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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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tonight at 11:00, it's over.
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after six hours, a standoff outside the fairfax county courthouse has come to an end. good evening, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. that standoff included threats from a man who said he had weapons. police took him into custody, but they were worried about what he might have left behind. darcy with the latest on this developing story. >> that man was taken into custody about an hour and a half ago, but police officials literally cleared the scene just minutes ago. the investigation was taking place in a garage behind the massey building. the bomb squad was brought in to mange sure he didn't have any weapons in his car. it was a barricade atop a parking garage in the fairfax county courthouse. >> the negotiators were able to convince the subject to surrender, which he did.
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>> police received a call ooirt from the suicidal man or his family members around 3:30 saturday afternoon. police located him in the car. negotiators were called in to talk him out. >> he made some vague threats about harming anyone who may approach the vehicle, but obviously air negotiators were able to convince him that there was a better course of action. >> police say he made threats and indicated he had weapons. the bomb squad robot was sent in to check out the car. >> he did mention he had weapons of some sort. he was rather vague and not consistent in what he was telling us, but because he did mention the presence of weapons, we had to approach this very cautiously. >> police set up roadblocks, cutting off public access to the massive judicial complex that includes the county courthouse, jail and police headquarters. at this point, fairfax county police have not identified this
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suspect and they're not providing any details in terms of what may have started this whole thing, what he was upset about. it's unclear what if any charges he'll face, but he is in police custody tonight. darcy spencer, news 4. >> darcy, thank you. tomorrow, police in prince george's county expect to find out whose remains were at the bottom of a well in fort washington. they removed that body late this afternoon. from there, it was handed over to the medical examiner's office. police got an anonymous tip on thursday. detectives from alexandria were on the scene there. they've been looking for an activist lenny harris who's been missing since september. four people are dead after an early morning crash in anne arundel county. it happened about 3:30 east of davidsonville road. police say three people were in a vehicle going the wrong way when it hit another driver head on. one of the cars caught fire. two 18-year-olds as well as a 19-year-old were killed.
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police have to notify the fourth victim's family before releasing a name. and now to decision 2012. tonight, the countdown to the florida primary is on. and both the romney and gingrich camps are getting in thank you support. tonight, form eer gop candidate her man cain endorsed newt gingrich. mitt romney is getting support from the party establishment including senator john mccain and bob mcdonald. romney attacked gingrich today saying the former house speaker lacked ethics and ultimately had to resign from office in disgrace. >> he can't rewrite history. we have to go back and look at history and say he may be a great idea with a lot of great ideas, but he's not a leader we need at a critical time. >> you just had two national polls that show me ahead. why don't you ask governor romney what he's going to do if he loses. >> and yes, newt gingrich leads in national poll, but romney continues to have the edge in
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florida. voters head to the polls there on tuesday. and there's some controversy tonight over mitt romney's latest ad airing in florida, that features a clip in 1997 of former nbc nightly news anchor tom brokaw report on the day that newt gingrich was found guilty of ethics violations. nbc news and tom brokaw have requested that all news materials have been withdrawn from the ad. the romney campaign says they believe they still have the right to air the ad, which is scheduled to run through tuesday. it was a here reeo's homecoming mega scale. they wanted to say thank you for serving in iraq and they did it with facebook. john yang has more. >> reporter: today, america's heartland answered the call. st. louis had the first parade to mark the end of the nine-year mission in iraq.
