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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> a break in the case. a convicted sex offender has
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been areed and charged with three home invasions in maryland. police say kevin darnell ray is their man. the bapdage over his eye is proof that his arrest did not come easy. >> police are saying that the suspect resisted arrest when he was taken into custody at a walmart in north carolina. you can see the bandage here. they say he was taken to a hospital, but tonight, he's sitting in a jail del cell in north carolina, waiting to be brought back here to brought back here to maryland. this is the booking photo of ray. he's been charged with three home robberies and two sex assaults in prince george's county. he lives in fort washington but was apprehended in kittyhawk, north carolina, on the outer banks, nearly 300 miles away.
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>> concern that this person accused of these types of crimes is right next door? >> there's a concern, definitely. you know, but i prefer to not judge people until we find out exactly what happened and it's proven. >> according to online court document, ray has an extensive rest arecord. they show he pleaded guilty to third degree sex offense in 2005 and was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison me's listed on maryland's sex offender registry. we got reaction on ray's arrest on walker row, whose wife and son were tied up in the bethesda home invasion. >> i'm glad that they're arrested now and cannot bother my family or other families. >> reporter: police say on tuesday morning ray robbed a woman at gun point and later used her debit card to get cash. on wednesday morning, police say ray forced his way into a home in bethesda, tying up three victims and sexually assaulting the housekeeper. police say the suspect also used the victim's credit card in the
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d.c. metro area. >> we know that residents in those specific communities and residents throughout the county were concerned at his brazenness and boldness. we're skpieted tonight to let the public know he's in custody. >> prince george's county police charged a warrant accusing him of robbing and sex yeel will you assaulting a woman in temple hills on friday morning. authorities in north carolina tell me that he did have a first appearance today. at that time, he waived extradition. that means he will be brought here to montgomery county to face some very serious charges. reporting live from bethesda, darcy spencer, news 4. aaron, back to you. >> darcy, thank you. the man suspected of slashing the butts of nine women in fairfax county could soon be back in the u.s. he's in cust i can right now in his native peru. he was arrested yesterday at a shopping mall there. police say he ray tacked women who were shopping in fairfax county last year. d.c. police want to warn ewe as
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two criminals who dressed up as cop so they could rob a man. this happened this morning in d.c. they had a car with flashing lights and wore vest is -- that said police. they ordered him out of his car and demanded his money. 40 people are still missing after a cruise ship overturned in italy. we have the report tonight from italy. >> reporter: many of the passengers are now heading to the city of rome from which they will go back to their home countries much earlier than they expected, offcourse, but the story here in porto sant porto santo stefano isn't over here. there are reports that two people might have been found alive inside the ship. this raises hopes that more could be found alive in the next few hour s days.
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among the many still missing -- >> we are counting the people. we are counting the number of people rescued. until now, they are 400 something. we are still counting. just, for example, we found four american boys, they were rescued last night. and they were asleep and now just wake up. >> well, at least the u.s. embassy told nbc that 126 americans onboard that ship are fooi fine. and now the attention is shifting towards what really caused this tragedy. >> they didn't have enough room on the boats for us. so we had to wait. they said they were coming back to get us. and at that point, the boat started sinking more and more on the side we were at. and we made that decision at that point we had to get off. it's a good thing we did. because the part that's now underwater is where we were standing. >> the captain of the ship was arrested on allegation of manslaughter and abandoning ship
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before the passengers. the black box of the ship was found and the investigators hope it will shed light on what really caused this tragedy and how it was possible. was it possible that such a technological and modern cruise liner went offroute by four miles and headed straight into a rock. now to the latest on the penn state sex abuse case. former coach joe paterno speaking publicly about those allegations now for the first time. in an interview with "the washington post," paterno said in hindsight he wishes he had done more. according to court documents in 2002, mike mcqueary first told him he saw jerry sandusky abusing a boy in a locker room. paterno said he was confused about how to handle the situation. >> and then i called my superiors and i said hey, we've got a problem i think. would you guys look into it? i didn't know -- you know, i had never had to deal with something
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like that. and i didn't feel adequate. >> sources close to paterno say he was furious when he was fired but in the interview he insists he's not bitter. penn state will continue to pay out his contract as well as his legal fees. and now to decision 2012. the south carolina primary, one week away now. and rick santorum has picked up a major endorsement today. a group of influential christian conservatives backing him for the republican presidential nomination. 60% of south carolina voters describe themselves as evangelical christians. mitt romney is still the republican front-runner in south carolina. and still ahead on news 4 tonight, a star-studded event in washington. the celebrities and dignitaries in the nation's capital tonight. and a dangerous accident, a truck crash makes fireworks explode. plus, we are less than 24 hours from the golden globes. what's going through the mind of ricky gervais as he gets ready to host. chuck? >> aaron, we had a very chilly day outside today.
