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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  November 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and ma false claims." >> i'm surprised there haven't been more woman coming out of the wood work. i'm not saying whether her claims or true or not. >> they're saying demonstrably false. >> if the baby comes out with that hair, we'll know. >> stay tuned for more "news 4 today" at 5:00 a.m. bringing the divide. this morning the president heads to a local park to try to convince congress to pass his jobs plan. one of the women who accuseded herman cain says she is ready to reveal herself as the candidate arrives in washington today, trying to get the focus back on politics. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this wednesday, november 2nd, 2011. let's take a live look outside. 44 degrees. a little cold out there, but we've had some nice fall
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weather, and we like it, tom. >> bring it on and keep it coming. as a result, with high pressure moving in, we'll have another gorgeous day. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. starting off this 2nd of november with a clear sky. over the last 12 hours, the sky has been clear over our region. there's the latest view from space. we've got a clear sky from eastern canada all the way down to florida. no travel problems weather-wise up and down the atlantic sea board now. it is cold. you need to layer up this morning. temperatures now are at or below freezing through much of virginia and maryland. along the eastern shore, mid to upper 30s, near 40 there. washington, near 40 degrees. the nearby suburbs in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's. right near 32 this morning. and we will have this clear sky with us throughout the rest of the day today. we'll have plenty of sunshine pouring down in a blue sky. sunrise 7:36.
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and by noontime into the 50s. might even hit the low 60s for a brief time by the middle of the afternoon. a look at your evening planner. that will be at 5:11. here's a look at the wednesday commute. good morning, danella. >> good morning. on the rails, no reported delays at all. on the roadway, still seeing a lot of green, especially around the beltway. inner loop and outer loop, no accidents to report. as we head down to i-95 in virginia, still seeing green as well. let's take the drive together. and the commute looks really good as we head towards 395. as you can see, as we continue to travel north past woodbridge, as we make our way past lorton, you're still seeing green. in both directions on i-95 traveling north and south, you're clear in both directions. continuing on to 395, here's the view at edsall. it's a nice view. no accidents to report. in fact, you're clear all the way to the 14th street bridge. i'm back in ten minutes, joe and eun, with another update. back to you both. new overnight, an alert firefighter may have helped save a family after their home caught fire. this was the scene around 2:00
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as firefighters worked to knock down the flames at this home on the 4300 block of georgia avenue northwest. we're told the fire started in the attic. everyone got out safely after a firefighter on his way to another fire noticed smoke coming out of the home and called for help before the family inside even realized there was a fire. also new from overnight, u.s. troops began leaving iraq. it is the first stage of complete withdraw from the country by the end of the year. president obama announced the plan earlier this month. the decision will effectively end more than eight months of involvement in the iraq war. more than 4400 american military members have been killed since the u.s. and its allies invaded iraq in march of 2003. today president obama won't have to travel far to push for his jobs plan. he'll hold a news conference at the georgetown waterfront park at the key bridge. the president has held similar events at other bridges. the president has proposed
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infrastructure projects around the country as a way of creating jobs. several other bridges in d.c. and virginia are in need of repair and could benefit from the bill. the event could see street closures and major traffic problems in georgetown later this morning when the president speaks at 11:30. you might want to avoid that area completely. later today, president obama will leave for france for the g-20 summit in cannes. thousands of protesters have been holding demonstrations there all week. the two-day summit kicks off tomorrow. the president will meet with french president nicolas sarkozy and german chancellor angela merkel to talk about their country's response to the european debt crisis. a greek spokesman said a greek cabinet minister ended with unanimous support for the referendum on the bailout package for the greek economy. the vote will be held as soon as possible. the vote calls for banks holding greek government bonds to accept a 50% loss and provide greece
