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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 20, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in a crime spree that's terrorized northern virnia. the man behind more than 100 crimes has been caught. thanks for start urge weekend with us and wcome to "news4 today", i'm kimberly suiters. . >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it's saturday, november 20, 2010. the news is just ahead. first a quick check on your focast. chuck bell joins us in the studio. plenty of sunshine, good looking weather, temperatures right about near average for this time the year, so no real complaints. a lot of people have all next
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week off. so they started their holiday travel plans and ratively quiet travel weather up and down the seaboard. that's good news for everybody who is thinking about turkey and cranrry sauce andgravy. outside on a saturday morning -- who doesn't like gravy, outside right now beautiful clr skies out there. a little bit of a november chill. not that cold. 32 degrees down in la plata. 30 in manassas. upper montgomery county just below freezing. 38 in arlington and falls church. 37 up in theanhandle of west virginia. a few thin cirrus clouds drifting by. not going to bother anybody. nicend sunny today with temperatures a few degrees warmer than average. 59 degreesere in town today. clear skies overnight. enjoy the sunshine. today will be the nicest outdoor weather day. clouds will pick u tomorrow. not too much of a rain threat for tomorrow but today will be
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the prettier of the outdoor da. >> we'll take it. thanks. new today, a high honor for washington, d.c. catholic archdiocese. pope been be district the 16th named a new princes of the church. the college of cartals is made up of 203 leaders, 120 of them are 80 years o or younger making them elible to vote in a conclave. werl will celebrate his first mass next sunday at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception.
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these are live pictures streaming from rome. wh a beautiful sight this morning. back here closer to home this morning two people are dead and another siously injured after an accident in prince william county. this happened about 9:00 last night around lee highway and james madison highway in gainesville. police don't know how many vehicles were involved but one car burst into flames. investigators are still looking to how the crash happened and at this hour they are still on the scene investigating. we'll update you when more details become available. this morning northern virginia homeowners have some relief knowi a suspected serial burglar is now behind bars. police tied the arrest to months of homand car break ins. detectives made the arrest in montgomery county, maryland. they pulled over a man and detailed evidence linked him to crimes in virginia. darcy spencer reports, one phone call cracked this case.
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>> he came into our home, we were sleeping. we didn't find out until the next morning and saw our stuff all over the yard. >> reporter: this fairfax county woman is one of the victims of the serial burglary, her home entered through an unlocked door. now that the suspect has been arrested she will sleep a little easier tonight. >> kind much relieved. knowing that this guy is cut. >> reporter: pole in montgomery county arrested brad edmonds after yufrd cover officer caught him breaking into homes. >> they charged him with 13 different crimes and currently in the montgomery county detention center. >> reporter: he's suspected in more than 100 crimes in fairfax, prince william and montgomery counties. they say he entered homes in cars in the dead of the night hunting for cash. according to court records he has a history of burglary
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arrests. the burglar tried to break into this man's home but his door was locked but couldt be pde open. >> i'm glad he got caught. >> reporte police say they identified edmonds after a resident in fairfax county reporteded seeing his oldsmobile intrigue in the neighborhood. when they pull him over they found addresses of homes that had been a targeted. >> our citizens will sleep southerner and safer tonight. >> repter: darcy spencer, "news4 today". an assistant chief from the d.c. police departmt has been spended among cheating scandal. diane groomes is on leave while an internal investigation is conducted. she's accused of helping class take a test.
