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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  November 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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just fine. now, what's going to happen if you're trying to get onto the inner loop in this area is if you're trying to get on at connecticut avenue, they are going to direct you around. those exits onto the inner loop are closed there, but you can enter onto the inner loop on georgia avenue. they do have the entrance point available here. so be aware of this. maryland state highway, they're hoping to have this road opened up again by 5:30. and that's what they're aiming for. but we're not sure that that's actually what's going to happen. we're here live on the highway. we'll let you know as soon as the road is reopened. with more information, we'll go to donella back at the station. >> good morning. i'm watching the roadways. we are starting to see a little backup as you approach connecticut avenue. and that's just where you'll have to get off of the inner loop of the beltway and continue your commute. so if you're getting off at connecticut avenue, what you want to do is make a left on east-west highway and then connect to georgia avenue. at that point you can either go
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left, connect back to the inner loop and get back on the beltway and continue your commute. or you can go right on georgia avenue and connect to coalsville road. hopefully they'll be able to open the beltway by 5:30. if not, i'll keep you up on information. if you're traveling the i-95 in virginia, not seeing any problems here. this is a view at the rest area. you're clear on i-95 in virginia north and south. same story on i-66, checking that as well, no problems inside the beltway as well as outside the beltway on i-66. now here's tom with a look at our weather. tom? >> we have a cloudy sky this morning. that's a live picture from the city camera. we've had a few sprinkles overnight. but those have ended here in the metro area. this is what's been happening over the last 12 hours. the area in green, those are a few sprinkles that came in after midnight. now it's just cloudy here. there are a few sprinkles in southeastern howard county near columbia and as well north. but there's lighter, steadier
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rain that is falling in the northern neck of virginia and west in a line between there and charlottesville. and that should stay to the south of the metro area for the next few hours. but it's going to stay cloudy this morning. and it is chilly but not cold like we have been last few mornings. right now we are in the 40s throughout most of the region. it's near 50 in washington and right by the bay. prince george's county, upper 40s. mid-40s in montgomery and fairfax counties. arlington county in the upper 40s. for today, our sunrise will be at 7:38. and we'll be cloudy through the morning. by noontime into the mid-50s and maybe briefly upper 50s early afternoon. then a northerly wind will increase. skies should clear out. winds gusting to around 25 miles an hour. cold evening coming up. the evening planner will be coming at 5:11. joe? >> tom, thanks very much. republican presidential hopeful herman cain says the controversy over the sexual harassment allegations will not deter his presidential aspirations. the attorneys for one of the
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three women who say that cain harassed them have asked permission for their client to tell her side of the story. the woman signed a confidentiality agreement as part of a settlement. she worked with cain at the national restaurant association back in the 1990s. her attorneys say that she should be released from the agreement since cain is now speaking publicly about the issue himself. >> she had nothing to do with this becoming public and is anxious for it to go away. >> the cain campaign meanwhile is doing damage control. the wife of supreme court judge clarence thomas interviewed cain on a conservative website. the campaign is arguing the media is mistreating another black conservative. today the october jobs report will be released. experts predict it will be another month of modest job growth. around 100,000 jobs. but that number won't be enough to lower the unemployment rate. currently that number sits at 9.1%. in order to lower the unemployment rate, businesses would have to add twice that amount. the economy is slowly improving thanks to a rise in consumer spending.
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and president obama's job plan has once again suffered a defeat at the hands of senate republicans. gop lawmakers blocked a $60 billion piece of the bill aimed at infrastructure projects that included remares to bridges, roads and rail lines. republicans oppose the president's plan because it would have been paid by a new surcharge on the ultrawealthy. this is the third time president obama's $440 billion jobs bill has been blocked. and former president bill clinton has strong words for president obama in his new book "back to work." he says last summer's debt ceiling debate could have been avoided by simply raising it while democrats controlled all of congress. in not doing so, america looked weak and confused overseas and that the final deal did not do much to create jobs. former president clinton also said the current state of our country is a mess and blames both sides for not coming together to fix things. the book "back to work" will be released tuesday.
