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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  December 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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streets of charlotte following the decision not to charge police officer in the shooting death of keith scott. we will have another day of above normal temperatures but get ready. we will get some cooler air. thank you for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> i'm brian shrader. authorities say one person is dead after a crash in southern wake county. the call came in at 2 am. one vehicle crash on fayetteville road. county deputies and the highway patrol were on troopers tell us there was a second person in the vehicle who left the scene. we are trying to learn more about the victim and the cause of the crash. three men are in jail, arrested in connection with a shooting in durham. terrance cradle, andre hilliard and william marrow are facing murder charges in the death of eric ray. charges are pending against a for the suspect, keith laney, who is currently serving time for another case. ray was killed while walking home from work on andrew avenue
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their first court appearance later this morning. people protested in the rain last night in charlotte. the gathered outside police headquarters to protest a prosecutor's decision not to charge a police officer in the shooting death of keith scott. the also marched, carried signs and held a moment of silence outside the omni hotel where justin carr was killed during a protest in september. last night's event was mostly peaceful. officers arrested three people for obstructing traffic. mecklenburg county da andrew murray announced he and a dozen prosecutors decided unanimously but officer brently vinson acted lawfully when he shot keith scott in september. the da said scott pulled a gun from in ankle holster and refused to drop a. the family said they are disappointed by the decision and they will pursue legal options. an update on the wildfires in tennessee. the white house said that president obama has spoken with the tennessee governor and has offered his sympathy and
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wildfires are blamed for destroying hundreds of homes and businesses. 14 fires have burned across 15,000 acres in sevier county. many residents say the devastation has torn apart the community. authorities have not said when in the will allow residents back into their homes. tens of thousands of votes in durham county must be recounted. that was the decision from the state board of elections. it involves 90,000 votes delayed over a technical glitch on election night. an issue with machine memory card meant workers had to transcribe the vote totals. the votes post attorney general roy cooper ahead of governor pat mccrory in the governor's race. in a boat down party lines the state board of elections ordered a recount. >> the voters of north carolina now have the opportunity to have full and complete confidence in the results that came out of durham county. while some say the recount could happen quickly, other say
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learned avenue vote total in the race. democrat roy cooper is leading pat mccrory by more than 10,000 votes. 10,000 votes is the threshold for calling for an automatic recount. cooper is ahead by 10,257 votes. june atkinson sent -- attend her last state board of education as north carolina's superintendent of public instruction. in last month's election, she lost the job she held for three terms to mark johnson, a school she said she was shocked and saddened that she lost. the meeting gets underway at 9 am and we will have a report on wral news at noon. as we mentioned, december is finally here but it feels more like spring. >> it is lovely out there. it's going to be a gorgeous day. temperatures in the mid 60s. we started in the low to mid
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it is breezy too. you can see the breeze blowing the flags and downtown roxborough. it will be nice to be back to son after a couple of gray days we will have another chance sunday night through tuesday. 55 and durham and wake forest. temperatures are almost 20 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. 63 in goldsboro. these temperatures will continue to drop. the front has shifted east and the cool air is spilling in from the west. at lunchtime, 62. tomorrow will be noticeably cooler. if you're out on the roads, i- 40 at miami, a little slow in the westbound lane. that continues as you are traveling toward durham. i-40 at nc 51, it's moving but it will be slow. the traditional slow spot on i- 40 coming into raleigh from the south from johnston county is slow. we've an accident at old weaver trail and creedmoore road. that's backing up traffic as it
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president-elect donald trump takes a break today from interviewing cabinet candidates in new york. he is heading to the midwest on a thank you tour that includes a stop in indiana. as tracie potts reports it's an effort to fulfill a campaign promise. >> they started talking and being happy that they would be able to maintain their jobs, their homes, and take care of their family once again. >> reporter: carrier workers call it a 1000 jobs saved, not moving to mexico. the company credits elect trump's pro-business policies. he's heading to indiana this afternoon to talk about it. >> my gosh. he's not even present yet and he figured out how to save 1000 jobs. >> i'm hoping that every ceo in america is getting that beacon signal from the new trump administration that we are open for business here in the united states.
