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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  November 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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right now on fox 50 breaking news, at least three people dead following severe storms across the south possible tornadoes are reported. and the latest on the wildfire fight in tennessee in one of the most popular tourist tourist destinations. and donald trump works to fill his cabinet. good morning. >> it was a little wet this morning as i drove in. listen, we could have stormy
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that brought the weather to tennessee. and our threat of severe weather is not the same as theirs but we have the potential of strong, gusty winds, and even before the thunderstorms arrive it will be gusty. we have drizzle and mist. and it's damp out there. here is a look at the south hill skycam. pretty christmas decorations. it's extremely warm, another one of those mornings you will walk out the door what's going on? 65 in cary and wake forest and holly springs. 64 in roxboro and south hill and 66 in southern pines and 69 in fayetteville. very, very warm. it warmed to 71 at lunchtime with a high of 75 this afternoon. that does put us close to the record high of 77. it will be mainly dry and blustery and warm and tonight, another round of rain. nate is in for brian this
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roads. a little busy? a little busier than it was earlier this week with wetness on the roads and it doesn't seem to be causing major problems. the shoulder closed on i-40 westbound at highway 42 and it causes slowdowns north and west, cars backing up there. on the map you can get an idea. highway 42, causing problems heading in from the north and west. and the clayton backing up nicely this morning. jones sausage road, seeing that as well, and lake wheeler road. but overall, the travel time is not looking that good from clayton into 440, about 18 minutes. you'll have a 10 minute delay here and we have a couple of incidents to let you know about
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near the traffic center, the stalled vehicle there causing a slow down. it's a bit wet out there this morning. we have rain coming in tonight to affect us tomorrow aswell. >> thank you, nate. a deadly line of storms spawned a tornado and blamed for at least three deaths in alabama in the northeaste of the state. this is brand new video. it touched down in jackson county, alabama shortly after midnight. all three deaths were in a mobile home. one person in the home was critically injured. the storm knocked down trees and damaged homes elsewhere. a curfew in place for people in gatlinburg, tennessee as firefighters race to contain wildfires raging in that part of the state.
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definitely help. the bodies of three people were found in sevier county. a national park official said that the fire was caused by humans but did not say if it was intentional or accidental. an estimated 15,000 acres have burned. more big announcements could come out of trump tower. we got a new one right now. >> donald trump just tweeted that he will leave his business in order to fully presidency to avoid conflict of interest, a reversal what he has stated before. tracie potts has more on the transition and what's happening on capitol hill. >> the american people are seeing the leadership and the energy that our president-elect will bring to the house. >> reporter: two more announcements expected today,
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mnuchin and wilbur ross as commerce secretary. up in the air still secretary of state. >> my sense is we narrowed it down to a small group of people. >> reporter: including mitt romney who had dinner with trump last night. >> the people he selected as members of his cabinet are solid and effective people. >> reporter: advisors are swarming trump tower. >> we talked about the secretary of labor. >> reporter: vice elect pence meets with republican leaders on capitol hill. the senate said they are ready to confirm trump's cabinet. >> in this country, we have a long tradition of respecting unpleasant speech. i support the supreme court's decision. >> reporter: trump suggests punishment, jail or loss of
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trump will announce 100 factory jobs in the u.s. the air conditioning, carrier, said it struck a deal with trump for nearly 1000 jobs in indiana. trump and mike pence, the current governor of indian a will make the announcement official tomorrow. nancy pelosi has held the top position in the house for a dozen years and toda a challenge from lawmakers saying it's time for a change. ryan said that the party has the right policies but not the right message. the state board of elections holds a public meeting to hear republican party's request for a recount. the board already rejected the
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for the state board to step in. roy cooper has a lead of at least 9900 votes or pat mccrory. republicanssay that the recount would be a public service. and more information on what led to dozens of arrests in a protest over minimum rage last night along roxboro. protesterssay it should be a living wage of at least $15 an hour. organizerssay there will be similar events in the future. durham police are investigating the third homicide in 3 days. officer responded to a shooting at the riverdale apartments at 11:15 last night. a man was found dead at the scene. his name was not released. sunday, a deadly the
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positive -- 55, and a man was found shot to death in a car.
