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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 30, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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plus, the latest on the wildfire fight from gatlinburg, tennessee, one of the south's most popular tourist destination i guess. and big announcements as president-elect trump works to fill his cabinet. thank you for joining us. i'm renee clue. >> and i'm bill down in jackson county, alabama. three deaths were reported from a mobile home. one person from the home is in critical condition and the storm knocked down trees and caused damage elsewhere in alabama tennessee, and mississippi. a curfew is in place for people in gatlinburg, tennessee as officials are trying to control raging wildfires in the state. rain in the area should help as
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found in sevier county. hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed. a park official said that the fire was caused by humans but did not say if it was intentional or accidental. 15,000acres have burned. another big announcement out of trump tower. >> president-elect trump tweeted that he is leaving his business empire to focus on being the nation's 45th president to avoid potential tracie potts has more on the transition and what else is happening on capitol hill today. >> the american people are seeing the leadership and the energy that our president-elect will bring to the white house on january 20th.
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alum steven m nuchin and wilbur ross. >> the people he has selected as members of the cabinet are solid and capable and effective people. >> reporter: advisors are swarming trump tower. >> we talked about the secretary of labor and something to consider. >> reporter: vice president- elect pence meets with republican leaders on hill. the senate said they are going to confirm the cabinet but not flag burning . >> we have a long tradition of respecting unpleasant speech and i support the supreme court's decision. >> reporter: mr. trump suggests punishment, jail or loss of citizenship. tracie potts, washington. and trump will kick off his thank you tour in ohio tomorrow and will visit indiana to
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carrier said it struck a deal with trump to keep the 1000 jobs in indiana. governor mike pence, the current governor, will be there tomorrow for the official announcement. democrats in the house will select their party leader today. nancy pelosi of california has been the leader for a dozen years buffetss a challenge by congressman tim ryan of ohio saying it's time for a change of leadership and sites the democratic cgressional seats in the past six years and says the party has the right policies but not the right message. the state board of elections will hold a public meeting today at thomas starks's request for a recounts in durham county. the county board already rejected his request and he is asking the state board to step
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it's time pat mccrory tow concede and move on. but the republicans say it would be a public service. 54 people are facing charges after they were arrested in a protest in durham over minimum waimg. they were charged with impeding traffic on north roxboro street. theysay the minimum wage should be a living wage of at least $15 an hour. organizerssay there will be similar events police in durham are investigating a homicide, the third in three days. officers responding to a report of a shooting at willowdale apartments on guess road last night. a man was found dead at the scene. and his name was not released. sunday, there was a deadly shooting on highway 55 at a hotel, and on monday, a man was found shot to death after a car crashed on rowena avenue in
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the cases. catholic bishop michael burbidge celebrated his final mass in raleigh. he is preaching to time a new role in arlington, virginia. he spent 10 years in raleigh and made a mark on the community here and admits the last few weeks have been tough on him with the emotional pain of detachment. he starts his new role next month. and next month starts tomorrow. the last day of november on a warm note, elizabeth. we are looking at very warm temperatures this morning, mid- 60s and near 70. we had rain that rolled through, and now it looks like it's gray and gloomy. but most of the rain won't happen until after the evening commute. the front coming across the
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you won't run into much rain this morning falling out of the sky. 66 in cary and holly springs, very warm. mid-60sin south hill and roxboro, and at lunchtime, expect 71 and we'll see a high of 75. the record high temperature for today, 77. so we are going to be close a record high. warm and windy through the afternoon, and it should stay fairly dry, and after 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 or so, rolls through and thunderstorms with a few of these producing damages winds. nate is here with traffic. you have some accidents causing problems. we have gotten busy unfortunately, i-85 at falls lake. the southbound lane is closed. you see one car now and again getting around in the median with a double stack tractor trailer that was jackknifed here, and we have a wrecker on the way.
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mess to clean up, and delays, two miles back up the road and probably farther than that. just find another way. it will be faster than getting around this mess, and the accident here, you can see it's backed up, so avoid i-5 southbound if you can, and a place to avoid if you have the option, johnston county this is not good. this is averaging 19 miles per hour across the clayton bypass. this is not good. if you sum that up, it will take 28 minutes from clayton to the 440 split. these are improving numbers over the last couple minutes, from 440 to wade avenue. still a slow go.