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incentives from indiana governor, mike pense. he's been in washington paving the way for quick confirmations. >> we will continue to work through december and all the way to inauguration day to make sure we are ready on day one. >> reporter: in new york -- >> we talked about sba.>> reporter: the parade of potential nominees continues. critics called a tat there is cabinet full of insiders but so far, no word on which a four candid secretary of state. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. it's the legacy of a legendary nc state coach and this week the be foundation is celebrating a big year. we will talk with the ceo of v foundation about jimmy's the. an update on the story were an officer was shot and killed in tacoma, washington. we're learning the suspect is now dead.
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welcome back. the v foundation is celebrating its 10th annual jimmy v week. it's the combination of the most successful year of fundraising. awarding a record-breaking $23 million in cancer research grants in 2016. it ends with the men's basketball classic, it doubleheader with florida versus duke and arizona state against purdue. joining us to tell us about jimmy v week is the ceo of the
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good morning. congratulations on that fundraising record. $23 million in research grants this year. how did you do it? >> people have been incredibly generous. between corporations and great new partners and individuals from $25 checks to, we had one this year that is a $3 million challenge for us to match. putting an extra $6 million into research. a lot of different ways that people have been generous and helpful. people know that the fight against cancer is something that we all need to be part of. >> where is this money going? >> the great thing is it's going to remarkable research grants. we have the best slate of grants ever this year. smart young people and people from all over the country. it's a competitive process to get our grant money. the people who get it are phenomenal.
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in the cancer centers all over the country. they compete. the best grants and the best people when. >> how are we doing in the fight against cancer? >> for years i was a little dismayed because i did not feel like there was as much progress as we would have hoped. these last few years we have seen some changes that are fueled by what we know in information technology as well as in the science of molecules and small parts. he put it all together a we are starting to have treatments that extend life, that use our own immune system to fight off cancer in ways we never knew could happen. so, we are seeing true progress. we are really hopeful. >> so encouraging. tell us what's going on for jimmy v week. >> it is so exciting.
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new campaign called, not a moment to lose. we are planning to raise $200 million by 2020 but we are already $100 million towards our goal. so we are going to announce it on espn on monday night football. that is monday night. we are having a big gathering there. on tuesday night, that is the jimmy v classic games at madison square garden. you mentioned the four teams playing. and we have people coming in from all over the country to celebrate that with us. and of course last night there showed all the different pieces of our history and what the week means. and asked people to donate. it is our largest fundraising week of the year. people come out and help us in so many ways. >> susan, thank you for talking with us today. jimmy v week has raised nearly
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donate to either the v foundation or to its stuart scott memorial cancer research fund. 100% of direct cash donations go directly to cancer research and we are seeing progress there. thank you so much. we are getting a better picture of the progress that forces are making against isis. iraqi troops say where they are today and the fight to take mosul. struck a suspect and police
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nine hours there is nine hours 59 seconds. you will see many lights. just the sunlight. >> we are excited for our tower lighting. of course a quick mention. at fort bragg, the christmas tree lighting is there tonight too. >> another >> you guys are grand marshall's of several princes we can, right next >> i will be in cary on saturday. that starts at 10:00 tonight. >> a busy time of the year. lots of fun stuff going on. we will go over forecast for some of those events this weekend coming up in a few minutes. there is fayetteville. it's beautiful out there. still some color in the leaves.
