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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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focused on people and community for 60 years. we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. >. a raleigh police officer responding to a break in yesterday afternoon was injured by friendly fire. hello and thank you for joining us i'm gerald owens. >> i'm lynda loveland. the officers was released from wake med. it happened when officers chandler was in a struggle with a 28-year-old suspect. tonight we're learning more about the suspect and what happened at the lake park condominiums. ken smith is live outside wake med where the suspect remainings tonight. ken? >> reporter: the suspect remains here at wake medalisted in critical -- med listed in critical condition, and we're
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as he recovers, and one thing is that his run in with the law wednesday wasn't the first. the police radio traffic show it is moments the police encountered this man wednesday afternoon. >> shots fired, shots fired! officers shot. >> reporter: that officer was cm chandler who got into a struggle with the suspect who had a knife. officers chandler accidentally by another officer. a police call notifies why they were called in the first place, and they did distorte the voice to protect someone's identities. >> tell me what happened. >> i had an eviction this morning, and someone broke in. >> reporter: this eviction notice obtained shows the suspect was forced out back in
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now learned he had another brush with the law. last august cary police charged him with felony assault for stabbing his brother with a steak knife at their cary home. a month later he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, and he attended wake tech for three years, but didn't earn a degree. well, no word yet on how long the suspect will be here at wake med. condition. now as we've been reporting he will be here until that happens. once he recovers he'll likely be arrested and taken to the wake county detention center. charges against him are pending. >> ken smith live in raleigh tonight, thank you. an arrest in two north carolina wildfires, this is new tonight. federal prosecutors say keith mann admitted he set a fire
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of land burned. he's also accused of setting a second i wildfire on jones creek road that burned one acre. if convicted hexed get up to -- he could get up to 20 years in prison. and within the last two hours the death toll from the tennessee wildfires has risen to 11. tonight nearly 5,000 customers are still without power in sevier county. more than 14 wildfires have burned across the state this year, and they expect half are arson. >> tonight most residents are still not allowed inside the city of gatlinburg, but one resident got in yesterday showing video of this destruction. so many residents lost everything. their biggest concern is the friends and family they still haven't heard from. >> there's an elderly reverend
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up the mountain. they found his dog in the front of his burned out house. they can't find him. nobody knows where he is. he was 85. >> trish lived in the town for 15 years, and said almost everyone staying in the shelter knows someone still missing. and tonight two more fires are nearly 100 percent contained in western north carolina. that means crews are freed up to head to tennessee to fight north carolina are not yet contained. the flood waters from hurricane matthew receded long ago, but some residents have yet to repair their lives, and tonight residence debilities found out their options -- residents found out their options. >> yes, it's a ghost town. >> reporter: you can drive some streets in princeville and never find another person. doors and windows open. inside the homes are empty. you were one of the luckier one? >> yes.
