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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, washington
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remembers chuck brown, the godfather of go go as hundreds celebrate his life and music. >> the worst crash scene some have ever seen. now we know it started when a real cop started two police impersonators. >> details emerging about the death of robert f. kennedy jr.'s estranged wife. first to a man whose name goes hand in hand with washington d.c. chuck brown. he loved the city, changed its music and will forever be remembered for it. >> he died today at age 75 after a battle with pneumonia. a look back on his life. ♪ ♪ ♪ you don't have a thing ♪ >> reporter: charles brown's career spanned 50 years seldom a moment he was not jamming in front of a crowd of bobbing heads and moving feet. the north carolina native got his start in the 60s playing the guitar for a d.c. based latin
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band. by the 70s. chuck brown was coming into his own. and go go was born. ♪ from the country >> reporter: the godfather of go go its what the world called brown, creator of a musical genre synonymous with d.c. >> they have heard funk before. another form of funky music. a lot of percussion, response, and audience participation. >> let me hear you say oh. >> got that latin, latin, and the -- that african feel to it. >> just one more time. >> in and out of trouble with the law in his youth, brawn taught himself to play the guitar in prison. he and his go go beat became world known, landing his first, billboard number one hit in 1978 for busting loose. nomina nominated for his first grammy in 2010, at 74.
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through all of the albums through the constant drum beat of stardom, chuck brown never turned his back on his home, he staged a stable of events that became important to his community. he spent his time with students around the district. never forgetting how a young shoe shine boy who hung around halls, turned a dream into reality. >> i was inspired by james brown and host of other artists. i wanted my own sound. i was trying to create my own sound. and it turned out to be a sound created by me. ♪ ♪ >> news of chuck brown any death spread quickly this evening. and the community was just as quick to show its love and appreciation. jackie benson right now outside howard theater on chuck brown way where a vigil broke up. jackie. >> reporter: jim, the crowd has
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dwindled. this was a magnificently old school tribute. they came together in front of the howard theater, the place that was to have been chuck brown's last d.c. performance. brown's daughter was treated like family. several people told her they felt that through his reap assuring presence and longevity her dad was like the father they never had. >> when he went around town he said, i raised you. i raise you'd. the best person in the world. we lost something that d.c. can never replace. >> reporter: among those reaching out to brown's family were gregory, sugar bear elliott, lead singer of the legendary go go band e.u. >> y'all make me smile. chuck made me smile. >> reporter: parents and grandparents remembering the 80s when chuck brown's contribution to the world of music, go go was something people from d.c. could pound to as their own. former d.c. mayor, marion barry knew brown for over four decades. >> i want to offer my deep condolences my deep prayers to
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the brown, chuck brown's family, his wife, his children, everybody. chuck brown was the go go music that didn't attract the negative energy. >> most heartening young performers who organized the tribute. >> my father probably met my mother at a chuck brown show. >> chuck brown show. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray release aid statement that read in part, without chuck brown the world and our city will be a different place. what a loss. reporting live in northwest washington, jackie benson, news 4. >> thank you. couple final thoughts about chuck brown. first lady michelle obama could have used chuck brown because with his magical mix of music genres unless you were in a coma or dead, you would have to get up and move. the other thing is we all know about the wind me up chuck, if you want to do something really nice for yourself or somebody that you love, go get an album called "the other side." it is a collaboration of chuck
