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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 2, 2016 8:00am-8:59am EDT

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plus, the race to fix another major disruption in a key gas pipeline. we're live with how north carolina is preparing for potential shortages at the pump. hillary clinton expresss frustration over some donald trump supporters while trump urges some voters to go back and change their vote. thank you for joining us. i'm lena tillett. >> and i'm police in iowa say two police officers have been shot and killed in an ambush attack. >> and as you can imagine, the city on edge. bill leslie has more. bill, what do we know? >> reporter: two officers from key departments were shot while they were sitting in their vehicles. the first officer located about 2:00 our time and 1:00 their time out there. police responded to a report of shots fired and discovered an urban dale officer shot and
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car. the second shooting about 20 minutes later and a few blocks away. a des moines off was taken to the hospital and died. he was reportedly responding to the initial call and taken to the hospital as we said. so far, no suspect information and no arrests. both of these are described as ambush attacks because police say there didn't appear to be prior interaction with the suspect or suspects before this happened. for better protection, officers the urbandale school district has canceled classes today. this is the first des moines police officer shot and killed in the line of duty since 1997 and the first urban dale officer ever to be shot and killed in the line of duty. back to u. >> bill, thank you. colonial pipeline executives hope to re-start the
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>> this is after a deadly explosion and fire shut down the pipeline. a track hoe struck the pipeline and ignited gasoline and sparked the blast killing one and injuring five others. it's colonial pipeline's second accident and shutdown in 2 months and now, new concerns about gas hikes and shortages. mikaya thurmond has more on how it could impact lines at the gas station, it's not tied to the explosion. instead, those lines are correlated to hoarding gasoline. that means that people have been bombarding the pumps to get as much gas as possible which creates lines for people that really need it. that, of course, is exactly what you shouldn't do. the governor says we should see
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explosion. in a news conference yesterday mccroryy said this is a transportation problem. that means getting gasoline to north carolina could become an issue. triple a said we could see an impact on gas prices which are expected to rise. officials are taking a number of precautions to prevent a magnitude of issues that we have seen before and in the meantime, the most important things is to not change your habits when it comes to gas. renee and lena? >> mikaya, thank you. and triple a expects prices to go up as the line is repaired but the state's price gouging law is still in effect from hurricane matthew. if you see and prices you think are too high, alert the attorney general's office. with less than a week before election day, big
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will wrap up the clinton e-mail investigation. tracie potts has more on that and where the candidates are spending time and their money in the last six days. >> reporter: with six days to go, frustration is mounting. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, divisive, dangerous behavior of people who support donald trump. >> reporter: clinton's reaction to a trump her concern, the fbi's probe of her top aide's e-mails. more than a quarter of independent voters say it makes them less likely to vote for her. sources tell nbc that the fbi is nowhere near done and may not have results by election day. >> get out and vote on november 8. >> reporter: with 26 million votes already cast, donald trump is urging democrats to go back and change their votes before election day. >> if you live here or in
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minnesota, those four places, you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great again. okay? >> reporter: trump's rolling out $25 million in ads in 13 states, all but one voted for president obama he is in florida where polls show early voters and support is evenly split. clinton campaigns in the west rallying >> don't be exploited. >> reporter: she is bearing down on obama wear with less -- beam -- obama care with less than a week to go. i'm tracie potts. the president will be in chapel hill today in an event
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democrats. our latest exclusive wral news poll shows trump leading hillary clinton by 7%. republican presidential nominee donald trump has two appearances in our state tomorrow, a rally in the cabarrus arena in concord. the doors open at 1:00. the event starts at 4:00 and then at 7:00, he will host a really at the farm in selma. we'll heat up d looks like we'll drop back down. a lot of changes. we have a battle between the warm summer temperatures and colder winter temperatures and today, summer sort of wins. and tomorrow, and then it becomes colder for the weekend. and i can't get enough of this wral gardens shot right outside our back door, the driveway leading into the station, and
