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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: well, jim, we also have an update now on the condition of mary marguerite kohn. we are told she is on life support now pending the donation of her organs. so it doesn't look like she is going to recover. it looks like she will also bestow the gift of life upon people whom she never knew and that is just another sad, ironic twist to the tragedy that happened yesterday in this little church on the hill. police say 56-year-old douglas franklin jones had sought and received help from the church but for some reason his attitude toward st. peter's episcopal church changed. >> it is our understanding that over a period of time he became difficult and challenging for the staff there, belligerent. he was described as argumentative and they recently asked him not to return. >> but police believe he did come back to exact revenge. around 5:00 thursday evening a janitor discovered the bodies of 62-year-old marguerite mary kohn, a co-rector of the church
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and a 59-year-old church administrator brenda brewington. both women were shot. brewington died at the scene. in a wooded area near the church police found douglas jones with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he, too, was dead. >> we also located a camp site there so we believe he was living there. >> jones once lived in this house adjacent to the church. meanwhile another pitch pip congregation nearby has opened its doors to the st. peter's parishioners as they too cope with the loss. >> we are in the middle of our easter season where people who believe that death doesn't have the final word and new life is always happening in god so we'll hold out that message. st. john's rector says she has known mary marguerite kohn for years and that she dedicated herself to her work with the church. >> we are in a broken world filled with lots of sadness and suffering and we need god's help. >> reporter: the accomplishments of both ms. brewington, a tireless supporter ofur day school and friend to the whole parish, mary marguerite, a beloved minister and counselor
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to both our parishes and the trauma across the country is too numerous to mention. please hold them in your prayers. >> reporter: church members now are starting to arrive here for a service that will be held any minute now. this again will be the start of a long healing process for the folks here and throughout this community after this tragedy in ellicott city. that's where we're live, news 4. back to you. >> thanks, derrick. d.c. firefighters working on a house fire now on a partial building collapse in the 1300 block of girard street northwest. >> jackie bensen joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: we're going to show you what it looks like down there. you can see the firefighters still and i believe this is more than an hour after this fire was first called in, still pouring water on the building there which we understand is a small apartment building, perhaps, certainly a very large building. now we are told that one d.c. firefighter was injured. his injuries are described as
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nonlife threatening. he was transported to a local hospital by ambulance and we can tell you that once this building was fully consumed in flames, we're understanding it just pancakes down on itself and collapsed. that presents a very dangerous situation for the firefighters because of course these are town houses that are all joined together and that presents a structural problem. right now there are a tremendous amount of streets closed in the columbia heights area. harvard street, girard street, 14th street. all these areas are heavily affected. there are fire trucks everywhere. there are hoses that are pulled across various streets. and it's just a mess right now. metro buses can't get up 14th street so if you're planning on coming through this area during rush hour, don't do it. now, again, at this point all we know is that one firefighter was injured but there -- it's not clear. we don't know if anyone was home at the time but there are no other injuries reported in this
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fire. when we get more information we'll bring it you to. i'm jackie bensen reporting live in columbia heights. back to you. >> jackie, we understand it is somebody of prominence in the district area who owns that house? >> jim, i think you're asking me the question of do we know who owns the house. >> correct. >> reporter: what i hear is that it is owned and this is very bad news because this is somebody i've known for over 20 years, very well respected community activist dorothy brazill. she is incredibly well loved by her neighbors all of them here on the street when they heard that it was her house were upset, asking if she is okay. we understand, again, no one was in the house at the time. but knowing dorothy, knowing, you know, how attached she is to the city, how attached she is to her home, this has got to be devastating for her and, you know, everyone is talking about how they have her in their prayers and they just want to put an arm around her and give her a hug because nobody wants
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this to happen to their home. >> indeed not. jackie bensen, thanks. a man is behind bars in arlington accused of sexually assaulting a woman who was out walking her dog. police say the attack happened last night on north vermont street. 27-year-old nathanial lovett is accused of coming up behind the woman and sexually assaulting her around 9:00 p.m. the woman struggled and got away. police say lovett was found at the nearby boston commons mall allegedly trying to change into some stolen clothes. he's being held without bond. there are new sex abuse allegations tonight against french economist dominique strauss-kahn involving a hotel here in d.c. investigators in france are reviewing accusations that strauss-kahn may have been involved in a rape during a sex party in 2010. according to the "new york times" that party happened at the "w" hotel in#]j washington. strauss-kahn's lawyers say their client denies any violence against women. strauss-kahn is alreadyf a trial in new york involving a
