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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  February 21, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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a half hours. but then again he had a lot to talk about. the prosecutor went through a litany of violence and vengeance that led to one of the bloodiest weeks in the history of d.c. crime. march 30th, 2010. a drive by shooting on south capital street. the target mourners from a funeral. by the time it's over, four dead. six wounded. now that's the way it ended. but it began eight days earlier. jordan hough killed, two others wounded in a misdirected dispute over a missing fake diamond bracelet. revenge act i march 22nd, carter upset because he couldn't find his bracelet, he mistakenly thought jordan hough had something to do with is it. the prosecutor says he and his
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brother orlando go hammer five shots from a pistol, 28 shots from an ak-47. three blasts from a shotgun. jordan hough dead. two friends wounded. revenge act ii, march 23rd, the next day. friends of jordan hough shoot and wound orlando carter. he's treated and released and the prosecutor says he starts making plans to strike again. revenge act three, march 30th, the day of jordan how's funeral. the prosecutor says orlando carter and some coy horts it go out to shoot and kill as many friends of jordan hough's as they can. they drive up on a group of mourners and open fire. there was chaos on south capital street. other may hem, bodies
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everywhere. muriel is the grandmother of a young woman shot and wounded. a lot vengeance and a lot of violence. >> yes, for one piece of jewelry. that's all -- hearing that case out, that's all it was about, nothing else. >> reporter: now a word about the defense. one of the key witnesses for the prosecution, a man described as a cooperator, a man who says he was involved in all the murders. but the defense attorney says that key witness can't be trusted. he's just out to save himself. live at superior court, pat collins, news 4. >> thank you. jury dlib ragsz begin tomorrow in the trial at the university of virginia lacrosse player accused of murder. he's accused in the beating death of his ex-girlfriend yeardley love. prosecutors urged jurors to return a verdict of first or
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second degree murder. hughley's defense team called the death a tragic accident and asked them so consider the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. the woman who died after crashing into a fast food restaurant in landover, maryland has died now. she was going over 100 miles an hour, when she lost control of her car and slammed into a kfc restaurant. it happened yesterday on martin luther king junior highway. exclusive new details from a witness and a friend of a victim. darcie? >> reporter: take a look, the impact of the crash was so severe it literally bent a metal pole in half, and took out a metal fence. i was able to speak to some of her friends and relatives today. she had been going through some things. she had recently lost her job, and they're still trying to figure out how this could have happen happened. >> she going through so much stuff, she don't have nowhere to go.
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she was just upset. >> relatives are distraught over the loss of helena smith. she was the woman who lost control of her bmw on mlk highway, went airborne and slammed into a kfc restaurant last night in landover. >> i just don't knee. i wish she had been home or with me. >> excusive speed was a factor in the crash. and according to online court records, smith was ticketed a month ago for driving 91 miles per hour on the beltway. driving on a suspended license and driving on an expired registration. >> i can't pinpoint why would it happen, why did it happen? i can't pinpoint. she's not that type of person. >> reporter: smith was killed her passenger injured. the car hit another vehicle before striking the building, that driver was also hurt. fortunately, no one inside the restaurant was injured. >> she was loved by everyone. >> reporter: charlene middleton says smith used to stay with her in southeast washington at one
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point but hadn't seen her in about a month. >> tell us about your friendship or how you knew her? >> we had been friends for like 15 years. she was a down to earth person. >> reporter: curtis robinson was sitting here in the booth at the citgo station next to the kfc when he saw the bmw fly by. it missed him by a foot. >> i thought a plane landed. to find out it was a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed was shocking. >> reporter: the cause of this accident remains under investigation by prince georges county police. this is the restaurant here behind me. can you see this side has been boarded up. it remains closed for the time being. darcie spencer, news 4. kmujtd leaders are making a new effort to protect people from a recent rash of robberies in the restaurant. they've seen a 40% uptick in
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street robberies and violent crimes. in many cases the victim is walking at night and may be distract by their phone or mp3 players. the group handed out flirds to metro riders, warning them to be alert. >> i talked to two ladies that informed me they were standing at the bus stop. they have the headphones in both ears. at least take one out this way you can pay attention to your surroundings and know what's going on. >> police say they've made more than 100 arrests in connection with these recent crimes. republicans in michigan will vote in a residential primary next week. the outcome of the cases could decide who appears on the ballot against president obama in the fall. >> you should never disagree with an anchor, and don't take
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this personally. you have to take issue with what you just said. if you look at the consequences for mitt romney, in michigan his home state we may very well know which republican would be the one to take on president obama this coming tuesday. it's more than just michigan next week. arizona holds a primary, and rick santorum is there today. >> you can speak loudly on tuesday, that you want someone who's going to stand up and fight the insiders. fight the establishment. >> reporter: santorum is not surging in arizona polls, trails mitt romney and romney claimed his rival is fading. santorum was a lawmaker then a lobbyist. >> i don't think you can change washington if that's all you have ever known.