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540 at glenwood, busy. but no slow down there is. >> nate, thank you. an update on the deadly plane crash in colombia. >> dozens are dead but six survived. how the victims will be honored today. and hoping to make it
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be held today for the victims of the plane crash that was killed on monday. only 6 of the 77 on board survived. the stadium where the game was to be played will be the site of the remembrance ceremony. an australian theme park where four people died in a ride accident announced it will re-open next month but with it closed after two adults and two children were killed when a raft overturned on a river ride in october. the thunder river rapids ride will not re-open and will be demolished. the rest of the rides progressively re-open after safety reviews. regulators want you to
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safety problems. they are asking for a notice on the sun visors. the agency will take comments on the label proposal until january 27. protesters attempt to shut down australia's parliament. >> how they brought today's session to a halt and what are urging lawmakers to doment. are urging lawmakers to doment. new information emerging about last new information emerging whoa, this is awful, try it. are urging lawmakers to doment. new information emerging about last oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth!
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shrouded in clouds as we anticipate the tower lighting at wral. >> something to point out. the camera is on our tower right here in eastern wake county. so this up the one right here. >> just 33 hours until the big moment. >> a little more than that. 59 minutes and -- >> oh, if you want to be technical. >> i like being technical. >> glass half full. [laughter ] all right. it is warm out there this
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picture. starting at 4:15, light rain and it lifts up into virginia and it's moist feeling, almost tropical with the warm temperatures and the mugginess. it should stay dry all the way through the evening commute and then showers that roll through overnight and thunderstorms potentially and a few of those storms could produce isolated wind damage. let's talk about the rain we saw from yesterday, and we were wishing it would be more knew yesterday and through the weekend the amounts would be light. a.25" in southern pines and .1" in fayetteville and in roxboro and raleigh and elsewhere, pretty much nothing. we do have another shot at it for this evening. we'll hope for more and still probably be .50" to less. the museum skycam, looking gray. it's damp and there was rain
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of that will affect your morning commute. i am hoping to be at the museum in the noon newscast and talking with greg fishel about his town hall meeting tomorrow night. the winds will pick up, southwest at 16 miles per hour and gusts, 15 to 20 this morning and when the front comes through tonight, gusts up to 30 miles per hour and even stronger. d- henderson and 70 in goldsboro. very, very warm. here is the front back to the west and produced strong showers and thunderstormss in east tennessee and parts of georgia and alabama. potential thunderstorms producing tornadoes and wind damage there. and this moves across into our area tonight but it will not bring the threat for severe weather. the redbox is a tornado watch
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tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings. we'll be watching this for the next few hours. we take our lightning risk out to 5:00 and it does increase into the evening. after midnight, it really drops back off again and the skies will clear with the threat out of our area. 75 is the high today, and later tonight, a marginal risk of severe weather and a few storms could produce wind damage, we have the potential for some severe thunderstorms. 62 tomorrow and skies clearing rapidly, a nice and bright day thursday, just cooler. when we light the tower, the temperature in the mid-50s, so tune in to wral for the tower lighting. and then friday, 56 and turning cooler. and you are welcome to come out to american tobacco for the
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and on saturday, there is the winterfest in raleigh. a fun event. lunchtime, 48 and at 8:00, 45, and it will be a cooler day on saturday, a chance of showers on sunday, and 46. so not a great day to be outside. saturday looks better. we'll continue the chance of showers monday into early tuesday. back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. we'll be lighting the wral tower starting on wral -- sorry. the information is something we'll get back to in just a moment. no word yet on what sparked a pipeline explosion and fire in kansas city, missouri. no injuries were reported. the pipeline carries methane and propane gas and the company said that the pipeline was transport being a mix from conway to the midwest.
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comedian tracy morgan, kevin roper, pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and four counts of aggravated assault yesterday. the walmart truck he was driving crashed into morgan's van in 2014. morgan suffered serious injuries and one person was killed. if roper satisfys conditions, the charges will be dismissed. one person is dead another injured after a car jumped a los angeles freeway and landed in a home understand encampment in van nuys. if went 20 feet down the hill in last night's rush hour. a woman was crushed beneath the car, and three people inside the car were hurt, two seriously. no word on what caused the crash.
