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tv   Today  NBC  May 16, 2012 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. proof of self-defense? george zimmerman's medical records reveal he had a broken nose, black eyes and cuts on his head just hours after he killed trayvon martin. does the report back zimmerman's claim he shot the 17-year-old to protect himself? case closed. john edwards' defense team says they could rest their case as early as today. as we wait to see whether dards' daughter and his ex-girlfriend rielle hunter will be called to the stand. what about edwards himself? we're live at the courthouse. and ooh-la-la, the world's biggest stars descend on the french riviera for the kickoff
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of the cannes film festival and ann is in the heart of the action "today," wednesday, may ann is in the heart of the action "today," wednesday, may 16th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. ooh-la-la, that's the extent of my french, too. ann is in cannes this morning. she's got all the action from the film festival there. we're going to collect in with her live a bit later on this morning. >> she should have a good time there. also ahead we're hearing for the first time from one of the men sentenced to death for the killings of a connecticut mother and her two daughters in an horrific home invasion that took place back in 2007. mention it's the first time he's spoken out since his conviction, and what he has to say is not sitting well with the victims'
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family. we're going to have more on that story. >> and an important consumer alert for millions of parents. are some stores telling you sleep products and toys that could pose potentially deadly hazards to your newborn? coming up the results of our hidden camera investigation. and kris jenner the matriarch of one of the most talked-about families in reality tv and the country will be here for a live interview. they always seem to be making headlines lately because of word that khloe kardashian may take a dna test to prove she's really a kardashian and kim kardashian's relationship with kanye west. a lot to talk about with kris jenner when she joins us. we begin on a wednesday morning with a medical report compiled by george zimmerman's family physician, and it's shedding new light on his injuries on the night of his deadly encounter with trayvon martin. nbc's national investigative correspondent michael isikoff is in sanford, florida. michael, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. the medical report could raise questions about the state's case
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against george zimmerman, and bolster what is expected to be his defense. that he only shot trayvon martin to defend himself during a confrontation that had pushed violent. a source familiar with the medical report tells nbc news it was compiled by george zimmerman's family physician, and shows the extent of zimmerman's injuries the day after the trayvon martin shooting. police brought zimmerman in for questioning the night of the shooting, and the next day, the source says, zimmerman's doctor reported zimmerman had a broken nose, swollen lips, black eyes, and lacerations on the back of his head. also in the medical report, the source says, the fact that zimmerman declined hospitalization that day, and his doctor recommended that he see a psychologist after zimmerman reported he got nauseous thinking about the shooting. legal experts say the findings in this medical report could play a pivotal role in the defense's case. >> the fact that real injuries were apparently suffered is
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certainly going to help the self-defense claim but it doesn't answer the question who started, what happened to have been a fatal fight that night. >> reporter: under questioning from zimmerman's attorney mark o'mara at a bond hearing last month the state's lead investigator admitted he never asked for zimmerman's medical records prior to his being charged with second degree murder. >> you know that that was an injury that mr. zimmerman sustained, correct? >> i know that that is an injury that is reported to have sustained. i haven't seen any medical records to indicate that. >> have you asked him for them? >> have i asked him for them? no. >> reporter: the state does have the medical report, which was included in a large trove of evidence that o'mara received from prosecutors this week, including witness statements, 911 calls, photos, video, and more. all part of a routine exchange of information between prosecutors and defense attorneys that typically occurs before trial. a summary of that evidence was
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released to the public on tuesday, containing a list of possible witnesses, including trayvon martin's parents and brother. george zimmerman's father, and 18 sanford police officers. in addition, the evidence includes new surveillance video from the night of the shooting. from the 7-eleven store where martin reportedly purchased skittles and iced tea and from a clubhouse in the complex where martin was shot by zimmerman. a lawyer for trayvon martin's family told us he found the report suspicious, noting that zimmerman did not go to the hospital emergency room the night of the shooting itself. trayvon martin was fighting for his life, the lawyer told us. we have to put this whole thing into context. matt? >> all right, michael isikoff in sanford, florida, this morning. michael, thank you very much. it's five minutes after the hour. here's savannah. >> matt, thank you. john edwards' defense team is wrapping up its case as the former presidential candidate's criminal trial, and it appears it is anyone's guess who his attorneys could still call to the stand.
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nbc's lisa myers is covering the trial in greensboro, north carolina, for us. lisa, good morning to you. >> hey, savannah, good morning. edwards' lawyers are playing it very close to their vest, saying they may call cate edwards today to testify, or her father, the defendant, or even the woman at the center of the scandal, rielle hunter. or, they may rest their case without calling any of them. >> there's no question that i've done wrong. >> reporter: cate edwards has stood silently by her father's side through his legal battles and his devastating downfall. but today, her silence could end. cate may be one of the last witnesses to testify in an attempt to save her father from prison. if she testifies, she would tell the jury about the agonizing years of her father's betrayal, and why she still believes he did not break the law. >> cate edwards can humanize a man, her father, who has been demonized. and she can show that edwards
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would have wanted to cover up the affair for her, for her family, and not just for his campaign. >> reporter: on tuesday, edwards' legal team chipped away at the government's case. jim walsh, a former fbi agent hired by the defense to follow the money, testified that donor craig baron gave rielle hunter monthly payments totalling $74,000 in the last half of 2008. well after edwards' presidential campaign had ended. some of it even after he publicly admitted the affair. but before he admitted paternity. >> the only logical reason for making these payments at the time they were made was exactly what john edwards has been saying, i'm trying to protect my wife from finding out that i'm the father of rielle hunter's baby. >> reporter: a former chairman of the federal election commission, scott thomas, testified he knew of no other case where a candidate was charged because another person paid the expenses of a mistress. >> there's never been a case like this in the history of the
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fec, so why would john edwards think that someone paying expenses for a mistress was something that needed to be reported? >> reporter: but will john edwards tell his own side of the story? knowing he could face a withering cross-examination. >> remember, the defense told this jury, john edwards is not afraid of the truth. and i think that was foretelling that he will take the stand. >> but edwards' lawyers could ultimately decide that putting him on the stand is too risky, especially if they're worried the jury might not believe that he's sincere and telling the truth. savannah? >> all right, lisa myers in greensboro, thank you. sand california is "people" magazine's washington correspondent and writes about the edwards trial in the latest issue. hanson dillinger is an nbc news legal analyst who has been in the courtroom each and every day. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> hanson, i'll start with you. obviously the defense had a string of witnesses yesterday, scored some points. but if they decide not to call a blockbuster witness like cate edwards, like john edwards, have
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they done enough? can they rest and feel confident in the case? >> i don't think they can, savannah. you know, the judge signaled last week that she thinks there's enough evidence of a crime in front of this jury for a conviction to be lawful. i think we will see cate edwards. i don't think we'll see rielle hunter. it's too great of a risk and the evidence is already in that the youngs kept most of the money. at the end of the day i think john edwards will take the ultimate risk and take the stand. >> i want to ask you about that in a minute. let me turn to you, sand ra while we're still on the topic of cate edwards. you've spoken to those close to her. she's obviously very loyal to her father and her mother. is she conflicted at all? >> friends who have texted her are concerned about how difficult this is say that she is not conflicted. that she is absolutely convinced he committed no crime, and she knows that this is what her mother would have done. >> what do you mean? >> her mother told me before she died, elizabeth said, i wish the grand jury would call me to testify. she, as a lawyer, had gone
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through what she knew to be the facts, and absolutely believed that he committed no crime. cate now would be the final note in what has really been an ugly and sordid line of testimony, and she would bring a human face and a sincere one. >> hampton, back to what you mentioned just a few moments ago about john edwards taking the stand. he is, of course, a former politician, and a former successful trial lawyer. in my experience, those folks like to get on the witness stand. why do you think he ultimately won't be able to resist doing so? and how risky a proposition is that? >> oh, it's absolutely risky. he'll face withering cross-examination from experienced federal prosecutors. he's lied before. he's got to convince the jury that he's not lying to them this time. but lisa myers is absolutely right. his defense team signaled an opening argument that he was ready to speak the truth. he knows how important it is to be truthful under oath, and only he can explain how he add no
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reason to think that money for his mistress was a crime. he's a gambler, i think he'll take this risk. >> what about john edwards' health? this is something that delayed the trial once and something you're reporting suggests may be an issue here. >> yeah, people close to him say that he has suffered symptoms in court. dizziness and fatigue. this is being watched closely. and that it is a source of concern for cate. >> hampton, last question to you. you know, a few weeks before john edwards was indicted he was offered a plea deal. he would have served a few months in prison but it would have been a misdemeanor. do you think where the case is now, about to go to a jury, the defense may be sorry it took that gamble? >> i think the defense feels like they've suffered setbacks. they'd hoped the case would be dismissed before trial. they hoped it would be thrown out at the close of the government's case. but edwards really took a gamble by going to trial, and that's part of why i think he's going to want to go all the way and take the stand. he truly believes he committed no crime and he wants to look the jury in the eye and say that. >> we will be watching.
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hampton dellinger at the courthouse. sandra westfall here with us, thank you so much. it is 7:12 now. here's matt. >> one of the men convicted of killing a connecticut mother and her two daughters in a brutal attack that made national headlines is now speaking out from behind bars for the first time. natalie is here with details on that story. natalie? >> matt, well it is a crime that is one of the worst in connecticut history. three members of the pettit family tortured and killed in their own home back in 2007 and now their convicted killer is opening up about the crime and his life in prison. in his jailhouse interview, joshua komisarjevsky said there isn't anything he could say to dr. william pettit that will restore the lives lost. komisarjevsky also declined an opportunity to express remorse for killing jennifer hawke-petit and her daughters 17-year-old haley and 11-year-old michaella. on monday he told the associated press i guess my reaction is not
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the reaction society expected. reporters john kristofferson spent an hour talked to the convicted killer. >> he was very engaged, kept his eyes on me. he would smile occasionally or laugh occasionally. >> komisarjevsky was convicted and sentenced to death for the home invasion and murders, he and another man, steven hayes, broke into the petit home, tied up the mothers and doctors, then took dr. william petit into the basement where they beat him. dr. petit escaped and ran for help but it was too late, the men had burned the house down with his family inside. during his interview, komisarjevsky talked about life on death row, saying the reality of my situation is that i'm going to die in prison. it's simply a matter of at what age. it's a very surreal experience to be judged so worthless that society wants you dead. >> he said if he volunteered to be executed, so i asked him, would you volunteer? and he said that he -- you know,
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on some days he would consider it, other days he would not. >> reporter: komisarjevsky also talked about his own loneliness, saying some days you're just overwhelmed by the isolation and the difficulty in communicating with loved ones. dealing with your own crisis of conscience. dr. petit didn't want to comment on komisarjevsky's interview but his sister-in-law cynthia hawke renn told nbc news -- >> finally i think he's getting a taste of what it feels like to receive some form of punishment. >> reporter: during the interview, komisarjevsky said he tries not to think about the murders. for the petit family, that's simply impossible. >> i know that he doesn't maybe have nightmares about what he did. but i have nightmares, and i can't stop thinking about it. i wish i could. >> and komisarjevsky's accomplice in the murder, steven hayes, was also convicted and sentenced to death. their cells are close together on death row. both men are appealing. matt? >> all right, natalie, thank you
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very much for that. we appreciate it. and now, savannah. >> all right. well the justice department is now launching an investigation into the $2 billion loss at jpmorgan chase. nbc's anne thompson has the latest on that story. anne, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. the fbi inquiry is very preliminary, and no one at jpmorgan is accused of wrongdoing. chairman and ceo jamie dimon told shareholders yesterday that no clients were affected by the $2 billion loss and no customers suffered. but it is clear that dimon's reputation, as well as the bank's, have taken serious hits. the $2 billion loss generated a barrage of headlines. but only attracted a handful of protesters to the jpmorgan chase shareholder meeting in tampa, florida. >> i mean, chase might have lost $2 billion. i wonder how much of that is going to come out of the ceo's pocket? >> reporter: right now, not a cent. the shareholders overwhelmingly approved dimon's $23.1 million pay package from last year.
7:16 am
shareholder peter skillen wanted to take one of dimon's titles. >> next reform is to have jamie step down as chairman, and have an independent adviser. >> reporter: that, too, was rejected. although most votes were cast before the loss was revealed. other shareholders complained about jpmorgan's fighting regulations. that might prevent the loss. >> i would hope at least that they've been chastened by these losses and that perhaps they'll do an about-face and for their reputation as a company. >> reporter: dimon pushed back, saying he's not opposed to regulations. >> we believe in strong, simple, good regulation. it's not simply a question of more or less. >> reporter: once again, dimon apologized. saying the mistakes were self-inflicted, and should have never happened. >> he's an excellent manager. he's an excellent risk manager. it's nothing more than embarrassing and unfortunate event, but life will go on. >> reporter: jpmorgan chase earned a record $19 billion last year, and so far this year, it's
7:17 am
earned over $5 billion. but restoring its reputation may be much more difficult to do. savannah? >> all right, anne thompson in midtown manhattan, thank you. >> let's get a check of the other top stories. natalie is back now over at the news desk. good morning again. >> good morning, matt and savannah. good morning, everyone. in the news this morning, a setback overnight in the battle against those arizona wildfires. high winds increased the size of one major fire burning in the northern part of the state. however, the winds have also pushed flames away from the historic town of crown king which has been under an evacuation order. o.j. simpson's new attorney filed a new bid tuesday to win simpson's release from a nevada prison, where he's serving at least nine years on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery in a vegas hotel. the attorney claims simpson was poorly represented in his trial, and deserves a retrial. police say a florida mother who fatally shot her four children tuesday before taking her own life had called three of the children back from a neighbor's house where they had
7:18 am
gone for help. the children ranged from age from 12 to 17, and police say the family had a history of domestic problems. police in tampa are asking for the public's help in finding four men who attacked a soldier walking home after his car broke down last weekend. that attack, as you see there, was caught on surveillance tape. they punched and kicked the soldier and took his wallet and cell phone. the victim had to be hospitalized. the nation's roman catholic bishops are rejecting president obama's effort to accommodate religious groups opposed to his birth control mandate. they say it does not do enough to protect religious freedom. that mandate requires most employers to provide contraception coverage in their employee health plans. and lady gaga may have to cancel her concert in the world's most populous muslim nation, indonesia. officials there have denied her permit for the sold-out june 3rd concert, saying gaga is dangerous and will corrupt young people. gaga seemed undaunted last night as she appeared in tokyo, and
7:19 am
her promoters tweeted that they haven't given up yet on the indonesia date. and, matt, savannah, now, as you know, little monsters, they don't go down quietly so they've been putting up quite a fight to make sure that she does perform there. >> they have to get a permit before they sold all the tickets. >> coming right down on lady gaga. >> i'm just feeling sorry for all the ticket holders. >> that's right, she went to the butcher shop for a new dress. >> mr. roker is here with a check of the weather. >> all right. let's see what
7:20 am
afternoon and there's a small chance of an isolated thundershower popping up late afternoon into the evening hours. mainly areas southeast of washington. thursday, >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al, thanks. coming up, the father of the sole survivor of a plane crash in kansas speaks out in an exclusive live interview. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up we're going to talk about some sleep products marketed to parents of newborns
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that some experts say could actually suffocate babies. we're going to have a hidden camera report. >> and then later on a live interview with kris jenner. why she's pushing her daughter khloe to take a dna test. and what about the relationship with can yeah west and kim? very sore looking kinda blistery. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation until i had the shingles. i remember it well. i was in the back yard doing yard work. i had this irritation going on in my lower neck. i changed shirts because i thought there was something in the collar of the shirt irritating my neck. and i couldn't figure out what was going on. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. i always thought shingles was associated with people... a lot older than myself.
