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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  November 11, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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right now on fox50, shuts down a major road in raleigh, we are live with what we are learning in the investigation. and, people take to the streets once again to protest donald trump's white house when. and, local events happening in honor of our veterans. thank you for joining us, it's veterans day, i'm lena tillett. >> i'm bill leslie. great to have you on this sunny morning, it is a little bit
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>> absolutely, it is cold- weather in my book this morning with temperatures in the 30s and 40s but look at this, west across wake county, not a cloud in the sky. 38 in durham, 35 wake forest, getting close to freezing in a couple of places, town by town, 37 at the airport and in erwin but 42 in southern pines and 42 fayetteville and goldsboro. in your planner, expect 42 heading out in an hour or so, 63 at lunchtime, high of 6 will feel great. it will be breezy in the afternoon and that went behind a friend helping to usher in cold air for tomorrow and tomorrow night. we will talk about our freezing potential for tomorrow night coming up in a few minutes. back to you. breaking news in downtown raleigh this hour, police are continuing to investigate a deadly crash. >> this happened at south dawson street which is shut down at
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scene, what are you learning now? >> this has been an active scene since two 30 this morning, and you can see that the car is still blocking off dawson street during the morning commute. one person died at the incident, a second person was transported to the local hospital with life-threatening injuries. it is a single vehicle accident but the impact to the crash left a lot of damage especially damage to the windows. fire, police, and ems were here early this morning. they spend time assessing the scene to figure out how this happened. we are still waiting to learn the details. caution tape around the area is still there, and normally there are a number of vehicles
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as you pointed out, that vehicle is still there and the investigation continues, a longtime to clear it up and get dawson street reopened. i want to show you where it is close, the accident is around lenore and south streets but the raleigh police department has closed dawson at cabarrus street. that is what the purple means. plan an alternate route heading southbound, consider using salisbury. will get you on the opposite side of those delays. you can head back down and rejoined dawson and mcdowell street at the mlk interchange or intersection i should say. another option for you might be blunt street heading through downtown raleigh. we will let you know how that is shaping up. at the moment, no unusual backups according to sensors but i'll keep an eye on the readings. on the north side of raleigh, look out for an accident
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is it really in terms of crashes this morning. it is pretty quiet around the triangle in wake county circulating, no problems to report. over in durham, no major problems to report, the ramp from miami boulevard onto 40 eastbound on the shoulder had an overturned tractor-trailer. that is still there but the ramp itself is open and we are not seeing any unusual delays through the area, traffic flowing freely at this point. last night in johnston county. >> it left one person dead and others badly hurt on highway 96. >> wral's renee chou is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: we know that the surviving victims were brought to wake med. here's a look at the scene in johnson county. a minivan left the road, overturned and fire.
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seven people were inside the car, one person has died, four have serious injuries. two children are in the hospital with serious injuries. we are working to learn what caused the minivan to swerve off of the road and the latest on the conditions and their victims. we will bring you the latest once we know more on air and online. we are working to learn what was inside a suspicious streets in downtown raleigh. this was breaking news last night. the package was discovered in an area around salisbury street about 8:00. people in nearby businesses were advised to leave the area for their safety. police removed the package and the streets reopened three hours later. donald trump spent his first day in washington since being elected president.
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transition plans, plus more on anti-trump protests which happened overnight in several cities. >> reporter: donald trump called his first day in washington dc fantastic. >> number number one priority -- my number one priority is to secure a transition that secures the president-elect successful. >> reporter: the president- elect and president obama shook hands. >> it was great being with you and i look with you many more times in the future. >> reporter: trump opening the door to see the president's counsel in the future. the respect echoed by white house spokesman josh earnest. >> it seems the meeting was a little less awkward than some might expect. >> reporter: the president- elect went on to tour the spot where he will be inaugurated with house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell before the protesters at every step.