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with $140 billion in rescue loans. without those loans, greece will run out of money in just a couple of weeks. and stock markets around the world plummeted onf that announcement about the popular vote. right now asian stock markets are mixed, and european stock markets are up so far today. investors fear greece may rejec massive debts. republican presidential hopeful herman cain is in washington this morning, ready to pitch his 9-9-9 economic plan inform gop lawmakers. as he tries to focus on politics, one of the women who accused him of sexual harassment is trying to speak out. a lawyer representing her is asking her former employer to lift an agreement in her settlement that blocks her from talking about the incident. the woman wants everyone to hear her side as cain claims her accusation was, quote, totally baseless and totally false. new hampshire is expected to announce today the election will be held on january the 10th. that is one week after the iowa
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caucuses. new hampshire had threatened to move the primary into december after nevada announced plans to hold its primary in mid-january. nevada later moved its primary to february. new hampshire state law requires that its primary be held at least seven days before a similar event. lawmakers on capitol hill voted to reaffirm "in god we trust" as the national motto. the house of representatives voted on the resolution. it supports and encourages displaying "in god we trust" on money and in schools. it was first passed by the 84th congress back in 1956. the prosecution in the lululemon murder trial is expected to rest its case today. news 4's melissa mollet joins us live from the courthouse in rockville this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, joe. today marks day six of the trial in the lululemon murder case. today could be the day that the
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prosecution rests its case. a lot happened in court yesterday, tuesday. jayna murray's mother took the stand, calmly answering questions. the defense objected to her being up there, but the judge ruled her testimony was relevant. also, the lead detective in the case testified, telling the court he truly believed norwood was a victim until her story began unraveling. prosecutors showed jurors a three-hour interview with norwood saying the tape shows the murder was premeditated as well as deliberate. >> it can be brief. when i say brief, i mean, very, very, very brief, seconds, and that's deliberation. >> reporter: now, norwood's attorney does admit his client killed murray inside the store last march but again insists it was not premeditated. that attorney you just heard from is a local attorney not associated with the case. another montgomery county officer did testify as well in court yesterday, saying that he believed that some bloody
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footprints inside the store were planted by brittany norwood to kind of throw detectives off track and back up her story that they were attacked by two men who came into the store. back to you. >> thank you very much. melissa mollet reporting live. thanks. our time right now is 5:08. the overhaul millions of people
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these are the pilots you want flying your plane. check out this dramatic emergency landing in poland. the pilots had land without the landing gear because of a malfunction with the boeing 767
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jet. the flight from newark spent about an hour circling the warsaw airport to burn off fuel before landing. all 231 people on board were able to get off after the plane safely skidded to a stop on its belly. >> that's amazing. >> the focus. i'm sure terrifying moments for the passengers on that plane. >> sure. you don't know what's going to happen. you just hope the belly of that plane is strongly reinforced. >> and the focus and concentration and experience of the pilots, of course, helps too. >> congratulations to them. let's go to tom. he's looking at the forecast for today. >> good morning. at 5:11 temperatures are cold under a clear sky this morning. over the past 12 hours, you've had high pressure pushing in clearing things out. right now around the region, our temperatures are cold. we're down near the freezing mark throughout much of west virginia, virginia, and maryland. in the district of columbia, right now it's near 40 as well as near the chesapeake bay. later today, sunrise 7:36. lots of sunshine today and a blue sky. during the afternoon into the
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50s and low 60s throughout much of the region. here's your evening planner for this wednesday evening. we'll have a clear sky. low 50s through early evening and upper 40s late evening. we'll start off tomorrow morning near 40. a look at that, the rest of the week and weekend at 5:21. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> still a light commute at this time. we'll take a look at the dulles toll road. we'll take a look in both directions as you make your commute. no accidents to report. here's a live look at sunset hills. again, not seeing any problems as you're taking the dulles toll road and heading onto the beltway. local roadways look nice as well. this is a view of east-west highway at 16th street. no problems for you in this area. same thing in d.c. bladensburg road is clear in both directions. even new york avenue, not seeing any issues for you in this area. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your rails. back to you both. >> thank you very much, danella. 5:12. 45 degrees.