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>> is this dude serious? fiscal conservative? really? he voted to raise the debt extreming five times. >> reporter: watching republicans go after one another, president obama told voters he got the payroll tax cut extended. more take home every week. >> that $40 helps to pay the rent, the groceries, the rising cost of gas, which is on a lot of people's minds right now. >> reporter: yes, it is. record prices. >> national average today, $3.57. really unprecedented for this time year. high, high prices out there. >> reporter: is the price a political issue? republican candidates hope so. >> it was $1.89 when barack obama was sworn in. >> reporter: if i'm president, i will get the keystone pipeline and get us energy secure. >> reporter: mitt romney needs to get a win in michigan. he's pulling out the stops, romney and his super pac are spending huge dollars, mostly in
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michigan. 30 million dollars last month. nationwide the numbers just came out today. most of it on negative advertising. jim, back to you. >> corrections and finetuning are always welcome. so thank you. same sex marriage is one step closer to becoming legal in maryland tonight. the senate jusdicial committee voted and it moves to the house. last week the house narrowly passed its version of the bill. tomorrow marks six months since the 5.8 earthquake that rattled both nerves and buildings all up and down the east coast. extensive damage includes at least $15 million in repairs to the washington national cathedral. large stone pinnacles and other elements were shaken from their foundations on august 23rd. we're told it could take ten years to complete all the
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repairs. >> it's a labor of love for us. we've been here since the 1980s, since -- we helped construct part of the cathedral. and our blood and sweat is in this building. >> the cathedral will hold a news conference tomorrow to update the public on how much of that $15 million has been raised. coming up next, allegations of abuse rock a local zoo after a worker comes forwards to police. former head of the int international monetary fund is at the center of a new sex scandal. the dow soars to levels we haven't seen in years. what it may say about our economy. crowds haven't been this big since hurricane katrina. how about our weather? >> weather looking pretty good out there right now. the sun made its way out earlier, temperature reached 50 degrees today, that is nothing compared to where we're going to be in a couple days. the nationals get things started in spring training.
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the wizards finishing up their road trip on a sour neat. the caps are reeling
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hundreds of afghanis protested in afghanistan today over reports that copies of a
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koran and other islamic religious materials were burned there. protesters threw rocks at the gate and shouted die foreigners. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan has ordered an investigation. one military official says the books that were destroyed have been removed from the library at a nearby detention center, because they have been defaced with extremist messages written in them by the detainees there. dominique strauss-kahn was the head of the international monetary fund until an arrest in new york derailed his career. strauss-kahn was questioned by french police all day in connection with a suspected prostitution ring. in december his lawyer acknowledged strauss-kahn attended several parties but did not know the women at the parties were proszty toots. he was a front-runner for the french presidency until he was charged with sexually assaulting
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a housekeeper in new york. a second bailout package for greece today. the news sent stocks soaring. the $170 deal was reached in belgium this morning. there's hope it will help grease reduce its stagger iing decline. the dow reached the 13,000 level today, the first time it's done that in nearly four years. it dipped just a bit to just under 13,000 by the closing bell. the surge may just be temporary. they say unrest in the middle east and soaring gas prices could reverse all those gaines. to new orleans, where one of our nation's biggest parties is underway right now. thousands of people are in the french quarter celebrating fat tuesday. jay gray is in the middle of that action. we hear retailers are happy with the big turnout down there. >> reporter: no question about that, doreen, it is quite a
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party. the crowds and chaos building on bourbon street behind me. the french quarter filled with revellers on this fat tuesday. hundreds of thousands getting the most out of their mardi gras experience here. the rhythm of new orleans is full on festival right now. >> mardi gras, carnival. dress as you please, please come out, who dat. >> it's a fair question as you wander through the crowd in the french quarter, a place on fat tuesday where you can see just about anything from superheroes and villains, to nights in full body types. pigs, pirates and police. this is not a costume. ghostbusters, babies, pink wigs and dresses. >> it's fun, it's good times it's a party. it's a big party.