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couple of days, a lot of the leaves were blown off the trees. it is 55 degrees. it will not be windy today. the windsor northwest at 5. that northwesterly wind is bringing cool air back into the region after a warm day yesterday and the day before. yesterday we tied the record high, 77. the dew point is on its way down. that air mass is drying out. it will not feel muggy. 48 the sunshine is starting to warm things back up. in some spots we have dipped into the low to mid 50s from raleigh north and west. holding on to 60s down the i-95 quarter. with temperatures holding steady and will bump back to mid 60s. not much change in the temperature for rocky mount today. 55 and we will warm-up about 10 degrees. we ended november and will talk about some of the stats. it was a dry month. we had a little over a half
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normal. coming up in the new newscast we will check the drop monitor. it comes out in about an hour. we were starting to creep into abnormally dry conditions. the warmest day for november, 83 on the third and the coldest was 24 on the 13th. those stats there is in fayetteville almost an inch of rain. that is two inches below normal. the warmest was 84 and the coldest was 28. december meteorological winter. we consider the month of december winter because we tend to start seeing winter -like conditions. we have an average rainfall of about three inches. we are hoping to be closer to normal for december than we were for november. in october we had that big shot of rain with matthew. high-temperature start as an average in the upper 50s. we end in the low 50s. the average low now is 37 but it is 31 by the end of the month. you can see our normal
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december. look at these cold temperatures. 25 in wichita. 23 in denver. the cold air is pushing toward our area but we will not see temperatures in the 20s. we do cool off behind our front and we will see sunshine as well. is going to be lovely for the next few days. 65 the high this afternoon. we encourage you to tune into wral for our tower lighting this evening. let's go on at 6:15 pm. the festivities begin during our for tomorrow if you want to get out and about on friday evening, american tobacco campus has its tower lighting. events kick off at 6 pm. it will be chilly with temperatures in the 40s. we will start tomorrow morning at 37. 35 on saturday morning. 36 on sunday morning. sunday is likely to be great but rain will hold off until sunday evening. it will be chilly, 49, compared to the normal i-57. there are some showers in the
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tuesday. looking at the roads. this is wade avenue at edwards mill. it is slow to stop. there are very slow conditions westbound on i-40 as you head toward durham and rtp. the other typical slowdown on i- 40 coming into raleigh and westbound on i-40, jones sausages moving along fairly slow at the moment. an update on a developing story out of tacoma, washington. a police officer was shot and the suspect is now dead. authorities say is what team shot and killed the gunman who had been holed up in a house with two children. the children are safe. the police officer was shot yesterday, responding to a domestic violence call. the standoff lasted nearly 11 hours. no name on the suspect yet. major progress is being made in the fight to retake mosul from islamic state militants. iraq special forces now control 19 neighborhoods on the eastern
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that is still only about 15% of iraq's largest city. yesterday army troops came under attack in an area southeast of mosul from isis militants stationed on the opposite bank of the tigris river. the campaign began in october. 1 million residents are still in the city. unicef said nearly half of the residents have been cut off from access to clean water. a plane carrying a soccer team may have run out of fuel before crashing the pilot requested to land because of fuel problems but the pilot did not make a formal distress call. and air traffic control told the pilot to wait seven minutes for another plane with mechanical problems to land. the pilot later recorded complete electrical failure without fuel. that's when the plane entered a spiral into a mountainside. if you've looked into your inbox you know that all of the cyber monday and black friday deals are still hanging around.
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with some of those deals are our shop smart were, faith. good morning. did you recover from your shopping frenzy this weekend. >> i actually did not do anything. i'm glad that i still can get some deals. >> absolutely. there are plenty of deals coming up and are going on right now. black friday started on thursday this year and cyber monday continues on cyber week all week long. you can still find fantastic deals every day on amazon and prime early access heads up. target is doing a daily toy discount through their cartwheel app every single day for the next couple weeks. and groupon has hot deals every day during their cyber week. if you head to bf you will see a list of current deals they update every day throughout the day. i highly recommend that site. and on december 19 you will find free shipping day which is
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is really her last day to get your items in time for christmas. >> and it's not just that stuff. we are talking about good grocery deals. >> of course. every week. i love getting you lots of savings at the grocery store. we will start with the free smiles. you can score free toothpaste at both harris teeter and walgreens this week. and you can also get chicken leg quarters, only $.38 a pound. you will also get the lowest kroger and you can top it off with grilling shrimp. two pound bags only $9.99. that is a fantastic deal. >> shrimp and pineapple. >> do a hawaiian theme. it feels like hawaii right now. thank you.
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shopping trips search smart shopper a look under the consumer to. more reaction to a deadly officer-involved shooting in durham. coming up, the concerns expressed by the man's family and the changes john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass. who says no to more? are you ok? time warner cable internet gives you more of what you and those little data hoggers want. like ultra-fast speeds up to 300 megs. that's 50x faster than dsl. this internet speed is sick. get 50 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. call now. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so.