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compared to neighbors, the flood damage for her is minimal. >> have faith and you can make it through anything. >> reporter: those with homes that didn't make it through the storm made their way to this meeting. >> what's the process you need to go through? >> i want to arm you with as much information as i can. >> reporter: she's with north carolina emergency management, and damaged homes can be elevated or reconstructed as they were, or opt to have the home bought out by the govern >> the land has to remain open. >> reporter: town officials will decide how many of those options will be made available to residents. mayor jones says they'll listen to what the people of princeville have to say. he believes buy outs would deplete the town's tax base that's already small. >> if we decide to allow individuals to participate in the buy out, it would have a devastating effect on the town
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direction the town chooses, officials say it could be awhile before things start getting back to normal, as long as a year and a half. adam owens, wral news, edgecombe county. >> residents also want something done about the dike in down. there's their defense against future floods. princeville leaders want it extended and heightened. they meet with the army core of engineers next week. fire destroyed a home in smithfield today believe it began in an electrical outlet. the home is a total loss. the red cross is helping the residents. a sad ending in the search for a missing mother and daughter. deputies found their bodies in a well, and it took hours to recover the bodies. dawn ward and her 14-year-old daughter taylor were last seen sunday at their home. an autopsy will be performed
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authorities say they already have evidence to start a homicide investigation. and the woman chained in a storage bin is suing her captor for severe emotional distress and other things. police found her last month as well as the remains of four other people. a terrible crash in moore county. it happened about 2:30 this afternoon on highway 211. a 57-year-old named thomas sellers, and 59-year-old phillip hutchson were killed. a mother is dead and her 8- year-old son in the hospital after then hit by a car while walking to -- they were hit by a car while walking to a bus stop. the 34-year-old and her son were struck by a kia sedan in a
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troopers say the driver, a 49- year-old, was driving without a license. because it happened on a private street, troopers couldn't cite her. they're reviewing potential charges withth district attorney. new details on the durham county vote recount. officials have until 7:00 p.m. on monday to complete the recount of more than 90,000 bat lots cast on election day. they come from five early voting sites. tonight it's all in the family. locally family-owned businesses were honored for their contributions to the triangle. these companies were honored in cary, and capitol broadcasting company is among the honorees, it's the parent company of wral and fox 50. the journal says these
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ethics, and flan there by. >. and -- philanthropy. and it was a big night for us here, we had the tower lighting with a special guest, cinderella and her fairy's magic waned. >> reporter: is it really special? does it really do anything special? >> oh, yes, i've been told it is! >> reporter: let's see! >> oh! >> >. david crabtree magically lit the tower with a wave of the waned, and magic was all around the wral studios tonight, even bringing snow to celebrate the season. the tower will be lit each night as a beacon of hope for all to see. >> it looks just beautiful. fort bragg also kicked off the holiday season tonight, soldiers and families attended the annual christmas tree lighting on post.
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elect said as he thanked supporters, and how north carolina could fit into his tour. and dolly parton is watching her people in tennessee suffer after the deadly wildfires. what she's doing to directly help those families. a big change in the weather tonight. remember this time last night it was still warm, humid, and windy? take a look at the 24-hour temperature change. amazing numbers here. 26 degrees colder in rocky mount than this time last night. yeah, the temperatures are morning, and when we'll need the umbrellas again. you can help keep children warm this winter by taking part in the 28th annual wral coats for the children campaign. drop off a coat or toy at participating jiffy lube locations or donate on searching the key word coats or text the word coats to 41444. >> we showed you the wral tower lighting just a moment ago.
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n aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only. at carrabba's. so we're here at the mouth of the cave that no one has set foot in for over a million years. let's go check it out. look, there's signs of an ancient civilization. let me see if i can translate it. now all this looks like some type of a calendar. hi, just came down here to leave you a little note. new scratch-off tickets come out the first tuesday of every month. new scratch-offs? yea, first tuesdays. first tuesday of every month? fascinating.
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z26zqz zvpz
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we have breaking news tonight in fayetteville. police are investigating a shooting that sent one person to the hospital tonight. the shooting happened just before 8:00 tonight, and two homes were damaged after someone opened fire in that area. a man was hit by the gun fire at least once, and taken to cape fear valley medical center. police are not releasing the name of the victim, and are still searching for the >. and there was an earthquake in peru. it was measured at 6.3. no reports of damage or injury. we'll monitor it overnight. also new tonight the national weather service confirmed a tornado touched down in southwest charlotte. it was an ef1 with wind speeds between 84 and 110 miles per hour. it knocked down trees and damaged homes. one person was hurt, but should be okay. progress tonight in the
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near five points in raleigh. a third party work crew hit the lines on the road about 1:30, and tonight many of the roads around the area reopened, but a portion of whittaker mill road and a section of glen avenue remain closed at this hour. president-elect donald trump has made his choice for defense secretary. he'll nominate retired general james mattus for the position. he spent years in the marine and iraq, and was head of central command until 2014. trump continued with his victory tour tonight. the second stop of the day was in cincinnati, ohio, and there he talked about keeping america safe, repealing obamacare, and slamming the media and critics that said he couldn't win the election. in indiana earlier today he renewed the pledge to build the
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north carolina is a scheduled stop on the tour, but we're still waiting to hear when and where he'll be. and sloane heffernan was honored tonight with the george marin award for service. it's given by embrace uganda. she's been working with that organization about 10 years now. the local organization raised money to build a clinic, wells, and an orphanage, congratulations to sloan, tonight chief meteorologist greg fishel hosted another in a series of discussions at the north carolina museum of sciences. >> and greg was joined by the president and ceo of the wilson biodiversity foundation, and mark anderson, the director of conservation science for the nature conservation region. the audience even had a chance to ask questions of the panel.