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welcome back. at 5:16, prince george's police are investigating a deadly shooting at a shopping center in forestville. the man died. the woman ran into the store for help. she went to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the woman tells police the man was wearing a ski mask. police are reviewing surveillance video in the area for help with the case. this morning we're hearing firsthand what happened when a teenager was shot in the head on halloween. >> one of the most horrible days
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i've ever seen in my life. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview, this teen who we won't identify describes the horror he saw on halloween night in georgetown. he was standing next to his 17-year-old friend when a bullet hit him in the head. we won't name the victim because he's underage. >> i've never, ever seen a man get shot in the head up close and personal. i didn't see him drop or nothing like that, but when i turned around, he was laying on the ground. >> reporter: the teen's friend yelled for help and said he hurt his hand out of frustration. >> it was random. a whole lot of commotion. >> reporter: they said the night started with them leaving southeast d.c. and going to georgetown to hang out. >> it was halloween. we went down to georgetown to chill with the girls. >> reporter: franklin ramirez says he heard the gunfire and watched the chaos. >> and i saw just everybody running around. >> reporter: police arrested a 24-year-old man four blocks away for allegedly carrying a handgun. sources say investigators are questioning him to see if he's connected to the georgetown shooting. the guys we interviewed say the
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24-year-old is not the shooter. so who is? the u.s. attorney says he and detectives are determined to find out. >> we're working very hard with police to make sure we find those responsible and hold them accountable. >> reporter: that 24-year-old is expected to appear in accord for the weapons charge today. i talked to his mother tonight, and she told me she didn't even know about the arrest. the prosecution and defense are expected to present their closing arguments today in the corruption trial of a maryland state senator. senator ulysses curry of prince george's county is accused of using his position as chairman of the senate budget committee to do favors for shoppers food warehouse. curry received more than $245,000 from the grocery chain between 2003 and 2008. the defense used primarily character witnesses who said curry was a nice man but painted him as incapable of running a
5:19 am
bribery scheme. maryland voters have decided to give their mayor a third term. mayor craig moe received 50% of the vote last night. his challengers garnered 26% and 23% respectively. incumbent at large council member michael leszcz beat adrian rousseau with 59% of the vote. a beef with proposed changes to the school lunch program n an effort to fight childhood obesity, the agricultural department wants to cut back on things like potatoes and salt and add more fresh fruits and vegetables. critics argue the changes are too quick and take away from america's crop growing industry. they also argue the price increase of 14 cents per lunch is too steep, and most children just won't eat the healthier food.
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a drama student with a prop gun caused a brief scare at the university of maryland. a man called the police alerting of a gun on campus. they realized 20 minutes later it was a false alarm. the student with the fake gun was on his way to class, and police say he will not face charges. new overnight, the off-field drama surrounding the los angeles dodgers appears to be coming to an end. owner frank mccourt reached a deal with major league baseball to sell the team, avoiding a bankruptcy shutdown. the league sealed the franchise back in april after they learned he planned to use the team to pay for his divorce. he used more than $80 million of the dodgers' money to fund his personal lifestyle. a dramatic overtime win. the team was down 3-0 to the ducks before they came screaming
5:21 am
back. niklas backstrom scored with just 30 seconds left to tie the game. and then won in overtime for a 5-4 victory. their record has improved to 8-2. still awesome. >> a great start. a really terrific start so far. 5:21 is the time. tom's here now with a look at the forecast. >> cold enough to play hockey outside this morning. it's a very cold morning, down at our below freezing through much of west virginia, virginia, and maryland. we've got a clear sky from eastern canada all the way down to florida. a large area of high pressure that has pushed in and will be with us throughout the day. right now it's only in the low 30s in much of montgomery county and fairfax and arlington and prince george's. near 40 in washington, right by the bay. farther to the west, much of the rural area of virginia and west virginia, those areas are down to the upper 20s to just near 30 degrees. it may actually drop another couple of degrees here as the morning progresses. sunrise at 7:36. by 9:00 into the 40s. 50s by noon.
