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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  January 2, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> bob: scoreless first period in the fifth annual bridgestone winter classic from citizens bank park in philadelphia. the rangers and the flyers, philadelphia had 12 shots on goal to the rangers' nine. the period ended with the flyers on the power play until the waning seconds. they weren't able to catch it. your impressions of the first 20? >> mike m.: the flyers edging that period. no question.
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they seemed to have the wind at their back most of the period. the rangers have come a long way, bob. there are a lot of things about this ranger team you've got to like. certain elements you could see in that first period that struck a chord with me. first of all, this is a tough new york rangers hockey team. they go toe-to-toe with anybody. they are led by brian callahan who lays a body on giroux. they block shots. they are one of the top shot blocking teams. they have one of the best goaltenders. he is on the today. he's seen it from all over the ice. he's tough. he is a tough, tough guy to beat. marian gaborik as many goals he had the entire last season and the addition of brad richards made a huge addition. it's nice to have a guy that will ride shotgun. >> bob: you have to acknowledge this. there is an over/under going on. when the first fight takes
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place. there was a skirmish. earlier the season on the first shift they had a fight. >> mike m.: i think they know they are not going to intimidate the other team. it will take a spontaneous combustible event to make a fight happen here. it is not a strategy for either team and both coaches know that. >> bob: a look at one of the most celebrated teams in philadelphia's sports history next. ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪
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>> bob: back now at citizens bank park, rangers and the flyers, scoreless after 20 minutes. for much of their first five seasons, the philadelphia flyers looked like an expansion team. during the 1973-73 season, the hapless flyers became an intimidating force. pipeline scores, goaltending and that trademark pugnacious style. the broad street bulis would win back-to-back stanley cups and become one of the most polarizing teams ever to take the ice. >> we put on our jerseys, all of us dreaming of winning stanley cups, it meant we were preparing to do battle with fire for the logo we wore on our chest. it also meant that we were
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loved. and oh, yes, it meant that we were hated. >> bob: the hockey world had never seen this combination of brute force and graceful power. to the rest of the league, they were terror on skates, but to the hockey fans of philadelphia, they were the beloved broad street bulis. one name would give the flyers their reputation for being relentless, 1969 second-round draft pick bobby clarke. >> with a shock, score! bobby clarke! >> bob: one name would put the bully into broad street, the fearless 2 dave "the hammer" schultz. >> wrestles him down. he scores. >> bob: the brilliant tactician coach freddy "the fog" shiro brought the brotherhood to the
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brink of glory in the 1974 stanley cup series. they faced the boston bruins, but the flyers would bow to no one. >> score! >> bob: in a hard-fought game six at the spectrum -- >> score! >> bob: the collective dream of a city came true. >> flyers win the stanley cup! the flyers win the stanley cup! >> bob: these flyers were no fluke. >> shot, score! >> bob: the flyers would earn their second championship the following year. >> flyers have won the second in a row! >> bob: only a few years into their franchise history, the broad street bullies would cement their plays in the pantheon of hockey and seal their spot in the hearts of philadelphia hockey fans forever.
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>> i don't think there will ever be another team like ours. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome philadelphia's own broad street bulis. bill barber, bob "the hound" kelly, richie leach and dave "the hammer" schultz. [ applause ]
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♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪
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♪ from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ >> bob: a unique dewitt and part of a philadelphia tradition. first intermission, flyers and rangers scoreless. back to doc and eddie after this.
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>> mike e.: let's take a look at the enterprise key first period stats. shots on goal, 12-9 rangers. power plays, both teams had one, but they were short ones. scoring chances, 5-5. blocked shots, rangers more prominent in that department. the bridgestone nhl winter classic is brought to you by verizon, exclusive carrier of galaxy nexus by samsung. by -- rview.
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>> mike e.: welcome back to the bridgestone nhl winter classic. that will be a busy place. home opener for the phillies against the florida marlins. they will come home after an opening series in pittsburgh against the pirate. we were concerned about jaromir jagr. what do you think? >> pierre: had a chance to talk to the trainer of the philadelphia flyers. he said jaromir jagr should be good to go. nothing serious. >> mike e.: no carryover penalties or power plays into the second period. as it gets darker here in south philadelphia, the shadows get a little bit long. >> eddie: seems to be a sunspot in front of sergei bobrovsky with the sunsetting in behind down the third base line. something to keep an eye on. a big shine in the high spot area in the defensive zone for the flyers.
