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tv   Today  NBC  May 7, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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free fall. the dow records its biggest plunge within a trading day ever. nearly 1,000 points in 16 minutes. was it a computer blunder that caused the massive sell-off or real fear among investors? we're ve on wall street this morning. but will it work? crews work on that massive containment dome to the bottom you have the gulf of mexico tonight, a high--stakes attempt to cap a blown-out well that's spewing into the sea. road to recovery. 15 months after being savagely mauled by a chimpanzee, charla nash moves out of the clinic where she's been receiving treatment. how's she doing now? she'll tell us exclusive "today," friday, may 7th, 2010.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer, live from the floor of the new york stock exchange where meredith, it is thankfully quiet right now. >> you got that right, matt. i'm back in studio 1a. all of the major overseas markets down overnight following some of the most gut-wrenching hours in wall street history. matt? >> the drop was fast and it was astonishing, meredith. just after 2:30 eastern time, the dow went from being down about 400 points to 800 points. it would lose another 198 points so a total of almost 1,000 points, and it happened very, very quickly. there was a recovery at the end of the day. the markets eventually closed
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down 348 points. some are suggesting a lot of the anxiety was caused by what is called a fat finger trade. just to explain, this means a trader accidentally hit a "b" for billion as opposed to an "m" for million when recording a trade. is that possible? we'll find out more about this historic plunge when we're joined by maria bartiromo and jim cramer. lawrence taylor is accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in suburban new york. this morning taylor is free on bond and both his attorney and his agent are with us for an exclusive live interview. plus, princess diana's brother takes us on a rare tour of his sister's final resting place. his family's historic english estate. he will tell us why he is being forced to sell some of the valuable items there. but first, let's head back to matt at the new york stock exchange. meredith, let's begin with thursday's historic intraday
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drop on the dow, or by the dow. maria bartiromo covers the markets for us for cnbc. maria, what happened? >> my god, matt, this market fell out of bed in a heartbeat. for a lot of people it was a bad fla flashback to the 2008 crisis. even though some people are blaming a trading error or the big sell-off, the truth is europe's growing debt crisis has spread fear into the market. >> ride now we're down 875 points. >> reporter: at 2:47 p.m. on thursday, panic on wall street. bulls turned to bears in an instant, as one of the dow's 30 stocks, procter & gamble, plunged suddenly from a high of about 60 to $39. within minutes the dow, down almost 1,000 points. p&'s g's 37% drop triggered a
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stop in trading for 39 seconds. for hours some suggested it was the result of a fat finger trade where a trader dentally entered a "b" for billion instead of an "m" for million. but officials at the new york stock exchange dismissed those reports. >> i don't think we're looking for some bank who mistakenly sold $2 billion when they meant to sell $2 million. i don't think that had anything to do with it. >> reporter: nasdaq issued a statement two hours after the market closed saying it was canceling trades between 2:40 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. which it called clearly ean error. >> the problems in greece are something symbolic we learned during the crisis. we're all in the same global economic boat together, and if we don't work together we'll all
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sink together. >> reporter: back on wall street trading volume at new york stock exchange was its second-biggest in history. over 10.6 billion shares. the dow did climb back to end the day down, but thursday's market scare suggested volatility is back and panic is the enemy. >> we've seen a lot of jitters over the last couple of weeks about what's going on in the world. is the recovery sustainable. we have yet to see a lot of jobs from this recovery. all that feeds in to uncertainty about the future. when you're uncertain about the future, it doesn't take much to trip you up. >> reporter: there really is a debate right now going on on wall street about how much greece and the debt throughout europe really matters to u.s. investors. may not matter much because these are small economies relative to the u.s. the bigger issue is the crisis of confidence. that's really what's dictating behavior and that behavior -- selling. >> we're joined by jim cramer. jim, good morning. i don't want to let this glitch
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go by because i still don't understand it. was there a glitch or wasn't there a glitch? >> it was definitely a glitch. we've heard from the ceo of the new york stock exchange. you would think that that would be the only place we would notice this. there are exchange now all over the country. we are not able to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. >> shouldn't there be a record of this? if someone actually hit the wrong key on a keyboard, it would be recorded somewhere and couldn't we go and check? >> the new york stock exchange is saying that for that 90 seconds when the exchange stopped trading, procter & gamble and these very high-profile liquid stocks, that the business went somewhere elsewhere there wasn't a lot of volume and that's why they were able to get that trade covered. >> you were on the air yesterday when procter & gamble dropped by 37%. you said, wait a minute, this is not the real price. what did you think was happening? >> i think that what happened was actually the fat finger explanation. the "b" is way too close to the "e" on a querty keyboard.
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there are multiple exchanges. the s.e.c. was not there. we need to have be a little more protected from the machines running amok. >> if trading from 2:40 to 3:00 now doesn't exist, it didn't happen basically, but the mood changed in the market and so if i'm an investor who lost money because people panicked, you know the expression, where do i go to get my reputation back, where do i go to get my money back? >> there are probably some investors who bought because they saw stocks at low prices. those trades are now not going to matter. there is a real debate about not only what happened here but also the response by regulators. >> let's talk about greece and europe. there was a time not long ago we were saying greece is in trouble. then we said, wait a second, europe looks in trouble. how much is that trouble going to spread? >> look, i have to tell you it has already spread but i want to make a point. all of those markets are down tremendously for the year. we're the only major market that's up. there is a reason.
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stronger dollar, better response by a very responsible federal reserve chairman, and most importantly, we're on an upswing, whether it be housing, employment, we're strong, they're weak. >> is there a piece of news, maria, that could help the markets regain their composure a little bit? >> today we've got the unemployment report out for the last month. if we get creations of jobs over the last month, that will be a positive, that would certainly stabilize the market. that's the upcoming jobs report coming out very soon. it is critical. >> first of all, never afraid to come on this show-and-tell people to sell but i think it is right. maria's just spot-on. we're doing better. growth in employment is something we have. they don't have. we're good, we are not in the same boat. it is a special place to be in the american markets right now versus europe. >> people are going to be watching very carefully to see what happens. maria and jim, thanks for your input this morning. follow the markets all day long
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on cnbc. jim will have the latest on "mad money" this evening. guys, thanks again. now to that delicate operation in the gulf to try and contain that massive oil spill. a containment box is being put into position this morning some 5,000 feet below the surface. nbc's chief environmental affairs correspondent anne thompson is in venice, louisiana for us. anne, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. as crews work out at sea, here on shore the economic pain is spreading with the slick. the state of louisiana has closed the shrimpers west of the mississippi and on the eastern barrier islands known as the chandeliers, oil has been found. all of this is ratcheting up pressure to stop that leak. the specially designed containment dome made its way down to the leak site overnight. it will cover 1 of the 2 remaining leaks, the one spewing 85% of the oil creating the mammoth slick.
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this has never been done a mile beneath the surface, and federal officials aren't counting on it. >> i hope to works. it has not been used at that depth before. but we are still proceeding as if it won't. >> reporter: what's at stake -- the containment dome doesn't work, more of the gulf could look like this. in chandelier sound east of louisiana, we found porpoises swimming in water tainted with dispersants and oil and parts of the open ocean look like swamp. the ceo of bp oil came to venice. is this accident going to change the fate of offshore drilling? >> i think that is really to be decided. it will be very surprising if people don't step back and take stock now. >> reporter: late thursday evening, interior secretary ken salizar announced no new offshore drilling permits would be issued until after the spill review is complete. >> there's some very major
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mistakes that were made by companies that were involved. >> reporter: now as for that containment dome going down to the seabed, some 50 miles from the coast, this is a real big gamble by bp, but at this point it is their best chance to stop that leak. and they should know early next week if it's working. meredith? >> thank you, anne. nbc's anne thompson in venice, louisiana for us this morning. now the latest on the terror scare in new york and new reports about faisal shahzad's bungled plan to explode a car bomb in times square. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. after spending several months in pakistan, investigators say faisal shahzad returned to the united states in early february, a month later he was beginning to round up the components for his plan to build a car bomb, a plan that, fortunately, was seriously flawed. surveillance video released by a
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pennsylvania fireworks dealer shows faisal shahzad wandering the aisles in early march buying what would turn out to be parts of his car bomb. records show he drove there from his connecticut home, a 115-mile trip. the fbi says his bomb included more than 150 large firecrackers that he bought there, but a company official says he had the wrong idea about how they would work, apparently thinking that if a few were lit, they would set off the rest and ultimately trigger the gasoline and the propane tanks he had in the back of his suv. >> this whole enterprise was destined to failure from the beginning if he was relying on consumer fireworks, consumer firecrackers to chain-ignite and mass detonate. >> reporter: in bridgeport, connecticut, his landlord let photographers see the inside of his sparse apartment. but important evidence that was once there had been taken away by the fbi. for one thing, a laptop computer. investigators say he used it to chat on jihadist websites, including one featuring anwar al
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awlaki, the radical cleric said to have inspired the u.s. army major who went on a shooting spree last fall in ft. worth, texas. federal investigators say shahzad continues to talk, though they aren't sure he is being completely honest. >> there is a lot of information that has to be examined to see if in fact what he's saying is in fact the truth. >> reporter: also thursday, a sign of how much the bombing attempt has the new york area on high alert. at kennedy airport, an emirates airlines flight, the same airline filies. it was stopped on the tarmac but turned out to be a false alarm about a passenger on a watch list. investigators are finding more evidence that he built the bomb himself, including his fingerprints on self-of the components. but now there is an attempt to find out whether he paid for the suv and the plane ticket to flee the country himself or whether he had financial help. >> how much money would that entail? >> probably about $4,000. something in that neighborhood. >> pete williams, thank you very
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much. now let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories from ann curry at the news desk. good morning, annie. good morning to all of you this morning. we begin with a political question mark. with no clear winner in thursday's election in britain, it is unclear whether gordon brown will still be the prime minister. nbc's jim maceda is in london this morning with more on this story. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. well, the most hotly contested election here in a generation. but the results are so inconclusive that britain could be in for weeks of back-door horse trading to come up with a winner. as the counting went on through the night, and into the morning, it became clear that britain had elected its first hung parliament where no party has real power in over 30 years. david cameron's conservatives won the most seats in parliament, but fell short of the majority cameron needs to govern. >> i believe it is already clear that the labor government has lost its mandate to govern our country. >> reporter: but prime minister
7:15 am
gordon brown remained defiant, though his labor party was the big loser in this election. british system gives the sitting prime minister the first shot at forming a new government. and brown hinted he is going to try. >> my duty to the country coming out of this election is to play my part in britain having a strong, stable and principled government. >> reporter: the political uncertainty comes at a time when britain faces painful cuts in its massive debt projected to surpass that of even greece, and some political analysts say cameron, the man the british media seemed to proclaim the winner this morning, hasn't convinced britain he has the economic answers. >> he's not made it clear what that party will do with the world economic crisis biting on britain and could britain go the way of the greeks. >> reporter: ending the deadlock would make washington less nervous as well as britain remains our strongest ally in fighting the global economic crisis and the war in
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afghanistan. president obama will want to know soone esest of the call. north korea's reclusive leader kim jong-il wrapped up a visit to china saying his country is willing to resume long-delayed nuclear disarmament talks. in new hampshire last night, police got a call about a man on a crowded bus with a bomb. at least one man refused to leave the bus. now he is in custody being questioned. however, no bomb was found. freshway foods is recalling romaine lettuce told in 23 states because of an e. coli outbreak that's sickened at least 19 people. lettuce is sold under the brand names freshway and empical cisco. at least 14 people are under arrest in los angeles after blocking traffic for four hours on thursday. they chained themselves together to protest arizona's new immigration law. those are some of the other top stories at 7:16. back to meredith and al.
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>> that's your latest weather. a visitation will be held today for 22-year-old yeardley love, the university of virginia lacrosse player allegedly murdered by a member of the school's men's team. this morning, we are learning more about his criminal past. nbc's jeff rossen is outside the funeral home in townson, maryland with more. >> reporter: so scary, isn't it, how fast everything can change? just one week ago from today, here was a young woman worried about all the normal things in life -- graduation, how she'd do on her final exams, getting a job in the community perhaps. but here we are, today for her wake at this funeral home and this morning we're learning a lot more about her accused killer. yeardley love was so vibrant, so alive. making today's wake the final good-byes. so hard to comprehend. late thursday, her family
7:19 am
provided nbc news with new pictures of the young woman they called their angel. these photos were taken one month before yeardley's death. too emotional to speak on camera, relatives told us they can't imagine life without her. yeardley was popular on campus, too. many of her friends at uva will attend the viewing today. >> yeardley's death is beyond belief. the action that led to her death are painfully difficult to think about. >> reporter: now police have uncovered new information about her ex-boyfriend and accused killer, george huguely. he has a longer criminal record than first thought. he spent a lot of time here at his family's million dollar estate in this exclusive gated community in south florida. according to police reports obtained by nbc news, in 2008, huguely got into a fight with his father aboard their yacht. it got so heated, george huguely jumped overboard, into the atlantic ocean, a boater passing by had to save him. officers at the scene said huguely was drunk.