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are changing. but it's a lovely pop of color out there, happening for the last several days. the temperatures, mild at 47 in moncure, and 51 in holly springs. 52 in south hill and roxboro and 51 in fayetteville and 52 in goldsboro, mostly low 50s everywhere. and lunchtime, low 70s. the high this afternoon, 80 degrees and very warm again tomorrow and then we will have the 7-day minutes. brian has a electric at spots that might slow you down this morning. a little good news at 8:07. it's easing up through garner on 40 westbound. a look at the clayton bypass
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as usual, u.s. 1 and wade avenue, things are moving along pretty well, and wade to 540, delay free at 26 minutes. a closer look at conditions on 440 westbound, slow between the knightdale bypass toward wade avenue. as we take a look at the ride out of raleigh on wade avenue away from interchange, slow traffic. but once you hit 40, looking good. the northbound durham area is slow town mangum, 14 minutes. an alternate route, 55 westbound. and don't forget that the president is visiting chapel hill and south road will be closed between country club drive and raleigh street between 12:30 and 5:00 this
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will likely lead to temporarily closures at i-40. back to you. >> thank you, brian. after more than two weeks, a pause in the battle for mosul. >> next on fox 50, we'll tell you what is forcing soldiers to hold their position. and opening statements in
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police are looking for your help to find a driver who hit a man. and overnight, a fire damaged the temporary restrooms of a building that serviced as mobile classrooms at polenta elementsary school in cleveland community. no one was hurt. the fbi and atf are trying to determine the cause of a church fire in vance county. firefighters arrived at the birthing center church in henderson yesterday. the building was already engulfed in flames. no murder in the arrest of a teenager in durham. 17-year-old demoraea fennell was shot and died at the hospital.
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girl from southern pines. dalindsa campbell was shot on friday night and services will be held saturday at southern pines primary school. a teenager is charged with the murder. a man is charged with an accessory after the fact. and a 3-year-old was shot and survived. searching for clues after a rush hour tragedy, the three ways that authorities are trying to figure out what led to the deadly crash in baltimore. and it all comes tonight. the chicago cubs and cleveland
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elizabeth is happy. >> oh so happy. bryson city, one of my favorite places, and it's like disney
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and on. [laughter] absolutely, and they have the festivals there. >> and that's when we heard a lot of the music from there. >> oh, yeah, and stepping out again in all right. >> we know what makes her smile. pretty weather does. okay. let's talk about what we'll see in the next couple days. a warm up, lots of sunshine and fairly gray in most places yesterday. sunshine and the warm air mass will bring the highs up to 80 this afternoon and rain's on the way but not very much. the front will bring in much cooler temperatures for the weekend. we really haven't had widespread frost but temperatures in the mid to
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the growing season and that may be coming at the end of next week. we'll talk about that coming up at 8:45. our tall tower camera is showing sunshine and a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere and the sunshine will rule today at 52 for the current temperature and the dew point at 50. and south hill, 52. perfect 50 in rocky mount. 51 in chapel hill and 45 in sanford and 47 southern pines. a couple of spots sandhills with temperatures in the 40s. this big, warm air mass comes moving in. yesterday, we were talk talking about the fact that it was on the other side of the mountains and rolling in today to bring the temperatures up to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. here is the cold front. it does not roll in today but tomorrow evening with a chance of a shower but it will be
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.1" and we take this into the evening and a 45% chance around south hill and we're looking at maybe a 10% chance in goldsboro and fayetteville and we will really not end up with very much down south. the best chance raleigh northward. 80 today and 83 tomorrow and 83 is within one degree of the record. we do have a cold front that comes through in the evening and a 30% chance the triangle. friday, temperatures plodge 20 degrees plunge 20 degrees. it's ball friday, and it's first friday also. expect temperatures in the mid- 50s as you are heading out. saturday, we are going to have the veteran's day parade.