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>> interesting topic. >> and an unusual weather day. the bright sun, 60 degrees, little bit of snow in the afternoon. >> yes, the folks at southern snow do a good job of producing snow. >> looks real. >> it really does, and with the wind blowing it looked like wind driven snow, and colder later tonight. no moisture in the air no produce snow, but getting colder. grab the coats in the morning, and is sun glasses, bright and cold when you head out, but the sunshine is limited. we'll lose it over the weekend as clouds build, and by sunday could be completely overcast, and an unsettled period starting sunday lasting into monday and tuesday, and the umbrellas could get a good work out through tuesday. more on that in a bit, but today we welcomed december. normal rain fall three inches, normal snow fall about .6-inch, and by the end of the month the
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the end of the month 31, so it tends to get colder in the month of december. out at rdu we got into the mid- 60s this afternoon, but temperatures tumbling ever since. calm winds, 38, the dewpoint 33, so drier air. 48 here at wral, 4h zebulon, and 51 fayetteville, and 45 roxboro. you didn't need the heat last night. you'll need it tonight if tomorrow morning you'll need the coats definitely. satellite and radar, all is quiet. the cold front came through last night with some showers. the severe weather stopped in the charlotte area, never made it here, and here's the front, high pressure from the south and west building in, and the difference between the high here and the low across new england has created quite a wind field. it was breezy this afternoon, but the winds died down tonight, and tomorrow from the northwest about 10 to 15 miles per hour.
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there's deep moisture out of the gulf of mexico tonight and during the day tomorrow, and there's a big upper level system out west coming in and rain will flourish across texas tomorrow and the next few days. we can see it here on futurecast starting at 10:00 tonight. for us all is quiet and clear sky, but tomorrow morning we start to see the clouds advancing into the lone star state, and then rain in west texas, and spreading farther north. the panhandle of texas and oklahoma tomorrow evening, and tomorrow night with the upper level winds from the south and west, all that gettings picked up askth -- getting picked up and brought our way, so saturday cloudy, and during the day sunday the cloud cover continues to build in, and we should at least be overcast during the day sunday. there's midnight saturday into sunday morning. sunday itself, there's the cloud cover we start the day with, and light rain around by the end of the day. most of it by sunday afternoon
10:20 pm
it starts to spread into the mountains by the end of the day sunday, and that's only the beginning. we'll look at rain fall total potentials coming up in the next half hour. 37 the low tonight in the triangle, 40 fayetteville, 35 south hill. the fitness forecast bright and cooler, 38 with light winds. lunchtime tomorrow cooler than today, about ten degrees cooler. sunny skies, and 52, and tomorrow afternoon 50s instead of 60s. 56 in raleigh, 59 in 53 saturday with increasing clouds. sunday a bit of rain by the end of the day. chilly monday and tuesday with rain. i think the best chance is sunday night into early monday, and monday night into tuesday, and then a strong cold front coming along friday that could bring highs friday in the lower 40s. >> wow! >> yeah, could be the coldest air mass so far this season. >> wow. >> big shot of cold air for the entire eastern part of country. >> >. yikes. >> all right, just in time for christmas.
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joy and cheer one window at a time. >> coming up how this colorful effort is more than just brightening up a town. and next in sports a homecoming for a california hurricane, and the big honor in store for a wake county youth football team.