7:20 am
in 2007, huguely, who was under age, had another run-in with police, charged with possession of an alcoholic beverage by a minor. he was arrested in virginia for public swearing and intoxication and resisting arrest. when he reportedly threatened to kill the arresting officer. >> this all contributes to a sense of "i can do anything that i want to," "i'm a super jock in high school and college, i'm a big guy, i always get my way, and if anybody denies me, well, i just won't be denied." >> reporter: friends say huguely and love had a rocky relationship and recently broke up. police say huguely admits he kicked in her door and repeatedly knocked her head against the wall the night she died. now legal experts say he could face the death penalty. >> the prosecution may well ask for the death penalty. it is a high-profile case. the circumstances of the killing were especially depraved and heinous and the victim is especially sympathetic. >> reporter: and today, it's all about yeardley.
7:21 am
remembering her life from those innocent moments as a little girl, through the years, to the inspiring 22-year-old whose life has ended so suddenly, so violently. late last night, yeardley's mother and sister, too emotional to speak on camera, did speak with us by phone releasing this statement -- "yeardley is the kindest, most gentle daughter and sister. we can't imagine our lives without her." meredith, now there is a big new push to avoid this from ever happening again. nbc news has confirmed this morning that the university of virginia's president will meet with the governor of virginia to consider tough new legislation where police departments across the country would have to report student arrested back to colleges. they're hoping and they wonder if that would have changed anything here. >> jeff rossen, thank you very much. just ahead, pro football hall of famer lawrence taylor charged with raping a 16-year-old girl. we'll get the latest. also talk exclusively with his
7:22 am
attorney and his agent. >>
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up next, chimp attack victim charla nash leaves the hospital to begin the next phase of her recovery, after your local news. ( chirping, music )
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always knew what i loved, and insisted on wearing it. ♪ chicka boom boom boom i guess some women are destined to wear chico's. >> good morning. it's the 7th day of may, 2010. major changes coming to the gallery place area. d dot is experimenting with a diagonal crosswalk pattern at 7th and eighth streets. all traffic will turn red in all directions for about 30 successes. pedestrians can cross in any direction, including diagonally. it could be expanded to others if it works well. we will take
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>> a clear sky and a cool start. afternoon highs in the 70s and lots of sun. clouding up and through midday a shower or thundershower and clearing. windy and cooler after this. sunny high and 60s. >> time to take a look at 395 northbound. a lot of sunshine delays through landmark and shirlington. lanes open and light volume. because of the drive in maryland, heavy and steady.
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not bad all the way down to the split. >> get caught up before you head back to work. tune in at
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7:30 now on this friday morning, may 7th, 2010. we have a nice crowd out on rockefeller plaza. inside studio 1a, i'm meredith vieira. alongside matt lauer. encouraging news on the recovery of charla nash, the victim of a brutal chimp attack in february of 2009. she was moved from the cleveland clinic where she's been receiving treatment to an assisted living facility on thursday. we met up with her exclusively and we'll hear from her and what her time has been like in the past five months.
7:31 am
also ahead, princess diana's brother takes us inside their family home for 500 years and their sister's fm reinal restin place. he'll tell us why he's had to put valuable possessions up for sale to afford some much-needed affairs. talk about a fun assignment, this one here is steading to the south of france next week for the start of the cannes film festival. >> two of this year's big movies, "robin hood" and the sequel to "wall street," "money never sleeps." we'll talk to the casts of both of these films when we broadcast live from cannes next wednesday and thursday right here on "today." it's always a bit of a crazy scene there. >> have you spent time there before? >> i've been there on a couple of occasions. cannes, without the film festival, is kind of a nice little town. with the film festival, it is like ringling brothers. it is crazy. let's begin this half-hour with the arrest of pro football hall of famer lawrence taylor.
7:32 am
we'll talk exclusively to his lawyer and his agent in a moment, but first, nbc's peter alexander has the latest. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. lawrence taylor has had plenty of run-ins with the law but never anything like this, charges of raping a 16-year-old girl who police say was beaten and then forced to meet taylor at his hotel. when police arrived early thursday morning, taylor was asleep. but when he woke up, it was another legal nightmare. leaving a suburban new york city courthouse thursday, 51-year-old lawrence taylor faced a crush of cameras and harsh new allegations. police say taylor had sex with a 16-year-old runaway thursday morning at this holiday inn. >> the investigation indicates that mr. taylor engaged in sexual intercourse with a child less than 17 for which he paid the victim $300. >> reporter: wearing black and handcuffs, taylor appeared
7:33 am
nervous in court. his sexual encounter, investigators say, was arranged by a pimp who punched and kicked the girl, drove her to taylor's hotel and told her she had to have sex with the former nfl star. once considered the most feared defensive player in football, lawrence taylor tried to showcase his softer side on last year's "dancing with the stars." taylor's attorney insists his client is innocent. >> my client did not have sex with anybody. no, period, amen. >> reporter: in the past, taylor hasn't shied away from his fondness for prostitutes. during his playing days. >> knock on the door, you open the door, you got two beautiful women sitting there, like "we're for you." i'm like, "you're in the right place." >> reporter: the troubled athlete has struggled with drug addictions and has had run-ins
7:34 am
with the law. >> he was charged with filing false returns. >> reporter: a&e recently prefiled taylor "fame and recovery." >> let me take a hit of this and worry about that tomorrow. that's what drugs do to you. >> reporter: now facing allegations of rape, another troubled chapter in the saga of one of sport's greatest stars. authorities say the victim, again a teenage runaway, sent a text message to her uncle after the alleged assault and her uncle then alerted police. the alleged pimp, rasheed davis, was also arrested on charges of assault and unlawful imprisonment. if convicted of rape, lawrence taylor could face up to four years behind bars. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. lawrence taylor's close friend and agent, as well as his attorney are here. at face value this doesn't look very good, guys. yet you say he's denying these charges and preparing to fight. what don't we understand?
7:35 am
>> what you don't understand is what happens in every criminal case. when you walk in the arraignment, the prosecutor, right up to trial in their opening statement, paints this devastating picture, then how many people walk out of a courtroom, how many people are acquitted or found not guilty? don't judge a book by its cover. lawrence taylor will have his day. lawrence taylor will say what happened. more importantly, matt, what didn't happen. >> there are also people who are found guilty after charges so let's talk about what did and did not happen. did lawrence taylor have sex with this young lady, a 16-year-old in his hotel room? >> no. >> did he have consensual sex with her? >> no. >> did she go to his hotel room. >> i'm not going to get into those facts. those facts will be litigated in the courtroom when she's cross examined by me at trial. >> what you said is no, no, cot sex and consensual sex, would not say no to the fact she was in the hotel room with lawrence
7:36 am
taylor. >> did he commit those crimes? the answer is no. >> does he know rasheed davis, this gentleman alleged tosh the person who arranged this encounter? >> no, not that i'm aware of. >> he's never heard of him before? >> no. >> i know lawrence taylor's wife has said, lynette, has said she thinks this is a set-up. >> i don't know that the folks involved here are sophisticated enough to arrange a set-up. but we'll -- lynette's certainly entitled to her opinion. i don't think that necessarily is the case. >> i think one of the things -- whether this is going to come up in court or be evened aed aeded, but lawrence taylor's own words from an interview in 2004 where he talked about escort services and prostitution, i mean is that going to come back to haunt him with these charges? >> that interview was conducted in 2003, referring to lawrence
7:37 am
taylor's playing days in the '80s. i would like to think it would not be attributed to the circumstances today. that was an interview, long-ranging interview from an autobiography he had done in 2003. >> obviously, that would not be admissible. he was talking about things that happened 30 years ago. that's the old lawrence taylor. not the recent lawrence taylor. 12 years he's been sober. >> i know that. you guys think this is a man who's come an awfully long way but he's a guy who's fought with demons in the past, both drugs and tax evasion. why should his fans not believe that his demons have somehow jumped up to grab him once again? >> you're referring to the demons of the past. lawrence has been clean since october of 1998. it's pretty well documented. he has done an immense amount to get his personal life in order. i think in a lot of respects,
7:38 am
amongst football fans, giant fans, he's a beloved figure. i don't think this has anything to do with demons of the past that have been out there. >> we should be clear, lawrence taylor never saw a woman who was beaten or hurt or anything like that. if he did see that, he'd call 911, he would get help. that's the kind of guy lawrence taylor is in 2010. he never had sex with any underage women, consensual or otherwise. and every single thing that was said in court yesterday will be litigated to the fullest extent of the law. >> arthur and mark, thank you both for joining us this morning. 7:
7:39 am
good morning. sunny and chillo this friday and temperatures in the 50s. we will hit the 70s by this afternoon with sun and clouding up. it will be cloudy and in the mid 60s and through midday. it will be cloudy and late morning into early afternoon a chance of a shower or thundershower. clearing out and turning cooler by saturday. by sunday morning with gusty winds, it will be down near 40 and sunny and in the mid 60s. cool still on monday. >> that's your latest weather. up next, an important milestone for charla nash.
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15 months after she was attacked by a friend's pet chimpanzee, we'll hear from her exclusively right after this. - they're the first kisses we ever got... - good night, honey. - and they could fix... - all better? - almost anything. - yes. - thank mom with le vian chocolate diamonds from kay, the number one jewelry store in america. - i love you guys. - we know.
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we are back at 7:42 with new information this morning about the long road to recovery for charla nash, the connecticut woman who was mauled by her friend's pet chimpanzee last year. on thursday charla was discharged from the cleveland clinic and moved to an assisted living facility. we caught up with her late last night. we should warn you, some of the images you will see will be graphic. it was an emotional farewell as charla nash said her good-byes to the staff at the cleveland clinic. for the last 14 months, this had been home. the place where she recovered from the february 2009 attack that forever changed her life. >> he's killing my friend! >> who's killing your friend? >> my chimpanzee!
7:43 am
>> your chimpanzee is killing your friend? >> yes! he ripped her apart. hurry up! hurry up, please! >> reporter: charla suffered life threatening injuries after being mauled by a chimpanzee belonging to her friend, sandra harrell. >> this is a three-dimensional cat scan of charla nash at the time her injury. her actual bone structure underneath had been completely shattered. >> reporter: few expected her to survive. multiple surgeries later, therapists worked with charla to help her gain independence navigating through life without sight or hands. i spent some time with charla who goes by charlie last november. you move at a good clip, i'll tell you that. >> you're kind of slow. i'm kind of slow? oh. all right, wise guy. there was a time, charlie, when you first came here that doctors didn't think you were going to make it.
7:44 am
your own doctor, when he was asked about you, said, you know what? it's a miracle. >> that's what my brothers told me. they told me that they were happy i was still here. >> so why didn't you give up? >> everybody here, my daughter, thinking about her. my daughter's talking to me. everybody helped me. >> reporter: her brothers, steve and mike, who is her twin, have rarely left charlie's side since the attack. >> she's my sister and i'm glad that she's alive. >> reporter: but perhaps charlie's greatest inspiration is her daughter brianna who is going off to college in the fall. >> i want to be able to be around her, of course, as much as i can and be supportive. >> reporter: thursday, charlie was discharged from the place that literally gave her a new lease on life. in a statement, the cleveland clinic said, "charla nash has made great progress in her recovery. throughout her stay she has
7:45 am
touched the lives the many of our employees." >> she's a fighter and stubborn and determined. yeah. >> reporter: in the five months since we last saw had her, charlie's come a long way. now at an undisclosed assisted living facility, charlie will continue to receive round-the-clock care. >> there is something, some power i want realize. >> reporter: while sharly dreams of a day when she might be able to see again, she's thankful for how far she's already come. >> i take it day by day. hope for the best. >> very determined lady. she walks as much as she can these days. her latest challenge has been walking up stairs. although she's still unable to chew, she is starting to drink on her own with a straw and we wish her the best of luck with her recovery. up next, a rare look inside princess diana's family home and
7:46 am
why her brother is selling off family heirlooms. right after this. [ woman ] dear cat. gentle cat. your hair mixes with pollen and dust in the air. i get congested. my eyes itch. i have to banish you to the garden. but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. i can breathe freer with zyrtec-d®. so, i'll race you to our favorite chair. i might even let you win. zyrtec-d® lets me breathe easier, so i can love the air™. zyrtec-d®. behind the pharmacy counter. no prescription needed.