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right now president obama and leaders of the world's largest economies are meeting for the last day of the g-20 talks. the goal is to repair damage done by the economic uncertainty in greece. greek prime minister george papandreou backed down from demanding a nationwide referendum of a bailout deal that is highly unpopular. but now calls for papandreou's resignation and talks of greece leaving the euro zone is causing more tension. european leaders hope to at least create what they call a financial fire wall before the meetings and to protect other countries nearing default including italy and spain. papandreou's decision to abandon the referendum had a positive effect on stocks am s d the world. for the first time this week, asian and european stocks saw gains aided by news that the european central bank was going to cut interest rates. the nikkei jumped 160 points, almost 2%. the hang seng also saw massive improvements going up 650 points or almost 3.5%.
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the jumps in these markets follows gains in the european markets as well. and this sets everything up for a potentially good day for the dow which gains 208 points yesterday. later today, the occupy movement will take their message on the road in the district. demonstrators plan to march from mcpherson square to the washington convention center where they will protest outside the defending the american dream conference. republican presidential candidates mitt romney and herman cain are scheduled to speak at the conference as well as rudolph giuliani. the march today begins at 6:00 p.m. occupy protesters, a violent night has damaged the entire movement which has now gone global. a rally crowd set fires and vandalized business windows in oakland, california. police arrested more than 100 people. the violence came a day after peaceful demonstrations wednesday. occupy protesters across the country condemn the violence and said they did not support their greater cause. republican presidential candidate michele bachmann says occupy protesters should start
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blaming washington politicians who practice crony capitalism. >> politicians assure their friends that with government's financial backing, their business will never fail. it happens every day. and it has to stop. >> bachmann spoke at iowa state universi university. she called for a flat tax system that would require everyone to pay some amount of tax even if it's $10, she says. she did not specify what her flat tax rate would be. 5:07 now. it's 51 degrees. the man accused of killing his estranged wife and son now sits in a maryland jail cell. and this morning we're learning a possible motive for the crime that made national headlines. a child important bust in northern virginia, but even more disturbing is the person who's been arrested in the case. and bust out your hats and winter coats. you may need them this weekend. uh-oh. tom will have your weekend forecast. plus breaking news on the beltway. your weather and traffic together on the
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welcome back. a surfer and some kayakers in california, whoa, have a whale of a tale. check it out. two humpback whales look as if they almost swallow that surfer. right there. as they burst out of the water off the coast of the santa cruz, california, area. the video was shot monday about a quarter mile off the beach. local newspapers say a pod of humpback whales has been hanging off the coast of santa cruz for a couple of weeks now. and in the video, the whales are lunging out of the water to catch schools of anchovies in their wide-open mouths. and now, of course, there's a lot of speculation. you think that video is real? is it too good to be true? >> was it on youtube? >> it probably was, yeah. >> i bet it wasn't. >> i mean, it was too perfect, you know what i mean? and the angle, it does look like the whale is about to swallow the surfer. if it's not, if we're too cynical, that's really cool video. >> it is pretty amazing.
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let's go to tom and take a look at our forecast. >> good morning. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. it's 5:11 on this friday morning. and we've had some overnight sprinkles in the metro area generally from midnight last night until about 2:00 a.m. but now those have mostly dissipated. but there are some light sprinkles now. the northern neck of virginia in a line from there to near charlottesville. and that should stay to our south and remain cloudy, though, if in the metro. 40s to near 50s but not cold like it happen. in the mid and upper 40s. fairfax and the prince george's near 50 in the district of columbia and by the bay. today's sunrise, 7:38. we'll have a cloudy morning as well as around noon time. but then the clouds should break up as winds shifts into the north this afternoon. before then we'll climb into the upper 50s. winds gusting to around 25 miles an hour out of the north. later this afternoon as we get some sunshine returning. now, here's your friday evening planner.
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should be good weather for all the high school games under a clear sky. a blustery north wind, though, gusting to 25 miles an hour. that will stay blustery until midnight. by then we'll be down into the low 40s. a look at the weekend and into next week in ten minutes. we have breaking news on the beltway. donella, what is going on? >> well, the inner loop still shut down at connecticut avenue because of this accident. and police are investigating a fatal accident on the beltway. so if you want to take the inner loop of the beltway, you can still get on at georgia avenue. however, you have to get off at connecticut avenue. once you get off and you want to work around to get back to the beltway, you can make a left on east west highway, then a left onto georgia avenue to get back onto the beltway. i can tell you i am starting to see delays as you head from wisconsin avenue and make your way towards connecticut avenue exit. it is bumper to bumper to get off of the beltway right here while police are investigating. police are saying that the beltway should open up around 5:30.