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a remembrance ceremony will be held in colombia for the
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carrying members of a brazilian soccer team that went down on monday night. only 6 of the 77 on board survived. the stadium will become the venue of the recentliance ceremony. they are now examining the flight recorders to figure out a cause. the theme park where four people died in an accident will re-open but there changes. officials in australia said they will open several rides on the 10th of december but the thunder river rapids ride will never re-open and they in fact plan to demolish it. the rest of the rides will aggressively open after safety reviews. federal safety regulators want to you complain about auto problems. they want to require automakers
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of all . last year, 75,000 people filed complaints but it wasn't enough, and the agency's funding dried up. protesters attempt to shut down the australian parliament. session to a halt and what they are urging law make tories do.
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jack frost is not nipping at our noses. >> no, but he is somewhere around the rockies, very cold. >> i saw the forecast for glacier national park. a high of minus 2. snow, snow, snow. >> a li they are on the other side of the front that comes through. we won't have frost nipping at our nose but you'll notice a big difference. highly unusual this morning, feels almost like summertime. we had rain last night north of the region. we started about 3:15 this morning and you can see from raleigh northward into virginia quickly. a few patchy showers when i came in up until about 5:30 or
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that at this point. sometimes, the radar has a tough time picking up the tiny particles of mist and drizzle. but as you head through the morning hours, i expect less and less of it. fairly dry until after the evening commute, dinner time when we have a cold front coming in back to the west. i mean it looks like it's a miserable morning, doesn't it? when you look at the raleigh skycam, but nothing sort, nice and mild and plenty of moisture in the atmosphere. it's almost muggy out there with a dew point of 64. the temperature at 64 in roxboro and 66 in southern pines. 70 in goldsboro. these temperatures are above even the normal high temperatures this time of year. back to the west, rain in tennessee, starting to creep into the mountains of north carolina and there has been severe along with this. you can see here, a couple of places where the radar is
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those are spots that where it could potentially produce severe weather, tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings, but we are not likely to have the same threat for severe weather, just rain in the mountains of north carolina and tennessee but not severe weather. we have a tornado watch tennessee. the yellow boxes that flash on are tornado warnings, and they is severe thunderstorm warnings in the north portion of north carolina, so there is the potential there. and our threat for damaging wind is there but fairly minor.
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5:00, from 7:00, 8:00 up to midnight, 2:00 a.m. 75degrees for the high temperature this afternoon and we're under a marginal risk for severe weather here but not likely to be widespread. the amount of rain we'll see from now through tonight is not impressive. we ended up with a .25" or less, mainly less from yesterday, and we add to maybe .4" in the next 24 hours. 56 on friday and 53 on saturday and temperatures are so much cooler behind the front and back for a chance of rain on sunday, chilly, 46 degrees and light rain and showers on monday, and maybe even into tuesday. but the morning lows are cool. saturday morning, mid-30s but
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nate is here with a look at the roads, damp out there but no real problems. i haven't seen any major issues, just some slowdowns and stalled vehicles unfortunately. 40 at 42 in clayton, we did have an accident on the eastbound side causing slowdowns and the traffic is backing up at the top of the television screen and seeing much but green to the north and west from there. but we are slowing down from johnston county, a 10 to 12- minute extra delay from the normal 8-minute ride in this morning. another new accident south of downtown raleigh at dawson street, no affects on the traffic data as of yet.
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540 at glenwood, typical volume delays on the northwest side of town to 540 and at 5 5 -- 540, looking good. 440 at lake boone, volume is picking up here. back to you. authorities believe that propaganda from isis may have inspired a students's attack at ohio state university despite art an actually worked for them but law enforcement said there is no evidence that he communicated with any terror group. meantime, the school held a buckeye strong event. 11 people were injured and 3 are still in the hospital and are expected to make a recovery. a scare in san francisco. a movie theater was evacuated
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possible gunman inside. police got a 911 call that a person armed with a handgun may be in a theater in a downtown shopping center. a witness told a newspaper he could see the glint of a gun barrel as he waved the gun. police took a man into custody and a handgun was recovered. no one was hurt. the trial of a police officer charge an unarmed man continues as michael slager took the stand. he said that the incident escalated and walter scott tried to wrestle his taser away and he fired as scott ran away.
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filled with ill will? >> no, i was not. >> slager held back tears several times especially when talking about the impact it had on his family and scott's family. if convicted, slager could get 30 years to life in prison. a group of protesters in australia disrupted parliament this morning. >> move back. move back. their hands to a railing and 20 protesters linked arms demanding that they deal with the refugees. australia has deterred refugees by refusing to re-settle them. canada's prime minister has approved one controversial
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other from the alberta oil to the pacific coast. al batter has the third largest oil reserve. they said it will cripple the capacity to get the canadian resources beyond the united states. 97% of canadian oil exports now go to the u.s. a massive shelter is in place over the exploded reactor at the chernobyl plant moving forward and wa on a system of hydraulic jacks two weeks ago and completed the journey yesterday. workers will begin dismantling the so-called sarcaphogus. the shelter is 850 feet wide and 350 feet tall and cost $1.6 billion. a federal court hands down a decision on north carolina's
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>> what the decision will force lawmakers to do before november of next year.