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and everyday expenses? huh?! blurlbrlblrlbr!!! [ thlurp! ] aflac! [ male announcer ] help your family stay afloat at plegh! good morning, it's 7:26 on this wednesday, may 16th, i'm aaron gilchrest. rain has moved out. what can you expect as you head out the door? >> partly cloudy now, temperatures are on the cool side. 50s to low 60s around much of the region. mid 60s in washington and by the bay and we have patchy dense fog, mainly in virginia and parts of west virginia. that should be gone, though, in the next couple of hours and it's going to feel like summertime this afternoon. highs reaching the mid 80s by mid afternoon and a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up late afternoon into the evening. southeast of washington. a nice dry pattern, mild, into the weekend.
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that looks nice. 7:30 now on a wednesday morning. 16th day of may, 2012. middle of the afternoon there. on the south of france. that is cannes. and ann has made her way to the cannes film festival, the center of the celebrity world for the next couple of weeks. savannah never play rock, paper scissors with ann. she is good at that and she will beat you and win trips like that. anyway we're going to check in with her coming up. meanwhile inside studio 1a in new york city i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie. >> good morning, everybody. also ahead a consumer alert about something that doctors know but many parents may not. widely used baby accessories and toys can suffocate your infant
7:31 am
during sleep. so, why are they being sold in the first place? and what should you do if you have them in your home? coming up, our hidden camera report. and then later on, kris jenner is here. she's the mom and manager of the kardashians. and she has built her family into an empire. but is there trouble in paradise? rumors that she might be out as manager? >> i have to be honest with you, although kim was here not long ago i have not exactly been keeping up with the kardashians and i started to read the note on this last night. wow. i kept saying really? are you kidding? claiming that? there's a lot to talk about. >> there are many developments including a potential dna test for khloe. we're going to let kris jenner set the record straight. there's also the kim and kanye relationship or kimye as they call it. >> we begin this half hour with improvement from the sole survivor of a fiery plane crash in kansas. we'll talk to the woman's father exclusively in a moment. but first, nbc's janet shamlian is in kansas city with the
7:32 am
latest. janet, good morning to you. >> hi, matt. this is a heartbreaking, yet remarkable story. tara is here in the hospital today after surviving a plane crash on friday that claimed the lives of everyone else on board. she is in rough shape, there's no doubt about that. but this young woman has already proven she's a fighter. hannah is awake and talking to her parents and doctors. but so far, has provided few details about the plane crash. the 2 2-year-old was one of five people aboard a small twen incan cessna that went down in a kansas field and burst into flames on friday. hannah was the sole survivor. >> the heart of a father, i feel more love than ever for hannah, but i feel also the pain of these fathers and mothers that have lost their children. >> reporter: three of those on board died on impact. hannah, and 27-year-old austin anderson, survived the initial crash, and managed to get to a nearby road and flag down help. >> my name is austin anderson --
7:33 am
>> reporter: the 27-year-old anderson is shown here in a video project shot by a fellow student. anderson was a former marine, and served two tours in iraq, and had just graduated from oral roberts university. hannah's father believes anderson helped hannah escape that burning plane. anderson, who suffered burns over 90% of his body, died saturday. >> he is the kind of guy that would give his life for his nation, give his life for a friend, doesn't surprise me one bit that he would do something like that. >> reporter: the other victim was stefan luce and the pilot. both of whom had just graduated. the instructor at oral roberts also died in the crash. the plane took off on friday headed for a youth rally in iowa. organized by teen mania ministries, which hannah's father founded. >> i do not know exactly when i'll see hannah but i'm definitely looking forward to that day. you know, because you know, i'm so thankful that she's still here. >> reporter: at the ministry's headquarters in texas, there is
7:34 am
overwhelming grief at this loss. but there is also hope that despite hannah's condition, the pain she suffered, and the road she faces ahead, this sole survivor will be back with them soon. hannah is undergoing skin graft surgery later this morning. she already had surgery on monday and faces another procedure next week. but, matt, the good news is, she may soon be able to return to her family and continue her recovery at her home. back to you. >> all right, janet shamlian on this story. hannah luce's father ron is now with us exclusively. mr. luce, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i understand, as we just heard, that hannah had surgery on monday, faces another procedure perhaps even more than that. what are doctors telling you about her recovery? >> well, she's improving, and they're pretty shocked initially that there were no internal injuries, no brain injuries
7:35 am
whatsoever. no broken bones. pretty amazed the doctor said that having gone through a crash like this, that she's only got the burn injuries, which are 28% of her body, but they are amazed that she was in as good a shape as she was in. >> as we heard hannah and her friend austin did manage to survive the crash initially. they managed to walk to a nearby road and find someone who was able to call an ambulance, and that person, this woman, also then called you, mr. luce. can you describe that phone call? >> well, it was the phone call that no parent wants to get. i'm sitting at my desk, literally and get a phone call, a number that i don't recognize, usually i don't answer those, and she says, i have your daughter hannah is fine, and i said well what do you mean, my daughter's on a plane. your daughter is in front of me and she's fine. and i said, well what's going on? she says it looks like the plane has gone down, and the fire trucks are just now getting
7:36 am
here, so apparently she came upon hannah and austin before any of the rescue vehicles were there, and had called 911, and then hannah was alert, and gave her my phone number and called me and we began to -- she stayed on the phone with me for a long time kind of walking me through what was happening, until the ambulance got there. >> i understand when you kept asking how hannah was doing, she said she's okay. but hannah really wasn't in a condition to talk to you directly and then you asked how austin was and she said nothing, because he was that severely injured. >> yes. she did put the phone up to hannah one time and hannah said hello. but that's -- she couldn't talk really. and she -- you're right, when i asked about how was austin, can he talk to me, and the phone just went dead. she was on the line, but she couldn't say a word. >> it must have been incredibly traumatic for you as a father to want information and be able to get so little, even though you knew your daughter was alive at that time. austin anderson, as i mentioned,
7:37 am
died of his injuries a short time later. he is a former marine, two tours of duty in iraq, and there have been some stories circulating, mr. luce, that perhaps he did pull hannah from the wreckage of that plane. what can you tell me about that. what do you know? what don't you know? >> well, i know austin, and you know, he was a hero before he ever got in that plane, having served in the military. he was a brand-new staff member of ours. and i spent a lot of time with him. and i know he had that kind of heart to give his life for a friend, for his country, full of life, full of passion, and really we consider all the members on board that plane, all four who perished heroes because they had a passion for life and a passion for their faith and were going to an event to help discover how we could share that faith more and reach more young people, and in pursuit of their mission, their lives were ended, and miraculously, hannah was
7:38 am
spared, and we don't understand why. and you know, as a father, you don't think you can really love your kids more until something like this happens, and then, of course, my love for my daughter is just overflowing, but it also makes me -- the grief that i feel that all these other parents must feel just unbearable, as they lost their child, and our heart goes out to them. we're encouraging people to pray for all of those families, and the moms and the dads, i've talked with all of them, and trying to just love on them and reach out to them, and know that i know that there are thousands that are praying. we keep getting these reports. i want to thank all of those that are praying for hannah and praying for the other families. it's just so very appreciated. >> just briefly mr. luce, has hannah been able to talk to you about the accident, and what happened immediately after? >> she -- first, finally yesterday did begin to share some of what she remembers, and she was remarkably lucid.
7:39 am
apparently being awake the entire plane crash, and the aftermath, and some of the points of interest that of what she remembers were, are unbelievable. and harrowing. and frankly shocking, and i'm sure when she is ready, she'll tell her story for others to hear. >> well, we wish her a speedy recovery, and of course, our thoughts are with the family members of those who did not make it out of this crash alive. ron luce. thank you very much. >> thank you, matt. >> let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> matt, thank you so much. got some friends -- where are you guys from? all right. william j. clark middle school. all right. let's see what we've got. afternoon temperatures, we're looking at 80s throughout
7:40 am
>> afternoon temperatures, 80s throughout many of the country. northeast and new england, 90s and 100s through the southwest. sunny skies, 68 in seattle today. slight risk of strong storms, interior new york and new england. beautiful day in chicago, sunny, 66. same in detroit. 87 in dallas and look for the heat to continue in phoenix, 104 degrees. so hot in phoenix last night, they were having trouble keeping the ice cold during the phoenix/coyotes playoff nhl game. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. good morning, partly cloudy, around much of the region this morning, temperatures are in the low to mid 60s, much of the area, still patchy dense fog mainly in virginia and west virginia this morning. out in west virginia, only in the 50s, as well as western maryland now. later today, much of the area should climb into the low to mid 80s and small chance of an isolated thundershower during the latter part of the afternoon, into the evening. and mainly areas southeast of
7:41 am
washington. sunshine for thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. highs near 80. >> don't forget to check that weather any time you need to. go to the weather channel on cable or online. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. up next, why are some stores selling potentially dangerous products for babies? a warning to parents, and a new hidden camera investigation. that's right after this. [ thunk ] sweet! [ male announcer ] the solid thunk of the door on the jetta. thanks, mister! [ meow ] [ male announcer ] another example of volkswagen quality. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month.
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7:44 am
back now at 7:43. this morning on rossen reports, the consumer alert for parents. products sold in stores today could be hazardous to your babies. "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with more on this. jeff, good morning. >> hey, savannah, good morning to you. there is a new report out from the cdc saying more and more babies are suffocating while sleeping. and they're warning parents to keep their cribs empty. and that's got us thinking about all those fluffy toys, blankets and bumpers you put in your baby's crib. you can find them easily. just walk into almost any baby store. but some experts say infants are dying from them because companies are putting profits over safety. we're on a shopping spree. >> looking for bedding for a newborn infant. >> reporter: undercover at some of the most popular baby stores in the country.
7:45 am
selling the must-haves for any new parents. >> that bumper is nice and soft, too. >> reporter: but for years doctors have warned soft products like this can be deadly in cribs for kids under 1. babies can pull these pillows and toys over their faces, cutting off air, or roll into a crib bumper and suffocate against the side. yet, the companies continue to make them, and stores continue to push them. >> i think the softer one probably appeals more. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: but soft and cuddly can cost you dearly. this little boy, preston, was just 7 weeks old, when he suffocated in his crib. the official cause of death, the face being wedged between a crib bumper and mattress. >> i sat on my knees just rocking back and forth with my child that was gone. >> reporter: preston's parents thought the bumper would actually protect their baby, because it was marketed that way. sold in baby stores nationwide,
7:46 am
how could it be dangerous? >> i believe that they're profiting off of an unsafe product. and they know it. and i don't understand how they can sleep at night, knowing the truth. >> reporter: they're now suing the store, and the manufacturer. the cdc says in 2009 alone, 665 babies died from accidental suffocation or strangulation while in bed. now the american academy of pediatrics has issued a specific warning about crib bumpers, that they could be dangerous, and parents should never use them. in chicago, stores are now banned from selling bumpers, and maryland may follow suit. some doctors say that's just not enough. >> the manufacturers should stop making the bumpers, which really have no place in a baby's crib, and no place, therefore, ever. >> reporter: so we went straight to the group representing all those companies. doctors say that they're
7:47 am
dangerous. yet these companies continue to make them and market them. >> tell me again what your question is. >> reporter: the question is, why? >> why? >> reporter: why make them? why make crib bumpers? >> parents need to make the decision for themselves. what items they would like to use inside their crib. and crib bumpers do prevent head injuries and limb entrapment. >> reporter: you put it all on the parents, basically. they're not the experts. >> parents are truly the experts of their child. >> reporter: actually, doctors and pediatricians are the experts and they're the ones who say that these are unsafe. >> i also think that parents in concert with their pediatrician, and themselves, they know what's best for their family. >> reporter: but experts say it's hard to know what's best for your family when this is the kind of confusing message you get at many stores. >> what should we put in a crib for a newborn? >> reporter: at this targ this clerk says she handles the baby session. >> so they've given you all the
7:48 am
training on cribs? >> yeah. >> reporter: but when we asked for a crib bumper, no warning at all. >> so that's good to have a nice, soft thing to keep the baby safe? even the newborn? >> yes. >> reporter: at babies "r" us one clerk warns us about bumpers. >> and the bumper thing has changed too, they say you shouldn't use these anymore. >> reporter: then another clerk chimes in. well maybe they are okay for babies. >> after like three months or something. >> is it after three months? >> there's still a mechanism that when they can't get air they turn. >> reporter: but doctors say that's not true. in fact around three months old, babies are most at risk. >> shopping for a newborn infant. >> reporter: at bye-bye baby the clerks did warn us. >> when the baby's in the crib, there is nothing supposed to be in the crib. >> reporter: so why is this on display just feet away? crib after crib loaded with what doctors say are dangerous accessories that have no place with a sleeping baby. so what's the responsibility of the company? >> no product will ever be a
7:49 am
substitution for parenting. and parents know this. and they're smart. >> reporter: but the maxwells say they are smart parents. and that just wasn't enough. >> i want them to take them off the shelf. don't try making millions of dollars. don't try putting the blame or the responsibility on anyone other than themselves. >> the stores told us they are committed to safety. target says they're developing ways to better train employees. over at babies "r" us in response to our investigation, they've retrained workers. by the way, the government is investigating this, too, to see just how dangerous bumpers can be. here's the takeaway for you. if your crib looks a lot like this, and there's a lot of stuff in it, and your baby is younger than 1, what you want to do is take all the stuff out. i mean, the stuffed animals, the stuffed toys, they're cut, you want them for your baby. >> doesn't belong in the crib. >> does not belong in the clinton. they say bare is best for a baby under one. what you want to do, and we have this doll here. >> our fake baby. >> our fake baby. not real.
7:50 am
but what you really want to do is get a sleep sack. a zip-up sleep sack like this, it can't choke them, it can't get around their neck and all you want is the baby in the sleep sack, in the crib by themselves. that's it. >> the blanket's okay? >> the blanket is fine as long as it's under them like that. they can't be playing with it or pulling it over their head. >> interesting story. jeff, if people have story ideas and they want to get in contact with you? >> always looking for story ideas to investigate, scams, issues, anything you can go to, go to rossen reports, click right on there and we read every single one. >> no item is too small. >> that's right. >> jeff rossen, thanks again. >> thank you. >> still ahead, you want to live like a star? we're going to check out some select ridty homes for sale, including goldie hawn and kurt russell's malibu beach shack. we charge everything else... maybe it's time to recharge the human battery. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam
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i haand then i have eleven my grandkids. right when you see them, they're yours, it's like, ah, it's part of me. it's me again. now that i'm retiring they all have plans for me. i'm excited. just ahead kris jenner on the new season of "keeping up with the kardashians." kim and kanye and why she wants khloe to take a dna test. >> and ann live from cannes. i think she's alive? ( telephone rings )
7:53 am
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7:56 is your time now on this wednesday, may 16th, 2012. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. it is going to be a hot spring day. here's meteorologist tom kierein in the storm center. good morning. >> good morning, eun. we have some patchy dense fog still lingering, parts of virginia, into west virginia this morning. where temperatures are around 60. closer to washington, low to mid 60s in the suburbs to upper 60s southern maryland, near the bay. and we'll have that fog dissipating over the next couple of hours. and partly sunny day. afternoon highs should climb to the mid 80s, about ten degrees above the average high and there's a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm late afternoon into the evening hours. a beautiful pattern thursday into the weekend with sunshine each day. eun? >> tom, thank you. we'll take a quick break
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
it's a slow trip on 29 southbound, you're slow from east randolph road, delays continue towards the beltway. over to 202, this is on route 50 inbound, jammed at landover road, slow all the way to 295. you're only at about 25 miles per hour. eun? >> danella, thank you.
