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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  May 5, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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another driver. awell-known community activist overcome with emotions after a fire reduced her home to a pile of rubble. why it was so difficult for firefighters to battle these flames. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. welcome to news4 today. it is that day when a lot of people want to hit the outdoor bars, have the giant margarita. >> don't laugh because you were talking about the margarita. >> i'm coming back to work late night tonight, so i won't be hitting the margaritas. a good day for outside festiviti festivities. everything is going on. >> playoff game for the caps. >> it's going to be a busy outdoor day for people going to and from the things. plenty of sunshine early this morning. and mild too. temperatures already crossing into the low 70s in many spots.
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looking for highs today up close to 80 degrees once again. not much going on on doppler just yet. little shower activity out to the west and south. the bulk of the rain today will stay west and south of town. however, there will be chances around town today. i don't want to give you the all clear, but the majority of us will stay rain free today. majority, not all. there it is. showers possible. really from about 2:00 this afternoon up to about 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 this evening. not everyone is getting rained on. your higher chances are southbound. and for tomorrow, nor clouds than today and cooler than today. but not much of anything in the way of a rain chance on your sunday. rain chances are confined to today. then the cloudy chances for tomorrow afternoon. on the whole, i think most of your outdoor plans will go smoothly. >> good. you're not ruining the party. >> i will not rain out this
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parade. today the district is the place to be. thousands will pack the city for several events includesing nats and caps games and the avon walk for breast cancer. it could be har hard to get around. metro is doing work. derekward is life with more on the busy weekend. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's already busy. we've got awhile yet before the caps game. but we got some of the avon walkers coming by here. this is a cheering station. lots of things to do that may require planning ahead. at 12:30, the caps will continue their quest for the cup. they're going to play the new york rangers again. and the nationals, they'll be doing the second in a series against philly at 7:05. and in between everything from a curbside cookoff at the stadium and the avon walk going on this weekend, and of course a chihuahua race on the southwest
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water front. got to see that. if you can't make it to the kentucky derby, that's a scaled down version. lots of cinco de mayo events going on at the mall and national harbor. there will be a wine and food festival. add to this metrotrack work, closing stations and delaying trains. metro will do bus bridges. so greenbelt, they will take you. college park station and the prince george's plaza station. you should add another 50 minutes to your travel time. even if you're not, add other time because of other work going on that will delay things a bit. metro had been asked to delay this track work with all the things going on this weekend. that didn't happen. so you're going to have to plan around it. once you get down here in the sunshine, you get all these events and cheer on the local
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teams. want to get home for that matter. don't forget it's cinco de mayo. live downtown, derek ward, news4. >> there's definitely something for everyone. thanks a lot. a couple well known for being community activists in d.c. are now trying to cope with a major loss. a fire destroyed their 19th century home in columbia heights. jackie benson has the story. >> reporter: the blaze consumed the large brick home. feeding on the dry seasoned wood of century old beams. then it gave way. thousands of pounds of brick and sflaming wood pancaked collapsing to the ground. not long afterwards, the homeowners who had been in rockville arrived at the scene. the unflappable dorothy brizill was true to form. no hysteria or tears.
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but after mayor vincent gray came to give condolences it got the best of her. she was taken to the hospital to monitor blood pressure. >> that's your life. that's your history. it's probably not too many more destabilizing feelings than this. >> reporter: a d.c. firefighter was injured in battling what was a dangerous blaze. it is one of the most hazardous situations a fighter can face. >> the crews that responded here did an outstanding job. i want to particularly identify truck six in keeping this fire from extending beyond the structure. >> reporter: continued to put out hot spots as their flared up. news4 today. fairfax county police are looking for a driver involved in a deadly case of road rage in fairfax county. it happened on harrison lane in the hybla area.
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a woman stopped her car and started arguing with another driver. somehow she suffered serious injuries. that driver took off. she was left in the road until someone found her. she lady died in the hospital. the driver that fled was in a black chevy suv with temporary tags. if you have information contact police. there is more controversy in arizona as lawmakers cut off state funding for planned parenthood. governor jan brewer passed it yesterday. arizona already prohibits use of federal money for abortions. planned parenthood says the funding ban would affect nearly 20,000 women in the state. they say they're considering challenging the law in court. president obama officially kicks off his re-election campaign today. and he's doing it in virginia. he's got rallies planned at vcu in richmond and at ohio state university in columbus.