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no says there won't be a parade like after the first gulf war in 1991. pentagon officials say it would be premature with troops still in afghanistan. but in st. louis, friends tom applebaum and greg snyder disagreed. >> there was a national conversation in the media about should we or shouldn't we have a parade for iraq vets. and that was the first thing. well, that's silly. of course they deserve a parade. >> reporter: that was less than a month ago. they started the facebook page and harnessed the power of social media. >> we didn't do this. we had an idea. we put out all call for help. first the city ralied then the country rallied. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people lined the main thorou thoroughfare to salute vets from across the country. the crowd had heart felt thanks. >> i have to say, i was not a war supporter, but i'm a troop
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supporter. >> reporter: service members were grateful, too. >> it's something we like to see for everybody, just to remember the sacrifice. >> for those who lost loved ones, it was a bittersweet day. eddie died during his third tour in iraq. eddie's parade. that's what i call this. john yang, nbc news, st. louis. still to come on news 4 tonight, why somebody is forfeiting a $14 million lottery prize. and a local chef puts his plan into action. how he's fighting against a speed camera that nabbed him several times. springsteen fans upset tonight. what happened when they tried to buy tickets to his show at the verizon center. ♪ i'll be your shelter in the rain ♪ >> and a star-studded goodbye for etta james. >> we had an awful lot of wind outside today. we may have more wind to cope with as we go through our sunday
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as well. and there's even the mention of milder air
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police in fairfax county trying to track down a pair of bank robbers. they said two men head up the m&t bank on maple avenue east. one of the men handed a teller demanding money. a weapon was implied, not displayed, though. the pair got away with an us disclosed amount of cash and a dye pack. tomorrow, the lunar festival continues in fairfax. it's dpexpected to attract 100,0
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people by the end of the weekend. this is the chinese year 4710 and it is the year of the dragon. a local chef helping people avoid tickets from one of the new speed cameras. he hired people to warn people of a camera. the warns could help drivers save $150. chef jeff says he got the idea after several staff members got caught by that camera. still ahead tonight, it's that time of year. the good reason behind this january beach party. january beach party. and chuck will tell us if we're
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it's a $14 million mystery. somebody hit the jackpot more than a year ago, but they aren't the richer. the lottery ticket was back in december. the prize was claimed just last month hours before the deadline. a new york man tried to take home the cash on behalf of an investment firm in belize. the problem is, he didn't know the winner's name and couldn't explain how he's gotten the ticket. investigators are looking into whether that ticket was stolen. boss coming to verizon center and the tickets sold like hot cakes. they went on sale at 10:00 a.m. minutes later, though, the show was sold out. it didn't take long for hundreds of tickets to find their way to
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stub hub for more than twice face value. ticketmaster said it was simply an issue of high demand. last year's concert prompted a class action lawsuit, and an investigation by the federal trade commission 37. several big-name stars said their final goodbyes today in the most fitting way for an r&b legend. ♪ ♪ hey, hey >> christina aguilera's version of "at last" brought mourners to their feet. reverend al sharp gave the eulo eulogy. >> etta, at last, you can find
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peace now. >> james died last friday after losing her battle with leukemia. she was 73 years old. and an amazing icon in music. >> no doubt about it. that song always sticks with you. >> all right, let's talk about this -- i don't know what's going to stick with us? warmish? >> we can't call it winter. i swear we cannot call it winter. we've been crazy warm. there's no real sign of an arctic plunge. but familiar some arctic plunges to be found. thousands of people raising money for one of the best causes known out there, special olympics. near and dear to all of our hearts. great cause out there. i'm a fan of writing a check, not diving into the icy cold waters. they get about, oh, chest deep or so and then they oh, where's
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the checkbook. >> good job, everybody. raised a ton of money per special olympics. 43 degrees our current temperature. winds have finally started to die just a little bit. they were pretty ferocious. now out of the northwest at only 9 miles an hour. temperatures in the mid 30s across northern maryland. gaithersburg and germantown, bethesda, chevy chase, silver spring, college park. and down across much of northern virginia, from fairfax out to manslaughter and warrenton, temperatures just about ready to drop back down below the 40 degrees mark as well. so your sunday planner, we'll start out with plenty of sunshine. temperatures, 20s and 30s early on in the day. will rise mid to upper 40s tomorrow. but with increasing clouds and again, a pretty stiff south to southwesterly breeze, not going to feel quite as warm as it did today. not much showing up on storm 4
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radar right now. across the twin cities, it's racing in our direction. it will be passing through here about this time tomorrow. it's really going to be moving fast. clear skies tonight, unseasonably cool start this morning. winds will start to increase once again. west to southwesterly winds much of the day. late tomorrow night, a sprinkle, maybe even a snow flurry or two. especially north and west of town, but it won't add up to anything. by the time you get up monday morning, sunshine is returning. we'll be turning cold, but only ever so briefly as there are signs of more 60-degree warmth in the upcoming work and school week. so overnight, clear skies, breezes have laid down just a bit pl they'll be back as soon as the sun comes up in the morning. temperatures 26 to 32. then tomorrow, sunshine to start, clouds to finish, sprinkles, maybe a flurry, breezy, cooler tomorrow than it was today. highs generally in the 40s.