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that test has been invalidated. she emailed a response saying i'm sorry for my actions. a corruption investigation in prince george's county led to several calls for council member elect leslie johnson not take office next month. last month federal agents arrested her and her husband on tampering and destruction of evidence charges. voters elected her to the county council this morning. the county would be better off without her in a public position right now. >> look at it from this point. suppose she is completely 100% innocent would you give up your jo if there were allegations out there. you have to make a personal decision and judgment. being a constituent my opinion would be the perception out there has done damage. >> more than 100 prince george's county residents have signed an online petition against leslie joson taking office. organirs plan to deliver to it the maryland general assembly and governor martin o'malley. a federal police officer
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must serve probation for shooting and killing a dog at an anne arundel dog park. keith shepherd testified during yesterday's trial that theog attaed his dog in august so he shot it. the brother of bear bear's owner was just playing. terms of the probation were not made public but can be expunged from his record if fulfilled. another day gone without a verdict in the trial of ingmar guandique the man audiotape accused of killing chandra levy. the jury has deliberated more than 15 hours. yesterday jurors asked the judge for the legal definition of assault, proving th ingmar guandique assaulted levi is a key element. the jury will return to the courtroom on monday. as millions ppare to hit the skies for thanksgiving more and more people are speaking out against the new security
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measures at airports across the country. it's gotten so heated tsa officials are trying to step in and quiet the storm. jackie bensen has more now from ronald reagan shington national airport. >> reporter: at national airport passengers waited to claim their bags after a flight under the new more intrusive tsa screening including body scansnd pat down searches. >> one thing i noticed there were a lot of body searches going through security. >> reporter: the growing fur error over intrusiveness has compelled the head of the national treasury employees union to issue a don't hate us statement on beha of the tsa officers. it reads tsa officers carry out an essential job for their country. they don't create the security procedures. regardless of their objection to specific security procedures i would ask that the public and members of the media respect these officers and the important work they do. more lawsuits are coming from passenrs who claim the new rules are unconstitutional, violating the fourth amendment
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ban on unreasonable searches. >> before you do tese kind of things to american citizens in the past there must be some reasonable suspicion that they are involved in some kind of criminal activity. >> reporter: courts have approved of airport security efforts. >> that doesn't mean the judges give a blank check to the government. but it means that they are cautious about stepping in and overturning a regulation that the executive branch this is necessary. >> reporter: 80% of americans that respond a poll say they don't object to the full body scanners. >> i want to be safe. it doesn't matter to me. >> reporter: the tsa will allow airline pilots to skip some curity checks. at national airport, jackie bensen, "news4 today". now even though pilots are allowed to skip through the body scanners and the pat downs flight attendants are not alwed to do the same and that has some flight attendants are fired up. they say the new rules in effe
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will be a disruption to their roine. they don't have to understand why they have to go through the security measures and pilots don't. >> it's a double standard, in our opinion. we go through the same background checks. we're all qualified. we get the same training every year like the pilots. >> the transportation workers local union 556 which represent swertle airlines flight attendants sent a letter screening ever flight crews are not only unnecessary but a waste of resources. we have a major traffic alert to tell you about this morning. chuck bell thinks some of you will start traveling f thanksgiving. you might want to avoid the outer loop of the beltway inned alexandria. the far right lane is clod between eisenhower and evident of telegraph road. that cuts off access to the north king highway.
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huntington avenue and telegraph road exits. 6:10 right now. up next the exclusive it's been called the headquarters for a cat rescue group. w see why animal control officers are calling this house anything but safe for cats or humans. some real life drama on the set of one of tv's hottest reality shows. what brought
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[ speaking foreign language ] live pictures from vatican city this morning where a special ceremony is going on right now that so le elevating several dozen new cardinals or archbishops to cardinals. >> archbishop wuerl is being elevated to cardinal. west potomac high scho made headlines by getting rid of fs. the principal got an f on the policy. students would get an i for incomplete rather than an f.
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students would beencouraged to complete work rather than get a failing grade. now students who don't complete work will get an f. yesterday he sent an e-mail to parents and teachers saying the school didn't have consensus with faculty,tudent body or the parents and will return to regular grading practices. authorities have ruled a northern virginia house uninhabitable because of too many cats. investigators say the owners hoarded the animals. animal control officershecked out the home yesterday. inside they tell us they found 70 cats, some very sick. the house serv as a cat rescue adoption headquarters. office say the air quality inside made it unsafe for anyone or any of the animals to live there. the homeowners can get se of the cats back once the house is cleaned up.