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since he was elected president. i am devastated right now. >> they should just get used to it and start crying out how we are going to get along. >> reporter: protests continued across the city in the u.s. for a third straight night. trump responded on twitter saying professional members of the media are protesting, not fair. >> trump will plan more on his transition including possible cabinet choi are gearing up for what could be -- and pat cooper -- and roy cooper are gearing up for what could be a legal battle. both announced paperwork has been filed. the candidates are separated by fewer than 5000 votes with cooper ahead this morning, with nearly 8 times that many provisional ballots to be verified. this could be a game changer. today the nation pauses to
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members of the military. >> we tell you how they are being honored across the
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it's a long-standing tradition honoring our veterans. the rotc 5k run kicked off from the nc state memorial belltower one hour ago. it is a 1990 -- 19-year-old
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there will also be a free lunch for veterans and act military, --. president obama will lay a floral wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier during the annual observance. mr. obama will also make formal remarks thinking veterans for their service. today, engineers with the north carolina will deploy to asia. there will be a mobilization ceremony. it begins at 10:00 at the north carolina guard national headquarters. prepare your cameras and telescopes for a spectacle in the sky. how nasa scientists are preparing for the super moon and when you can get the best of you. georgia plus , the direct
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beautiful morning. >> it is a beautiful morning >> it is great especially if you are a runner, we were just watching the veterans day 5k. >> she is a runner. she ran in college. >> i did run in college but i no longer run. >> and i keep bugging her, come run with me. i think she does not want to run with the -- me because she
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be way ahead of me. >> that's a nice elizabeth, but no. >> look, we've got a take off at the airport. we don't get to time that out right all the time. taking off to clear skies this morning, it's 37 and chilly. tomorrow morning, we will see similar temperatures but then on sunday morning we will see temperatures 10 degrees colder than that. upper 20s to low 30s, likely our first hard freeze of this season. our dewpoint is 34, a nice, crisp temperature in south hill is 43 degrees, 37 in irwin, 43 degrees in fayetteville. these temperatures are pretty close to normal. we have a cold front that drops in this evening and overnight tonight. we will be nice and mild at of that with temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s, just for reference, normal is meant 60s.
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just behind it it's going to be breezy. winds gusting 15, 20 miles per hour, so little bit blustery today. it does not mean a whole lot for us but the western part of the state dealing with wildfires. we will talk about how those winds will affect the temperatures in a half hour. what we will see are the chilly temperatures. we are really going to feel it, during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. here is futurecast looking nice and bright, a few clouds late in the night, there is 5: no rain. for sunday night, monday, even into tuesday, looks like we will have our best chance of rain that we have seen in quite some time, still looking at the rain gauges by starting to see a glimmer of hope. zero chance of rain, but we bump up to 40% monday and 20% chance of some lingering showers in the east on tuesday morning. beautiful veterans day, 68 degrees under partly skies and
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saturday, 55 compared to 65 which is the normal this time of year. saturday, 28, and the record was actually 23. but i'm getting close to it. that cold air mass sits right over us for the hard freeze potential. that would put an end to the growing season. if you still have plants out on your porch, now is the time to bring those in. we are looking at a freeze potential sunday morning. tuesday, still not looking at impressive amounts, most likely from the triangle area north and west, it's going to be a trace to a tenth of an inch and from raleigh southeast, more likely quarter inch to a half inch. that is certainly great but we are not likely to end up seeing of course a whole lot of rain with that. we definitely need more of that
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going to have a great chance to see the super moon. the moon will be the closest to the earth since 1948 and you know what that means. that of course is the super moon, bigger and brighter. you may not see a moon quite like that for another 18 years. joining us from nasa's goddard splice -- space flight center is nasa scientist. tell us about this super moon. it means that the moon's orbit is closest to >> when we are within 90% approach, that's what we call a super moon. this one this weekend will be the closest since 1948, so we are going to get to see a bigger and brighter moon in the sky. >> 14% brighter. unfortunately our forecast is
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do have super moons every regularly. every 14 full moon. correct? >> right. we are going to get a super moon , the next one is not until 2018, but the next one of this size will be not until 2034. >> i'm sorry we will miss this big one. but, you guys have been doing a lot of research on the moon and i was surprised to hear you have a lun orbiter orbiting the moon. you have been doing it for the last 7 years and learning interesting things about the moon. tell us about that. >> exactly. that has been giving us a detailed, spectacular view of the moon. we can see these impact craters in incredible detail in one of the things we have come to find is that there are new impact craters happening all the time, the moon is changing much
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for example, the astronaut's footprints we would expect to be wiped out somewhere on the order of millions of years from now but actually it's going to be thousands of years, much quicker. the moon is changing much faster and has been much more dynamic than we ever could have expected. >> very interesting. if you want to learn more about the orbiter and research that nasa is doing, go to dr. alex young, thank you so much for joining us this morning, always great stuff. we had over to brian where it looks like the traffic is moving fairly well behind you. >> it is, but remember that overturned tractor-trailer on the ramp from i-40 two miami boulevard? the ramp from i-40 is open but they have just closed the ramp from i-40 eastbound two miami boulevard. apparently this is happening
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not be able to get to miami boulevard from i-40 eastbound. also, we had that earlier crash, deadly accident overnight in downtown raleigh and the investigation continues. dawson the street is closed this morning at cabarrus street. the accident is backed up toward lenore street and south street. just checked the sensors, we are not seeing any big delays on dawson street, that's good news. your best alternate couple of blocks over on the southbound lanes, heading south from the capital down toward the convention center. salisbury street is going to be your best bet for the morning commute as they continue to investigate and clear the accident. let's take a look at the north side of raleigh, minor crash getting cleared up from spring forest road at shanda drive.
