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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  January 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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virginia's attorney general is backing off a bit from his failure to change the state's ballot laws. he believes the state needs to change the law, but he said making changes before the upcoming primary would be unfair. the law requires candidates to collect 10,000 signatures from registered voters to appear on the ballot. newt gingrich, rick perry, and four other gop candidates filed a lawsuit challenging that law. tomorrow night president obama pns to reach out to democrats in the state via the web as gop caucus results come in. an obama campaign official said the president will speak from washington to his supporters gathered in various locations in iowa via a web chat called adobe connect. today is a national holiday celebrating the new year's day. that means banks and post offices are closed. parking meters will not be enforced today. banks, schools, and federal offices are all closed.
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in maryland no parking fees except for new carrollton garage. schools in howard, st. mary's, and charles counties are open. sorry kids and teachers. libraries and government offices are closed. in virginia park meters will not be enforced today, and schools in alexandria are also open today. libraries and government offices there, though, are closed. and welcome back to both you, joe, and tom. happy new year to you both. >> thank you. same to you. >> it's been two weeks since i've seen you guys. >> it's been two weeks since we've all been together. >> i thought i recognized you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you too. here we are starting off 2012. the weather is opened today. a lot of things are closed. but the weather is with us. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now at reagan national, it's a chilly 41 degrees. we've got a wind out of the west/northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. it's a blustery wind that will be with us throughout the day. temperatures right now down into the 30s in the suburbs west and
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north of washington. and in the rural areas farther to the west and north, it's near freezing right now. southern maryland around the bay and eastern shore, the area around the northern neck too is down into the low and mid-40s this morning, but some of the chillier air will continue to blow in on a blustery northwest wind as we get into the afternoon hours. also, some snow will begin to develop way out in western maryland and northern west virginia today. sunrise at 7:27. and by 9:00 we'll be in the low 40s, mid-40s by noontime. and by early to midafternoon, maybe briefly touching the mid-40s to upper 40s. then it will start turning colder by late afternoon, winds gusting to around 25 miles an hour. then this time tomorrow morning, a frigid start. a cold blast coming in for tomorrow. we'll take a look at your evening planner. that will be coming up in ten minutes at 4:41. now in for danella this morning, we have our latest traffic report here and how traffic is
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doing this morning. carol parker is with us. good morning. >> thank you. good morning, tom. happy new year. all around the area, things are looking really, really good this morning as you can see. checking the beltway, our cameras at river road, moving right along. new hampshire avenue wide open. down in virginia, the beltway at robinson terminal. i think the advice today is put both hands on the wheel. >> thank you, carol. new from overnight, iran says it successfully test fired a long range missile during a naval exercise. the iranian navy said it test fired an anti-radar missile over the weekend. this comes after iran says it has successfully tested and produced nuclear fuel rods. this is a snub to western countries who want iran to stop its nuclear program. the united states and other western powers have proposed new sanctions that will cut iran's oil revenue. this morning we expect to learn the identities of two young people killed in a bad
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crash. it happened as many were still ringing in the new year. just before 3:00 a.m. on new year's day, the suv slammed into a tree at jones bridge road in bethesda. news 4's darcy spencer has more on the investigation. >> reporter: a man and a woman died when a chevy trailblazer they were riding in crashed on jones bridge road in bethesda around 3:00 thursday morning. nate lucas was friends with both of the victims. news 4 is not identifying them until police release their names. >> he was definitely my closest acquaintance. like we always used to spend time over at each other's houses. she was cool. she was cool, like a little sister to me. >> reporter: montgomery county police say the suv was traveling west on jones bridge road approaching lancaster drive when the driver lost control. the two victims who died were front and backseat passengers. three men survived, including the 22-year-old driver. >> for reasons still under investigation, they hopped a curb, went through the chain link fence, and came to rest
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against a tree. >> reporter: thomas quinn says he came to the scene to pay his respects. he says he was friends with the male passenger who died. >> i just knew him from the skate park and around. we had a bunch of mutual friends. >> reporter: montgomery county police are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. residents say there have been other fatal crashes here along this road. >> the curves do not look treacherous, and so they're deceiving. >> reporter: friends say the group had been at a new year's eve party earlier in the evening, but it's unclear where they were going when they wrecked. >> it's tragic. it's been just as hard for me as many others. i can't even -- you know, it's hard. it's still hard to believe it for real, seriously. >> reporter: the driver was taken to a baltimore hospital with serious injuries. the two other passengers who survived are 18 and 19 years old. they were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police are expected to release
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the identity of the victims sometime today. in bethesda, darcy spencer, "news 4 today." an elderly couple is in the hospital after being hit by a car in kensington. the man and woman, both in their 70s, were walking on the sidewalk on summit avenue when they were hit. they were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. paramedics also transported the driver. she's expected to be okay. none of the victims' names has been released. so far no arrest and no word on how the car came to be on the sidewalk. 4:36 now. to say the redskins season has been a sfoidisappointment may b major understatement, but there is a silver lining. the redskins have locked up the number six pick in this year's draft. the 34-10 loss to the rival eagles sealed the deal for the redskins who struggled on offense in the season finale. rex grossman threw another interception, his 20th on the season. and graham gano right here had a field goal blocked.