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virginia and ohio are both battle ground states this year, and many political analysts say the president must win at least one of those states if he wants to be reekt willed. he's also choosing to speak on campuses. hoping vcu's coach could score him votes. shaka smart will announce the commander in chief. he led the rams to the final four last year and the president is a huge college hoops fan. news4 will be there as president obama launches his campaign. our own julie carey is in rich monday. the april jobs report brings mixed results. once again the unemployment rate fell. it's now at 8.1%. but it's because more people have given up looking for work. the economy added 115,000 jobs
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which was lower than expected. mitt romney wasted no time in hammering president obama on what he calls his failed economic policies. >> this is a time when america wants to have someone who knows what it takes to create jobs and get people working again. i think it helps to have had a job to create a job. and i have and i will. >> president obama argued that while the april jobs report was weaker than expected, the economy was still growing. he pointed out that he inherited a deep recession and it's going to take a long time to fully recover. today a local business is doing what it can to bring more jobs to the area. michael & son is holding a job fair at 8:30 at 5740 general washington drive in alexandria. the company is looking for plumbing, electrical, and hvac technicians. michael & son has been in the
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area for years. lawmakers are returning to the capitol to prevent half a billion in cuts to the state budget. governor martin o'malley announced a special session will begin may 14th so lawmakers can pass a tax deal. democrats and republicans couldn't agree on a tax. cuts to education and other state agencies are set to kick in july 1st. republicans say the state can handle the budget cuts and there's no need to return to the capitol. the time is now 9:09. a nationwide salmonella outbreak. it wasn't something patients ate that made them sick. we'll have details on the unsuspecting culprit when we return. and he pulls off some of the most death defying tricks on his [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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welcome back. at least 14 people including one in virginia have gotten sick from handling salmonella tainted dog food. the cdc says each of the cases traces back to dry dog food. produced at the diamond pet food plant in columbia, south carolina. health officials say people were likely infected with the salmonella when they handled the dog food but didn't wash their own hands before eating food. the same plant was shut down after mold got into the food and killed dozens of dogs. the animals were the only surviving animals that survived last october when the farm's owner released more than 50 animals before committing suicide. the owner's widow picked up two leopards, two monkeys, and a bear from the zoo yesterday. 48 were shot and killed by
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police over concerns for public safety. ohio is now attempting to pass a law that would ban new owners. drivers who use a popular shortcut, people who live in the area say the road is nor tor yous for drivers going too fast. >> problem is there's not a lot of sidewalks here. so a lot of people walk along the site of the roads. which is a concern to the citizens in this neighborhood that have cars speeding along ooze they're walking by. >> this spread crackdown is one of several new initiatives to address community concerns in the county. and outside doesn't feel too bad. >> not at all. but do we have any bad weather to be worried about? a lot going on this weekend. >> we'll check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> yes, indeed, there are showers on the radar. most of them to the west and southwest of town for now. but will they stay away all
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saturday? your saturday forecast and a look at sunday too. don't go away.
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♪ you got to fight for your right to party ♪ one of music's most unique and beloved voices has gone silent. adam "mca" yauch of the beastie boys passed away. he died after battling a rare form of cancer for four years. the beastie boys have been one of the most influential groups. >> fight for your right to party. that's right as i was leaving high school. that was a big song. >> we used to scream the lyrics. it was so empowering. every one of their songs. >> there's a lot of partying going on today.
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>> cinco de mayo. >> that's all you need to say about the washington area. you can get outside and enjoy a bit of everything. whether you like baseball, whether you're raising money for breast cancer. whar you're doing, you're starting with sunshine. still a risk of showers today. fortunately severe weather not much of a threat for today. rain possible. severe weather not so much. so as you make your plans to enjoy your weekend, there's a look gazing back over the potomac and up the hill the kennedy sistcenter for the performing arts on the right here. temperatures are on their way up. thanks to the sunshine we're at 72 in washington. a light breeze out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. and the northeasterly breeze will keep the severe threat at a minimum today. but it can't completely turn off our chance for showers.
