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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 22, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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flooding. some streets are still under water and more rain is headed our way. >> a woman causes an emergency landing after she passed a note. a father's joke goes horribly wrong when a small child gets stuck in a moving washing machine. good afternoon. >> off the top tonight, what a mess today, folks. in prince william county, more than three inches of rain fell overnight which made for a big mess for a morning commute. some drivers didn't heed the warning turn around and didn't drown and had to be rescued. megan mcgrath reports. >> reporter: we were rather surprised when the driver of this pickup truck drove past us and tried to plow through the floodwaters. we lost sight of the truck as it round the bends, but a short time later when emergency crews arrived on the scene, it became clear what had happened. the chuck was swamped, the
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driver stuck, rescue crews had for use a boat. >> i thought the water would be up to the fender level, but as soon as i got in there, just kind of floated away. >> reporter: kelly says he just miss judged it and before he knew it, water was gushing inside his truck. is your truck trashed? >> it's wet. the log hit the side of it, but you know what, i don't care. they can be fixed. >> reporter: and you're doing okay. >> we're doing okay. >> reporter: a little wet. >> a little wet, a little embarrassed, but we're all right. >> reporter: three to four inches of rain fell in the manassas area in just a few hours. streams left
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>> reporter: it's 00 super close race. barack obama just slightly ahead of mitt romney in three new
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polls. the president backing gay marriage made no difference to 62% of voters. the rest were split in today's nbc news "wall street journal" survey. what matters mosts is still the economy. and the pro romney group goes after the obama record if a new $10 million ad campaign. >> i've always loved watching the kids play basebaketball. i still do. it's funny, they can't find jobs to get their career started and i can't afford to retire. and now we're all living together again. >> reporter: just 20% in the abc poll said they would be better off if romney were in charge. but rote but voters now see him understanding hair problems as well as the president. to counter that, team obama is putting up two ads charging romney's investment firm, bain, fired workers to boost profits. >> like a vampire. he came in, sucked the life out
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of us. >> mitt romney did not care about us as workers. they were looking at the mighty dollar. >> reporter: some democrats object to the bain campaign. but the president says it reveals romney did not focus on jobs. >> if the democrats succeed in portraying mitt romney as a corporate raider who only cares about profits and doesn't care about people like you, that will hurt mitt romney. >> reporter: which could make a difference in a race it that right now is close to even. the new and itity romney ads are harsh. the new anti-obama ad is not. it's mild on purpose. because republican researchers found voters who say they might vote against the re-election of the president still said they liked him. i'm steve handelhandelsman, new. this marks the full full day of deliberations in john edwards' corruption trial and there is still no verdict. edwards and his daughter rivered the courthouse an spent the
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entire day waiting for the jury's verdict. he's accused of using nearly $1 million in campaign contributions to hide his pregnant mistress during the presidential race of '08. the jury has a month's worth of testimony and evidence to sift through. the mother of a missing teen is appealing in the man suspected in her disappearance to tell where she is. 21-year-old garcia torez was arrested yesterday for the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old sierra lamar. the california girl was last seen after leaving her home for school on march 16th. authorities believe she was kidnapped while walking to a school bus stop. police say they've linked garcia torez to the kidnapping by dna evidence found in her bag. one year ago today, one of the deadliest tornados in u.s. history struck joplin, missouri. 161 people were killed, more than 900 others were injured. and about 700 homes were destroyed. the city has since been
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struggling to recover both physically and emotionally. nbc's jina kim has our story. >> reporter: the morning began with lanterns filling the sky as they recalled how it changed their lives. >> i was on the ground floor. i was struck by something, most likely a cinder block from the wall next to me. i suffered severe head injuries including a split chin, broken jaw, crushed teeth, torn gums and severe concussion. >> reporter: he was one of 1,000 people hurt on this day last year when an ef-5 category tornado ripped through joplin and duquesne, missouri. but they were the lucky ones. in just 30 minutes, the mile wide tornado had killed more than 150 people and damaged or destroyed some 10,000 homes and buildings. >> we turned on our weather
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radio and heard st. john's had been hit. and the announcer's voice had the fear in it that we knew it was really bad. >> reporter: today the scars are still everywhere. but new homes keep springing up. on this this anniversary day, the city broke ground on three new schools and the spirit of joplin is stronger than ever. >> the generosity and love and care that the people of joplin showed on may 22nd has defined us as a city. we aare joplin and i mapray we r forget. >> reporter: thousands are taking a four mile walk through the parts of the city most affected by the tornado. jina kim, news 4.