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three men are facing charges in connection with a deadly shooting in durham. terrance cradle, andre hilliard and william morrow are facing murder charges in the death of eric ray. a for the suspect, keith laney, is serving time for another case. ray was killed while walking home from work back in october. tens of thousands of votes in durham county must be recounted in the gubernatorial
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election night. the state board of election voted down party lines last night ordering a recount. june atkinson attends her last state of education meeting today as state superintendent. on election day she lost to republican mark johnson. he is a school board member in winston-salem. the meeting gets underway at 9 am. warm today but not as warm as yesterday. >> that's right. and it varies depending on where almost everyone is seeing sunshine. we had rain overnight and that front has shifted eastward. you can see all that sunshine in our tower camera. it's 60 in roxboro. cool air is spilling in from the northwest but sunshine will warm our temperatures back into the mid-60s. it is going to be a nice day. much colder for tomorrow and saturday morning with temperatures and the mid to upper 30s and highs back into the 50s. let's look at what's happening on the roads. we have very slow conditions
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and the park. is starting to ease up a little bit. here is i-40 at jones sausage. that was slow going and moving along much better there. hurricane matthew's impact could change her holiday menu. details on a crop shortage.
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welcome back. we are working to learn more about a shooting that left an officer and a suspect injured. >> this happened at a condominium complex in southwest raleigh. in a victor is live outside wakemed were both the officer and suspect are this morning.>> reporter: we've learned from police that the officer has serious but non-life- threatening injuries. the suspect is in critical condition we are still waiting to learn the names of the officer and the suspect but we can tell you this started yesterday morning there is afternoon. the gunfire happened at the lake park condos in southwest raleigh. this quickly became a chaotic crime scene. police say officer showed up to respond to a break-in. as a result of gunshots, the officer and the suspect sustained wounds. both were rushed to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.
8:31 am
consider peaceful. this man was concerned but not worried for his personal safety. i feel like it will still be a safe place. >> reporter: if you other pieces of information we are still waiting to learn, why exactly the shooting happened and how many shots were fired during the exchange. the sbi and the raleigh police internal affairs department are looking into this incident. the family of a durham man killed in an officer-involved shooting is now responding to a newly released lease report about the incident. frank clark was killed by a police officer last week at the mcdougald terrace apartments. according to the report, master officer charles barkley is the one who shot clark. clerks family and their attorney say that berkeley has a poor there is -- a history of poor ons there.
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cars. camp lejeune officials say a colonel faces sexual assault charges this one. colonel daniel wilson is faces charges including sexual assault, cyclades of a child, assault by battery on a child under the age of 16 and conduct unbecoming of an officer. wilson has been reassigned to administered of duties while the investigation continues. the crime alert has gone out to duke university students after reported sexual assault near campus. a woman told police she was walking on swift avenue from duke u 10 yesterday morning. she said she encountered a man who took her into the woods and sexually assaulted her at knife point. so far no arrests. blue cross we should in north carolina is preparing for hundreds of thousands of new obama care customers. the company spokesman tells wral that they hired hundreds of additional staff to handle extra volume with the 2017 open enrollment. the insurer is the only company offering arquette place
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carolina counties. additional stepping fall is what many considered a disaster with the 2016 enrollment. this year the key to enroll is to enroll now. the deadline is december 15 to start coverage january 1. number of women's health groups filed a federal lawsuit challenging the carolinas abortion law. the aclu, planned parenthood, and the center for repetitive rights filed the suit specifically it claims the ban on abortions after the 20th week prevents doctors from providing proper care patients. it said that women with fewer resources may not be able to access care before the 20th week because of what it calls political hurdles. groups also filed legal challenges in missouri and alaska. princeville town leaders are holding a meeting tonight to figure out what to do after devastating floods from hurricane matthew. one issue is likely to come up is whether to allow the federal government to buy residents out of their homes. some residents say they want to
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others say allowing buyouts would hurt the town and its tax base. town leader say roughly 2 dozen princeville residents have formally shown interest in a buyout. tonight's meeting starts at 7:00. hurricane matthew is one reason why local pecans are hard to find. the state department of agriculture said this year's harvest could be down as much as 80%. a late spring frost hurt many buds in the hurricane battered the trees at harvest time. some growers who usually have plenty of the nuts say it's worth it to gather the few that survived the challenging weather. a storm system that's bonded deadly tornadoes in the deep south post into the carolinas. the storms roared into the charlotte area last night knocking out power. a possible canedo may have touchdown. in pineville 1 and8-wheeler was tossed on it side. the driver went to the hospital with a head injury. firefighters responded to reports of trees down including one on a house in south charlotte.