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temperatures now low to mid-70s. 69 the cool spot in haigerstown. so today's planner, temperatures low 70s now. upper 70s to near 80s for a time today. showers will be possible 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. not going to be a washout for anything you want to do outside. at least have a backup plan ready. if you're going to the virginia gold cup today, 78 degrees for the afternoon. and a risk of showers around. the plains just out here. nothing going on just yet. but there are rain drops now across parts of west virginia and these rain drops sliding just down to the south and west of town through charlottesville. that may craze southern culpepper county. so i can't take all the rain chances out. the heavier, stead jier showers are going way west of us. and this across the dakotas,
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that won't bring us showers until tuesday/wednesday time frame. all we have to do is get through today. the pressure to our south and west. most of us especially the further north, fewer chances. the farther south, higher chance ffr the showers. high pressure setting up for tomorrow and monday. and east to northeasterly breeze that'll hold the temperatures down tomorrow. it could bring a decent amount of cloud cover for your afternoon. even though you'll have more clouds tomorrow, your better rain chances are actually today. with all that in mind, here's your forecast for today. a mild and dry start. showers will develop. again primarily west and south of town today. highs upper 70s to near 80. so feeling a little bit on the humid side. the super moon. only a so/so viewing for the super moon. the moon comes up at 8:00 this evening. that's when you're going to want to get your best view of it. it always looks its biggest when
9:22 am
it is closest to the horizon. we'll see if you know why that is. here's the forecast. 79 today. cooler with some clouds tomorrow and monday best rain chances that we need will be tuesday night into wednesday. so why does the moon look bigger when it's closest to the horizon? >> because the horizon is closer to us. >> it's a frame of reference. it's something to compare it to. exactly right. >> i could be a meteorologist. >> so this moon is so super but we may not get a good -- >> yeah, the cloud cover may interfere. >> i thought we were getting 14% more of the super moon. >> true. but if you've got to cloud in front of it it's not going to help. >> it's not super enough. >> all right. well, if you do get a glimpse of it, be sure to tweet nbc washington your picture to share it. well, it is called the most exciting two minutes in sports and it's happening today. more than 100,000 people are expected to pack churchill downs
9:23 am
in louisville for the 138th kentucky derby today. many of them will be wearing very fancy hats. right now a horse named bodemeister is favored to win. you can catch the race here on nbc 4. if extreme sports are more your thing, you can be one of the first to try a new skate board in d.c. the skate park will officially open to the public this afternoon. mayor vincent gray will be on hand. the money cup built roughly million dollar park last year and held a pro competition there in september but it closed to finish off the construction. the design of the 15,000 square foot park is inspired by freedom plaza. the ribbon cutting is at 2:00. darren harper will be skating at today's big opening. you may not know that name, but he is a local skate border who has risen through the ranks and become one of the most famous around the world. now he's a successful pro
9:24 am
despite growing up in a difficult household. zachary kiesch has more on how he overcame the odds and became a skate boarding star. >> reporter: meet team harper. >> also known b as the chocolate city sun. the obama of skate boarding d.c. >> reporter: unlike some clubs he's still playing in the district. in fact, this skate park under the freeway serves as home field. and these days he's doing his fair share of winning. >> i'm destined for success. i'm taking it each day at a time. following my dream. >> reporter: when he's not on the board, he's made mentoring the district's youth. harper was the poster child. >> lately through skate boarding i've been trying to show kids they have a different option. everybody don't have to travel that common road that's known in the neighborhood.
9:25 am
>> reporter: but harper wasn't always a role model. like a lot of other young people who become a product of their environment by his early teen years he was knee deep in the game of fast money and drugs. >> we're headed to my old neighborhood where i grew up. where i first found that skate board at. >> reporter: harper's story begins with the 1980s and crack. growing up in one of the district's toughest neighborhoods. >> i just knew that this wasn't where i should be at this point in my life. i was seeing too many people die. got shot in the head right there. >> reporter: it was a conversation with the mother of his son that ignited an old childhood hobby. >> skated started in my head and sent me back memory lane. like you can rebirth the hobby of skate boarding and make something out of it.
9:26 am
this is 22nd and savannah. the neighborhood where it first started for me. where i first found my skate board at. >> reporter: little did harper know at the time that it would be on that board that he'd find clarity. and it would serve him as the vehicle that would get him out of the behavior that was so counterproductive. by applying this same to streets to a lejts crack. anything is possible. >> i think i'm going to be the one to change things and just have the kids see it differently. >> reporter: zachary kiesch, news4 sports. >> pretty cool. >> yeah. >> and you know, with skate boarding, there is a whole lot of money when it comes to sponsorships. tony hawk has made an empire out of this. motivating to see someone turn their life around like that. >> wild to see how a hobby could become your profession. just four minutes away from
9:27 am
the half hour, the woman at the center of the secret service prostitution scandal breaks her silence. the startling revelations she's making that have some members of congress asking questions. and it's one of metro's busiest and most popular bus routes. so why is the transit agency