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>> mike e.: bourdon. outlet to wayne simmonds. puck goes on its own behind where lundquist had to play. kicked loose by simmonds to matt read. then worked behind by simmonds again. here is dwayne simmonds. on to the back. shot by bourdon kicked off. bourdon made it for two there. whacked at a couple of times by mitchell. >> mike m.: boyle with the big hit. >> mike e.: one thing speculated about outdoor hockey would be there wouldn't be much hitting. the first one was recorded with the hits. that was deflected out of play. >> eddie: that is a good finish check there. brian boyle doing a good job on
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bourdon. >> mike m.: from boston college. >> mike e.: good to see some of the old flyers and some of the rangers before the game started. particularly in that intermission. lauren hart with "god bless america." eddie olczyk part of a championship run in 1984 with the new york rangers. here is gaborik able to step by and move on in. gaborik with a shot that steered by. another try blocked off. jammed in the back. mcdonagh a shot. that one for bobrovsky but tipped by one of his defensemen. >> pierre: high stick by gaborik. the linesman caught that. he tried to chip that mcdonagh shot. it was up high. >> mike e.: we got that wrong with pierre on the front road of
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the indianapolis 500. was able to catch it. >> pierre: i agree what you were talking about with the shadows. definitely a different perspective. something the players aren't used to seeing in an nhl rink. >> mike e.: it's surreal to look across the way and see the sun peeking through the first deck and second. jabbed toward the front. no luck there. marc staal has been effective in the first game of the season. played it out. timonen across. off the wing and off the stick of morcheck. >> eddie: good play by carl hagelin. got the puck through the middle of richards. >> eddie: not only fighting the elements of the opposition, but also the wind. you talk about the shadows. a lot of things going on that you've got to deal with.
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>> mike e.: another try shimmied up the outside of the cage and drew a big roar from the crowds. it's fun to hear them reacting. it's 45,000 strong. that one jabbed away by bobrovsky. ricocheted wide. backhanded up the board. van riemsdyk and back out to center. a lot of these players have stories about playing outdoors in their youth. van riemsdyk is somewhat short. he said we didn't get great ice in central new jersey, but when we did, it was fun. just wasn't predictable. mike rupp. led back out. flyers blast it back in from that red line. around the roulette wheel it goes. mike rupp able to drop it back in. st. stephen's high school cleveland, ohio, for mike rupp. back along to danny briere.
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set up for simmonds. charging ahead. able to step by and the shot went wide! >> eddie: marc staal playing in his first game this season. because of the concussion. stutter step there by wayne simmonds to take it to the inside, get to the outside. >> mike e.: save made by bobrovsky. >> pierre: it wouldn't be the most difficult thing for a defenseman, transition chance like this. >> eddie: speed, understanding where the player is on the ice. you see him leaning over. just lost his balance enough to allow wayne simmonds to take that shot again. another stop by henrik lundquist with part of the stick above his paddle. that's the speed. you can practice all you want. doc, you mentioned about the practicing aspect of it. it is the understanding and judging of the speed of the player. he got so close that he got into the toes of the skate. lost his balance. simmonds avoided that.
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went down the right wing borders. >> mike e.: in two days, newman and penn state. friday it will be hirschy and the adirondack panthers in an american hockey league game. it will be an old check playing penn state. >> eddie: talked to the president of the philadelphia flyers. the importance of this game and what it means for the city and for the flyers. they've done a wonderful job. the organization should be very proud of everything they've done. >> mike e.: the pass to max talbot. couldn't be stop by voracek. it is gaborik. >> eddie: there's been a lot of one and done. night down like we would see in normal type situations.