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after another dismal start, the carolina hurricanes have been heating it up over the past month. they start the night just three points out of wild card spot if the playoffs started today. tonight the canes are in boston, and the guy that grew up in boston and played college hockey at boston college get it is game's first goal. 1-0 canes, and noah's family is excited. the final minute of the 3rd period. they score to force overtime, they go to a shoot out, and we've seen this movie before. boston wins in the shoot out, so the canes let this one slip away. they do get a point, but lose the shoot out. 2-1 the final n. nature, eagles are known for soaring, and north carolina central's did that monday night, winning, the
10:25 pm
team. tonight they're back home and cole had a big game against missouri, and picks upright where he left off. six boards, six assists. central red hot from behind the arc, 12 for 25 on threes. madison, three of his 14 points, and revis adding 19 off the bench, beating thefirst half buzzer. central cruises 92-55. the mens acc challenge, the women trying to make it a clean sleep. this team lets a 19-point second half lead dwindle down to just three. indiana's bust with a huge game, and then down the stretch, nelson, 9 of her 19 points in the third frame, she's got a double double and
10:26 pm
state now 6 and 2. elsewhere duke and carolina winners as well. devils 68-32 over rutgers. carolina over wisconsin. the acc already wrapped up that big 10 challenge. in the nfl tonight the cowboys in the 3rd, the game going on right now on wral, and they lead the vikings 7-3. >> and now a much younger football team, a group of kids from knightdale about to go for quite a pride. >> r ride. >> reporter: the knightdale dragons are about to break through on a national level. they're one of six teams in their division picked to play in the pop warner national super bowl. the 9 to 11-year-olds can play. >> >. we're well balanced, we have a good core of running backs, and we have a really good defense. we've had several shut outs this year. >> reporter: this will be the dragons first trip to the pop warner super bowl, so these kids really are going to disney
10:27 pm
work. >> when we think back to august when we had our first practice, and where they've come since then as far as conditioning and their knowledge of football, and the effort, just seeing the there in their faces as we win games. >> reporter: the coach knows a few things about winning games, dickerson was a starter on the 1989 duke team that won an acc championship. >> you know i'm not that big as far as a football player. most kids image of a football player is sometimes they don't believe me when i said i did this or this, so they enjoy looking at my ring. >> big week in store for those guys. three teams from raleigh heading down there, but these guys will be playing on monday and thursday next week. >> very exciting. >> oh my gosh, i don't know how they sleep at night. >> oh, yeah, and it's the first time anyone from that organization has gone down there, so it's a big deal. >> good luck, that's awesome.
10:28 pm
white house. still to come, who they partied with during tonight's national christmas tree lighting. >> also ahead, hear from a man who watched his family's home in tennessee go up in flames on a security camera. and how a lamp post kept one woman from becoming the
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hostage situation -- florida during a hostage situation inside a bank. a man threatened the hostages with a gun to their heads, demanded several things, including asking for his family they be sent to the scene. he eventually released 11 hostages, and two other hostages helped the swat team enter while hiding inside the bank. >> i couldn't believe it was happening, but when he shot in the air i knew he meant business, so it was really scary. >> the suspect is charged with 13 counts of kidnapping and armed robbery. three people are dead after a pickup truck smashed through the front doors of an iowa wal- mart. the driver was traveling fast when he plowed into the building. the driver was injured. three shoppers died. police say it appeared the crash was an accident. wal-mart issued a statement saying the company is heart broken. the store is closed for now. a lamp post was all that
10:32 pm
the woman was walking around the corner. take a look, at the same time a car sped through the intersection. see in the top right there. the vehicle was hit by another car causing it to head right for that woman, but instead hit the post. the woman fell down, but wasn't hurt. pretty amazing there. >> and kept walking. >> yeah, just kept on her way. here it is again, in the top left in the red jacket, the car comes across and hit it is pole. >> pretty amazing. well, people that live or have property in gatlinburg is trying to -- are trying to decide whether or not to rebuild. >> and some feel helpless because they can't be there, one man had to watch his home burn down on a security camera. >> a lot of memories there, it was our dream come. >> reporter: when chris got the call his smoke alarm was going off, he never expected it would