8:00 am
morning. it's the 16th day of may, 2012. we had rain in the area over the last couple of hours. that appears to be clearing out just in time for a fantastic, improving trend heading into our friday summer concert as we kick off the season. it's going to be beautiful as usher takes the stage on friday morning. and hopefully some of these people will stick around, or at least go home, shower, come back and check out that concert. if you're in the area, stop by, as well. meanwhile out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, who's in while ann is in the south of france this morning.
8:01 am
we'll check in with her in a second. and mr. roker -- well, that is just aggravating. >> i hope she's got sunscreen on. >> she's really rubbing it in. like the sunscreen. >> we'll find out what she's got up in just a couple of minutes. >> we're also going to catch up with kris jenner. the mom of the kardashians. mom manager or mommager. why is she wanting her daughter khloe to take a dna test, and what does she think about kim and kanye? the kimye relationship? we will ask in just a few minutes. i just enjoy saying kimye. >> mommager. >> we want to take you inside to high profile celebrity homes to show you the ones that are on the market. meg ryan es bel air estate, billy joel's $14 million beach spread. we've got all the inside stuff to show you in just a little bit. >> all right. before we do that. let's go back to cannes in the
8:02 am
south of france where the film festival is kicking off. for the next two weeks we'll be seeing scenes like that obnoxious one right there, with ann sipping wine on a lounge chair. what do you got cooking? >> hey, guys, i wish you guys were here. it's so beautiful here in cannes. it's the opening day of the 65th cannes film festival. and this is the balcony here in -- that we're on at the carlton hotel and, and this hotel is where grace kelly actually met her prince of monaco. down below is the main street for the festival, the place where people want to see and be seen, and out beyond are the beautiful blue waters of the mediterranean. known here as the cote deazur. and as we know it the french riviera. i don't know why they let me near these things. these are actually the awards that are going to be handed out for 22 films. the palme d'or and also the mini palm. and they're right off the
8:03 am
balcony. i am such a klutz. any moment this could happen. these are very big deal, i'm trying to stay away from them. i'm told i cannot pick them up, i've warned them of my klutzy behavior. also i want to mention to you we were able to sit down with alec baldwin and chris klein to talk about their new movie. it got pretty silly the interview, we had talked about a lot of things. we'll bring you that tomorrow here on "today." and also we've got another big star making a big appearance here in cannes earlier this morning, the dictator showed up in character, riding a camel with his virgin guards surrounding him. so we're going to actually be able to bring you a rare live interview with the man behind this. we're talking about sacha baron cohen, actually being himself in an interview with us coming up this morning, guys. >> you got to know when that camel is about to get up. very important. all right, ann. >> ann, thank you. we'll see you a little later on.
8:04 am
we appreciate it. let's go inside right now. natalie is standi ining with a k of the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. a medical report is shedding new light on the extent of the injuries george zimmerman had after the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. a source familiar with the report tells nbc news it shows zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, had a pair of black eyes, a fractured nose, and two cuts to the back of his head. zimmerman says he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. now to tucson, where police are looking for new clues as they search for missing 6-year-old isabel celis. nbc's miguel almaguer is in tucson with more. miguel, good morning. >> natalie, good morning. police say there are two sets of detectives working this case. one focused on the family, the other focused on outsiders and a possible abduction. today both teams are following leads. the search for little isabel extended into the tucson desert tuesday.
8:05 am
with specially trained dogs, investigators scoured rocky terrain and sewers, but no sign of the missing 6-year-old, gone nearly four weeks. >> she left through the power, assistance of someone else. either somebody took her or enticed her out of the residence in some way, shape or form. >> reporter: sergio celis told police he last saw his daughter the night of april 20th. the next morning she was gone. >> i need to report a missing child. i believe she was abducted from my house. >> reporter: isabel's mother had already left for work when sergio celis first called 911. >> i went to work this morning at 7:00, and i just -- and i didn't even come and check on her. i should have come and checked on her. >> reporter: the family home is surrounded by a five foot wall. two dogs live on the property. the house was called a crime scene but law enforcement sources tell nbc news there appears to be no indication of a stranger abduction, and police say they do not believe isabel just walked away. sergio celis says he believes
8:06 am
isabel was kidnapped. but sources say his statements to police have been, quote, inconsistent. isabel's father has agreed with child protective services for the time being to stay away from his two other children while this investigation continues. it's important to point out, there are no suspects, and police say the family is fully cooperating. natalie? >> all right, miguel almaguer in tucson, arizona. thank you, miguel. the justice department is launching a preliminary investigation into the $2 billion trading loss at jpmorgan chase. meantime at a shareholders meeting tuesday, a $23 million pay package for bank chairman jamie dimon for last year was overwhelmingly approved. now for a look at what's trending today our quick roundup of what has you talking online. tom cruise is turning 50, and turning heads. this photo shoot for "w" magazine proves it's no mission impossible for the top gun star to transform himself into the out landish musician he portrays in this summer's film adaptation
8:07 am
of the broadway show "rock of ages." reportedly he can really sing. and this youtube video was popular on like all cats this one has a lot of hair, and its owner wants to avoid hairballs, so she even vacuums her pet. as you can see there, no complaints from the cat. and these young ladies have a leg up, quite literally, on the viral road trip video posted by the harvard men's baseball squad. the women from southern methodist university recorded their own dance along to "call me maybe." just hope the driver of the van has both hands on the steering wheel. it is now 8:07 right now. let's go back out to savannah and al. i think all these colleges, they're on to something. >> they are. >> they're all going viral. >> yeah, exactly. al -- >> carly ray jenson is going to be on the show in june. >> excellent. a youtube sensation. >> absolutely. we've got some friends here. want to let us know about
8:08 am
melanoma? >> it's the deadliest form of skin cancer. one american dies of melanoma every hour but men are at greatest risk, so go get screened and visit. >> thank you very much. great information, thank you. let us show you what's happening. our pick city of the day, oklahoma's news channel 4, sunny, warm, 87 degrees. our drought monitor, we continue with extreme to exceptional drought in the southeast. also throughout the southwest. it's lessening a little here in the northeast. and out west, you can see a gorgeous day today, out west. along the west coast. we expect to see temperatures in the 80s in parts of the pacific northwest. inland. we're also looking at 80 degrees for a high in l.a. 81 in, 104 in phoenix. look for a slight risk of strong storms, interior sections of new england. rain in the central and southern florida coastlines, that's what's going on around the country, here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. partly sunny around the
8:09 am
region, tom kierein in storm center 4. it's climbing into the upper 60s in washington and near the bay. elsewhere, low to mid 60s. and we have still some lingering patchy dense fog in parts of mainly virginia and west virginia. but that should be gone over the next hour or so. and then later today, partly sunny into the mid 80s and a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm late afternoon or into the evening hours. mainly southeast of the d.c. metro area. a >> got a high school graduate right here. oh, over here. congratulations. >> thank you. >> and a college graduate over here. savannah? >> all right, al, thanks. coming up next, we're going to catch up on all things kardashian with kris jenner. why does she want her daughter khloe to take a dna test? what does she really think about his new relationship with kim and kanye? we'll ask her right after this. . and, boy... oh, my... [ male announcer ] ...are they enjoying it. i might get another one. with some more sauce.
8:10 am
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twinkle twinkle hope appears. a stevia leaf erased my fears. it made my willpower a super hero. as for calories, it has zero. twinkle twinkle truvia® star natural sweetness, i love just what you are. truvia. honestly sweet. we're back now at 8:1 with the matriarch of the kardashian clan, kris jenner. the mother of six is also the executive producer of her family's hit reality show "keeping up with the
8:13 am
kardashians." it returns for a brand-new seen on the e! network sunday night and you can bet there will be plenty of drama between jenner and her famous daughters. take a look. >> feel like it's important for you to know that daddy is your real dad. and we've all agreed to do a dna test. >> this is stupid. >> it's not stupid. >> you're the one who wrote it. you had an affair about however many years ago. 25 years ago and i wrote a memoir, okay? >> kris jenner, good morning. welcome back. >> good morning. >> always something. >> i know. >> i'll talk about that in a second. >> drama, drama, drama. >> you just signed up to do three more years of this. >> yes. >> i'm curious, given all that comes with it. i know it's lucrative and it's great but there are the headlines and the disputes and the controversies, and a lot of those headlines, by the way, are not kind. why continue to do it? >> you know what? it's almost unusual not to have all the cameras in our lives. we're so used to it now. and we really like what we're doing.
8:14 am
it's an opportunity for me, as a mom, i get to wake up at every single day and work with my kids. and if we all have different types of jobs, that might not be the scenario, and we really like what we're doing. >> but you said something that i think catches my attention. you said you're so used to having the cameras. >> yeah. >> do you think you and your daughters even know right now the difference between reality tv and reality? >> well, i think that because we don't use scripts, and it's just plays out in, you know, basically right now we're in the middle of shooting season seven. so you know, some people have asked me what is there to be expected out of season seven? >> as if it's all prewritten and in the can. >> it's not in the can. we're in the middle of filming. i took a day or two off to come here and do this. but everyone is in major film mode. >> when you get to the end of your life, no one's going to give you a redo to capture the private time that you missed during these years of living your lives in front of the cameras. >> but we have so much time between seasons that we really do enjoy. and we look forward to when
8:15 am
filming starts again. it's -- it's somewhat addictive in that we're like okay, when are we going to start again? we can't wait to do it. it's our job. >> "keeping up with the kardashians" is not always easy. in reading this last night, because i don't see the show every week i'm not familiar with a lot of this. so let me just throw a couple of the rumors and tabloids out. >> okay. >> and just take them for me. this thing we saw the clip on. >> yeah. >> that there are questions being asked as to who is khloe's real father. that it might not be your former husband, robert kardashian. >> ridiculous. >> ridiculous? and yet you would like her to take a dna test? >> well, because there was so many stories that came up. o.j. is the baby -- i mean there were so many stupid things, and she was getting so annoyed at the fact that, you know, i felt like it would put her mind to rest if she just went -- >> she doesn't seem to want to have any of it. >> no. you got to see what we went through to get her to try to do it. but she's very comfortable in her own skin. >> so khloe's father is --
8:16 am
>> robert kardashian. >> there's no doubt about that. >> no doubt. no doubt. >> another story making the rounds that your daughters are considering firing you as their manager because the dynamic of trying to mix the two roles as mom-ager is not easy and promise doesn't work. >> ridiculous. i think that what happens is the girls sell magazines. and when someone puts them on the cover and they need a new story, it's easy fodder. so, the girls and i work together every single day, and we have an amazing relationship. and you know, the chemistry of, you know, i know when to take that hat off and when to put it on, so we have a really nice relationship. >> all right, here we go. the hits keep coming. khloe and lamar are having marital problems, and that's one of the reasons they've kind of pushed back their spinoff reality show. >> the reality show was not canceled. so that, you know, that rumor was just silly. and they -- it's more or less a hiatus that they want to take so that lamar can folk ucus on
8:17 am
basketball right now. >> i almost -- >> they are happy. >> there are no marital problems? >> nothing. farthest from the truth. >> what's the story that in the promos you're seen waking up one morning with kind of a fat lip and the rumor is it's a cosmetic surgery procedure gone yong. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm going to be so proud of this interview. >> some day we're going to look back and think this was your golden moment. >> finest moment. >> actually no cosmetic procedure whatsoever. i woke up, and you have to tune in, because it's unbelievable. i mean, it's really crazy what happens. we're still trying to figure it out. so -- >> what do you think of kimye? >> well, we've known him for years. >> right. >> he's a great guy. >> is this serious? >> and you know what? i stopped commenting about the, you know, the details in my kids' friendships and relationships. >> they're being photographed everywhere together. >> i get nothing but in trouble. but, you know, he's great, and she seems happy.
8:18 am
so -- >> is she in love with him? >> you'll have to ask her that. see that question, too, you're going to back and think -- >> this is a resume tape waiting to happen. >> i though. >> real quickly. see the picture that kim took for italian vogue with the short wig? she looks just like you. i mean, that's a wide shot but you go in tighter on her face, she looks just like you. >> isn't that crazy? she was in a photo shoot. that came up on my come future and i went, where did i get that outfit and realized wait a minute. >> you don't remember dressing like that. kris jenner. >> that's a crazy outfit. >> call the museum of broadcasting. this one is over. >> you did a great job. >> kris jenner. thank you so much. >> proud. >> you can catch the season premiere of "keeping up with the kardashians" this sunday night, 9:00, 8:00 central time on our cable sister e! up next the star-studded tour of homes for sale from meg ryan, billy joel, barry manilow and more. it's very important to understand
8:19 am
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back now at 8:21, and this morning on "today's real estate" celebrity homes for sale. while they might not be in our price ranges they do allow you to get a peek inside the fabulous residences of some a-list stars. barbara corcoran is "today's real estate" contributor. >> good morning, savannah. >> i guess we won't call it a fire sale but meg ryan's house is at a much lower price than initially offered at. >> you never call it a fire sale when you're talking celebrities. it was originally on the market for $11.4 -- pardon me it was originally on the market for $20 million, it's now $11.4 million. by any standards that's a big discount. she stands to make a pretty penny on the house because she only bought it for $8.5 million twelve years ago. it's tucked into a hairpin curve on bel air's most hoity-toity neighborhood. look at that house. there's not a thing about it you could object to. it's undergone a museum quality renovation. she'll never get that money back. there's also arched doorways,
8:23 am
sky lights galore, a step-down formal living room with a fireplace and various patios here, there and everywhere. shaded terraces. and wide open city and ocean views. and the free form pool in the back has a flagstone terrace and what's wrong with that house? if i had the money i would snap it up today. >> if i had 11 mil, so would i. let's go to miami beach, billy joel's mansion there. >> very different style of home. back in 2006, billy joel bought the home for $13.5 million in cash. all cash. he's looking to make just a cool million dollars. he's not so greedy. it's in a very exclusive area of town with 150 feet of waterfront footage. interior is over the top luxury. everything in the house is beige and white. there's vaulted ceilings, wrought iron stair cases and the pool is set in herringbone brickwork. $14,700,000 and going fast. >> we've got goldie hawn and kurt russell, the malibu beach house. >> a sweep malibu beach house.