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hotel maid who was suing him for sexual assault. a woman who identifies herself as the colombia prostitute at the center of the secret service scandal spoke publicly for the first time today. her name is donia suarez. she told the colombian radio show she spent the night with an agent she met at a disco. she says she could have stolen whatever she wanted from the agent's room because he was asleeping most of the time. she also says that before she went to his hotel he agreed to pay her $800 but then changed his mind in the morning and kicked her out of his room. meanwhile, congressman peter king says he would like to know why secret service investigators reviewing the incident have not been able to locate and interview suarez. the economy was president obama's focus today during a visit to a local high school. this morning the president got a warm welcome from the students at washington lee high school in arlington. the president told students that there is still some work to be done to get the economy going. he was there to promote a bid to freeze interest rates on federal
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student loans. mr. obama will be in richmond tomorrow kicking off his 2012 campaign. but republican presidential candidate mitt romney painted a decidedly less rosie picture in his take on the april jobs report. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with that part of the story. steve? >> reporter: hi, doreen. thanks. good evening. job wise today this is all about the dropouts. people who were no longer looking for work. here is a stunning statistic. the share of americans now seaboarding work is down to just 64%. it is the lowest in more than 60 years. as the mostly bad news on jobs broke, president obama tried positive spin. >> that our economy created 130,000 private sector jobs in april. >> reporter: 15,000 government jobs were lost.(1 mitt romney focused on the down side. >> as a matter of fact only 115,000 net new jobs were created. that was well beneath what was expected. it should have been in the
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hundreds of thousands. but it wasn't. >> reporter: romney is right on the april jobs numbers and on the problem. the unemployment rate dropped 0.1 to 8.1 not because more people got hired. more americans gave up looking for jobs. they weren't counted. but some of them retired and some economists see solid job gains just ahead. >> it wouldn't be at all surprising if unemployment were definitively below 8% by the end of the year. >> reporter: with that number over eight no u.s. president running for re-election has ever won. barack obama knows it. >> there are still a lot of folks out ofwork, which means we've got to do more. >> reporter: mitt romney knows it. >> this is a time when america wants to have someone who knows what it takes to create jobs and get!ña again. >> reporter: will unemployment drop below 8% in june, july, august? >> that has to change over the summer. it can't wait until the fall to impact the election. >> reporter: a close race that could be decided by 0.1 change
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in the jobs number. and the so-called headline number will probably have the biggest impact. will it be 8 like it is now? 8.1% unemployment? or something in the 7s? fromg7a i'm steve handelsman. >> thank you, steve. today the governor of maryland called a special legislative session for may 14th. lawmakers failed to pass an income tax package during the regular session. that triggered $512 million in cuts. most of those cuts in education and public services. governor martin o'malley says he is also considering a special session to address the issue of casinos this summer. a woman in bladensburg could spend 65 years in prison. she was convicted of arranging for her mother to be doused with acid while holding her toddler. a jury found tamera jackson guilty on four counts today including second-degree assault and reckless endangerment. jackson was angry at the victim
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who was dating her ex-boyfriend. this happened back in 2010. prosecutors say jackson convinced a friend to carry out the attack in a parking lot in oxon hill. the victim was scarred but she says she and her daughter are doing fine. >> i'm not angry anymore. i've already forgiven her. so that was important to me to first forgive and i already have forgiven so to see her today i just pray that she gets help. she needs help. >> jackson will be sentenced in august. the woman who threw the acid pleaded guilty back in july. she testified against jackson. she is also awaiting sentencing. maryland lawmakers found out if they could take the heat in college park today. prince george's county firefighters hosted the second annual fire ops 101 program at the maryland fire and rescue institute. county executives baker and allman along with dozens of other elected officials learned to suit up and use some of the equipment firefighters use every day to save lives. governor o'malley was on hand to watch his fellow lawmakers test
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their firefighting skills. the storm is bouncing all over the place out there today. doug, are we clear yet or what? >> not quite yet. just about everybody to the west of the potomac right now is on the clear side but if you're in southern maryland right now you are under the gun across the area. let's take a look at the numbers. 78 degrees right now out at the airport. winds out of the south at 14 miles an hour. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies but we are starting to see the sun pop out to the west of i-95. 81 degrees, back to 81 in leesburg. 79 in martinsburg. 79 in culpepper. down to 76 with some rain around la plata. let's look at the radar. you can see how the rain has made its way through parce of northern virginia across the potomac now in toward southern maryland around waldorf seeing fairly heavy rain there. some of this is starting to die down just a little bit but it's right along 301 around brandywine down through pinefield around the waldorf area. one thing i do not see any more of is lightning. we did see some lightning with this. wouldn't be surprised if you still hear some thunder from time to time as this continues to move on toward the east right around, this is going to come