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westbound through garner, smooth ride from south raleigh and clearing out to rtp. back to you. 300 firefighters are on the ground battling wildfires in the western part of the state. at least 20 fires e burning in areas that have been locked in a severe drought since last spring. officials are urging residents to leave. so far about a dozen homes were evacuated. governor mccrory says the evacuations. >> this is extremely dangerous. dangerous for the firefighters and possibly dangerous for the structures and people around these fires. >> attorney general roy cooper says the state's price gouging laws are in effect, if you believe anyone is causing fires to make a in unfair nonprofit alert the attorney general. two high school students
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slurs during a pro trump rally in the parking lot. the school is having discussions with students about respecting others and where to draw the line between freedom of speech and intimidating others. officials that a high school in illinois are looking for the person who wrote whites only on a bathroom stall. some students organized and impromptu sit into express concerns. in a l superintendent said hateful speech would not be tolerated. a seatbelt problem has prompted a recall for 70,000 volvos. it covers certain s60, c60, cx90 cars, and documents, volvo says a flaw with the buccal hardware could cause the belt to separate from the bracket.
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7:26, i'm bill both governor pat mccrory and attorney general roy cooper are gearing up for what could be a legal battle over the still undecided gubernatorial race. the candidates are separated by fewer than 5000 votes with cooper ahead at this point, nearly 8 times that many provisional ballots need to be verified. it is a long-standing
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the rotc veterans day 5k kicked off at the nc state belltower this morning at 6:00. a 99 year tradition with hundreds of runners, all part of the day of events honoring veterans at the university and throughout north carolina. elizabeth gardner says the weather is honoring our veterans as well. >> temperatures were great for a run this morning, upper 30s stands -- sounds chilly if you are standing around. our tall tower cam shows nothing but sunshine, beautiful day today. we are seeing temperatures in the 30s, 37 in irwin, raleigh, 39 in southern pines. 45 in south hill and 43 degrees in fayetteville. 63 degrees, warming up nicely, crashing tomorrow with a high of 55 and by 28 sunday morning likely to be our first hard freeze of this fall season. 7:27. we have the ramp from 40 eastbound two miami boulevard blocked as trues try to clear an earlier overturned tractor-
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the ramp from miami boulevard 240 eastbound is fine but you can see durham police blocking the ramp from the interstate. as we take a look at your best alternate route trying to get to miami boulevard from 40 east, take davis drive down to 54 and pick up miami boulevard on the other side. we had an earlier accident in downtown raleigh, the crash investigation continues, dawson
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we are following breaking news in downtown raleigh where police are investigating a deadly crash. >> this happened on south dawson street which is closed off right now. wral's emmy victor is at the scene. what do we know this our? >> reporter: this started five hours ago, this car behind me, the subject, crashed into a guardrail on dawson street and has caused the entire area surrounding you to be blocked off. commuters. we have learned that one person died because of this, a second person was transported to wake med suffering life-threatening injuries. crews have been on the scene for hours investigating why the single vehicle car crashed into this area here. the impact has left a lot of damage to surrounding areas. you can still see debris laying on the street. it has been there for hours now and we are trying to figure out
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fire, pd, we have been in touch with them and are still waiting on how this all started. we can tell you that dawson street and surrounding area will remain close. brian shrader is going to tell you more on how this will affect your commute coming up. >> emmy victor seeking answers in raleigh, thank you very much for that new information. raleigh police hope surveillance pictures will help them solve a murder case involving a cabdriver. universal cab company on hill avenue where he works. investigators believe the person in the pictures has information about this crime. if you have any information about the case, call police. u.s. marshals say a ruthless criminal is in custody after months on the run. clayton police took out warrants on michael wood back in march. that's where they say he kidnapped a woman and assaulted her. several agencies took him into custody earlier this week after
