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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  November 22, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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pressure mounts on the tsa to change its screening prudiers, but can you pects by thanksgiving. students returned for the first time since one of their own was stabbed to death. and over timethriller in nashville as the redskin rebound from last week's embarrassing loss. welcome to "news 4 midday." monday, november 22nd, 2010. more than 40 million people are
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expected to travel this week for turkey day feasts and nearly 2 million of those will be flying, but there could be some major traffic jams depending on how people react tonew screening procedures. tom costello has more. >> reporter: you know you've got an image problem when "saturday night live" is poking fun at you. >> spending time with a tsa agent couldn't be easier. simply book a flight departing from any american airport. >> reporter: the new fullody pat-downs are no laughing matter to some, like this breast cancer survivor. >> she touched the prosthesis, moved it up and down, left and right and said, you're okay. >> reporter: and regular business travel with double knee replacements. >> not only did they search me once, they pulled me into
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another ro and searched me again. i just felt dirty. >> reporter: resentment seems to be growing about the tsa chief has posted a web video trying to explain the basics. >> you have the option to request the pat-down be conducted in a private room. >> reporter: the tsa's own inspectors were able to snuggle drugs and weapons. >> something like a knife artfully concealed, things that could be a threat to aviation, which are prohibited items. >> reporter: president obama says he's heard the public's frustration. >> what i said to the tsa is that you have to constantly refine and measure whether what we're doing is the only way to assure the american people's safety. >> reporter: with al-qaeda's recent attempts to bring done both cargo and passenger planes, many still support is scanners
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and pat-downs. >> there's people that want to do harm and the harder we make it for them to do that, the safer we're going to be >> reporter: but some tsa screeners are now anonymously complaining. molester, pervert, disgusting, an embarrassment, creep. these are all words i've heard today at work describing me, writes on i should not have to go home and cry. you've probably heard about these bloggers calling for a nation opt day, to urge travelers not to go through the scanners. the tsa will ha extra personnel on board to deal with that and are hoping that people are going to want to get to grandma's for thanksgiving an not protest the tsa. >> and many of you will be taking to the roads. close to a million washingt
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washingtonians will be driving. gas ices are prizing as the g travel day approaches. the national price is at $2.86. locally, gas is averaging about 2.99 in d.c. about $2.87 in maryland and in virginia, it's $2.77 a gallon. today is day four in the chand chandra levy trial. >> reporter: well, good morning. this case has been nine yrs in the making, but we still do not have a verdict. the jury is in its fourth day of deliberations. it looked like they were making progress friday. they had a working lunch, so instead of breaking for an hour
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to grab some toeat, they brought in sandwiches and continued to work however, they actually asked a question of the judge. they asked the legal definition of assault. you have to prove assault in order to prove first degree murder. which way is the jury leaning? it's impossible to say, they have three different options. of course, they could acquit the suspect of murder, could find him guilty of first degree murder or find himuilty of second degree murder. that charge has a maximum of 40 years in prison. the deliberations ban a little after 10:00 this morning. chandra's mother is outside the courtroom. has been here al of the day's deliberation waiting for a verdict to come down. it has not happened yet. the jury went in a little after
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10:00 this morning. 'll bring you that verdict when it happens. >> thank you. took some era time and banged up players, but the redskins got a much-needed win. after last week's embarrassing loss, the skins were able to pull off a 19-16 overtime win in tennessee. the skins paid the price for the victory though. nine players left the game with injuries, but got conibutions from back-ups all over the field. it was gano who sealed the deal with a 48-yd boot in overtime. mikehanahan says the team showed heart to pull off the win. >> everybody has injuries. we've all had them. we don't normally talk about injuries because that's the nature of the national football league. the only reason i'm talking about it right now is i've never had that many guys go down in a game. really a credit to them, thei
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character and the way they fought back. as i said, after the game. showed a lot of chacter. >> the skins will lick their wounds and get some much needed st before taking on th limping minnesota vikings next sunday. taking a look right now outside. it started off as a very foggy morning, but the sun is out again. >> it caused flight delays for a while at national airport in addition to volume delays. now, those delays are easing. now looking at temperatures, it's still chilly. around 50 degrees. it's milder, southern maryland and lower parts of the earn shore, it's around 60 there and in the upp 60s in the shen doe valley. the look out on the mountains, it's into the mid-60s there and a mild day well underway in the
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midwest, where it's into e mid-60s as well. over the last 12 hours, we've had this low clouness and fog lingering. we have a front in the midwest. there are some showers and thunderstorms around o'hare and around chicago, there could be flight delays there. for us, a partly cloudy afternoon and mild temperatures into the low 60s. winds out of the south around 5 to 10. th mild pattern will continue into tomorrow. some big changes moving in after that as we head toward thanksving day. we'll look at that coming up. thank you, tom. a check on the midday traffic. dan has the latest. hi, dan. >> we're looking at i-95. just a little spot of road work today in wood bridge for the northbound side and arief slowdown. 95. that's the way to go. avoid route 1. serious accident, route 1 is closed near lockheed boulevard.