8:24 am
the price is 10%, the houses are now selling like hotcakes. what a difference a few months makes. this is a zen type retreat in malibu. it's a 1970s contemporary, and it backs right on to the pacific ocean with a beautiful grassy lot. there's a living room with vaulted ceilings, oceanside has plate glass doors. the kitchen has a farmer's sink that you and i both know no farmer can ever afford that house. a second floor media room. the ocean front master bedroom as a timber ceiling and the deck has an $11 million view for sure. what's wrong with that house? >> nothing. and not the price because they had to drop it a little bit. >> they dropped it substantially but it's priced so perfectly now for selling. >> celebrities are just like us, dropping prices. their neighbor, barry. >> this is a great house. you can pick this one up for your kids for only $6.9 million and be right down the street. there's only 3500 square feet in this house but the singer/song
8:25 am
writer brought the contemporary for only $3.8 million ten years ago right before the bubble burst in malibu. but there's a step-down living room with floor to ceiling windows, a media room that looks a little depressing painted in dark gray with brown wood floors, the master bedroom is clean lines and open space and the private balcony. a formal dining room. and the highlight is that terrace. it goes east to west, you can watch the sun come up, the sun come down, who's wrong with that house? nothing. >> it's got a private dock. just the price i guess. >> that's it. a little obstacle. >> barbara corcoran. thanks so much. just ahead the man behind the dictator sacha baron cohen joins ann live from cannes.
8:26 am
good morning, it's 8:26 on this wednesday, may 16, i'm aaron gilchrest. it's shaping up to be a beautiful day across the district. tom kierein sheer with details on the forecast. >> live view from our city camera showing a partly sunny sky over washington now. where the temperature is getting up around 70 degrees. but elsewhere, out in the rural areas of maryland, virginia, we have patchy fog as well as in west virginia. still in the 50s out in the mountains, we'll have it climbing quickly by noon time. 70s to near 80, by the afternoon, peaking in the mid 80s. perhaps a passing afternoon thundershower, an isolated thundershower. small chance. and a great pattern thursday into the weekend with sunshine each day.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, in germantown, a crash on father hurley boulevard at waterford hills boulevard. the fire department is on the scene of the crash.
8:29 am
please use caution. over to 395 at edsall. a crash is now in the right shoulder lane. but you're still jammed crossing over the 14th street bridge. very slow, 18 miles per hour. aaron, over to you. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪
8:30 am
♪ >> "today" at the olympics coming this summer. 8:30 now on a wednesday morning. it's the 16th day of may, 2012. we may have spoken a little bit earlier and saying the weather was clearing up to be beautiful. this could be one of those days where we're putting the umbrella up and taking it down. >> i think we're okay. >> you think we're okay? >> on the plaza with a great crowd of people, i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. savannah is here while ann is
8:31 am
traveling to the south of france to the cannes film festival. we'll check in with her in just a second. whereas you can see it is stunningly beautiful today. here with natalie morales and al roker, as well. >> check in with ann in just a little bit. >> ann actually is where all of the celebrities are going to be for the next two weeks, and so ann, what's going on right now? >> well, hey, matt. can i name drop? because if you want to see a movie star, this is where you want to be for the next 12 days. names like reese witherspoon and nicole kidman and bruce willis and robert pattinson and brad pitt just to name a few. anything can happen here on the french riviera. i'm not sure if i can get brad pitt on this balcony once again, especially since i touched his face last time. but we do have sacha baron cohen joining us this morning. he's sitting next to me in a rare, live interview. i don't know if you saw, the dictator was down there on a camel. he seemed to be struggling to ge on it. >> he almost fell off actually.
8:32 am
but he maintained his composure. >> you think he would have practiced? >> you would have thought. >> he is a dictator. we're talking to the man who plays the dictator, sacha baron cohen coming up in a live interview. very rare, by the way, for sacha to be himself. i'm excited to get to talk to you. now back to you. >> i barely recognized sacha without his dictator uniform. >> and his voice is so different. >> we like him here. >> look forward to that. all right, also ahead. we all know that color blocking is the big trend this season. but what if you don't exactly know how to put colors together? we're going to get out the old color wheel, and he's going to show us some real steps how to take advantage of this spring trend. >> okay. and speaking of fashion, the winner of the fashion star was crowned last night on nbc. and coming up, we're going to meet the former school teacher who can now call herself a certified designer. and, in fact, everything i'm wearing she designed. >> wow. >> oh, wow.
8:33 am
>> i thought i'd be the billboard today. >> very cool. let's say hello right now to mr. taylor, one of the stars of the new movie coming out battleship. >> good to see you. >> so back to 2006, you're aid igsing for "friday night lights" on nbc and now six years later not one, but two big budget movies under your belt. >> definitely a full circle moment. i think peter berg cast me in "friday night lights," it's full circle moment with him, as well. he cast me in "battleship" and i think we're going to actually go do another movie in september together. so we're basically dating now. >> i know there's something we noticed about you, there's less of you. you don't have that hair that we've all come to know you for. >> gone. >> how did he convince you to get rid of it. >> i think any time you step onto one of these destroyers -- i had it off when i was prepping. just you're not going to get
8:34 am
away with long hair in the navy. >> the updo doesn't work? >> no, it doesn't work. >> i have to ask you about john carter. it's got a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. >> right. >> it didn't do all that well at the box office. at this stage in your career what do you take away from an experience like that? >> i don't really do movies for box office. so it's, you know, i really did sign up to become a better actor. i'm surrounded by many oscar winners from willem dafoe and i would do it all over again. i had an amazing experience. i loved it. >> real quickly you've got another film coming out with oliver stone? >> yeah, we've got john travolta, benicio del toro, amazing. salma hayek. and that's going to be a great film. it was a lot of fun to shoot. >> want to mention, taylor, it's great to have you here. the new movie "battleship" from our sister company, nbc universal pictures, opens this friday.pens this friday. good luck with that. >> thanks, guys.
8:35 am
mr. roker? >> here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. good morning, high clouds passing over the metro area now. and we have temperatures beginning to climb a bit. now it's in the upper 60s, near 70 around washington and points south and east, west and north, low to mid 60s to 50s in the mountains, still a little patchy dense fog, parts of virginia, into west virginia, it should be gone over the next hour. later into the 80s, much of the region. a small chance of an isolated afternoon or evening thunderstorm. sunshine each day. thursday into sunday. >> don't forget, check that weather any time you need it go to the weather channel on cable or online. >> all right, still to come, ann is going to sit down with sacha baron cohen live from cannes. the french riviera. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> welcome back to cannes films, stars are gathering for tonight's opening of the 65th annual cannes film festival. among them is sacha baron cohen. he's made a career out of transforming himself into unorthodox and sometimes offensive characters like borat and bruno. his latest creation is the supreme leader al adean. in the dictator. this morning he's joining us as himself. sacha baron cohen. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> it's great to have you here. this is your third interview, ever, after all of these years, as yourself. >> right. >> why do you so rarely give these interviews as yourself? >> well the movies i did up to now, they involved real people. and so we wanted to limit the exposure. at the moment i think i have the record. but basically if people saw that i was me, and that borat was not
8:39 am
a real person beforehand, they could jump the movie and shove the movie down. this is a different kind of movie. >> it is a very different kind of movie. let me ask you a couple things, we've been doing some research about you. >> oh, yes. >> and tell me whether this is true or false. you graduated from cambridge? >> yes. >> true. you once worked, you said, as a part-time fashion model. >> very part-time. very part-time. a long time ago. long time ago. you sent ryan seacrest a new jacket after spilling ashes on him. >> that is correct. yep. >> that's nice. >> exactly. and well i had a little label inside, made by a slave of child labor. but he didn't send me a thank you note. >> the thoughtlessness of that. in reviewing "the dictator" the new york daily news calls you a political satire with a peerless sense for the prepost otherous.
8:40 am
as supreme leader aladeen on that note, what are your satirizing? >> well, you know, firstly it's a comedy movie. so the movie is there to be as funny as it can be. which is the same with all the movies. but the subject of the satire, of all these preposterous dictators who are feared in their own country and rule using violence and suppression are ludicrous characters. at the moment they're being overthrown. anything you can do to mock them and undermine that kind of false authority i think is a positive thing. >> you actually sought out terrorists to figure out how to be that character. that just sounds so risky? >> that was actually in bruno i did, i interviewed a few terrorists. which was a little bit risky, yeah. >> did it help form the dictator? >> the dictators, usually they fund terrorist groups. but i did do some research for this, yes. i mean it kind of backfired on bruno because i had a terrorist
8:41 am
group came after me and you know, decided to -- to seek their revenge. but they haven't got me yet. that's why i'm here hiding in cannes. >> "time" magazine says the dirty secret about this film is that it's actually a love story. are you trying to -- when are we going to tell us this, it's actually a love story? >> well, it's, you know, we thought, you know, essentially how does this guy get to be a human being, and it's basically a story of this kind of dictator like a colonel gadhafi figure that ends up down and out in new york working in a vegan health food store and he kind of falls in love with this very masculine looking hippie. >> who doesn't shave her underarms. >> she does not shave her underarms. and there's a scene involving those underarms later on. an underarm love scene later on. and that's played by anna farris and he ends up becoming a little bit human.
8:42 am
>> despite the fact that this movie still has an "r" rating, it is deemed by some of the viewers as being a kinder, gentler sacha baron cohen movie. >> exactly. >> what's happening here? >> i'm softening. >> do you agree with that idea? >> well, i still think it's got the edginess and it's as funny as any of the other movies. and when i'm editing the movies every week, i go out and show it to like another group of 500 people, and the laughs are now steady as borat. so you know, but yes, there is happily kind of a love story here. there has to be a kind of softness to it. because the guy is so vicious. you know. >> you know, at the same time, you are playing these other roles, i mentioned to you privately that i thought you were spectacular in hugo. you're also now going to be coming out in a movie playing a part which requires you to sing. >> yes. >> where -- where -- where is this career of yours that started in such an extreme edge
8:43 am
here, going in your view? >> i don't know. you know, there's no real plans. so, i take it day by day. you know the great thing about doing hugo, actually, was i knew i was going to make this more traditional movie. so, when scorsese offered me the part i said a do it as long as i can sit next to you for six months and study film making. and he allowed me to see how he kind of directed people and got the best form. braet having six months master class. >> sacha baron cohen you will already such an immense talent. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> keep going. and we want to mention "the dictator" opens in theaters nationwide today. and we're back with more from cannes and new york. ♪
8:44 am
oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like. and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality.
8:45 am
8:46 am
back at 8:45 and this morning on "today's style" school, color. with bold hues dominating the spring and summer you probably wonder how to put together your favorites without looking line rainbow bright. style expert lloyd boston is here with foolproof solutions. >> good to see you. >> we're getting out the old color wheel from grade school. >> it's always a classic and always works. anyone can use it. it's not just for artists like myself. >> how would you use it if you're trying to put an outfit together? >> download it anywhere. you can probably find it for free if you search it. but you want to think about color that you've never worn before and i'm going to show you the easiest ways to put them together so you're never wrong in the morning. >> we basically have three strategies. the first one is a pop of color. >> we're going to start easy, a pop of color. imagine a great tomatoy red tank top. you're not sure what to put on the bottom. one color, one neutral. that's an easy rule. everything on the table is affordable. all of my shoes and my bottoms are from jcp and all the tops we
8:47 am
got from gap as well as the other accessories. notice here how this khaki simply cools it down quickly. >> do you like the idea of doing the pop of color as an accessory with the bag or the shoes? >> absolutely. take it in your own comfort level. white is also a great neutralizer. if you're doing a bright, bold pant, notice the white mixed with the neutral really keeps it cool. the same look is here. very similar, actually, from gap, head to toe on the mannequin. a full skirt like this could overwhelm anyone but we cooled it down on top. >> would you say any color works with this? >> yes, as long as it's a solid. >> our next tip, good neighbors. >> you like a good neighbor. you love things that live next to each other harmoniously. take a look at the wheel. any two colors that live next to each other will always go together. so think about that classic feminine combination of pink and red. or orange and red. >> yeah. >> all of my tabletop items here, take a look at the shoes are from old navy, as well as the bottoms. >> okay. >> and all of my tops and
8:48 am
accessories are from pink and orange and red look beautiful together. or you can do two shades of the same color. imagine a lighter and a darker shade of green. giving you that hombre look. >> let's say you were really ambitious. would you set up your closet according to the color wheel? >> if you're anal like me. you don't want to be that way. keep it fun at the same time. this is from old navy, a plaid short that uses the good neighbor colors and broke them out into layers on the top. this is a no brainer. you add a neutral belt and you're out the door looking like the runway. >> do you want a neutral shoe, too? >> me, or you? >> i don't know, all of us. >> you would do a neutral shoe here. flesh tone shoe. >> this is the more ambitious color choice right here. >> absolutely. this is called opposites attract. just like in relationships. you're always looking for someone who is slightly different than you. think about opposites on the color wheel. your cools go beautifully with your warms.
8:49 am
so think about all the table top looking at clothes from all the accessories are neutral. this is from the sizzling jennifer lopez collection at kohl's. these are accordable pieces. >> are you looking back at that color wheel and saying i see a color up here and going the exact opposite? >> you got it. >> you don't have to worry about clashing? >> no. because the colors almost vibrate together. look at the cool -- i'm sorry, look at the cool bottom and the warm top. look over here, as well. the warm bottoms and the cool tops. it's easy. >> it's hot. lloyd boston, thank you so much. thanks for the lesson. appreciate it. coming up next, a couple who turned beach trarn into beautiful art.
8:50 am
8:51 am
some people say that art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. and as nbc's mike leonard explains, one california couple is finding inspiration for their work in some rather unexpected items. >> reporter: as collaborative creators, richard lang and his wife judith are always on the lookout for new inspiration, new materials. this is where they always discover it. but not the way you might expect. bits and pieces of plastic. >> it's everywhere. >> reporter: bags. ropes. pellets.
8:52 am
you name it. keogh beach, which the lang's visit frequently, is a short distance from their home north of san francisco. the plastic, which washes ashore with tidal consistency, is from farther away. much farther away. >> we find things from all over the pacific rim. korea, china, indiana, taiwan. >> reporter: and an untold number other places, where discarded plastic on sidewalks and streets gets flushed by rain water into gutters and gullies. and then into the ocean. their beach harvest, plastic footwear. hat advisers, flamingo heads, monopoly houses, et cetera, et cetera, sorted by shape and color and stored for later use as -- remember i described richard and judith as creators much prized art? well this is their prized art. pieces of fishing nets arranged in a jackson pollock-like manner. a wreath of child's barrettes.
8:53 am
a circle of toy soldiers. random pieces artfully configured in thematic patterns triggering thoughts about the impact of all that plastic pouring into the ocean. >> that's really implicit in the whole thing. but it's not the expletive message. the expletive message is wow, that's really nice to look at. the implicit message is, oh, oh, i'm not going to take that plastic bag this time. >> reporter: richard and judith have multifaceted artistic resumes. richard, known for his water colors, writing and poetry, judith for her portrait projects dealing with social, political and environmental issues. they're also the proprietors of san francisco's electric works, a successful print studio, gallery and store. but, it is this medium, this collaborative body of work, that has given them their greatest notoriety, as well as a dual nickname, plastic people. a moniker they embrace with humor and wear with style. a bracelet made from milk carton pull tabs.