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around the patuxent river here at any moment here around lower marlboro so watch out for that. heavy rain continuing to move out. temperatures over the next couple days will be going up. we'll talk about those numbers in just a couple minutes. also coming up we aren't the only ones dealing with storms. find out where the weather has created a dangerous situation plus a news 4 exclusive. former first lady laura bush returned to washington to talk about a personal fight that's near and dear to her heart. we have the story of a lost wallet and the family treasure that was returned more than six decades later. ♪ and a pioneer in the hip hop music world has died. we'll look back at the life of beastie boys
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♪ >> music world today mourning the death of beaste boys rapper adam yauch also known as mca. he and his bandmates helped bring hip hop into the main stream in the '80s starting with the album "licensed to ill." yauch announced he was battling cancer in 2009. but a cause of death has not yet been announced. adam yauch was only 47 years old. close call in china today when a rock slide completely blocked a national highway in
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tibet. somebody was able to capture this video as dozens of boulders came crashing down on to the road. boy, look at that. it happenedyesterday. that highway rock slide was cause bide heavy rain. nobody was injured. crews are trying to clear off the boulders. work has been delayed by even more rain and more falling rocks. there is another twist in the case of a dissident at the center of a diplomatic standoff between the u.s. and china. the dissident is chen guangcheng. today in beijing chinese officials indicated chen may be permitted to leave china to study in the u.s. the state department says a university in the u.s. has offered chen a fellowship that also makes provision for his family. the school is new york university according to one of chen's friends. the diplomatic standoff began more than a week ago after chen escaped house arrest and sought refuge in the u.s. embassy. former first lady laura bush says her life has changed since leaving washington. she was back in town for a specialejr the
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national mall and that's where she met barbara harrison for exclusive interview this morning. >> from end to end from the white house to the lincoln memorial all the way to the capitol and back to the white house is almost 7 miles so that is a very good walk for someone who lives at the white house. >> reporter: when she was living at the white house former first lady laura bush says walking that seven-mile round trip was one of her favorite things to sneak out and do very early in the morning. and it's the national mall that brought her back to washington this week. >> i did have a luncheon for the trust for the national mall and i want everyone to know about it because i think everybody can raise some money for the trust. over 24 million people a year come to our national mall so you can imagine that number of people, the wear and tear on the mall. >> reporter: her five-year commitment to lead that effort is not the only thing keeping laura bush busy. she was last in town a few months ago with a group from egypt for her women's initiative
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project. >> we're thinking about other countries in the middle east where we really believe women will lead in the democracy movements. >> reporter: and washington is on her agenda again for later this month when she'll join her husband and former president clinton to push for the completion of the national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> those heroes on flight 93 saved us really. they saved the people in washington and really had the capitol been hit it would have been such a blow for our country. >> reporter: you have been very busy since you left the white house. busier than the eight years in washington? >> definitely not but i am busy. george and i are both enjoying our life of retirement. >> reporter: so what is life like after washington? >> i go to the grocery store. i go shopping. i do everything obviously. >> reporter: as busy as she is these days she still likes to get in that walk especially when she's visiting washington.
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on the national mall, barbara harrison, news 4. >> bye-bye. thanks. severe weather across michigan left someplaces under water there. some people living outside detroit woke up this morning to flooded streets. they got more than 5 inches of rain last night. heavy rains flooded roads in flint, michigan. some drivers stranlded in their cars. a trucker had to be rescued by crews using a boat. parts of two interstates were shut down. no major reports of any major injuries. we had a little stormy weather coming through this -- about the middle of the day right? >> yeah. >> how is it going now? >> starting to make its way out to the east. right now the only areas really affected are in toward portions of southern maryland. some of you though did see upwards of a half inch to an inch of rain and again we need to see that rain out there. out there right now we're looking at some sunshine peeking through the clouds. we'll continue to see some clearing in parts of the area. if you're thinking about heading out this evening i think you're looking good across the area over the next couple hours. we should be on the dry side for just about everybody.