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may even hit the low 60s by midafternoon. about a 30 degree jump from where we are right now for a high later this afternoon. your forecast for the next few days. highs low to mid-60s. on friday partly sunny. a small chance of a shower in the morning, mainly south of washington. highs near 60 during the afternoon with sun back. sunny on saturday. cold again in the morning in the 30s. afternoon highs mid-50s. sunday should be a bit milder with sunshine, with highs around 60. it may again get to the 70s on monday. tuesday back down to the mid-60s. a very pleasant weather pattern for the next several days. danella, good morning. how's the wednesday commute? >> good morning. starting with the rails, seeing a seven minute delay on the brunswick east team number 870. metro not reporting any delays at this team. on the roadways, still a lot of green. i want to check travel times
5:23 am
around the beltway. your travel speed on the inner loop in prince george's county making your way towards branch avenue, 58 miles per hour. shooting over to the outer loop in montgomery county, around university boulevard, you're traveling at 51 miles per hour. if you're traveling the beltway in virginia, you're clear inner loop and outer loop at van dorn, making your travel time now. from van dorn street to the 14th street bridge, your speed is 55 miles an hour. google's g mail is getting a new look. the new design gives them a cleaner feel. you can drag sidebars to whatever size you want. also a new advanced search function. also added, lots of new themes. the background pictures are all high resolution images. the changes are being rolled out to users over the next several days. you can update by clicking switch to new look in the bottom right hand corner of your g mail
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page. tomorrow prosecutors will begin closing arguments in the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. he's the physician accused of giving michael jackson the fatal dose of propofol. the last witness for the defense claimed that michael jackson probably gave himself the dose that killed him. murray did not testify in his own defense. he faces up to four years in prison if convicted. lawyers have today as a day off to prepare their closing arguments. lindsay lohan will appear in court today. last month the judge revoked her probation on a theft charge after she missed nine community service appointments at a skid row women's center. lohan was required to complete 16 hours of her community service at an l.a. county morgue before today's hearing. she could get as much as a year and a half in jail. dropping charges against a honolulu couple accused of stealing sandwiches. the pregnant mother ate a sandwich while shopping in the
5:25 am
store and walked out without paying. when arrested, the state took her 2-year-old daughter away. safe way says management on duty followed procedure by contacting police. the company regrets the incident led to the 2-year-old being separated from her parents. a new study says drinking a few glasses of alcohol a week could increase the risk for breast cancer. researchers at brigham women's hospital in boston studied nearly 30 years worth of data on more than 100,000 women. those who averaged three to six alcoholic beverages a week throughout their adult lives had a 15% higher chance of developing breast cancer. doctors say you don't need to cut out alcohol completely since an occasional glass of wine is widely cited as heart healthy. that's right. that glass of red wine with dinner, not a bad thing. >> not a bad thing, but if you do it three times a week, that sounds occasional to me. >> that's right. >> what is occasional? >> i guess depends. >> once every five years. >> are you having whiskey? >> no. whether it's whiskey or wine or
5:26 am
beer, it's all probably about the same. the question is how often do you do it? and how do you define occasional? >> that's right. it would probably vary depending on a woman's size, her tolerance, and genetic makeup and all that stuff. all these studies. hard to figure out, joe. >> in all these cases, contact your doctor. the time is now 5:26. coming up, the new health
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pushing his plan, the president will appear in front of another bridge today, urging congress to move on his jobs bill. this time he will not have to travel far to deliver his message. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'm joe krebs. welcome to "news 4 today." it's wednesday, the 2nd of november. let's take a live look outside right now this morning. always good to see the united states capitol dome.