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good 7:26. i'm bill leslie with your top stories. the state board of elections hold a hearing on the request for a recounts of ballots. thomas stark claims that the county used corrupt data from machines that malfunctioned in early vote regular and on election day. we're getting a look this morning at the devastation in gatlinburg where wildfires destroys at least 150 buildings. three people were killed.
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town, who lost his own home, said they will pull together. our weather is looking unsettled. a check in with elizabeth. absolutely. you step outside and say this does not feel like the end of november. you'll notice it's a little damp as we step outside. you don't need your winter coats. we have low cloud cover and it makes for air gleam start. 70 from goldsboro. 64 in roxboro and a high of this afternoon. overnight, we'll have a band of rain that comes through with a front that may bring us steadier rain and potentially wind damage and we dry out for thursday and friday and temperatures cool down. nate? starting to see typical volume delays building. this is i-540 at glenwood and
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and word of a stalled vehicle i- 40 at lake wheeler. 26 minutes from 440 over to u.s. 1 and we have a crash on 40 near highway 42 in clayton. back to you. >> thank you, nate. appreciate that. still to come on fox 50, new information in a report released on last week's officer-
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a developing story in cuba this morning where fidel castro's issues have begun a 4-day journey from havana to their final resting place in the eastern city of santiago. >> the remains of the 90-year- old leader will be placed in a small coffin befored by the cuban flag to begin a 500- mile trip. we'll follow that story. and a report released of deadly shooting in the mcdoug ailed terrace neighborhood. >> the report came out last night and answers some but not all of the questions. emmy victor has what's new in the report. emmy? >> reporter: renee, bill, the report that you just mentioned moments ago, i have it right here in my hand. this is the officers' account, a description of what they say last tuesday, and there are two pieces of information that are critical.
7:31 am
found next to frank clark's body, the man shot and killed in the incident. they have said this gun was stolen and reported stolen in durham in january. the second is that the report said that a whited rock-like substance wrapped in a blastic bag fell out of clark's pants. according to the report, this all started when officers cs barkley and md southerland, and neighborhood. they were from a conversation with clark and clark reached in his waistband and they engaged in a struggle. moments later, they heard a gunshot, and that's when the officer fired their weapons. they administered cpr but clark died. there are pieces of information that were not listed.
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prompted the officers to approach clark and the number of shots fired and the autopsy and the results of that. they will continue to look into the case and the officers are still on paid administrative leave. back to you. >> emmy victor, thank you for the information. we are waiting to learn if there will be charges filed against the police officer that fired the shot that killed keith scott. according to wcnc, the district attorney requested to meet with the family and they believe that's to learn if officer brently vinson will be charged. his family does not believe that he shot in self defense. north carolina lawmakers muster redraw 28 districts and
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of next year, following a federal court ruling. the ruling is on appeal to the u.s. supreme court says the case involving the congressional district. the court will hear the case of the congressional match on monday. statements have been on the ruling. the state democratic party issued a brief statement saying they applaud the order. good news for drivers in the roseville-wake forest area. the section of rogers road washed out by hurricane matthew will re-open on december 9, weather permitting. the section has been closed
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pay less starting with the december bill. the average rate for the customer will save $6 a month and corporate and commercial customers will pay less. they are doing it because fuel costs have been so low. alcoa said that their four dams have generated more than $210 million increase of 80% over last year. this boost comes after they closed an aluminum smelting factory that once employed 1000 workers. now, they are selling the power on the wholesale market. it announced in july it's selling four dams to a business based in maryland. a deal was not finalized. a historic flight this morning, american airlines
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time. charlotte was one of 10 cities selected to receive a noon stop route to non--non-stop flight. >> i grew up thinking that was just a little airport. american airlines tweeted that havana was caribbean. interesting happening there. >> wouldn't want to call it the moscow of the caribbean. >> no, but a place to visit certainly if you ever get the chance. elizabeth? >> i'm sure it's very historic there, definitely, and nice and warm. i imagine it feels a lot like it feels here right now. it's much warmer than normal, tropical, temperatures in the
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this morning. you won't run into rain that will cause problems for the morning commute. the rain in the mountains, it holds off to the evening commute and around dinner time it rolls in, and storms could produce damaging winds. we'll talk about the damaging threats in a few minutes. 66 in chapel hill and 65 in cary and erwin, 64, and temperatures will warm up quickly, low to d- afternoon, gray and blustery like it was yesterday. we won't see much rain in the daylight hours. that comes after sunset tonight but it's coming. at the bus stop, no winter coat with the warm temperatures, and at this point, it probably won't be too much more. temperatures in the mid-70s. nate is here with a look at how the roads are moving along. nate?