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but this is a serious accident. and it may take a little more time. i'll keep watching it for you. if you're taking the rails, dupont circle on the red line, the entrance escalators are down here. shuttle bus service has been requested and the station is open. speaking of the rails, not seeing any delays on the metro, the mark or the vre. all are running on or close to schedule. joe and eun, back to you. 5:13 now. 51 degrees. the busy metro stations that will soon have new names. michael jackson's former
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today the family of a woman killed inside the lulu lemon store will return to their home in houston. jayna murray's parents and brother visited the store yesterday. they say the store was their daughter's second home.
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earlier this week a jury found norwood guilty of first-degree murder. the family also went to the back of the store to see exactly where the murder took place. >> phyllis and i have been in the back before, but we had to go back again, pray again for the full recognition of what has happened, what happened to jayna and what has happened to us. >> the murrays say they will return to d.c. in january for norwood's sentencing hearing. prosecutors in the curtis lopez double murder case say a possible motive behind the killings was an suv. phone records show lopez sent cell phone pictures of jane mcquain's black honda to his girlfriend in north carolina saying he was going to give the car to her. prosecutors believe lopez beat mcquain, his estranged wife to death back in september at her germantown home. >> we now know from witness interviews that the defendant
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was texting photographs of the vehicle in advance of mrs. mcquain going missing. we know that after we believe her death, he texted photographs of the car to his girlfriend who was found in possession of the karsaying here's your car. we're on our way. >> prosecutors say after killing mcquain. lopez picked up her son and killed him in the woods in clarksburg. police found his body two weeks ago after a massive search. police have arrested a teenage boy from northern virginia on child pornography charges. police raided a home in the 14500 block of stevens street in nokesville halloween morning. this is in connection with people distributing child important over the internet. police removed several items from the home. petitions are now pending for possession and distribution of child poring nographpornography.
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the name of the teen is not released because he is a juvenile. seven men and five women in los angeles will begin deliberating the fate of michael jackson's physician. murray faces four years in prison in the manslaughter case. we have more on the final arguments jurors heard to make their decision. >> we'll excuse you for the evening. >> reporter: the fate of dr. conrad murray now rests in the hands of the jury who must ultimately decide if the doctor is criminally responsible in the death of pop star michael jackson. >> michael jackson trusted conrad murray. >> reporter: on thursday, the prosecution presented its closing arguments to the jury. >> every single doctor that testified in this courtroom told you they would never do what conrad murray did. every single doctor because they know it could lead to death. >> reporter: prosecutor david walgren hammered home their contention that murray is culpable in jackson's death. >> because conrad murray acted with criminal negligence. >> at what point do you draw the
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line about dr. murray's responsibility for a grown-up? >> reporter: the defense also got its chance for a final plea for dr. conrad murray's innocence in court, trying to convince the jury that it was not dr. murray but michael jackson himself that caused his own death. >> michael jackson went into his personal bathroom and swallow e lorazepam and dr. murray didn't know. >> reporter: the jury begins deliberations this morning going over hundreds of exhibits and 22 days of testimony to decide conrad murray's fate. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. prince george's county's former state's attorney is now launching a bid for congress. glen ivey says he's filing papers to run. that means he'll challenge donna edwards who's held the seat since 2008. ivey tells news 4 that with record unemployment and foreclosu foreclosures, he believes it's time for change. iver served as state's attorney
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for eight years. he now works for a private law firm. traffic alert for drivers. this weekend vdot will be shifting lanes on 495 to bring relief from congestion in the tysons corner area. by monday morning all lanes of the beltway will shift right onto a new bridge that goes over route 123 or chain bridge road. drivers can also take an on ramp from chain bridge road to get onto i-495 northbound instead of left turn laps. tonight metro will close five stations on the red line for track work. the takoma, forest glen, wheaton, silver spring and glenmont stations will close at 10:00 tonight and reopen monday morning. buses will replace trains. metro suggests adding at least a half hour to your travel time to compensate for the station closures. several metro stations are getting a name change after a heated discussion. say good-bye to new york avenue,