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7:48 am
if you want to clear out the clutter and maybe raise some cash, can you rummage through the attic and find things to sell. it's happening at some of the oldest and grandest homes in england, even princess diana's family estate. here's nbc's dawna friesen. >> reporter: the grandeur of england's historic houses used to reflect the power and wealth of the lords and ladies who built them.
7:49 am
but today falling income, rising taxes, divorce settlement and massive upkeep costs have left some of that society dying. >> people don't understand the titles anymore. >> reporter: lord hazel ring's home for over 600 years is the latest to join those up for sale. for $21 million, the new owner will get 1,300 acres and a 16-bedroom mansion and a few maintenance issues. >> the roof's gone, needs rewiring. there is massive costs involved. >> reporter: a costly divorce left lord hazelrig without money for central repairs so it is time to say good-bye to the place he was born, to the place that has been home to his family since 1398. the chapel in the grounds is the final resting place of 200 of his ancestors. >> i think these are probably the things i will be saddest to leave. the memorial to my forbearers,
7:50 am
the first barron here with his wife, and the second here with his two wives. >> reporter: keeping the history going is something diana's brother knows all too well. >> i get the real jackpot, i get to do the entire exterior for the first time since 1780. >> reporter: the house once the height of sophistication and elegance is in the process of a restoration process. >> i see 19 generations of my family looking down on me. that's a message that very much comes home. >> reporter: it's also a place of pilgrimage for a fans of spencer's sister, diana, princess of wales. she grew up in althorp and was
7:51 am
buried here after her tragic death. spencer's had to put some family hair looms up for sale. >> this looks just like an empty patch of wall but in fact this is where we hung a rubin. we knew it was pretty good, not how good it was. >> reporter: it is now awaiting sale at christie's auction house. >> this is an outstanding work by any standards. quite a major rediscovery. >> reporter: some of the family china will go under the hammer this summer. and 14 family carriages, including one used at past royal coronations, will also find new homes. it is a once in a generation opportunity to sort through some of althorp's nooks and crannies. >> i think i've literally only been in this room once or twice before in my life. it has a little bit of everything here. old beds, ancient pool table, drawers with sketches that i've
7:52 am
never seen this before. >> reporter: there are many hidden corners to the attic. >> we've been through this one a few times but we always find something new up here. there's always the cupboards and chests. in this one, old books. and this, 1793. >> reporter: althorp's been in this family since 1508. he hopes the funds from the summer sale will help to ensure its survival until his great, great, great grandson has to do it all over again once more, in 250 years or so. for "today," dawna friesen, althorp, england. >> what do you find in your attic? >> there's nothing in my attic. what's in your attic? >> nothing. >> exactly. just ahead, the mother and popular teacher has a wild, tragic story, charged with child molestation. she takes the stand in her own defense. >> was that a wise decision? we'll hear from her after your local news.
7:53 am
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7:56 is the time and 59 degrees here in the nation's capital. beautiful sun light day. blue skies and a beautiful picture of the white house this morning. good morning. i'm joe krebs. gilbert arenas is expected to be released from a halfway house for bringing guns into the verizon center. he was ordered to do 400 hours of community service, a goal he was working towards while in the halfway house. he will still be on probation for two years. d.c. police will be out in full force gearing up for another all hands on deck weekend. the goal is to prevent crime by flooding the streets with all available officers. police allowed and people were shot around the district. in one case a 16-year-old boy was skilled. we will take a break and look at
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> sun question and cool on this friday morning. in the 50s to near 60. highs with lots of sun and clouding up tonight into saturday midday and late saturday into saturday afternoon. windy and cooler after that. how is the traffic? >> a live look on the inner loop of the beltway slow because of the sun and over in virginia not bad. the lanes should be open. >> in the battle of the bulge, who has more self control when it comes to curbing cravings? men or women? you could be at a disadvantage in the diet challenge tonight at 5:00.
8:00 am
8:00 now on a friday morning, the 7th day of may, 2010. out on the plaza this morning, we've got a huge crowd. we're expectinging inan even b one one week from today as we start our summer concert series with the legendary sting out on the plaza. it all starts a great season of music. we've got sting, we've got the likes of justin bieber, something for everyone. lady gaga. during the summer months. if you make plans to come to new
8:01 am
york city. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira and al roker. we'll let you know about a very serious story. a kindergarten teacher on trial for allegedly molesting three young girls has now taken the stand at her controversial trial. just ahead we'll hear from her, talk about whether it was a good idea to put her up on that stand. that's right. and of course, this sunday is mother's day. that's right. if you had only six words to describe why moms matter, what would you say? >> the women running one campaign are raising that very question, wanting to raise awareness of the struggles faced by mothers all around the world. so we got into the act and we tried to describe moms and why they matter in six words. now we've each got one of our comments here, not our own. i'll read one person's. i think i know whose this is. this one says, mom loves you no matter what so ben, gabe and
8:02 am
lilly, you better come up with something darn good next sunday. mom loves you no matter what. >> that's mine. >> matt wrote, because moms love unconditionally each day. >> al wrote, without her, i do not exist. >> which is very true. he took the rational approach. >> ann wrote -- >> a mother's love never leaves you. never. >> and natalie wrote -- >> moms make the world go around. >> and meredith also wrote, "because i said so. that's why." >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day, everybody. let's gin si go inside. ann's standing by with all the headlines. good morning once again, everybody. in the news, overseas markets are lower after that wild ride thursday on wall street. investors were rattled by a
8:03 am
sudden 1,000-point drop in the dow industrials. blue chips rebounded within minutes but still closed with a 347-point loss. analysts say thursday's plunge may have been caused by a trading error that fed growing fears over the debt crisis in europe. crews this morning lowered that 100-ton pollution containment box over a leaking oil well in the gulf of mexico. underwater robots will try to condition the box so it bottled up most of the oil gushing into the gulf at an estimated 200,000 gallons a day. the head of a fireworks company says this surveillance video shows times square terror suspect faisal shahzad buying fireworks in pennsylvania two months ago. the fbi says shahzad did use some of the fireworks from that star as part of his car bomb which failed to go off. investigators are trying to find out if shahzad had financial help. for the first time in three decades, british national elections ended without a clear winner. conservatives captured more seats in parliament than the ruling labor party, but not
8:04 am
enough to govern outright. labor prime minister gordon brown said on "today" that he will try to stay in power by forming a coalition with the party that finished in third place. "consumer reports" magazine said today it has lifted its "don't buy" recommendation for the 2010 lexus gx-460 sport utility vehicle. the magazine said toyota has fixed a rear end problem with a software update installed by the dealers. a principal in texas found a kraea creative way to gets students to get excited about reading. if they read enough, he would propel down the side of the school. thumbs up. it is now 8:04.
8:05 am
>> good morning. big changes on the way for the weekend. right now we are warming up after a chilly start. a beautiful blue over green friday under way.
8:06 am
a live picture from the sky watcher camera and 63 in washington and near 60 in the suburbs after we started in the 40s. we will hit the upper 70s with lots of sun. clouding up and cloudy saturday morning. late into early saturday, we might get a passes shower and thundershower as well. that will be happening by early saturday afternoon. >> and that is your latest weather. coming up, a mother and popular kindergarten teacher on trial for molesting young girls takes the stand in her own defense. the latest from that controversial trial right after the latest from that controversial trial right after this. y what wild about. had a passion for pink. and pearls. i was a sucker for sequins. always knew what i loved, and insisted on wearing it. [ jazz horns blow ] because expressive is never excessive. i guess some women are destined to wear chico's.
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we are back at 8:10 with a new twist at the trial of a beloved kindergarten teacher accused of molesting three young girls. it is a case that has splintered the small town of ringgold, georgia. nbc's michelle kosinski has the very latest. >> reporter: this is place known for its civil war battles. the battle lines have been drawn for this. this is a case many people avoid bringing up in conversation because the feelings are just so strong on either side. tonya craft can face the rest of the her life in prison and it is basically her word against that of three little girls. >> the defense calls tonya craft. >> reporter: mother of two, and now fired kindergarten teacher, tonya craft, insisted to this packed courtroom she is innocent. >> what are you doing up on that
8:11 am
witness stand? >> i'm here because i have been falsely accused. >> reporter: in court thursday, craft's lawyer painted a picture of a mom devoted to her kids and career, almost too busy to be committing crimes. >> you go to school four nights a week, teach in a room full of kindergarteners all day, how did you work in abusing children into that schedule? >> i did not sexually abuse any child. >> reporter: indicted on 22 counts of sexual molestation and battery, a case that's divided this small southern town. some bloggers call it a witch hunt bleeming scheming exe sech s, anyone with a grudge. on the stand she says it all started when one child said another child touched her during a play date. >> being a teacher and a mom, i know one child's going to say
8:12 am
one thing, one child will say the other thing. i just wanted to figure out what was going on. >> reporter: craft says she even talked to the doctor about the incident. i said i don't know if a little bit of something's happened, if a lot, if nothing's happened. but i said there was kid touching each other and will you examine them to see if there is any signs of anything that's happened. >> reporter: prosecutors though claim a pattern of sexual abuse. >> okay. >> reporter: three little girls telling similar stories. that craft fondled them while they were visiting her home. last month the father of one broke down on the stand. >> i said are you 100% sure that this happened? and i'll never forget the look on her face. or in her eyes. she stopped everything she did and looked me dead in the eye and said, "i know it did, daddy." >> reporter: the defense says the children's memories were
8:13 am
planted by those who questioned them over and over again. but those who know the families involved, say the details from these little girls go far beyond imagination. >> there's too much that these girls have in common. yes, they have had some confusion. they're little girls. but the bottom line is, all three of them have very similar, in-depth graphic knowledge of things they should not have knowledge of. >> reporter: a courtroom and town split between the word of three little girls versus a teacher determined to clear her name. >> i don't know who did what to this day. i don't know. but i feel like i did what needed to be done to figure out what was going on. >> reporter: tonya craft will be back on the stand today. shortly after that the jury will get this case. it's been going on for nearly two years. during that entire time tonya craft has not been allowed to see her own daughter.
8:14 am
meredith? >> michelle kosinski, thank you very much. dan abrams is nbc's chief legal analyst, dan, good morning. tonya craft did not have to take the stand. why was it important for her to testify? >> in this kind of case where the key evidence is the testimony of the children and their parents who are saying, this is what happened, this is what happened to me, this is what happened to my child, i think it's almost essential. unless the prosecution's case had completely fallen apart, which it didn't, it was almost essential for her to take the stand, look at these jurors, and say to them, "this is crazy!" "this is nuts!" "nothing like this ever happened." >> is there any risk to her taking the stand? >> there is always a risk. there's inconsistent statements. there's the possibility that she'll say something or look a particular way or not respond in a particular way that the jurors respond to. that's always a risk. lawyers are always very nervous about putting their clients on the stand. but in this case, that difficult
8:15 am
decision i think had to be made and i think the decision was the right one. >> these children were 6 years old when they accused craft of molesting them. they're now 8 and 9 years old. how reliable is their testimony? >> i think that's the biggest problem for the prosecution here, is that the key witnesses, first of all were 5 and 6 at the time. and that's in and of itself a problem. now put on top of that the fact that we're almost two years later? 5 and 6 year-olds now remembering two years later as 8 year-olds what happened to them? that's a real issue, i think, when you compare that to the testimony of an adult, that is tonya craft, and i think that the prosecutors could have a problem. >> is michelle right when she says this basically comes down to a case of she said/they said? >> sure. but look, there is some physical evidence. there is the testimony of the parents, et cetera. but in the end, i think that's what this case comes down to. and this is one of those cases
8:16 am
where proof beyond a reasonable doubt really matters. we talk about this all the time, that that's the legal standard. but in a case like this, i think the jurors are going to think about that long and hard and they're going to say to themselves, even if some of them say, boy, this sounds convincing, i believe what some of these parents were saying, i believe what these kids were saying, i think that it is going to be very difficult for the prosecutors to get a unanimous verdict of those jurors saying we believe there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that this happened. >> you also say this is a case with no winners. >> yeah, of course. look, even assume there is an acquittal, assume there is a hung jury. this has destroyed a community. this has destroyed families. people are hurt by this on both sides. no matter what happens here, there are absolutely no winners in this case. >> dan abrams, thank you. appreciate it. just ahead, we'll lighten things up and reveal the winner of "today's top dog" competition right after this.