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time to capture him which resulted in a high-speed chase where he got away. the presidential race results led to a surge in enrollment on the affordable care act. more than 100,000 people selected health plans on the website. trump managed to dismantle the program. wednesday was the busiest day since open enrollment began november 1 when about 95,000 people signed up. the last day to enroll in or start january 1 is december 15, and january 31 is the last day to enroll in or change a 2017 health plan. today is the day our nation pauses to honor our military veterans. the department of veterans affairs has faced some challenges recently. a congressional report in july called for urgent reform after finding what they found -- after calling -- finding what
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joining us is the department of veterans affairs, sloan gibson. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me on this great veterans day. >> there has been a lot of talk of privatizing va healthcare after the commission on care report. privatization help or hurt veterans in your estimation? >> i think first of all if you ask the vast majority of veterans, they their health care at the va. they find the camaraderie, the quality of care, the treatment and the respect is what they are really looking for. you know, i think more fundamentally, when you look at va, there is no healthcare organization in the world that has the scope and scale to be able to provide the care and support for veterans that we do. take mental health care as a great example, between our
7:34 am
substance abuse programs, the half-million outpatient appointment programs completed every month, the way we integrate mental health care into primary care, and then there are the nonclinical determinants of care. things like disability compensation, caregiver stipends and the like. there is no organization in america that can provide that kind of comprehensive care and support for patients. north carolina has one of the largest veterans populations in the country. can you talk about some of the changes to health care and benefits that you are seeing and that you have been working for to make sure the veterans get the care that they need? >> short. i think around the access issues that you alluded to earlier, there are really three or four different areas where we can work to improve access, staffing, space, productivity, and care in the community. i can tell you we have moved in
7:35 am
north carolina and have opened five different large 200 to 300,000 large centers across the state in north carolina. we have added tons of additional staff in our medical facilities there and we have dramatically expanded care in the community that is available to our veterans so they can get the care that they need when they need it. >> sloan gibson, much for joining me and letting veterans know the access that they do have to care. it is very important, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i think we all agree that they need to be cared for in a very special way and today, we honor all of our veterans. elizabeth, i'm glad to see that we have a sunny day for our veterans. >> we were watching the rotc 5k run, the weather was so great,
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up, not a cloud in the sky. it is chilly. if you're walking to and from were standing outside, you will need the code. 37 durham, 38 cary, 37 degrees in roanoke rapids. now that the sun is up temperatures should warm up quickly. low to mid-60s by lunchtime, mid-to upper 60s this afternoon, someplace is going to hit 72. whev nice. i know there were a number of ceremonies this morning. i'm honored to be the mc of the fuquay-varina ceremony at the golf club coming up at 10:00 a and. lunchtime, 63 degrees, and our high temperature again nice and mild this afternoon at the age. it will be a bit blustery which does not mean a whole lot for us but does mean worsening fire conditions in the western part of the state and we'll talk more about that coming up in
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meantime, brian has a look at how traffic is moving along this morning. >> emmy victor reported about the deadly accident in downtown raleigh, that crash investigation continues and likely will throughout the rest of the morning commute. at the moment, dawson street is blocked at cabarrus street. accident is further south near lenore and south streets but they haven't blocked off at cabarrus street. looking at sensor readings we are not seeing any huge delays on dawson street which is good news. if you want to use an alternate, might i suggest using salisbury or street, another option for southbound traffic downtown. this will be with us through the rest of the morning commute. plan on the alternate route if you're heading southbound through downtown raleigh. on the north side of town we have a report of a minor accident on spring forest road and shanda drive, not far from six forks road. notice traffic is moving along nicely but not causing any big problems.