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>> mike e.: jagr led it across. jagr's stick into the corner. he beats one. chipped off the rangers' stick. back to center. retreating the play is kimmo timonen. brought on by giroux. across by hartnell. the attack continues. not a lot of it very sincere. some of the better chances were earlier in the game. let's take a look at the coors light cold hard facts. included in the list, ball parks in chicago and boston. 70 broadcast cameras for all networks. 20,000 gallons of water needed for the rink here. 47,000 plus attending today's game. 4,500 soft pretzels, 9,000 cheesesteaks, 1,000 hot dogs, 10,000 cups of coffee and hot chocolate. i would think more than 10,000
4:26 pm
of those and none for pierre. i noticed that the young man filling the water bottles for the flyers had eye black on. it's important for everyone to have it. shot blocked up to the glass. >> eddie: beautiful pass by brian boyle. >> mike e.: timmons pulls that. might be an on-man rush for the flyers. matt read wanted to play behind, but could not. back to boyle. back up the bords for dubinsky. danny briere with it there. floated back off. one-on-one play has been heavily contested and you don't keep the puck long. >> eddie: not a lot of room. >> mike e.: off timmons. it comes out to center. >> pierre: isn't that play a byproduct of rivalry type situations? both teams understand points are important in standings.
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4:29 pm
do we have the answer? you are right, sir. claude giroux from ontario. population 6,000. way up north. they had snow for quite a while there on the ground. controlled by the rangers. boyle working deep. good body work there. led along for the twisting player of voracek. schenn there with max talbot. shrugged down and talbot able to poke it back deeper. one of the penguin heroes of their '09 championship in senn games against detroit, max talbot. lobbed on out. this can be played further by the defense of andreas lilja.
4:30 pm
lilja up with it there. dumped it around behind. gotten by schenn. he's closed off effectively by mitchell. back up it comes for lilja. checking with boyle. >> eddie: beautiful play there. checked the depth of the puck to create that two-on-one. >> mike e.: too far for the reach of boyle. played along by schenn again. trying to get away from mark. nudged on. covered by lundquist. inside the glass with pierre. >> pierre: one of the real scorers in this game so far outside of the crowd and ice is henrik lundquist of the new york rangers. been stellar all night long. you watch him with the athleticism and quickness.
4:31 pm
feet squared. having a flair for the dramatic as he did right there against claude giroux. keeping his team in the game. a quality goaltender. timely save. >> mike e.: here comes gaborik. shot held by bobrovsky. >> eddie: right off the faceoff. rangers win the draw. gaborik flying the zone. he's able to absorb the draw by the flyers. >> mike e.: hartnell did not get it that time. van riemsdyk ahead. another shot by hartnell is blocked now. girardi on van riemsdyk brought behind. comes back up with it again.
4:32 pm
>> pierre: looking at laviolette saying, when do i get to go out? >> mike e.: save by lundquist. the answer might be now. >> mike m.: he's right on the bench in front of peter laviolette and danny briere. just went on the ice. >> mike e.: he's bypassed for now. danny briere who grew up in 2 quebec. father took the individual pieces of construction kits to make a rink outside. this one can be spun across. four inches tall is not very good for boards, but by the end of the winter, there was piles of snow behind so you had the effect of walls all around. just away from the reach of briere. then a little reach brings the puck up for anisimov. it is worked along for the flyers to recoil with carle playing it into traffic.
4:33 pm
brian callahan swaggers with that. jostled by carle. led on to the black. stralman unable to hold. >> eddie: he had no idea where that puck was. he understood ranges were coming. carl hagelin with that great spot. not able to get a chance. >> mike e.: over 9:00 played in the second period. big save by lundquist on the shot that came from briere. jostling in and trying to play it on the outside with timmons. it's del zotto. played again at center. by the standards of indoors or outdoors, this is a scrappy game. not at all surprising. we get an offside call. >> pierre: you just spoke to the rivalry situation between the two teams. it's amazing a player like brandon prust brings that foros
4:34 pm
tichlt. >> eddie: making sure you're going to outnumber in your own zone. i agree with mike milbury about the aspect of that first period. majority of the play was for the flyers. the rangers have some quality chances, as well. pretty much even to this point with offensive opportunity. >> mike e.: the race is on again. sean couturier almost got it away. to coburn. right back on. couturier with him. that is forced back across. will be kept at center. nice hit for zol nyr sick. you're watching the nhl winter
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>> pierre: pierre is with the rangers' head coach john tortorella. >> pierre: did you make any adjustments? >> i don't think either team is dominating. you have to chase pucks down because they are bouncing all over the place. we want to keep our game as simple as possible. >> pierre: do you have to go to
4:37 pm
a longer bench because of the wind or just roll? >> we go about our business the way we always do. we are looking for certain matchups in certain situations. we are trying to coach just the way we always do. >> pierre: thanks, john. >> my pleasure. >> mike e.: there is jaromir jagr. two shifts in the second period. over 10:00 of play so far between the flyers and rangers. only 1:08 for each shift. >> mike e.: a three-on-two developing for the rangers. dubinsky has callahan up with the wings. carl spinning, but knocked down by boyle. dubinsky hit bourdon down to the ice. the flyers defensively, hartnell dropping it back. more battling at center. >> eddie: bourdon and dubinsky battling in the play. dubinsky knocked it out of his hands.
