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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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darcie? >> well, i was able to speak to that witness, but i was also able to speak to some of the relatives of the woman who died. they came here to the scene late this afternoon, looking for answers. she had a lot going on in her life. she had recently lost her job, and she had things on her mind. they're trying to figure out why this happened. we also learned she had recently gotten a ticket for driving more than 90 miles per hour. >> that's my baby -- >> reporter: relatives are distraught over the loss of 29-year-old helena smith. she was the woman who lost control of her bmw on mlk highway, went airborne and slammed into a kfc restaurant last night in landover. >> i just don't know. >> reporter: excessive be speed was a factor in the crash. and according to online court records, smith was ticketed for driving 91 miles per hour on the
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beltway, driving on a suspended license and expired registration. >> she's going through so much stuff. she don't have nowhere to go, she lost her job, you 2340e what while say something she was just upset. >> reporter: police say smith was killed, her passenger jushed. the car hit another vehicle before striking the building. that driver was with also hurt. fortunately, no one inside the restaurant was injured. >> one car was parked out front the kfc. if that can't wasn't right there, maybe that car goes into the restaurant. >> i was like, wow! what was that. >> reporter: curtis robinson was sitting here in the kbooj at the citgo station next to the kfc when he saw the bmw fly by, smash through a fence and hit the building. it missed him by just a foot. >> i thought something landed. i was shocked to learn it was a vehicle traveling at a high rate
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of speed. >> reporter: he was so shaken up by what he saw last night, he had to call it quits and go home. he was off again today. the kfc you see behind me is boarded up. it remains closed at this hour. no word on when it will reopen. the investigation continues. coming up at 6:00, i spoke to this woman's best friend. in fact she didn't know that her best friend had died in this accident until we let her know. she shed some light on her life and what she was like. darcie spencer, news 4. >> thank you, darcie. it was one of the worst mass shootings in d.c. history. four people killed in 2010. today the trial is getting started, we learned this started over a gold bracelet. pat collins spent the day in the courtroom, and joins us with new details on this. pat? >> it's breathtaking that in our city five people are dead, nine people wouned withed over a cheap piece of costume jewelry.
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the prosecutor went through a litany of violence and vengeance that led to one of the bloodiest weeks in the history of d.c. crimes. at the trial today the mother of one of the victims. >> we are all upset and mad, just like we living that day over. we all be living all over again. >> march 30th, 2010, a drive by shooting on south capital street. the target mourners from a funeral by the time it's over four dead, six wounded now that's the way it ended. but it began eight days earlier. jordan hough killed, two others wounded in a misdirected dispute over a missing fake diamond bracelet. revenge act number one, march
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22nd, carter upset because he couldn't find his brace 4r9, he mistakenly thought jordan hough had something to do with it. sequan and his brother orlando hammer five shots from a pistol, 28 shots from an ak-47, three blasts from a shotgun. jordan hough dead. two friends wounded. revenge act ii, march 23rd, the next day, the prosecutor says friends of jordan shoot and wound orlando carter. he's treated and released. the prosecutor says he starts making plans to strike again. revenge act iii march 30th, the day of jordan hough's funeral, the prosecutor says orlando carter and some cohorts go out to shoot and kill as many friends of jordan hough as they can. they drive up on a group of
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mourners, open fire. and the prosecutor says in was chaos on south capital street. other may hem. bodies, everywhere. so whatever happened to that fake diamond bracelet? the prosecutor says a young woman that carter was partying with that night, she ended up with it. live in superior court, pat collins, news 4. >> thank you, pat. what's in a name? metro wants you to play a part in coming up with the monikers for the new stations on the silver line out to dulles airport. the fairfax county board of supervisors released its list of the suggested names for all eight stations. starting today, can you vote on the names you like, or suggest names of your own. four of the stations are in the tysons corner area. three in resten, including one shared with herndon. the final station is in dulles. the airport side of herndon.