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84 degrees the high temperature today. very warm. very humid. a lot of people complaining about the humidity. d it is the month of may. only may 4th. we're talking about humidity that would normally be here in the months of july or august. average high temperature 72. so well above that. 0.12 inch of rain during the day today and still over 4.5 inches below average. we need to see some of the rain. it does look like we'll have another chance overnight tonight and into tomorrow but still not a real good chance any time soon. 82 in leesburg. 79 in manassas. 85 down toward fredericksburg. that was the high temperature there. still 75 degrees over there toward annapolis so a very warm and humid afternoon. all across the region. currently, 78 degrees. dew point of 60. winds out of the south right now at 14 miles an hour under mostly cloudy skies. as far as the temperatures around the area. 79 winchester. martinsburg 76. la plata just seeing some rain move through and only 68 right now over toward annapolis. here is where the rain is. notice that's it. this little band of rain.
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the last band to come through and we'll zoom on in. this is still right around the waldorf area starting to die down just a little bit. that's good news here because we didn't see, we did see some lightning a little bit earlier. we're not seeing that. we just would like to see the rain. brand new rain. pine field around the waldorf area. that is the area seeing the rain now. then over toward the east around lower marlboro and then right along the patuxent river. this will move into calvert county but by that time i expect it to be light to moderate rain instead of heavier rain we saw just around the waldorf area over toward fort belvoir and mount vernon. as we widen out there are some more showers. back to the west this is a cold front making its way down from the north. that will come through overnight tonight. i do think we'll see some showers. i think we'll see some storms. maybe between say 11:00 and maybe 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning tomorrow morning and then that frontal boundary moves down to the south. if it moves far enough to the south, quick enough, tomorrow could be a fantastic day. right now latest computer models have most of the rain south of
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washington but that does include southern maryland, areas around fredericksburg, maybe around quantico and over toward warranton. to the north of washington if you live in northern maryland or west virginia i think you'll stay dry just about all day tomorrow so don't worry about your plans there. but to the south of washington about a 50% chance of rain. the good news is that sunday is looking spectacular. highs in the low 70s. plenty of sunshine. i think sunday is going to be a beautiful day. now tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. showers possible. continued mild. 60 to about 67 degrees. tomorrow afternoon not bad. mostly cloudy. showers and storms. but the best chance will be south and even there do not expect a washout. you may get a quick, heavy downpour but then that's moving on out and that is about it. temperatures between 80 and 85 degrees. i would not expect any games to be canceled whether soccer, t-ball, football, or flag football or frisbee, golf, i don't know. 75 on your sunday. 73 on monday. 75 again on tuesday. temperatures move back from the 80s where they've been back into
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the 70s. but that's exactly where we should be this time of year. the next best chance of rain comes late tuesday into the day on wednesday. that one i'm hoping will bring us a really good chance for rain as we make our way into next week. >> going to clear up to see the amazing moon tomorrow night? >> i'm hoping we get that front far enough south that we clear out and see the super moon coming up. it is going to be cool to see. >> okay. on my schedule. >> it's going to rise when the sun is setting too. really a cool thing. >> thanks, doug. coming up tonight the news 4 i-team took a close look at the safety of highway signs but found a problem with more than just the signs. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of northwest washington where fire has destroyed the home of d.c. community activist dorothy brazill. we'll get an update next. coming up in sports nats manager davie johnson knows exactly how they can take back the park. the capitals' most physical player talks about game four against the rangers. r.g. iii and the rest of the redskins rookies at rookie
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breaking news in the district. a huge house fire in the 1300 block of girard street northwest. that's in the columbia heights neighborhood. at one point that building collapsed. one firefighter was injured, taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. news 4 has learned the house
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belongs to long-time d.c. community activist dorothy brazill. she was not at home when the fire broke out. there is a developing story involving a deadly case of road rage in fairfax county late this morning in the 7100 block of harrison lane. authorities say a woman died after a confrontation with another driver. pat collins reports. >> reporter: police are describing this as a case of road rage. they say they're now looking for a third vehicle, a black suv with temporary tags that fled the scene. this is what it looked like earlier after police got there. harrison lane, hybla valley. an eerie sight here. a car covered in black plastic. next to it a lexus suv headed northbound in the southbound lanes. police say the man driving the lexus was just a witness. they say the woman in the car