4:38 pm
>> mike e.: there is another name for dancing and it's usually called five minutes. played along by hartnell back in deep. >> eddie: that is a long waltz. >> mike e.: it is. hartnell tried something else. on to the back. misfires for meszaros. dropped further. noticing the pucks there? >> eddie: now i am. >> mike e.: backhand deflected up high and out of play. >> mike m.: nice play by michael del zotto. he was just about to touch that puck. i've seen that called interference sometimes. it's that timing play, you're anticipating the guy is going to touch the puck. if you're in the vicinity surrounded by the pick, more times than not they'll let the guys play. >> pierre: that is a great
4:39 pm
noncall. that is what hockey is all about. dubinsky is trying to establish a battle for the puck. >> mike e.: haggling for the rangers. nice back and right there for simmonds again. for danny briere. play for simmonds. inching along was coburn. got it back for the shot that was deflected wide. free was briere. canceled out effectively by stall. drive by coburn that. one rattled wide. >> eddie: did not look like henrik lundquist saw that puck at all. >> mike e.: off the short glass. bouncer kept by simmons. ricocheted across the net wide. taking it out at simmons again. it's been a power house, hasn't
4:40 pm
he? simmons led to the back. coburn faking now. trying to get away from hagelin. >> eddie: the net might be off. >> pierre: is that the longest offensive sequence you've seen by any team? >> eddie: it is. it's due to briere, read, simmonds doing an outstanding job down low. that last shot from the back end from the flyers, i do not think that henrik lundquist saw that puck at all. with the lights looking like they are taking full effect, not going to be a bad play at all just to get the puck from any part of the ice. just trying to fight it off. there is the hustle. support down low. simmonds gets the puck back to braydon coburn. opportunity gone by the wayside
4:41 pm
for the priors. >> mike e.: there is one, rebound -- score! braden schenn! first nhl goal and it's in the winter classic. >> pierre: what a smart play. puck on goal. 45 in orange. >> eddie: braden schenn wins the playoff. he won the draw, but quick little play by carle and rebound with the lead for the flyers. >> pierre: it bounced by henrik lundquist. it led to the rebound and braden schenn. >> mike e.: danny sabret scored
4:42 pm
against boston. what a thrilling thing this must be for someone who is only 20. from the western part of canada. >> mike m.: watch this puck come in. there's the bounce. that made it tough for lundquist. it's almost like a knuckle ball. >> eddie: there is braden schenn. watch the road he takes. he wins the draw. circles out. puck comes right to him. great things happen when you go to the traffic areas. very difficult for henrik lundquist to deal with that shot from matt carle. >> mike e.: back to carle. fought off by lundquist. a jammed play there. lundquist able to seal it up and james van riemsdyk was trying to free him.
4:43 pm
>> eddie: opportunity wins this draw back. carle over to bourdon. then the redirect right in front to james van riemsdyk to the right of henrik lundquist. >> pierre: john tortorella took this faceoff rather than brian boyle. >> mike e.: bourdon, shot. may have gone off the flyers. trying to play back ahead. it cuts and angles back where matt carle can lug it back. run into by dan girardi. courtier back up the floor. the rookie at 18 got it to van riemsdyk. anisimov was run into. they hit on anisimov.