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the gulf coast oil disaster is making headles again this morning. the white house has sent bp another steep bill for costs associated with stopping the leak and clning up the oil. new charges tal more than $25 million. this is the eight bill from the obama administration. the first seven bills added up to more than $580 million. bp has paid each of those in full. the federal government may send bp more bil ithe future. the april oil rig explosion killed 11 people and caused toil gush along the gulf coast for several months. controversy wth "dancing with the stars" but has nothing to do with the contestants. the fbi is investigating a threatening letter with a suspicious white powder that was found in the mailroom last night. it's unclear whom the letter was addressed to. emergency personnel said initial tests showed the powder was not hazardous. you don't get to watch much tv, bristol palin, people were
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upset she got aanced and brandy didn't. i wonder if there was a connection. >> inspired to send the white powder. >> you never know. >> i feel more complete. hollywood has been in shock after one of the most powerful publicist inhe area was killed. >> george lewis reports it's turning into the real life murder mystery. >> reporter: it was an unlikely spot for a street shooting, beverly hills and she was an unlikely target, ronnie chasen a 64-year-old movie publicist well known in the film industry. >> people in hollywood are more than horrified. they are in absolute shock. >> reporter: she was the go to person if you wanted to get your movie promoted for oscar contention. last year's oscar winner's slum dog millionaire. last night, chasen was
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hobnobbing off the red carpet. she was driving into beverly hills. about 12:30 as she was going home officials say another car perhaps a big suv pulled alongside her and someone opened fire. shattering the passenger window of her car. from here where the shots were fired chasen mortally wounded continued down this side street until her car hit a lightpole. chasen was still alive when paramedics arrived but pronounced dead an hour later at the hospital. on sunday a hollywood who'sho will turn out for her funeral. george lewis, nbc news, beverly hills, california. 18 after the hour. 41 degrees outside our studios. chuck bell is here looking at what the rest of the city and the region will feel today. >> that's right. good looking day for your saturday. a lot of people getting ready for fun things to do this weekend and next week as well. get a complete cck of an up
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. it's 6:2 all my friends have been talking about this great weather. >>it's been a really mild stretch of weather here in november. in fact my little factoid on the graphic 11 out of the 12 days have been warmer than average. the only one that broke the streak was yesterday. today we'll once again be at least a couple ofegrees warmer
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than average. make i 12 out of the last 13. good looking weekend ahead. today is the pretti day with temperatures up close to 60 degrees for a brief time this afternoon. look at this beautiful sky outside, this morning sunrise still about 30 or 40 minutes away, though. good lking way to get your weekend started. nice and chilly out there by november standards. temperature at national airport not too far from where this mera is panning around, 40 degrees. there's by stolen factoid. 11 outf the past 12 days have been warmer than average. november has been half a degree warmer than average. mild stretch. another good looking y for today. tomorrow will be a dry day but clouds will be on the increase and temperatures will be a little bit cooler not as pretty of a day. right now to get your saturda morning started 37 degrees in inwood, west virginia opinion 42 in front royal, virginia. 32 in culpeper and rappahannock county up towards little indiana
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washington. fauquier county upper 20s. in town upper 30s to near 40 degrees first thing on a saturday. no real industrial strength cold air anywhere on the eastern seaboard just yet but by the time we get to the second half ofour thanksgiving week much colder weather is setting the stage. temperature changes only about eight to ten degrees warmer than the last 24 hours but cooler air across parts of the upper midwest and firsttaste of that cooler air will work its way in our direction by early next week. high pssure down south is in charge. that provides us with a nice day today. this weather front up north is sliding ever so steadily southward and by the time we get into the overnight hours tonight that front goes down the eastern seaboard as a cell of high pressure across eastern canada starts to take control. that turns our winds tomorrow to the ea and northeast. that easterly component spells cloud cover. so cooler tomorrow with more clouds round. plenty of clouds i suspect as we go into the day on monday as
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well. but as we get towards tuesday and the day before thanksgiving that warm front comes back through here and we'll have a brief surge of warmer air for tuesday and more wednesday before chillier rain chance return. for your saturday get your weekend started. plenty ofsunshine. pleasant day today. highs to the mid-to-upper 50s. stafford might have a 60 degree reing. tomorrow sunshine early, becoming cloudy tomorrow afternoon and cooler. highs tomorrow only in the low 50s. another mostly cloudy day o monday. things will start to warm up. monday back in the 60s. tuesday near 70 degrees. near 70 degrees on tuesday. wednesday, though, the clouds and a cnce for rain return. thursday with the turkey there -- >> what's he doing? >> he'sgobbling. look at that. that's a good looking turkey. >> does he have hands? >> he has wings. >> i love it. >> thank you, chuck. >> i didn't know it was is going
6:25 am
to be that funny. >> as if playing football at a baseball stadium isn't interesting enough there's another rivalry between illinois and northwestn. >> they are playing with some unique rules. chuck, you may want to hear this. they will be playing with one end zone. the back of one of the end zones sits ay from the ivy brick wall. so the two teams will go the same way whenever they are on offense. both school athletic directors say it's not ideal but the safety of the players is most important. >> a lot of running. >> i got to get my brain to visualize that. >> hopefully we'll have pictures tomorrow. >> the caps and wizards in action last night. >> dan hellie has highlights from a busy friday night in this morning's sports in a minute.