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welcome to news4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. here's a quick look at our top stories we're following this saturday morning. expect major delays on all the metro lines this weekend. four greenline stations are closed and single tracking on three lines. that could make it hard to get around with the crowds in town. in just a few hours,
9:31 am
president obama will officially kick off his re-election campaign with a rally in richmond. he'll speak to students at vcu. shaka smart will introduce the commander in chief. n word yet what caused the fire that destroyed the house of a well-known community activist. dorothy brizill owned the 19th century home in columbia heights. the fire caused the house to collapse. one firefighter was hurt but is expected to be okay. the woman at the center of the secret service prostitution scandal is speaking out. dania suarez spoke publicly for the first time on colombian radio yesterday. she called the agent dumb for thinking he wouldn't have to pay her. and she said she could have posed a threat to the security if she was part of a terrorist group. she says u.s. officials have not contacted her. and that rn cans some members of
9:32 am
congress. >> this woman is absolutely essential to the investigation since she's the one who actually created the initial conflict that brought the house down. she's the one involved at the very center of this whole case and the secret service has not been able to interview her. >> is the u.s. secret service is not commenting on the suarez interview. nine agents are leaving the agency as a result of the scandal. the defense in the john edwards trial will cross examine the lawyer for a wealthy donor on monday. friday they said they knew contributions from a wealthy constituent. wrote checks disguised for furniture purchases but were for edwards' personal use. he used nearly a million dollars
9:33 am
to hide his affair with rielle hunter. federal prosecutors are investigating by d.c. lawmakers. attorney for the district says investigations are still open on mayor vincent gray and kwame brown. they're both accused of violences. he told wamu yesterday that his office is moving quickly to find the truth because the people of d.c. deserve honest politicians. >> it's really important that our elected officials act with integrity and honor. if they don't, people want to see them being held accountable. >> both gray and brown have denied any wrong doing and say they're cooperating with authorities. metro wants your opinion on taking some bus stops off its busiest routes. the idea is to save time for passengers and save money for the agency. this plan is not a win/win for everywhere. >> reporter: it's called the 70. metro buzzes 7th street line is one of the most heavily traveled
9:34 am
in the district. allison peppers has been using the system for over four dektds. >> it's respected by the citizens of this city, washington, d.c. and it's well needed. >> reporter: but the 70 also makes frequent stops. something regulars say could drive them crazy. >> stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. it slows you down enough. >> sometimes afternoon is like 30 minutes, 45 minutes. you get a wait like that. >> reporter: so metro is holding a series of hearings next week to see which bus stops, if any, it should scrap. >> this is just the first step in this whole process. it's a chance for the public to voice their input and let us know what they think about the idea of bus consolidation. along these two routes. >> reporter: cutting routes can be tricky. there are disabled riders who say they don't want to walk an extra block or two.
9:35 am
others say they'll hoof it for a more efficient ride. >> i think it's a good idea. i think, you know, it'll probably help the economy to stop spending like that. >> reporter: metro agrees saying it's one way to save money in these tight budget times. >> the goal is to improve times and efficiency. and there's a chance to recoup some money as well. >> reporter: the exact bus stops that may be cut won't be known until summer. >> metro will hold meetings. the first is tuesday at matthews memorial baptist church on martin luther king jr. avenue. and thursday mount airy baptist church on north capitol street. and thursday is may 17th at trinity episcopal church. at least eight suspected militants are dead after an american drone strike in
9:36 am
pakistan. it happened in north wasiristan. pakistan has demanded the u.s. stop drone attacks saying they kill civilians. but u.s. military says pakistan needs to do a better job of cracking down on terrorist organizations. the pentagon released video of u.s. officials interrogating osama bin laden's driver. this was taken when omdon was found in afghanistan. he was asked about information for potential attacks. the video does not show any violence or torture against him. he spent six years in guantanamo bay and is appealing his conviction. a tentative deal is in place for a chinese dissident to come to united states for an education. new york university has offered a fellowship to activist chen guangcheng. he wanted to leave china at one point escaping house arrest and
9:37 am
fleeing to the u.s. embassy. chen says his family must come with him to avoid further harassment from the government. the time right now is 9:36. they work around the clock and out of sight to make sure you are safe on the streets of d.c. up next, a look inside the fbi's washington situation room. one and done. why the national christmas tree is already history less than a year after it was planted. the bin laden anniversary, secret trip to afghanistan to announce staying in that country for ten more years and the ending of the war as we know it, a diplomatic crisis, a presidential candidate drops out and the latest report on the number of this election. unemployment. all in a week's work, right? president obama drove the political message in the first half of this week as national security dominated but the white house message was derailed by
9:38 am
the diplomatic issue with chen guangcheng while hillary clinton and tim geithner were in china for security talks. on friday another weak jobs report helped romney get back on message talking about the economy, much safer ground for him. and the president kicks off his official start to his presidential campaign with events in ohio and virginia. that's it for me. that was the week that was.