4:44 pm
>> pierre: how come guys that go to brown university never get drafted to play in the national hockey league? >> eddie: general manager with the edmonton oilers. big hit there by harry. >> mike e.: bobrovsky steers it ahead. del zotto. spun on the play was giroux. all is legal. shots around it. giroux behind the net. giroux angled it back. held there for a little flip. then it's clubbed out and can be played back ahead and down by ruslan fedotenko. >> eddie: still no jaromir jagr. >> mike e.: good point. though nothing serious. strikes me it might be because it's gone on this long. talbot across -- score!
4:45 pm
claude giroux! 2-0. >> pierre: michael delgado gets casualty up the ice. a two-on-one. max talbot. what a pass by talbot's forehand. remember in the first period, the break away by claude giroux. very similar situation. takes it a little bit earlier. >> pierre: he goes upstairs to the upper part of the net. >> mike e.: what a pass. >> mike e.: lundquist forced that one around. just wanted you to hear the crowd react to this.
4:46 pm
giroux. mike rupp scores. mike rupp with a jagr-like salute has cut the lead in half! >> eddie: huge goal for the rangers. >> eddie: there is mike rupp. he starts this play. this beautiful backhand pass deep to the left. that's what we talked about sergei bobrovsky. 2-1 lead for the flyers. >> pierre: i like the fact rupp doesn't stand still or jump into that dead spot. takes the pass and snaps it home. >> eddie: screen by andrei
4:47 pm
meszaros. >> mike e.: three goals on the last four shots. two goals in the last 1:55. mr. is mike rupp the goal storer. >> eddie: stop it right here. this is where meszaros is obviously shooting back through. look at the goaltender sergei bobrovsky. down, looking. what a perfect shot there by big mike rupp. darren pang! >> darren: edzo i'm behind sergei bobrovsky. it was a perfect screen. the goaltender bobrovsky, even though he's 6'1, he plays on a
4:48 pm
lower place. rangers were looking at their video saying how high they could go. could they beat him over the shoulder? that might have been intended there it was lower, handcuffed him and he was completely screened. >> eddie: almost in that situation, you like to see andrei meszaros come out. with the flyers, there was a scrum in front of the ranger bench. it was a real quick play. you have to understand who you're out there on the ice against. you have to understand the skill level of particular player. mike rupp is a grinding third or fourth line type of player. if you're meszaros, you could probably challenge him in that situation instead of staying back and creating the screen. perfectly played shot by the big guy mike rupp. >> mike e.: little bit of snow starting to come down here in philadelphia. mike rupp, a cup-clinching goal for new jersey in '03.
4:49 pm
after they won the stanley cup, he ate ice cream out of the bowl. someone i know had horse eat grain out of the stanley cup. >> eddie: he was a kentucky derby winner, only the best. >> pierre: callahan and dubinsky trying to keep it going for the rangers. >> mike e.: puck lost. voracek there. he was hit by dubinsky. rolled off and played it ahead. voracek was hit yet again. this time by boyle. charging ahead is dubinsky to get this. boyle. sent it across. >> pierre: isn't that tortorella having a feel for the game right now? just right after the goal and flattening them? >> eddie: really trying to change the momentum they had after being down by two.
4:50 pm
van riemsdyk. getting that as well was lundquist. to a side battle. vvan riemsdyk. ripped one off gaborik and popped it down behind. with the snow falling in philadelphia, turnaround shot by van riemsdyk ricocheted off lundquist and can be gathered in by kimmo timonen. >> eddie: more of the angle trying to catch the goaltender lundquist. just missed it. >> mike e.: according to jim cantore's report, there were flurries nearby. they were in mt. holly. they are not only there now. mcdonagh. trying to play it through with boyle. with it now is hartnell. lobbed one on for max talbot. mcdonagh for the rangers drops back and plays it on for dan
4:51 pm
girardi. >> pierre: right back over to tortorella. >> mike e.: these are the promising young players of the present and future for the rangers. it is mcdonagh chasing it back off. dubinsky. that ricocheted wide off talbot and cracked off the glass. dubinsky there steps in. forced back along by giroux again. taken by carle. drive by meszaros. it did not wind up behind him. callahan off that drive by giroux. tried to nudge it back under. 2:30 to go here in the second period. what a scene. what action. playing hard out here. this is brought back in by giroux again. along for hartnell by girardi. shoulder to shoulder they go at it there. reaching in is richards. trying to slow down timmons.