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and you can noon and expect temperatures in the low 50s. if you are heading to the parade, i highly recommend the sunny side of the street, 56, and before you go to bed on saturday night, set your clocks back one hour and we go back to daylight saving time. on sunday, the sunrise is an hour earlier at 6:42, and the sunset is an hour earlier. 34 on tuesday morning, the coolest morning year and may end the growing season. renee? >> thank you, elizabeth. this morning, iraqi special forces are holding their positions along mosel's eastern outskirts, held back by poor weather. no advances are planned for today as high humidity and clouds block the view of aircraft and drones, key components provided by the u
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rifle cracks could be heard as well as arm artillery fire. the second largest country there has been in the hands of militants for more than two years. opening statements are expected in the trial of michael slagger, the former police officer charged with murder in the foot shooting death of 50-year-old walter scott. he was running from a traffic stop at the time when he was shot. the incident was captured on cell phone video, and it could be critical everyday in trial. the opening arguments could later today. testimony is set to begin in the murder trial of former cincinnati officer ray tensing, accused of shooting a black man during a traffic stop in 2015. expert witnesses will be asked about the body camera video. the prosecution and defense have different interpretations of what it shows. investigators are looking into what led to a deadly
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and commuter bus in baltimore. the driver of the school bus and 5 on the transit bus were killed. a female aide was the only other person on the school bus and suffered minor injuries. an occupancy will determine if the school bus driver suffered a medical emergency. investigators have recovered recording equipment from one of the buses. greenpeace is blasting samsung for not giving details on how it will dispose of millions smart phones saying it would create enough toxic waste to fill 28 shipping containers. greenpeace is urging samsung to recycle as much of the smart phone as possible. a new poll finds nearly half of americans approve of legalized sports betting.
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to make it legal nationwide and 39% are opposed. new jersey lawmakers are fighting a federal law that restrict its to nevada, oregon, montana, and delaware. the horse racing industry is appealing to the u.s. supreme court. one more game, two world series droughts at stake. a champion will be named when the cubs versus the indians in a winner take all game 7. either a 108 worl drought will come to an end or another that is lasting 68 years. the cubs throttled the indians 9-3 in game 6 last night. the winning hit gave the cubs the lead. at 22, russell is the second young effort player to hit a grand slam in the world series. mickey mantle was 21 when he hit one in 1953. chicago is trying to become the
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deficit, and the indians are hoping to block it with ace
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the time is 8:26. stories. the executives at colonial pipeline hope to restart the line as early as this weekend after the explosion and fire shut down gasoline across the south. this is the company's second accident and shut down in two months. the orange county republic party will re-open headquarters in hillsborough that was
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there will be a reward of $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. elizabeth, feels like springtime. it is going to be so warm, 80 degrees and the north carolina mu -- museum of natural science, beautiful, and 80 with sunshine in afternoon and 83 tomorrow and a front comes through during the evening to bring us a slight chance of temperatures plunge after that with a high of 62 on friday. brian? 8:27, elizabeth, and we have a minor fender bender blocking the right center lane, 40 eastbound before you get to wade. big delays as you come in from the airport back toward raleigh. a messy morning westbound 42, an 18-minute ride true garner.
