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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  February 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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robberies. the first happened around 11:00 in friendship heights. three men held up a woman at gunpoint along wisconsin avenue. in all, there were four robberies in northwest, another attempted robbery and another in southeast. the suspects were armed. no one was injured in either of the incidents. police are trying to figure out whether any of the robberies are connected. time for the forecast. meteorologist tom kierein will tell us more it the weather which improved drastically since yesterday. >> yeah, but we've had clouds closing in overnight. now, this morning, we have a few sprinkles showing up on radar. they're trying to reach the ground. most areas, though, are dry. we have clouds coming over the region now. here's a look at the view from our city camera. there's the washington monument under a cloudy sky now. and we have 39 degrees there. a very light southerly breeze. and the pavement is dry throughout most of the region. here's the radar showing areas of some light precipitation.
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there's light snow in pennsylvaniainto ohio, and where you see the green. those are sprinkles of rain, they're trying to reach the ground across northern virginia into fairfax and loudoun counties parts of prince william and fauquier. some may be reaching the ground. the darker green, it probably is reaching the ground. don't have reports from any of the observation stations that we have any of this precipitation yet arriving. however, we might have a sprinkle this morning. right now temperatures are at or above freezing most of the area. any precipitation that is falling is certainly melting on roadways if there is snow in the mountains. and elsewhere, just maybe a little bit of wetness on some of the pavement as the morning goes on. cloudy and cold, though. we'll be in the 30s. above freezing throughout most of the morning. interest the 40s this afternoon. a little bigger chance of some precipitation reaching us by late afternoon in the form of sprinkles of light rain. a look at the evening planner, could get more tonight.
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we'll look at that in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic? very good if you're about to get on the beltway. making your way to braddock road, 63 miles per hour. travel lanes also open in prince george's county on the inner loop -- actually on the inner loop as you pass route 4, pennsylvania avenue. you're at 63 miles per hour. traveling in montgomery county, inner loop, travel speeds at university boulevard, 57 miles per hour. a live look at this time, taking the beltway at connecticut avenue, very light volume. outer loop speeds really good, as well, 60 miles per hour. only taking ten minutes from i-95 to i-270. back to you. >> thank you very much. 4:32. this morning the body of whitney houston is back in her home state of new jersey where plans are underway for a large scale public memorial later this week. late last night, a private jet carrying her body arrived at teterboro airport. police escorted the hearse to a
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funeral home in newark. a wake is planned for thursday with a funeral on friday. both are expected to happen at the prudential center in newark. it seats 18,000 people. her family is considering whether to have a smaller service at new hope baptist church in newark. that's where she started singing in the gospel choir. and as houston's family is still working out details of her funeral services, we are getting a look inside her beverly hills hotel room where she died saturday afternoon. tmz posted new photos allegedly showing houston's room with her last meal and bathroom. nbc news has not independently verified the authenticity of the photos. the coroner's office confirmed authority found prescription pill bottles in the hotel bathroom where houston's body was found. they are looking into all possibilities that could have led to her death. >> person could have suffer ed
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heart attack or embolism. until we see the toxin level we're not going to speculate. >> police confirmed one of houston's staff members found her body under water in the bathtub. authorities are not ruling on an official cause of death. they are waiting for toxicology result which could take weeks. the medical examiner will testify again at the george huguely murder trial. the juror saw graphic photos as the medical examiner testified in the trial. george huguely of chevy chase, maryland, is charged with her murder. the defense says it was an accident. the medical examiner testified that love was bruised from head to toe. he also said it appears that she was smothered. the autopsy is key to the prosecution case that an angry huguely broke into her bedroom, beat her, and left her dying on the bed. police arrested a maryland man for a deadly shooting that occurred outside a dupont circle restaurant. prosecutors charged 29-year-old brandon terry with second-degree
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murder while armed. he's accused of shooting jhonte coleman outside the heritage india restaurant on thanksgiving weekend. at the time, the d.c. police chief shut down the restaurant. it has since reopened. this morning we are getting a look at the interrogation video of the woman convicted of killing her co-worker at a l lululemon store. the tape shows the moment detectives discovered something was wrong with her days after the death. >> to him sexually assaulting me and ended up tying me. they made me move her car. >> you left out some things, okay. how did they go about telling you that you had to move the car, okay? >> i don't -- >> you were there. >> i know i was there. >> people would probably ask, well, why didn't you just keep on going. >> norwood eventually confessed
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to killing her co-worker and making up an elaborate story that two men attacked and sexually assaulted them. she is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. today the virginia house of delegates is expected to vote on the so-called personhood bill that defines life, human life as starting at conception. lawmakers gave preliminary approval yesterday. delegate bob marshall from prince william county is the bill's sponsor. during the voice vote, marshall made it clear that the ultimate goal is to outlaw abortion. virginia governor bob mcdonnell could sign a bill repealing the one handgun a month law as early as today. the senate passed that measure yesterday. opponents of the repeal worry about an increase in violence. those in favor of the repeal say that current federal lawmakers and a national system of background check on gun buyers makes the limit unnecessary. a spokesman for the governor says mcdonnell plans to sign the bill into law.