4:52 pm
able to rip it along. back off the skate to simmonds. off traffic. fedotenko able to control this and flip it out to center. brought back ahead by richards. led it along. it is now into the catching glove of the netminder bobrovsky. 1:49 to go. second period, 2-1 flyers.
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>> mike e.: flyers, rangers, inside, outside, doesn't matter. you're going to have physical hockey. >> eddie: not a lot of room in that first period. this game has gone on, the offense has picked up a little bit. shadows coming into play. light taking full effect here at citizens bank ballpark. scoring three goals in the third period. you better have your head on and your puck on tight here tonight. >> mike e.: around the front. deadly combination.
4:55 pm
>> eddie: one too many passes. >> mike e.: it was stepan's. >> eddie: you want to get to the physical, but in that situation, the give away by voracek to allow that to happen. >> mike e.: 1:20 to go. gaborik stepped into his man. stepan played it along to him again. gaborik worked over effectively by timonen. so it's stepan again. out of the university of wisconsin, stepan played it to the outside. it is gab rec. lifting one. that held by bobrovsky. >> eddie: we heard john tortorella talking to pierre about bouncing puck. there is an opportunity where derek stepan was in probably within five feet of sergei bobrovsky. not a lot of room in that situation. you've got to get that puck from your backhand to your forehand.
4:56 pm
get it to the net. maybe there is a rebound there for gaborik. >> mike e.: the faceoff. the final minute of the second period. tried to work further. came back to him. blocked off by matt read. dubinsky got it back. mcdonagh a shot and that's blocked. simmonds playing ahead. briere shooting wide and blocked away by lundquist. briere moves to the front hoping for a pass, none comes. matt read leans in. came up with it, but only for a second. brian boyle was on him. now it's read again. punched along for another play to be made by wayne simmonds. he's got it on to briere. that is across the net. blocked away with the lead goal stick. read with one.
4:57 pm
poking at it is briere. still around, the battle continues with briere. held by meszaros. carle with the wrister and that sliding block made by callahan around to the front. the horn sounds. the second period is over. teams restored by smooth-talking officials. coming up in the interinitial record report, performance by late night jimmy fallon's houseman, then a sneak peek of "cold wars on ice" which premieres immediately following our post game. bobby clarke will join bob costas and mike milbury in our studio. that's ahead on the discover card intermission report. 40 minutes have been played.
4:58 pm
teams trudge off one more time. they will return once more and play a third period. perhaps a five minutes overtime and perhaps a shootout. brian boyle and pierre. >> pierre: at the end of that period, smash-mouth hockey better you the suited for you guys? >> we want to play a hard nose game. that stuff doesn't matter. we want to play a hard game. if they want to give us crap, we are not going to stand it. >> pierre: what was the message on the ranger bench? >> make sure the next one doesn't happen. we did that. we had momentum there and started playing better. >> pierre: you're not used to getting double-shifted. in the second period you were double-shifted. is that because you and dubinsky and callahan were going? >> hope so. we are trying to play well and create momentum. it's a back and forth game. they're a skilled team. we all go when our number's called. >> pierre: thanks for your time, brian. >> mike e.: well-spoken middle
4:59 pm
child from a family of 13. coming up, bob costas, mike milbury standing by to bring you the discover card intermission report. after two, flyers 2, rangers 1. this is the iphone 4s.. with icloud. now..when you download a song on the go, it's there when you get home. make a change on the way to work, and it's waiting when you get there. bookmark a page on this, and it's ready on that. now the things you do on your phone, are everywhere you want them. automatically. icloud. on the most amazing iphone yet. and i've got to pick someone. tough decision. [ thinking ] okay, you can be a rising star, or... but you just ordered a crispy mcchicken and a fresh-brewed sweet tea for only a buck each off mcdonald's dollar menu, so you're smart, right?


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