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near the will every baseball fan dreams of catching a home run ball when at the go to a game. for one cincinnati fan, it happened twice in the same inning. 20-year-old caleb lloyd was watching his reds take on the braves. he caught the first one with his bare hands. the next batter hit it into the exact same spot. caleb became an instant celebrity. >> i didn't expect it, just popped in my lap and then my friend noticed that he was like, man, you caught the second one. everybody was giving me hive fives and i was just so ecstatic. >> he gave the first ball back to the batter because it was the bat ear's home run. ed second ball he gave to a friend who gave him will the ticket to the game. >> i wasn't caleb to buy my power ball tickets. he has the golden touch pap. when we come right back, usher breaks down it in tears in court. brad pitt talks about his wedding while promoting his new
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movie. and katy perry fresh off her new single makes it is on max im's hot 100. and a viral video tha
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usher broke down in tears during a custody hearing. this video from tmz shows the singer as he started to cry during proceedings in atlanta. these and ongoing custody dispute with his ex-wife over their two sons. he's trying to get more time with them, but attorneys for his ex-wife argue he'd rather party than parent.usher testified it that raymond hit him, threatened and spit at his girlfriend during one visit. his attorney says the story is exaggerated. pit and jolie still haven't set a wedding date. pitt made that announcement at the cannes film festival. he made the statement during a press conference for his new movie called killing him softly. >> we have no date.
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and we actually really truly have no date. just something that masense to . date wise it's a rumor. >> he hopes the issue with marriage equality in the u.s. can be figured out before he and jolly tie the knot. angelina may be brad's number one, but this year she didn't it even make maxim's magazine list of the world's most beautiful women. >> for the first time, readers got to weigh in on the hot 100. and 26-year-old iz israelly super model was voted number one. >> coming in second, 31-year-old actress olivia munn. munn was actually second on the list last year, as well. >> rounding out the top five, friends with benefits star lila kunis, katy perry and other notable names, rihanna, jennifer lopez, and for the first time ever, a man matt list.
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comedy central host stephen colbert lands at number 69. >> pippa middleton was number 81. and amanda knox came in at 92. and another exception, none of the kardashians made this list fp. a middle. does eating or beganic foga turn in you to a snob? and a man who had a brush with death. he lived in new jersey and was really grilled by doctors who were trying to figure out how he did that. >> this weekend, memorial weekend coming up, one of the biggest grilling weekends of the year. you have to hear this story. have you ever considered the brush you use to clean your grill and the tiny little wire spikes that hang off of it, what happens if it they fall off? and get stuck in your steak? that guy right there, michael, he was rushed to hackensack
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university medical center where he underwent surgery. they didn't know if he swallowed a nail, if it was a fish hook. it was a brings sestle from the that he used to clean the grill in his long intestine. imagine surgery. he'll be okay. but that is a warn you for you this weekend if you're grilling out. >> that apparently has happened before. >> but was the steak good? >> might have to ask him. i think i'll probably stay away from grilling for a time. and brf i tell you this story, our listeners didn't agree. what they did is they put a whole bunch of people, 90 people in a room, and will they asked them to rate their favorite foods. those that liked organic, nonorganic, and comfort food. and then they asked them if you had to help a stranger, how long would it take.
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on average, those that liked organic food took 24 minutes. those that liked nonorganic food only took 13. and they found that there is some sort of complex in the brain that when you do one nice thing or when you do something you think is good, you kind of write-off the rest of the day. like you go to the gym, well, you i can have an extra bite of cake. these people think, oh, i don't have to worry about doing anything special today, i ate organic. >> really. >> yes. >> so their noses are a little in the air. >> and thanks to a new invent n invention, your nose knows when you're being talked about. >> if you're ever online and you want to find out if people are talk about you, meet ollie. he's an invention but this could be produced. you put two set cartridges in, one could smell good like daze
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ci daisies. and the other could snell like poo. if there's positive message, it makes as puff of the good smell. if there's he a negative message about you on twitter like about that blue tie, it will make a negative snell. and this is a great way. they say with all social networking with all the ways people can talk but, this is a way that won't disturb your normal work habit. you can just tell if people are bringing up your next just by smelling. if you're having an afternoon where there's a lot of wad smell, you better figure out what's going on. >> finally, what can we say leading in to this. let's take a listen first. >> what seems to be the problem? >> i am not a crook. >> a wrapping parakeet? >> yeah, the latest viral video. he's a parakeet, he likes to
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watch television, and he's also learned how to do two minute free styles as well as a number of sayings. some aren't exactly okay for afternoon television. it's one of the biggest videos this week, all because of a web cam put on disco. >> i wonder where he learned all those words. >> not from me. >> and you don't really practice free style much. >> we have a golden retriever, i've been trying to get her to do it but slow process. >> what you got coming up tomorrow? >> tomorrow we have the last six tickets in washington, d.c. to one direction. this is the biggest show. they're coming on thursday. and tomorrow at 7:45, we'll tell you how you can get your hands on them, which it's like currency. everybody need as pair of these things. tomorrow 7:45 on hot 99.5. >> we'll be tuning in. coming up next, it's new york city's most expensive parking space. see what a million bucks will buy you.