8:17 am
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[ female announcer ] when you have kids the phrase good morning takes on a whole new meaning. capri sun sunrise is a good source of calcium and vitamin c so every morning's a good morning. capri sun sunrise, i can respect that. we're back now at 8:20. this morning on "today's family," an inspiring story. nearly half a million u.s. children are currently in the foster care system, and our friends at "parents" magazine have recovered a remarkable group in riverside county, california who have made it their mission to help foster kids find their forever families. these are the faces of a community. they're in a get-together for local families who have opened up their homes and hearts to
8:21 am
foster and adopted children. for eric and jackie, this is all they dreamed about. over the past 14 years, they've taken in more than 30 children, resulting in nine adoptions with two more currently in the process of being adopted, and that is on top of their three biological children. >> we have one graduating college. >> and two going to kindergarten. >> this next year. >> reporter: their mission is simple. >> not just to change the lives of the kids that we've taken in to our home, but to encourage other people in our community. >> reporter: and they have. >> we're both biological and adoptive parents. >> we were foster parents for about six months so we went into this knowing we wanted to adopt a child. >> she's been living with us for about 2, 2 1/2 years now. we've been fostering for that long. we foster specifically to adopt jasmine. >> reporter: being a forever family is certainly not easy.
8:22 am
>> i'm 61 years old. my wife is 59. and we're starting all over. we already have four biological children. now we have six. plus one. >> i think he's happier at a house. >> there really is an ache in your heart. it is an ache that won't go away until you do something about it. >> reporter: but the benefits far outweigh the risks. >> almost every night i get to give her a bath and care for her. i just love them. >> reporter: they all have something to say about the hasemeyers. >> i mean you can't be around them without being influenced and feeling the love that they feel for children. >> reporter: so what's it like having a family twice the size of the brady bunch? >> we eat together at least one meal a day. and that's always chaotic and fun. >> reporter: and with everyone pitching in, daily living not
8:23 am
only becomes manageable, but rewarding. >> if you can be a mother and a father to a child that's been abused and neglected, that is just the greatest gift i think for them. >> reporter: jackie hasemeye rech r is in riverside this morning with these other families. good morning, everyone. nice to see you. jackie, i love what you said in that piece. you said this is not really about your family and the children you bring in to your home. it is about inspiring others. what's the most important thing you want other families to know about this? >> that there's over 127,000 kids waiting right now in america in the foster system, waiting for a forever family. going to bed at night and hoping and praying that somebody will take them in and love them and adopt them. anybody can do it.
8:24 am
>> people question how is this going to impact my biological family. can you address that? >> yeah. i mean definitely it's going to make a difference. but with our biological kids, they've been in the process the whole time and they've had to give up things. there's been sacrifices, but there's been many, many more blessings. and they love their brothers and sisters tremendously. it's been a blessing for all of us. >> robin, i know you've been inspired by jackie and her family. all the families there have. we want to do something a little special for you today. if you don't mind, first of all, mother's day is sunday. we've got some flowers for you all. so if we can bring in the flowers. these were donated by the riverside mission florist. so if we can give the ladies the flowers and say happy mother's day. >> wow! thank you! >> you know that commercial on tv where they say, "but wait, there's more!"
8:25 am
okay? also, because we know how hard you all work on a daily basis, there's something else. the folks at the riverside mission inn and spa have graciously donated a spa treatment of your choice to each of you here this morning. >> wow! woo! >> oh, nmy goodness. >> jackie, there is something else. you're feeding a family of 16 every day. how much does that cost, real quickly? >> more than our house payment. >> well, to help out, the folks at winco foods are graciously donating gift cards in the amount of $2,000 to each of you to help make your grocery shopping a little bit better. and so our thanks to the folks at winco foods as well. >> they're donating 2,000
8:26 am
manufacture towa our food bill. happy mother's day to all. >>. >> 8:wix is your time and a chilly start. bright sunshine and a nice day ahead. tom will have the forecast after the news. we are learning more about a scare on metro's red line this morning. a operator had to slam on the emergency brakes because he was a sfrad of hitting another train. metro said it happened between forest glen and wheat on. they cannot say how close the trains were to each other. we will take a break and have the weather and traffic when we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> a beautiful blue sky and temperatures are warping up after a chilly start. clooiling into the low 60s and hit the upper 70s this afternoon. cloudy tomorrow morning and might get a late morning or early afternoon shower saturday and windy. how is the traffic? >> the inbound side of 66 just volume making things slow as you head in from violina to the capitol beltway. the outer loop with an accident. two left lanes are closed.
8:29 am
>> when it coming to the battle of the bulge, who has more self control when it comes to curbing cravings, men or wo
8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning, may 7th, 2010. a chamber of commerce day here in new york. sunny skies and mild temperatures to the end of the weekend. sunday is mother's day. we'll show you some easy ways to give mom's wardrobe a fresh, new
8:31 am
look. a guy who always has a certain sense of style, henry winkler, the fonz. he's here today to talk about his last in the series of a book he's written. we'll talk to him about
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> we had a chilly start in the 40s. it's 63 in washington. highs should reach the upper 70s with lots of sun. overnight we cloud up and it will be a cloudy saturday. by late saturday into early afternoon, a passing shower or thundershower and clearing out and turning windy and colder. in fact by sunday morning near 40 degrees, for mother's day sunny and highs
8:35 am
>> that's what's going on. where you guys from? >> we're from knowledge knowledge and new york. we're here because it is allergy awareness week. >> real quick, back behind here, this nice lady, ohio university, her daughter's graduating from ohio university. who's your daughter? >> dee dee. >> one of our interns here. up next, bobbie thomas. beware of meredith with a bat sneaking behind me. we'll show you how to update your mom's
8:36 am
8:37 am
back at 8:37. this morning on "bobbi's style buzz," fun ways to update your signature style. today's style editor and
8:38 am's bobbie thomas has all sorts of ideas. and the moms of today will be doing our modeling. this is not about changing mom's look all together. >> absolutely not. i've learned so much from my mother throughout the years. you watch her put her makeup on when you're little. it is nice to update moms, show her what's out there that she might be not interested in but might be if you put it in front of her. >> first off, i want to update the wardrobe of your mom, fun footwear. our model is the wife of senior producer don nash. the mother of two gorgeous daughters. tell us about her shoes. >> gail is a mom in motion. she has to keep up with these cute, adorable little girls. she purchased this clutch which is kind of nice. that's a great gift idea, shoes that you know your wife's size, a fun pair of flats is always going to update anything from
8:39 am
shorts to a sun dress. she likes to be trendy but from the car pooling and lumplg with the ladies. >> you can switch out the shorts for a dress an they look equally great. >> absolutely. she's so wonderful. easy to dress. >> thank you. >> you like them, the gift? >> i love them. this is a great gift. thanks so much. >> thank you, gail. and girls. our next category, genevieve is the mom of our producer feliciano garcia. for the woman who likes to wear pants but you added a little femininity. >> it is all about making her feel beautiful. we did find her pants. she was actually good about not your daughter's jeans. they give a whole new meaning to mom jeans. what we wanted to do was add femininity with this statement necklace. jewelry, then the colorful top. these are both fantastic from macy's.
8:40 am
the color, the pop, the long jewelry is good to elongate your frame. >> mother's day, every mom loves jewelry. >> there's everything from sweet and sophisticated, there is definitely a statement jewelry or bangle for your mom. >> you better get back there to get your mom. the next trend is the trendy coat. trendy tote. >> she looks gorgeous. that bag completes the wardrobe. >> i was more scared of leslie because she is the best dressed. he came and said, i have the big bag. we put her in a fantastic dress. that's only $28. and her bag is $19. i love the idea that she's a
8:41 am
professional, she has to go to work so she wanted that care-free in the summer everyone else has, so do it in an accessory, bring the beach to work. it is appropriate. >> it's gorgeous. that brightly colored outfit is another update. >> you look gorgeous. you should be very proud of her. >> i am. >> and finally, we have the signature scarf look. very special mom modeling for us, bobbie's mother is coming out. >> i was so excited to have her come out for mother's day this week so she offered to work this morning. >> you take a simple black dress and just change it. >> my mom has so much black. i love the little black dress, but my mom really pops with color. this was a gift as well. i have it hidden for you. happy mother's day. such a fantastic idea. it is a summer scarf. nordstr nordstrom's, only $24. they come in 24 colors. this is like instant jewelry for
8:42 am
your mom. it just adds a pop to your whole look. it instantly brings out your eyes. >> it is really nice. do you like the look? >> i love it. >> it makes you look gorgeous. you want to add color, it is definitely fun. >> bring everybody back out, all the ladies. >> happy birthday to my mom. turning 60 this weekend! unbelievable. >> you all look great. happy mother's day to all of you. you know who else has signature style? the fonz. we'll catch up
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
you probably noticed already, but henry winkler has been entertaining fans for more than 35 years. he's best known as fonzie, the iconic character from the classic sitcom "happy days," but he's also the author of a series of young books about a young boy who, like winkler, can coping with a learning challenge. the final book in the series is called "hank zipzer, a brand-new me." >> 17? >> 17 i wrote with my incredible partner lynn oliver. >> you're bringing this to an end because hank is moving on. >> he is. he's graduating into middle school. and i did not know how emotional this writing this book would be. he's on the broadway bus that i took every day. he's watching his old neighborhood drift by the window and his new neighborhood come into the window because he's going to meet his bliss at his new school.
8:46 am
>> look, changing schools is a difficult time for any child. but hank has got to find just the right school. >> he does. >> there is an extra challenge. >> absolutely. he forgot to apply to the school he wanted to so he has to apply late. and gary marshall, who is one of the executive producer and co-creators of "happy days" was my mentor, along with tom miller. we made gary marshall, you know, a hank's mentor in the book. >> you write something in the book about what it's like to be dyslexic. you describe it as, "it's pretty frustrating feeling like you're smart inside but when you try to get it outside, everything just gets all tangled up." i would imagine you talk to a lot of young adults and their parents. >> yes. >> and they must love the fact that you give voice to this frustration. >> they say that, wow, i'm not alone, how did you know me so well. the most important thing that a child has to know is, no matter
8:47 am
how they learn, no matter if they are the slowest learner in the class, it has nothing to do with how brilliant they are. do you know? >> we should mention, a lot of these children are very vocal, very articulate. that's one of the reasons why this is sometimes missed in terms of the diagnosis. >> absolutely. i was. very vocal and i was the class clown. and everybody thought i was just not paying attention where the real thing was i couldn't pay attention. >> you at 17 and over here for hank zipzer. would you consider doing another series of books like this? >> well, lynn and i are working on a proposal for a brand-new series. i can't tell you about it yet because it's not signed. >> you have to tell us. we're not letting you out of here until you tell us. >> okay, i'm going to work on the nerd. >> keep it a secret but come back and talk about it. can i talk about something else? >> yes, please. >> one of our own networks, usa. you're going to be appearing. >> unbelievable.
8:48 am
stacy and i watched "royal pains" last year. we were a major fan. this year i'm on it! mark fierstein and paolo kostanza play brothers. they film out in east hampton. you know how tony is. >> that's not bad. >> what's the new series of books about? >> oh. it's not, is it? >> congratulations. >> thank you. what a pleasure to chat with you. >> always a pleasure. the book is "hank zipzer a brand-new me." up next, meredith helps grill up something called the baco
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> announcer: "today's kitchen" is brought to you by capri sun sunrise. making every morning a good one. this morning on "today's kitchen," back to basics. some very u nnique and basic recipes. >> the author of the new cookbook "barbecue makes everything better" are here. yes, it does. guys, you're going to be opening -- you've got this recipe, the bacon explosion. >> that's right.
8:51 am
>> where did you come up with it? >> it is basically our favorite foods wrapped into one. >> what goes in it? >> sausage, bacon, barbecue sauce and barbecue rub. into the smoker, all the flavors meld together, get it nice and happy. >> how many people died coming up with this recipe? >> none. lots of very satisfied people have come out of this recipe. >> what kind of bacon did you use? >> use nice even strips. we want the bacon weave to be nice and uniform. >> you got to make a weave of bacon? >> bacon weave here. here's how we do it. take some of this bacon. we lay it down. basket weave it all together. over/under pattern. >> this is like basket weaving with bacon. >> meat weaving. >> meat weaving! isn't that a song? "oh meat weaver ♪ >> we got our weave done. now we need to add sausage. >> what kind?
8:52 am
>> we use a nice italian sausage. lay this on top of the weave here. press that out nicely. you want it to come all the way to the edges of your weave. we got sausage, bacon, we need more bacon. >> yes! fried bacon! >> fried bacon. top it off with another pound of fried bacon. >> a pound? >> a pound of fried bacon. pound in the weave, pound fried in the middle. just pile it on. now the next step is we want to top it off with some barbecue sauce. >> of course. >> our private stock barbecue sauce we're going to drizzle across the top of this. nice healthy portion. now we're going to roll this whole thing up. you just roll the whole sausage layer. when you're done, it comes out looking like this. before you put it in the smoker, season it up.