10:33 pm
filling up the inside. >> we were pretty upset. my sister was here standing behind me crying. >> reporter: cameras recorded it, and chris and his family watched from their kentucky home. it was a rental property they rented out throughout the year, but the 4,000 square foot cabin was more than that. it was a place filled with memories for him and his family, now gone. >> we're trying to decide whether or not we want to is the the town going to be the same? >> reporter: the city has been evacuated, and no one allowed back in since monday. roads are closed as first responders and the national guard work to put the fires out and clear debris. >> my mom reunites of the -- memories of the pigeon forge area goes way, way back. >> reporter: mark lives in philadelphia, and doesn't know if his second home is still standing. >> sad for families like hours
10:34 pm
many memories, to see it go up in smoke. >> reporter: the area is called unsafe, keeping people away until all the damage is assessed. >> if it is the burned we'll plan to replace it, and you know build some new memories. >> today tennessee's governor enacted a state of emergency lasting until january 30th. alabama's governor got a firsthand look at st today after severe weather ripped through the state killing three and injures others. in jackson county a suspected tornado carved a one and a half mile path of destruction. a dramatic medical emergency involving an american hero. former astronaut buzz adlin was visiting the south pole with a
10:35 pm
leave because of medical conditions. he has fluid in his lungs, but is responding to antibiotics. a lot of activity in the nation's capital today. at the white house a red ribbon is on display in honor of world aids day, a day that came about in the 80s to show support for those living with the virus and those that died from it. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 [ cheering ] >> merry christmas everybody! >> and with that the obamas helped light the national christmas tree for one final time. the president and first lady were joined by a large crowd, celebrities including garth brooks, kelly clarkson, and james taylor all performed. the host for this year's ceremony actress eva longoria.
10:36 pm
life in many respects. what a rush. >> beautiful moments like that really memorable. >> exactly. if you wanted to buy your true love all the items from the 12 days of christmas, better charge it [ laughter ] >> yeah, here is why. the inflated cost and gifts that cause such a hike. plus the special gesture dolly so we're here at the mouth of the cave that no one has set foot in for over a million years. let's go check it out. look, there's signs of an ancient civilization. ate it. now all this looks like some type of a calendar. hi, just came down here to leave you a little note. new scratch-off tickets come out the first tuesday of every month. new scratch-offs? yea, first tuesdays. first tuesday of every month? echo... echo... fascinating.
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kanye west is at home tonight with his family. he was admitted to ucla medical center on november 21st after suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation. he entered the hospital just hours after canceling the shows on his tour. >. dolly parton has announced a my people fund to benefit victims the charity will provide families that lost homes a thousand dollars a month stipend to get back on their feet. now time for what's trending. >> these are amazing videos, things you don't see often, and this first one, if you're a fan of any sports you'll appreciate this. this is from the premier league oversees. this keeper, not keeper, probably a forward. >> whoa! >> here it is again in slow
10:40 pm
skill to do that, i mean kids dream of that, they practice it all the time, but to do it in a real life game situation, no planning, it just happened. >> that's amazing. >> just to be able to connect with the ball, let alone it going in the net. >> and drilled it past the keeper! that's amazing! it's like oh, not worthy, not worthy! [ laughter ] >> all right, another impressive thing. this youtubeer is a big fan of marbles and built this whole thing. it's like an epic marble machine. this has gotten more than 600,000 views. >> that's beautiful woodwork. >> set up and detail. >> that's patience right there. >> yes, i don't know how long it took to build this, but to carve all of that out. >> oh, yeah. >> so someone did that, huh?