5:30 am
>> comforting, joe. >> beautiful out there. clear skies. >> the fact we can see it is a good thing too. it's comforting. the fact we don't have thick fog around. might be a little wispy fog in front of the rural open fields. right now it's clear sky greeting you as we start off this wednesday morning. live picture from our satellite picture showing clear sky from eastern canada all the way down to florida. here temperatures are cold. under this clear sky, it's down near or below freezing throughout much of maryland, virginia, and west virginia. closer to washington, though, the nearby suburbs in montgomery, prince george's, and arlington. fairfax counties in the low 30s. just a little bit farther outside the rural -- into the rural areas, it is near freezing this morning. except right near the bay. here's your day planner for this wednesday. sunrise at 7:36. by 9:00 we ought to be into the mid-40s throughout much of the region. and then mid-50s by noontime. may actually hit the low 60s by midafternoon this wednesday afternoon with bright sparkling
5:31 am
sun and a blue sky. then by late afternoon back down into the upper 50s. a look at your evening planner. that will be in about ten minutes at 5:41. danella, good morning. how's our traffic? >> good morning. right now i'm seeing congestion on i-270 out of urbanna. further down 270, here's the view at father hurley. the volume is increasing just a bit as you head towards the spur. the good news is the lanes are open, not seeing any major congestion. if you're traveling 270 north, your lanes are open as well, not seeing any delays. traveling i-95 making your way out of dale city as you pass the occoquan. definitely seeing volume, continuing on i-95 pass the occoquan. your lanes are picking up a little congestion. no major congestion just yet and definitely no accidents to report as you make your way towards 395. traveling 95 south in virginia, clear lanes, no congestion at all. joe, back to you.
5:32 am
right now stock markets around the world are mixed this morning despite a surprising announcement from greece. greece's prime minister announced a plan to hold a national referendum on the propose the bailout plan to rescue the greek economy. right now european stock markets are up. investors fear the greece voters, afraid of austerity measures, might reject the plan, causing the country then to default on its massive debts. later today, president obama will leave for france for the g-20 summit in cannes. thousands of protesters have been holding demonstrations there all week long. the two-day economic summit kicks off tomorrow. the president will meet with french president nichololas sary and german chancellor angela merkel to talk about their country's response to the european debt crisis. today president obama's push for a new jobs plan will bring him to a landmark familiar to most here in the d.c. area. he is heading to the georgetown waterfront park right in front of the key bridge. news 4's tracee wilkins is there now and joins us live.
5:33 am
tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. president obama is pushing his jobs act, and he is saying that, in order for the economy to stimulate again, americans are going to need to go to work. now as an example of what they could be working on, he's using the key bridge as an example. it's really foggy and hard to see, but by the time the president is out here delivering his speech, we should have a nice back drop of the key bridge. since president obama announced the american jobs act in september, he's been touring the country explaining his plan. today the stop is right down the street here in georgetown, where the key bridge will serve as his back drop. part of the jobs plan, the push is getting americans back to work by rebuilding bridges and schools. accord to go president obama, the bridge could be eligible for funding if congress approves the bill. congress failed to back the proposal, claiming the previous stimulus plan can't help the economy, and they have issues
5:34 am
with the $450 billion bill being funded through sur taxes on the nation's millionaires. while the actual bill failed to pass the senate earlier this month, the president is vowing to get the legislation passed one piece at a time. now, because he's coming here to georgetown, there will be some minor traffic impacts. first of all, water street is going to be closed for parking. there's a sign here letting folks know that you're not going to be able to access 29th from down here. we're expecting the president to begin his speech sometime after 11:00 a.m. in georgetown, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. mayor vincent gray is also talking jobs today. he'll join metro officials to announce a new initiative to hire more metro bus drivers. the transit agency will hire 26 new metro bus drivers. metro will start taking applications today. the virginia republican leader who e-mailed a grotesque cartoon of president obama has resigned from his post now. robert jesionowski was the communications chair for the loudoun county republican