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we will swing over to maryland. take a peak at the belt way. there was a minor brush fire. that's been extinguished and the fire department has moved on as we come back up to speed now. on to 7 we're good today and old grgetown road. back to you. >> there is stped up security and grief council sell ors at school today, this after a 15-year-old boy was murdered walking home from sool on friday. the stabbings were connected and happened within blocks of each other. >> reporter: police say these stabbings surround two rival gangs that involve a dispute that started this summer with stabbings and chete attacks and have now escalated to murder. in a city that averages about two murders a year, manassis police are investigating their
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first. the 15-year-old freshman was stabbed and killed on his way home froschool on friday. today, students returned to school for the first time since his murder. parents reacted to the news. >> so bad. >> it's very, very freakish. i never thought this would have happened at this school. very unsettling. >> reporter: police say they are dealing with gang vience. police say hernandez was walking with a group of friends when several teenagers pulled him aside, jumped him and held him as he was stabbed. he died hours later in the hospital. two suspects have been arrested and charged. one is a -year-old who has not been identified. the other, an 18-year-old osborne high student. >> it took us some time t locate him. >> reporter: this morning, lice are watching over the grant avenue shopping center in manassis after a 19-year-old was attacked by a group of men and stabbed there on turday.
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the victim survived. police say they believe the attacks were gang members connected to friday's victim. >> we ow that he had family members that were gang related, but we're not -- not exactly sure wha his participation is in the gangs. if any at all. >> reporter: police say that most of this violence has been centered around the georgetown south neighborhood. 11:11 is your time. 55 degrees. next, an attack on a couple that was so brutal a woman wantsto leave
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thremen who attacked a couple as they walked home from dinner in the district last week are still on the loose. and now, people in the neighborhood are asking for more security. the attack happened wednesday night just off u stree three armed men in ski masks attacked a young man and her boyfriend. police say the suspect kicked and punched the couple before robbing them. the attack was so traumatizing, she wants to leave the area for good. >> she is traumatized, scared to
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sleep. every time she closes her eyes, she sees these three men. this act of violence is going to foll her the rest of her life. >> neighbors say there used to be a guard stationened nearb but testifies let go because of budget cuts. today, attorneys for virginia tech university will try again to convince a judge to throout a lawsuit. the families of two students killed in the mass shootings are suing for $10 million. they filed a lawsuit against the president and vice president. attorneys for the school will argue the officials are protected by vereign immunity. the attorneys for the families say their salaries come from private sources. starting today, teachers and students in loudoun county are enjoying an extenned thanksgiving break. all county schools are closed both today and tomorrow. the days off were put on the calendar because they were supposed to be furlough days,
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but the district found funds to pay the teachers, so they are getting paid for these days off. finally, some sunshine. >> didn't look too promising. we had rather thick fog around. that's all dispated ow. we've got the sunshine back. there's the live view from our sky watcher camera. we're looking at american university here in nthwest washington. in the distance, u can see a little light fog over arlington. we do have the sun breaking out now. right now, reagan national is at a chilly 52. the humidity is rather high, but we have a breeze out of the south that's going to warm us up. we're going to have a md afternoon, then a big change moving in on wednesday. right now though, it's nea 60 where they've had a will tlot o
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this morning. blue ridge east, we've had a lot of low cloudyness. it's near the low 50s in washington, arlington and montgomery counties and prince georges county now. near the chesapeake bay, they're up around 50 degrees. lower part of the eastern shore climbing into the low 60s. in the mountains, it's in t mid-60s. west, mid-60s as well and a southwesterly flow. we're going to have this southwesterly flow continuing for us for the rest of the day, so things are going to be milder than average for at least the next couple of days. as we look at the wider view, this front has been producing some shower, even thunderstorms that came through chicago about an hour ago. now, those are rolling across michigan. there may be some flight delays