8:54 am
a shawl knit together from shopping bags. and that necklace? >> this necklace is all super balls. call from kehoe beach. >> reporter: and isn't her plastic wedding dress a sight to behold? a playful sight to be sure. >> we describe what we do with great exuberance. as you can see we have a lot of fun at the beach. but we are really heartbroken that we find ourselves in this predicament of going and picking up, picking up, bending over, picking up. >> reporter: small, throwaway items, all still carrying a price tag of sorts, as well as a contradictory back story of pinocch pinocchio-like proportion. >> of course, he is the symbol for the lie, and the lie that we carry is that plastic is cheap. plastic is not cheap. plastic is costing us a lot. and we don't even account for the expense. pinocchio is our ringmaster to remind us always let your
8:55 am
conscience be your guide. >> reporter: for "today," mike leonard, nbc news, point reyes national seashore in northern california. >> pretty cool. >> yeah. >> and now to art of a different sort. two never before seen photos of our studio from 1954 are included in the collection at the queen's museum of art, 1950s new york street stories. and apparently these photos were found after decades, nobody knew they were there. >> mr. larson was apparently an amateur photographer, a banker. >> lived in queens. >> he had this great camera and he would travel around the streets of the five boroughs and he would just take these pictures. and take these pictures and i guess enter some of them in competitions. >> wow. >> the rockefeller rink. >> beautiful. >> i love the windows on the world. that's our classic shot that we see out here every day. but you see sort of our studio how it was back then. >> thousands of fwlnegatives. they discovered in his
8:56 am
daughter-in-law's home. i guess he died in 1964 but they found them in 2009. >> kind of a trend lately, art museums finding lost artifacts and displaying them. >> the grandfather of the cowboy. >> now we know where that whole trend started. >> nothing new under the sun. you can see more at just ahead the former school teacher just found the first winner of nbc's fashion star. we'll meet her after your local news. 8:56 is your time now on this wednesday, may 16th, 2012, good morning to you, i'm eun yang let's check in with storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein. the sun's back out. ? we have sun through high clouds, around the metro area, as we approach 9:00. temperatures are around 70 degrees, farther west and
8:57 am
northwest, it's in the 50s and low 60s. and that fog continues to dissipate across most of virginia and west virginia. a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm, late afternoon and into this evening. and then, sunshine for each day, thursday into sunday. highs near 80 on saturday and sunday. eun? it was like a red rash... very sore looking kinda blistery.
8:58 am
like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation until i had the shingles. i remember it well. i was in the back yard doing yard work. i had this irritation going on in my lower neck. i changed shirts because i thought there was something in the collar of the shirt irritating my neck. and i couldn't figure out what was going on. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. i always thought shingles was associated with people... a lot older than myself. i can tell you from experience, it is bad. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
8:59 am
good morning, still seeing an accident, this is father hurley boulevard at waterford hills boulevard. at germantown, the fire department was still on the scene. and delays i-270 southbound, i'll give you a live look at shady grove, very slow as you head over to the split. no accidents in the roadway on i-270, i-95, southbound, still slow at lorton, eun, over to you.
9:00 am
we're back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning. the 15th day of may, 2012. and al says these people would be crazy to even bring an umbrella with them today. >> that's right. >> because all of the rain has moved out of our area, we're in for a nice stretch of beautiful weather. going to take us right through the end of the week, and our usher concert on friday morning and right into the weekend. we're looking forward to that. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. savannah is here because ann is in the south of france. we'll tell you more about that in just a second. al roker and tamron hall joining us, as well. and, ms. curry is hobnobbing today, as the cannes film
9:01 am
festival gets under way. good morning, ann. >> good morning to you, guys. you know, it's so nice to be on an overseas assignment that doesn't require a flak jacket or a sleeping bag. but also not to make you more jealous about our being in cannes this morning i want to tell you that cannes has six miles of beautiful beaches, and everywhere you look, guys, there are stunningly beautiful people. when the 65th annual cannes film festival opens up tonight, the star gazing won't be just heavenward it will be on the red carpet, and guess who gets to interview ben stiller, chris rock, jada pinkett smith and also sean penn coming up? that's going to be me. we're going to have all of that all coming up this week, including our interview with alec baldwin and chris pines, as well, matt. >> listen. have fun. already looks like a good time. we'll see you very, very soon, ann. >> and they lifted the restraining order against her from brad pitt. that's great. >> let's get -- >> anyway. i don't know where we're going there. meanwhile coming up from here,
9:02 am
we've got our money 911 crew ready to dispense some much-needed financial advice. everything from rolling over your 401(k) to saving for a down payment versus paying off those student loans. >> and the newly crowned winner of nbc's "fashion star" is here with us. she went, i love this, she went into the show a former school teacher, and now her life, to say the least, is completely changed forever. she'll show off her winning design. worth $6 million. >> that's terrific. >> all for a former teacher. >> she looked a little -- >> very pretty. >> she's very happy to see one member of our staff wearing her designs. >> yes, natalie wearing very well. also bobby flay is here and he's going to teach us how to make the perfect fish dish every time. and he says it's easy, too. that's coming up. >> let's go inside, natalie is standing by at the news desk. got a check of all the headlines. >> good morning to you guys once again. good morning, everyone. police in tucson have expanded their search for new clues in
9:03 am
the disappearance of 6-year-old isabel celis. the girl's father reported remember missing almost a month ago. on tuesday, officials scoured the nearby desert. so far, police say they have no suspects. high winds and dry conditions are making it tough for firefighters as they try 20 contain wildfires in arizona. one fire has burned more than 12,000 acres. another here the historic mining town of crown king has earned about 2,000 acres. new labels designed to explain exactly how much your sunscreen provides will not be ready this summer as originally planned. the fda is giving sunscreen makers another six months to prevent a possible sunscreen shortage this summer. the new labels are aimed at distinguishing which brands protect against both uva and uvb rays. despite high gas prices, aaa expects more people to be on the roads this memorial day. the group says about 35 million americans will travel at least 50 miles from home over the long holiday weekend. that's up just over 1% from last year.
9:04 am
white house documents released on tuesday show that president obama and first lady michelle hold assets worth between $2.6 and $8.3 million. the disclosure forms also show the president holds up to $1 million in a jpmorgan chase checking account. for his part, mitt romney has reported assets between $190 million and $250 million. a california judge has thrown out nadya suleman's bankruptcy claim after the so-called octomom failed to file the proper paperwork. she estimated she was as much as $1 million in debt that she could not repay. the judge's decision means creditors can try to collect what she owes. tom cruise is turning 50 in july, and he is turning heads. this photo shoot for "w" magazine proves it's no mission impossible for cruise to transform himself into the musician he portrays in this summer's film adaptation of the broadway show "rock of ages." the smu women's rowing team is out with its own video cover
9:05 am
of carly ray's song. they hope to have a leg up on a similar video from harvard's baseball team. and they say diamond's are a girl's best friend. this one probably has lots of friends. a pear shaped 35 karat rose cut diamond sold at auction in switzerland tuesday for $9.7 million to an anonymous buyer. it also has a sparkling history. over the last 400 years, it has been owned by royal families in prussia, france and britain. and thank heavens for little girls. this one is touching hearts around the world on the internet. her dad was deeply disappointed this weekend when his soccer team had to settle for a tie. but a hug from his daughter, right there, reminded him that he already has what's most important in life. aw! comforting her dad. it is now five minutes past the hour. let's turn it over to al roker with another check of your weather. >> thanks. >> and as we show you what we've got what
9:06 am
we've got coming up for your weather today, we're looking at some showers and thunderstorms down through florida. the wet weather moving off the northeast and new england coastlines, good news, a few showers making their way through upstate new york and where we have a slight risk of strong storms, beautiful weather in the pacific northwest. sunny and 68 in seattle. 104 in phoenix. gorgeous day in chicago and detroit with sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60s. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. good morning, tom kierein, storm center 4. right now just now past 9:00, high clouds coming over the metro area, near 70 degrees and we'll continue to climb into the 80s by later this afternoon. there is a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. mainly south and east of washington during the afternoon and early evening hours. then on thursday, friday, saturday, sunshine back, highs in the 70s to near 80. sunday, into first part of next week, it's mild afternoons, cool mornings, increasing clouds tuesday, small chance of
9:07 am
time now for "today's money 911." that's where we tackle financial issues. from getting a discount on your cell phone to rolling over a 401(k) our experts are here. jean chatzky "today's" financial editor and the author of "money rules." david bach the founder of and the author of "debt free for life" and sharon epperson is cnbc's personal finance correspondent. good to see you guys. >> good morning. >> let's get started. go to an e-mail first off. this one from sharon from lowell, massachusetts. she writes, jean mentioned that verizon wireless had a loyalty bonus program for longtime customers. i just called. they told me that they do not. jean, who's lying? >> it's a matter of semantics. and sharon, i'm really, really sorry if i confused you. here's the deal, they may not have a quote/unquote loyalty bonus, but they frequently give bonuses to their customers for being loyal. and i know this because i've been the recipient of many of
9:08 am
them as a longtime verizon customer, as well as getting them for other people. the deal is that their discounts vary depending on where you live, depending on what sort of competition is available in your area, and they change all the time. so you got to call. and you got to call often. >> is there some kind of language she should use? >> yes, yes. >> call up and cancel the account. and they go, wait we'll give you a betterdeal, don't leave us. >> you've got to go to the retention department. that's one key thing. but you also just have to be friendly to the person on the other end of the phone, and say, what can you do for me? and i did this again just a couple of weeks ago, they said, look, here's what we can give you right now, it's $50 a month. it will only last for two months but you're a good customer we want to keep you, call us back again we're always happy to talk to you. >> do they charge you when you call? >> no, they do not. if you dial that number 611 it's a free call. >> all right, david. >> that's what we're here for. >> it works. >> yes, all right. now we're going to go to skype.
9:09 am
this is lydia from lockly, alabama. good morning, oh, what a cutie. what's his name? >> his name is ryan. >> what's your question, please? >> my husband and i recently paid off all of our $10,000 credit card debt, and we're trying to save money for a down payment on a home. currently the only debt we have is my husband's $11,000 student loan. i'm wondering would it be better to take the $300 a month we're saving from the old credit card payment and put it towards our house? or put it towards paying off the student loan? >> what do you think, shash? >> well, she is in such great shape already planning for what she's going to do with her son. but i think that what you need to do is really think about whether you're living within your means. if you think you are at this particular time? >> yes. that's the only debt. we have no car payments. we are debt free. >> that's excellent. and their credit scores are pretty good, 720 or higher? >> not really. we're working on that. >> you need to work on your credit score. but i think you probably might be in a good position to start
9:10 am
thinking about buying that home. what you need to do is the $300 a month that you're saving, ideally you'd want a 20% down payment for a home. in your area, maybe $125,000 home. but you can possibly qualify for an fha loan and only 3.5% down. so if you save $300 a month for 15 months you'll get there. you'll be able to make that down payment of a little under $4400. what i'd like you to still do, though, is try to find if there's anywhere else that you can cut your expenses so you can start to roll down that student loan and call and see if you can get an automatic payment program, which you're not already doing. also when you do that you can get a lower interest rate. so that's something that you really want to look at, too. and definitely hit those private loans first, and then start paying down the federal loans. >> all right. lydia. that's a cutie. thanks, appreciate it. now to the phone lines. head to burnsville, minnesota. john is on the line. good morning, john. >> good morning. >> what's your question? >> well, thank you for fielding my question this morning.
9:11 am
we, my wife and i, have done a pretty good job there saving for retirement. when we have -- we will have four sources of income on reaching retirement, a company-provided pension, as well as a 401(k), i.r.a.s, and of course social security benefits. also, we don't plan on filing for social security benefits prior to reaching full retirement age of 66. here's my question. when it comes time to start collecting benefits and withdrawing funds, are there any methods or strategies to help keep the income tax consequences to a minimum? based on some recent publications i've read, it appears likely that income taxes may increase in the future, and we'd like to keep the tax bite on retirement income to a minimum. >> yeah. >> all right. >> absolutely, you and everybody else. we want to pay as little in taxes as possible. but the deal is, you want to just keep the money in those tax advantaged accounts as long as possible. you do have to start withdrawing at age 70 1/2. but the longer you can allow that money to grow tax deferred, the better off you're going to be.
9:12 am
it's really that simple. >> all right. let's go to our e-mail now. we've got rebecca writing in from portland, maine. she writes, i'm married with two young children, my husband is a stay at home dad. two credit cards were maxed out years ago. cards have been sold off, the collection agencies are calling me nonstop. should i keep ignoring their calls, file or bankruptcy? do i need a lawyer? >> first of all, let's just jump to the core issue here. your credit card debt has been charged off. which means already they sold that debt. an investor came in and bought it, probably bought it for ten cents on the dollar. they'll negotiate with you. i've seen people literally see that $10,000 in debt, you might be able to negotiate and pay that off for $500. here's what you should know. they can't harass you legally. go to put in debt collection. it will show you all your rights. the government has an entire package on what your rights are. they can't call you before 8:00, they can't call you after 9:00 and here's the other thing, you may not have to actually pay
9:13 am
that debt. i'm not trying to say don't pay the debt, but here's the situation. that debt, i don't know how long you've had it but it's going to eventually become time bar debt. where you live in six years they can't legally collect that debt. the fact that it's actually been charged off at this point, you're not going to be able to improve your credit score by paying that debt off. >> people think it will help their score. >> but it stays there. >> don't ignore it. >> don't ignore it. >> all right. jean chatzky, david bach, sharon epperson, thanks so much. and up next, the country's newest fashion star. a former school teacher turned designer. meet the winner. and later, fun family festivals worth the trip. [ sneezes ] ♪ got it all. here. have a good day, honey. i love you, ok. bye, mom. [ female announcer ] sam's mom is muddling through her allergies. what can she do? she can get answers at walgreens. with guidance and information
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9:17 am
after whittling down 14 talent designers, the fashion forward have spoken collecting former schoolteacher, kara as the first "fashion star" and as the winner of the nbc hit design competition, she got $6 million in orders from macy's, h&m and saks fifth avenue. she's with us to show off her creations. >> thank you. >> i know this has to be huge about you. how are you feeling about winning "fashion star" and now having $6 million in orders from retailers? >> it's unreal. it's absolutely unreal. i haven't even had a chance yet to go in to each store to see them today. today feels like just cloud nine. >> i know you said this is really a dream come true. you were a fourth grade teacher for ten years. you always taught your students to be true to themselves. what made you finally take your own advice and how did you make that transition to fashion? >> i loved my former career as an educator.