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slowdowns persist towards lake wheeler getting there is problematic. westbound 40 looks good between wade and 540. a few accidents here and there, and delays on the northbound durham freeway. consider 55 between i 40 and downtown. lena? >> thank you, brian. still ahead, a lawsuit filed by narrator: want to go to paris? richard burr took a sixteen thousand dollar christmas trip to paris...paid for by the special interests. just one of richard burr's
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madrid... richard loves europe. no wonder richard burr voted against cracking down on special interest trips. richard burr. twenty years in washington ...and europe... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content
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the time is 8:30. the orange county gop will hold an official re-opening of the headquartereds today. >> it was firebombed and spray painted last month with hateful graffiti. emmy victor, the re-opening is at a different location, ?rnts it? >> reporter: renee, it is. the new building which is behind me is right across the street from the old building. and that old building destroyed. someone had thrown a bottle with flammable liquid through the building from the window. this caused significant damage. campaign supplies burned and office furniture was a complete loss and a number of people have gotten together to help the gop build a new office including democrats and independents. they took to gofundme to raise
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7:00 and hillsborough police have not identified who burned down the old office but we are told that governor mccrory is offering a reward of $5,000 to any piece of information that will lead to an arrest. and the gop will match that meaning $10,000 for whoever can provide a piece of information to authorities. back to you. >> emmy victor, thank you. a hearing in winston salem about a federal lawsuit against elections boards in north carolina over claims from the state naacp that voter's registrations are unlawfully thrown out. in most cases mail sent to an address is returned as undeliverable which is accepted as evidence that the voter no longer lives there. according to the lawsuit, those voters were not given a chance
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north carolina is transitioning from to disaster recovery. governor mccroryy wants the committee to focus on recovery for homeowners and small businesses and community outreach and developing a long- term sustainable plan for recovery. fema officials say that permanent housing is a main priority and storm and nearly 250 flood victims are still without a place to stay. in goldsboro, more than 50 people are at this shelter and another in tarboro and in lumberton. fema and other agencies are working to find housing. support coming in for flood victims. studentsand alum my and
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toiletries, food, and cleaning supplies filling more than eight pallets and donated three trucks full of furniture, and the middle school students made fleece baby blankets. >> they are doing so much to help how they can. and elizabeth, sunshine will bring smiles to a lot of people today. it will. it will be such a pretty day. at 80 degrees, way up there. almost a record tomorrow. look at the beautiful sunshine in south hill, virginia, gorgeous at the colonial theater with the hint of a breeze. temperatures are mild. 52 in apex and 50 in rocky mount. 55 in roxboro and 52 in garner. the temperature at lunchtime in the low 70s, and then up to 80 for the high this afternoon and back down to 77 by 5:00. tomorrow remains mild as well. but tomorrow night, a front
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we may see freezing temperatures early next week. i'll show you that coming up in the 7-day forecast, back to you. germany is giving facebook and twitter until march to improve their response to online hate speech. theysay that the sites have poor records of deleting posts flagged by users. twitter removed just 1% of those flagged. they plan to monitor the removal rate enact legislative measures if they do not change. a warning about over doing it with energy drinks. scared to hear this. doctors in florida said that they treated a 50-year-old man who delivered liver failure after drinking 4 or 5 drinks every day for 3 weeks and developed nausea and vomiting
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hepatitis. the doctors told him to stop drinking them. >> but we need them. >> i know. not all teachers know from day one that's what they want to be but lynda loveland found one who found her love through cross country. >> in partnership with the education lottery, this is our >> reporter: that was hands down the most exuberant response to the teacher of the week instruction. jennifer parks can connect with her studentses. >> students -- students. >> if they know you care about them, they will work really hard. >> she will do whatever it
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for her. >> reporter: jennifer has been teaching for 10 years and her class has been a popular one. >> she finds ways to explain it so it's easy. >> reporter: jennifer said her big effort success was a 6th grader whose father was in prison and committed suicide. the student inference a high- risk situation but there for her. >> she in her junior year in check. she is going to make it. >> reporter: with our teacher of the week, jennifer parks, i'm lynda loveland. >> you can go to wral .com for more on our teachers of the week. so proud. >> you can tell kids love her. and kids in one raleigh neighborhood will have a brand
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about the new all children's playground. and a local town that landed on the list as one of
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we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate. buck missed nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one. 10 times, buck newton was penalized for missing tax deadlines.