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along that cluster of storm, peaps in detroit, maybe even as far east as cleveland. we've had flight delays at national airport ts morning due to a combination of volume and some fog. the delays reaed about an hour. those delays are decreasing. over the next 48 hours, we'll have thi southwesterly flow continuing and this front in the midwest will be advancing east and we see this big area of green. that's a long area of shers that will be moving tomorrow. then this front comes through, triggering some showers and behind that, some much cooler air. higher pressure from canada is going to drop our temperatures wn into 30s. good travel weather for the big travel day on wednesday here up and down the atlantic sea board should be all right, except it's going to be rather windy,
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northern new england and a few showers toward atlanta. into the midwest, there may be a u if light showers moving in, but a more potent storm is going to be affecting the weather around the upper gre lakes on wednesday. they could get some rain and snow and wind, but the travel here should be fine on wednesday. for this monday, partly cloudy and mild. afternoon temperatures climbing into the low and mid-60s. overnight tonight, it will be partly cloudy as well. we'll be playing peek a boo with the cloud cover by midnight, near 50. sunset today getting earlier and earlier. 4:50. sunrise is getting later, just a minute before 7:00. on tuesday, we'll have those increasing clouds and chance of showers. much chillier, 30s in the morning. afternoon high around 50. on thanks giving day, rather cloudy and chilly, low 50s. could get afternoon showers and
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the weekend looks dry and chilly. 30s in the morning. afternoon highs in the 40s to near 50. >> thanks verymuch. let's check the midday traffic with dan. good morning. >> good morning. we are going to start in virginia with a pretty bad crash on route 1 near lockheed ulevard. police remain on the scene and have route 1 closed. no problems on 95, other than just a spot of road work. around the beltway, we are in great shape. the brightening skies and no delays and no road work. everything there in great shape. on 2$270 near clarks berg is running smoothly. metro will be boosting service this week. heading to reagan national with a additional train and more metro bus service. metro will be opened on thanksgiving day, but will be
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operating on a sunday schedule operating at 7:00 and closing at midnight. they will monitor travel on monday and will add trains if things get busy. ahead, barbara bush sounds off on sarah palin. wait until you hear what she has to say about the former vice presidential hopeful. and today is your day to make the holidays special for families in your area. help us raise money. we'll have volunteers standing by to take your calls. we're also accepting nonperishable food donations outside the verizon center until 6:00 p.m. or donate on here's a look at what's hot 3q
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and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i had fun today, grandpa. you and me both. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. former republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin is coming out with a new book this week and it's already getting some buzz. a blogger leaked excerpts of the book called "america by heart." a judge ordered the blogger to remove the pages over the weekend. when it was first released, palin tweeted, isn't that illegal. and barbara bush isn't holding back her opinion of the tea party's darling. she was asked what she thought of palin during a pretaped
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interview with larry kinget to air tonight and she did not miswords. what's your read about sarah palin? >> i sat next to her once, thought she was beautiful. and i think she's very happy in alaska and i hope she'll stay there. >> king also asked former president bush what he thought of the tea party. he said he wasn't sure what the party really was or who their leader is, but they seem to have some good ideas. news 4 wants to make sure every family has a meal on thanksgiving and you can help us do with with food for families. looks like donations are growing over there. >> reporter: oh, it's been a fantastic morning so far. we've done, we collected quite a lot of food. thanksgiving is just two days away and all over the region, folks are firing u the ovens and setding the taes to prepare. and all moing, we've been
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collecting food so that we can put hot feasts on the tables of needy families. this has what has come in since 6:00 this morning. nonperishable foods, cans, vegetables, dried goods. all kinds of goodies that are heading towards the families that have already been identified. behind you is a van full of cans from your 7200 cans in 72 hours drive. how did you do? >> wonderfully. we elected over 9,100 cans, so we did a great job. exceeded our goal. >> repter: you've been our partners for years and have done a great job. >> it's been great working with you al >> reporter: let me introduce you to another of partners. thomas has been helping us here and our distribution center. how would you encourage other companies, corporations to get
11:27 am