8:53 am
barbecue rub on here as well. season it up nicely. move it on over to the smoker. >> how dong do ylong do you smo? >> 2 1/2, 3 hours. nice hickory smoke. once it comes off the grill we slice it up into these nice rounds. >> i'm going to moink balls. as in moo and oink? >> moo and oink. >> how did you get from this to that? >> basically this is the easiest recipe in our book. these are premade italian sausage. >> this is the moo part? >> the beef part. >> the moo part. >> the moo part. pre-made italian meatballs. just take one meatball, take a piece of bacon, just wrap it. easy, piece of cake. take a toothpick. >> then put the moink -- how do you say it? >> moink.
8:54 am
moink balls. >> oh, that's interesting! sweeten it up. >> this will caramelize on your moink balls. >> you take your moink ball that's all seasons. smoke those for an hour and they come out -- you turn them once every now and then. >> here's a cooked moink ball here. >> right before you take them out, baste with half barbecue sauce and half grape jelly. >> grape jelly? >> we glaze them. this is the appetizer. >> moink balls and bacon explosion. >> this is the best moink ball i've ever had.
8:55 am
>> but you can only eat it once. >> there is 5,000 calories in what? one slice? >> in the whole log. >> i just ate 35,000 calories. thank you, guys. >> my head's exploding!
8:56 am
8:56 is the time and 64 degrees. af r a bu day and plenty of sunshine. good morning, everyone. d.c. police are gearing up for an all hands on deck weekend. they are flooding the streets with all available officers. six people were shot and in one case a 16 year eld boy was killed. major changes coming. d dot is experimenting with a diagonal crosswalk at 7th and eighth street. all traffic lights will turn red in all directions for about 30 seconds. pedestrians can cross in any direction they want, including diagonally. it could be expanded to other directions. we will
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> good morning. a beautiful spring day on the way with sunshine and highs in the upper 70s. cloudy and showers midday. how is the traffic? >> i-270 and we are doing okay, but notice the construction barrels. won't be long before leading the roadway. >> tonight at 5:00, who has more self control for kurk cravings? men or women? if you could be at a
9:00 am
we're back now with more of "today" on a friday morning. it is the 7th day of may, 2010. meredith mentioned before, it is just a picture-perfectday, bright blue sky, lots of people in our crowd getting ready to kick off a great weekend in new york. i'm matt lauer, along with a mom, natalie morales, and dad al roker. in this half-hour, new evidence surfacing in that attempted bombing, car bombing, in times square. investigators are reviewing newly released surveillance video of the suspect at a pennsylvania fireworks store buying key components for that
9:01 am
bomb. also, they're trying to follow the money trail, tracking whether he had any financial help. we'll get the latest on that story coming up. also we'll have a lot more from wall street and what caused the dow to plunge nearly 1,000 points yesterday before it recovered yesterday. also, unemployment numbers are out. we'll get those and then, it is so small yet it has always stirred so much controversy. birth control pill turning 50 now. this morning we'll look back at how it changed the women's movement and how it's blamed for the unleashing of the sexual revolution. is that really true? we'll also take a look ahead at some of the newer options not only for women, but for men. and later on, you voted and it is time for us to nouns tann the winner of our "top dog" competition. will it be jami, jake, emma or fluffy? you will find out in just a few
9:02 am
minutes. a reminder, the winner gets all the moink he can eat. let's gin side. ann has a check of the headlines. new jobless figures this morning show the nation's unemployment rate rose to 9.9% in april, up .2% from the month before. for the month, the economy actually added 290,000 jobs. the most in four years. but the overall rate went up because more people were looking for work. world financial markets are mostly lower this morning meantime, a day after a brief, but massive, sell-off on wall street. at one point on thursday the dow plunged 1,000 points, though it rebounded quickly and closed with a loss of about 350 points. analysts said a trader's keyboard mistake may have compounded worries about the debt crisis in greece spreading to the rest of europe. violence broke out in athens again thursday night after the country's parliament approved new budget cuts and taxes to try to help prevent financial collapse.
9:03 am
riot police clashed with demonstrators the day after a protest that left three people dead. investigators are trying to find out if phafaisal shahzad h help with his attempt to blow up a car in times square last weekend. there are new pictures of him getting components for the bomb. pete williams now has more. >> reporter: surveillance video released by a pennsylvania fireworks dealer shows faisal shahzad wandering the aisles in early march, buying what would turn out to be parts of his car bomb. records show he drove there from his connecticut home, a 115-mile trip. the fbi says his bomb included more than 150 large firecrackers that he bought there but the company official says he had the wrong idea about how they would work, apparently thinking that if a few were lit, they would set off the rest, and ultimately trigger the gasoline and the propane tanks he had in the back of his suv. >> this whole enterprise was destined to failure from the beginning if he was relying on consumer fireworks, consumer
9:04 am
firecrackers, to chain-ignite and mass detonate. would never happen. >> reporter: in bridgeport, connecticut, his landlord let photographers see the inside of his sparse apartment. but important evidence that was once there had been taken away by the fbi. for one thing, a laptop computer. investigators say he used it to chat on jihadist websites, including one featuring anwar al awlaki, the radical cleric who is said to have inspired the u.s. army major who went on a shooting spree last fall in ft. worth, texas. police and federal agents say shahzad continues to talk though they aren't sure he is being completely honest. >> there is a lot of information that has to be examined to see if in fact what he's saying is in fact the truth. >> reporter: investigators are finding more evidence that he built the bomb himself, including his fingerprints on several of the components. but there is intense work now to find out whether he paid for the suv and the plane ticket to flee the country himself, or whether he had financial help. pete williams, nbc news, new
9:05 am
york. freshway foods is recalling romaine lettuce sold in 23 states because of an e. coli outbreak that's sickened
9:06 am
good morning. here we have a royal blue sky and we have bright sunshine with a live view from the sky watcher camera overlooking washington. 64 in washington and climbing into the 60s. 70s today with lots of sun. it will be a cloudy morning on saturday. late morning into early
9:07 am
afternoon with a shower or thundershower. windy and falling out of the 70s into the 40s. for mother's day, sunny and >> and it's train day tomorrow. got some nice folks here from the railroad museum. now back to natalie. al, thank you. this morning on "today's woman," the pill turns 50. in may of 1960, in a controversial move, the fda approved oral contraception but this is only the first step in a long journey of access and acceptance. nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman takes a look at the history and the future of the pill. >> reporter: 50 years ago a revolution took place in homes and bedrooms across america with the introduction of the first birth control pill. but even if you took it, or knew someone who did, chances are you just didn't talk about it. >> it still wasn't legal in a lot of parts of the country. its pretty recent history before women were actually allowed the
9:08 am
ability to even just purchase birth control. particularly unmarried women. >> reporter: today an estimated 12 million american women use the pill, and about 80% will use it at some point in their reproductive lives. not only are they talking about it, they're shopping around. >> sometimes a little difference is the difference you should ask about. >> reporter: the revolution that started with the simple pill has become a multi-billion dollar business. birth control pills that stop the period, pills that soothe your cramps, even birth control pills that help your skin. >> the pill was a great discovery but we have new methods of delivering contraceptives so that they can stay in the body for a longer period of time, as well as be safe. >> reporter: including this ring which emits a steady dose of medicine to prevent pregnancy for up to one full year, being studied by new york city's population council. contraceptive sprays and gels are also on the horizon for women. this gynecologist agrees that science is headed in the right
9:09 am
direction, because the pill isn't for everyone. >> i think it is important, therefore, to be able to offer women what you can call a contraceptive cafeteria. we have different options and women can select the option that is most likely to result in contraceptive success for them. >> reporter: for the past 50 years, the responsibility of taking a daily birth control pill has fallen squarely on the shoulders of women. but that may soon be changing. in 2009, chinese researchers reported successful trials of what may become the world's first male birth control shot. and at los angeles biomedical institute, doctors have been hard at work on the study of a new male contraceptive gel. >> i think if there was a male pill, it would have to be accessible, affordable and frankly, socially acceptable. >> reporter: acceptable to a new generation, 50 years after one
9:10 am
little pill changed everything. for "today," dr. nancy snyderman, nbc news. >> nancy gibbs is the executive editor of "time" and the author of the e-book, "love, sex, freedom and the paradox of the pill." nancy, good morning. we're talking about the 50th anniversary of the fda approval of the pill. as nancy points out in her piece, the approval and acceptance of the pill didn't really happen overnight. >> it didn't. in fact, margaret sanger who was the founder of planned parenthood started talking about a magic pill back in 1912. so it was decades in the imagination and scientific development before it's profl. then it would be many more years before it became widely accepted for use. >> still very, very controversial. what i find interesting actually, one of the founding fathers, if you will, of the pill was actually a conservative catholic. tell me more about that. >> he was dr. john rock. he was a harvard-trained, very established physician, probably the most famous infertility specialist in the country.
9:11 am
he had devoted his life to helping infertile women become pregnant and he ends up providing the means for fertile women not to become pregnant. >> his goal was really to help regulate women's cycles with the infertility aspect in mind? >> he initially thought that you could use progesterone, the hormone, to maybe block a woman's cycle for a few months, then once you stopped giving progesterone, maybe it would sort of turbo charge their cycle and they would have an easier time getting pregnant. those are the e experiments he was doing. you could also block ovulation to prevent pregnancy. >> being women think when they think of the pill and credit it for the beginning of the sexual revolution in the 1960s, that wasn't necessarily the case though. right? >> it wasn't. it's probably natural to blame the sexual revolution on the pill because they arrived together, but it doesn't mean one caused the other. throughout the 1950s, in many states contraception was still illegal. and even planned parenthood
9:12 am
clinics would not prescribe the birth control pill to single women. if you went to your doctor, you needed to be married to get it. now there were work-arounds. girls were known to borrow an engagement ring from a friend and doctors were not detectives. but by and large it was not accepted for single women until really into the 1970s. that's when you start to see the more dramatic social changes that resulted from it. >> i think there is a kin zi institute report, even 1953, six years before, seven years before the pill, wicomen were having s, 50% of the women i guess if the survey were having sex. even before the pill is happening. >> the sexual revolution is well under way. >> absolutely. and the pill was intended for preventing unplanned pregnancies. is it really working in that way zp. >> that's one of the many anomalies. here we are 50 years later, and to this day 49% of pregnancies in the country are unintended. this is not because contraception has failed. it is mainly because of people
9:13 am
choosing not to use it or not using it consistently. but the idea that half of all pregnancies were not intended is really distinguishes the united states from most other countries even in the world. >> fascinating. it's great information. "time" magazine again. nancy gibbs, thanks so much. read the whole article on our website,, as well as "time" magazine. coming up, protecting your skin in the hot summer months. what you need to know and what to watch out for. but up next, this is probably the moment you've been waiting for. the winner of the coveted title "today's top dog" right after this. - this is great. - thank you.
9:14 am
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9:17 am
we've narrowed down the competition from hundreds of talented doggies to the final four. >> that's right. on monday you watched these. you pups show off their stuff. before we name one of these pooches "top dog," let's look back at the journey. our in box was flooded with "top dog" submissions. we saw everything from well-trained pooches, to dancing div divas, to adorable faces. but only a handful made it to the semi-final round. our final four showed us their talents live in the studio. before heading to their very own
9:18 am
photo shoot with "ladies' home journal." but which one of these loveable talented pups will become "today's top dog"? once again, these are the final four. first we have jami, who's best known as mom's little helper, along with -- accompanied by her owner, carrie. >> next we have jake who has a soft spot for the environment and loves to recycle. his owner is patricia. >> our third finalist is emma who loves to dance and is full of tricks and is joined by her owner, cindy. >> and of course, rounding out the competition, fluffy who loves to sing and he's here with his owner tanya who loves al roker. for the coveted title of "today's top dog," the winner will receive a weekend get away and a massage and romantic dinner for two. >> we should probably mention everyone is our winner. they've been here all week.