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we need to stop this buck here. it has been a a playground for kids of all abilities that will finally open this weekend in raleigh. >> the playground will be the biggest in the city but why did it take so long to complete? our go ask mom editor is here, and you will break it wn for us? >> yeah. fantastic. so this has been going on for 7 years and a local family has a
8:40 am
they dedicated the playground. the original park was designed for kids with disabilities. but a lot has been studied and there was a lot of research to find the original places that were built but like if their child was in a walker or hear ability issues, they decided to raise money for the new playground. >> tell us about the unique features of the playground. is this a video of what it used to look like? it was a beautiful wooden structure and a lot of people miss it. so what makes this playground so special is it's designed for people of all abilities to play together. so here we're seeing the new one. so this for instance, kids can access this from all angles and this is an adjustable
8:41 am
wheelchairs can play, and there are ways for kids in wheelchairs and walkers to play along with able bodied kids, and this is a zip line and there is one that is for children with upper body issues that might need more support and then a regular one where they can all play together. so it's opening on saturday at 10:00 a.m. at laurel hills mill road. it's not too far from crabtree value mall. and they will have crafts and the park will be open daily from dawn to dusk after it opens. so it's a big deal and i will have a -- i have a video tour on go ask mom and i will have the post on friday pulling out
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>> sassafras playground opening this weekend. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for go ask mom advice or different perspectives from mothers, just search mom on 8:42 and we'll tell you where this year's a congressional district known as "the octopus", another called "the snake", and 28 state legislative districts all drawn by politicians in raleigh to segregate african-american voters, but federal judges rejected edmunds' decision for misusing race for partisan gain. the clear choice for state supreme court? judge mike morgan. he's endorsed by president obama.
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what's happened to our north carolina? pat mccrory's disastrous hb2 discrimination law has cost us jobs and damaged our reputation.
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and while mccrory's given huge tax breaks to those at the top, his education cuts have left our schools falling behind. we can't afford four more years of pat mccrory.
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playing. carolina treasure. >> a little lip sync going on. >> so james taylor at chapel hill later today on behalf of hillary, but, yeah. always great to hear that song. beautiful. >> and beautiful for anyone out campaigning, whatever you're doing, early voting. >> going to the grocery store. >> the saa -- sassafras playground. >> carolina on your mind. our normal temperatures this time of day should be in the mid-40s, and that's running above normal and we will be way above normal for the high. it's 94
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spot is southern pines. september was really warm and a lot of october was warm and we're seeing warm spells in early november. we are past the normal first freeze. it typically happens between the 21st and 31st in the triangle. the earliest first freeze, november 17th. this is a look at the view from the map. most of the viewing area is the 21st and 31st and up north. we are running late on the first freeze. mosquitos, get rid of them. but we are warm and dry thanks to the high pressure system
8:47 am
thursday evening after sunset around the dinner hour or later and this is just one round of showers, not much. a.25" to .1" or less. it will remain nice and bright all day long and clear tonight. you can see the front across the midwest and the the ohio valley and west virginia. this is 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, and the band of rain, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, with it, and that sets us up for cooler air and high pressure will build in and it will be our only chance of rain, thursday evening. and after that, that's the only chance for the next 7 days. 83 is within 1 degree of the record, 84 in 1974 and 68 is normal. 62 for the high on friday and we are down below normal.
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starting much cooler with the morning low of 40. and if you are headed out to the fayetteville veterans' day parade, 52 degrees at 10:00 and finishing in the mid-60s. you can see that on wral. brian, lena, and gilbert will be hosting it in failville, always a nice time. 38 on monday morning and you will need to grab the coats. you have the weekend to think about it. chilly, and thenned it, 34 and that's close to freezing. that may be the first real look at widespread freezing conditions. 22 is the record setback in 1967. be ready for the chill by the early part of next week. back to you. triple a will release the forecast for the thanksgiving holiday weekend today. millions of travelers will head to the nation's airports to hit the roads on one of the busiest
8:49 am
last year, triple a said nearly 47 million americans would travel, and amtrak is preparing for thanksgiving, adding train service for several routes including between washington, d.c. and new york and boston. the train schedules will be expanded. amtrak is encouraging customers to plan ahead and book early for availability and pricing. holly springs is one of the according to a new study from wallet hub. analysts looked at citiess and included factors such as housing cost and members of restaurants and school quality. holly springs tied for number 1 in lowest percentage of residents living below the poverty level. wral salutes our veterans
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veteran's day parade. brian shrader, gilbert baez, and i will host. this year's parade honors world war ii veterans, the greatest generation. you can watch it on wral and and we invite you to join us on twitter as well. show your pictures of the parade or write a short tribute to honor the veterans. we may use them in our christmas electronics are in the works. this spruce is the crest mass tree of new york's rockefeller center. it's coming from oneonta new york and will be driven to midtown manhattan. the tree lighting will take place on november 30th.