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the ramp from 40 eastbound onto miami boulevard is blocked as they try to clear a tractor- trailer that is overturned on the shoulder on the ramp. traffic from 40 eastbound is moving along well but with the ramp close, think of alternate routes as well, maybe taking davis drive beyond 54 and then pick up miami boulevard on the other side of the closure. let's take a look at drive times on 40 westbound. we have not had any congestion to report in garner, the first quiet morning to report in several weeks. eight minutes from 42 to 440. in the fortify zone, 11 minutes, and of course the trip from wade avenue to 540 heading to the airport and park, delay free. dozens of businesses are hoping to honor our veterans today. >> we will tell you where they
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the hurricane matthew recovery committee will hear first-hand from people impacted by this devastating storm. the committee's first meeting community college in lumberton. this was taken shortly after matthew hit. you can see the town was inundated. residents will be able to offer comments and the committee will discuss community outreach and long-term plans. several meetings will be held all over eastern carolina in the coming weeks. the houston astros said
7:42 am
a team representative who sent a check totaling $5000 from the salvation army and city police fire departments. the astros will bring a minor league team to the city when the new baseball stadium in fayetteville is completed. more than 130 restaurant chains will sate thank you with freebies and deals. ihop is offering red, white and blue pancakes from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. chilies, hooters, applebee's, bob evans and all of garden are offering free deals from menus as well and longhorn steakhouse is offering dessert. guests dining with veterans will get 10% off of their deals as well. to get the deals, have your military id or proof of service. the countdown to thanksgiving continues. >> with another tasty recipe on local dish. how you can make these pecan
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that is a leonard cohen song, remembering his life, the songwriter h horing his terrific musical talent. >> was this from his last album that was released just a little while ago? >> no, scott is speaking to us from a distance. >> like the voice of god. no, it's not the voice of god, no! [ laughter ] that's all we can tell you, no. >> he is going to write the
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special board. >> scott, come on and share the magic with us. just show what we do. >> the magic board. >> various positions. >> is that the album? okay. >> scott had sent me an email earlier. that's why i was wondering. >> are magic board. >> now you're in on the secret, our tv magic, it's really high tech. [ laughter ] things that are slightly more high tech. we used to do whether that way with a big old dry erase board, i'm fortunate that i was not around for that. i'm probably not too far off. our rdu sky cam looking absolutely gorgeous this morning, lots of sunshine out there but still 37. at 7:45. i give another half hour, we will see widespread temperatures in the upper 40s
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our dewpoint is down at 34 and should stay in the 30s today. when the temperatures climb up to 70 it's going to be a crisp, dutiful, and fantastic. 35 in henderson, 47 in south hill, 37 chapel hill. town by town, 33 in sanford, 38 in erwin. we have a little strip of some temperatures in the 30s and slightly warmer from fayetteville and clinton. it will be short-lived as mild air sitting over us right now will be replaced by ve rushing in tonight. we will feel it tomorrow morning, it will be really chilly but cold for sunday morning. and, along this front, we are going to have breezy conditions, winds gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour, especially up into the mountains which is not good news for folks here. they have not had rain in a long time, not significant rain. it is not just the mountains of north carolina that we are concerned about that the mountains in georgia, kentucky, west virginia and tennessee and
7:48 am
in north carolina, the governor issued a state of emergency for some of our western counties and intra-counties there are evacuations going on. lake lure, southeast of asheville, and chimney rock state park, it is close. it's not burning but is close because of fires in the area. there is an air quality alert because of all of the smoke. after the front come through, it will push into our area so you may notice in the air for saturday. of course, d the main factors leading to the wildfires. they are in extreme to extensive drought, they haven't had any rain, we have had the rain in our area from hurricane matthew which kept us out of the draw but none of that rain back in the mountains. a lovely day today, 68, a high of 55 on saturday and the morning low at 28 bringing us the first hard freeze of the season. riley, monday and tuesday we have clouds and a chance of
7:49 am
but not much. the mountains will miss out on that, very little rain along the coast, anywhere from a half inch to an inch of rain. after that, dry wednesday and thursday. brian is looking at the roads. are you still dealing with that overturned tractor-trailer? >> the ramp from 40 eastbound is still blocked, as they try to clear an overturned tractor- trailer. it is not affecting traffic on the ramp from miami boulevard onto 40 eastbound but you can see a lot of cars getting into that interchange, getting to the ramp, reiz let's give you the best alternate route to get around to that. consider taking davis drive down to 54 and then pick up miami boulevard. you will notice because of those backups we are starting to see slow southbound traffic, heading into 540 and rtp. be patient heading into south durham this morning and remember if you're trying to
7:50 am
davis drive 254. around the rest of the triangle it has been a quiet morning overall, major routes just fine, 40 west bound delay three -- delay free thruway county, 440 west bound also looking good and 540 west all clear. in downtown raleigh we had an overnight accident and deadly crash on dawson street between lenore and south streets. right now, dawson street is closed at cabarrus while they investigate the accident and eventually clear it. but if you're heading southbound through raleigh, avoid dawson street, scoot over to salisbury street, that is your best alternate route. we are getting you ready for thanksgiving with great recipes on local dish. >> this week, brian schrader and lisa prince have a bite- size version of a holiday favorite. >> pecans and thanksgiving go hand-in-hand. so we are going to make some pecan pie muffins. >> put subject 13 in a bowl along with melted butter,
7:51 am
>> this is what makes it so good. if you don't have these, don't bother. >> reporter: lisa says to combine it carefully. >> be sure to not overmix it. you don't want air pockets but you wanted to be well combined. >> reporter: once it is combined, spray the mini muffin pan very well and then it is time to scoop. each well should be two thirds full. lisa places a pecan half a top each one. >> you did a great job. >> you did a great job. >> we put them in the oven at 350 for about 12 to 15 minutes. >> let them cool before removing them from the pan. >> little mini pecan pie muffins. >> this could be your breakfast on thanksgiving morning. >> i don't think i would stop at breakfast, or at one. >> you could eat these all day. >> on into the weekend through christmas. >> exactly. >> these are delicious.