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with another late local incredible talent, eva cassidy. i prop is you it is nourishment for a starving soul. we'll miss you, chuck. >> you can find more about chuck brown on our website. memory of the origin of go go and impact on washington and chuck brown's life in pictures on now, to a wild chase and crash that ended just feet away from, where small kids were playing baseball. and police hope the resulting arrests will stop a two-day crime spree by fake officers. here is shomari stone. >> never seen noth like this. the most horrific accident i have seen. >> reporter: ed davis' shocked standing three feet away from mangled metal. >> to be involved, it's absurd. >> reporter: police say this all started when a d.c. officer started two suspects in this chevy suburban believed to be involved in impersonating police officers, stopping drivers, over the past come of days. take a look at what appears to
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be fake police lights. >> they were, hurting innocent people. >> reporter: they hit a squad car. police chased the suspect to d.c. down south dakota avenue where they lost control hit a cadillac, limo, causing a collision with ed davis's mercedes. >> my son and i drove up and -- and, it looked look a war zone here. i was a little bit surprised. >> reporter: we are bringing you closer to the scene. police told me that fire fighters had to extricate the driver of the car. the door is on the ground. the driver is going to be okay. no serious injuries. police arrest the the suspects. >> glad they apprehended. >> in northeast d.c., shomari stone, news 4. >> the fbi is linking a suingle person to 400 suspicious letters mailed out across the country since 2008. dozens have ended up at schools,
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restaurants and offices in the district. all the work of some one that lives in north texas. all the letters contained a white powder. many of them also included vague references to the fbi, the c.i.a., al qaeda, and nazis. >> this person its disrupting people's lives and we want it stopped. so we are asking for the public's help. and we are speaking to family members, friends and neighbors to help us identify this individual. >> in all of the cases authorities determine the powder to be harmless all. up atonig parking for the silver line project became a matter of focus. members met with the airport authority. many of the loudon board members took issue of number of drivers and cost of parking, low. the county must decide whether to contribute $150 million to help fund phase two of metro to
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dulles. they're expected to vote june 4. after a day that felt more like summer than spring, doug says, a cold front could be, changing things again. doug, what's up? >> i think they are going to be changing things in a big way. we have seen warm, humid conditions over the past couple days. tomorrow you will see a different story. take a look at numbers. 72 degrees in washington. behind the front only 51 in pittsburgh. some of the cooler, drier air. that will continue to make its way in here. we do have the cold front that is moving down right now. few showers, storms, into parts of pennsylvania. what it means for us though -- potentially a fantastic streak of weather. it is going to last into part of the weekend. again. part. i will show you what the other part has in store coming up. >> thank you, doug. a death in the kennedy family. today police in new york found mary kennedy dead on the property owned by her estranged husband robert f. kennedy jr. wendy with more on this. wendy? >> reporter: police have not release owed official cause of death they say it apores pears
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suicide. the latest shock for a family touched by tragedy through the years. police found mary kennedy's body inside the family home in westchester county, new york. she is the estranged wife of robert kennedy jr. he was only 9 when his uncle, president john kennedy was shot and 14 when his father, senator robert kennedy was assassinated. robert jr. also lost his two younger brothers to a drug overdose and skiing accident. robert and mary filed for divorce in 2010. she struggled with drugs and alcohol. and that year, she had two high profile arrests, including a dui. the couple had four children. ages 10 to 17. tonight the family release aid statement that reads in part. our heart goes out to her children who she loved without reservation. mary kennedy was 52 years old. back to you. >> thank you, wendy. >> there is new evidence in the trayvon martin case, raising more question as but what happened the night the florida teenager was killed.