9:18 am
i loved teaching. but i've always had this passion for design. i've always wanted to design. at some point i said not getting any younger. i went back to school at the academy of art and learned how to drape, draw, sew, in a matter of about 3 1/2 years and then made the move to new york, and here i am. >> before the show even started you said you hadn't even really threaded a sewing machine. >> no, that's right. i really did learn from scratch. it was just a dream and i just kind of lined up those steps in order to make it happen. it's unreal. >> talk about having a vision. and i'm wearing one of the dresses that you designed which is a perfect fit. you didn't know you were making this. >> it looks stunning on you. this is your collection, right? >> this is one of the pieces available at saks. something i've done throughout the competition is keep a mass cue eleven/feminine aesthetic. this one you can see leather, the tucked shape and the first part of the top part and it looks spectacular on you. >> and you're wearing a piece from each of your collections. >> yes, i tried to make sure i represented all three retailers. i got a shirt from h&m, shorts
9:19 am
from macy's and the jacket from saks. >> this is part of your collection at h&m in stores today, actually as of last night. tell me about what you're hoping the customer can buy. >> i wanted to make sure to do something very trendy and bright and use prints for the h&m customer which is out of my comfort zone for sure. but nikki, the buyer, really wanted to see something bright, beautiful and bold. so i tried -- >> color block being? >> absolutely. the color blocking is so hot right now. this represents it. >> absolutely. and color was something that i know the judges kept telling you to embrace. so that was, as you said, out of your comfort zone. this is also your saks collection here. and it sort of combines that look, too. >> exactly, and again, i think i was most comfortable in the saks realm simply because they do go for little bit more minimalistic colors. i love luxury, i love fabric. this is one of my favorites. beautiful men's style collar. >> the chiffon and the silk? >> yeah, absolutely. and paired together with
9:20 am
something very lovely and feminine. and so easy to throw on, wear, and make it your own. >> what's it like to really put together an entire collection? i mean that had to be something totological a foreign to you? >> it was unreal for the looks that you saw on the runway during "fashion star" we had four days to put together nine looks. and then once the show was completed i had an additional four or five days to put together the rest of each collection. >> and over here to your last look, this is part of your collection at macy's. >> uh-huh. >> what are you going for with the macy's customer? >> macy's customer is really that millennial customer. the customer who's graduating, looking for that first job, i wanted to make sure to give her something that she could wear to the office, but then she could throw some cool, scruffy shoes on and wear out that night. the things that you'll see at macy's really do give you a great work-to-night option. >> i imagine designers are going to be saying, time to call you? i mean we need to get you, so is that -- how flattering is that? >> it's amazing. and i especially want to say
9:21 am
thank you to all of the lovely twitter fans, and facebook fans. they've been spectacular and so supportive all the way through. >> we're happy to say the show's been renewed for a second season. that's good for us, too. >> kara laricks, congratulations. enjoy your success and now get to work. because this is where the work begins. "the fashion star" will return for a second season. be sure to stay tuned for that. coming up, a no-fail easy fish recipe from bobby flay. but first these messages. i'm here with karen and her bffs and we are talking about activia. i've been eating activia and i feel great! i'm used to having irregularity. i feel like that's normal. if you are not feeling like trying this on, that's not normal. activia helps with occasional irregularity when eaten 3 times a day. feeling regular to me was a new feeling... i came to find my 'new normal' and i love it! ♪ activia and try new silky, fruity activia harvest picks. another way to enjoy activia.
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9:25 am
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or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's. good morning, it's 9:26 on this wednesday, may 16ance, i'm aaron gilchrest. let's go to storm center 4 meteorologist tom kierein for a look at the forecast. >> a delightful morning under way. temperatures around 70 degrees with sunshine and high clouds moving through. and later today, we will have it climb into the 80s, it will feel like summertime. there's a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm developing south and east of washington, late afternoon and into the evening hours. and then on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, sunny each day, highs 70s tomorrow and friday, near 80 on saturday and sunday. erin?
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning, still seeing some volume if you're heading on gw parkway inbound. you're slow from 123 as you make your way to 395, other roads
9:29 am
look better. traveling route 50 inbound at 202 landover road, really clear making your way to 295, at 49 miles per hour, not bad at all. aaron, back to you. >> it's baby week on
9:30 am
you psycho analyze, i think a lot. >> sure you do. >> you just -- >> he's taking -- >> you want to psycho analyze me, first. >> this is getting very deep. i'm a little lost and confused. that's alec baldwin talking to ann as they hang out together in the south of france at the cannes film festival. he'll be on the big screen with a new animated film in the works called "rise of the guardian" and you'll see much more of ann's conversation with the star tomorrow on "today." >> and chris pine with him, too. >> that's right. >> from cannes and continues from cannes. >> meanwhile coming up in this half hour we've got chef bobby flay. he's told us to go fish. he decided to go one better,
9:31 am
he's showing us how to be better home cooks with a few simple steps that will keep your fish moist and flavorful every time. he was here last week, he made that spaghetti sauce. people still talking about it. so i expect nothing less. >> a lot of people are scared when it comes to making fish. so this is like really super simple and you can find good fish at everywhere. >> and at natalie's house apparently. >> yes. >> if you're looking for a fun, family getaway for summer, why not go to a festival? there are hundreds every year from the golden gate bridge to the maine lobster fest. we'll show you some of the best in the country. >> all right. first though, a check of the weather for us. >> for today we have a risk of some strong storms in new england, and interior new york. beautiful in the pacific northwest, sunny in seattle and sunshine. hit or miss thunderstorms along the gulf coast. 104 in phoenix today. tomorrow, sunny and mild here in the and mild in the northeast, nice and mild through the ohio and mississippi river valleys. sizzling in the southwest. mild in the pacific northwest
9:32 am
with a few showers in the northern plains. wood wood. tom kierein, storm center 4. 60s to near 70 around much of the region with a partly sunny sky. and it will continue to lime into the 80s by later this afternoon. there's a small risk of an isolated thunderstorm. a small chance of an isolated storm coming through mainly late afternoon and into the evening hours. and mainly south and east of the d.c. metro area. for thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, a wonderful run of nice weather with sunshine each day. cool in the mornings, >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, thanks, al. coming up next, summer fun at the country's best family festivals. we're going to show you some affordable getaways. toilet rin, you'd have to clean your toilet every time you flush. that's over thirty-six hundred times a year. [ ding ] who would do that? it's scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel. just stamp it in. its formula is flush-activated to prevent buildup of lime scale and hard water that cause toilet rings. and it keeps working, flush after flush.
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9:36 am
this morning on "today's travel," the best summer festivals in the country. you don't have to go very far for some good old-fashioned fun and kate maxwell is the editor in chief of she's her with her top picks. >> good morning, tamm rob. >> i love it. you don't have to go far to find something fun for the entire family. there's some things you should keep in mind, right? >> these are festivals, so definitely be prepared for crowds. and if you're going as a group or as a family it's a good idea to arrange a meeting point in case anyone gets lost. and it's summer, it's going to be hot so take a bottle of water. >> hydrate, take one of those portable chairs and keep track of the kids. >> exactly. >> a lot of good things on her. first the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. >> right. it's the bay area's biggest icon. i was in san francisco at the weekend and it's definitely ready for its close-up. the celebration is on the 27th of may, and there's some great,
9:37 am
fun stuff happening for all the family. lots of educational stuff about the bridge's history and its significance. there's a fantastic fireworks display in the evening. >> i understand the cost isn't too bad. >> it's absolutely free! >> which is excellent. >> exactly. and there's cars dating back to 1937, and we have a good hotel there in union scare, question is, you know, smack bang in the center of san francisco. from $169 a night. and it's a great contemporary hotel. close by. >> it's beautiful. and centrally located so you're able to travel around easily. next up, washington, d.c., our nation's capital. what's the event in d.c.? always fun there. >> absolutely. a great year to visit with the election happening this year. the smithsonian folklore festival takes place on the mall over two weeks of july 4th weekend. it's a great open air festival that really celebrates the living art in every sense. there are various themes this year. it's the 25th anniversary of the
9:38 am
aids memorial quilt so that's going to be on display along with a lot of stories about that. again, really, really great to take the kids. >> and i understand your hotel pick is something that the hip and trendy might enjoy. >> it is. it's donovan house which is a favorite of the hip staff, it's got a jetson's look, a rooftop pool, a really trendy restaurant, and yeah, that's $89 a night. >> the next one we agreed in the commercial break we both love. heading to southern california to san diego. >> believe it or not, the coronado bay resort has a surf dog festival. >> an actual pet that surfs? >> dogs actually surf. >> okay, there you go. >> to show their skills. and even, you know, if you want to take your dog to compete, it costs $50. but otherwise it's a really, really great afternoon on the beach. >> i love it. >> again, absolutely tree. >> i'm impressed at how many contestants there are. i would think one or two. he can do it in reverse. >> they think there are going to
9:39 am
be about 60 dogs surfing. >> apparently it's not too late to enter your dog. >> it's not. and the loew's coronado has surfing lessons for dogs. if you want to get your dog to compete next year now is the time to get them going. >> your hotel pick? >> the lowe's. >> you get a great room and your dog can learn to surf. you can't beat that anywhere in the world. >> next up let's go to telluride in colorado. >> telluride is probably best known as a ski resort. but it's wonderful in the summer, it's a former silver mining town, in the mountains in colorado. and the telluride film festival is really the ultimate film festival. it's not a competition like cannes, it's a real celebration of the best work out there. and in order for films to compete they have to make their north american debut premiere at the festival. the films are announced the day it starts. it's over labor day. >> and it's so beautiful. it seems you would want to stay outside but you have a hotel recommendation?
9:40 am
>> the lost creek inn at $206 a night. tickets start at $25. but they have free evening movie screenings. real town favorite, get out there with your sleeping bag or blanket and get there early. >> and last on our list, but should be first as far as i'm concerned the lobster festival. >> you've got to go to maine. a cute little town called rockland there. everything to do with lobster. they're going to have 20,000 pounds of the stuff to eat. there's a crate race. such fun. and lots of little cute little bed and breakfasts there that start about $200 a night. >> is it too late to make a reservation? >> they're filling up fast. but we like the barry manor inn. there's loads of little b&bs that start about $200 a night. >> you've not lived until you've had a summer that features a buttery lobster roll. thank you very much. great pleasure. up next, bobby flay, speaking of fish, he is acting a little fishy in "today's kitchen."
9:41 am
bobby gets us back to cooking basics right after this. hey, is the table finished?
9:42 am
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9:44 am
this morning in "today's kitchen," how to be a better home cook. serving fish can be daunting. but chef bobby flay has a go-to recipe for white fish. he's one of the mentors on food network stars. good to see you. >> good to see you, al. >> why are we so intimidated by fish? >> the one thing i want to say off the top is if you're intimidated by fish, just watch this segment. i think that people want to eat fish but sometimes you're intimidated by cooking it at home. we're going to make it really simple. white fish like red snapper or striped bass, and actually today we're going to use halibut.
9:45 am
obviously you can buy the whole fish at your fish store but most people are not going to do that. just by the fillets and make it really nice and easy. today i have a halibut. nice, pearly white fish. has a good density to it. season with a little salt and pepper. i'm going to show you how easy this really is. salt and pepper on both sides. put it in the pan with sam conhola oil. >> why canola oil? >> i want a light oil. i don't cook with extra virgin olive oil. i use it for salads. >> and just to tick off giada? >> absolutely. but any kind of vegetable oil works. we're going to make a dressing and a sauce all at the same time. >> wow. >> we're going to make a lemon and caper vinaigrette. you want to help me out herein >> sure. >> a little dijon mustard, lemon juice and white wine vinegar, okay? a touch of honey, just to kind of -- the honey kind of chills out the acidity in the lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. and then i have capers, and some parsley. okay. and that's going to be used as a
9:46 am
dressing, and the sauce for the fish. you don't actually have to make a pan sauce. >> wow, that's great. >> so that's done. if you notice we have not touched the fish. >> just left it alone. >> this is not a nonstick pan. you can use a nonstick pan if you'd like, but i like a stainless steel pan because you can get a really nice sear on it. >> a nice crust on that? >> this is the first time i've touched this fish. nice and crusty. now a little bit of white wine, doesn't have to be an expensive wine. i'm going to put the wine right into the pan and we're going to steam the fish. >> two kinds of cooking but it's so simple. >> and it takes literally about 2 1/2 minutes after you put the wine in. because you cooked it on one side and now we're going to steam it through. you can see how incredibly moist and tender this is. okay? it's that simple. that's how easy it is to cook the fish. remember that vinaigrette that we made? >> right. >> you keep cooking. the vinaigrette that we made with the capers, we're going to use this as a sauce right on top of the fish and it's going to give it moisture and some
9:47 am
flavor. and i'm going to take the same sauce and put it with some vegetables. some asparagus, some watercress, and a little bit of tomatoes and just a little bit of the same dressing and we're going to put that right on top of the fish. and you have a fish and a salad, and just a handful of ingredients. that sample. that's all it is. you want to give this a taste? >> sure. >> here you go. either one is fine. i'll take one, as well. >> there you go. >> the capers are nice and salty. and a nice way you have the dijon mustard. think about it. a lot of times you'll see cookbooks and they'll say make the sauce right in the pan. easy enough but this is even easier. to make the vinaigrette, use it for the salad. use it for chicken or for fish. >> perfectly moist and flavorful. that's fantastic. >> even al roker can make this. >> hard to believe, but true. bobby flay, fantastic stuff. congratulations on the new season of food network star. all right. you can't talk now. coming up next a taste of americana when one small town pulls together. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
"today's" american story with bob dotson comes from silverton, colorado, where survival can be a challenge and bob it here to tell us more about it. >> good morning to everybody. >> hi, bob. >> those folks have learned something from their history that can help us all weather hard times. ♪ in some places, the past does not slide into history's shadow. it lingers. to remind us what it takes to keep a community together. silverton, colorado's, memories stretch back to its beginning,
9:51 am
because of a great old newspaper that every week includes stories about its past. avalanches. epidemics. and events that could have made it a ghost town. yet 638 people live here year round. >> really? >> reporter: even though their nearest neighbors are on the other side of a mountain pass two miles high. some days, heavy snow, even in spring, can isolate freddy canfield. >> your life really does depend on your neighbors. people really do have to look out for each other. >> reporter: folks here have been doing that sort of thing since their ancestors tacked railroad tracks over those high mountain passes. they came to silverton in 1874, hoping to get silver by the ton. but the last mine closed two decades ago. now, most everyone must work several jobs to live in this
9:52 am
beautiful, bowl of mountains. carrie messler, the county coroner, is also a waitress. >> well, when there's an e. coli outbreak, she's on the case. >> reporter: mark esper writes, edits, and delivers one of colorado's oldest newspapers. if distant memories help us solve problems we face today, so when people saw that the paper was struggling and about to close, they decided to make some history of their own. schoolkids helped raise $2,000 to temporarily save mark esper's job. because -- >> nobody knows everything in the world. >> reporter: beverly rich decided the newspaper was not a dusty museum piece. to pull from a shelf. >> it's how we keep a free
9:53 am
society. >> reporter: she persuaded the town's historical board to become the publisher of mark's first draft of history. >> we keep a free society because of scrutiny. and that's the paper's job. >> is this project going to come in under budget? >> no. it's going to come in on budget. >> reporter: how does history and news fit together? >> history and news are really the same thing. it's just a matter of what time it is. >> reporter: the paper's appeal is timeless. in a town where social media is still face-to-face. but it needed something more to survive. so, kids started covering kid news. turning the paper's mirror on the next generation. >> we all just like looking at it, seeing ourselves in it, because we're all in it. >> reporter: perhaps that's why prescriptions have doubled. >> we made $236 last year profit. hey, that's more money than a
9:54 am
lot of big metros make. don't sneeze at that. >> reporter: silverton's last link to news about itself survives. and at a place where blackberries are still for breakfast and not something you check your e-mail, that's big news. >> i love the kid edition. that is great. good for that new generation there. >> yep. >> does the paper look viable for awhile now, bob? >> absolutely. because the historical society figured that if they could publish a little bit of history each day, they could also figure out how to solve problems that have been around and coming back every 10, 15 years. >> there you go. >> incredible. >> taking action. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. and in the good news about that is, they don't have to worry about the newspaper going down once the internet goes down, you've got a paper in your hand. >> that's right. carry it around. and you can burn it and keep warm. >> there you go. >> still ahead we've got more from kardashian mom kris jenner.