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prop aganda may have inspired abdulal art an in the o -- osu attack. 11 people were hurt and three are still in the hospital. but each is expected to make a complete recovery. a scare in san francisco where a movie theater was evacuated after officials reported reports of a possible policesay that they got a 911 call that a person armed with a handgun could be in the theater in a downtown shopping center. a witness said he could see the glint of the gun barrel. policesay that a handgun was recovered from inside the theater. no one was hurt. closing arguments are set to happen in the tried of the former south carolina police
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death of an unarmed man. michael slager said he pulled over walter scott for a broken taillight in april 2015 and that the incident escalated and scott tried to wrestle his taser, and he fired as scott ran away. >> when you shot him were filled with ill will? >> no, i was not. >> slager held back tears several times especially when talking about the impact it has had on his family and scott's family. if convicted, he could get 30 years to life in prison. a theme park in australia where four people died
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but with changes. dream world closed after the deaths in october. the thunder river rapids ride will not re-open. it will be demolished. a group of rowdy protesters in australia disrupted parliament this morning. some of the protesters glued their railing. 30 demonstrators shouted to drown out the how was representatives. australia has deterred refugees by refusing to ever resettle them. 8:23, and a federal court has made a decision on north carolina's voting district lines. >> coming up, what the decision will force lawmakers to do before november of next year. and countdown to take off
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7:26. i'm your top stories, number 1 this hour, the traffic is really bad in places. here's nate johnson. we had hillsborough street that was closed down, but now it's opening again and it's slow going in the outbound direction and big slow down i- 85 slow down at falls lake, a 4- mile backup due to the jackknifed tractor trailer. and coming in from i-85, consider highway 50 over to
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and it's out of your way. you can avoid 4 miles of that. and an incident at wade avenue causing traffic to back up on i- 40, and still slow going across the south side of town, 40 minutes from johnston county to wade avenue. a request of the recount of the ballots in corrupt data was used on election day. elizabeth, we're still in the clouds? and we'll be in the clouds for pretty much the entire day. it did rain overnight, and it's damp in places and definitely cloudy. take a look at the tall tower camera shot, low clouds and high clouds making it feel gloomy, and creamily warm. 69 in fayetteville and clinton
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south hill and warming up to 75 this afternoon. it will be windy like yesterday, and thunderstorms that could produce wind damage and then we dry out and cool down. 56 on friday. bill? >> elizabeth, thank you very much. a newly released report details circumstances in a deadly police shooting in
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a new report about a deadly shooting of a man by police in the mcdougald terrace neighborhood. >> the report came out late last night and answers some of but not all of the questions. emmy victor is live at the durham police department to tell us what else is in the report. emmy? >> reporter: bill and renee, i have the report right here in my hand. we've gone through. it it's a detailed description on what officers say happened last tu the crime scene was reported stolen last january in durham. that was found next to 34-year- old frank clark's body at the crime scene and that a white rock-like distance wrapped in a plastic bag fell out of clark's pants during the incident. this reportedly all started with officers cs barkley, md southerland, and cq goss
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they had a conversation with clark, and moments later, clark reached for his waistband, and the officers heard a gunshot. officer goss fired the the weather channelon and the other officers called for help. they administered cpr on clark and he did die. we are waiting to learn how many shots were fired and whether the autopsy will lead to further information in the case. th an eye on how this develops, and we're told that the officers were placed on administrative leave with pay until we learn more. back to you. >> emmy victor, with what we know and are waiting to learn. thank you. we could know as early as today if charges will be filed against a charlotte-mecklenburg police officer that fired the shot that killed keith scott.
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charlotte, wcnc, the district attorney asked to meet with the scott family. scott was shot september 20th, sparking several nights of protest. the chief is saying that scott was shot in self defense. his family does the believe that is what happened. the federal court has ruled be redrawn. the ruling is already on appeal to the u.s. supreme court as is the case involving congressional districts. the court will hear the case regarding the maps on monday. republican leaders in the house and senate in raleigh and the redistricting committee issued a statement on the ruling, blasting it, writing there politically motivated
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constitutional guarantee for voters to duly elect their legislators to biennial terms, and the democratic party said that they applauds the court's order. good news for drivers in the rolesville-wake forest area. the section of rogers road washed out by hurricane math all-re-open december 9, weather permitting. it has october 8. five people are under arrest after a suspected cock fight was raided in lenoir county. when deputies arrived, 30 to 40 people ran into the woods leaving their vehicles behind and the birds. four people returned for their cars and were arrested along with the renter of the property. the carolina waterfowl rescue will take care of the chickens for now. an autopsy will determine
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custody of cumberland county deputies. deputies tried to stop clarence young when they suspected him of driving under the influence. at first, he would not pull over and once he did, deputies ordered him out of the car, and that's when they say that the 35-year-old had a medical complication. they gave him first aid but young died before they got him to the hospital. alcoa generated more than $200 million in revenue, an increase of 80%. this comes after the company closed an aluminum smelting factory powered by the dams and once employed 1000 workers. the company is will sell the power on the wholesale market and are selling the four dams to a business in maryland.