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>> hollywood game to d.c. tonight. colin powell, wolf blitzer and kelly roland were among those who walked the red carpet before the event tonight. inside, first lady michelle obama presented an award to maya angelou. the show will air next month. a traffic accident led to dangerous and colorful displays in china today. a truck carrying fireworks hit a wall inside a tunnel and you see it here. that made the fireworks go off.
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for several hours, crews from the fire department had to spray coolant on the truck to try to stop those explosions. fortunately, no injuries reported in that accident. >> still ahead tonight, there's something for everybody. the highlights of the nbc 4 health and fitness expo and how you can still join the fun.
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>> this this time tomorrow night, we'll know who took top honors at the golden globes. it honors the best in tv and movie. one of the most anticipated parts of this year's awards show is the show's unpredictable
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host. >> "social network." >> the golden globes have a tradition of suspension. not just about who wins -- >> paul giamatti. >> -- but what gets said. >> i'm jacked up because i ate five boxes with the chocolates. >> a dinner with alcohol, people tend to be loose and you never know what's going to happen. >> that legacy of unpredictability. >> if you start playing violins, i will tear this joint apart. >> -- may have peaked with host ricky gervais. >> seems everything was three dimensional, except the characters in "the tourist." >> i can say everything. i think that's what's exciting for me and hopefully makes it entertaining for people at home. >> some thought gervais ruffled enough feathers last year that he wouldn't be back. >> i'm not a puppet for this industry party. i'm trying to make it a spectator sport. >> but he is. for a third straight time. >> i don't want to ruin these people's nights.
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i'm friends with many of them. i admire most of them. but i think as a comedian, you've got to be able to say what you think. >> and so far -- >> i haven't seen "the tourist." who has? >> gervais says he's got no regrets. >> for me, there's two people up there. one says why would you s that? that could be the end end of your career. this one goes, might be funny, though. >> that mental tug of war continues sunday night. >> please welcome tina fey and the ungrateful steve carrell. >> i saw "the tourist." i wish i hadn't. you can watch the show during our live web chat starting with the red carpet arrivals at 7:00 tomorrow night. and then through the awards show, which begins at 8:00. we had a great time and it is not over. >> who was that? that's the peacock. the 19th annual nbc 4 health fitness expo kicked off today at
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the washington convention center. smek something for everybody there from exercise to free health screening, even some fun activities for the kids. i missed the rock wall this year. a lot of people came out to check out the festivities today including vincent gray who told us how he stays active. '. >> i play baseball. i try to work out as often as i possibly can. unfortunately this job, the workout you get is going from one meeting to the next. but i try to stay as fit as i can. >> you can follow us on twitter at nbc health expo. you can also use the hashtag nbc health expo. find more information by searching nbc washington on facebook. >> i signed 237 autographs today. >> you're counting? >> of course. i'm a numbers guy. you know that. numbers outside today were low. much lower than we've been the
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last couple of days around here. high temperature today, failed to make 40 degrees. that's been a rarity in this extra mild winter. tomorrow will be day number two with a sub-40-degree high. generally clear sky out there for now. but that is probably not going to last all night. we'll pick up a few clouds then gone just in time for the sunday afternoon. right now, though, a cold one out there. 31 degrees in washington. a northwest wind at 14 miles an hour. the winds have arrived a little bit late. they were supposed to be here about 12 hours ago, now making for a wind-chilled night. there's your sunday planner. temperatures barely climbing into the mid 30s tomorrow afternoon. a very chilly day for sure. nothing going on anywhere close to us. but there are a few light snow showers headed down into south
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side virginia. down towards south boston. all of this is going to stay way south of us. we don't need to worry about that. these lonely showers out here will be falling apart as they come over the mountains. we have a couple of clouds drifting on through tonight. the chicker clouds are going to stay well down to our south for tonight. we'll be cold to get you started tomorrow, but we'll have an abundance of sunshine. even though it will feel awfully chilly, the sunshine will help a little bit. then high pressure builds in from the second half of the day tomorrow, that will lead us into the shortened work week for a lot of folks as the high pressure moves away. we get into the souther wlind and temperatures back up closer to average. so overnight tonight, passing clouds and cold. northern maryland, panhandle of west virginia, some spots might make it down into the upper teens. then tomorrow, a sunny and chilly day with highs into in the low to mid 30s, but the warm-up begins on martin luther
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king day. that's average for this time of year. most of the rain will come after midnight monday night and through the course of the day tuesday, it will be rain. it will not be snow. temperatures will climb into the 50s. and then back into the chilly 40s, typical of january wednesday, thursday and friday on into next weekend. so all in all, a very january forecast minus the snowflakes. >> all right, thank you, chuck. come up in sports a local product makes a big impact in cheeseburger macaroni?