10:41 pm
>> that's just like like wow. >> that's impressive., but if you want to see them again they're on my facebook page, and if you think something should be in what's trending send me a facebook message. a landlord caught on camera inside a couple's apartment. what the cameras caught him doing that ended with his arrest. gerald, a cool change around here tonight, but things will be changing in another way. here's th again quiet, but focusing on the lone star state. rain building rapidly tomorrow, we'll check out the rain fall potential, and see how the fire we'll check out the rain fall potential, and see how the fire situation is coming along
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
mike maze and wral weather. the most experienced team of meteorologists in north carolina. landlords are allowed to be in their not for the reason one entered a couple's home. >> what he was doing was all caught on tape. >> reporter: police say the man used a tenant's bed to have sex, and the people who lived there have the video to prove it. it was an alert from his phone that lead logan pierce to a startling discovery. >> i got a notification from one of the cameras on lunch the other day that it detected noise, and it was strange because we were both at work. >> reporter: one of the cameras
10:45 pm
apartment at sky way canned miniums in can -- condominiums in colorado springs. >> i opened up the program, and i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: we have the stop the footage here because the rest is too graphic, but what comes next is a clear picture of his landlord having sex on his and his wife's bed. >> i guess the first thing that went through my mind was like complete and utter disbelief. >> reporter: logan immediately called his wife. >> i said honey to move like immediately. >> reporter: and then called police. >> obviously landlords don't have the ability to go into a tenant apartment and do whatever they want to do. >> reporter: carlos? i'm a reporter with kktv11 news. we caught up with the landlord this afternoon to ask what he was doing in that apartment that day, and he didn't have a comment for us.
10:46 pm
right to enter the department, but the police say this case is felony trespassing. >> it's like a total violation of privacy. just having somebody come in unannounced, but then go forth with sleeping with somebody on your bed while you're not there? that's scary. >> reporter: and logan says the worst part of it all is what the two used as a towel to clean up. his wife's wedding dress. >> she was so realized that's what that was, and they just threw it back, and now that's gone, the authorities took it for dna evidence. >> wow. >> okay. >> crickets. >> yep. >> police say the landlord now faces charges for what was caught on camera and hope others who may have had similar situations come forward. >> let me see if i can pivot
10:47 pm
but then the wedding dress? >> that goes from bad to worse in a hurry. >> at least their rent probably went down, right? give me a laugh, come on! this is an outrageous story. >> the best water cooler story. >> oh my gosh. don't you know everybody in colorado springs is talking about it? >> so getting colder huh? >> no, things were actually heating up [ laughter ] >> out here. >> definitely colder. this time last night we were talking about the severe weather out we told you about the charlotte tornado, and this is the one in south carolina that created some damage. this video is in simpsonville. tornadoes and storms sent trees crashing down on homes. many sent in pictures showing outdoor furnish and trampolines toppled over. let's look at weather desk top. quieter in evening, and colder. we'll look at the jet stream and show the set up in the
10:48 pm
produce the rain. we have a deep trough of low pressure developing out west, and it will access moisture from the gulf of mexico and the pacific, and tomorrow the rain grows across the deep south. i noticed the direction the upper level winds are blowing. this will be carried our direction, and as long as the southern branch of the jet stream is set up in this pattern, little bits of energy will be thrown our way, and this will last through least next tuesday, and then by next friday, and that thursday before friday we could have a good deal of rain as well. let's check out the wildfire situation. we were looking at the wildfires back in the middle part of november, on november 16th they were 38 total fires throughout alabama, georgia, tennessee, north carolina, south carolina, kentucky, virginia, and out west into arkansas, and i believe some in mississippi. oz of today they're -- as of today they're down to 18 total
10:49 pm