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today the alleged mastermind behind the september 11th attacks will stand trial at guantanamo bay. khalid sheikh mohammed and his counterparts. the lead prosecutor in the case said the information they received from the men did not come from torturing them. >> some have said that any attempt to seek accountability within the system must inevitably be tainted by torture. the law prohibits the use of any statement attained as a result of torture or cruel inhuman
9:42 am
treatment. we will implement the law. >> the trial is expected to be a long drawn out legal battle. if found guilty, all five men likely face the death penalty. more than a year after osama bin laden's death, al qaeda and other terrorist organizations remain a threat to americans here and abroad. >> here in washington, the fbi has its own situation room at field offices. the center provides the eyes, ears, and intelligence support for agents on the street. wendy rieger gives us a look. >> how full does this get? >> standing room only. >> reporter: it's officially called the command and tactical command center. it has seen its share of alerts. recently when an fbi sting caught a guy who wanted to blow up capitol hill.
9:43 am
the command center got hot as they waited for the agents to take the guy down. they have a hundred cameras at their disposal. but fear not, they are not monitor people on the street. >> we really only have time to use them when we have a special event that requires us to have awareness of what's going on on the street. >> reporter: that awareness increases during presidential inaugural celebrations, state of the union speeches, and the fourth of july. >> we work in advance to say who do we need working an event like this. >> reporter: even security within the center is an issue. because everything is classified. something like teleconferencing is important here they use secure video teleconferencing so the bad guys don't hear them. and some of this like the tenth anniversary of 9/11 can keep them here for days. >> we're dealing with rotating shifts. 24/7 operations.
9:44 am
you also have the aspects of care and feeding of all these people. there's routine maintenance that has to go on. >> an army runs on its stomach. so does the fbi. >> the pizza boxes will pile up. >> reporter: even when they're it's hot here, it's quiet. >> the explosion happens. you have harris in the room and harris says hold on, people. slow down. work the problem. that's what we're about. >> reporter: and at the end of a tough shift, the fbi is just like the rest of us. >> do y'all go out for a beer? >> sure. many places within walking distance. >> there are. you can see them from your cameras. >> reporter: news4 washington. >> that's a lot of high stress. might take a couple beers. >> i can't even imagine. i can't even imagine. some phenomenal work they do in
9:45 am
there year round. not just when a threat strikes o for a threat poses itself. >> they'd be busy today if they were looking at those cameras today there'd be thousands of people walking all over downtown washington. millions of people going from point a to point b worried about rain chances. should they though? your forecast is next.
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9:48 am
a woman could get 65 years in prison when she's sentenced in an acid attack. a jury found tamara jackson guilty of four charges including assault and endangererment. the attack happened in a parking lot in 2010. the mother and child were both burned. jackson was apparently angry at the victim for dating her
9:49 am
ex-boyfriend. an toefrt transform neighborhoods in prince george's county has led to a drug bust. more than 23 pounds of marijuana, $4,000 in cash, and ammunition was found at a home in suitland yesterday. 28-year-old leon flyth was arrested and charged with intent to distribute. one of six neighborhoods targeted which aims to transform these communities to make them safer. by the end of the day, one of the most celebrated trees washington will be no more. the national parks service is taking down the national christmas tree. it suffered transplant shock when it was moved from new jersey and died. it replaced another tree planted in 1978.
9:50 am
that tree had fallen over in a high wind during a storm last february. the park service says a new tree will be planted in oklahoctober in time for the holiday. so sad. >> especially for mature trees like that. it's not like they were moving a sapling. it may or may not like the new neighbors and people taking pictures of it. >> i'm sure the next one will be just as well. >> once it takes root, it will last 25 or 30 years or more. get a nice fresh one in there. >> especially with the weather we had this past winter. >> maybe that's why the tree gave up. i've been moved too far to the south. i can't live in this weather. what we need around here is extra sunshine on our saturday. unfortunately, i think we may be contending with a bit of a rain threat especial i out into parts of central virginia. you folks into northern maryland
9:51 am
may get a break. for now a pleasant saturday morning. hope your weekend is off to a pleasant enough start. probably already had time to do the morning dog walk or jog. get back inside. little bowl of cereal. good way to get the weekend started. something you may want to do for this evening. the full moon is coming up just before 8:00 this evening. the super moon. because the moon is actually at one of its closest points to hear earth. today it's only 221 thourkss miles away. that's so much closer that it will appear 14% bigger. the only problem is we may have to be against some cloud cover around here by later on this afternoon. so the full moon u viewing may be a little touch and go. 72 right now with partly cloudy skies in washington. a northeast breeze at 5 miles per hour. east to northeasterly winds will continue to set up shop through
9:52 am
the remainder of the day today. we're looking to near 80 on the hole a dry day for many but not for all. showers will be possible this afternoon into the early evening hours. i think after 6:00, 7:00, rain chances will start to diminish. nothing out there just yet. but there are rain drops just down to our south here. headed down through harris burg and stanton, charlottesville. some of that may long enough to get you wet over the next couple hours. no severe weather expected for today. heavier showers well down to our south and west. another rain chance for tuesday and wednesday time frame now entering parts of the western dakotas. here's the way it's going to go. this area of low pressure to our south and west, that scoots down below us today. it could give just enough moisture in the atmosphere to ring out showers. not severe, but enough to bring a little rain possibly. that shouldn't last too long.