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florida avenue, gallaudet u and say hello to noma-gallaudet u. the name comes from the revitalization of the neighborhood north of massachusetts avenue. but some tourists and regular metro riders may be confused with the name change. navy yard will add ballpark to its name. king street will add old town. waterfront will drop seu since southeastern university no longer exists. and the new names will go into effect in june. >> i wonder if you can take the train from noma to nova. >> i think that's what they want to do eventually. >> maybe to delmarva even. let's go to tom. he's looking at the weather out there. tom? >> good morning. we've had clouds rolling in overnight. we've had a few overnight sprinkles in the metro, but those have dissipated now. there are a few near baltimore, perhaps howard and frederick county. those patches of green. there are a few sprinkles in southern st. mary's county. from there over near charlottesville. that should stay south of
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washington. a lot of clouds now. temperatures in the 40s throughout most of the region. it's near 50, though, in washington and right by the bay. prince george's county in the mid-40s. arlington and fairfax. into the mountains as well. generally in the mid-40s this morning. now, for today, sunrise will be at 7:38. and our temperatures by noontime will be in the mid and upper 50s. and still cloudy. but then during the afternoon, clouds should break up and we'll get sunshine breaking out. and a blustery northerly wind gusting to around 25 later this afternoon. and that will bring in some colder weather. in fact, by dawn saturday, it will be near freezing throughout much of the region. highs on saturday, chilly. only in the low 50s tomorrow but bright and sunny. a bright and sunny day sunday. mid-30s, afternoon highs mid-50s. and then monday and into next week, we should be warming up a bit. morning lows near 40. afternoon highs near 60. might hit mid-60s tuesday afternoon. there is a possibility of a few showers on wednesday perhaps through midday thursday is the
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way it looks now. highs both of those days around 60. now let's check the friday morning commute. good morning, donella. >> good morning. still seeing the inner loop shut down at connecticut avenue. and at this time i am starting to see some delays on the inner loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue. actually, there's a little bit of less delay. so i'm going to check this just clear just a bit. i'm going to check to see if there's any lanes open. but right before i came on, the inner loop is still shut down at connecticut avenue. they're forcing you off of the beltway onto connecticut avenue and the beltway at georgia avenue is still open. again, i'll be back in ten minutes to double check to see if they've made any progress in the investigation. now, travel times elsewhere on the beltway, if you're traveling on the inner loop in prince george's county heading towards branch avenue, here you're traveling at 61 miles an hour. and taking the beltway in virginia, not seeing any problems at robinson terminal. inner loop and outer loop is clear. your travel speed from the 95 interchange to the dulles toll road, you're traveling at 57 miles per hour. joe, back to you. >> donella, thanks very much.
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this morning the redskins have to get ready for one of the biggest tests of the season. the san francisco 49ers come to town sunday with a 6-1 record and the best run defense in the league. not good news for a skins' offense that put up only 26 yards rushing last week against the 20th ranked rushing defense. not to mention all the injuries and keeping john beck upright. however, offensive coordinator kyle shanahan has heard the critics, says he's confident. >> anytime you get shut out, i expect to get criticized. i expect it from you guys, from my wife, i expect it from myself. i mean, it's embarrassing. what matters to me is whether the players believe in me. if they have confidence in you and believe what you're doing, then you've got a chance. i believe in these guys. i think they believe in me and we've just got to go to work. >> the redskins and the 49ers face off at fedex field at 1:00 on sunday. and the terps take on the hardwood tonight for the first
5:26 am
exhibition game of the season under the new head coach will face the northwood university seahawks. maryland only has eight scholarship players and will be without one of their most prolific scorers, shawn howard, who will miss at least two months with a broken foot. but we certainly wish coach tergen the best. he has some huge shoes to fill. >> a long tradition. our time now is 5:26. the latest on the breaking news in maryland. the inner loop of the beltway closed down because of a deadly accident. we'll go live to the scene. and house majority leader c vicious verbal attack.