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it's the biggest party in the city. >> reporter: and big business. >> new orleans is going for a renaissance of sorts right now. the investment into the community. the direct impact into the community will be close to $200 million, but the party and those profits can't mask lingering problems just across the river. >> hopefully one day a change will come. >> reporter: instead of floats, banners and beads, mardi gras here is filled with damage, debris and a sense of desperation. >> they should come down to the ninth ward, knock some of these houses down that are not serving a purpose. >> reporter: mardi gras serves a vital purpose. the money is making its way to the hardest hit areas. still, with work left to do, most everyone's agreeing, it's important that this party and
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the profits continue to grow. a live look at the sea of revellers pouring over bourbon street right now. not too close. frankly you never know what you might see in this crowd of people on bourbon street. it's without question the strongest mardi gras since hurricane kwa trina. they expect more than a million visitors, a direct economic impact of almost $200 million. that's the latest live from the french quarter, jay gray, doreen back to you. >> they still have hours to go down there, don't they?
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>> they sure do. down in new orleans, it's 70 degrees or so. how about 70 degrees for us. >> we'll take it. >> we'll have to take it, that's what's coming over the next couple days. we'll see temperatures tomorrow, 10 degrees warmer than they were today. thursday, 10 degrees warmer than they were tomorrow. we have warmer temperatures out there right now. there is a mardi gras parade going on a little bit later on. enjoying that later on tonight, temperatures a little on the cool side. make sure you take a jacket, a big warmup is coming. you got that right. a low of 32. most of you woke up with temperatures in the 20s early this morning. even the low 20s, we're not going to see those numbers again over the next couple days. what we are going to be seeing is warmer temperatures that make their way in here as a result of southwesterly winds that make their way in here as well. we're currently sitting at that
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49 degree mark with windses out of the south at 13 miles an hour. temperatures will be helped by those winds becoming more southwesterly tomorrow and into thursday. 45 in most areas. temperatures will not fall off as fast as they did last night because of the winds. storm 4 radar all clear right now. you go back to the west, this was the storm that came through during the day today. there were a couple light sprinkles toward the chess peak, one thing you notice, this storm moving on out of here, look at this little piece of energy right in here around chicago. one piece of energy here, then another one, there's another one back to the west, the little pieces of energy are going to help them continue to bring up the warm air out of the south. if you'd like waxer weather, you're going to get 70 degrees right now in jackson, mississippi, 61 right now in atlanta. 66 in jacksonville, florida. they're going to see those numbers go up, we're going to see ours go up too.