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covered in plastic got in an exchange of words with someone in the chevy suv. she got out of her car and then something bad happened, something violent happened that took her life. police are trying to unravel the mystery. is it possible she was struck by the other car? >> it's possible she was struck by the other car. it is possible she wasr another person. those are the questions that our detectives are looking into. >> reporter: police say the man driving that suv stayed on the scene.'regko cf1 in the meantime in the neighborhood a great sense of concern about this deadly encounter. >> you hear about road rage and a whole rack of accidents going on every day but just to see something like this around my neighborhood is crazy. >> i've grown up here and lived here for the last 40 years. i don't remember it being anything like this. >> reporter: investigators carefully pulling the protective tarp off the victim's car. they spent hours here working the scene. it could take some time before
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they find out what really happened here on harrison lane. police have described the victim here as a 21-year-old woman from fairfax county. in hybla valley i'm pat collins, news 4. police say a homeless man killed a church secretary and gravely injured a church rector at a church in ellicott city, maryland yesterday. officers say 56-year-old douglas franklin jones opened fire at st. peter's episcopal church before killing himself in the woods nearby. police say he used the church food bank but became angry. family of former nfl star junior seau plans to donate his brain for research. seau killed himself on wednesday at his house in california. he is a 12-time pro bowler who shot himself in the chest. the family says they are not speculating on whether concussions playing the game are a factor in the suicide but they want to do more research on head injuries.
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junior seau played 20 seasons in the nfl. most of them with the chargers but also with the dolphins and the patriots. metro wants to close several bus stops across the region to improve efficiency and on time performance. they're turning to the public to help figure out which stops to eliminate. jane watrel reports. >> reporter: it's called the 70. metro bus's georgia avenue 7th street line is one of the most heavily traveled in the district. ellison peppers has been using the public transportation system for over four decades. >> it's respected by the citizens of this city, washington, d.c., and it's well needed. >> reporter: but the 70 also makes frequent stops, something regulars say can drive them crazy. >> stop, stop, stop. >> it slows you down a lot. >> sometimes in the afternoon it's like 30 minutes, 45 minutes late. we got to wait like that. >> reporter: so metro is holding a series of hearings next week
6:31 pm
to see which bus stops if any it should scrap. likely starting along the 70s and 90s routes. >> this is just the first step in the process. it's a chance for the public to voice their input and let us know what they think about the idea of bus consolidation along these two routes. >> reporter: cutting routes can be tricky. there are disabled riders who say they don't want to walk an extra block or two. others say they'll hoof it for a more efficient ride. >> i think it's a good idea. you know, help the economy and stop spending like that. >> reporter: metro agrees saying it is one way to save monday anythese tight budget times. >> the goal is to improve on time performance and efficiency and also a chance to recoup money as well. >> reporter: the exact bus stops that may be cut won't be known until summer. jane watrel, news 4. a federal prosecutor says his office is aggressively pursuing corruption allegations surrounding d.c. mayor vincent
6:32 pm
gray and council chairman kwame brown. u.s. attorney ronald machon commented one day after former d.c. council member harry thomas junior was sentenced to prison for stealing more than $350,000 in city funds. the probes of gray and chairman brown involve separate campaign activities. >> we feel an obligation to move quickly but also carefully. and we know there is a sense of urgency. my office, my prosecutors are working very hard. a lot of late nights, long weekends. but we have a very important job to do and we can only move forward once we examine all the facts. i live mere in the city as well and i know the sense of urgency here and how important these matters are. >> reporter: both the mayor and brown have denied wrongdoing and say they are cooperating with the authorities. sometimes for some of us, often we've driven under those large highway signs and the really big tall light poles that line the interstates. in the wake of one of those signs that came crashing down in the area several weeks ago the
6:33 pm
news 4's i-team reports for the first time what kind of shape those signs are in and whether we need to be worrying about that. >> reporter: virginia crews working overtime repairing highway signs. after this sign came crashing down on interstate 66. >> i was surprised at the sign structure on i-66 falling because we are out there inspecting them frequently. >> reporter: nick roper is in charge of sign inspections in our area for the virginia department of transportation. >> we've been doing quality assurance inspections of all of our structures since that failure. >> reporter: they still don't know why it fell but inspectors are focused on the anchor bolts. after weeks of negotiation, v dot released its inspection records to the news 4 i-team. internal records show an estimated 8% of northern virginia's signs are in poor condition. records show these high mass light poles have the most problems. inspectors look for very
6:34 pm