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breaking news on the beltway right now at 5:29. the inner loop of the beltway near the georgia avenue exit is finally open again after a deadly accident closed the highway for several hours. news 4's tracee wilkins is live on the scene now with the latest. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. all lanes are open between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. the highway administration met their goal with having this road open by 5:30 a.m. they're still investigating this
5:30 am
accident, though. so they have moved everything over here to the shoulder. and that includes the tractor trailer here that was involved in the accident. i want to get your attention here on the rear bumper of the tractor trailer here. this is called the rear underride bumper. you can see from that bumper just how bad this accident was. that's the bumper that prevents vehicles from going under the tractor trailer. and as you can see, in this accident, that bumper was completely destroyed by what happened here. we spoke with the driver of this tractor trailer who tells us that he was driving from west virginia to the v.a. hospital, makes this trek monday through friday, is used to actually slowing down at the construction zone here on the beltway. and when he did, this is what happened. >> when i looked out my window and saw his speed, i didn't know what to do. i couldn't do anything, really, because he was coming up on me so fast. by the time i got out of the truck, when i got out the first time, i didn't know the person was still in their car because when i got out and looked at it,
5:31 am
i couldn't see that person. the second time when i got out, the police had the flashlights on him. that's when i knew they were still in it. and i was, like, ooh. i saw that they had passed. >> reporter: now, the investigation is still continuing here. they're inspecting this truck. we're told by the driver that if all goes well with this inspection, they're actually going to allow him to drive this truck away. they may not have to tow it and take it in. they are still conducting this investigation on the side of the beltway. good news for commuters, all of the lanes are open now. but the driver of that suv was killed in this accident. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in silver spring. back to you all in the studio. >> thank you, tracee. right now here's a look at connecticut avenue right now. the inner loop as much clearer. and i'm not seeing any problems as you're making your commute this morning. again, that accident is in the shoulder lane as you get closer to georgia avenue, you'll pass that accident. just be careful because cars may slow down as they make their way across. so far looking good.
5:32 am
if you're taking the rails, got a caution. dupont circle, entrance escalators are out at this metro station. shuttle bus service has been requested. and on the rails, so far metro, vre running on or close to schedule. this is on the brunswick east train number 870, your delay is just five minutes. now here's tom with a look at the weather. tom? right now we have a cloudy sky over washington. that's a live picture from the city camera. the temperature at reagan national now, a chilly 50 degrees. it's rather humid. we've got a light south-southeasterly breeze. and overnight, we had a few sprinkles in the metro area around midnight. but the bulk of rain now is through central virginia and down into the carolinas. that's going to stay to our south here this morning. over the last 12 hours, those few sprinkles did make some of the roadways a little bit damp. they may have contributed to that accident as some of the roads are still a little bit damp, too, this morning. watch out for that. and we'll have the clouds with us for the next several hours. all the way until around
5:33 am
noontime. and right now in the upper 40s do near 50 throughout most of the area. we'll climb into the upper 50s by early afternoon. sunrise, 7:38. sunset, 6:05. sun back this afternoon. a gusty northerly wind. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. 5:33 now. a maryland woman is in jail after leading police on a high. speed chase that ended in a crash on i-95. howard county police chased the woman into prince george's county before she lost control of her car and crashed into the median of 95 near the new exit to the icc. she suffered minor injuries. we still don't know why the chase started or where it began and what kind of charges the driver may face. now to decision 2012. republican presidential contender herman cain trying to do damage control. this comes as the lawyer for one of the three woman who say cain harassed them has asked for permission to tell her side of the story.