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>> good morning everybody. your "sports minute" starts with the washingtesshington capitals. there were three goals including two in a 15 second span, the capils lose 5-0, they host the flyers tonight at verizon. last night at verizon the wizards beat the grizzlies 89-86. gilbert arenas led the way for the wizards with 24 points. that's their fourth win of the season. maryland loses to the illni of illinois, 80-76. jordan williams had 15 for the terms. maryland 3-2 on the season. gegetown in the final of the charleston classic, beating their opponent 74-59. the hoyas will play ncaa state in the championship game on sunday. the wfpack get there by beating george mason 74-59. long led the patriots with 16.
6:27 am
high school football. play of the night from quince orchard and damascus. the hornets, fraser going deep to number one, brandon phelps a he 64 yard scoring touch. damascus advances to the state semi-finals, the final on this one 33-14. that's your "sports minute". i'm danhellie, everybody have a great weekend. we're still debating this one end zone thing with an interception it complicates things. >> get the video and talk about it tomorrow there's much more ahead this hour. up next you can expect a pat down or a full body scan if you're flying out of town for the holidays. wait until you hear how some people want to get rid of the controversial procedures. she could serve on the prince george's county council or serve hard time in prison. the debate over leslie johnson's next move when we retu.
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you may be up for adtional screening. >> up set about pat downs at security checkpoints imagining going to the arport and not dealing with the tsa at all. good morning. welcome to "news4 today". i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kimberly suiters. it's saturday, november 20, 2010. the news is just ahead. first let's get a quick check on
6:31 am
our forecast with meteorologist chuck bell. he has another gorgeous saturday ahead. >> we're getting very spoiled. the weekends around here have been exceptionally nice for about a month and a half. weekend worries suspended at least one more week. next weekend will be cold around here so you need to enjoy this one. sunrise still abt 20 minutes away. good looking day outside a few high thin clouds drifting on by. not rain makers. nice and dry for day and tomorrow. so to get your saturday morning started it's 40 degrees in columbia heights. 41 in boe. 40 in maryland. e in waldorf. northern virginia some spots out towards warrenton and nassas down below freezing. st everybody in virginia mid-to-upper 30s. good looking day. hardly anything in the way of worrisome clouds. sunny and mild this afternoon. temperatures up close to or maybe even touching 60 degrees
6:32 am
in a few spots. the arkansastate red wofls are in tnaking on the midshipmen at annapolis 3:30 this afternoon. 57 degrees with a northwesterly breeze if you need your college football forecast just send me a note chu >> it's tougto stay inside and watch football. >> nouts notif your team is playing. millions of americans are preparing to fly out of town for thanksgiving and all of you will likely faceome new tsa security procedures. but there may be an alternative to those pat downs and full body scans. >> that alternative no tsa at all. some opponents of the new screenings are urging airports to use private security firms instead. elaine reyes has more from ronald reagan washington national airport.
6:33 am
>> reporter: this resident is flying home to florida this weekend. it's also the first time he's gone through an airpor with body scanners in place. >> my first time i've traveled since they put these procedures in place. be interesting to see what it's like. everybody is talking about suing everybody. i mean it's going to be interesting toee what it's like. >> reporter: a florida congressman is calling airports to ditch tsa screeners in favor of private contractors instead. he wrote letters to the country's busiest airports to consider the move. he argues it could stream line the process, use half the personnel and make travellers more comfortable going through security lines. >> you have to have a pool of people that you hire out of to fill these spots now. what will y get -- will they have the same po to hire private contractors? what's the advantage. >> i feel safer.