specific things. for instance on this high mast pole they have a problem with the fact there is no cover. you can get to the electronics and the system holding up the lights. but down below they also really focus on anchor bolts. these are what is holding it to the ground. they don't like it when they have too much space. there is no washer and there is too much clearance underneath. v dot's internal records show as many as 25% of high mast poles are in poor or serious condition. but roper cautions the records are out of date and the number is closer to 15%. >> those reports i noted about half of those i pulled had -- the deficiencies had been corrected. >> reporter: many have been repaired or replaced. the news 4 i-team went up and down northern virginia highways checking out some of the worst rated. near gallows road a rusty pole, corroded bolts, a cracked foundation. on 66 near rosalind, washers and nuts coming duck tape holding broken parts together. >> the public can see corrosion
6:35 pm
on a bridge beam or a sign or a pole. it doesn't necessarily mean they need to be concerned that that structure is in danger of falling. >> reporter: roper says the structures are safe because they are inspected every five years. >> they're massive and heavy. >> reporter: henry jasney with advocates for auto and highway safety says signs should be inspected every two years. >> they are always a risk if not in good repair. >> reporter: back on 66 near arlington, inspectors noted missing bolts on this heavy cross beam more than three years ago. news 4 found there's only one bolt now holding it on over a lane of traffic. after we told v dot what we found they took the entire sign down. as for the sign that fell down v dot says inspections show it was in good shape and v dot is now working overtime inspect more than 500 similar signs. now, tonight at 11:00 we are going to expand our investigation, find out why
6:36 pm
there is no consistent inspection policy for highway signs and how that has allowed some signs in our area to go decades without being inspected. jim, doreen? >> thanks. coming up the man that's facing serious jail time dressing up as his dead mother was only part of the problem. also the mystery of a vanishing wallet going back 60 years. now the mystery in california solved. watching a couple showers and storms in our area but take a look to our north and west. these still have to move through before we can call it quits. i'll tell yo
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a brooklyn man could spend the rest of his life behind bars for dressing up as his dead mother to steal more than a hundred thousand dollars in government funds. police say 51-year-old thomas parkin used his mother's name to collect social security and
6:39 pm
disability housing payments after she died in 2003. he even walked into the dmv dressed as his mother to renew her license. the jury found parkin guilty today. he could face 83 years behind bars when he is sentenced later this month. a mystery in a family out in burbank, california has finally been resolved after more than 60 years. back in 1949 a man named donald townsend lost his wallet and blamed his wife because that's how he rolled. it wasn't her fault. the wallet turned up recently at a thrift store in british columbia. turns out townsend owned a cabinet with a secret compartment. the owner of the thrift store found that wallet in the secret compartment. townsend died seven years ago but one of his nephews came across an online story about the wallet. >> he read the story and was very fascinated by it and it turned out to be my dad, his uncle. >> absolutely over the moon. it was a wonderful reaction and what i was hoping for. they were thrilled that we had
6:40 pm
found this. >> reporter: they say the wallet was like a time capsule filled with lost treasure. the owner of the thrift store says she lives for moments just like that. >> wow. what a great story. looks like everything was still in it. >> we like it like that. happy endings. you got any happy endings man? >> i don't -- >> shall we move on? >> yes. shall we move on? >> another question? >> trying to get me in trouble already? i just got here. let's talk about rg iii. all eyes on the redskins rookie quarterback. the nationals ready to take back their part by winning against the phillies tonight and matt hendricks a hit for the capitals on wednesday. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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outside right now a pretty nice night out there looking good. the nationals taking on the phillies tonight. should be a great night for baseball. we're going to get this game in. i'm not worried about that at all. 77 degrees the current temperature. winds out of the west about 3 miles per hour. around the rest of the region 78 in reston. 70 in fort bell voir after the rain came through. hunting town 78 degrees. the rain moving right to your south. hunting town, let's zoom on in here. you can see where the rain is. right now just along the 231
6:44 pm
here just around prince frederick but just south of hunting townalong route 2 continuing to die out very light rain. i think we're done with the rain until probably overnight tonight. 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00 in the morning we'll see a few showers and storms by tomorrow morning. 67 degrees in washington. 68 in gaithersburg. 61 in manassas. 50s back to the north and west. tomorrow i think we'll see a chance of showers to the south of washington so i think the gold cup out here toward fauquier county just to the north of warranton should be fine for the running of the gold cup during the day tomorrow. maybe a shower early but then the showers singing to the south. 80 in manassas. 77 in gaithersburg. and coming up, starting this just a couple weeks, our back yard weather all summer long. if you want us to come to your back yard send your pictures to weather@nbc myself and dan hellie at every house this weekend. >> thank you for volunteering me my friend. >> if there is food you'll go. >> i'm in.