9:53 am
but just enough clouds around it to interview with full moon viewing. then tomorrow high pressure moving off the seaboard. rain drafts should not be a problem on your sunday. highs near 80 today. only so/so moon viewing. then for tomorrow, cloudy, cooler, drier. plenty of clouds but not much of a rain threat for your sunday. the all-important seven-day forecast. cloudy and cool sunday/monday. better rain chances for tuesday and wednesday. little something for everyone. >> all right. the only thing hotter than the weather right now is the nationals. >> that's right. that is true. and it looks like dan hellie has that and more in this morning's sports. good morning. philly's in town and neither team wanted to give up. in the end dare i say natitude
9:54 am
would prevail. 11-3 at home as they open up their series with another one-run win. you want natitude, you got it. 34,000 on hand to see strasburg pitch. this one a two-run job by hunter pence in the fourth. jump out to a 2-0 lead. bottom of the fourth inning now. chad tracy filling in for adam la roach. tracy goes down to get the pitch. little golf shot keeps on sailing into the bull pen. tracy 2-5 on the night. bottom of the eighth, it's a 3-2 game. nats trailing by a run. john mayberry diving for it, can't make the catch. tracy coming home. he rounds third. and that ties the game. it stays that way until the
9:55 am
bottom of the 11th. base hit wins it and ramos delivers. he scores the game-win ining ru. 4-3. their fifth walkoff win of the year. they are now 17-9 on the season. davy liking the way his catcher has been playing. >> wilson's been good lately. down to my last man who's been playing a man short it seems like for half a year. i mean, we had opportunities in the ball game. the offense shows life. that was a good thing. that's what we've been waiting on. >> same two teams today at nationals park around 1:00 is when the first pitch will be thrown. if you don't want to go there, how about hockey? game four between the caps and rangers. if you can't make it to the
9:56 am
game, watch it here on nbc 4. now to nba playoffs where the hawks and celtics went to overtime. garnett and the celtics trying to get the upper hand on the hawks. it would be the hawks, though, who have it here. blocked by kirk hinrick. the hawks up early. this one goes to overtime. rondo posting teeg up. rondo with a triple double. and misses the shot but no fear, kevin garnett is here. celtics win it 90-84 is the final. they take a 2-1 lead over the hawks. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. >> so exciting to be sports fan this time here in washington. >> winning. >> yeah. the time now is four minutes away from the 10:00 hour. you know those doodles you see
9:57 am
when you search on google? they may soon feature kids' artwork. and we'll look at the life and career of adam yauch.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. welcome in this saturday, may 5th. fairfax county police are investigating a deadly case of road rage. a woman stopped her car and started arguing with another driver yesterday. somehow she suffered serious injuries. the other driver took off. president obama officially kicks off his re-election campaign today starting with a rally in richmond.
10:01 am
he'll speak to students at virginia commonwealth university. basketball coach shaka smart will introduce the president. firefighters trying to find out what started the fire in the house of well-known activist dorothy brizill and her husband. one firefighters was hurt but is expected to be okay. today the district is the place to be. thousands will pack the city for several events including the nats and the caps game as well as the avon walk for breast cancer. >> but it could be hard to get around. metro is doing major work. derek ward is live at the verizon center. earlier we heard a whole lot of hooting and hollering behind you. action in full swing. >> exactly. there's more of that going on now. you see the verizon in a few hours, not that long from now, it'll be a sea of red out here.