7:37 am
85, mile marker 191 at the creedmoor exit. we are looking for more details. expect delays from i-85. otherwise, big slow downs from johnston county. the clayton bypass, stacked up there. and it loosens up a bit but this is the inbound direction here. you can see it packed in there. the commute in from highway 42 and normal is about 8. you are looking at a healthy delay, a 16-minute delay, and then 40 at lake wheeler, a lane closed here, the westbound lane, the inside lane. if you want to move to the right to get around that, that is further comple kateing the commute. how about 26 minutes from the 440 split to u.s. one? and cast that, it's okay.
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downtown, an accident cleared both directions in raleigh on the east side of downtown. back to you. nate, thank you. when asked to describe our wral teacher of the week, the principal said born to teach. >> the partnershipship with the north carolina education lottery, our lynda loveland surprised the teacher whose family >> reporter: guess what? you're wral's teacher of the week. sidney began her teaching career at york elementary 10 years ago. this year, she is doing something different. she's a literacy coach. instead of teaching kids directly, she helps the teachers. >> i meet with teachers who say i'm having a real hard time teaching guided reading. you can model a lesson for me
7:39 am
pull away from it what i want. >> reporter: that's one of many things that sydney does. >> she is really invested in building in relationships. and now she is a literacy coach, she builds the relationships as a staff member. >> reporter: sydney said there were no many things to love about this profession, the relationship witst different and? >> the kids make me laugh. you never know what they'll say. i love that. >> reporter: i'm lynda loveland, wral news, raleigh. >> kids are great, aren't they? so are the teachers. 7:39 now. trading in your old car for a new one may sound like a good
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facing a major hurdle.
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more and more car shoppers are underwater on their trade ins. nearly a third owed was worth according to a look at the numbers from january through september, they saw the highest rate of negative equity on record,
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tuesday, and now, support women wednesday. you can shop more than 70 retailers supporting the movement. a percentage of sales will fund microloans to help impoverished women around the world. nintendo is giving you a chance to hang out with donkey kong and pikachu at universal parks osaka, japan with characters, attractions, restaurants, and shops. it's 7:43. the first family invites the public to the white house for christmas. coming up, a sneak peek of this year's decorations and themes and when you can witness a time- honored holiday tradition, the
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i listened to them growing up. >> really? >> yeah. >> no wonder you're smiling so much. >> it's like an early throwback thursday but a cloudy wednesday for us. >> only 34 hours until our tower lighting. >> that's it. >> i don't know what roxboro
7:47 am
tree lightings and fun things like that, and it's that time of year and a lot of the things are outside, and sometimes, the weather responds. sometimes, not. we have a decent first half of the weekend in the forecast, much cooler which is not a stretch because it's so warm out there this morning. here's a look at the radar picture. we start off at 3:45, and you can see a few patchy light rain showers. at 6:30, 7:00, most of that is fairly dry conditions. we'll stay dry most likely through sunset and at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, we'll have a band of rain and we could have damaging winds with the band. they are seeing strong and severe thunderstorms in tennessee where they had the wildfires. they didn't need the severe
7:48 am
pines and .1" in roxboro and raleigh. many spots are not showing anything in the rain gauges from the rain yesterday. here is the rdu skycam. because of last night's rain, we have wet conditions. it's extremely warm, 66, and no winter coats required. a southwest wind at 9 miles per hour and breezy. we'll continue to have the gusty winds today that we saw yesterday, and a few spots lost power, isolated power outages are a possibility today. the dew point in makes its feel tropical, moist and 68 in rocky mount, wilson, and 66 in southern pines, very, very warm morning for us. how about the wind gusts through the day today? i think they'll look a lot like yesterday, 9:00, gusting to 16 miles per hour and gusts closer to 20 at lunchtime and 5:00 or
7:49 am
winds. and the front comes through at 10:00 p.m. and we have the potential for gusty winds and possibly isolated wind damage. the windiest time may be after sunset when the front comes through. right now, the vein here in the mountains. they are seeing decent amounts of rain, much more than we are seeing here. the line in the southern part of southeast tennessee right there, strong storms and actually we had severe thun and we see the rain pushing eastward, not until this evening. 8:00, we see the rain at that point and skies will clear out quickly and thursday, a nice bright day. temperatures will be mild but dropping friday, saturday, and sunday, and 75, and looking at a warm wind with a marginal risk for severe weather. it could produce isolated wind damage. 62 on thursday and we are very
7:50 am
tower lighting. be sure to tune in here at wral at 6:15. it should be mild, 55. if you are headed to durham on friday, we are welcoming you to come out to the american tobacco campus, and the forecast, looking chilly but nice and clear for the tower lighting that kicks off at 6:00 p.m. the weekend, not so bad. saturday, cool but mostly sunny and winterfest in downtown raleigh on sunday, chilly and wet with a high of 46 and showers and potentially into early tuesday. nate's here with a look at what's happening on the roads. expecting spots to slow down. let's get good news out of the way. the disabled vehicle on the left-hand side of i-40 at lake wheeler, it's out of the way now, good news but slow out of johnston county, not good. 32 minutes from clayton to the 440 split and 33 across the south side.