involved? >> we're all fortuna to be doing busess here in washington, d.c. much is required. i would challenge all of the other businesses in the area to give back. there's a serious need right now and folks need food and i would challenge all the other businesses to give back. >> reporter: want to show you, our campaign is going to zoom in on h suv. these are from a company called team ctc. ryan blakeny is -- what is team ctc? >> a group of entrepreneurs who gather together and market telecommunications products with fortune 500 companies. we took donations from friends and families, but mostly from our members. >> reporter: your partner is here. that's a lotf food. >> we also want to make a $100
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donation and challenge others to meet us or beats. find out more from or call us. >> reporter: i encourage folks to take you up on your challenge. i want to take you to our phone bank because colleagues are so great about helping every yar and my partner, jim handily, is on the phone bank this morning. wuk call him. he's waitg to talk to you and take your donations. 202-855-4949. give jim a call and don't give him a hard time. jus a donation. we've got verizon's, the winter cheerleaders here. tomorr night, there'a game here between philadelphia and the wizards. if you bring a $25 donation here to the verizon center, we're going to give you the. two tickets to the game tomorrow night. how about that. that's just one way that we can say thanks to you again, donate by coming here, bring your
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noerishables, your cash and check donations. call jim and the other volunteers or go online to thank you in advance. keep the donations coming. back to you. >> pat, you've given us many, many reasons to donate. thank yoso much. 56 degrees. still ahead, soon, he will be a husband and eventually, he'll be king, but today, princeilliam has a new title. hero. and remember that pastor who warned the facebook could make them unfaithful? he's g
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there is stepped up security and grief counsellors in ma sas is. a 15-year-old student was killed friday by gang members while walking home from school. another student was attacked saturday night, but survived. jurors are in the middle day four of deliberations in the chandra levy trial. one of the counts against him finds that she was assaulted before her death. and the redskins went to the tennessee titans and got the job done, beating the titans 19-16 in overtime. the win was important after an
11:33 am
embarrassing showingast monday night. the u.s.special enjoy is meeting with japan's fortune minister today to discuss claims that north korea may have secretly built a hily sophisticated uranium enrichment plant. steven osworth is also meeting with the foreign minister. a scientist was invited to tour the plant this month. he described the technogy at the facility as quote stunning. but u.s. officials say they aren't surprised by north korea's nuclear ambition. the -- well, some rect comments made by pope benedict had catholics at odds this morning. he said the church would allow condoms to be used to prevent the spread of hiv aids. some americans call it a sign
11:34 am
that the church is taking a modern view on fighting aids, but others say it could open a window to a whole host of othe problems. >> he's talking about the use of a condom, for medical purposes. the purpose to prevent infection. >> the vatican ha down played the comments sayg this should not be seen as reform or change to the churcs teaching. the world is waiting to see the fancy royal wedding plans made by prince william and his new fiancee, kate middleton. >> reporter: it was perhaps inevitable, the dashing prince and his beautiful bride to be, the modern face of europe's oldest monarchy, charmed this country and the world with their announcement. >> we're both very, very happy. >> reporter: with the wedding has come a wave of popularity.
11:35 am
a new poll sys the majority of britonselieve william will be a better king than his father. many think charles should give up the crown to h son. >> the reality is if prince charles does step aside, it will require an act of renounceuation. he won't want to do that. >> reporter: that moment could be decades off and right now, there's a wedding to plan. it's expected to be hd at the arly 1,000-year-old westminster abbey. the last ceremony there was over 30 years ago, the queen's daughter, anne. this is set to be a much more grand affair. the price tag looms at $40 million. with most details yet to be settled. here are some expected. the king and queen of sweden. the entire spanish royal family.
11:36 am
paul mccartney, elton john, phil collins. >> i think any couple's aware of the cost. they've already saved a fortune by recycling the ring. >> reporter: coming up with a jewels was never going to be a problem. therare quite a few already in the family. what will t be recycled is the dress. kate's grandmother bought this number in the 50s for a thousand dollars. british fashion houses are already cueing up for the job and it will lily be a drastic departure from diana's very '80'80 '80s. >> that s mood of the time. >> reporter: william will have little input on the drs, but is said to be personally involved in almost every other detail. and on top of that, the prince has a job to do.