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leaders don't like the suggestion of herndon resten west, they say the town deserves its own station. county leaders aren't thrilled with the final stop being called herndon dulles east. can you go to our website and search metro. ramp closings tonight as part of the metro rail project, the northbound ramp on to southbound route 123 will be closed starting at 5:30 p.m. part of the eastbound tyson's boulevard will close down as well. a big change coming. this february is becoming more and more user friendly as we see temperatures climbing. break out the shorts, doug cammer is in the storm center with a weak warmup. >> shorts may really not be too far off here. i guarantee you'll see some people at least running around in shorts as they get some
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exercise outside. temperatures are going up. 50 degrees right now, that seems cool when you look outside, once again above average winds out of the south-southwest at 18 miles an hour, gusting upwards of 30 in some locations. we're going to see a cool evening tonight. right now, 52 in fredericksburg, over the next couple days, we're going to see big changes. there's one frontal boundary that just came through. that's why we're seeing those winds gusting out of the southwest. we'll see more southwesterly winds tomorrow and more on thursday. that will lead to some nice temperatures. overnight tonight not nearly as cold as it was last night. most areas woke up to near 20s this morning. 42 by 11:00, 7:00 a.m., 37 degrees, we are going to go way up from where we were during the day today. 20 degrees by thursday. that's not bad. i will not be wearing shorts. >> come on.
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all right, we'll work on it. the republican presidential race, there is one week to go before the michigan and arizona primaries. and romney is ahead in arizona, michigan is still considered a must win for him. rick santorum has lost a double-digit lead there. now he's ahead just by three points. >> you can speak loudly on tuesday, that you want someone who's going to stand up and fight the insiders, fight the establishment. >> and after serving in the senate for two terms, he was defeated by the largest margin of an incumbent senator since 1980. and then he went back to being a lobbyist. >> ron paul has also joined the fray with an ad that pokes fun at santorum's claims of being a fiscal conservative. wall street saw a number today it hasn't seen in nearly four years. the dow reached the 13,000 level this morning. two hours into trading, it's the
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first time that's happened since may 2008, before the financial crisis hit. the dow dipped a bit from its high point closing the day at 12,965. strong corporate earnings and a deal to help greece avoid bankruptcy gave stocks a boost. there's now a rule in the d.c. council to eliminate profanity during public meetings. tom sherwood joins us now. he promises to keep it clean. >> reporter: probably everyone has cursed at one time or another. the chairman thought it was getting out of hand on the couns counsel. ♪ >> reporter: there certainly was no cursing around the children tuesday as students promoted healthy eating by serving breakfast to councilmembers. but the councilplagued with ang
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exchanges. so much so that chairman brown trying to regain control offered a rules change. may they refrain from use ago buisive language directly at one another or at the institution. >> reporter: the rule passed with no discussion or cussing. several councilmembers were openly disdainful for new ruls.s >> you know what, i'll be honest with you, i'm not apologizing for that outburst. i meant every word i said. >> reporter: the council is plagued with ethics problems. and too few members criticized a member when he pleaded guilty of felony stealing. >> i've grown weary of the conduct of many of the members. the most recent of which has plead guilty to stealing. >> i didn't hear any cussing
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today. >> i didn't expect to. did you expect to? >> reporter: chairman brown says he just wants respectful public meetings. >> we want to make sure that members know in open meetings, we require the same sort of code of conduct that we would, in our legislative session. >> if they're talking to one another, they can do what they're going to do. they're grown people. >> marion barry who was involved in last week's cursing episode wasn't at today's council meeting. >> all right. tom sherwood, thank you, tom. former county executive jack johnson is now known as inmate number 52777037. he checked into the federal corrections facility in north carolina saturday. johnson was sentenced back in december to more than seven years in prison. he was found guilty of ex-torting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from developers. coming up next, could your breath detect whether or not you
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have cancer? there's a new sensor on the market. exactly six months ago this week an earthquake severely damaged the national cathedral. today the stone carvers show off their repairs. new developments into what's new developments into what's sparked a road rage stabbing in wheeeeeeeeeeeee! new developments into what's sparked a road rage stabbing in whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee!