10:02 am
but right now the sidewalk belongs to pink. this is one of the things going on down here today. it's a big day. not just a big day for local sports fans. as i said in a couple hours the caps will take to the ice against the new york rangers. this evening the nationals continue their series against the phillies. right now the avon walk to benefit cancer research is going on. and of course it is cinco de mayo. now, festival is scheduled to take place on the national mall. and over at the southwest water front, they're going to have the running of the chihuahuas. i guess it's like the running of the bulls but less of a chance of getting malled or gored. that goes on from 11:00 to 3:00. here's the rub to all this. metro is in the midst of some major track work. they're going to close some stations on the greenline. the greenbelt staxing with the west hyattsville station, and
10:03 am
the college park station. they'll be closed. there will be shuttles to get you where you need to go. but metro advises to add 50 minutes to your travel time. the yellow line will only go as far north as mount vernon square. for right now the sidewalk belongs to pink b. then it will belong to red. this is a great day to be out here. chuck, what are peek going to expect weatherwise when they come out to take part in all this? >> derek, no doubt the front half of the day today is going to be the better more usable outdoor part of the day. we have e the sunshine out there for now. the problem is the sunshine we're enjoying this morning is going to help to destabilize just a touch. that will increase our shower chances later on this afternoon. so enjoy your saturday morning sunshine. it isn't going to necessary last
10:04 am
for all of us. low to mid-70s across town. here you can see on storm4 radar no rain in and around the immediate facility, the washington metro area. but joust down to the south and west. southern end of the shenandoah valley. there are showers down there. area of low pressure going out of eastern kentucky. we'll keep the rain chances especially across central virginia, southern end of the shenandoah valley. further east you go from washington the the drier you're likely to be. so here's your planner for today. a mild start. up near 80 for a time this afternoon before the shower chances sneak back in. even if you don't get the rain in washington, there'll be enough clouds to hold temperatures down just a touch. then for tomorrow your sunday, more cloud cover. but cooler and no real serious threat for rain on your sunday.
10:05 am
if you have stuff to do outside, today's warmer and sunnier up front. tomorrow even though cloudy and cooler, not much of a rain threat on your sunday. make your plans accordingly. back to you guys. >> thank you. and this morning new documents in the jerry sandusky sexual abuse case suggests there could be more victims. which so seven more possible victims in addition to the ten already named in court records. the filing asks for the state's attorney general to provide more information about additional accusers. legal experts say the growing number of victims could either help or hurt the defense depending how serious their claims are. sandusky's trial set to begin next month. a woman shot by a homeless man. police say douglas franklin jones acted in revenge when he shot the reverend margaret cohn.
10:06 am
brewington died. cohn was critically hurt. jones shot and killed himself. officers found his body in the woods near the church. police believed jones was upset the church stopped helping him. >> over a period of time, he became difficult and challenging for the staff there. belligerent. he was described as argumentative and they asked him not to return. >> a nearby church has offered support to members of st. peters. ♪ the music world is mourning the loss of one of the most influential hip hop artists of all time. adam yauch died friday after a three year battle for cancer. ♪ you got to fight for your right to party ♪ >> that single "fight for your right" was part of the 1986
10:07 am
debut album. it was extremely popular. it's called "license to ill," had five singles on the billboard top 500. they are pioneers of hip hop with numerous albums thap their list of plibmentes are astounding. more than 22 albums sold in the u.s. 40 million albums sold worldwide. rolling stone named them 77 of the top 100 greatest artists of all time. ♪ >> the accolades culminated weeks ago as the beastie boys were inducted into the hall of fame. yauch missed the induction because he was too sick to attend. the recording of the ceremony airs tonight. adam "mca" yauch was 47 years old. the music world is taking to
10:08 am
twitter to mourn the loss of adam yauch. justin timer lake called him a true pioneer of art. reverend run tweeted i'm devastated praying for adam yauch. yauch's family from the legendary beastie boys. he will be missed. >> a lot of people talking out. even though he was sick it wasn't that well known. >> i checked and every second or so 20 new tweets about adam and his passing show up. it's still a trending topic at twitter. the time right now is 10:08. this is one of the best days of the year for comic book fans. it isn't just because "the avengers" is in theaters. we'll explain. and good news for mitt romney away from the race for the white house. why the presumptive presidential
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
you can embrace a blast from your past today. it's free comic book day. organizers plan to give away more than 3 million books. the industry hopes to pull in young readers. sales topped $660 million last year. you can see participating vendors online on free comic book mitt romney is a grandfather for the 17th and 18th time. the presumptive candidate tweeted out there are new twin boys. they were born yesterday via a surrogate. it is the second time tag and his wife used a surrogate. i'm just wondering if he remembers -- if grand pa remembers all the birthdays. >> i'm sure he's got it on a calendar. if you are celebrating cinco
10:13 am
de mayo today and headed outside, the sun is shining. looks beautiful. >> good looking day so far. maybe a good day to have a margarita, chips and salsa. >> always a good day to have a margarita. >> and i've never passed up a chip and salsa. forecast next.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
welcome back. you're going to find greetings cards, greenery and google art. here's a preview. >> this week on kids post on tv, a simple mother's day kartd that's perfect for mum. some kids who have a green thumb. and proof that doodling isn't dumb. joining us once again is tracey grant. >> great to be with you. >> good to see you as well. let's start off with mother's day cards. >> attention kids. attention dads.