6:34 am
i want them to search me, i have nothing to hide. >> rorter: federal law does allow airports to use private screeners. san francisco is the largest to do so and in orlando, florida airport is considering the move. >> i think safety is first. that's how i feel. think about safety and you make sacrifices. >> reporter: the head of tsa said body scans and body pat downs are unavoidable during times of terror threats. from ronald reagan washington national airport, elaine reyes, ws 4. not everyone is flying out of town this thanksgiving. a lot of people are dring. if you plan to take 95 through delaware you might want to consider another route. transportation officials are warning that construction at the delaware toll plaza will cause major delays starting on tuesday. i can tell you from experience ving driven through that toll plaza you will sit still for at that long time. maryland transportation authority says construction will last through the sunday after thanksgiving to avoid the traffic authorities say time
6:35 am
your trip to avoid peak travel hours and easy pass users can take the express lanes but you still get stuck for a while. new today washington, d.'s leader of the catholic archdiocese has a new title. donald wuerl is now cardinal don't wuerl. pope benedict the xvi elevated him to the title this morning along with 23 other cardinals. cardinals are second highest rank in the catholic church under the pope. they serve as advisers to the pe and participate in. aal elections if under the age of 80. cardinal wuerl is 70 years old. he's scheduled to hold his first mass in washington next sunday. two people are dead and another seriously injured from an accident in prince william county. it happened about 9:00 last night around lee highway and jas madison higay in gainesville. please are unsure how many vehicles were involved in the
6:36 am
crash but they confirmed one car burst into flames. investigators are still looking into exactly howhat crash happened and at this hour ty are still on the scene there. we'll don't update this story when more details become available. on week after a corruption crackdown started in prince george's county some say maybe leslie johnson should not take office. e was elected to a council seat but th was before federal agents arrested her and her husband. county executive jack journey. derrick ward talked to local and state leaders who question if leslie johnson should hold public office at all. >> reporter: while there's no formal call for leslie johnson not take office next month, fellow incoming council member mel franklin addressed the issue from a personal perspective. >> i hope llie chooses not to take the oath of office. legally she can. but it would hlp save prince george's county from further embarrassment. >> reporter: also speaking to
6:37 am
the matter delegates jay walker and justin ross. >> we talk about constitution and innocent until proven guilty. can this be overcome? i don't think kit. are we one to say that if you're 100% innocent you believe that in your heart should you step away from some allegation? that's a decision she has to make and you hope she mas the best decision in the interest of prince george's. >> we've been put in the spotlight. why we're responding to this is because we want the state, county residents and entire the world know there's a better prince george's county coming. >> reporter: what if she does not take her seat. there e procedures in place. >> e boar of elections would be required to conduct a special election. >> reporter: candidates would have to meet all the requirements tget on the ballot. there would be a primary and general election for the district in which the vacancy ocrs. >> we estimates the cost for that would be about $400,000 to $600,000. >> reporter: still at this point there's no indication that
6:38 am
johnson will not be seated or any of these scenarios will be more than academic. >> we're talking about the perception not only in annapolis but across the country. >> reporter: derrick ward,news 4. more than 100 prince george's county residents signed an online petition against leslie johnson king office. they promised to protest every day she's in office. organizers say they will deliver that petition to the maryland general assembly and governor martin o'malley. another day gone by without a verdict in the trial of ingmar guandique. the jury has delerated for more than 15 hours since wednesday. yesterday jurors asked the judge for the legal definition of assault. proving that ingmar guandique assaulted chandra levy is a key element in that felony muer charge. the jury will return monday morning. 6:38. you probay knew it was going to be a hit but maybe not this big of a hit. wait until you hear how much money the new harry potter movie
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made before the sun came on opening day. we'll take you to a barb that's all about the stash. why facial hair is definitely in this month. [ beeping ] ♪ my cotry ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride
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♪ from every mountainse ♪ let freedom ring ♪
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♪ let freedom ring ooh. harry potter has certainly
6:42 am
put a spell on movie goers. first par of the series finale harry potter and the deadly halos part one made $24 million just from its midnight showing. it has the record. the latest harry potter film is on pace to make anywhere from $132 million to $157 million over the weekend. the dark knight holds the opening weekend record with more than $158 million. you only get the far away shot of harry potter because he's 35. 5:00 shadow. >> but the thing is you know when you go to see this this only part one. you'll be left with something of a cliffhanger. not soon enough. if you're seeing more guys with beards don't worry razors have not been outlawed. it's the november movement. >> reporter: this isn't your typical happy hour.