5:34 am
tracie potts is live with more. >> reporter: she wants to be released from that confidentiality agreement, and we may find out today whether or not that will happen. the national restaurant association planning to make some sort of statement or decision today about whether or not she can tell her side of the story. she wants to make a statement, although her attorney says that she really didn't seek this publicity and wants to make that statement to sort of get all of this over from her point of view. now, from herman cain's point of view, he's going to be here in d.c. today. he's still out there talking about this, denying that he ever sexually harassed anyone. he said in an interview yesterday that this is totally fabricated. those were his words. and he also pointed out that he is raising a lot of money since this broke on sunday, he's raised $1 million. he opened an iowa fund just yesterday. it raised $100,000 on the very first day. meantime, we are waiting to see later today if we will hear the other side of the story. joe? >> going to be interesting to
5:35 am
hear. thanks very much. the october jobs report will be released today. and experts expect yet another month with mixed results. it's predicted to show that employers added about 100,000 jobs last month. but that number won't be enough to lower the unemployment rate. currently that number sits at 9.1%. experts say in order to lower the unemployment rate, businesses need to add about twice as many jobs. however, the economy is slowly improving thanks to a rise in consumer spending. and senate republicans once again blocked a part of president obama's jobs plan. this time it was a $60 billion measure aimed at infrastructure projects that included repairs to bridges, roads and rail lines. republicans oppose the president's plan because it would have been paid for by a new surcharge on the ultra wealthy. this is the third time gop lawmakers have blocked president obama's $440 billion jobs bill. right now president obama and other world leaders are trying to repair damage done by the economic uncertainty in greece. on the final day of the g-20
5:36 am
talks, greek prime minister george papandreou backed down from demanding a referendum of a bailout deal that's very unpop har unpopular in his country. european leaders hope to create what they call a financial fire wall before the meeting's end to protect other countries nearing default. and they include italy and spain. well, hundreds of protesters have flocked to cannes for the two-day meetings. one demonstrator calling himself miss promesses. others called for the independence of tibet and called on g-20 leaders to express concerns over human rights violations in the country to china's president. the nonprofit group oxfam also protested. it said it expects donations from rich countries to fall to $9.5 billion next year. greece's prime minister's decision to abandon the
5:37 am
referendum not only possibly saved his country but it helped out stock markets around the world. asian and european stocks all saw gains this week. experts say the news on greece helped as well as reports that the european central bank's plans to cut interest rates. these developments caused the nikkei to jump 160 points, almost 2%. the hang seng also saw massive improvements going up 650 points or nearly 3.5%. the jumps in these markets follows gains in the european market as well. all this sets everything up for a potentially good day for the dow which gained 208 points yesterday. 5:37 is the time. a tennessee man faces ten years in prison for allegedly making profanity-laced threats against house majority leader eric cantor and his family. the fbi says glendon swift threatened to kill him, rape his daughter and kill his wife. investigators say those messages
5:38 am
were left on voice mail in his office. swift is due in court in tennessee next week. it is now 5:38. 51 degrees. still ahead, the mother of a murdered fairfax county teen breaks her silence. why she's blaming herself for her daughter's death. and we've been blessed with really beautiful fall weather this week. could we be in for some winterlike temperatures, though, on this weekend? we'll have the forecast coming up
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good morning. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. it's 5:41. early on is this friday morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. right now we have a cloudy sky over washington after we had some few sprinkles come through around midnight. right now there are a few just far to our north, parts of frederick, carroll county near the pennsylvania border. closer to washington, just cloud cover. farther south that area of green from charlottesville toward the eastern part of the northern neck, a few sprinkles, but those should stay south of the metro area during the morning rush. and the temperatures are chilly now. we're in the 40s throughout much of the region. it's in the mid-40s in montgomery, ar lilingtonarlingt and prince george's county. and elsewhere, much of the region in the low and mid-40s. and for today, sunrise will be at 7:38. that's going to be an hour
5:42 am
earlier sunday morning. we turn our clocks back one hour later saturday night. and our sunsets will be an hour earlier, too, around 5:00 on sunday. by 9:00 this morning near 50 and a cloudy sky. cloudy by noontime. cloud cover should brek up. some sun coming out. and a gusty northerly wind to around 25 miles an hour this afternoon into this evening. we'll be swirling the leaves and bringing some more down. and we'll be ra blustery evenin. low 40s by midnight. into next woke at 5:51. donella, how's our traffic? if you're traveling the outer loop at new hampshire avenue, i have a crash taking away your ramp to southbound new hampshire avenue. you'll have to get on northbound new hampshire avenue and make a u-turn. right now that ramp to get to southbound new hampshire avenue is shut down due to the accident there. i'll keep watching it.