10:17 am
next sunday is mother's day. so you want to get this sunday's kid post where we have a great craft project where every kid can easily make a wonderful mother's day card. we've chosen adorable pictures of moms and their baby animals. you can fill in the thought bubble. and then you can color inside, write your note to mom. and then on the back, this kid brought to you by kids post. then you fill in your name. snag a couple copies of this week's kids post so you're in shape. >> i love that idea. talk to me about these kids with a green thumb. the sandy spring school in montgomery county has a working farm that is tended by the teachers and the students. they use it for science lessons. they have a compost heap.
10:18 am
and some day not too far away, they hope to be able to sustain their school cafeteria and all the produce needs with food that's grown on the school grounds. and we talk about that in tuesday's kids post. >> that's great. now let's talk about artwork that you can also find on the internet? >> this is on monday's kids post. every year google has a doodling contest for kids. this year they got 114,000 entries. and two local girls are among them finalists chosen among the 50 finalists. johanna robinson of brookeville, maryland, did a google doodle that expresses her love for needlework. and andrea powell picked up the theme of the '70s and peace and green. people have until thursday to go to google and type in google for
10:19 am
doodle and vote. so we encourage everybody to vote for our local girls, but also to look at the amazing talent. that's in monday's kids post. >> that's great. as always, thank you tracey. and for some fun family activities, visit or and click on kids post. that is kids post on tv this week. >> i like that google doodle. that's a lot of exposure for a young artist. >> huge, huge audience. now, if you were going to draw the weather? >> i would have a sun and i'd have a clown and a rain drop. >> and a little umbrella on stand by. >> something for everybody this weekend. the good news is we got the weekend started dry. and me weekend is going to end dry. and most of the middle suspect going to be too bad either. i think really from about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon up to about 9:00 or 10:00 tonight, that's where the pulg of our
10:20 am
rain chances are stacking. . the rest of our time, i like your chances of dry outdoor weather time. we look out now, hazy sunshine coming down. temperatures are bouncing up quickly now. i think we're going to hold out generally into the upper 70s to 80 degrees for a high this afternoon. and we will also have a bit of a shower chance as well. 75 degrees in washington. winds now out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. temperatures going up quickly thanks to the early morning sunshine. charlottesville already 78 degrees. 75 in st. mary's county. no rain in the immediate vicinity of watch just yet. but there are areas to the west and southwest this morning. here we are along 78. little bit of light range this morning. that's generally drifting to the south and west. the rain drops could get as
10:21 am
easily as close as far southern maryland. but i think really north of martinsburg here, rain chances drop off just a bit. most of the energy with that is going down into the western carolinas. that will be leaving us alone. luckily severe weather is not an option today. a roll of thunder can't be ruled out. east to northeasterly breeze. that means the wind off the ocean. that means extra risk of cloud cover around. so today mild and dry to start. showers will develop mainly west and south of town today. highs into the upper 70s and low 80s. then for tonight partly cloudy, a mild night. then tomorrow plenty of clouds around. not much, if anything, for rain sunday. tomorrow cloudy and dry and cooler.
10:22 am
monday looks good too. and needed rain chances back into the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. i'll be out tweeting about the forecast all day today and all weekend. @chuckbell4 is the choice. we don't have a 6:00 newscast tonight because of the kentucky derby. just sort of follow me on twitter. >> okay. thanks, chuck. and the time right now is 10:22. he came out of the closet on facebook. there's just one thing. he isn't gay. this is a great story. we'll tell you who's responsible for his untrue outing when we return. and fueling up before face-off. tonight on news4 at 11:00, a [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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welcome back. a best buy employee is out of a job after pulling a prank on a customer. a denver man says he exchanged his old phone for a new one at the electronics store, but he apparently didn't log out of his facebook account on his old phone. so an employee wrote a message on his page saying he's gay and coming out. the man who's straight says he got many calls from friends and even his ex-wife about the post. best buy says they have fired that employee. the victim of the prank says he doesn't plan on suing the company. >> i bet he wants it to go away. but that's funny. as far as pranks go, that's a good one. >> it is. but it is a reminder also that always log yourself out of twitter or facebook. if you're on somebody else's device or a device you plan on giving to somebody else. >> especially you. you're always on. >> but i'm programmed. i'm already logged out before the show. eli manning has quite the
10:27 am
resume. two super bowl titles as well as mvp trophies. >> but he's red did for a different kind of challenge tonight when he hosts "saturday night live". he is following in the footsteps of other qbs including his older brother peyton. the quarterback isn't feeling the nerves just yet. >> it's not the most stressful thing they've done. no one will try to sack eli. >> we'll see come saturday at 11:00 how i'm feeling. >> rihanna is going to be the musical guest. you can catch "snl" right here on newbc 4. >> a lot of reasons to watch.
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