6:45 pm
let's do it. we do the sportscast and weather cast from there. here's the deal. i'm reading the paper and i see some dude up in philly saying they're going to come and take over the stadium one way or another no matter what. i'm thinking really? >> we're going to let that happen? >> it's happened before. they're just basing this on history. we've allowed them to run over us like they're a mack truck and we're a pothole. not anymore. >> this is in your face man. >> you know what? >> what? >> we got a pretty good pitcher on the mound tonight. this is going to be good. it is nice to have baseball -- >> it is nice to have baseball games that matter even if it's early in the season. the first place nationals hosting the mighty phillies this weekend. the series opens tonight with steven strasburg on the mound for the good guys, the first time strasburg and bryce harper have played together. harper moved up to third in the batting order last night and it proved to be a brilliant
6:46 pm
decision by manager davy johnson as harper was the hero. driving in the game-winning run with his fourth double of his young major league career. the nationals only had four hits in the game but they take the series against arizona by winning two straight. harper now batting .375 since being called up from the minors. tonight the phillies in town which means phillies fans will come in and stink up nationals park but it is actually not nationals park this weekend. it's natitude park. you like that? >> okay. >> here is manager davy johnson on the new promotional campaign. >> i was supposed to read that in star balloting, joining in natitude. man i might have four or five takes on that. we got a damn good team here. vote for the nats. you know, marketing is marketing. i mean, i don't get caught up in
6:47 pm
that either. it's going to sell tickets if we win ball games. that's the way we'll take this stadium back. >> old school. >> that is. you know, it's true though. >> oh, yeah. win enough games people come out and want to see you win some more. >> yeah. >> i hope it'll happen soon because i talked to my buddy at the nbc station up in philly today. he says you know what? that's great. your nationals are winning games. when are people going to show up at the park? he said the pittsburgh pirates are drawing more fans than your washington nationals right now. >> also read somewhere though that up in philly they've had continuous baseball since 1893. >> been over a hundred years. >> we're like what, five years into this? give me a break. it'll be -- >> give it time. >> we can make a better showing. >> that's true. >> that is the point. we hope this weekend is the beginning of a good trend in terms of that. the redskins signed a couple of their seventh round draft picks today and opened up their three-day rookie mini camp a first chance for the newborniie
6:48 pm
hit the field. the guy everyone wants to see rg iii robert griffin iii coming out in his gold number ten jersey. the new franchise quarterback actually been working with kyle shanahan for several weeks so has had a head start on the playbook that skins are hoping that rg iii can move into the starting role right away. he worked primarily with kyle today on throwing drills that emphasized mobility and throwing fundamentals. what exactly did the caps players do on their day off following that heart breaking triple overtime loss to the rangers? well, joel ward spent his day at the dmv getting new licenses. matt hendrick spent part of his off day fertilizing his lawn. they're supposed to be sleeping but i guess that was relaxing. not the dmv. the fertilizing part. >> send somebody else to dmv. >> this time of the year? >> hello. >> i'd help him out. you got to be there for the picture. now it's back to work getting ready for game four tomorrow afternoon. hendricks felt like he played two hockey games wednesday night because he practically did.