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there's the frontal boundary we saw during the day today. i think we'll see partly cloudy skies. not anticipating rain. it is going to be on the warm side, here comes the frontal boundary, a shower or two overnight, into tomorrow evening. that's really about it. on thursday, we get really warm and i anticipate some of you being in the low 70s, it may be the same people that just sought snow. as we make our way through the evening tonight, this is what you can expect, mostly cloudy skies and mostly clear now. that's what we've seen, 40 to 47 degrees. tomorrow morning, you wake up to partly cloudy skies across the area. 32 to 37 degrees, not too cold. tomorrow afternoon starting mostly cloudy, breezy but mild, with some sunshine. here's the next couple days showing you the temperature, 70 on thursday. 60 on friday with a good chance of rain on friday. we cool off to where we are this time of year, average is 48
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degrees. we'll be there on saturday and on sunday. >> so thursday's going to be the best day of the week? >> it's looking that way. especially if we get some sunshine. coming up tonight. hundreds of drugs throughout the country in short supply, tonight the federal government is stepping in and offering a solution to patients fighting cancer. a custody fight we've never
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d.c.'s ticket amnesty program that ended last month, has collected a smaller amount of money than expected. they collected nearly $5 million in unpaid traffic tickets and fines under the amnesty program. that's according to the washington examiner. when the program kicked off last summer, the department expected $6 million in fines would be raised. the dmv said some people are using the payment plan, so the money is still coming in. it was back to school for kids at anna costa senior high school today. a fire ripped through the building causing damage. school officials determined it was safe for everyone to go back. the fire broke out on the roof, which was under construction. students were in class at the time, but everybody got out safely.
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a bizarre custody battle. a woman says she was tricked into giving up custody her own daughter. her name is christie, she's 29 years old. lives in plymouth meeting, pennsylvania. she met her baby's father through online dating. she says he told her he was a wealthy divorced businessman who worked for the cia. after dating a few months, they were talking about marriage. and gaffney got pregnant. she claims the father whose real name is emmitt convinced her to sign some papers ensuring his parental rights. it turns out they were papers giving up all her rights to the child. >> i felt like someone stabbed me. it was a nightmare. i couldn't believe he would actually -- that anybody would actually do something so horrib horrible. >> turns out he was married, he and his wife are in the process of adopting the child.
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gaffney is going to court to stop that. emmitt doesn't want a private matter to be played out in the media. he'll abide by whatever the courts decide is the best interests of his daughter. a new witness came forward revealing new details about a case of road rage on a maryland highway. a popular petting zoo under investigation of allegations of animal cruelty. local voters weigh-in on the casino on the potomac. the capitals struggles reach a season low, and the owner doesn't like it one bit. meanwhile, down at spring training, everybody's happy on the nationals, the sunrises
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opening statements got underway today in the trial of five men charged in one of the deadliest shootings in d.c. history. five people killed in the rampage on south capital street in 2010. several others were wounded. the violence all started after an argument over a bracelet. the police have identified the driver who died after crashing her car into a kentucky fried tick chicken in landover maryland yesterday.
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she was going over 100 miles an hour when she lost control of the car and it slammed into the restaurant. according to online court records, smith was ticketed a month ago for speeding and driving on a suspended license. one week to go before the michigan and arizona primaries, mitt romney is ahead in arizona, but michigan is a battleground state and it's idea a must win for him. rick santorum has a slim lead. now here's doug with the forecast. >> pretty good across the area. currently sitting at 49 degrees right now. a little on the breezy side. winds gusting up to 20 to 30 miles an hour right now. the winds are going to make things a little cooler when you step out this evening. rockville right now coming 234 with a temperature of 47 degrees, out there toward resto. over toward prince georges county, you're coming in at 48 degrees. but how about a 20 degree temperature jump in the next few days, plus our chances of rain in the full forecast.