5:35 am
committee. he e-mailed out this image of the president as a zombie with a bullet hole in his forehead. it was included on a flier for monday's leesburg halloween pa rate. jesionowski said the image was in bad taste and does not reflect the views of any candidate. the autistic boy who spent nearly a week lost in the woods in virginia will stay in the hospital longer than expected. we're told 8-year-old robert wood jr. has a hole in his esophagus. his grandmother believes the tear was caused by something he ate while he was lost. he was with his father in the north anna battlefield park just north of richmond when the two became separated. after six days of searching, he was found lying in a fetal position near a rock quarry close to the park. police are asking for your help trying to find a man accused of trying to abduct a teenager. this sketch represents the man who tried to take the teen from
5:36 am
an apartment complex last week. there have been similar attempts in neighboring spotsylvania county, but authorities have not said whether they think they're limpged to the same person. justin bieber is being sued by a woman in california who claims he is the father of her baby. 20-year-old mariah jaeger claims the two had sex backstage at one of his concerts. she wants bieber to take a paternity test and financially support her baby, who is now 3 months old. a spokesperson for justin bieber released a statement saying, "it's sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims." herman cain in
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
snee snow isn't in the forecast, but it's not that far away. the snow summit kicks off in montgomery county. that's when the department of transportation will assess the county's snow plans and fleet. montgomery county d.o.t. will announce its new initiatives for
5:40 am
snowstorm response, including a new navigation system for the drivers. the snow summit starts this morning in rockville. >> the snow summits are very powerful events. perhaps when they all get together, they could agree to not have any snow. >> it would be nice if they could make that work for us. >> let's see if they can reach an agreement. >> is they need to get tom on the board in order for that to work out. >> they probably do. tom, what's it look like out there? >> way out there in colorado, they could use those snow plows. they're getting a major blizzard in denver and throughout much of colorado. here there's the clear sky over capitol hill, live picture from the city camera. there's a little bit of fog over the potomac river this morning. the big story is it's cold. we're right down to just near 30 degrees in the suburbs outside the beltway. closer around the beltway, it's in the mid-30s. inside the beltway, upper 30s to near 40 as well as right near the chesapeake bay. elsewhere, weather watchers checking in bright and early. reporting frosty cold conditions throughout much of the region. here's the day planner for this
5:41 am
wednesday, the 2nd day of november. sunrise 7:36. by 9:00 into the 40s. bright sparkling sun and a blue sky with highs reaching the low 60s by midafternoon. a delightful day coming up. sunset at 6:07. we'll be under a clear sky after sunset, and we'll be in the low 50s by early evening. mid evening near 50. late evening in the upper 40s. by dawn tomorrow, not as cold as this morning. we'll look at that. big changes on the way for the weekend. and a stunning autumn photo to show you. that will be coming up in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. on the rails, two minor delays, both on the brunswick east line on the marc. train number 890, your delay is six minutes. train number 870, your delay is nine minutes. on the roadways, starting to slow down at university boulevard. i'm seeing report of an accident, outer loop of the beltway, possibly between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard.
5:42 am
i'll be back in ten minutes with an update to let you know the status. your delays on outer loop continue at university boulevard as you make your way to georgia avenue this morning. 66 east at sully road starting to slow down as you continue to head east. your lanes are open. no accidents on i-66 in both directions both inside and outside of the beltway. taking the trip on i-95 at the occoquan, coming out of dale city as you make your way to the occoquan. starting to definitely slow down. joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thank you. our time is now 5:42.