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the official medical examiner's report says martin died of a single gunshot wound fired from intermediate range. zimmerman claimed self defense when he shot martin in february. a separate report from zimmerman's doctor says that zimmerman suffered a likely broken nose and scalp lacerations. drugs listed on zimmerman's report, aderol and sleep medication, charged with second degree murder in martin's death. closing arguments will begin in the john edwards trial tomorrow. edwards himself did not take the witness stand. his lawyers rested their case today without calling him, his oldest daughter, kate or mistress hunter. instead they focussed on particulars of the krumecorrupt case. >> itch yf you live in maryland make more than $100,000 prepare for increase in income taxes. state law make herbs passioned an increase in a special session. democrats say the package was the only way to avoid painful
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cuts in education and social services. the change sets maryland's top income tax bracket at 9%, the fourth highest in the nation. you can compare that to virginia's tax of 5 3/4%. tears flowed at the white house today when president obama awarded the medal of honor to a rifleman killed 42 years ago. specialist leslie sabo jr. was in cambodia with his platoon, surrounded by north vietnamese. he grabbed an enemy grenade it and threw it away. he took his own grenade, pulled the pin and waited to throw it at an enemy bunker. according to the president, sabo knew he could die and save his comrades. that's what he did. his wife accepted the award and was visibly emotional. she said a medical can't bring him back. but her heart beams because leslie is receiving tribute for his bravery. >> coming up tonight. a sec waond woman sickened by fh
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eating bacteria in the southeast. >> controversy following around a food truck in our area and has nothing to do with the food. >> a horse rescued in the
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wildfires during damage in the west. in arizona an historic mining town under a mandatory evacuation order tonight. 2,000 acres have been burned and the fire is now threatening the
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town of crown king. two homes already destroyed. in northern colorado, another fire that has consumed 640 acres. they say they only have it under 5% control. neighbors are being told to prepare to evacuate. investigators think the fire was caused by humans. but they're not sure if it was intentional. >> tonight a second case of flesh eating bacteria. doctors diagnosed a south carolina woman after she gave birr too birth to twins. it comes as a 24-year-old georgia woman is in critical condition with an infection she got in a zip line accident. she lost a leg. doctors will likely have to amputate her fingers. >> people laughing is very uplifting. we try to keep her in good spirits. knowing that is going to be something that is going to boost and i believe accelerate her recovery. >> these infections are rare. they can be deadly. experts say if you have a wound and the pain feels much deeper than the wound, seek medical
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attention. >> some people don't like costumes, that the cooks on a food truck are wearing. the fojol brothers, dish out indian food, wearing turbans and sporting fake mustaches. one person found that offensive. and posted his opinions on facebook that led to a petition. >> if you are going to sell indian, ethiopian cuisine and you are going to market yourself, based off that. do so in a respectful way. >> i don't see it as offensive. it is different. still different than anybody else. they have the best curry though. >> despite the controversy, business is good. the food truck owners say they mean no disrespect. >> could be august before an historic church in culpeper, virginia is ready for worship services again. saint stevens church was badly damaged in the earthquake last august. walls were cracked. the cross on the steeple looks like it is about to tip over. repairs could cost half a million dollars. >> crews rescued an arabian show
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horse that managed to swim three miles out into the pacific ocean. that horse somehow got spooked on the beach during a photo shoot in santa barbara. the horse is valued at $100,000, $150,000. the trainer says he has never swum before. tonight that horse its said to be exhausted. as one might expect but in good health. >> wow. incredible. >> poor guy. >> yes. three miles out. >> so, we got some more changes, huh? >> yeah, more changes. >> good changes. >> great changes. >> saw a great night out there. at the nationals game earlier. what great night at the ball, park. temperatures cooled down. the sun went down. spectacular. still outside. going to like it. step outdoors. if you are stepping out at 11:18. wait, three minutes of weather. stay there for a second. out there right now. temperature into the 70s. after a high temperature today, of 82 degrees.
