and is several feet stage. goldsboro was hit extremely hard by flooding from hurricane matthew. meanwhile, gop presidential nominee donald trump said he is tired of non-support from the leadership and he will fight for the presidency his way. aimee wilmoth is watching the rising rivers.
7:57 am
next half hour but plenty of sunshine this morning with a few clouds around. it's on the cool side, 49 in raleigh and 46 in greensboro bo gorgeous, high tempetures up to 73 and mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow and 78 and then a cold front moves through late on the day thursday and brings highs into the upper 60s. eastbounis the camera, 12 minut from 54 to the durham freeway interchange, about the same as the alternate route. so best to stick with 40 east as the delays wind down. an accident on u.s. 1 southbound at cary parkway, and we are seeing delays northbound as you head into raleigh.
7:58 am
40 westbound but no delays out to the airport and rtp. lena? thank you, brian. and our team coverage of the impact of hurricane matthew in
7:59 am
right now on fox 50, the storm clouds are gone.
8:00 am
carolina. the storm is blamed for 34 deaths, 18 in north carolina. >> dozens of roads are closed. major rivers are swollen rising and the stil y reored to everyone. we have livecoverage matthew's impact with renee chou in goldsboro with historic flooding on e river and leyla santiago in lumberton along i-95. >> thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> and we begin with a look at the school closures. there are quite a few on the list as we take a look now.


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