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that's his fifth of the year. despite the hardship, head coach mike shanahan says he is optimistic. >> it's a process. it doesn't happen overnight. i knew we weren't there when i took the job. i knew it was going to take some time. i think we got better. we got a lot better this year. there's a lot of positives to go with it. we've got to have good free agency, good draft to build this team with some youth and not just older veterans. >> it's the fourth straight year the redskins have finished last place in the nfc east, 5-11 is the worst record of mike shanahan's career. while the redskins wrapped up their season, two division rivals were fighting for a spot in the playoffs and the division title. the new york giants beat up on the dallas cowboys in the winner take all game 31-14. eli manning came through in the clutch with nearly 350 yards passing and three touchdowns. the giants will get home field advantage when they take on the wild card atlanta falcons in the first round of the playoffs next
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weekend. >> is that a cha-cha at the end of the run? >> could have been. i wasn't watching closely. >> as redskins fans, it's hard to root for either the cowboys or the giants. >> very hard. >> i'll say i'm happy for the giants. i'll say that much. >> not disclosing anything. ahead, why cee-lo green learned the hard way, never mess with a classic. plus the investigation into dozens of arson fires out in los
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warm weather in philadelphia. it's a late start again for the nhl's annual winter classic. with temperatures expected in the 40s, the league pushed the start time back two hours, hoping it will help the ice conditions there. this is not the first time the winter classic has been delayed. last year's capitals-penguins game, you'll recall, began in the evening because of warm weather in pittsburgh. you can catch coverage of today's game between the rangers and flyers beginning at 1:00. the puck will drop at 3:00. >> that's right. you were saying you were planning to watch it during the day, and then you said, wait a minute. i'm in bed watching this. >> we ended up watching it in bed that night. >> let's hope for a better outcome this year. 4:41. it's really feeling like hockey weather now.
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meteorologist tom kierein, tell us about the big changes in the weather. >> the puck drops at 3:00, and the fight starts at 3:01. good morning. here's your weather and traffic on the ones. 4:41. starting off with cold temperatures. it's down to near freezing in parts of the shenandoah valley and the mountains, but closer to washington, we'll have it mid to upper 30s to 40 degrees hold steady for another few hours. around the bay, southern maryland, northern neck in the 40s. a few clouds drifting through from the west. later today, heavy snow in the mountains but nothing locally. just a few clouds racing through. temperatures holding steady in the low and mid-40s this morning through midafternoon. then turning much colder tonight. sunrise 7:27. sunset 4:57. breezy and turning colder. down to near freezing by midnight tonight under a partly cloudy sky. colder weather tomorrow. we'll look at that, the rest of the week, and weekend at 4:51. carol parker has our traffic. good morning.