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that was height temperature, across the area. temperatures, about 5 to 10 degrees above average. average high temperature. 75 degrees. monthly rainfall. 2.36 inches. a third of an inch above average. still for the year -- we have a deficit over 4 inches. yes we, do need to see more rain. but starting to eat into that -- that rainfall deficit a little bit. that its good news. high temperatures. 84, frederick. 82, manassas. 83. 79. pax river. i think the numbers will be 5 to 10 degrees cooler during the day tomorrow. and not just that. the humidity will be gone. we saw a humid day yesterday. earlier today was a bit humid. before we start to see the dew points come down a bit. right now. dew point. 64 degrees. still on the humid side. winds out of south. pleasant night. across receipt unde across the region. that's because the the cold
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front is still back to the west. that's where it will stay. before moving through. before you get up. storm 4 radar. no rain. watch what happens when we widen the picture. here is the frontal boundary. you can see it defined here in through portions of pennsylvania. charleston area. west, pittsburgh. 51 right now. so over 20 degrees cooler. behind this frontal boundary. well out ahead. still very warm. down toward the norfolk area. down around virginia beach. a lot of rain wecht s. we saw that yesterday. cold front. warm temperatures. cold front to the south. see plenty of sunshine tomorrow. a fantastic thursday. very nice weather. i think even better on friday. beautiful weather. with more sunshine. saturday will be more of the say. and then on sunday. watching the coastal system here that could bring us clouds. maybe rain. towards early next week. tomorrow morning. partly cloudy. great start. 50, 59 degrees. you are going to notice how nice it is when you stop out tomorrow morning. for lunch tomorrow. a lot of people out and about to
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day. tomorrow another day to gout there. wind out of the north. 10, 20 miles an hour. great day, friday. saturday. sunny. 77 sunday. we introduce aid chance for rain there. right now the best chance looks like it could be monday and tuesday. so we have a nice three to four day stretch in, in again, i don't think i have enough adjectives to describe how nice it is going to be. >> we'll find a way to enjoy every bit of it. >> stupendous. >> thank you, doug a head, the stars shine on the red carpet in stars shine on the red carpet in cannes, france. [ creaking ]
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>> would you let us know if it is cannes or cannes? baseball tonight. >> we know it is cannes! >> thank you, dan. >> these two. >> weather, doug was talking about. good crowd out there. wednesday night playing the pittsburgh pirates. 25,000, 26,000 out there. >> good, about time. >> starting to jump on the nationals bandwagon the i look it. one day, straussburg, leading the national league in strikeouts. next day, gonzalez. go gonzalez, passed strasbourg. wasn't the big story of the game. that honor went to adam laroche, who continues to play at an all-star level. tonight, the president's race. teddy giving up certain victory to hang out with the pittsburgh pierogi. what you doing?
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second teenager to ever homer in three straight games. this one, oh! just about a foot away. off the scoreboard. just misses it. but he does get his first triple. he later scored the game's first run. harper 1-3 on the night. bottom of the sixth. nationals. and laroche. solo shot. seventh home run. three for four in the game. raises his batting average to 3.39. >> dan called that one. >> i did call it. laroche. again. inside the line. the bases juiced. laroche, scores. a bases clearing double. that also, career hit number 1,000 for adam laroche. he now has 29 rbi. nationals beat the pirates. 7-4. to kansas city. os/royals. top nine.
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os down 3-2, they stage a rally. brockston. flarety. clutch hit. we are still tied at 3 in the 12th. nba playoffs. the celtics big three carried them to victory tonight. pierce, garnet, rondo combined for 74 points. as the the cs take a lead over the sixers. over the sixers. >> who? >> cannes/cannes, sickers/sixers. whatever. and celtics up. rondo out to kevin garnet. just inside the three-point line. he got it to go. garnet, 27 points. 13 boards. fourth quarter. celtics up. on the break. there we go. this guy its getting it done. take a look at this. rondo behind the back. paul pierce. 14 assists for rondo. 24 points for pierce. the celtics run away with it.
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107-91 the final. to the united. colorado rapids. rfk. lou ilis neil. great pass. third goal of the season. united up 1-0, celebrate their run. second half. 60th minute. louis neil. bronco boscovich. and the goal. third in four matches. united wins
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some of hollywood's stars are partying in france they walk the red carpet for the start of the cannes film festival. alec baldwin and his fiance, eva longoria, and posing for the cameras. bruce willis, bill murray and tilda
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every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $6.4 billion in new credit to small businesses across the country last year. because the more we help them,
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the more we help make opportunity possible. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from nbc's "community," joel mchale.


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