7:52 am, enter recipes in the search box and look for the link to the printable version. next week, they will have another decadent dessert, a brown sugar pie. we are waiting for the music. >> we were going to do our dance. >> our what's trending dance. >> reporter: a story about a mcdonald's restaurant in michigan all because of five leaf, logan, and lucas curtis work in the kitchen. lauren curtis is at the front counter, lindsay curtis handles the lobby and dining area. this is in porterville, michigan. their mother calls the arrangement the curtis. most customers are not aware that they are quintuplets or related but they represent half of the staff on a typical
7:53 am
election, it is natural for many to look ahead to 2020. on twitter, there is an overwhelming favorite to run, michelle obama. let's take a look. dear michelle obama, i know you wanted to be done with the white house but we are going to need you to run for president. >> another chimes in, michelle obama for president 2020, a strong, intelligent, positive and respectful person who is a role model for all women. >> another says one good thing will come years time, michelle obama will be the first black female potus, start visualizing now. michelle obama 2020 hashtag is trending on twitter right now. >> i wonder what she says. >> right. she's thinking, i just want my kids to go to college, go to target when i want to. >> right, we'll see. >> we will get another check of your top stories, weather and
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the time is now 7:56, i'm lena tillett. here are your top stories. raleigh police are investigating a deadly crash on south dawson street. one person has died, another is being treated for serious injuries. this happened after a car crashed around to: 30 this morning on west south street. stop dawson is close while police investigate. we are working to learn what was inside a suspicious package that shut down several streets in downtown raleigh. it was discovered in the area around salisbury street around 8:00 last night. police removed the package and the streets reopened three
7:57 am
it is veterans day and is going to be beautiful, elizabeth. >> temperatures have been cool this morning, upper 30s to low 40s but look at the sunshine over rdu, really pretty. air temperature at the airport is 37, 38 in erwin, 39 in southern pines but it is 46 in roxboro and 47 in south hill. with that sunshine we'll see temperatures climb into the mid- to upper 40s in the next hour or so. we climbed to nearly 70 this afternoon, likely to hit 72 around fayetteville, plunging 255 tomorrow, and down to 28 sunday morni first hard freeze. 7:57. we are looking at a problem in durham, an overturned tractor- trailer on the shoulder of the ramp from 40 eastbound onto miami boulevard. durham police right now have blocked the ramp. think about an alternate route, if you're trying to get to miami boulevard from 40
7:58 am
down toward miami boulevard. because of those backups, seeing heavy southbound delays on the durham freeway approaching the i-40 interchange. also we had an earlier fatal accident in downtown raleigh, the investigation continues this morning and dawson street is blocked at cabarrus street and likely will be for some time to come. donald trump's election
7:59 am
now on fox50, breaking news, a deadly crash shuts down a major road in downtown
8:00 am
learning about the investigation. >> people take to the streets once again to protest donald trump's win. how the president elect is responding. >> many local events happening today in honor of our nation's veterans. thanks for joining us this veterans day, i'm lena tillett. >> i'm renee chou. great to have you with us. breaking news in downtown raleigh where police are investigating a deadly crash. >> this happened on south dawson street which is closed off at wral's emmy victor is at the scene and has been for some time now. what are you learning now? >> reporter: i have some information for you since we just spoke 30 minutes ago. i want to show you the scene, police crews are back and there is even a tow truck here. they have a big task here. they have to get this car that is stuck inside of a guardrail onto the tow truck, it is a big scene, one that has been developing since as early as


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