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>> good morning and thank you, sir. we've got wind warnings on the chesapeake bay. hold on to your hat. federal holiday. most people are off. most schools are closed but not all. as we look around the area, things are moving beautifully. 95 at dumfries, not a lot of friends and neighbors out there. and continuing on to 395 to the 14th street bridge, everything is looking great. eun, joe? >> thanks very much, carol. our time is now 4:43. still to come for a second year in a row, one city dealing with the mysterious death of dozens
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good morning. welcome back. this morning investigators are
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looking for this man. they're calling this man a person of interest in a series of fires in southern california. los angeles police released this security video. you can see him dressed in black. police say he came up -- up the stairs from an underground parking garage where a fire had been set. they also say the man was spotted at the scene of another fire. >> fires, as soon as they get going, they burn really hot, really fast. they have a lot of fuels. they have a lot of plastics. and they essentially give off their own combustible gases. >> nearly 40 fires have been set in and around los angeles over the past few days. police say the arsonist is targeting vehicles that are near buildings. so far no one has been injured. a howard county family managed to save their horses just before their barn was destroyed by a fire. the two alarm fire sparked around 1:00 yesterday along jennings chapel road in woodbine.
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it took firefighters from three counties to fight the flames. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. this morning police are looking for a man who shot and killed a u.s. park ranger in washington state. overnight police started escorting more than 100 tourists who were stranded at mt. rainier national park before the shooting. margaret anderson was killed in the line of duty yesterday morning. a park official said another ranger was trying to stop a vehicle. the ranger set up a roadblock, and then the gunman opened fire. a man of interest may be hiding in the woods. 24-year-old benjamin barnes had weapons and body armor inside his vehicle. he's an iraq war veteran. he's also wanted for questioning in another shooting that happened earlier in the day. three children are expected to be okay thanks to the quick work of good samaritans who pulled them from these icy waters. police say their father hit the brakes to avoid another crash plunging into this river in
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logan canyon north of salt lake. the father was able to free himself, but his three kids were trapped. several passer-bys jumped into the water to help the father free them. for the second year in a row, a strange and eerie new year's eve phenomenon has struck an arkansas city. dozens of blackbirds died and fell from the sky on new year's eve in beebe, arkansas. last year thousands of birds were found dead on the streets in the same town. officials suspected that fireworks were to blame last year and could be this time as well. biologists believe birds become disoriented by the loud noise, which sends them crashing into roofs, windows, and streets. today is the deadline for the 9/11 victims who say their health was affected by the collapse of the world trade center towers. more than 1,600 people filed lawsuits saying ground zero made them sick. they must decide today whether to keep fighting in court or apply for benefits from a
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government compensation fund. applicants have to dismiss any pending lawsuits and give up rights to sue over 9/11 health problems. anyone with a lawsuit still pending tomorrow is banned from the compensation program for life. former congressman ed jenkins has died. the democrat represented georgia in congress for 16 years. he also served as the house budget -- on the house budget and ways and means committees. jenkins died yesterday at a hospital in atlanta, not clear what the cause of death was. jenkins was 78 years old, and he would have turned 79 on wednesday. jenkins is survived by his wife, two daughters, and two grandsons. today demonstrators from the occupy movement plan to march in the tournament of roses parade even though they are not officially a part of it. organizers with the movement say they will have their own floats, banners, and drums at the parade in pasadena. the group has been protesting economic disparities across the country. the tournament of roses parade has been a new year's tradition for 122 years.
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the executive director says the parade is nonpolitical and focuses on unity and uniting people from all walks of life. meanwhile, police arrested nearly 70 occupy wall street demonstrators on new year's eve in new york city. police say the crowd started tearing down barricades and piling pieces at the center of zuccotti park. at least one person has been accused of assaulting a police officer. police relieved some of the protesters yesterday. a singer is under fire for changing the lyrics of a very popular beatles song while performing in times square on new year's eve. take a listen. ♪ >> kind of hard to hear, but that was the voice of cee lo green. he apparently changed the lyrics
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to john lennon's "imagine." green sang "nothing to kill or die for and all religions true." the lennon lyric is "nothing to kill or die for and no religion too." green said he didn't mean disrespect by changing the lyric. some criticized green for singing the lyrics at all. he looked critical singing the lyrics imagine no possessions or greed for hunger while dressed in a fur coat with jewels. >> you mess with the beatles, you're going to hear about it for sure. nasa takes a stand on the prophecy the world will end on december 21st, 2012. some point to the mayan calendar as evidence of the coming apocalypse. nasa says the only thing to expect is the winter solstice, and that is the longest night of the year.