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a new sensor claims to detect lung cancer and it's apparently simple to get tested. marianne favro has more. >> reporter: in the near future, you may be able to breathe into a machine like this and learn if you have lung cancer. the breath test which can detect specific biomarkers produced by a cancerous tumor. >> the accuracy of identification of lung cancer was about 85%, which compares favorably to any existing method for determining the presence of lung cancer. >> reporter: doctors just completed clinical trials of the five minute test and found it can differentiate between different types and stainings of lung cancer. >> the signature we find in the breath, tells us about how that
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cancer progressing. a different type of cancer, one that's aggressive or a bit quieter, will probably produce a different signature. >> reporter: lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide and is often not diagnosed until late stages when it's much more difficult to treat. this test could potentially reduce the number of people who need to have a ct scan. >> it will be a very good prescreen to identify who should get a ct. ct has a certain amount of radiation. >> the test may be used with a ct scan to determine if a patient really needs a surgical biopsy. this technology may also help more than lung cancer patients. the company is also working on developing breath tests for colon cancer and tb. >> they're now working on developing other tests using the
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same technology. basketball great ervin magic johnson is starting a 24-hour channel on comcast. it will help african-americans land jobs on television. aspire is expected to debut this summer. comcast is the parent company of nbc 4. we have a nice little warmup heading our way. >> yeah. >> those temperatures are looking very much like april. >> very much so, and even may. i mean, we're talking about 70 degrees, i think, during the day on thursday. and it's not going to be our first 70 degree day. we've already hit 70 so far this year, you talk about a winter that's been warm. and this winter has been one of the warmest. as a matter fact, one of the top five warmest winters ever. did you know that? >> no.
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>> that's why i'm here. take a look at the sunshine. a beautiful day at least it turned out that way. we saw cloud cover early, that sun looks gorgeous out there. we're going to see a nice sunset coming up in an hour and a half. gusting upwards of 25 miles an hour, so it is a little on the breezy side. and will continue to be so through the rest of the evening. we'll start to see the winds die down tomorrow night. 51 in laplata. we had the cloud cover earlier, even reported a couple light sprinkles close to the chesapeake, that was about it. and that was a warm front and another cold front that came on through. storm 4 radar, nothing to show you right now. no rain across our region. watch what happens when we widen out here. a storm that came through. the warm front, then the cold front moves on through. that's the storm that's making its way up through new england. they'll see light snow with this storm. this is one piece of energy
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here, and then watch this, another little piece of energy. that's what's going to be making our weather over the next couple days, as these move on through, we start to seat wind shift out of the southwest. this one will bring in warmer air during the day tomorrow, and then again into the day on thursday. so there goes our frontal boundary. in behind it tomorrow, we'll see partly cloudy skies, warm air ahead of our next system. this guy's going to hold off, we're not going to see any chances for rain during the day tomorrow. but maybe by tomorrow evening we could see a few showers. on thursday, we get really warm, ahead of another little piece of energy. the temperatures near that 70 degree mark, that's going to be quite nice. friday, however, i expect to see a pretty good amount of rain in parts of the region. we'll talk more about friday in a minute. this evening, mostly cloudy, diminishing wind. chilly, 40 to 47 degrees, we'll see those temperatures tomorrow morning a lot warmer than they were this morning. cool when you step outside. partly sunny skies when the sun does come up tomorrow morning.
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winds will be on the light side tomorrow afternoon. turning mostly cloudy, breezy, but mild. we'll see sunshine tomorrow. 55 to 62 degrees, winds out of the southwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. could be sprinkles late tomorrow evening, could be when you're heading home from work if you head home late like we do. friday a good chance rain. right now trying to determine how much rain we'll see. some areas may see a pretty good amount. we cool down to where we should be this time of year, 489 on saturday. >> i'm thinking you are going to be doing outdoor weather on thursday. >> where should i go, do you think? >> anywhere out the door. >> yeah. >> go to the beach. >> ooh. tweet us or facebook us and let us know where we should go. >> make it a contest. there we go. >> you're not going to get further than the front door. people in prince georges county are talking about a las vegas style casino coming to our
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neck of the woods. an animal abuse investigation at the resten petting zoo after the death of a wallabee. 20 feet, that's the reason why a homeowner must demolish this mini-mansion. consumers charged a fee to pay their bill. it happens
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we've seen what happens when consumers gettagery over new fees. last year there was an uproar when bank of america and verizon wireless both tried to implement fees. >> liz crenshaw is here with a look at extra charges you could be paying when you sit down to pay your bills. >> we call it paying to pay. your phone bill, your cable bill, your power bill. there are dozens of ways to pay for free. but many con sirms pay a fee to pay their bill. >> shame on them. that's all i have to say. verizon wireless' plan to impose a $2 fee back in december did not go over well with consumers. >> it's crazy. verizon wireless' fee would have charged consumers $2 if they chose to make a single payment online or over the phone. the fee was designed to improve the efficiency of those transactions. >> you shouldn't have to pay a
5:25 pm
fee to pay your bill. >> verizon wireless said back in december it reversed its new fee in response to customer feedback. the uproar prompted us to look at utility bills to see if other companies make you pay to pay. here's what we found. when making a single payment online or over the phone. with pepco, you'll pay a fee of 495 if you two it with a credit card. and 195 with your debit card. washington gas, you'll pay $4.55 extra if you use your credit card. virginia dominion power costs you 3.95. all these fees are for the same bill payment method verizon wireless decided to retract. >> paying your bill is the price p you pay. but paying a fee to pay your bill is a price too high. >> you think some of those fees are high?