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finalized. a historic flight from charlotte/douglas. american airlines will be flying to havana for the first time. charlotte is 1 of 10 cities selected to receive the non- stop route to that van a the estimated arrival, 11:18:0 0 a.m., a quick trip. i would like to go. >> i would so fascinating. >> and so tease do now. >> exactly, and i imagine our weather right now is cuba like in terms of being warm and tropical. it definitely is very warm out there. and here is the roxboro skycam. it's damp out there with a band of rain that rolled through overnight, and it's not going to be wet for much of the day today but we have a front that will come through tonight and bring us the next best chance for rain. we have been talking about
8:36 am
very similar to yesterday, cloudy skies and yesterday, a boundaries of -- band of rain that moves through. we will take a look at temperatures, lunchtime, low 70s and climbing into the mid and upper 70s for highs this afternoon, unusually warm and probably just a couple of degrees from the record high at rdu. we have a slight chance of a shower but the big band is tonight. southwest winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour and gusty this afternoon with a high of 75. once the front comes through, skies clear and temperatures drop. we'll talk about a chilly weekend coming up. renee? >> thank you, elizabeth. a new report on newborns. we'll talk with our go ask mom editor about what it means for new and expectant moms.
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there is a new report out on newborn baby birth weight that should worried parents. >> doctors often tell parents that newborns will lose weight and then re-gain it within a week or two, and we're finding outer that's not always the case. we have our go ask mom editor, and sarah, it's great to have you. so weight loss is normal afterbirth? >> yes. it's normal. babies come out and they have -- i know. it comes out and they lose 7 to
8:40 am
all new parents know, and the question is how quickly do they gain that back? >> a difference in the way that they are delivering? >> yes, there is. babies born in c-section is bigger and the mom was getting fluids during labor and delivery and they are born bigger than those born naturally. >> so specifically, what did the study show? >> right now, basically, the rule of thumb is babies should days. but the study, they looked at 161,000 healthy newborns and 14% were born vaginally didn't return to their birth weight after 21 days. and 8% after 21 days, so it shows that may be the goal and
8:41 am
birth weight, many babies are not meeting goa. only -- goal, only half them. >> and moms breast feeding, try not to fixate so much on the weight? >> right. it's not a sign necessarily of inadequate milk supply. so, you know, just be aware that all okay. give it time. people go out and rent scales and do crazy thing when is you have a new baby. >> when you're a new parent, you think you are doing everything wrong, and it's like oh, my baby's not gaining weight. what's wrong? i remember doctors saying it's okay. >> that's exactly what the study is all about. to reassure people but if you are worried about something,
8:42 am
make sure that they are not dehydrated and they are dirtying their diapers and are eating food. and i have information on go ask mom. >> we have a new baby in our family, raymond carter. >> in our tv family. he has a new grandson. >> so he is listening to you. thank you, sarah a for go ask mo perspective from other moms, search mom on
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that's kelly clarkson getting into the christmas spirit and we are getting ready for the wral tower lighting. the countdown is on. >> 33 hours, 29 minutes, 47, 46 seconds. and so on. >> and we clouds over roxboro. >> and fort bragg has a tree lighting with our own gilbert baez emceeing that. and we have a lot of christmas fun with winterfest saturday downtown. a lot of fun, too. so the weather will be some good, some not so good. it will keep us busy for the next few days. and the theme this morning, warm and windy. the radar picture starts at
8:46 am
showers at that point and all that moved into virginia and showers are closer to the coast and all of that is likely to stay to the east and we are tracking a cold front. today, warm and windy. this will be the big impact, and then dealing with the rain overnight. it's gloomy the rdu skycamera looking great. a little wet out there. the roads are starting to dry in spots. 67 is the current temperature and breezy and southwest winds at 16 miles per hour and gusts 20, 25 and gusts up to 30 with the cold front coming through. look at 70 in goldsboro and here's a look at the wind gusts. this morning, 15 to 20 miles per hour and takes us out to
8:47 am
through the afternoon, and after 5: 5:00 it gets gustier. the rain will move in, and after that, the winds will calm down overnight. cloudy skies today, a little shower coming up out of south carolina and it's not out of the question to see a shower at some point but the bulk of the rain is well to the west ahead of the front. and we have a healthy looking band of and that is likely to produce wind damage. tornado watches posted for a good bit of east tennessee all the way down to louisiana and tornado warnings posted so rough weather for folks in tennessee dealing with the fire. good to see the rain but they could do without the wind.