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one person faces charges tonight after a violent road rage attack in anne arundel county. >> tonight we're hearing new details about what led up to the bloody confrontation. chris gordon has our report. >> the two heavily damaged vehicles were towed away after crash landing in a drainage ditch following a fight and stabbing. it started on route 3 north when the 44-year-old man who was driving the ford explorer and his wife got out and exchanged seats. andy bailey who works on route 3, tells us what he saw. >> the wladdy got out of the passenger side, she was walking toward the driver's side of the vehicle. she got to the back of the vehicle for a couple seconds or something, and ran around and jumped in the passenger side and that's when we saw the two vehicles -- the pt cruiser drove off and it was honking the horn. >> reporter: the man driving the ford explorer with his wife and
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children inside. >> words were exchanged, they continued for a couple intersections, that's when the driver of the ford explorer exited his vehicle, approached the passenger. that's when the passenger subsequently stabbed the driver of the ford explorer. >> reporter: anne arundel county police have charged ross brandon sudbrook with first and second degree assault, reckless endangerment, and caring a dangerous weapon with intent to injure. the suv pursued the pt cruiser, forcing off the road. the two cars collide and ended up in this ditch ppt driver of the suv had been stabbed. he then got into a fight with a passenger of the pt cruiser. >> came out of the car, rushed over to another guy. and he struck that gentleman in the face to incap as taillight him. he stumbled around and the police ap henhooded him. >> reporter: both the stabbing victim and his alleged asail an the were transported to the
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hospital. so was the woman driver of the pt cruiser and two passengers from the suv who suffered injuries in the collision. reporting from anne arundel county, this is chris gordon news 4. >> everyone's expected to survive their injuries. the investigation continues there could be more charges. crews with the virginia department of transportation were back on the road today, inspecting those overhead highway signs. this move comes after one of the signs came crashing down on to a pickup truck on i-66 ten days ago. three more signs were taken down over the weekend along i-95 as a precaution. vdot says they're looking for cracked anchor bolts which were found on the sign that collapsed. crews have inspected about 50 of the signs so far. they have about 200 more to go. the inspections will continue into march. a troubling investigation at the reston zoo tonight. fairfax county officials are looking into investigations of
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animal cruelty after an employee says the zoo's director drowned a sick animal. >> reporter: the zoo was home to hundreds of animals, was a wallaby like this one that's creating controversy. according to a search warrant an unnamed employee told a fairfax county officer, he placed the sick kangaroo like creature in a crate at the zoo last thursday. he later saw an empty crate next to the water spigot with a five gallon bucket of water. the employee says he jumped into a dumpster and found a trash bag with a dead, wet wallaby. when animal control officers questioned the zoo director, she was told a different story. documents say the zoo director claimed she humanely euthanized the wallaby, using an iv injection. the zoo does not legally have the permits or training to administer the drug. >> it's extremely regulated. these drugs are not given out to
6:36 pm
anybody. >> reporter: a former northern virginia officer says not having the proper training or state certification is a no-no. >> if it's a zoo, they have to have a vet on staff. they didn't have a vet on staff, then the euthanasia wasn't done. >> reporter: attempts to contact the unnamed zoo director were unsuccessful. a woman whop answered the phone quickly hung up and said no comment. no animal cruelty charges have been filed against the reston zoo. fairfax county officials will only say they're still investigating. in reston, jane watrell, news 4. there's a new poll out today that shows strong support for plans to bring a las vegas style casino to prince georges county. the county executive proposed a billion dollar venue for national harbor. according to a poll by an outfit called opinion works, 57% of
6:37 pm
voter voters like the idea. overwhelmingly they -- those who were polled believe that voters should make the decision. county executive baker says the plan could generate 5,000 new jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue. coming up on news 4 politics is a four letter word. a move to quit cursing. a warning before you go in the knife. dangers practiced on thousands of surgeons admit to off the clock. some of the biggest
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good afternoon, everybody. i'm doug kammerer, right here in storm center four, watching a pretty good day out there during the day. cloud cover early, a little bit of a cooling. sunshine after that frontal boundary. you can see the big blue thing right there, that's our cold front that came through earlier today. that allowed for sunshine during the afternoon, and tomorrow we'll see a front move through. that will bring in warm air ahead of it, near 60 degrees, we could see a slight chance of a shower tomorrow evening as that moves on by. behind that one, even warmer air, we're talking about temperatures near 70 degrees on thursday, thursday looking very