5:26 pm
take a look at these. to pay a cox bill by phone with a live person, charges a $10 fee. in person at the cox county, $5. pay rcn over the phone and speak with a live agent, $6.95. comcast, owner of nbc universal, if you pay over the phone with a customer service agent a fee of $5.99. consumers tell us there are many free bills, when they charge fees it's to offset the cost of labor and the use of third parties. but one research group argues these costs should not be passed on to the consumer. >> it's not a valid reason, it's a cost of doing business. >> one has very little recourse with the utilities, whether it's electric, cable, phone. i don't think it's right. >> one recourse every consumer has find a free option for paying your bill and use is it.
5:27 pm
>> in our survey of 15 utility and cellular phone companies, all had numerous ways to pay for free. with verizon wireless, every bill pay option is free. bottom line, don't pay to pay. >> that's a good lesson there. pay attention. >> yes. coming up in our next half hour, six months after that earthquake, damage to the national cathedral, we web with the inside to check out the restoration. a maryland mother says her teenager drank four loco and that's what caused him to die. what led to a road rage stabbing that left a husband
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opening statements got underway in the trial of five men charged in one of the deadliest shootings in died. history. four people were killed on south capital street in 2010. prince georges police have identified the woman who crashed her vehicle into a kfc last night. 29-year-old helena smith was killed in the crash. several others were injured. the d.c. council approved a new code conduct rule today that prohibits councilmembers from using profanity in public
5:31 pm
meetings. let's fast forward to the weather. doug? >> the weather out there today not too bad. a little on the cool side. we saw the winds pick up later in the afternoon. gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour. 50 in washington, 54 in richmond, virginia right now. only 36 out there toward ocean city. it won't be long until we're talking about memorial day. that's still three months away. 50 degrees in washington. not too bad for this time year, how about a 20 degree temperature difference between now and this time thursday? we'll talk about it coming up. one person is in custody tonight after a road rage incident ended in a stabbing in anne arundel county. police went to the area of route 3 north and church view road, that's where they fnd two damaged vehicles in a ditch. several people injured. chris gord season live with the details on this. chris? >> good evening. place say this did not begin as a typical case of road rage.