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right now wikileaks founder julian assange is in a courtroom waiting to find out whether he'll be returned to sweden to face sex charges. the 39-year-old australian is accused of sexually assaulting two women. assange denies the allegations. many of his supporters say it's a conspiracy to keep assange and wikileaks from exposing any more government secrets. the decision is expected any minute now. republican presidential hopeful herman cain will be on capitol hill today. he's trying to sell gop lawmakers on his 9-9-9 economic plan. all eyes will most likely be on accusations he faced in the 1990s. angie goff is live in the news room with details on the harassment case. >> good morning. in a couple of hours, herman cain will address the technology community in tyson's corner then off to virginia to talk to medical leaders followed by an
5:47 am
afternoon meeting with congress on the hill. the'candidate wants to focus on politics, but it's going to be tough as one of the women accusing him of sexual harassment wants to speak out today. a lawyer representing the woman has asked her former employer to lift the settlement agreement. she wants to respond to cain's response that the claims were totally baseless and totally false. >> when he says he never sexually harassed anyone, i know that's not the perception of my client. >> a woman reportedly got $35,000 a year in severance. cain says a settlement never happened, but now he admits there was an agreement. cain continues to strongly deny both claims and says the scandal has not hurt his presidential hopes. >> in the last 24 hours our fund-raising has been the highest it has been since i've been in this campaign. >> last night cain had a dinner
5:48 am
at a restaurant with a handful of senators. one called it a nice conversation but no endorsement. >> angie goff live in our news room this morning. angie, thank you. michele bachmann made a comment seemingly directed at the allegations against cain. she said her party cannot afford to have a nominee with surprises in his record. the minnesota congresswoman also said republicans need a candidate the party can trust. that wasn't the only thing bachmann had to say during her address to baptist ministers in iowa. she said that god is, quote, calling her to run to president. bachmann told the audience, quote, it was an odd feeling for me when i had the sense the lord was calling me to participate in this race. new hampshire will set its republican primary day. they'll likely announce it will be held on january 10th a week after the iowa caucuses. new hampshire had threatened to move the primary up to december after nevada announced plans to
5:49 am
hold its primary in mid-january. nevada later moved it to february. and state law requires new hampshire's primary be held at least seven days before a similar event. a prince george's county mega church is divided this morning after apparent changes leave a popular pastor locked out. they gathered at the city of praise church in landover demanding the return of pastor joel peeples. jackie bensen has the story. >> reporter: some call it a battle of the soul for jerricho city of praise, one of the largest and most influential mega churches in prince george's county. >> this is not orchestrated bypass tore joel tonight. this is orchestrated by the members of this church. >> reporter: the rift began last year when betty peebles died, leaving the leadership of the multi-thousand member church at the hands of a six member board and not the care of her only
5:50 am
remaining child, pastor joel peebles. last week a prince george's county judge ruled in favor of the board. this afternoon joel peebles reportedly arrived at the church only to find himself locked out. that is when the internet lit up. >> the whole ordeal has hurt us. it's been a year of just upset, but we're speaking victory. >> what he's going through right now is a real travesty. it's not -- this is not what the board is going on right now, it is not godly. >> i used to drive from delaware state university on weekends just to come to church. that's not very common for a college student. >> reporter: the church members plan to return every night for the next seven days. news 4 reached mark isaacs. he is the attorney for the board that is currently running the church. he says that the locks on the doors of the church were changed after the alleged theft of some recording equipment on sunday
5:51 am
and that pastor joel peebles has not been locked out. jackie bensen, "news 4 today." today closing arguments scheduled in the bribery trial of a maryland state senator. senator ulysses curry is accused of using his position as chairman of a senate budget committee to do favors for shoppers warehouse. he received $240,000 from the grocery chain between 2003 and 2008. the defense used primarily character witnesses who said curry was a nice man but painted him as incapable of running a bribery scheme. 5:51 is the time. a nuclear power station knocked offline by the earthquake two months ago could be restarted soon. they could restart two reactors at the north anna plant as early as next week. virginia dominion power has said that since the august quake, it spent $20 million in inspections on the plant. they found small cracks in
5:52 am
office buildings but no concerns that put public safety at risk. the east coast earthquake will be the topic tonight. they felt the quake all the way from georgia to new york. researchers will discuss the seismology, location, and likelihood of a reoccurrence tonight at 7:00. that is open to the public at the u.s. geological survey national center in reston. >> let's check the forecast. meteorologist tom kierein is here. we love this nice fall weather we're having. >> i love the leaves. they are now at peak color from right around the metro area and just absolutely stunning. they will be right at dawn too when we get the first orange and gold light hitting those leaves. right now, though, it's clear. the skies splashed with the autumn constellation stars over capitol hill. that's a live picture from our
5:53 am
city camera. it's 42. the wind is calm. we do have maybe a little bit of a light area over the fields and maybe over the potomac. got a clear sky, and temperatures are kwoecold. it is near or below freezing throughout virginia, west virginia, and eastern shore. right near the waters. eastern shore of the bay, western shore of the bay, it's mid and upper 30s to near 40, swlds jas well as generally inside the beltway. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county near freezing now. sunrise at 7:36. we'll have a bright and sunny morning. by 9:00 the mid-40s. by noon mid-50s. by midafternoon we should hit the low 60s. by late afternoon the upper 50s. sunset at 6:07. right before sunset, lake accotink will look like this. this is the way it looked on monday. beautiful picture sent in by one of our faithful viewers, carol flaherty, who lives in vienna.