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greenville, south carolina area. trees felony car and also blocked roads in the upstate portions of south carolina. meteorologist say a tornado may have also touched down in the greenville area. we felt lucky but -- that by the storm got to us it did not have much of a punch. i was hoping to see more rain than we did see. we had about an average of a quarter inch from monday and tuesday. we see plenty of sunshine looking down western boulevard. this tower will be let tonight at 6:15 pm. temperatures are all over the place. 50 in roxboro. 60 in clinton. the reason is the front has slipped to the east and we now have the cooler air starting to filter in. it's cool things down for roxboro but it's on the mild side for goldsborough and
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all day long. the sunshine will work against it. our temperature this afternoon is likely to be nice. a high of 65 degrees. it will be much cooler by tomorrow morning. 37 tomorrow morning. 35 saturday morning. none of our temperatures drop below freezing for the next seven days. some afternoons will be chilly. we will talk about sunday, monday and tuesday with a better chance for rain coming up. let's look at was happening at wade and edwards mill. very slow going. we have slow going durham. that starting to improve coming into town. here is another look at i-40 at jones sausage road. may be slower as you get closer to raleigh. opec has agreed to cut oil production for the first time in eight years. the price of oil shot up 9% to nearly $50 a barrel after the announcement. the impact on you is likely to
8:37 am
the cartel agreed to cut output by one point by 1.2 million barrels a day. that is a 1% cut in global oil production. if the price of oil keeps rising some of the slack will be picked up by producers in the u.s. that's good news for drillers and oilfield workers in texas and north dakota. i think this is clever. this holiday season hillsborough police will you pay off your parking fines with food. the food for fines program canned or boxed food items now through the end of the year. five items will clear one $10 ticket and 10 items covers several tickets. the donations go to orange congregations in mission to help local families in need. >> they get food and you don't have to worry about the parking ticket. cash used to be the way to go. >> monica laliberte tells us not so much anymore. >> reporter: maybe you are one of the many people leaving cash
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coming up, a closer look at mobile payment options. the security warnings every user needs to know. i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce.
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take a closer look at geico. great savings.
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cash is king, right? check your pockets. >> almost half of us walk around with less than $20. some of us don't have an at all. monica laliberte shows us the trend for ditching the dollars. >> reporter: the cash i have is just stuff. the thing is, most people are ditching cash and opting for their smart phones where the for a mobile wallet or emergent app. these days there are so many other ways to pay. what's in your wallet?
8:41 am
in i don't use cash or checks. i don't even have a checkbook. or cash. >> reporter: she uses an app on her phone to pay for virtually everything, including her share of groceries to her roommate. >> credit and debit cards are important players but new technologies are pushing us to abandon paper money entirely. >> reporter: one of those technologies, electronic toll road tags. notice of 1 million people use one. or maybe you use a mobile android pay, paypal or samsung pay. or a person-to-person payment system via a square, pot money, facebook payments and messenger. you can use them to split the check, pay the babysitter or even a tutor. branded apps from companies including starbucks, walmart, uber and dunkin' donuts make it easy to pay and build customer loyalty for the merchants.