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nice. friday, however, a different story. we'll talk about that coming up. federal health officials have taken steps to ease the severe shortage of two crucial cancer drugs. meth thou methotrexate and doxil have been approved. some have had to wait for a prescription others have been taken off their meds. >> oh, gee, mom can't have this life saving drug because they're not making it. >> it's hard enough to hear that your child has cancer, but to hear the treatment that's working is not available? is devastating. >> there are almost 300 medications in short supply nationwide. researchers in washington did a survey of more than 7,000 surgeons about their drinking habits. the study found that about 15%
6:42 pm
of them suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence. among the reasons given are the exhaustion from long hours on the job. female surgeons outnumber their male counterparts by more than 10%. dan's here with a look at what's ahead in sports. one unhappy owner. perhaps the ugliest capitals loss of the season. d.c. united signs their star to a big new contract. hope springs eternal, the national pitchers and
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everything around him is crumbling, both teams. >> they were overwhelmed. we're talking about the capitals, first off, last night was like a game of limbo. how low can you go for the capitals. they went low, man. they got clubbed 5-0 by the worst team in the eastern conference. that's pretty low, not exactly a sign a playoff team, let alone a stanley cup contender. the loss smelled especially bad to the owner who said this was the worst game of the season, we needed to come up big, we came up small. winning a game on the road like that is unacceptable. a 5-0 loss. a true stinker p.m. dale's team has been outscored 16-8 in the last five games, problems last night started early, right after giving up a power play goal. marcus johansson coughed it up. stewart beat okung. okung gave up two goals in just
6:46 pm
over five minutes of action. here comes michael neuvirth. he would not fair any better. look at this bad pass. another turnover, eric stahl on the break with a yeah. the hurricanes shut out the capitals 5-0. washington has now lost 10 of its last 14 games with the trade deadline approaching. the capitals need to shake something up, you can be assured that they will. friday when the nationals position players are set to report to spring training, nearly everybody is already there. the national facility in florida already bustling with expectations for the nationals, higher than they have ever been. the nationals have been picked by many of the experts to make the playoffs this year, hard to believe for a team that's never had a winning season. they didn't add much via free agency. it's the pitching that has people so excited. geo gonzalez, a young starter
6:47 pm
who has already been an all-star, the national's biggest offseason position. >> if we can at least try to sniff the playoffs, you can get to, i would be more than happy to. i want to push the limit, i want to see how it feels to be a playoff, i want to see how it feels to play in the world series. they said it's a different world, it's a different league. so my goal is to try to aim that high and stay that high. i don't want to go any lower than that, i think that if washington took a chance on me, i want to show them that i'm worth it. >> picking this team to make the playoffs, a little bit surprising considering they're playing one of the toughest divisions in baseball. it really does give us hope, doesn't it? >> you guys are really jacked up about this team and the prospects. >> i'm trying to be realistic, but how can you not be? can you imagine baseball playoffs in this town? >> wouldn't that be nice?
6:48 pm
>> i'm afraid to get too -- >> i know. let's come back down to reality. >> okay. >> absolutely. >> now, we have to go back to the wizards, who ended their road trip with a thud in phoenix, the suns were celebrating from start to finish in this one. some of the young guys did play well for the wizards, like trevor booker doing some thijss here in the paint. a little pump fake, floater, gets that to go, booker had 16 points, the wizards were up by one in the third quarter. then the suns went on a monster run. gortat had a big game. the suns on cruise control after that. 104-88 was the final. the wizards haven't beaten phoenix in six years, what was the problem in that third quarter, coach? >> selfish, what would happen, we became selfish. we didn't share the ball. tried to do everything one on
6:49 pm
one, a good team like phoenix is going to take that away from you. that's all it was. i'm not going to put up with that. that's something we haven't been doing. and i believe we were up one, going on a spree of most unselfish or selfish basketball i've seen since i've taken over. and i got to find the right people to play the right way. i'm not letting that slip back in. great move by d.c. united. getting last season's mvp a new contract. not only is he the reigning mvp, he's one of the best players in mls history. he had 16 goals and assisted on 11 more enroute to winning the 2011 golden boot as league's top scorer. he's getting a little older, could he be effective as he
6:50 pm
approaches 34? >> you might think there's nothing left. i think there's something left. there's another mvp, champion ship, all-star, league cup. there's so much to play for. i wouldn't waste my time if that wasn't the case. like i said, i play to be successful and win championships, and that's what i come here to do. >> got to lock up the mvp. georgetown on the road at seton hall tonight. virginia visits virginia tech, and maryland hosts miami. the terps coming off a 27-point loss to the cavaliers in charlottesville. after that, not so happy trip home, they hope for a much needed win tonight. >> our bus was silent for three hours coming home. really the only one talking was me, i was venting to my assistant. everyone else was pretty distraught of our performance.