9:19 am
they've been able to be in "ladies' home journal." i don't think anybody can complain. but without further adieu -- >> the drum roll, please! the winner is -- jami! congratulations! >> thank you! >> so how do you guys feel? >> i'm really excited. she kind of learned words as we spoke them. let's go outside, let's take a ride in the car, let's change a
9:20 am
diaper. she just follows me around the house. she knows all her toys by name. >> she knows 75 things. anymore tricks you're going to teach her? >> yes. i would like to teach her some of the dancing moves that emma has. those are next. >> i can see her doing that for sure. she's been such a key part of owen's life already. he's only 9 months old? >> 8 months. >> 8 months old. how much have they grown, the bond between them? >> when we first got owen, jami was -- oh, fluffy! you're a winner, too! >> treats for everybody! on the house! >> when owen was first born -- >> it's okay, honey. >> when owen was first born, he wanted attention. teaching her some of the tricks helped us keep her in the family and keep us all bonded. >> thank you to you guys, as
9:21 am
well. big hand for everyone. >> well done. congratulations. >> once again, another successful "today's top dog." coming up, two women in our plaza get hot new looks courtesy of our "ambush" team just in time for mother's day. but first, these messages. new mousse temptations by jell-o.
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9:25 am
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>> 63 degrees and a beautiful day. friday may 7th, 2o 10. we are learning more about a scare on metro's web line. on wednesday morning, a train operator had to slam on the brakes because he was afraid of hitting another train. this happened between forest glen and wheat on. met cocannot say how close the trains were to each other. we will take a break and have [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands. soak our yards in color. get our hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking a little greener.
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>> clear blue sky and temtures into the 60s and highs should hit the upper 70s. a delightful day with lots of sun. increasing clouds and should be dry through the evening. side morning, cloudy and mid 60s and maybe late morning saturday through early afternoon a passing shower or thundershower. dry for the weekend and winnie and cooler. how is the traffic? >> a live look along interstate 66 at the capitol beltway. that truck right there and the police officer behind it i believe were on the ramp from 66 eastbound to get on the inner loop. the last couple of miles are jammed up. a quick check southbound, the construction barrels are in the right lane.
9:29 am
>> when it comes to the battle of the bulge, who has more self control when it comes to curbing cravings, men or wo "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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♪ a new remake of his classic tune, that of course is sting, the legendary rocker, who will be kicking off our summer concert series one week from today. we've got a huge lineup this summer. something for everyone from lady gaga to country crooners rascal flatts to bieber fever when justin bieber hits our plaza. that's just a small sampling of our summer concert, all begins one week from today only here on "today." the requests are already pouring in and flooding our e-mails. with the summer months ahead, it is a good time to think about skin care. >> you may not realize it but
9:31 am
may is actually skin cancer awareness month. hi, jenna. hi, amy. we spend a lot of time outside this month and we'll be talking about protecting and preventing skin cancer. "glamour" magazine this year, they took out a primmer on how to protect
9:32 am
9:33 am
a gernlguous spring day with temperatures ntd 60s. blue sky on the waters of the bay. on the river a wonderful spring day and highs in the upper 70s with lots of sun.
9:34 am
overnight increasing clouds and cloudy tomorrow morning. late morning saturday through early afternoon, we might get a shower or thundershower followed by strong gusty winds and a clearing sky. much cooler sunday and monday with sunshine. >> we're still talking about dreams! >> i think they're fascinating. >> we'll be watching to see what they mean. >> this is becoming a nightmare. >> we'll end it for you. wake up, al roker! coming up next, we'll teach you how to protect your skin going into summer. bye momma. i love you. i love you.
9:35 am
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9:38 am
"glamour" magazine has provided a comprehensive guide. good morning. you've been doing this for the last four years and getting some pretty interesting responses from your viewers. >> we have. >> your readers. >> the interesting thing to me first of all is how many risks we're also taking with our skin. we all know that skin cancer is the number one cancer in the united states. it is one of the few cancers that's actually mostly prevently, yet most of us don't use sunscreen as well as we should. 44% of women we polled were still using tanning salons. >> 44% of women use tanning salons. >> if you use tanning beds, regularly, it increases your risk of melanoma by 75%. this is a "no." just a "no." >> is it more dangerous to be in a tanning bed than the sun? >> yes, it is. it is 12 to 15 times the traul
9:39 am
ultraviolet radiation. >> women believe if i get that first layer of tan from a tanning salon, i'll be safer. >> they said it to you now. if you're listening. now let's talk about the three things you say are very important that people think about doing every month. check your skin once a month. >> you want to just give yourself a rough once over in the mirror at least once a month so you know if anything's changed, moles that have gotten bigger or look different than the month before. we've been publishing a mole test in the magazine for the last four years. 68 women said looking at those pictures and comparing them to their own skin saved their lives. we just don't look at our skin that carefully. >> congratulations to the magazine. that's huge. it tells us how important it is to get this information out there. you say use sunscreen every day. what about vitamin d? >> rain or shine, january through december, regardless of your ethnicity, people need to
9:40 am
wear sun block. take vitamin d and you can put it in your mouth and eat it. get nutritional supplements. get vitamins. there is no need to get vitamin d from the sun. that's just the bottom line. >> reapply often. >> every two hours if you're in the sun is generally the rule. use as much as if you were icing a cake. you said a shot glass. >> for a normal size woman. >> you've also published some images of what skin cancer looks like. describe these. >> first of all, a normal mole -- most of us do have normal moles somewhere on our skin -- is all one color. either dark brown, all light brown, even reddish or pinkish can be normal and a clear, symmetrical border. not raggedy. >> this is early stage melanoma right here. >> unfortunately what happens, if you look at that closely under a scope which magnifies it by 500 to 700 times, pigment in the middle is uneven and
9:41 am
irirregular. you have asymmetrical border, border is irregular, krcolors vary, and diameter. this is a very atypical lesion. >> is it raised? >> they don't have to be raised. looks like on the anterior side there it looks slightly raised. e, can be elevated but that's not a classic sign. >> that's a late stage. >> that is definitely raised and it's got pink in it, it's got blue in it. >> okay. bottom line, you never want to even get to that point. prevent this all from happening. we talked about what normal moles should look like. when are they not okay? when do we know, okay, that mole is not okay? >> this is a normal one. >> this is normal. again you can see the border is
9:42 am
not raggedty. clear, roughly symmetrical. before you saw things that were changing, mixed colors and ragged borders. >> you can put a line through that and fold it back on inself-. it's symmetrical. >> look at one that is not okay. tell us what would be the thing to be looking for? >> i think with the abnormal moles, you look for tngs that change in color. notice, gosh, this is different than it looked last month. that's when you call your doctor. >> my patients help me diagnose abnormal moles like this, say doc, there's something right here that's changing now. can you take a better look. it is very helpful if they help me help them. >> a lot of women as we get older get sun spots, marks on our skin. i wonder if we may be alarming people too much. some of the marks people get are just perfectly normal. right? >> the big changes, big things to pay attention to is any kind
9:43 am
of change but you'll have change as you get older anyway. see your dermatologist even if you're concern. anything that looks raggedy. >> anyone is at risk. one thing we heard from women of color is they didn't believe they were at risk for skin cancer but in fact they are. the melanoma cure rate among women of color is actually lower than among caucasians. >> melanomas are diagnosed later in skin of color patients because they think they're protected. the melanoma more falt ratality 91% for caucasians and 75% for african-americans, because it is caught much later. african-americans, dark-skinned latino-americans, asian-americans think they don't need to wear sun block. this is a fallacy, something i want to drum home to your viewing public, wear sun glock every day. the little bit more pigment they had did not protect them. bob marley had a melanoma
9:44 am
underneath his toenail. they thought it was a soccer bruise. >> for people of ethnic -- different backgrounds, dark marks in people who are african-american, maybe asian as well that are not a concern or are a concern? >> some are not a concern. according to cindy's article -- >> yeah. if you have a black mark that's about the size or less of a pencil eraser on either the palm of your hand or the sole of your foot, that can be perfectly normal. it is pretty common in african-american women usually. but look for those same characteristics dr. downey talked about before, changes in color or a ragged outline and things under the nail can often be a sign of trouble. >> if it's just little period in the mouth, too. because african-american and asian-americans in particular can get moles in their mouth that can wind up being melanoma. obviously that's not sun exposed. or in their genitals. just a body check once a year if you don't have a history of skin cancer. if you do, more frequently. >> you said there is an urgency
9:45 am
in how you said it. i appreciate that. >> 3.5 million new cases diagnosed in 2009 alone. i'll let you say it. >> it is the number one cancer in the united states. the good news is it is mostly preventable. there is really something we can do about it. >> there is tons of sunscreens. go get one from the drugstore. aid yourself. >> thank you so much for being here. it is an amazing article. coming up next, strategies for a drama-free mother's day. that would be nice. right after this. [ laughter ] what is it about spaghetti and meatballs? i mean, it's a fun night. and the whole dinner is from great value at walmart. and it's all for less than $2 a serving. i have a budget like anyone else. this is what i did with mine. [ female announcer ] with hundreds of new rollbacks on great value, choose from lots of meals for less than $2 a serving.
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it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia! this morning on "today's family," avoiding mother's day drama. the mother/child relationship can be really complex from some and can change from childhood to adulthood. this sunday is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your mother.
9:49 am
psychiatrist and "today" contributor dr. gail saltz has some good advice. we move from childhood to adulthood but a lot of times, when you get in the presence of mom, you revert back. >> that's exactly the problem. you revert back to that old pattern and actually, that relationship is often the template for all kinds of relationships. but that regression can make you fight, argue, be upset, actually adult children often still hold mom responsible for all the things that she did wrong. right? and moms are often frustrated because they don't have control over their child anymore and they don't have that unconditional love. that's really like a sad loss for a lot of moms. >> without moms, therapists would go out of business. >> we would. we don't want to fix anything too much, al. >> so here's some tips. first you say, accepting. just accept that mom is not perfect. >> you know, acceptance. i'm not talking about forgetting everything that ever happened. but accepting that she's a human
9:50 am
being, just like you are, with her limitations. she might be -- maybe she was a more anxious mom than you wished, or a more controlling mom, or she had her own insecurities or whatever it is. but she was human. and she probably loved you and did the best that she could given who she was. if you can sit in that frame of mind, it will help you to let go of a lot of the anger. >> what about the relationship, especially if you have siblings? that's another dynamic, too. >> sibling rivalry can last right up until you're 90. that's because when you were young, it is common for a parent, a bond, to have a preference of one kid over another because it was simply a better fit or it felt that way. so talking about that and getting mom to say basically, well, this was your strength, versus this was your strength can help ease that. >> you say also give up the guilt. >> yeah. we really often feel guilty that we aren't doing more for our mothers, controlling what's going on with our parents as they age.
9:51 am
bottom line is, it's not a role reversal. you can't control your mother. and you can't feel guilty about that. the guilt is what keeps you angry. >> pushing each other's buttons. the fact is your mother is the one who put the wiring in. >> exactly. but if you know what pushes your buttons and you know what pushes her buttons, talk about it and you guys can avoid that. people are unconsciously drawn to drama. you tend to want to push buttons and stir the pot. >> which is why you said, set your limits. >> yes. you can say "no." "no, mom." it is really children, even as adults, say, no, i'm not coming over then, no, we can't do that. it is really okay to say no. sometimes say yes but you can say no. >> final tip is, find empathy. >> yeah. you know, it is really hard to age. it is really hard to be a mom whose lost that role of mom when that was so big for so many years. so try to stand in her shoes a little bit and understand these
9:52 am
losses. because it will help you to not get so angry every time she's doing something that seems like a reverse back. because it is hard. >> and bring her some flowers. >> bring her some flowers an remember that mother's day is a hallmark holiday. it is really about every day. it is really about trying to have a decent relationship the rest of the year. >> gail saltz, happy mother's day. back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
coming up, two lucky women on the plaza getting an ambush today. we have the results of their makeover. hoda and kathie lee do some mom's day cooking with their moms. all that coming up after your local news and weather. and happy mother's day!