8:42 am
downsides. >> mobile payments can generate a mountain of digital data that can tell lots about us that we may not want people to know. >> reporter: it can be an irresistible target for cyber criminals. >> hackers can be relentless. consider connecting any technology to a credit card rather than your bank account. you may incur some fees but you will be afforded the same protections as if you used the credit card at cell. >> reporter: which makes that cashless convenience more secure than you more changes are coming. new cashless technologies of the future will let you make payments with just your fingerprint and an app is in the works that will let you scan merchandise and pay for it as you walk through the store so you never even need to go to a cash register. >> i don't know how that would work. all the stuff you put in your grocery cart -- you don't think about what it costs until you get to the register. you're not going to send it back then.
8:43 am
i'm not sure about the fingerprint. >> my fingers are very dry right now and i don't think the scanner on my phone works. i would have to rely on one of you to pay for me this time.[ laughter ] >> i can hear him now there is my fingerprint doesn't work. >> i'm going to have to you. [ laughter ] thank you. you will find more on look for 5 on your side under the consumer to. the president invites all of the united states latest nobel prize laureates to the over office there is oval office but not also a. >> i bet you can guess who was missing. we will tell you why next. scientists race to figure out what swimmers discovered along the beach in southern california. pick 3 numbers- 904, sum it
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ll your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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[ music playing ] >> i like this one. >> that's one of my favorites. that makes you want to move around. >> i want to wish you a merry christmas! >> i don't know how many hours now. >> we are under nine hours.
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tower. it's going to look like christmas. but it won't feel so much like christmas. yesterday we hit 77 which ties the record. we are cooling down gradually. with a cold front move through overnight. we did have some rain. there was some severe weather to the west around charlotte and areas west were. let's look at what we are seeing. beautiful conditions. we are heading up to roxboro where it is breezy hour winds have shifted to the northwest. the cool air coming into roxboro and filtering down through the remainder of our viewing area today. that sunshine is going to do a number on it. it's 55 at the airport. in roxboro, around 50. we should warm into the mid-60s with all that sunshine. we have a light northwest wind at 5 miles an hour. the dew point is dropping. that means it will not feel muggy like it did yesterday and monday. 50 in roxboro.
8:48 am
95 quarter. 61 in rocky mount, wilson and clinton. temperatures will cool down and places as the sun is coming up. that will then balance things out a little bit. it is colder from raleigh to roxboro than it was yesterday. the 24 hour temperature change is not as great down east. closed the books on november yesterday. that means we saw the end of the hurricane season. it ended up much as forecasters d 15. edits-8 hurricanes, we had 7. we saw 3 major hurricanes. that is the end of the hurricane season. that said we have had tropical systems every month of the year in the atlantic but there's nothing brewing right now. ever cold front moving eastward and bringing sunshine. there is some very cold air locked around the rockies. we will not see the coldest air but it will be cooler tomorrow
8:49 am
30s instead of 50s and 60s we saw this morning. sunshine the rest of the day today. we will have clear skies tonight. it will be bright on friday and saturday. sunday that begins to change. our next system approaches and is the system approaches notice our morning lows warm-up. were not expecting anything further. rain on monday and tuesday. hoping for more than the quarter inch we saw on average him this past monday and tuesday. our average rainfall for the month of december is more of that around here. 65 degrees, a warm afternoon. we are excited about our tower lighting here on western boulevard. tune in during our newscast starting at the 5:00 our. the light turn on at 6:15 pm. we will have a guest to help us with that. if you are looking to get out to celebrate the holidays,
8:50 am
tower lighting tomorrow. that kicks off at 6 pm. there will be live music and other fun events. temperatures in the 40s. on saturday, winterfest in downtown raleigh starts at noon. noon temperature in the upper 40s. it will be cool and 53 in the afternoon. at 8 pm, around 45. andy chilly sunday. it will be gray and temperatures will not make it out of the 40s. slightly warmer monday and tuesday but low to mid 50s with rain. it will not be pleasant to outside. if you are heading out on the roads, some messy conditions on i-40. this backup at fayetteville road has been there for a while and it's only getting worse. if you're heading from raleigh westbound on i-40 through durham, it is slow going. we are also seeing slow conditions at i-40 at lake wheeler. this is a typical spot that is slow this time of day. you can help keep children