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plus a teenager take as deep plunge and falls down a water fall. the dramatic rescue still ahead.
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the chance of drenching weather? >> yes, storms still in the draft just like last night. i think the same will be true of this evening. but tomorrow morning should be dry. and then another story here, too, in weather and that will be some of the heat building just in time for memorial day
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weekend. right now you can see the clouds building. once again we have just a little bit of clearing and clearing sky giving way to a few storms it that will be popping. the main bulk of the storms are just to our west right now and take a look at the warmth, we're at 77 degrees. reagan national airport at 623 degrees dew point. we'll talk about the memorial day week, heat and that dew point temperature i think by next week will be over 70 degrees. so are you ready for sticky? i'm not. columbia, maryland, 0.63 of rain. and look at virginia, over an ninch and a half of rain. and again, anytime you get some of these storms that are already firing up west of us around frost wuburg and petersburg, ths when you get a lot of rain in a short period of time. right now we have areas of showers around marshall and south and west, and it's headed
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east toward manassas. i-66, so there will be more rain moving that way, but at least not it any heavy rain for right now. heaviest rain the closest cell right now around madison and that's headed east toward mitchells and toward are a could not ford in the next 23 to 39 minutes. so eastbound isolated heavy rain. showers and storm for 9:00, 10:00, and then i think we'll see for tomorrow morning a quieter start to our day. temperatures will be plenty mild again in the 60s and i think there will be patchy fog around the area. so rain takes a break it for tomorrow morning, but we'll see the showers and especially the stores tire back up for the afternoon. there's 6:00 a.m. there's our stationery front which will again be just that, be stalled out and sitting around the area prks so that will give way to more rain and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. we could be looking at anywhere from a half to over an inch of rain. any locations that get hit with the storms and then the same deal for thursday, more
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thunderstorms mainly during the afternoon. so the next two days, we're talking about mainly an much event for us. and by the way, the update on alberto, it continues to move out to sea. so even for memorial day weekend, i don't think we'll have to deal with any strong rip currents along the coast. down pours, though, some of them heavy, 69 to 73 for your evening forecast. tomorrow morning we're cloudy, we have areas of fog around the area as well as some wet roadways. 63 to 66 degrees. keep that umbrella handy. you'll definitely need it for the afternoon and you'll want to keep an eye on the sky and tune right here to nbc 4. 75 to 79 degrees with rain and thunderstorms again some of them locally heavy. so by thursday and friday, things start to get a little quieter around here. here's a look at saturday right now with a high of 89 degrees. 90. but again, with dew point temperatures in the 70s, it will feel already on saturday like we're in the mid-90s. we'll take a look at memorial day and talk about what that will feel like in a couple minutes. >> thank, veronica. still to come, history made
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in space and on earth again today. the launch of space x. plus the bravo star stopped i have never encountered such a burning sensation...