6:49 pm
115 minutes of hockey before the caps finally fell to the rangers, 2-1 in triple overtime. hendricks the most physical player on the ice. whether he was giving out hits or taking one to draw a penalty. yeah. number 26. laid it on the line like he always does. one of the biggest hits on ryan mcdonagh right there led to a pretty good scoring opportunity for troy brower. playoffs always a time when the guys are finishing their checks but hendricks admits he has doled out a little more punishment than usual for the rangers. >> trying to keep, stay physical. you know, make it where they don't want to go back and get pucks. it's hard to do but maybe that one time we get a break and end up scoring off it. this is the time of year when all hits count whether big or not. you got to take the body on everybody. i think it's just a mindset. >> a couple good hits like the corner was a big one and we almost converted after that. plays like that are huge for us. we can sustain more pressure and make them, you know, make plays they don't want to, you know, a
6:50 pm
favorite for us. >> every hit is an investment in a series. every time you can finish a guy, get in a battle, shove him around a little bit it is an investment in the series. you know, they might have paid a great price for that win in game three. they logged a lot of minutes. they're very well conditioned but still at some point it is going to take a toll on you. >> all right. excited for game four. could be another first for tiger woods. tiger on the verge of not making the cut at quail hollow in charlotte. it would be the first time tiger has missed the cut twice at the same event. phil mickelson not having a great tournament either. here's a nice approach on number 7 to set up a birdie. mickelson just barely on pace to make the cut. as for tiger the par 4 fifth tiger going for the power fade with the second shot. instead, he fades a little too far. ends up right in the crowd. right in the middle of it. bounces into the woods. the rules official comes over. tiger gets a free drop. he ends up parring a hole but shoots 573 on the day. he will likely miss the cut at
6:51 pm
one over for the tournament. back to the range. >> i know what happened. those license plates expired on april 30th
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
a lot of big events happening in d.c. this weekend. one of them is the 73rd annual flower mart on the grounds of the washington national cathedral in northwest. the flower mart is taking place today and tomorrow. this year's event is show casing flowers from jamaica. the first caribbean nation to be featured at the flower mart. proceeds from the event will help pay for the ongoing repair of the cathedral and grounds that were damaged in last summer's earthquake. coming up tonight in our broadcast at 11:00 we'll have much more on the fire and that collapse of a house of a well known activist in the district. also we'll report on why on cinco de mayo the national christmas tree will be coming down. and one of the most talked about books in recent memory. tonight the author of "50 shades of gray" holds a book signing right here in the area. one more check on our
6:55 pm
weather, doug? >> the tree coming down because it's too small? they need a bigger one. that's not it? >> i don't know. >> out there right now we'll find out at 11:00. i'll be here. 79 degrees your high temperature for tomorrow. we will see a pretty good chance of showers. most of those though south of washington during the day tomorrow. then on sunday 75 degrees. sunday looking very nice. monday and tuesday not bad but i do think we will see rain late tuesday into the day on wednesday. hopefully we get a lot of it because we do need to see some of that rain out there during the day. the weekend not looking bad at all. >> thanks, doug. there as woman in prince george's county that i never met but i love her. i respect her. and i thank her. she is a public school teacher and has been for quite sometime. apparently she is very good at it. here is what drew my attention to her. i read in the paper the other day she graduated what was then bowie state teacher's college in 1964. well that's the same year i came out of what was then called chaney state teacher's college.
6:56 pm
there was me, ed bradley, ken hamilton, a bunch of others, young, proud black men with one humble mission -- to change the world. we were determined to do that by teaching black kids in philadelphia to love learning and to love themselves so much that they could achieve and succeed. within four years nearly all of us had quit the school system. it wasn't because we didn't love teaching. it was because we weren't allowed to teach. innovation then was not encouraged. independence was prohibited. passion was perceived as threatening. they wouldn't let us teach. who is "they?" they were the administrators and their collaborators who were way more invested in the system and the perpetuation of their careers than the kids in the classrooms. to this day i am still amazed at the number of administrators in the philly schools back then who actually hated the kids in my classroom. if they didn't hate them, they were scared of them. and to this day one of my
6:57 pm
deepest regrets is that i allowed them to run me off. gave them permission to drive me away. which is why i love jocita allen. she teaches at an elementary school in laurel and the impression i get is nobody ever has and nobody is ever going to run her away from anything, certainly nothing she cherishes. and what she seems to love most is her work and the children in her care. you want to pay tribute to a bona fide hero, give somebody some love? get in touch with ms. allen and say, thank you. but be sure to act like your parents taught you some manners. because if they didn't, she
6:58 pm
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