5:54 am
she was at lake accotink and took that shot. i'm sure there's a gorgeous tree on your street. send it to us, and we'll get it on the wonderful slide show we have at nbc washington. you can send it to it will be chilly tonight, down into the 40s by midnight. then another gorgeous day into the 60s and sunny. slight chance of a morning shower on friday. over the weekend, sunshine returns. we warm up again too. may get swo the low 60s on sunday. monday, upper 60s. danella, good morning. how's traffic? chopper 5 is live over the outer loop of the beltway. the accident is at colesville road. if you're trying to get on the outer loop from colesville road, the accident is right there. earlier the fire department was there. they've left the scene. police are still there. if you're traveling the outer loop of the beltway, you're hitting the brakes at new hampshire avenue. you are bumper to bumper as you make your way towards
5:55 am
colesville. after you pass georgia avenue, the road opens up for you, and it's not so bad. traveling i-95 in virginia, heavy on the brakes at fairfax county parkway. as you make your way onto 395, here's the view at edsall. not seeing any congestion just yet on 395, and you're clear from the 14th street bridge. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks very much, danella. take a look at this video. isn't this insane? apparently, this car did not lose his way and park in the wrong space. he just happened to park in front of a -- drive over a fire hi h hydrant, and here are the results. >> the car actually stayed in position for about an hour until they could get the water turned off there. the person who took the car took off and is nowhere to be seen. >> i wonder if there was any damage to the engine or anything
5:56 am
like that. >> i'd say the whole car was drenched. >> that's for sure. if you're one of thousands of drivers who get stuck in traffic at military hospitals every day, some relief is on the way. >> the department of defense has awarded $270 million to ease gridlock near the new walter reed medical center in bethesda and ft. belvoir in virginia. virginia is receiving $180 million to widen a three-mile stretch of route 1 between telegraph road and mt. vernon highway. route 1 will be expanded to six lanes. the new road is expected to improve access to ft. belvoir and accommodate the increased traffic generated by the base realignment and closure project. construction could begin in 2013 and take up to three years to complete. also, maryland is receiving nearly $90 million for improvements in bethesda near the walter reed national medical center near nih, the former navy medical center. 40 million will be used to continue funding for the
5:57 am
underground tunnel at the metro station on wisconsin avenue. the other $49 million will be used to improve four intersections in the area. both of those projects likely won't begin until 2013. maryland has also requested $1 million for a trolley stop on the proposed purple line. that request was denied. maryland's governor says a gas tax hike is needed now if the state wants to keep its bridges and roads safe. governor martin o'malley told hundreds of the state's mayors and council members that the increase is necessary to help replenish the state's underfunded transportation trust. o'malley's plan would raise the gas tax from 23.5 cents to 38.5 cents over three years. car registration and inspection fees would also go up along with mass transit fees. tonight's powerball jackpot is up to an estimated $245 million. it is the largest jackpot since june of last year. people are lining up for tickets in the district,
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> lots of luck. we'll be right back. right now at 5:59, the investigation to figure out who shot and killed a man in the parking lot of a shopping


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