5:32 pm
but by the time it ended here along route 3 with two cars in a ditch, one man stabbed and a fist fight, it was road rage to the extreme. >> the two heavily damaged vehicles were towed away following a fight and stabbing. it started on route 3 north when the 44-year-old man who was driving the ford explorer and his wife got out and exchanged seats. andy bailey tells us what he saw. >> the lady got out of the passenger side. she was walking around toward the driver's side of the vehicle, she got to the back of the vehicle for a couple seconds or something. and ran around and jumped in the passenger side, and that's when we saw the two vehicles. the pt cruiser ran off and it was honking the horn. >> the man driving the ford explorer with his wife and children inside chased after the pd cruiser. >> words were exchanged, they
5:33 pm
continued for a couple intersections, that's when the driver of the ford explorer exited his vehicle, approached the pt cruiser and the passenger subsequently stabbed the driver of the ford explorer. >> reporter: anne arundel county police have charged ross brandon sudmoore with assault, reckless endangerment and carrying a weapon with intent to injure. both vehicles crashed into this ditch in front of honda power sports. >> awe saw the gentleman come down bleeding, he came down to another car and he struck that gentleman in the face to incapacitate him. and he stumbled around for a while, ended up sitting out front where the police apprehended him. >> the man who was stabbed and his alleged assailant were transported to hospitals for treatment. there were other injuries as well in those vehicles. in the ditch behind me, in the suv, the wife of the man who was stabbed in at least one of their
5:34 pm
children were hurt along with a female driver of the pt cruiser. that's the latest live from maryland in anne arundel county. chris gordon, news 4. there was also some violence -- a violent incident on a road in hagerstown, police say that jerry jordan beat another driver with his walking stick. they also say that jordan tried to run the other car off the road several times. this was yesterday near route 65 and i-70. he has been charged with assault of a frederick man. it will be six months tomorrow since that magnitude 5.8 earthquake in virginia that rattled nerves around our region and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. at least 15 million of that near the washington cathedral where stone masons are involved in a
5:35 pm
lengthy and costly restoration process. >> reporter: carvers have begun the intricate and tedious task of restoration. >> there's a lot to do, and it can be daunting. >> reporter: sean callahan is one of two carvers carefully repairing, restoring and re-creating the precious pieces of the cathedral damaged by last fall's earthquake. it's a daunting task. >> if we break it down like one at a time and hope we can get there -- >> workers have spent much of the past six months stabilizing the structure. removing dangerous pieces and assessing the overall damage. estimated in the tens of millions, erecting scaffolding was a big part of the job. now it's down to the details of repairing and replacing the beautiful and ornate stone work like these finnials. they will carve three new ones, each one will take months to complete.
5:36 pm
>> we're involved in assessing what material can be saved, what needs to be made from scratch, made new. we're trying to put our arms around the size of this project. >> reporter: it will take many years to put back together all the pieces of the cathedral. for the masons and carvers doing the work. each piece is personal. joe alonzo is the head stone mason. he and the two spoken carvers worked on part of the cathedral back in the '80s. >> it's a labor of love for us. sean, andy and i have been here since the 1980s, we helped construct part of the cathedral. and our blood and sweat is in this building. >> despite the damage done by the earthquake, joe feels lucky it wasn't worse. >> if the earthquake had lasted two more seconds we would have lost probably 50% more stone. >> pat lawson muse, news 4 washington. anna costa senior high was back open for business today
5:37 pm
after a fire ripped through the building on friday, causing extensive damage. crews spent the long weekend making the necessary repairs. students weren't is there yesterday for the president's day holiday. last night school officials decided it was safe, everyone could return to class today. a poll out today showing strong support for bringing a las vegas style casino to prince gro georges county. earlier this month, they proposed a 1 million gambling hub in the harbor. it could create 5,000 new jobs and generate millions of dollars in tax revenue for the county. according to a poll, voters in the county, favor the casino by a virtual 2-1 margin. 38% strongly support it. the plant also gets high marks from african-american voters who say they support it, church
5:38 pm
goers 52% support. an overwhelming majority of all voters say residents of the county should make the decision. nearly half want both table games and slots. before any proposal could move forward. state lawmakers would have to pass the legislation to allow casino gambling in prince georges county. >> thanks, jim. coming up next, why owners of a million dollar home are forced to demolish it. alexander mcqueen shows off a new affordable clothing line during london's fashion week. why the fairfax police department is looking into the death an
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pretty cool. london fashion week more than a tough of theater for the first runway show for the house of alexander mcqueen. vogue editor anna winter in the floral coat sitting next to salma hey yacht. some distinctive choreography and very round hair. the line is more affordable than the original line. sarah burton was placed in charge of both lines after mcqueen committed suicide in 2010. the michigan court of appeals has ordered a couple to demolish all or part of their $1 million mansion. this is it, the 9,000 square foot home has a circular drive
5:42 pm
way, a tennis court, the mansion sits 80 feet from the house next door and local law requires the separation to be 100 feet. the next door neighbors want that house torn down and the appeals court agreed with them. the court battle has been raging for eight years. the neighbors filed suit before construction even began. the mansion owners are already planninging an appeal. parents research which brand of baby formula to feed their child. there's now a new concern. there's one place where sugar content is not listed. parents argue formula is the most critical food of all. why some labels don't list sugar as an ingredient. that story is coming up tonight at 11:00. a scandal at the reston zoo after an animal's death. it took a few seconds to turn this bridge into a pile of rubble. a woman's basketball player at the university of player
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shows perseverance pays off, if you work
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[ male announcer ] for some reason
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those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. fantastic! pro-gresso ] they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. fairfax county officials are looking into animal cruelty at the reston zoo. >> allegations that the zoo owner drowned a sick animal.