5:43 am
hopefully not shut down for too much longer. looking at i-95, very slow out of prince william parkway. as you head north, that's where your delays continue. it is a slow commute. but i'm not seeing any accidents on i-95 north or south. and if you continue onto 395, you are in the clear. as you head from edsall, not seeing any problems for you. now back to you both. >> thank you very much. 5:43. 51 degrees. what one local woman did to get bank of america to scrap its debit card fees. a woman accuses justin bieber of fathering her baby, and now she may be the focus of an investigation. we'll explain why. and black friday may be weeks away, but you can get a preview this weekend of some of the big sales at the
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prosecutors in the curtis lopez double murder case say a possible motive behind the
5:47 am
killings was a car. according to phone records, lopez texted pictures of jane mcquain's block honda to his girlfriend in north carolina saying he was going to give the car to her. prosecutors say he beat his estranged wife to death in september at her home. after killing her, police say lopez picked up her son and killed him in the woods in clarksburg. search crews found his body two weeks ago after a massive search. two days after a verdict in the lulu lemon murder case, the victim still grieving families leaving and returning home to texas. yesterday they visited the bethesda shop where their daughter was killed to talk with her coworkers and say a prayer. earlier this week, a jury found britney norwood guilty of first-degree murder in murray's death. as her parents head back home, they say they do not want to dwell on the past. >> i think we focus on all of the positives that jayna represented to us as a family.
5:48 am
and we try to expand that out not only in this community but in every community. >> the norwood faces a sentence of life in prison without parole. the murrays say they'll return to montgomery county for the sentencing in january. now to a murder mystery. vanessa fam was killed 17 months ago. now her mother is talking about what she wishes she had done differently. in a new interview with police, julie says her daughter preferred the company of her friends. she blames herself saying she worked too much and often slept instead of interacting with her daughter. vanessa was stabbed to death in june 2010. she was seen on video leaving a falls church shopping center less than 30 minutes later she was dead. her mother recalls the night she received the news. >> i worked the night shift, and my sister, she called me. i couldn't believe it. i drove home.
5:49 am
i went to her room. but she wasn't there. >> vanessa was an aspiring fashion designer. there is a $20,000 reward leading to an arrest in her murder. we're getting a first look at the man accused of plotting to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states. 56-year-old manssor arbabsiar. the u.s. government has accused iran of being behind the blot, but iran denies those accusations. he's pleaded not guilty and is being held without bond. in just a few hours, jurors will continue to deliberate. currie represents prince george's county and is accused of receiving $345,000 in payments from the shoppers grocery chain in exchange for legislative favors. his defense team admits he did not disclose some conflicts of interest but said he did nothing illegal. today officials at arlington
5:50 am
national cemetery will brief the senate on improvements in recordkeeping. this comes after revelations last year of hundreds of misidentified grave sites. senator claire mccaskill of missouri will tour the cemetery. she is a member of the senate subcommittee investigating mismanagement of records and fuch funds. with all the traffic in our area, accidents are bound to happen, of course. now we know how much all those wrecks cost. according to a study by aaa, accidents on washington-area roadways cost $7.4 billion per year. that takes into account some 350 traffic deaths and more than 42,000 injuries in 2009. but crashes cost less in our area compared with the rest of the nation. with a crash costing about $1300 per person here compared to $1500 per person nationwide. researchers say that's likely because we drive more slowly and slow-speed accidents cause less
5:51 am
damage. a traffic alert for drivers in fairfax county. this weekend vdot will be shifting lanes on i-495 to bring relief to congestion. by monday morning all lanes of the beltway will shift onto a new bridge that goes over route 123 or chain bridge road. drivers can also use an on ramp from chain bridge road to get on 495 northbound instead of left turn lanes. tonight metro will close five stations on the red line for track work. the tacoma, glenmont, forest glen, wheaton and silver spring all close and reopen monday morning. three buses will replace trains. metro suggests adding at least a half hour to travel time to compensate for these station closures. 5:51, tom, tell us it's going to be a good weekend. >> this is the time of year i change my ring tone to a leaf blower. why can't those math geniuses get those phones to do that, to turn into a leaf blower?