6:43 am
all of the men in ts same room have the same gl to look like tom sell elect. not his exciting job or way with women he's after they want the stash. >> we ask men to change their appearance by growing a mustache. >> reporter: like many other great ideas this one started over beers six years ago in australia. it's quickly become a leading fundraiser for prostate cancer. they ask for donion. it works. let's face it it's a conversation starter. >> they look at you weird and it starts conversations where you can say a positive word about men' health and the importance of cancer awareness among the male community. >> reporter: participants like it because it's an easy way to raise money for charity. >> no sweat. just looking like and i die oat.
6:44 am
>> reporter: tom and many women would disagree with that. you need to make fun of the mustaches. this is work. november is expected to raise $65 million for the prostate cancer foundation and >> i love how it's a soft sell into an important issue. >> get that conversation going. >> have you ever grown a mustache? >> no. i tried a couple of months ago. it takes forever. i didn't have facial hairntil i got out of high school. takes a lot of effort fore to grow hair. >> let's check in with chuck. how about you? you can get some growth goi? >> i could. the problem is it's all gray. you can't see it any more. i just take it off. anyway we're looking forward to nice saturday suhine. complete check of your weekend forecast is straight ahead.
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6:47 am
. > 6:47 right now. >> welce back. >> welcome back. >> what were you going to say? my mom used to say when i wou do that, pardon me for speaking while you're interrupting. wow, mom that's rough. >> chuck ha't stopped talking since. >> if i keep talking no one else will interrupt me. great looking weather for our
6:48 am
saturday. another beautiful weekend here in the nation's capital. sunshine about ready to come up over the eastern horizon. sunrise at 6:56. that's nine minutes almost eight minutes away from now. as you make your plans to get outside today wonderful weather. plenty of sunshine on the way. there's a live picture of the eastern sky here as y see from our city camera view which is perched on top of one of the hotels there on the other side of ronald reagan washington national airport. waiting on the sun for few more minutes. temperates are in the 30s to around 40 degrees in nearly every neighborhood. winds are fairly light from the southwest at about 5 miles per hour. gradually later on today those winds will come from the west and northwest as a cold front comes through late this afternoon and this evening ushering in a chillier change for your sunday. today if you got something to do outside and you're trying to decide which day t do it today is the better outdoor weher day. 38 degrees in vienna, virginia. 28 degrees in manassas. 37 degrees in martinsburg, west
6:49 am
virginia. hagerstown, 36. 43 at the naval academy in annapolis. no real cold air up and down the eastern seaboard but some chilly changes coming our way as we go forward through time. 19 degrees the current temperature in minneolis-st. paul. high pressure down in the carolinas is in arge of our weather for today. as a result today will be a milder day with temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees with the sunshine out there. th weather front is going sliding down through here late this afternoon and this evening and as it does so our within will gradually come back around to the northwest by late this afternoon and this evening. then as high pressure builds into portions of new york and new england as that area of high pressure heads for the new england coast it becomes a more north northeasterly wind fours. any kind of easterly wind component tends to increase cloud cover. tomorrow partly turning mostly cloudy skies and as a result of that northeasterly breeze temperatures will stay
6:50 am
cooler than average. won't last too much longer. a big bubble of warm air developing out west will put temperatures back into the 60s on monday and near 70 degrees on tuesday before t bottom falls out. so for this afternoon as you make your saturday plans plenty of sunshine and pleasant. perfect f doing any outdoor construction. then for tomorrow sunshine early but the clouds will win with highs in the upper 40s and low 50s. here's your extended forecast. 59 today. 53 tomorrow with clouds thickening. back in the 60s on monday. near 70 on tuesday. ahead of a chance for some rain showers. then the rain settle in here wednesday and thanksgiving day. a little settled with highs hovering in the low to mid-50s. real cold air starts to move in by friday highs in the 40s and next weekend, it's looking dry but cold around here. that turkey will need some extra feathers. >> looks like the turkey is shaking off the cold.