the rain has helped. first the drought status, came out this week. now this was compiled on tuesday before the big rains occurred throughout the deep south, so we see no impact from the rains yet, but next thursday when we show the update we'll probably see some of this whittled away, especially in the coming days. let's check out the rain fall potential, and here's the big picture, and boy, this is so beautiful to see. what i'm worried about is we're going from feast to famine, and go too quickly, flooding rains occurring because we're talking about rain fall totals, five, six, maybe seven inches across east texas and western louisiana, and you're seeing a big swath of four inch totals or greater throughout mississippi, alabama, and georgia, and northern alabama getting up into tennessee, two to three inches, and that two inch zone stretches into south carolina, and perhaps even southern north carolina. about an hour to an inch and a half around our part of north carolina between now and next wednesday, so some healthy
10:50 pm
wind pattern is set up is helping, but next week with the strong cold front pushing through that will alter the pattern, so we could be wetter than normal, and then cooler and drier the rest of the month. here's the seven-day forecast. cooler tomorrow, 56. we had temperatures in the mid- 60s this afternoon, and it will be a cold start in the 30s in the day. bottom line is have the umbrellas ready starting late sunday into tuesday. >> that looks like a good soup day. >> yeah, not hot pot of soup. thank you mike. december is here, and the official countdown to christmas is were underway. >> coming up details on tree lightings and holiday events
10:51 pm
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that was too fast. so is managing your credit. get experian creditworks basic for free today and you can start getting better. you'll get alerts about key changes in your credit and customer service experts to help answer your questions. so you can learn to be better. good job. start building your credit skills today for free. visit right now. experian?. be better at credit. there are m ways to celebrate the holiday season when you get out and about this weekend. raleigh's winterfest is saturday, and there will be rides, music, a ginger bread competition, ice skating and more at the family friendly event. also several options for brightening the night. join me at the american tobacco campus in durham for the lighting of the lucky strike
10:54 pm
i'll be emceeing the event. it's free and open to the public. there's a number of performances, and santa will visit. the event concludes around 7:00 p.m. with the lighting of the lucky strike tower. get hot cocoa and enjoy crafts at the wake forest tree lighting tomorrow night, and cary's is saturday at 6:00 p.m. knightdale's is tomorrow at 6:00, and the christmas parade is tu for more information check out the out and about section of and a group of sixth graders are adding holiday cheer to their town by painting snowmen, christmas trees and other sights of the season on the stores of the main street in idaho. it's operation decoration paid for my grants and donations. financial supporters find it a great way to give back to the community, and it teaches children about community
10:55 pm
the decorations will be up until mid to late january. the slow economic recovery continues to keep the cost of christmas under control, but you still have to pay more for the gifts in the 12 days of christmas. $233 more. the total cost this year is $34,363 up 7 percent. you can blame wages and those take turtle doves. the -- dang this year it's $375. 11 pipers piping and 12 drummers drumming slightly more expensive, but 9 of the 12 gifts are the same price or slightly cheaper. that's only if you buy the gifts from a brick and mortar business, not online [ laughter ] >> what? >> well then you have the
10:56 pm
dove? >> a turtle dove breeder. how did you not know that? >> okay, pet smart doesn't have them [ laughter ] a good holiday deal can attract anyone or anything to a store. >> someone took a picture of a beaver checking out the holiday aisle in a dollar store in maryland. he sniffed out the christmas trees and got into some trouble, knocking down a few shelves. employees called animal control and rescued the and took the beaver away to a wild life rehab organization, just wants to get into the christmas spirit. >> he looked the artificial trees. >> no, he was knocking those over because he didn't like them [ laughter ] >> thanks for joining us. for weather and traffic every ten minutes watch the morning news on wral at 4:30 in the
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you said people that see you as the dumb blond have gotten it all wrong, paris. >> i think i kind of invented that whole misconception. >> and $2 billion in profit later, here we are. >> where has she been? our paris hilton exclusive. i'm liz hernandez. though she's definitely had the la regrets? >> i actually wish i knew a lot of things i knew now. >> if i were to write a script, it would be -- >> as his 911 call is released, kanye goes home. so what now? plus the ring is on katy's finger but the heat's on orlando. >> congratulations on the engagement. >> i love it. oh, i love it. >> so many secrets to share from the angels in paris.


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