11:37 am
he was called off on an emergency less than 48 hours after the announcement. stephanie gosk, nbc news, london. >> in addition to be a newly engaged royal, prince william is also being hailed a hero. just two days after announcing his engagement, the british mea is reporting th wliam was involved in a helicopter mission that saved a man's life. he was part of a search team who rescued a man who had had a heart attack in the mountains. test results could come back today to determine whether a jawbone found in aruba belongs to natalee hooway. tourists found the bone near a hotel where holloway was staying. she disappeared in 2005 during a graduation trip. joran van der sloot has been arrested twice, but never
11:38 am
charged. he is in jail ineru facing murder charges for another young woman. the central new jersey pastor who told his congress regags to shut down their facebook accounts apparently has some issues himself. transcripts were covered which diovered that he had a four-way relationship with his wife, his assistant and his wife. the rmantic trips occurred after churches on sunday. in a statement, milr says he will not allow it to detract fra -- last week, miller urged to get rid of their facebooks. theist of america's most dangerous city is out and a new city tops the list. the study looks at crime in all 400 major metropolitian areas across the country. st. louis, missouri replaced camden, new jersey as 2009's
11:39 am
most crime ridden city. baltimore ranks th. washington, d.c. is 22nd. surprisingly, new york city didn't even crack the top 250 and for the sectn year in a row, holiday, new york came in as the safest city. i ess we should be proud. here this morning, we had fog around and now that fog has disapated and we're getting welcome sunshine back. looking off to the wes we've got a few clouds coming through and the sunshine has returned. it's still rather chilly. throughout virginia and maryland, it's not low to mid-50s. the view from space showing a few clouds coming in from the west. tomorrow, we'll have increasing clouds. ahead of that, a brisk southwesterly breeze that will bring us into the mid to upper 60s. a few spots might hit 70 before
11:40 am
showers rive. looks like those are likely as a front comes through tomorrow. then on wednesday, the big get away day, it looks dry, but cold. 30s in the morni. afternoon highs near 50 degrees, so quite a change coming in on wednesday, but many will be traveling tomorrow, so that rain may cause some travel delays around the region on tuesday afternoon. but then better onednesday and for thanksgiving day, should be clou. a chance of showers on thanksgiving day. looks like mainly during the afternoon and evening. might be a little sun on thursday morning, but highs in the low 50s on thanksgiving afternoon. on thursday evening into friday, still perhaps more showers around and then dry and quite chilly for the weekend. in fact, morning lows near freezing. afternoon highs may only be in the 40s to near 50 saturday and sunday. that's the way it looks right now. i'll be back with another update coming up. >> thank you, tom. let's check in with dan in the news 4 traffic network.
11:41 am
hi, dan. >> good morning. we are making progress on an accident, route 1. th've got northbound reopened at the scene. the police still have the southbound side closed. everything's open along 95 except for the road work. northbound and wood bridge where they have one lane closed. around the beltway, nice view of pete wilson bridge. the inner loop, outer loop, everything running very well. on 27, we don't have any problems. back to you. >> thanks so much. 57 degrees. up next, tired o all those christmas decorations at malls before halloween? well, one department store may be finally bucking that fried. and forget camping out for black friday. we'll tell you where you can get great deals in your own home before
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11:44 am
stores seem to be putting up christmas decorations up earlier and earlier every year. one retail giant is bucking the trend and vows not to start i christmas push until after thanksgiving. they're getting a lot of support. >> reporter: it's a common complaint ard for decades. over retailers who launch christmas earlier and earlier each year. a lot of retailers go fm trick
11:45 am
or treat to seasons greetings and a lot of customers don't like that. even consumer advocatesomplain the rush to cash in on christmas means thanksgiving gets overlooked. >> you should not be slaves any longer to e retailers shopping schedule. i think you should own your own thanksgiving. >> rorter: but it's issue at nordstrom. their halls are never decked with baughsholl before turkey is served. it's a long standing tradition for the seattle based retaer to wait until the day after thanksgiving to decorate for chrimas. notices to that affect have been going up in its display windows and to the delight of an appreciative public. >> that's good. i agree. >> i prefer seeing it after
11:46 am
thanksgiving. give us time to be thankful. for a day at least. >> reporter: foregoing a chance to boost the bottom line, the store sticks with traditionnd probably gets the boost any way. chris claken, nbc news. >> not the best start to the week on wall street. let's check in with courtney reagan. she joins us with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. good morning. >> the stocks are lower across board. the dow is trading down about 7 points. not too much lower than where w are now. this comes on the heels of ireland agree ting to a bailout from the eu and imf. there are some countries still, what we would say maybe on the watch list. not totall in the clear yet, but the bailout could total
11:47 am
around $130 billion. the dails will come wednesday. that is something comforting to markets, the dow is lower, but we could be more so if the deal had not come tough. europe's mildly positive. all of this week's economic data will be packed into the next two days. we'll get reports on unemployment, home sales, personal income, durable good, and from the fed. so it's going to be a lot for the markets to digest and trade on. but retailers are driving customers to the web before black friday with more specials th ever. call it a door buster without the door. last year, shoppers spent $318 million online on thanksgiving.