8:51 am
and the u.s. capitol christmas tree is about to begin its journey to washington, d.c., a longer journey. the spruce from idaho will be cut down today and travel 3000 miles cross country and make stops in several states. the capitol tree lighting is on december 6. starbucks rolls out a new cup design ahead of election day. take a look at this green cup, the unity cup that features a mosaic of more than including a coffee farmer and barista. theceosaid they wanted to come up with a reminder of our shared values. it's upknown if the green cup will replace the red cup from last year. that was criticized by some for lacking in halloween spirit. >> amazing how much a cup caused controversy. >> gotta have something to
8:52 am
>> always something. >> what's life without manage to complain about. talk about a first world problem. the cups are the wrong color. anyway, maybe relief. a drivg rank in east texas is offering hopefully relief to people stressed out about the election. the owner of the alpine golf course in longview, texas said people are stressed out and found a way to take out their frustration with big bales of they and they decided to hang votey ons vote -- photos of the nominees and people are taking aim. it's a test of your aim. >> see which one has more balls around it. [laughter] >> this is an unscientific poll. he said he has had a lot of positive reaction and hopes that people come out of and have a good laugh about everything. you know, when your eyes are
8:53 am
>> less than a week. >> we hope. >> we hope. >> oh, brian. >> oh, sorry, sorry. this is going to make you happy. this is a dog delighted by a stream of water flowing down the street. i mean, the simple things; right? watch this. >> oh, a bit of a river running -- . [laughter] >> >> so adorable. >> he is like, hey, what's that, man? what's that? >> trying to get ahead of it, you know? this is just like you, elizabeth. >> just fun. >> so what happened? did it go around or -- >> just keeps doing it. >> i could keep watching that. >> there is a reason that millions of people watch these things, simple and pleasant.
8:54 am
this. >> that's right. >> what's going on outside? [laughter] >> trying to figure out the
8:55 am
linda coleman: i'm linda coleman, and hb2 is a disaster. hb2 has cost us thousands of jobs. i know from my experience in the state cabinet what it takes to bring good jobs to north carolina. we have to recruit businesses based on our state's reputation. right now, north carolina is showing how not to create jobs. as lieutenant governor, i'll work with roy cooper to get rid of hb2 and create good jobs,
8:56 am
cooper: when we lost the nba all-star game... the ncaas... and the acc championships... it hurt north carolina's economy and our national reputation. but this election for governor is not just about one bad law. it's about them. i'm roy cooper. and this election is about finally stopping the loss of our teachers, lowering taxes on families and growing our economy. we need to fix this... for their sake. welcome back. it's 8:56. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm lena tillett. here's your top stories.
8:57 am
suppression will be the focus of a hearing today. they are claiming that thousands of voters haen removed fr voting rollto be lov today anwe will have heat? that right. 80degrees and the sunshine across wake county with temperatures mostly in the to mid-50 erwin and mperatd gosboro and climb to 80, sunshine and a front comes through thursday with a slim of shs er anthene plun to 62 on frid. brian? elizabeth, we ha slow traffic 40 eastbound at highway 86, the median blocked there and it bens in advance of milhouse bridge. the prident's coming to
8:58 am
avenueon the eastbound side, an accident the right shoulder with heavy traffic from 540 from wade. give youelf extra time from the airport. back to you. you might notice a shortage of gasoline in yourarea but it's not lybecause of the pipeline explosion in alabama. authoritiessay some people are hoarding gasoline and there is no need. today at noon, we are live where you can find plenty of gasoli at reas the next newscast on wral at noon.
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