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when you guys are watching football. >> good stuff. >> the am of noise that comes from that end of room. >> we're sports fans. we were going nuts. 49ers saints game. what an epic game that was. and you remember this, right? cannot play with them. cannot win with them. cannot coach with them. can't do it. i want winners. that's what former san francisco head coach mike singletary shouted in a post game press conference less than four years ago. he was ripping into tight end vernon davis. singletary said he was upset with vernon's attitude so he called him out. davis admitted he made a mistake, but the fact is that vernon davis has always been a winner. today he proved it, catching the game winner against the saints. coach jim harbaugh pumping up alex smith. smith earned a $1 million bonus for getting into the playoffs and he played like $1 million. first quarter, smith, perfect pass to vernon davis, in between two defenders. that's good for a 49-yard
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touchdown. 7-0. the former maryland term and dunbar high standout. when the word ensuing is in a highlight it's never good for the saints. down inside the 5 yard line. that would lead to a touchdown and a 4-$14-0 lead. past darren state patrols. he scoots 44 yards. 119 yards. saints take the lead. alex smith responds. on third and seven. cruises in for a 2-yard touchdown. smith had four touchdowns. in the game, three passing one
11:24 pm
rushing. very next saints drive, brees throws it up to his big tight end jimmy graham. makes the catch. that's going to be a 66-yard scoring strike. saints back on top. 32-29. >> what about the ensuing possession? >> still time left. 14 seconds to go. 49ers drive down the field for this. smith to davis. >> the 49ers defeat saints 36-32, advancing to the nfc championship. >> on sunday, the ravens take on the text texans at 1:00 and the giants take on the packers. the wizards playing the second of back to back game against the 76ers and it's back to back losses for washington. flip saunders' team lost by 31 points to doug collins' squad last night. tonight a little better. first quarter, rashard lewis gets it.
11:25 pm
check out the sweep behind-the-back pass to mcgee. mcgee with a double-double. 23 points, 18 rebounds. second quarter, wizards down nine. the pass, stolen by iguodala. >> wizards trying to come back. nick young with it. spin prove. and then gets it to go. plus the foul. a game high 27 points. wizards within nine after the free throw. but once again, philly too strong. lou williams spots up, drains the three. he had a team high 24 points. the wizards lose 103-90. dropping their record to 1-11. george mason facing james madison. l let's get rowdy. suisham steals the pass and
11:26 pm
finishes with a two-handed dunk. morrison and up 35 at the break. back downs the defender and puts it up and in plus the foul. pearson scored 19 points. george mason in control. later in the half, sha rod whitewater to vaughn gray. george mason beat jmu 89-83, improving to 13-5. american university taking on holy cross. gumby in the house. early first half, crusaders with the ball. they turn it over. troy brewer here steps in for the steal and the dunk. eagles looking sharp. later in the first, au up by 15. check out charles hinkle. the bucket and he finished with a game high 17 points. second half now, hinkle drives, then sends a nice pass to daniel
11:27 pm
munoz. he hits a short jumper. munoz had 14 points. improving to 9-0 at home. elsewhere, boston college beats virginia tech. 61-59. and number 25 harvard defeats george washington 69-48. one late score coming in. the patriots haveneded the broncos season 45-10. they're moving on to the afc championship game. they'll play texans or ravens, depending on who plays that game tomorrow. >> getting good. >> getting interesting. >> thank you, sir. that is our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is next.
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