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a major change in decision 2012 this morning. rick santorum is now surging in the polls. a pew research survey shows him ahead of mitt romney by 30%. newt gingrich with 30%, rather. newt gingrich finished third, and ron paul finished fourth. the new poll shows santorum gaining momentum, trailing mitt romney by two points. last week santorum was 14 points behind in the same survey. today congress begins hearings on the president's 2013 proposed budget. copies of the plan arrived on capitol hill yesterday. the budget outlines $4 trillion in deficit reduction over the next ten years, as well as cuts in government and military spending. the 2013 fiscal year begins this coming october. treasury secretary timothy geithner is scheduled to testify before the senate finance committee later this morning. 4:37 now. we have breaking news. police are investigating a shooting in southeast washington. tracee wilkins is live on the scene with the latest. good morning to you.
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>> reporter: good morning, eun. we are here in the 5 00 block of carl street in northeast. let me show you what it's looking like. police have a block and a half blocked off here. all of the roads closed leading to the 5000 block of carl street as they investigate this shooting. now they say that one man was shot here. we have reports of a suspect seen running from the scene or possible suspect. at this point, police are saying officially that they have no lookout for a suspect. now this person has been transported to the hospital. no more information on their condition at this point, but police are not calling this a homicide. they are investigating a shooting at this point. this is, of course, a very thorough investigation. this happened at 2:00 a.m. police are still here on the scene in the sixth district. i'm tracee wilkins live in southeast. news4. >> thank you. it is now 4:38. 43 degrees out there. ahead on "news4 today," we've seen the video. now the anchor attacked by a dog is talking it what she went through and recovery that lies
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ahead. plus, if you didn't get your flu shot, you're not out of the woods yet. where we're seeing a spike in flu cases. and you may want to grab your umbrella.
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time for weather & traffic on the 1s. good morning, happy valentine's day. this area in green may be trying
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to reach the ground across virginia and maryland, the district this morning. farther north and west, western maryland, highlands of west virginia, there may be a few flurries. temperatures are in the low to mid 30s. most locations are above freezing. it's in the low to mid 30s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. upper 30s in washington, and we'll stay in the 30s through the morning hours with a small chance of some sprinkles. we've got a greater chance of maybe a few sprinkles of light rain later this afternoon after we reach a high in the mid to upper 40s. then this evening, here's your evening planner, sunset at 5:44. maybe a 30% chance of scattered sprinkles this evening until around midnight. by then it will be near 40. a look at changes on the way for the week and maybe some snow for the weekend. details in ten minutes. dan danella? good morning, traveling i-95 outside of dale city, no issues in either direction. the live camera passing the rest area. northbound lanes are open. same as you head southbound on i-95. no issues and a really good travel speed traveling
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northbound. 60 miles per hour, connecting to 395. no issues there. a live look at edsall traveling north. again and south, lanes are open. no accidents to report. a really good travel speed northbound, 57 miles per hour. from the capital beltway to the 14th street bridge, that trip only taking 12 minutes. >> thank you. 4:43 is the time now. still to come, a dangerous shortage. a look at who is at risk now that a key cancer drug is in short supply. plus, love is not in the air for everyone.