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the boston celtics beat the wizards. they fell behind by 17 points at the half, and the celtics never looked back, taking the game 94-86. john wall did lead the team in scoring with 19 points, and mcgee recorded a double double. but it was not enough to overcome a triple double by boston's rajon rondo. the wizards will try to get revenge tonight in boston and leave town with their first win. i guess the good news about the shortened season is they can have fewer losses. >> i think so. it seems like a long season already. tom, some big changes. it's blustery out there right now. >> yeah, but it seems balanmy compared to what it's going to be later. >> that's not good. >> the coldest weather of the season so far is about to pounce upon us. that's going to be coming in tonight and into tomorrow morning. so enjoy this while you can. yes, it's a balmy 41 right now at reagan national. compared to what we're going to
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have by this time tomorrow morning. this certainly does feel warmer. west/northwesterly wind around 15 miles per hour under a partly cloudy sky. elsewhere, we're down in the low to mid-30s in the mountains to shenandoah valley, blue ridge east, and into the chesapeake bay area. upper 30s to near 40 degrees. parts of southern maryland and northern neck now into the low to mid-40s there as well as the eastern shore. we've got a bit of a northwesterly breeze picking up now. that's going to bring in chillier air down to the south as well. over the last few hours, clouds sprinkling through. some snow showers will begin to move into the mountains later today. in fact, there could be up to six inches of snow. the ski resorts will be loving that. snowing heavily in northern indiana, parts of michigan. lake effect snow is there. sunrise 7:27. by noontime, we'll be in the mid-40s and the wind gusting to around 20 miles an hour.
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our sunset at 4:57. by then, down to near 40. a blustery wind will be with us tonight. and be near freezing at midnight. sunrise tomorrow morning, by then we'll have temperatures down into the low 20s. and highs tomorrow only the low and mid-30s, briefly above freezing. winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. we'll have windchills in the single digits tomorrow. and then the teens on wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon into the upper 30s. and then a bit milder as we get toward the end of the week into the weekend. but still no snow in sight. highs into the 50s maybe on saturday. let's check traffic. carol parker is with us this morning. good morning, carol. >> thanks, tom. i guess we're really glad we don't have snow this morning, and i guess when everybody heads back to work tomorrow, those windchills are going to be brutal. let's enjoy today. look at 270. beautiful from germantown all the way down at father hurley boulevard. almost nobody there with you. heading over to route 50 in maryland on your way to 301 and
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3, you are looking absolutely great. joe, eun, back to you. >> carol, thank you. the d.c. metro area welcomed its first baby of 2012 in clinton, maryland. meet the bonafedes' little girl. she was born at the maryland hospital center at 12:12 a.m. weighing just a tad over 6 poin pounds, 18 ounces. >> and a set of twins in florida has the unique distinction of being the first and last babies of the year. jenna and lea baer were due on january 26th. mom went into labor early. jenna was born by c-section at 11:59 on december 31st and lea just after midnight on january 1st. both girls are healthy. >> wow, two separate birthdays. those parents are going to be
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busy. >> my goodness gracious, that's right. >> a lot of birthday parties. 4:55. coming up, why one local person is ringing in the new year the
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already the future of television has arrived. this is the new lg 55-inch oled-tv. what's to special about this? look at this thing. the tv is made with organic light emitting diodes, which to this point have only been used in small displays to create a vivid and lifelike image. it also allows the screen to be incredibly thin, only 3/16 of an inch wide, and it only weighs 16 pounds. this is unbelievable. the lg will officially unveil the tv at the consumer electronics show in las vegas next week. it is expected to go on sale late this year and could have a price tag of more than $5,000. how many people in line trying to get that thing? >> what are organic light emitting diodes? are those like fireflies? >> how do you make it so thin? p


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