5:46 pm
>> the incident happened last thursday when a sick wallaby was brought to the attention of the zoo owner. >> reporter: it was a wallaby like this one that's creating controversy. according to a search warrant an unnamed employee told the officer he placed the sick creature in a crate last thursday. he later saw an empty crate next to the water spigot with a five gallon bucket of water. he then dumped into a dumpster and found a trash bag with a dead wet wallaby. documents say the zoo director claims she humanely euthanized the wallaby. investigators discovered the zoo does not have the permits or training to administer the drug. >> it's extremely regulated. thee drugs are not given out to
5:47 pm
anybody. >> reporter: not having the proper training or state certification is a no no. >> if it's a zoo that you have to have a vet on staff, they didn't have a vet on staff. then it wasn't done. >> reporter: attempts to contact the zoo director were unsuccessful. a woman who answered the phone quickly hung up and said no comment. when news 4 asked to speak to the director. >> stair fax county officials are not commenting at this time on the allegations, they're still investigating whether to file animal cruelty charges against the resten zoo. >> jane watrell, thank you. here's doug with a final check on our weather. if you liked today, folks, you're going to like tomorrow and the next. >> i think thursday could be the best day. take a look at the sunset, because we're about to lose it. we could just watch this for the next five or ten minutes, but we
5:48 pm
don't have enough time to show you in the show. this was a little earlier. this was yesterday, take a look at this, the bees out in february, and i saw some out in january. a beautiful picture here from bill folsom. there's that sun set again, the sun making its way down. gusting to 26 miles an hour. it is breezy and on the cool side. that system now moving on out of here, we will see cooler conditions as we move on through the rest of the night tonight. talk about the future conditions. here's your future weather forecast. a few clouds, watch what happens tomorrow, sunshine early, and then around 2:00, we start to see some cloud cover try to move into the west, most of the area under sunshine. we warm up to near 60 degrees during the day tomorrow. there will be a chance for shower activity around 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow night, but it will be very light and move through rapidly. tomorrow mourning, waking up to a temperature of 37 around the city, it does look like
5:49 pm
temperatures will be a lot warmer than they were earlier this month when many locations were in the 20s. tomorrow afternoon, 61 in washington, 59 in leesburg. can you tack on another ten degrees to those numbers, i think. as we make our way through the day on thursday, with a high of 70 degrees, best chance of rain will be on friday with a system that looks to move in then. >> okay. nice. >> i tried to call you, bit you weren't -- >> thanks for letting me know. >> what do you have? >> we are talking maryland women's basketball. and this team is playing very well this season. we draw strength from unlikely places, can you ask the maryland women. the terps have found their resolve, not only in their blue chip recruits, but also a walk-on point guard, zachary quiche has the story. >> reporter: a hard worker, positive energy. and a real selfless player. >> she is a character.