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a news anchor in denver is recovering from a dog bite. she needed 70 stitches in her lips and nose. on her facebook page she says she cannot talk because her
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mouth is stitched shut so blood can circulate in her lips again. she says she expects another procedure in the next few weeks. that 85-pound dog bit her during a live interview on the air last week. the dog is quarantined now so that doctors can look for signs of rabies. investigators are trying to figure out if there was any warning before a 14-year-old girl in colorado attacked two classmates with a hammer. this happened at columbine high school in colorado. authorities say the girl went after a female classmate and a boy nearby, hitting them. neither victim was seriously injured. columbine was the scene of one of the worst high school attacks in 1999 when two students shot and killed a dozen people. jerry sandusky says he's relieved that a judge is giving him permission to see his grandchildren as he awaits trial on child sex abuse charges. a judge ruled sandusky can have contact with most of his grandchildren under their parents' supervision. the judge also ruled sandusky
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can have a local jury hear his case. the former coach will stand trial on charges that he sexually abused young boys over a 15-year period. british authorities are debating what to do with a suspected al qaeda terrorist out on bail. british courts ordered the release of abu qatada. it's believed he inspired al qaeda attacks including the september 11 attacks. the 51-year-old spent six years behind bars in britain but was never charged with anything. he is wanted on terrorism charges in jordan, but british authorities fear that he'll be tortured for information if he's extradited there. britain and jordan signed an agreement saying that he would not be tortured if extradited. supreme court justice steven bri breyer is back in the united states. a masked man with a machete robbed him and his family while they vacationed in the caribbean. it happened inside his vacation home last thursday. no one was injured, but the robber did get away with about
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$1,000 in cash. this morning there is a desperate call for the makers of a childhood cancer drug to step up production. the drug is called methotrexate and is designed to treat a type of leukemia known as all. doctors say with the drug they can cure about 90% of patients. right now there's only a two-week supply left in the country. this has patients and their persons very concerned. >> i can only hope that supplies last, and it's just not for my son. it's for, you know, the next family that walks through the doors this hospital also. >> officials blame the shortage to quality control problems at a plant in ohio. it shut down voluntarily. we've been lucky so far, but flu season may have finally arrived. the centers for disease control says the first week of february showed a rise in the number of positive tests for the virus. up about 3% from the week before. until now, cases of the flu have been at 30-year lows.
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widespread cases are being reported in california, and there has been a rise in virginia. doctors say we still haven't reached the peak of the flu season. so more cases of the virus could still be on the way. we should learn this week the results of an ethics probe of a maryland state senator who was acquitted of bank robbery charges. senate president thomas miller says an ethics committee reached a decision on how it recommends the senate should address senator ulysses curry. the senator was acquitted in a federal bribery case last year relating to more than $245,000 in alleged payments he received from shoppers food warehouse. soon it could be illegal in maryland for an employer to force the employee to report to work on the same day he or she serves jury duty. the state senate passed a bill supporting this skrempz. opponents argue the law would let employees take an entire day off work after going to court and getting excused from jury duty. the bill now goes to the house for a vote. this crowd hoped to sway
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maryland lawmakers in favor of the same-sex marriage bill. hundreds rallied outside the state house in annapolis last night. governor o'malley told the group that he still needs a few more lawmakers on board in order to move the bill through the house of delegates. o'malley said republican votes could be key to passing the same sex union bill. today is valentine's day. happy valentine's day. love is not in the air for some people in the washington area. valentine's day can be a bit dreary, perhaps, if you are unattached or maybe recently dumped. you can buy a bitter drink at bar pillar on 14th street. how about that? the bar is running specials today. you can also watch an anti-valentine's day performance of "mad love "in columbia heights. and some just don't want to do anything on valentine's day. >> i always get mad when i see girls who get depressed about not having a date for valentine's day. it was always, for me, about showing other people that you love them or showing yourself some love. >> there you go. show yourself some love today.