11:48 am has 40% discounts on nearly 150 items. bank of america plans to roll out two-way text banking next year. customers will be able to move money betwee accounts by sending the bank text messages. the service is to create a full fledged digital wallet for the consume consumers. i hope they worked out all the privacy concerns. i'm worried somebody would grab my phone and see i'm texing the bank. >> thanks so much. 11:48 i your time now. 58 degrees. up next, we'll take you to a church that's about improving your soul and your fi
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we have breaking news. jurors have reached a verdict. we do not know the verdict, but he is on trial for the murder of chandra levy, the washington intern. we will bring you the latest right here. it is that time of year when we are collecting donations for families. this project helps thousands of local families have a thanksgiving dinner. we have volunteered standing by
11:52 am
right now to take your donations and if you're ou and about today, you can drop off the donation to help a family in need. we are outside the verizon center and we are live with the latest. pat, hi ther >> reporter: we are collecting lots of food for families. take a look at what's in front of me. the d.c. chapter dropped off all of this. 48 cases of canned corn, green beans and sweet peas. just one example of the generosity we've seen. look at the bins here, they are filling up fast, but we need more dations. we cannot feed all the families we try to feed for thanksgiving without help. the police have helped identify some of the families who will get this help. they provide security. they're working at the distribution center northeast. why is this so important to the police department? >> a healthy community is a safe community and again, we do thank
11:53 am
nbc 4 and their partrs for putting this on over the last five years or so, you've done probably 40,000 baskets. it goes a long way to community. we want to make sure that we have healthy kids that we continue to provide and they're a lot of families out tere that are in the need and the need may not be as obvious to everyone, but we get a opportunity to go inside a lot of homes and meet a lot of families. >> reporter: thank you so much for that. another partner of ours, radio one personality, courtney hicks from wmmj. you've been a partner, you've been making pitches all week. >> that's right. we're excited to partner yet again withnbc 4 and are listeners have been very excited
11:54 am
to partake and we've mentioned theyan make donations onli. and just follow the instructions and do your part this holiday season. we need everybody's he to make it better for families this holiday season. >> reporter: very well said. thank you so much for encouraging your listens to participate and she mentned online, call the phone bank, jim, my partner is there. he's waiting to talk to you. bring your nonperishables here or go online and make your donations by credit card. is the website. >> thanks so much. doing great work out there. once again, we are following breaks news right now. jurors have reached a verdict in the ingmar trial. >> reporter: we got word about ten minutes ago that a jury has been deliberating now, in its
11:55 am
fourth day and has reached a verdict in the murder. he is charged, he is the defendant on trial for felony muer. on friday, there was a note from the jury asking for definition of assault. they wanted to clarify what assault meant because the legation was that guandique assaulted and kidnapped levy leading to a felony murder. apparently, they have reached a rdict today. to reach a verdict, you have to be unanimous. whether it is for guilt or acquittal. so it appears this jury of nine women and three men in their fourth day of deliberatio have now reached a verdict here in d.c. court. susan levy i inside. the rules is that we would be put on notice for about a
11:56 am
20-minutes stand-by to get in the courtroom. pat collins is there. he's been covering this trial throughout. i'm out here in contact that as soon as we know what the verdict is in this case, we will bring it to you. what we do know at this point is that ingmar guandique, who is serving a ten-year sentence for assaulting two other women with a similar pattern is now facing the possibility of felony murder, which could carry with it life in prison if cvicted. there's the lesser included offense, second degree murder, which could carry with it up to 40 years. as i said earlier, th could be a verdict of acquittal as well, but it is to be unanimous. you see people gathering in front of the courthouse. we are hoping that membersf the jury will come out and discuss the deliberations.
11:57 am
what convinced them to reach the verdict. we have been told that they would deliberating this week, but would be breaking for thanks giving s with the mediasy of the weekend upon them, friday, they were unable to reach a verdict. apparently, they have reached a verdict today before the upcoming thanksgiving recess would have created a five or six-day delay between wednesday and next tuesday, so they had a kind of a self-imposed deadline. studio? >> and the prosecution had no physical evidence connecting guandique to chandra levy. >> that's right. no dna linking him to the murder site. levy was found with her tights that it apparently and tied in a knot and apparently, she had been tied or restrained.
11:58 am
the tights has dna from another person, an unidentified male that the prosecution thought was a forensic technician. never proven who that was. back to you. >> chris gordon, thanks so much. will bring you the verdict as soon as we get it to you. just stay with news 4 throughout the day and thanks for joining us. be sure to tune in later today forral all the latest on the case and i'll be back tomorrow morning at 4:30 with news 4 today. seyou tomorrow. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stopr second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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