9:55 am
>> plus the ladies, one of the real housewives of new jersey. your local news >> and weather. have a great day, everyone. what about over here?
9:56 am
sure. no problem. ♪
9:57 am
that's all the horses sir. ...and the men? all the king's men are here too sir. it doesn't look good. ♪ good morning, it's 9:57 on this wednesday, may 16th, i'm aaron gilchrest and a sun-fuelled warm-up is under way, tom kierein has the forecast. >> temperatures by noon ought to be around 80 degrees. and then by mid afternoon, peaking in the mid 80s. there's a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. it does look like late afternoon or perhaps into the evening hours. and then on thursday, cool in the morning, low to mid 50s,
9:58 am
sunny, afternoon highs mid 70s. and another cool morning friday in the 40s, afternoon highs in the upper 70s. for saturday and sunday, looking delightful, 50s in the morning, afternoon highs near 80. danella, how is late-morning traffic. >> still delays crossing over the american legion bridge. on the outer loop, they start prior to the american legion bridge and they continue to the dulles toll road. now over to 14th street bridge, not so bad crossing the bridge, northbound hitting the brakes at the pentagon and delays continue as you make your way into d.c. aaron, back to you. >> don't forget to tune in news4 >> don't forget to tune in news4 today at 4:28. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles.
9:59 am
(woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
10:00 am
be captions paid for byes nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's winesday, wednesday. it's a little drizzly here in new york. trying to clear up. we're happy you're with us today. >> we certainly are. >> we're going to go o a big basher later. we'll tell you about it tomorrow. the one and only betty white is going to be roasted at the friar's club today. >> those things tend to get -- >> raunchy! >> a little nasty.
10:01 am
seems like with betty white it wouldn't. >> i've heard how raunchy they get. i'm not comfortable with all that stuff. i like to keep my raunch at home. she doesn't seem to fazed by it. the woman can handle anything. plus, matt said she can't hear. so it doesn't matter. >> we want to point out, we know a lot of you who watched our program yesterday noticed something. all right? we often do part of our segments in front of that big window to the world where everyone gets to stand outside and wave. we were in the middle of a segment with dr. jamie griffo. he was talking about fertility. >> serious subject. heartbreaking for a lot of people. >> there was a man. a bald man. we started off, you know, we looked out behind us. there was a man dancing. let's just take a look about that. >> this is while we were disc s discussing -- ♪ i've got passion in my pants and i ain't awe frfraid to show♪ >> we moved on a little bit. started talking about infertility in men including low sperm count. then he did this.
10:02 am
♪ wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah ♪ >> then we started discussing freezing eggs. what's funnier than that? the guy behind. go. do your thing. ew! i didn't know it went -- i didn't know it went down that road. i just saw him gyrating. >> i'm just glad i didn't know all that was happening. people outside, they have no speakers. they have no idea what we're talking about here. if you want to come and make a spectacle of yourself, we might discussing a serious subject. if you stayed home and watched "america's got talent," it's the second taday. they have a lot of acts. this is a kid who was homeless for many years. lived on the streets, danced on the streets, was shaking a can and lived on the streets. >> in san francisco? >> yeah.
10:03 am
san francisco. he's 21 years old. parents are not around or there for him. >> his name is turf. >> he came up on stage and called himself a contortionist dancer. take a look at this. ♪ ♪ >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. howard stern sees that stuff all the time. does faze him at all. >> here's what's cool about this kid, though. got up there. seems like a tough guy. >> great kid. >> look what happened at the end. he got a huge ovation from the audience. he's standing in front of them. check out what happened after. >> i owe every kid that's
10:04 am
watching this who wants to dance, who's ever been told that they can't do it, i just proved to them that you can do it. >> turf, it's bigger than that. for you, it is dance. for everybody out there, it's whatever they want to do. and you've gone harder and longer than most people. most people don't become homeless. most people don't embrace something in their life and end up here. and this is an amazing moment. you are a star, and your life is about to change. thank you for being here. >> big moment for that kid. imagine how it's going to change everything for him. >> exciting. >> i don't know where a guy like that goes. i guess he can open for howie in vegas. got to be a place for that kind of talent, right? >> sure. >> speaking of talent, we all know tom cruise is a talented guy. nobody's ever questioned that. even in spite of some of the shenanigans that have gone on.
10:05 am
he's got a very interesting cover of "w" magazine to promote this new movie called rock of ages. he plays this ageing rock star, i guess. this has got people talking as people are wont to do. >> he did an interview for "playboy" magazine about this. he was asked a lot of questions. on plastic surgery he was asked has he ever had it, would he ever have it. he says i haven't and i never would. >> we'll have to take him on his word about that. we'll ask kris jenner in a bit. on his sofa jumping with oprah, he said -- the so-called glib moment with matt. he said this. when i go back and look at it, i find myself thinking, i don't feel that way. i get how it came across. but i don't feel that way and i never have. telling people how to live their lives, i saw how that came across and how pieces were edited. well, that -- maybe he feels that way. but the truth is, that was a live interview. it wasn't edited at all.
10:06 am
>> sure. >> you should know that. >> also asked about scientology. he said i have respect for what other people believe. if i don't talk about my religion, say i'm not discussing it or different humanitarian things he's working on they say he's avoiding it. if i do talk about it they say he's proth letizing. >> it is a damned if you do and don't. i get that. we have kris jenner in our company today. she's been so busy i don't even know if she knows that kourtney and her daughter kim both made fortune's big 100 list. right? >> oh, wow. >> forbe's. >> kim is number seven on the list. >> khloe, i guess. >> khloe is number 73. both on the top 100. that's terrific. >> i went to lunch with her yesterday and she paid. it was great. >> she treated? the woman is loaded! >> you don't understand. i have known kris for over 35 years. we've been friends for a long, long time. and we've been through everything together. but today i saw something i have
10:07 am
never seen. she has the biggest bodyguards you have ever seen with her. and he was carrying her purse! that's enough, ms. jenner. we're going to have to talk about that. now you've gone too far. >> there was a big baby shower for her beautiful daughter, cou kourtney. in "us weekly" there was some great pictures of the entire party. it was a big party. >> yes. a nice little surprise on the next page was that kim's new beau kanye came by. i asked kris a lot about that yesterday. she's got some strong feelings on the subject. you'll have to hang out with us to hear. >> there's a lot of talk with khloe and the whole -- whole question, is she a kardashian. i know matt was talking to her about that. about taking a blood test and all that stuff. >> we're going to get to the heart of all of that. >> we certainly will. >> here's something i'm not happy about. >> talk about it. >> the last bastion, safe place
10:08 am
you can go anywhere to get away from people on their cell phones is an airplane. >> or our program. [ ringing ]. >> i love virgin america. i fly that. i take the red eye a lot. but virgin atlantic has just begun -- i guess it just started. new york to london flights, hoda, tell them. >> here's the deal. you're going to be able to speak on your cell phone when the plane hits 35,000 feet. [ ringi ining ] >> only six passengers at a time can be on the phone. can you imagine what that would be like in a plane? >> what if -- it's about a 5 1/2 hour flight to london. what if you've got a big meeting on the other end and you just want to get some shut eye. you've got mabel calling myrtle. i know. i'm going to be there. it'll be awesome. >> you don't want to hear it. >> you don't want to hear it. >> here's the other thing. i thought that the reason we
10:09 am
weren't allowed to talk on phones on planes is for safety. >> for safety. >> now suddenly -- >> i guess it's safe at 35,000 feet, hoda. >> well, then why have they been banning them? before. >> they're not. the emirates allowed it. >> emirates allowed it. only for a few years. it's always been a shut it down. it'll interfere with the navigational system. have they been lying all these years? what's the story? >> i'd never be that cynical, hoda. most of all you want to make your passengers comfortable. it seems to me this is going to be more of an irritant than an opportunity for people -- if you're having a heart attack or something. it would be nice to be able to say meet me at the airport, bring a doctor. nobody's going to respect that. >> i also think if you are a businessman or businesswoman, it's kind of nice sometimes to say i wish i could get in touch with you during this window but i can't. >> you won't be able to reach me for six hours. >> they won't charge you extra for cell phone service. but you are going to have to pay for international roaming rates.
10:10 am
which are going to be crazy. >> i don't know. i love virgin america and atlantic. it's a great airline. i hope they rekconsider this. >> i cracked my back tooth yesterday. up popcorn. i bit on it and it cracked. my dentist is on vacation. >> dr. larry rosenthal. >> i'll suck it up until monday. you know how you like your guy? >> i like my guy. i'm willing to share my guy with you. >> here's another thing. this is probably why my tooth cracked. sugar makes you dumb. they say if you eat lots and lots of sugar it does something to your brain power. they gave a bunch to rats. >> how awful is it to be a rat? a free rat running the streets of new york city would be good. a rat in a lab? >> no. >> that's the worst. bottom of the food chain.
10:11 am
>> speaking of food, you guys have all dropped something on the floor. there's the five-second rule. plop it down. see if you can pick it up quickly. they've done a study. the metropolitan university says that certain foods soak up bacteria quicker than other foods. okay? >> who does surveys like that? >> i don't know. we have three choices. all right. pasta, peanut butter and jelly or ham. if you were to drop a piece of ham -- are you going to throw it on the ground? >> i'm supposed to do it. >> i'm going to drop some pasta. lord knows you want to pick that up and eat it after you dropped it. you put it face down -- no, it went face up. >> darn. >> is it the peanut butter and jelly, pasta or ham that soaks up the most bacteria in three seconds. the worst is -- >> the pasta. >> who's going to eat pasta off the floor. it's not an oreo. ham and jam with bread did great. showed little sign of bacteria. i wonder if it's a hard food
10:12 am
like cracker. >> foods with higher salt like ham -- i'm trying to sound smart. please go back. >> it's gone. >> now my secret's out. i have no idea why. something to do with salt. >> salty and sweet. whatever that means. thank you, amanda. okay. coming up next, we are keeping up with the kardashians. >> it's impossible to keep up with them. mama kris jenner is going to be with us right after this. look, she knows she looks good. [ female announcer ] to get a professional cleansing system
10:13 am
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10:15 am
hard to believe that "keeping up with the kardashians" is entering its seventh season. still going strong. with mom kris jenner at the head of the empire. >> how does she do it? as well as starring in the show, kris produces it. she playing manager to all the girls. all while maintaining her role as mom which has its fair share of ups and downs. take a look. >> i'm not leaning anything on you. >> why didn't you just want to get a dna test and put it to rest? >> leave me alone. i don't care. i don't care what they're saying. everyone calls me fat, you want me to go get lipo? >> i'm sorry. she has a point. >> she does have a point. >> khloe stands up. >> she does. i'm somebody who likes to get right to the problem. somebody says this. prove them wrong. do this. you know, as a solution. >> you raised them to be independent thinkers and not care what people think. >> and you heard her. you heard her. >> does she get the test? >> if i told you, you wouldn't tune in on sunday night at 9:00.
10:16 am
>> she did really look horrified that you were even saying, even thinking about going through with it. >> i think, you know what, for me i want somebody to be 150% sure. and for her, she wanted me to feel like, you know, she was 150% sure. so it was a battle of the two strong wills. >> and she has the strongest will, wouldn't you say, of all the kids, all six kids? >> she is. and she's the most outspoken. >> she also has a great heart, that khloe. she does. tough and tender. >> she is tough and tender. >> how about two girls on the forbe's list. how about kim and khloe? that's unbelievable. >> i actually did not even hear that until i heard you guys say it a few minutes ago. >> uh-huh. >> did that just come out? >> yeah. it just came out. >> you know what i remember? i saw you right after -- the day that -- the day after the first episode aired. and you had gone to disneyland, right? >> yeah. >> it was the first -- kris has been around well-known people and celebrities all her life. but that was -- tell them what happened that first day when you
10:17 am
went to buy the tickets or park or something at disneyland. >> there was so much hoopla over the show. all the sudden it's like you go one day, and, you know, you can sneak around. the next day it's like, all hell broke loose. it was like, oh, my god. it was like the show was a definite hit from, you know, day one. which was so surprising to me. and she said to me, because we'd gone to dinner a couple nights before the show aired. she said, you know what, ladiel? she said to my girls. your life is about to change. get ready. >> some of it'll be good. some will be really rough. >> she did. she gave them a little god mama pep talk. >> nobody listens to me. are you kidding? >> i listen to you. >> sure. >> what about -- we keep seeing shots of kim and kanye. i wasn't sure in the beginning what you thought of their relationship. what do you think of those two? >> i think -- he's been a family friend for a long time. he's a really nice guy. you know, when your kids are happy, you're happy. >> as her mother, would you have preferred she wait until everything is settled with kris and -- before going on to a new
10:18 am
relationship? >> i think that, you know, kim is just, you know, hanging out with, you know, friends. there's nothing -- nothing crazy going on. you know, they're just having a really good time. my kids are really, you know, smart about, you know, timing and all that. so she knows what she's doing. >> kris, there are people out there hearing you say that. and i know you so, so well. there are some people say, that wasn't so smart what kim did. you know what i'm saying? with the wedding. with the wedding. >> you know what? she -- first and foremost, she didn't want to disappoint anybody. she feels horrible about what happened. you know, i said this to you before. for her to have -- she's still going and struggling through that whole process. you know, that will be finalized sooner or later. but that's -- her priority right now is work. and she's in london today launching a new fragrance. she just doesn't stop. so she's full speed ahead. >> she is. >> and having the time of her life. >> you did teach them a good work ethic. >> it wouldn't be the same.
10:19 am
we wouldn't be where we are today if those girls didn't work as hard as they do. they're real troupers. they do a good job. it's a lot of work. doing the show is a lot of work. mixing all the other stuff in together with it is grueling. >> do you worry about overexposure? do you worry people will say, okay, enough already? >> yeah. you know, some of it you can't control. we can control what we can control. our show and the things we do. like, the covers of all the magazines. >> last week was not an easy week. >> you can't control that. you just have to recognize, well, it sells magazines so they're going to print what they want to print. most of it's not true. >> what about the firing you as their momager? >> how ridiculous. we spend every single day together. that's the beauty of the job. i said earlier to matt, i love what i do because i get to work with the kids. you know that. when they're not coming over every single morning to do what we do all day long, i'm like, where did everybody go? >> can we say hello to drew? your beautiful bodyguard? >> look at this.