6:51 pm
that's a good sign. and we were all not very happy with the way we performed. i expect it to bounce back. hopefully play better. i don't know what the results will be, but hopefully play better. >> probably going to be a sliver of the coach voting for him on comcast. >> you talk about these guys being so old. >> 34. >> younger than all of us. >> it's all relative, right? a battle
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does possibility and is it true? there's a report this evening, the first of the japanese earthquake debris has arrived on the west coast. we'll ask our veteran correspondents. the president and the first lady are celebrating black history month at the white house with the focus on the blues. ♪ >> the day began with a student workshop hosted by michelle obama about the history of the blues in america. middle and high school students from around the country met. the celebration will continue with a star studded event
6:55 pm
tonight. nearly a dozen music legends will perform, including b.b. king and mick jagger. there's a new database that allows for people to such for virginia slaves. it's a free web sfs that allows users the opportunity to access personal information about enslaved virginians. users can search through the website through a variety of key words such as name, occupation and/or plantation names. slave owners are also categorized and documented. the d.c. council is going to try to clean up its act. they adopted a new rule today that prohibits cursing during public meetings. the movement was with sparked by a recent heated exchange between two members. there certainly was no cursing around the children
6:56 pm
tuesday. ♪ students from kimball elementary promoted healthy eating by serving breakfast to councilmembers. the council recently had been plagued with angry exchanges and, yes, cursing, so much so that the chairman, trying to regain control, offered a rules change. >> refrain from using profane lanks at one another or the council as an institution. >> the rule passed with no discussion. >> is there any discussion? >> several councilmembers were openly disdainful of the need for new rules. >> i will be honest with you, i'm not apologizing for that outburst. i meant every word i said. >> reporter: the council is plagued with ethics problems, and he said too few members publicly criticized harry thomas, jr., when he pleaded guilty to felony stealing from the public. >> i've grown weary of the
6:57 pm
constant scandals and the outrageous conduct of many of the members. the most recent of which has plead guilty to stealing. >> i didn't hear any cussing today. >> i didn't expect to. did you expect to? >> chairman brown who several members privately criticized for losing control of the council says he just wants respectful public meetings. >> we want to make sure residents know open meetings -- we would like the same conduct as in the legislature. >> in washington, tom sherwood, news 4. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, new warnings about that new car smell and why it actually could be harmful. a new program that's providing a good night's sleep for parents facing unique challenges. we sit down tonight and talk before that. and the opposition to speed cameras online. it could be a little chilly
6:58 pm
this evening, not too cold out there, not like it was last night by this time -- by 11:00, most of you were in the 20s last night. we're not going to see that. still, take a look at this shot, if you don't think spring has come early, take a look, bees already out, i saw a bee in january this year. that's how warm we have been, the pollen on that bee too, is a problem. 47 degrees is the current temperature out there right now, winds gusting to 26 miles an hour, it will be a little on the breezy side this evening. we had a frontal boundary moving on through the region, now we're seeing clearing skies, that's about it. we'll take you through the next couple days here, you can see by tomorrow morning around 6:30, 7:00 in the morning, all clear, no problems at all, i think you'll be okay to step out the door tomorrow morning, temperatures around 37 degrees in washington. 37 in gaithersburg, and 30 in manassas, and i just have to get through the next four days if i can. 70 on thursday, 60 on friday, and cooling off for the weekend. >> it looks so good, you wanted
6:59 pm
to show it again. the u.s. forces first went into afghanistan in october 2001. since the start of the war there, 15,380 service members have been wound toad seriously to return to duty. many of them are brought to walter reed medical center, they spend months in our area or even longer. corporal mike mickelson is one of them. he's 22 years old, last year he lost both legs and an arm in afghanistan. after 23 surgeries and months of rehabilitation at walter reed, he went home to tampa, florida for the first time on sunday. nearly 1,000 people turned out at the airport to greet him. and that's not all. volunteers have been working for months to renovate his childhood home to suit his needs. corporal


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