5:50 pm
i think she's what this maryland city is about. >> it's just my personality. working hard for things that i want and making the most of opportunities. and writing my own zinni. >> reporter: in the world of big time college sports, sequoia austin is a good kid, but she doesn't make the grade, too short, too slow. that's what they said. >> i didn't know if it was going to work out. i didn't know if i was going to have the opportunity, they were going to give me a chance. >> austin nearby greenbelt maryland was a standout in high school, scoring more than 1,000 points in her junior year. her game was good enough to catch the eye of schools like rutgers and virginia tech. when it got time to talk scholarships, the phone stopped ringing. >> she was admitted into maryland on her own, into the honors program, you could tell right away when she came into
5:51 pm
the office, would brighten up a room. >> the coach couldn't guarantee a spot on the team, but did encourage her to try out. the freshman started playing unusually large for a player 55 49. >> she's making us better, day in and day out. she brings it on defense, she takes hard hits. she gives out something. >> in december of 2010, sequoia austin would overcome the odds, the hard earned surprise at the annual holiday party. >> it wasn't just any party. this was the day where her hard work and positive attitude would be recognized by her teammates and coaches. >> i was part of the family event. i was really excited about that. >> we did miss one other gift. >> shannon's white envelope that says sequoia on it. something's not right here. i don't take the paper out, i just see a paper that says full scholarship. emotions took over me, i started to cry. >> i've home had two walk ones
5:52 pm
in my ten years here at maryland. and at christmas of her first semester, we awarded sequoia a full ride scholarship. her story explains the full picture. you don't have to be the most talented player or play the biggest role on the court, if you can play just as big of a role off the court in terms of your dynamics of what you bring to this team and this program, special things can happen for you. sequoia's an example. >> austin launches the three, it's good. sequoia austin's first three of her career. >> zachary keish, news 4 sports. >> very nice piece. sequoia, 5'5", graduate of the holten arms school. isn't she great? >> i love her. she's fabulous. >> maryland's next game at home on friday, they are currently
5:53 pm
ranked 1600. they're doing pretty good. >> good for them. how exciting. what do you have coming up at 6:00? >> coming up tonight, the race for the white house is intensifying. next week could decide which republican gets to run against president obama. federal health officials are stepping in to help alleviate a shortage of life saving drugs. and a warrior who lost both legs and an arm in afghanistan. his story of courage is remarkable. >> great stories. thanks. coming up next, students come together to remember a young teen hit and killed after he fell out of a moving car. his mother has a warning for parents about what her son drank. for all your news. just search nbc washington on cheeseburger macaroni?
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there it goes. that was a bridge connecting ohio and west virginia. it connected it for more than 80 years, demolished in seconds. 153 pounds of explosives were with used to implode the ft. stuben bridge. if took just seconds for it to hit the ohio river.
5:57 pm
it was closed to traffic three years ago as it began to deteriorate. a horrible accident near baltimore left a 13-year-old boy dead over the weekend. he fell out of a car and was hit by another car. >> debra winer spoke with the boy's mother who says the alcoholic drink four loco played a key role. >> reporter: it was clear that this middle schooler was well liked and had a lot of friends. that mefrnts a lot to family members who can't believe he's gone and how his life ended. >> he drank one of those energy drinks with alcohol in it, that all of these kids around here seem to think is okay. and he needed to vomit. he opened up the door and fell out and was run over. it could have been any one of these children out here. >> michael's friends told his mother it was the zwrink four loco, nicknamed blackout in a can.
5:58 pm
banned on some college campuses and not to be sold to minors. >> some adult out there purchased it. >> reporter: his mother said when his stepfather picked him up on saturday, they began turning on to southbound hartford road when michael opened the door, fell out and was struck. ♪ >> reporter: it's clear from his friends that while michael may have experimented with adult-like choices. he really was just a kid. >> we would with play tag in the hallways in school. i don't know how it's going to be like when i'm not in school with him. >> i lost the only son i'm ever going to have, because they wanted to party. and it's sad. it's just really sad. and i don't want to see another family have to go through this. >> that was debra weiner reporting. and that is it for news 4 at 5:00. thank you for joining us. news 4 at 6:00 starts right
5:59 pm
now. new details tonight about the woman who went airborne, crashing into a kfc restaurant. she's been in trouble for speeding before. down to the wire, and we'll tell you where this could be the most critical week yet in the race for the white house. >> nearly 300 drugs in short supply nationwide. there's good news for patient who is have been forced to wait for treatment. a cheap bracelet sparked one of the deadliest drive by shootings in d.c. history. that's the claim for prosecutors on the opening day of trial for five men accused in the violence. the rampage left five dead and several more wounded. pat collins is at d.c. superior court with details. pat? >> the numbers here are mind-boggling. this is a five defendant murder case. this trial could go on for three months. the opening statement bit prosecutor went on for


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