10:20 am
holding -- with a tie to match. >> drew's got my purse. he coordinates with my handbags, right? >> why don't you just put him in the christmas card again. every year. >> drew, you're going in the christmas card this year. that's it. >> all righty. good to see you, sweetie. say hello to my goddaughters. you can catch -- >> the season premiere of "keeping up with the kardashians" this sunday at 9:00/8:00 central on our sister network, "e." up next, the funny, far out photos that hopefully are going to make you say "what the what?" but we're not really sure. right after this. maybe it's time to recharge the human battery. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system from beautyrest... it's you, fully charged.
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10:23 am
it is time to take a look at all those photos that make you say "what the what?" >> once again sara spent days, actually weeks sorting through your submissions in search of the most curious snapshots. >> our first photo comes from andy from milwaukee, wisconsin, who saw this. a photo of an ad. two guys with tools. this is not an escort service. >> that is ridiculous. >> they felt the need to reiterate this is, in fact, something other than an escort service. don't call them for that. >> i would have never thought it was an expert -- whatever. >> guys with tools? maybe my mind is just in the gut zbl er. >> yeah, right. >> karen blevins from kentucky. check out that sign. this is one way of getting your husband out of the house. just hire him out. home remodeling, repairs of all kinds. not the type of guys i date, but. ruth gordon from raleigh, north
10:24 am
carolina, submitted a photo that will also make you do a little double take. imagine pulling up next to that. >> that's genius. that is genius. >> now, that i love! >> plumbing, plumbing. >> come on! >> that would make you say, "what?" we have a photo from peggy from milton, west virginia. i've kind of got a bad feeling about this. look at those eyes. he actually never gets to the fish. he just drinks the water. >> oh, my gosh. that's funny. >> look at his eyes, though. >> that's creepy. >> finally from dana watts from richmond, virginia. she said her first reaction should have been to help her daughter when they decided she wanted to give the cat a bath. she goes, but it was to grab the camera so i could send the photo to you guys. >> bad mothering. >> mothering at its best. >> thank you, sara. if you have a photo send it to
10:25 am
>> sara will look through it. still ahead -- >> who muscled up for their movie. a fitness edition of "who knew?" >> love going over there. plus, mail order food. is what you see really what you get? we found out. and teresa giudice from "the real housewives of new jersey" is cooking up something special all after your local news. big news! big news! huge news! [ giggles ] all band-aid® bandages just got better. yay! and still protect from dirt and germs. [ female announcer ] band-aid® brand has new quiltvent™ technology with air channels to let boo boos breathe. only from band-aid® brand.
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days.
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10:30 am
we're back on this winesday, wednesday with more of "today." we're ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew?" fitness magazine recently turned 20 years old. to celebrate its anniversary we're going to test your knowledge of the fittest movie moments from the last 20 years. kathie lee, of course, is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right. and to those who don't, they get the cd. okay. here to help me out is betty wong. she's "fitness" magazine's editor in chief. how you doing? >> good to be here. >> let's see how our people do, shall we? >> test their fitness knowledge. >> back across to kath. >> this first lady is from scottsdale, arizona. true or false.
10:31 am
gina davis did all her own stunts for "a league of their own." >> true. >> she's going to love this. >> the answer is false. >> gina davis was actually a last minute replacement for debra winger on the movie. all the other actors had months of baseball training. gina can do a split. she couldn't slide into the split. they needed a stunt double for that. >> back across to kath. >> this lady came all the way from staten island. cuba gooding jr. showed audiences the money and his buff body in a movie my husband stole as a football player in "jerry mcgwire." what team did his character play for? denver broncos, san diego chargers, arizona cardinals or san francisco 49ers. >> i'm going to say the 49ers because it's my father's favorite team. >> this is a really good one, this one. this one's so good. my mother loves this one. >> the correct answer here, the arizona cardinals. >> right. this is a tough one. now, he buffed up for this
10:32 am
movie. at the casting call, they asked him, now, are you comfortable with some on-screen nudity? he just dropped his pants right there. >> i'm sure he did. i remember his acceptance speech for the oscar. won't forget that. >> show me the money. show me the abs. >> look at all these adorable ladies here today from illinois. for her oscar winning role in "million dollar baby" millry swank spent three months boxes four hours a day, six days a week which helped her do which of the following? lose ten pounds? add 19 pounds of muscle? fit into a size 2? or beat clint eastwood in arm wr wrestling? which one? >> "b." >> good for you. >> she added 19 pounds of muscle? >> yes. she was 110 pounds. and added 19 pounds of muscle to her tiny frame. that took a 4,000 calorie a day diet. she even had to wake up in the middle of the night to drink protein shakes. months of training, boxing,
10:33 am
weight weightlifting. >> that's dedication. >> she had a built body. >> back across to kath. >> hoda, we have a man! he's from tampa, florida. all right, man. to portray a navy s.e.a.l. in "g.i. jane" demi did all of the following except shave her head, do one handed push-ups, train with an ex-navy s.e.a.l., lose ten pounds. >> lost ten pounds. that's the one she didn't do. >> she didn't need to lose any weight whatsoever. she did train with an ex-navy s.e.a.l. she said it was the toughest training ever. she nearly died from it. lots of squats. thousands of push-ups, sit-ups. and she has an amazing physique for that movie. which british actress had her break-out role in the soccer flick "bend it like beckham"?
10:34 am
>> keira knightly. >> this is one of my favorite, favorite movie. she practiced soccer in her mom's backyard. by the end of it, flattened her mom's flower bed from all the drills shfs doing. >> thanks so much for coming to see us, sweetie. coming up next, your favorite mail order foods. do they deliver what they promise? we're going to find out right after this. our lunch break is just that, a break.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
>> when you do send it to a friend, often they just say thank you. they're not going to tell you it was kind of icky or something was wrong. >> we're looking at the pictures promised and what they actually got. this is from edible arrangements. >> this is the photo. >> berry chocolate bouquet. a couple of differences from what we saw on the website. the container was white. it showed up in orange. we happen to like orange. that's a good thing. the strawberries are actually bigger than they seem to be. they're fully dipped in chocolate which is a difference. one of the pieces of fruit is a little bit bruised. >> the pineapple? >> this pineapple. we asked the company. they said they take a lot of care with their delivery teams. this can occasionally happen. but i think thai dey did a pret good job. >> harry & david. i love this company. i've never had a problem with them. >> their fruit i've ordered myself and always have had a good experience. this is their tower of treats. $39.95. you see, it's an assortment of merchandise. all in different sizes.
10:39 am
a couple of substitutions which is interesting. they do say on their website after may 15th they'll substitute for -- this was chocolate truffles on the website. this was chocolate covered cherries. they don't want it to melt. clearly. >> good to know. omaha steaks. >> omaha steaks. >> i love to get these. >> they absolutely do. this package, this is the signature sampler. $59.99. four steaks, six burgers, six stuffed baked potatoes. >> six stuffed baked potatoes? >> it is all in. >> everything comes frozen. we tried to order everything here. all of it. on friday for monday delivery. they told us no. to ensure freshness, you actually had to -- we had to order on monday for tuesday. they didn't want it to get stuck sitting on the doorstep over the weekend. they didn't know it was coming to nbc to the "today" show to be truly honest. we just --
10:40 am
>> their reputation's at stake. they take it very seriously. >> i think it's an important point. if you're ordering a gift, you want to tell the person you're ordering, hey, are you going to be home? not necessarily i ordered you x, y and z. but are you going to be there. >> or will someone be at your place. >> pay attention to the cost of shipping as it adds to your product. you're looking at an extra $20 or so. >> that much? >> yeah. >> what's this? honey baked ham? >> honey baked ham company. this is their ham and swiss package. the only real difference that we noticed here was that on the website, these came in glass bottles. here they're plastic bottles. personally, i don't want real pieces of glass in my delicious ham. >> do they just look like they're glass or says comes in glass. >> they look like they're glass bottles. you can pretty much tell. it really doesn't matter when it comes to taste. >> all of these were delivered on time? >> all of these were delivered on time. this one, like the steaks, they said we're not going to do the friday to monday thing. we need you to order the day before if you need rushed shipping. >> do they take orders on sunday
10:41 am
for a monday delivery? >> on the web. it depends on when you want the item to be there and if you're doing it in a rush. >> we look forward to desserts tomorrow. >> exactly. >> tomorrow what are we doing? >> desserts. we're going to talk about going to the betty ford. oh my god. >> it's not the end of the show. coming up next "real housewives of new jersey" teresa giudice is here right after this. [ male announcer ] considering all your mouth goes through,
10:42 am
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10:45 am
time to take you into today's kitchen. if you're wondering what's cooking, real housewife of new jersey teresa giudice is here to tell you -- >> we're so concerned about getting the giudice. it's teresa, all right. she's out with her third cook book, "fabulicious, fast and fit." two of them we're going to look at. >> do the kiddos cook with you? >> my kids love cooking with me.
10:46 am
>> they do? >> so does joe. >> what do all the housewives think of your new -- your latest cookbook? >> i guess you guys would have to ask them. >> jealous as all get out, i'm sure. >> you know they are. what are we whipping up? >> today we're going to do chicken buscetta. with a pound of chicken breast. i love the way you pound. love it. >> we're going to make it -- >> half an inch. let's say that's half an inch. have you been cooking since you were a little girl, since you were young? >> i always helped my mom cook in the kitchen. my parents were off the boat. i'm first generation. when i got marriy eied -- i did at home a little bit. after i got married, every day. >> you pound your chicken. then what do you do. >> you take it out. place it in the baking dish. >> with a little oil in there? is that what that is? >> yes. you have your tomatoes. i don't know if you guys know, tomatoes are really good for
10:47 am
you. they help fight cancer. add your onion. your celery. your garlic. parsley. again, garlic's great for the heart. red pepper flakes for the spiciness. if you don't like spicy, leave it out. i love spicy. then white wine. optional. >> we'll just drink that. too late. you just threw it in. >> optional. not around here it's not, honey. >> to taste. >> uh-huh. >> okay. then you want to mix it? >> sure. all right. >> it is light. i mean, that's really light when you think about it. there's not a whole lot of calories. >> 290 calories per serving. >> great. we just dump it on top? >> let me add, this cookbook has 70 new heart healthy recipes. from start to stove, 30 minutes. a lot of the recipes, ten ingredients or less. >> that's good. >> terrific. put it on the top. cook it for how long?
10:48 am
bake it, right? >> you bake it in the oven at 450 for 20 minutes. >> do you cover it or leave it open? you don't cover it, do you? >> no. >> this is it. look at you. are you type a? look how she does everything perfectly. >> i have four kids. first of all, you have to rush. >> and you have to make it even. if one of them gets a little bit more than a other person. >> let's make some beans. >> this is the finished product. i made it for you guys. >> we'll try that. go to the next thing. >> green beans already have been blanched. olive oil. add your garlic. >> of course. >> balsamic. here it is. the finished product. >> just pour that over your veggie? >> pour it over the green beans, correct. >> coming through. >> these are great for you. >> how did you cook the green beans? >> you just boil them. this is only 60 calories. >> that's really good. that's delicious. mmm. >> of course, dessert. we can't forget dessert.
10:49 am
>> your chicken's awesome. is that low calorie as well? >> yes. 211 calories per serving. >> what is it? >> lady fingers. lowfat yogurt. raspberries. >> i like the spicy, too. >> has a little kick to it. >> if you don't like spice, you don't have to put it in. also my cookbook works with -- at the back of the book is a nutritional guide. all the meals are calorie counted. weight watchers. it works with gluten free diets. >> look at you. fancy. >> excellent. good job. up next, she never promised you a goody bag. the author of a new book. >> amazing. >> it really is. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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jennifer gilbert is a successful event planner. but unlike her business, her
10:53 am
life has not always been picture perfect. when she was just 22, jennifer was brutally attacked in the hallway of a new york city apartment building. >> it's a horrifying story. now more than two decades later, that horrific day still affects how she does business, raises her family and views life. she writes all about it in a book. it's called "i never promised you a goodie bag." >> awfully nice to have you with us today. >> it sure is. >> thank you for having me. i'm thrilled. >> this book is really interesting in so many ways. the nugget in the book i think most people will be drawn to right away is this horrible attack you had many years ago. you were attacked by kind of a crazy person with a screwdriver in a hallway. >> it was a random act of violence. i was followed off the subway. obviously oblivious. about ten blocks. he followed me into a building. and started beating me. and i thought it was just punches on my face. but it was actually a screwdriver. >> more than 30 times?
10:54 am
>> yeah. i think in total it was about 37 times. he followed me into my friend's apartment building and continued. >> you thought he wanted your purse. you were like, take my purse. but he didn't. it wasn't about the purse. >> you saw hatred in his eyes. >> yeah. >> not lust. not anything. just hatred. >> i saw him for all of a second. i turned my head. and he was looking down. just his eyes were looking at me. it was not -- it was nothing but hate. i felt it. >> your friend who you're going to go see oddly stayed inside the apartment and she saw you and ran outside and locked herself in the bedroom. her and three other people. >> there were other people. nobody called 911? nobody did anything for you? >> i was screaming at the top of my lungs, somebody call the police. oh, my god. i'm being stabbed. i was screaming. you know, all i can say is nobody knows what they would do in that situation. you hope people will do the right thing. >> the book isn't all about -- the book is what you sort of learned from this. because you never talked about
10:55 am
this incident. >> exactly. >> it sort of had a lot to do with your life. >> but it has a happy ending, your life. we only have a few minutes. i wish we could talk to you for a long time. but tell us what happened after that and how you got over that to be so successful today. >> i threw myself into event planning. i started my own business called save the date. i figured i would never have joy again. i would be around everyone else celebrating. almost through osmosis, event by event, it brought me back to life. and i realized, you know, we can't control what happens to us in life. but we can control who we want to be after it happens. >> that's such a great saying. >> i only wrote about this because my son developed alopecia, which is when they're not ill but they just lose their hair. >> people assume he's going through cancer treatments. >> here i had this horrible thing that i've never talked about that's been my internal scar. they look at him and think something terrible's happened to him, and he's perfect. >> wow. that's an interesting -- that's interesting the way your story
10:56 am
came out through your son. >> the love story with your husband is adorable as well, too. he's been madly in love with you for years. >> such a good guy. >> it's just -- >> okay. well, tell us what you want people to take away from this -- from this book. >> for me, i think we all have our own story. everybody has something that they've told themselves over and over that kind of gets them in their own way. they can't proceed forward in life. >> the obstacle. >> for me, it's just about letting go and deciding who you want to be. we have the choice, every one of us, to let go and to move forward and decide how we want to live our life. >> the choice. >> it's also good to note that this man went away for, what, 27 years? >> 27 years for attempted murder. >> with no opportunity for parole. >> what an inspiring story. great to see you. glad you came to see us. good luck with the book. >> you still have your company. anyone who has a big day coming up can get in touch with you. >> congrats. >> all the best to your beautiful family. >> thank you.
10:57 am
tomorrow, "30 rock's" jane kra pow ski and l"slumdog millionaire." >> such a cute movie. a ambush makeovers. those mail order desserts we were talking about. have an awesome winesday, were talking about. have an awesome winesday, wednesday, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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