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it's not that people aren't romantic. they are. some are anyway. not everyone's romantic. they just don't want to be forced to be romantic today. right? >> that's right. i think that attitude is wonderful. show other people love. >> indeed. every day should be valentine's day, really. >> there you go. >> bring on the chocolates and the flowers every day. >> every single day. >> every day. how about that? >> every day we have weather. and -- >> certainly do. >> here we are this morning. starting off with clouds. clouds closed in yesterday late afternoon. and it's been cloudy all night. there is the washington monument, jefferson memorial. a live picture there from our city camera under a cloudy sky. right now, reagan national at 39 degrees. we've got a light breeze this morning, certainly warmer than it was yesterday morning. and right now, the radar showing some areas of precipitation moving in from the midwest and heading across the mountains and closer to us. this area in green is the zone of potential light rain trying to reach the ground, well don't have too many report of any of
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it reaching the ground. the dark green areas in northern montgomery county, areas from near laytonsville and across the howard county line to east of mt. airy may be getting sprinkles as well as northern frederick county. perhaps in prince william county, just south of manassas, they may be getting sprinkles there. south of fredericksburg. elsewhere, the lighter green, much of that is not reaching the ground. the pink zone, maybe a few wet snowflakes mixing in western washington county into allegheny and garrett counties in maryland. and the temperatures up there where they are maybe getting a mix of snow and rain near the freezing mark. most road temperatures are above freezing there. and closer to washington, shenandoah valley's near freezing. blue ridge east, though, most locations above freezing except frederick, they're at 32. montgomery, prince george's, fairfax, arlington right now, mid 30s. here's your day planner. sunrise at 7:01. that's getting earlier and earlier. it's going to be a cloudy day. we have a small chance of
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sprinkles and flurries. a greater chance by late afternoon. before then, upper 40s. tonight a 30% chance of sprinkles, light rain, near 40 by midnight. by dawn tomorrow, near freezing and clearing out. some sun tomorrow. highs in the low 50s. could get rain on thursday, sun back on friday. here's the weekend. investing clouds saturday. might have a wintry mix on sunday. stay tuned. we'll keep you posted. danella? good morning. the best part of waking up this early is barely any traffic. look on the bride side. i hi i-270, looking good. 63 miles per hour traveling southbound at falls road. connecting to the beltway, no issues for you there. if you're continuing on the beltway, heading on the outer loop toward the memorial bridge, nice and clear. no issues to report, as well as if you're traveling on the inner loop across, back through the beltway, making your way through montgomery county. not seeing any problems for you, smooth sailing. back to you both.
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>> the problem with waking up this early is my bleary eyes can't see the lack of traffic. thanks. a traffic alert, though, for you if you're driving in the district. overnight a portion of the southeast/southwest freeway will close tonight until tomorrow morning. crews will be closing the freeway eastbound between 11th and pennsylvania avenue at 9:00 tonight. it will stay closed until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. the 9th street ramp to the freeway eastbound will also be closed. and tomorrow night, the westbound lanes will close in the same direction. detours will be posted in the area. the caps are getting a couple of days off, and they need it after dropping their third straight game last night. the sharks came to verizon center and blasted the caps 5-3. the start by the player being called up from hershey hours before the game. all three goals came from defense men. washington will look to get back on track friday against the television-leading florida panthers. come on, go caps. they've already lost more than 20 players to transfers. and now the terps are without a
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starting quarterback. the university of maryland quarterback danny o'brian requested a release yesterday. he will transfer after he graduates this spring. o'brian was the acc rookie of the year in 2010 but only played in nine games last season. he still has two years of eligibili eligibility. two other players, starting taxle max garcia and linebacker mario rosen, also announced they're transferring. 24 players have left the program since head coach randy edsall's arrival. breaks my heart for the terps. >> too bad to see him leave. it's a bizarre aspect of college football. he's going to graduate but has two more years of eligibility. he will play for somebody else after graduating from college. i guess he'll have to be in graduate school do that. >> maybe. a loss for the terps for sure. 4:5. coming up, did oprah go too far? the tweet she sent to followers
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that has the talk show host under fire this morning. sony is taking heat this morning. why some are accusing the record label of trying to cas
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sony music is getting heat for increasing the price of whitney houston's "greatest hits" album. they increased the price 12 hours after her death. after the hike it went back to
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the original price. apple and sony are not commenting. oprah winfrey is under fire for a controversial tweet. up against the grammy awards, the talk show host asked for 9.2 million followers to, "everyone who can, please turn to the own network, especially if you have a neilson box." neilson is the company that keeps track of television ratings. win free apologized, and the tweet has been deleted. a spokesman from neilson says the company is reviewing the incident. >> begging is not usually attractive. >> yeah. i'm not going to say anything. later tonight, the top dog will be crowned best in show at the westminster kennel club dog show. >> believe it or not, this is the 136th year for the competition. more than 2,000en trees this year dwindled down to six breeds for the finals. a scottish deer hound took the title last year. this year's finals include a


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