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> 9:56 is the time. look at the gorgeous picture and a beautiful day ahead. tom will have the forecast. in the news, woo have bad news if you are driving through the will gory. good news if you are a pedestrian. they're experimenting with a diagonal crosswalk. all traffic lights will turn rode in all directions for nearly 30 seconds. they will be able to cross the veit in any direction including diagonally. they may be able to expand. another beautiful day. we are one and again and again. >> they keep on coming. a wonderful day to take a walk and be a pedestrian as well as on the mall and the potomac. a wonderful day. highs in the 70s with lots of sun. cloudy and a late morning or
9:58 am
early afternoon thundershower. dry and windy and cooler saturday afternoon and sunday and monday should be chilly and dry. >> we will head out and take a look. the outer loop from college park to silver spring. the latest was a broken down vehicle around the bend on route 29. still sluggish. 395 and i-66 looking at rush hour delays. >> tonight at 5:00 with the battle of the bulge, who has
9:59 am
10:00 am
vi from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. you made it! it is friday, dry day around here. we're going to fix that later. lesly here with nice wines for mother's day. >> and our mothers will be cooking for us on this fine premother's day. >> hide the children. >> we were at a nice event yesterday that was honoring a wonderful mother who works at our show. ann curry was given a terrific award for the women who care
10:01 am
luncheon. we can't think of anyone who cares more than that one. >> except for me. that's a joke, people! >> the party was had by all. >> it was so elegant and meredith introduced her. it was a beautiful event. five other ladies were honored as well. >> yes, they were. >> there she is, look at her. cool as a cucumber. i love it when she does the impression of her japanese mom. >> she has the perfect blend between humor and sincerity. she blends it. >> we're very proud of her. >> we mentioned something a couple of days ago. we took a photo with betty white and morgan freeman. >> at the white house correspondents dinner. >> we wonders if something was going on between them. >> there they arement. >> everything seems platonic until that picture. >> chelsea handler took that one. >> betty's eyes are closed. >> look at her grabbing the
10:02 am
lapel. get over here and give it to me. i know that thing. been there. done that. >> betty white's on "snl" this weekend. >> people already camped out for tickets. >> they're going to get so see betty white and jay-z is the musical guest. apparently they don't hand out tickets until the morning so get comfy. people will be enjoying a night on the street. >> i wish we could make it. you're going away with your mom for mother's day. i have a trip planned but that's one i would stay up for. >> my mom, brother, sister, hannah are now in puerto rico waiting for me, sending pictures from the beach. i'm getting on a plane right after. >> a guy this morning gave me a huge hug and said, please, look into the camera and say, stacey, yes. henry winkler gave me the biggest hug ever made. apparently she loves the show. i'm supposed to give one to you. >> okay. take one for the team. >> isn't it nice to know?
10:03 am
i love him. >> he's such a good person. >> there is a ton of stuff going on. we have a contest winner we have to get to. >> we do. this is a woman who wrote in about her wonderful mother. >> yeah. >> we're talking about judy beasley honoring her mom, jan foster. let's scroll up so we can see where it is. >> keep going. >> keep going. we're going to the mother's day -- yeah, keep going. >> here we go. let's do it this way. i think we're skyping with jan. are you there? jan? >> yeah! >> i guess we're just listening to you. >> there they are. look at you! >> congratulations. jan, what did you think? were you surprised? >> yes, very much so. yes. >> you had a tragic accident. judy's husband had a terrible accident. and then after that, because he was in such terrible shape, you
10:04 am
left your job, right, to help her with her little newborn, is that true? >> yes, i did. >> we had over a thousand -- >> we had so many entries but yours especially stood out to us. we have something special planned for you. you guys are going to head to arizona courtesy of orbitz to get to this wonderful luxury spa, three-night stay. >> sanctuary on camel back mountain. >> you get the airfare and everything. we are so excited. dinner for two. you guys are going to have a lot of fun. >> oh, my gosh! >> there's the little guy. oh, my gosh. i will send you a party animals book for him. what's his name? brooke? >> brooks. >> i will send them today, all right. happy mother's day. >> thank you so much. >> bye-bye, brooks! >> how cute are they? >> yeah! >> they are so cute. i love going from a wonderful
10:05 am
mother's day story to a not so wonderful one. >> i like this one a lot. >> a 73-year-old grandma was home. her granddaughter came over to do her homework. she was kicked out of catholic school. the 18-year-old -- that's grandma. so i guess what happened, according to police, was the 18-year-old kept dropping the f-bomb and grandma got sick of it and slapped her across the face. the 18-year-old called the cops who came to the house. >> cuffed her. >> and dragged her out. dragged her to prison. >> i know it. >> they called it a domestic situation in the house. they say if the cops are called someone must be arrested. apparently the granddaughter was like, hey, i didn't want it to go this far, but grandma was gone in the paddy wagon. >> grandma should have tased the granddaughter. she's trying to help this kid to stay in school, do your homework, do what you have to do so you have a future, a hope and a life ahead of you. the young girl's mouthing off
10:06 am
and granny had it. >> it was enough already. apparently she said the night in jail was the scariest night of her life. again, the police said they had to do it. i understand the charges will likely be dropped. >> they have dropped them. >> anyway -- >> we'd love to know how you feel. it's not right to hit somebody, but once in a while you understand how it came to that. you know? >> clearly if she's -- >> she said every other word was the f-word. why do you think moms matter? we were to answer it in six words. >> that's not an easy thing. string six words together to explain why your mother matters. the campaign by anti-poverty advocacy group, a group that decided to do this -- >> i think they are called one, the name of the group. >> we were supposed to six words on why moms matter. >> i like what you said. >> a warm hand on my heart. >> yeah. >> i said, who loves you more
10:07 am
than mom? kate hudson said to love eternally, joyfully. >> and jessica alba says "it all starts with your mother". >> that's true. carrying heaviest loads with lightest hearts. >> you guys should write in on the facebook page. if you can narrow it down to six words because it's not easy, but it's interesting to do. six words to describe mom. >> we had the kentucky derby hat winner. she's adorable. nobody writes thank you notes anymore. she took her dad, a very deserving veteran father whom she adores to the derby. >> and she wore her hat. >> a guy offered her $100 for it. she said, no, this is my winning derby hat. >> only a hundred bucks? >> i know, but still. >> if you're sitting around on sunday night and in love with michael buble, tune in. he's wonderful.
10:08 am
his grandfather is adorable. >> and he's in love now. >> remember, his fiance doesn't speak english. >> i had a week to get the deal done. i knew i really liked her. >> how did you know? >> i was talking to her sister -- her eyes are the most beautiful deep blue. say that. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i said every cheesy thing i could think of. i would have said anything. anything, honestly, hoda. >> she said yes. >> he was so adorable. >> he used to cut quite a swath, as they say. he's found -- he's gone. >> gaga. >> so cute. >> speaking of mother's day, as we know, every friday we do our buzz minute. bobbie brought a special guest. >> we thought it was her sister. >> i don't believe it. >> this is your gorgeous mom. >> i don't believe it.
10:09 am
>> this is my mom fatima. i'm so proud to have her here for mother's day. >> where do you live? >> in california. >> so you came in special. >> the secret for this is she eats all the right things. >> she's the food police, but is here to help me with the minute buzz today. >> let's start that. >> this weekend, i love when my mom comes to town to update your beauty bag. care is every woman's issue, but my mom and i with long hair love to find things to toss up your hair because it's getting warmer. i'm obsessed with the spin pin from goody. they look like a corkscrew. if mom turns around, you just grab your hair in a low pony, twist and after you twist, you screw in -- i know, this isn't the hour to play around with these verbs. >> that's it? loose and easy. love it. >> a few dollars at the
10:10 am
drugstore. mom, you can turn around. then another thing i love from sephora, how to get the high fashion runway ponytail, this has hair with color to match. >> you should get that. >> love that. >> they have different colors. >> if it matches -- >> it's close. >> last but not least -- [ buzzer ] >> -- some women deal with thinning hair and we were talking about it. this by crc fills in color. it has a whole system, only $28. it helps to fill in the color. so if you have thinning hair -- >> or gray roots. >> not so much gray roots. if your scalp is showing. it's such a confidence booster. check out the article on today's all day blog i put up for the link to the website. you will see the before and after pictures. they're amazing. >> it lasts until you wash it out. >> temporary, but it's fantastic or men and women. >> have a lovely mother's day.
10:11 am
>> sara! >> we have mother's day words. christine wrote mothers, wouldn't be here without them and ashley wrote, love and support, no matter what. >> those are great. >> excellent. >> we have a big show today. >> huge. >> i like your hair back like that. >> then i'll leave it in. >> kerry washington is here. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade.
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10:14 am
maybe best known for her role opposite jamie foxx in the movie "ray" kerry washington is back on the big screen in "mother and child". >> she plays a woman desperate to adopt a baby but realizes the process isn't without problems. >> i'm not a very religious person, but joseph is. aren't you? >> you don't believe that a higher being created you, loves you and looks after you? >> no. >> okay. that looks like the end of that. >> we have a problem. >> hi! >> what a busy lady. you have been extended on broadway. >> that's right. >> congratulations. >> and david alan grier just got nominated. >> we love the show very much. >> you have annette benning. >> sam jackson. >> jimmy smits. >> he's lovely in the film.
10:15 am
>> why did you choose this film? >> i read the script and it was a beautiful script from the beginning. it's a film about women and about our unique journey. it's about the one thing that we have in common which is having a mother whether a biological mother, adopted mother, surrogate mother. it is always a complicated relationship. we all know that dynamic. >> you wouldn't call it a feel-good movie, would you? >> it ain't a chick flick. >> no, and it's not a feel good movie. it's like life. it has dark moments and also really funny moments. part of what was fun for me about my character was discovering the humor in her. >> she was obsessive-compulsive. >> she's a little bit high strung, shall we say. >> you play a woman who desperately wants a child. >> yeah. >> did you have to go in ward for this? are you that woman? >> i'm not a mother and i haven't tried to be a mother. it was a bonding experience for
10:16 am
my mom and i. she spent several years conceiving me. so i went to her to ask what that time was like for her. we were really able to talk about it openly. >> in a cathartic way. >> yeah, yeah. >> how did the cast get along? did you shoot a lot of scenes together? >> we did. although it's three separate stories that are interwoven. i don't want to spoil the movie, but it is really incredible to work with heroes of yours. annette benning, i have looked up to her forever. >> great. instinctive. >> flawless. >> we saw you in "ray" and it looked like such an interesting part. did you enjoy -- >> i love being a lawyer and she's so tough, this character i'm playing on broadway. >> she's a tough nut to crack. >> we won't give that away. >> it must be a learning curve. you're with these guys that are incredible. you must be always learning on stage.
10:17 am
>> it's true. and the thing about doing theater that's so great is in film you get it right, move on and forget it. in theater you better keep doing it night after night after night. >> there was something about a public service announcement. i know you're interested -- >> 40 cent or -- >> that's right. there is a beautiful film called "the lazarus effect" on hbo may 24th. it's a beautiful film done by bono's project red. it's really about saving the lives of people. it costs 40 cents a day to provide hiv/aids medication. it's a great film. >> and a great promo. >> good luck with everything. >> thank you. >> success to you and happy mother's day to your mom. >> and to you guys! >> thank you. >> you can catch kerry in "mother and child" in a theater near you. >> up next the most talented of the philbin family is with us. >> don't tell regis. know that my dog is the right choice.
10:18 am
i got the idea from general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... just like buttercup. (announcer) general mills is the only leading cereal company to put healthy whole grain in every box. the choice has never been easier. for whole grain guaranteed, just look for the white check.
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so i'm really excited to see if this really works. my husband tried this last night. he loved it. he said it's the best yogurt i've ever brought home, so...mmm. have just started to notice a slight difference in my digestion. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. often children of celebrities are in the news for the wrong reasons but joanna philbin is here for the right ones. >> she's the daughter of our dear friend regis philbin and his beautiful wife, joy, and the author of a new novel, one in a series of three coming up, appropriately titled "the daughters." we are so delighted you're here. >> thank you so much. >> this is heady stuff for a young woman. >> and this is something i have wanted my entire life. so it's -- >> you have been a writer since
10:21 am
you were a little girl, right? >> yes. >> and a good one. an instinctively good writer. >> i foisted my short stories on you. >> i love to see a child find what makes them shine and what they love. >> it took me a while to find the kind of writing. that's me at about 7 years old. >> you can tell by the teeth. >> exactly. i think i was brought on to talk about how much i didn't like my freckles. >> well, that is one of the questions. you know, you have grown up in the limelight. your dad was a big star in los angeles already when you were born there. >> yes. it's been like this my whole life so i don't know anything different. at the same time it feels so normal to me. i think it's because my dad is who he is on camera is who he is on real life. >> is the book about you? >> kind of? >> well, a little bit. it's obviously based on experiences that i have had.