6:51 am
>> what is that the turkejump the turkey jif. >> the chicken dance? >> we'll work on it. >> thank you, chuck. its 6:50 right now. ill ahead college basketball season in full swing. highlights from the hoyas terms game up next. >> talk about a blessing in disguise. how a car accident saved a man's life. my dad... people know a lot about dad. he sure knows how to break up a party... but you know what, he's the glue that holds us all together. people know a lot of things about me, but no one needs to know about my condition. thanks to depend®, they don't. [ male announcer ] now the best protection also comes new prints and colors.
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to get thanksgiving meals to needy families in washington, d.c.. there was a turkey drive yesterday. d.c. native took collections and distributed more than 50 holiday dinners complete with turkey, side dishes and all the fixings to local families. >> that's great to see. an ugly night for the caps especially their young goalie. >> dan hellie has the highlights in ts morning's spts. >> good morning. thankfully for most of us a bad day at the office doesn't happen in front of 15,0 people. it did lst night for caps goalie. two goals in 15 seconds as the caps fal into a hole they can't escape out of. let's go down to atlanta. thrashers up. this shot doesn't go up. out of position. nick makes them pay. puts the thrashers on top 2-0.
6:55 am
15 seconds later, kane beats him for another one. atlanta on top 3-0. th the great eight. from atlanta putting on a show, alexander with a move around tyler sloan. what a shot that was. just phenomenal. caps lose 4-0. shut out for the first time in more than a year. they host the flyers at 7:00. no john ll for the wizards once again last night. the number one overall pick recovering from a foot injury. without thr starting point guard the wizards go out and shoot 38% against the grizzlies. it sounds like a recipe for disaster or an unorthodox recipe for success. the wizards up 10-6 in the first quarter. kirk hinrich up.
6:56 am
remember this guys, vasquez one of three local products playing for the grizzlies. check out the kid fromontrose christian in maryland. up five points. memphis up. wizards pull away. gilbert driving up and in. the wizards win it 89-86. it was a very busy day on the college basketball front. georgetown, maryland. terms played a top 25 team for the second day in a row. this time it was 13th ranked illino. every team practices the inbound play and this is the result they are looking for. myers leonard froze it down. illini up at halftime. bowie with the pilfer. another kid from montrose christian makes it a one-point
6:57 am
game. illinois is on the run. they get it. the lay-up is scooted in. illinois beats maryland. let's go to south carolina. at the charleston classic, the hoyas taking on wolford. second half, thompson trying to make something happen. he turns it over. don't fear chris wright is here. gets it right back up and in for the lay-up. wright had 18 points. georgetown wins it 74-59. also in charleston, this little kid rooting for george mason as they take on n.c. state. luke hancock coming up off the court. nice move here. hancock had 11. pay soneads 56-55. the wolfpack just too much. turning up the defense. n.c. state gets the steal. they start the break. brown leaves it for leslie.
6:58 am
just barely over the rest of the dunk. that works. the patriots lose 78-65. you know there is nothing like the high school playoff. for most kids it's the last time they will ever wear a football iform. last night two montgomery powers tried to get one step closer. quince orchard and damascu remember these days when it di't matter you root for your boys to get it in the end zone, second quarter no score hand off to marco. damascus on top. fraser up top to brandon phelps. how about a 64 yard touch. 33-14 is the final. damascus beats quince orchard. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. good game. hakim talked to two coaches on
6:59 am
air. they are friend. worked together in the past. the winner had to take the loser to ruth chris. >> like that. >> this morning a massachutts man can thank his airbag for saving his life. >> but it didn't necessarily keep him from getting hurt in a crash. richard silvia was eating raisins of all things. he choked on one and passed out. he smashed his truck into another car and then a van then his truck kept on going. >> he was coming from over there and heame up here and crashed on our lawnnd went along here and took out the sign. he crashed right here and that's when his airbag went off. and the thing about the rbag going off it hit him in the face and chest and dislodged the raisin and revived him. neighbors who saw the crash say it is jst a blessing he's still alive. >> absolutely. and that it is for "news4 today". we're back in 25 minutes wit th


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