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wral coats for the children campaign. this is our 28th year. drop off new or gently used coats and new toys at participating jiffy lube locations through december 31. you can also donate on by searching keyword coats are text coats 241444. [ crowd counting down ] breathtaking. you may have seen this moment live on wral last night. the 84th rockefeller center christmas tree was lit in new york city. the 94 foot norway spruce is from upstate new york. worker spent weeks decorating it with more than 50,000 led lights. the tree will sparkle until january 7. >> if you use a spotify there's a chance that drake was on your playlist. he was the most strained artist for the second year. he had 4.7 million streams. he was also the most strained artist of all time on spot a
8:52 am
rounding out the top three, justin bieber and rihanna. drakes, one dance, is the most popular song ever on spot a fight with nearly 970 streams. president obama welcomed the nations nobel prize winners to the white house. noticeably absent, bob dylan. the president invited all the winners to the oval office yesterday. doctor f duncan held day and doctor j. michael kosterlitz were awarded for their work in physics. sir j. fraser stoddart one for chemistry and doctor oliver hart w a in economic sciences. singer-songwriter bob dylan was not there. he did not give a reason for skipping a white house event. pope francis is calling for responsible behavior to prevent the spread of aids in his world aids day message. the pontiff spoke saying every sufferer no matter how poor should have access to treatment. pope francis said millions are living with the disease and only half of them have access to life-saving treatment. and mysterious jellylike
8:53 am
california beaches are stumping scientists. they washed ashore along huntington beach and then disappeared almost as quickly as they came. ever mad scientist poured over the pictures trying to pinpoint exactly what it was. the creatures are now gone but their best guess is that they are burrowing sea cucumbers. now we've learned something this morning. struck a slow economic recovery continues and that's keeping the cost of christmas under control. you will still pay more for all of those gifts in the stng song the twelve days of christmas. $333 over lester. the total cost, $34,363. that's up about 0.7%. you can blame wages and turtle doves. those of the big culprits. the cost of two turtle doves jumped from $290-$375 this year. 11 pipers piping and 12 drummers drumming also slightly more expensive than this time last two.
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the same price or cheaper. pnc bank has tracked the cost for 33 years to keep an eye on inflation. by the way, this is only if you purchased the gifts from rick and water businesses and not online. >> you may get some curious
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here's a look at our top stories this morning.
8:57 am
about the shooting that injured a raleigh police officer and a suspect. this happened at the lake park condos in southwest raleigh. police say officers were responding to a break-in call when shots were fired. the officers injuries were serious but not life- threatening. the suspect is listed in critical condition. their names have not been released. new information about a crash in southern wake county. trippers tell us a car ran off the road, flipped several times, killing a female passenger. the driver ran off and has not been found. this happened around 2 am on fayetteville road. let's get a check of your weather with elizabeth. bright sunshine. is started warm but temperatures are pulling down since the cold front has moved through. look at all that gorgeous sunshine on our tower cam are. temperatures range from 50 in roxboro 263 in goldsboro. we will warm into the mid-60s. coulter tomorrow morning and saturday with mid to upper 30s. cooler friday and saturday with highs in the mid 50s.
8:58 am
rtp and durham. cars are barely moving on i-40 at fayetteville road. there's also an accident at wake forest and hodges. the death toll from they want fires burning and tennessee now stands at seven. hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed. wral news mikaya thurmond is live in gatlinburg with an update on the fight to put out more than a dozen that is our news for now. we will have a local news update coming up in 25 minutes. our next newscast is on wral at no driving is a skill. very gently release the clutch. -okay. that was too fast. so is managing your credit. get experian creditworks basic for free today and you can start getting better. you'll get alerts about key changes in your credit and customer service experts to help answer your questions. so you can learn to be better. good job. start building your credit skills today for free.
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks? welcome to the show. thank y'all. how's everybody? all right. goody. how's everybody? thank you very much. i appreciate you now. thank y'all, everybody. everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their fourth day with a total 40,745 bucks, from nashville, tennessee, it's the champs. it's the campbell family. and from right up the street, alpharetta, georgia, it's the baker family. everybody's here trying to


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