10:22 am
people knowing who i was, people kind of looking at me when i walked in the room with my parents, feeling that sense of sort of unwanted attention sometimes. of course it's about the fun aspects of growing up with -- >> there are perks. you grew up at disneyworld. >> i went quite a lot. my dad always hosted the parades and i would go out with them here in new york to, you know, fun events. >> do you like the attention now or do you still shy away? >> well, going out with him and my mom is so funny here. it's like he's the pope. people are screaming "regis". >> he loves it he demands it at home, i'm sure. >> he's used to it. i still have a little bit of, like, walk ten paces behind. >> leave it to regis to embarrass you so much. >> all the time. oh, everything. we'd have to come on the show, you know, every six months to do something crazy, singing with
10:23 am
santa, making gingerbread houses. >> your mom joy was a great mom and kept you guys very protected. >> she did. >> and the fact that you had a mother and father who loved each other and made family a priority is why you and j.j. turned out the way you did, as far as i'm concerned. >> oh, absolutely. we were very lucky. of course, we also grew up in a different time. there weren't the gossip blogs and that kind of thing going on. >> she signs this three-year deal and met the man of her dreams. >> i did. >> he happens to be here. >> very sexy. >> oh! it's andre agassi's kid brother! >> he's adorable. >> worth waiting all these years. >> yes, good things happen to those who wait. he's a wonderful guy. adam brown, he's a photographer. >> you're engaged? >> i'm engaged. >> congratulations. >> they haven't set the date. >> because i have had all these books to write. the second one comes out in november. and the third one i have
10:24 am
finished comes out in a year. >> i know you'll get a movie deal. >> we'll see. >> you're adorable. love to the family. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day to you, too. >> don't do that. it makes my arm jiggle. look for the movie. -- for the book. it's out and it's called "the daughters." up, wine for mom. >> and ambush makeovers. ( chirping, music ) ♪ pop-tarts®! i'll have a frosted strawberry... as an ice cream sandwich. ♪ chocolate fudge... on a stick please! ( crunch ) with the endless possibilities of kellogg's® pop-tarts, it's sure to be a picture perfect summer.
10:25 am
pop-tarts®. made for fun. and we've got some deep rollbacks! like cheerios. now just $2.50. that's a buck less. wow! good morning, savings! my name is darrell, and i save people money so they can live better.
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>> coming up on mid-di, the latest on wall stree. the dow plunged 1 thousand points yesterday. coming up, d dot is ex-perimenting with a diagonal crosswalk. give your opinion
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10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ we're back on this friday with the always amazing results of today's ambush make overs. >> by now you probably know how it works. today, louis le carre and jill martin rose at the crack of dawn to dive into the plaza in search of two perfect maidens. who wrote this? >> somebody's smoking something. then they have three hours to get it all done. now it's time to reveal the results. >> we were out there looking for moms. >> deserving mothers. >> and they were, you know, pretty girls and hopefully we make them -- >> prettier.
10:31 am
>> beautiful. >> let's start with nancy. she's 57 years old from buffalo, new york. has been married to tom for 31 years. they have three kids. she has not changed her look in 30 years. >> she likes it. >> it's time for a change, nancy. her daughters, as the gift, wanted to give mom a make over so they came here for a free one. let's listen. >> all right. nancy is so nervous. she's already crying and shaking, so we are going to talk to her daughters. you tell me why she deserves a make over? >> she's a great mom. she does everything for everybody else. she deserves something for herselfment. >> oh, she's crying. >> she puts everybody first. this is perfect because i haven't gotten her a mother's day gift. >> so we're helping you out. you have to say one word. are you ready for three hours of pampering? >> yes, i am. >> that's the right word. >> so sandy and lindsay will keep on the blindfolds until
10:32 am
give the green light. here's nancy before. let's see the new you. ♪ >> oh, my gosh! >> wow, wow. we're going to have you stand right there. you look terrific. ready, girls? take off the blindfolds. >> ooh! >> wow. >> are you ready to see yourself? >> oh, my. i do look different, don't i? >> you look beautiful! >> thank you. >> turn around. >> the hair is a big change. >> it is a change. now nancy had a typical problem. she had fine hair and grew it much too long. so jennifer gave her a great cut with little bangs that just work well on her face. enid made her lips prominent with a little bit of shimmer. >> sandy and lindsay are busting. what do you think? >> you look great. >> great, mom. >> do you love it? >> i do love it. >> jill, tell us about the
10:33 am
outfit. >> you have to pick a different destination than the statue of liberty. we wanted to give her a flirty look for mother's day. it's by adriana papelle. >> we love her! [ applause ] >> our next lady, christine is 41 from is a vague and ambiguous, minnesotambiguou ambiguous -- savage, minnesota. her daily beauty routine consists of throwing her hair up in a ponytail. nothing wrong with that. she's here with her husband eric. let's listen to her story. >> all right. there are two children in minnesota. so we are going to hear from eric why she need as make over. >> christine is a great mother. she spend as lot of her time with the kids. but, you know what, it's time she does something for herself. >> do you want her to look hot? >> very hot. >> what do you think? >> i can be a hot mama for my husband.
10:34 am
>> ooh, all right. on that note -- are you ready to go? >> let's go. >> i think this is eric's mother's day present. >> you're absolutely right. >> let's take another look at christine. and now let's bring out the new and gorgeous christine. ♪ i'm every woman >> there you go! all right, eric. ready? >> take a gander. >> ready. >> wow! >> he's liking what he sees. >> very nice. >> turn around and look at yourself. >> oh, my -- whoa! i'm blond. >> not really. it's an auburn. >> beautiful. >> it's a warm brown with a few blond highlights to accent the bangs. one of the problems that christine did is when she pulled her hair off her face it head her forehead look large. so by cutting the bangs it put her face in the right proportion. that's all jennifer lawrence. i added a few highlights to
10:35 am
accent the bangs. you look fantastic. >> eric's about to come this way. >> i think so. can i? >> yeah. >> oh! give her a hug. >> that outfit's hot. >> she really needed mix and match pieces. these are so wearable. the tank is spanx, so this is extra hold that every woman should have. the rest of the outfit is t.j.maxx. >> come on out. [ applause ] >> still to come, our moms are in the house. sami and joannie will be cooking. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what are you gonna miss when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin® at relieving your worst symptoms -- runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes -- and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life.
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if you're planning something special for mom this weekend like breakfast in bed -- good idea -- why not include some fine wine? >> yes! >> after all it doesn't have to be -- enjoy the fruits of the vine. even i don't drink for breakfast. >> we have some mother's day suggestions. >> how about let her sleep until noon? >> that's right. and then bring her champagne. >> how nice. make it a mimosa. with the good champagne you don't want to mess with that. >> this is one of my favorite champagnes and you can only call it champagne if it's from the champagne region of france otherwise it's sparkling wine. paul roget, you can buy in the
10:40 am
half bottle. if mom just wants a glass in the bathtub you can do it that way. here. have a sip. >> hoda, that's good for you. you usually don't finish yours. i'm saying that for your mother's sake. >> and this is $25. so you really don't have to spu splurge. >> this was a favorite of winston churchill. he likes his champagne, dry, wet and free. >> like his women. >> this is another great brunch wine. champagne is, of course, a terrific brunch wine. this is from new zealand called kim crawford. it's a sauvignon blanc. under $20 here. now we'll get into a couple of female-oriented wines. this wine which i would love you to taste is pinot noir. i know how much you love it. >> i do. christine loves it the best, my assistant. >> it's such a food-friendly
10:41 am
wine. if you want red wines with brunch, you can have this. >> this is the one. >> with fish or meat. >> it swings both ways, that's right. >> you know who you are. >> this is from cambria, julia's vineyard, made by a woman and named for a woman. >> that can go with anything. >> this is one of my favorites from rioja in spain. this is a lightly sweet wine called satinella. >> you will love it. i won't because i don't like the sweet. >> you won't like it. >> i like it. it's good with fruit. >> can't lie. i would lose all my credibility. >> don't want that to happen. >> then i want to move to gifts. of course you want to give mom a mother's day gift. >> i have already given her breakfast in bed. what has she done all year?
10:42 am
>> so i call this mihelic wid flow -- my liquid flower basket. this is the george deboueff deboueffe beaujolais. and you write out the seed cards and you have flowers. >> adorable. >> this is my sexy sippers because i'm a thirsty girl. >> you're a thirsty girl and you -- >> don't spit. >> i don't spit, it says on the back. good for you. classy, les lie. >> i know. >> what is this? >> this is aroika, a sexy riesling from washington state. isn't that beautiful? named after beethoven's symphony. >> why do i like it? >> it's one of the best wines in the country for a riesling.
10:43 am
these candles melt and you can use them as massage oil. from amarosa bella. >> thank you. happy mother's day. >> thank you, loves. >> up next, a little food to go with our wine. moms cook up our favorite dis s dishes. >> cheeshs rs to mom and to les. fiber one -- i'm looking for some fiber. this bar is an excellent source of fiber. there's no fiber in this. it tastes too good. they have 35% of your daily value. oh, samples. mmm. fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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in today's kitchen we're getting saucy with our lovely moms in honor of mother's day. >> we are. they're here with our favorite recipes that remind us of home. my mom the sami kotb, one of the best moms in the world. smile! >> my mom, joan epstein is one of the best moms in the whole world, regardless of what i have told her. one day i'm really going to write the book. >> my mom's going to make her world famous meatballs! what do we do, mom? >> okay. we're going with onions.
10:48 am
>> this is ground beef. see? onions go in. nice. >> do you want to help? >> yes, i will. what's that? >> bread crumbs. all right. >> uh-huh. >> and one egg. >> one egg. just one. >> and parsley. >> okay. what else? >> like yours, right? >> and -- >> garlic powder. >> i'll do that. >> you do it with your hands. you don't want to -- look at your manicure. >> that's gorgeous. >> sami, do you have hair issues like hoda does? you have a similar style. >> yes, we have the same issues. she got hooked on moroccan oil. so take the meatballs and make them into small meatballs, not huge ones. >> about this size. >> okay. plop them in. >> in a little bit of -- >> see that? style, baby. that's how you do it.
10:49 am
just do one more. >> bam! >> come on, mom. do it with a little -- and -- bam! good. >> so come on down here, stick it in -- >> in the sauce. >> exactly. marinara sauce. >> good. and this is the final product. the meatballs are delicious. she cooks them just right. at the end, just in a pretty dish, grilled veggies that you pop in the oven. >> love that. >> and dress it with olive oil, a little parm and delicious. >> fantastic. >> mom, come this way. >> this kitchen ain't big enough for the two of us. with our hips? okay. >> okay. when i asked mom what she was going to make she said sweet-n-sour chicken, you will love it. i said, you have made it 20 times on television. >> i have not. >> yes, you have. >> i can't wait to try it.
10:50 am
>> well, this is it. >> i love it. >> it is the easiest recipe in the world. for people on the go it's wonderful. do you want me to tell you how to make it? >> how do you do it? >> let sami tell us how to do it, mom. >> well, you skin your chicken and you get -- this is russian dressing. ' bottle of russian dressing. this is apricot preserves. >> i like how she's talking to camera. >> where are we? >> and this is the rice -- no. this is lipton onion soup mix. you mix it all together. then you put it on your chicken. >> okay. >> and then you bake it. >> yes. you bake it for an hour in a 350-degree oven. and then i brown it.
10:51 am
i take, you know, let it brown so i do it another half hour. so it's an hour and a half. >> this is the final product? >> this is the final product. >> you literally mix the three ingredients. it's delicious. it really is. >> you serve it with the same salad down there, mom. what is that? >> that's a california salad i serve it with. >> that's great. >> it's romaine lettuce, olive -- no. >> those are almonds. >> almonds. >> carrots. >> cut up little tangerine things -- >> mandarin oranges. >> that's what i said. >> this is all seasons dressing, but you can use -- sometimes i use a very light vinaigrette. >> is this finished? >> it is. that's the pretty one. >> get some meatballs. i'll get the chicken. >> should i got the hot meatballs? >> yeah, baby. >> get the hot balls. >> i've got your hot balls right
10:52 am
here. >> the crew is salivating waiting for the food. >> delicious. >> all right. we've just got 30 seconds. >> happy mother's day, mom! >> happy mother's day. >> you try ours and we'll try yours. >> not that hot. >> mm. >> it tastes just like yours. delicious. >> really? >> how's the chicken, mom? >> delicious. >> joanna, your chicken is a ten. >> fantastic. so glad you didn't cut yourself this time, mom. >> me, too. >> we love our moms and we hope you do, too. it makes life complicated when you don't love your mother, trust me. >> we'll be right back with more of [ sneezes ]
10:53 am
♪ music plays ♪ [ sneezing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what are you gonna miss when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin®
10:54 am
at relieving your worst symptoms -- runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes -- and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life.
10:55 am
well, that was fun. >> that really was fun.
10:56 am
>> we were hoping to show you the new pictures of the green room because -- we lost every camera there is. >> are we on audio? >> there we are. we are in the green room. it's official. >> have an awesome weekend. gosh, everybody. we wish you such a happy mother's day. bless you all. >> happy mother's day. ♪ >> well, he was humping the bichon yesterday. that's a problem. >> we'll get to all of it and there will be a little alcohol show coming up. >> look. >> oh. >> the tongues danced slowly and both of them kept their eyes open. >> you don't have to drink that! >> i've already been there. >> why do dads get mad at moms for spending money? >> you set us up with a child! >> don't start with me.
10:57 am
>> come on. >> it's because of the stupid lights. ♪
10:58 am
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