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here's the all-important seven-day forecast, mid 40s on monday. that's going to be the coldest day of the week. even that evening not all that cold by january standards. final day of january, 59. first day of february, 62 degrees next thing we see will be rain and not snow late in the week. >> thank you, chuck. coming up in sports, a full slate of college hoops, p
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nature valley trail mix bars. 100% natural. 100% delicious. wizards basketball. >> a win, right? >> yeah, i wouldn't quite say
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that whitman has resurrected the titanic just yet, but it is a start. all right, welsh the wizards have a winning record under new interim coach randy whitman. see, there was a little disclaimer. they're now 2-1 since the coaching change. never mind the two wins are against the charlotte bobcat, the worst team in the league. at this point, a win is a win, and tonight, the wiz will take it. john wall's mom. something tells me mom isn't rooting for charlotte, though. wiz up five, her son forces the turnover. a big-time flush from wall. wiz led by ten at the half. it's no secret the bobcats are pretty bad. not a lot going their way this we're. this is is this is sagan diop.
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this is not good. not even close. in case you're wondering, h he didn't make the second free throw either. probably lost a bit of confidence after that first one. mcgee gets a long hook shot to go. it's their first road win since april 3 of 2010. all right, to college hoops, there's no question the big east conference is a beast. the number ten hoyas surpassed expectations this year. but lately, georgetown is holding off teams like rutgers by just two points. today they ran into a struggling pittsburgh team and quickly learned there is no such thing as an easy win in the big east. 11-0 against top ten opponents there.
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and the panthers come out strong. up 27-12. pitt goes up, wide open for the flush. panthers take a 17-point lead. georgetown, just 9 of 27 from the field in the first. but they finish the half on an 8-2 run, capped by this three-pointer by otto porter. it's good. hoyas down 33-22 at the break. late in the second half, pitt only leading by six. but then they turn it on. lamar patterson, inside, taylor brings it down. inside hard. pitt pumped up and on their next defensive possession. time winding down on the shot clock, waterson lays it in. and pitt regains a double digit lead. upset georgetown, 72-60. wearing sneakers for a good cause, coaches versus cancer.
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like seeing that. no-look pass. nice slam. terms rolling in the first half, up 32-19 at the break. second half, here come the hokies, can't handle the ball. he turns it over. robert brown picks it up, finishes with the jam at the other end. and just like that, virginia tech has now cut the lead to seven. later, hokies within five. tech could not find an answer. stoaglund had a game high 21 points and you know the coach is loving this. maryland wins 73-69. terms are n terms are now 3-3 in the acc. number 21 virginia on the road at nc state. in the first half, cavaliers up five. scott, gets a tough fadeaway to go. the senior with the game high 18 points. uva up seven at the break. four minutes to go, they have cj
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leslie, misses the free. but scott wood rebounds and drains the three and we've now got a one-point game. so here we go. wo wolfpack down one with the ball. last chance, lorenzo brown puts up the three. no good. the putback, a little too late. virginia holds off nc state. 61-60 is your final. caa action. paul hewitt and george mason hosting james madison. patriots have won 16 of the last 17 between the two. but don't tell the dukes that. they don't care. hitchens hits one from the wing. 27 on mason. mason starts the second half on fire. the drive up and under for two of his 14 points. capping an 8-0 patriots run to start the half.
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six mans to go now. vaessen up three. ryan peersoierson, the big man, had a game high 21 points and 15 rebounds. george mason wins 89-79. the patriots have now won six straight. so george mason, 10-1 in the caa. paul hewitt, just his first year there, he's got his team on the top of the conference. >> way to go. >> my school plays mason on the 14th. >> which school is that? >> vcu. we're going to have to beat them. >> you can watch for live reports from indianapolis starting monday.
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tommy, tommy, you rolling, you creeper? [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you doing? this is pat sullivan coming at you on


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