5:52 am
i know you can do it! they do everything else. and this morning we could use that as a lot of the leaves have been coming down. it's been dry now for the last few days. overnight we had just a few sprinkles. right now it's cloudy. no rain. it's a light south-southeasterly breeze that will greet you as you step out. over the last 12 hours, we had the rain passing to our south. right now it is raining steadily. actually heavily from richmond into the carolinas. lohser to washington, we just had sprinkles around midnight. between midnight and 2:00 a.m. those are petty much lang gone. long gone. right now in maryland, west virginia near martinsburg. further south there along the blue ridge maybe a few sprinkles. and in the northern neck, over towards charlottesville, there's steadier light rain. elsewhere closer to the metro area, it is cloudy. and we still have a little bit of dampness on the pavement. so watch out for that this morning. chilly morning but not cold like it has been the last couple
5:53 am
mornings. we are in the mid-40s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax and prince george's county. near 50 in auwashington and by e bay. here's today. sunrise at 7:38. then the snetd will be at 6:05. these will be an hour earlier on sunday. don't forget, turn your clocks back one hour on saturday night. the longest two-day weekend of the year coming up. and temperatures will be into the upper 50s by early afternoon but still cloudy. then we ought to get sunshine breaking out by midafternoon and a gusty northerly wind, gusting to around 25 miles an hour. that will take care of some of your leaves and blow them into your neighbor's yard. and we'll have temperatures overnight tonight getting cold. we'll be down into the low 40s by midnight. but a clear evening for all the high school football games. sunset's at 6:05 and the wind still a bit blustery tonight but should settle down by dawn on saturday when the temperatures will be down. all the way near freezing tomorrow morning. saturday, a bright and sunny day, though. but chilly. highs only the low 50s.
5:54 am
and then on sunday morning, another cold start, mid-30s. afternoon highs, mid-50s. a bright and sunny day. and then on monday, up around 60 degrees. bright and sunny and a bit milder, too. in fact, even tuesday might make it into the mid-60s tuesday afternoon. and then it does appear we may get some light rain on wednesday, perhaps wednesday evening through midday thursday is the timing with highs around 60. if you're going to the game on sunday, the skins and 49ers at fedex field, 1:00 sunday afternoon. we will have good football weather. we'd better see some good football. temperatures will be into the low 50s by kickoff time and actually may hover in the mid-50s during the game. we'll have a light wind. so winds should not play a role. but it will be a bright and sunny sunday afternoon. donella, good morning. how's the friday commute? >> if you're traveling the
5:55 am
beltway, you may exit off onto south new hampshire avenue. that's good news. inner loop towards i-95, have an accident there you need to look out for. and also traveling 66 east, i have an accident at the beltway taking away two of your right lanes and it's jammed towards the beltway. i'll give you a live look at nutley. we are bumper to bumper as we make our way towards the beltway and continue inside the beltway. i'm back in ten minutes with an update on this accident. back to you. police may investigate allegations that pop singer justin bieber fathered a child with a fan. a 20-year-old california woman claims that bieber is the father of her 3-month-old baby. bieber was 16 years old when the woman claims the alleged encounter happened at a concert. the age of consent is 18 years old in california. the woman is seeking financial support from the pop star. bieber's camp has denied the allegations. coming up on the "today" show, bieber is live on the plaza.
5:56 am
that's at 7:00 a.m. right here on nbc 4. attention, walmart shoppers. you can get some great bargains starting tomorrow. the world's largest retailer will offer a black friday preview. that means lots of savings for shoppers. they'll offer bargain busters normally reserved for the day after thanksgiving. the event known as super saturday will start at 11:00 a.m. and end at midnight. walmart will offer deep discounts on tvs, gaming systems and other products. a 22-year-old nanny in d.c. helped change bank of america's plan to charge a $5 monthly debit card fee. when molly first heard about the $5 fee, she started an internet petition. she got 300,000 people to sign it. on tuesday bank of america said, well, it's changed its plans. catchpole says her impact on bank of america has to do with good timing. in just a couple of hours, a popular capitol hill bar will be back open for business. the tune inn has been closed
5:57 am
since late june when a kitchen fire gutted the restaurant. a fund-raiser in july brought in $40,000 to help pay staffers who were out of work while the restaurant was closed. the tune inn opened its doors in 1947 and holds the second oldest liquor license in the district. you think they'll be serving when it opens this morning? >> well, don't know. i have no idea. why don't we go over there and check it out. >> there you go. right after the show, early happy hour? >> what goes with ham and eggs. something nice. 5:57. coming up, the unusual noise complaint that brought police to a school. and if you think going 25 is slow, just wait. why drivers in the district may have to hit the brakes. >> let's take a live look outside right now. 51 degrees here in the nation's capital. beautiful skies and dawn is on the way. and it looks like we have a nice weekend headed our way. we'll check in with tom in just
5:58 am
5:59 am
deadly wreck. the overnight crash that shut down the beltway. and why the two leading republican presidential candidates will be coming face to face from the


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