8:48 am
saying heavier is relatively, a .25" will be average. the skies will clear quickly on thursday and temperatures will drop, too, behind the front, and today's going to be nice and mild at 75 and expect it to be blustery like it was yesterday. we have a marginal risk of severe weather. i don't expect the wind damage to be widespread and after that. the weather turns cooler, mild tomorrow morning at 64, and we encourage you to tune in to wral for the tower lighting. we always have a lot of fun with that and join us on friday for the american tobacco campus. the tower lighting there in the evening kick off at 6:00 p.m. with music and fun things to do there, and cooler with upper 40s but not uncomfortably cold and chilly on saturday morning
8:49 am
low 40s all day, and 57 is normal for the high temperature this time of year, and 79 is the record, 32, the coldest high. so looking at a chilly sunday with a chance of showers and a chance of rain continuing through tuesday morning. renee? >> thank you, elizabeth. when asked to describe our wral teacher of the wake, the principal said born to teach. >> not born to be wild or born to run or ride but partnership withed north carolina education lottery, we have our teacher of the week. >> reporter: sydney sherry? you are wral's teacher of the week. sydney sherry began her teaching career at york elementary 10 years ago. and now, she is a literacy coach. he helps the teachers. >> i meet with teachers who say
8:50 am
teaching guided reading. you can come in and model a lesson and let me watch you and i can pull from it what i want? >> reporter: that's one example of many things that sydney does in her new position but it doesn't change the connection she makes with others. >> she builds the relationship with students and now she builds them with the staff members. >> reporter: sydney said there were so many things to about this profession, the relationship with staff and students and? >> the kids make me laugh. they asked me if i was voting for hill-ar-ee or trump? >> to see all the teachers of the week g to wral do you mean
8:51 am
ahead of schedule in paying off more than $1 million in debt, meeting its goal to raise $600,000 before thanksgiving to pay its part of the debt. the problem surfaced attacks time last year and -- at tax time last year. a record-breaking toy drive in the triangle ole tuesday. lenovo and the veteran's corps collected the most toys in a 24 hour period and it stopped just about two hours ago. they started at 7:00 yesterday in the morning. lenovo collected more than 62,000 pounds of toys so far. the toys are benefiting local children in military families. you can help keep children warm this winter by donating to the wral's coats for children
8:52 am
doing this. you can drop off new or gently used coats or toys through december 31 and also on search keyword coats or text coats to 41444. >> my apologies, bill. >> oh, that's okay. culinary students in wake county are putting their skills to the test, competing in the american culinary federation platters, cakes, and show pieces. they are judged on artistry, craftsmanship, theme, and presentation. for her family's final christmas in the white house michelle obama highlighted her core initiatives as first lady, military service, education and health. the first lady hosted military families at the white house showing off a towering tree
8:53 am
larger than life replicass of family dogs bow and sonny, and there is a white house replica that weighs more than 300 pounds. more than 70,000 ornaments and decorations were used. just 10% are new. a favorite holiday tradition takes place in new york as the rockefeller center christmas tree is lit. this is video from last year. thousands are expected it in person. the tree lighting will be shown live on wral at 8:00 p.m. it will be star studded with garth brooks, tricia yearwood and tony bennett and more. a very, very merry christmas for a group of 20 co- workers in tennessee who purchased the winning ticket in the powerball from a store in lafayette.
8:54 am
spent $60 each time and are all employees of the north american champion's group. it was the 12th largest powerball jackpot in u.s. history. after taxes, $12 million? >> a little more than $12 million each. not bad.
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good morning, everyone. i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm renee chou. here are your top stories. nate, how's i-85 looking?
8:57 am
double tractor trailer at falls lake, the southbound lane and traffic is stopped entirely. and we also have word of an accident on 40 near wade avenue in the other direction. crews are dispatched to that and maybe injuries involved with that. and mostly minor accidents, a fender bender here and there. also we had hillsborough street near the alley. we do have traffic flowing in both directions. expect delays on hillsborough. back to you. a new report -- we have been tracking showers overnight last night. wet out there this morning, and take a look at the radar. you can see as we start this just now, we have had rain but most of it is over. the durham skycam, definitely
8:58 am
to friday. we're excited about that. but not feeling like christmas today, low 70s down south and a high of 75 degrees and close to the record high for today, and expect storms tonight and clearing on thursday and friday. a teacher who stepped on an american flag as part of a school lesson is fighting to return to the classroom. lee francis was reassigned to a school warehouse. he will attend a closed-session meeting on the matter. a live report at that's our news for now.
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