7:51 am
and then loosens up heading out. and speaking of wade avenue this is i-440, the outer beltline, a disabled vehicle here and we have a crew on the way but that's causing slowdowns on 440 and backups at falls of neuse. but nothing typical at i-85 at falls lake at mile marker 185, this is a tractor trailer that jackknifed, a do -- double tractor trailer. and if you are coming in from the north side from creedmoor on i-85, get away from that. and we want to let you know about a couple of beings in town as we -- accidents in town. you can see the slowdowns on
7:52 am
we'll have more on that accident on i-85. back to you. >> nate, appreciate that very much. you can help to keep children warm this winter donating for the coats for children campaign. you can drop off new or gently used coats at jiffy lube or search coats on culinary county are putting their skills to the test. students are competing in the american culinary federation competition. categories include buffet platters, cakes, breads. competitors are judged on artistry, craftsmanship, and theme. i would like a buffet right now. for her final holiday in
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highlighted military service, education, and health and the first latest hosted military families at the white house. a towering tree honors military families. larger than life replicas of the family's dogs will welcome the visitors. the white house said most of the 70,000 ornaments were re- used. tradition in new york tonight as the rockefeller center christmas tree is lit. this is video from last year. thousands are expected to watch the tree lighting in person, and we will have it live on wral. it will be star-studded featuring garth brooks and tricia yearwoods with tony
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es. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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it's 7:56. i'm renee chou. here are your top stories. a new report that says a stolen gun was found at the scene wher frank clark on tuesday and details a struggle between clark and police at mcdougald terrace where the shooting happened. and greenville will be the location of one of the final meetings about hurricane recovery. the meeting is from 10:00 a.m. until noon. another extremely warm morning, elizabeth. incredible out there and feels tropical almost.
7:57 am
night that is basically over, and the ride out should be fairly dry but tonight, rain rolls in with a few isolated storms and wind damage. we'll talk about that on fox 50 in a few minutes. the tall tower camera, a gloomy start with companies in the mid to upper 60s and 70 right now in goldsboro, and a high of 75 this afternoon. overnight tonight, rain and then clearing quickly. thursday and friday, turning cooler. nate? i-85 down to one lane due to a tractor trailer that jackknifed southbound lanes of i-85 at falls lake, and the traffic has backed up a couple of miles. this is two miles farther up the road so you can expect major delays on i-85. we haven't heard of injuries,
7:58 am
miles backup there. half an hour from 440 to u.s. 1 on the south side of town. back to you. >> thank you, nate. he led raleigh's catholic ?? ?? ?? with the card that offers the best choice of doctors and hospitals you have the compassion of the cross, the security of the shield, and a range of plans to drive you forward.
7:59 am
right now on fox 50, breaking news. at least three people are dead following severe storms across the south.
8:00 am
plus, the latest on the wildfire fight from gatlinburg, tennessee, one of the south's most popular tourist destination i guess. and big announcements as president-elect trump works to fill his cabinet. thank you for joining us. i'm renee clue. >> and i'm bill down in jackson county, alabama. three deaths were reported from a mobile home. one person from the home is in critical condition and the storm knocked down trees and caused damage elsewhere in alabama tennessee, and mississippi. a curfew is in place for people in gatlinburg, tennessee as officials are trying to control raging wildfires in the state. rain in the area should help as


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