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until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
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welcome back. >> here's what's happening at 4:30. roads are are under water this afternoon in prince william county because several inches of rain fell there very quickly overnight. one driver tried to maneuver through the standing water, he got stuck. had to be rescued. some school bus service was also cans selled because of the flooded roads. >> joplin, missouri marks the year anniversary of the deadly tornado that destroyed a third of the city. 161 people died, more than 900 were injured. following a memorial service for the victims, the town broke ground on three new schools. a suspicious passenger forced an international flight to divert to maine today. the flight from paris was supposed to land it in charlotte, north carolina. a french passenger said she had a bomb surgically implanted in her body. but nbc news has learned the woman actually did not pose a threat, she was taken into custody. on wall street, stocks erased most of the gains today to finish flat. this came after word that greece
4:31 pm
is considering leaving the eurozone. at the closing bell, the dow was off about two points, the nasdaq off eight, and the s&p 500 gained less than a point. an historic flight at kennedy space center this morning. >> a private space company is embarking on a milestone mission. mark barger has details. >> reporter: for the first time in nasa's history, a private company is headed to the international space station. stays x's falcon 9 rocket lit up the night sky at the canaveral air force base as it carried an unmanned dragon capsule into space and into history. >> we're handing off to the private sector our transportation to the international space station. so that nasa can focus on what we do best. exploring even deeper into our solar system with missions to an astroid and mars on the horizon. >> reporter: this morning's launch came a day after the first attempt was scrubbed at
4:32 pm
the last second due to a computer warning. but today it was all systems go as the rockets launch made a statement to the world about the new nasa. >> it's a great day for america. it's actually a great day for the world because, you know, there are people who thought that we had gone away and today says, no, we're not gone away at all. >> nasa chose space x to take over the job of carrying cargo to the space station as part of the restructuring plans following the end of the space shuttle program. but they say today is just the beginning. >> i think we're really at the dawn of a new era of space exploration and one where there's a much bigger world for commercial space companies. >> reporter: if all goes as planned, the dragon capsule will dock with the international space station as early as friday, making history in space and on earth once again. mark barger, nbc news. so how much would you you be
4:33 pm
are willing to pay for the perfect parking space in new york? it could cost and you miyou a m dollars. >> it's about to hit the market. it's inside a luxury condo building in manhattan's greenwich village. the spot is 12 feet wide, 23 feet long, and more than 15 feet high. it could be duplexed to accommodate two cars. the million dollar price tag does not include the maintenance fees the owner would have to pay to even qualify to buy the spot, you'd have to buy one of the building's largest condos. it that will cost you $39 million. >> and then there's that. woah. we told you about the woman who claimed she was being fired for being too hot. now we can show you what she looks like. >> take a good look. she was hired by a long longerry manufacturer and she said the owners weren't happy with her
4:34 pm
attire and she says she was told her breasts were 00 big. and she was told to tape them down. after being fired, she contacted gloria al gloria allred to fire a workplace discrimination complaint. >> she was told by a supervisor that, quote, you were just too hot for this office, end quote. >> when it escalated to the point of her walking me over to closet and suggesting that i put on a bright red bath robe and sit at my fwedesk, i felt humiliated. >> native intimate has not commented on the complaint. have you heard of the omg diet? a british nutritionist self published a diet book called six weeks to omg. the dieted a vow the cams skipping breakfast and starting the day with a cold bath to boost your metabolism. the book became a word of mouth hit in britain and now fulton has an agent. after publishers bidding war,
4:35 pm
he's just signed a deal with an american publisher and a british publisher. both deals are said to be worth 7 figures. it will hit stores in july. first salons, then small businesses. now tabitha coffee is taking over news 4. >> i got a chance to meet her today when she visited our studios. she began with the salon takeover, the bravo show where she help wills struggling salons turn around. now she also helps other businesses. coffee is known for telling it like it is. but she was extremely gracious when she paid us a visit. i had to ask, quhawhat happened her abrasive side. >> that it's the real me. that's the business me. i think with everyone, we all have different sides to our personality and when you're working, you have your work persona. and what you do. it's tough love. and honestly the only way i can help people is to be honest with
4:36 pm
them. you know, i'm there for a week. a week is not a lot of time to turn some of the situations i go into around. so i can't hand hold too much, i can't be too fluffy. i need to get in there and get to the root of the problem or problems and then help the owners and staff turn their businesses around. so it is a tough love approach. >> and you you can watch the entire interview tonight on monday stop rundown. that's at 7:30 and 10:00 tonight on nbc washington nonstop. you can find it on comcast 208, verizon 460, cox 803 and digital 4.2. she did have some pretty tough angry looking boots on, though. >> and she does tell it like it is. >> she does. >> there is more to come on news 4. a child put into a washing machine by the child's dad. and then the mad dash to try to get the child out. plus a teenager falls down in to a huge water fall. the rescue i
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ready for a heat wave? >> just in time for the memorial day weekend, too. yeah, you'd say it's humid, it's going to be quite humid this upcoming weekend and it will get hot, too. until then, we deal with stor s not just for the afternoon. and for the evening, but also for the next two days
4:44 pm
especially. you're looking at storm four radar which will doesn't show a lot of activity right near dc. of course more rain moving in to northern prince william county. another batch down south approaching areas of fredericks duri during. bicker storms to the west. areas of eastern west virginia, southwestern virginia under a flood watch, a flash flood watch. getting rain embedded in some of the areas where you see the bright red. coming down at about one to two inches per hour. take a look at our future weather here. we started at 7:00 p.m., that rain pushing through, things wind down by midnight. but until then and with what's been happening throughout our area, you'll want to tune in tonight. news 4 at 11:00 for the late toast get you new and in to the morning rush which right now looks as though we'll be dry. but there's going to be a lot of fog around the area tomorrow morning. and then we'll get hit with more
4:45 pm
showers and storms for the afternoon. potentially heavy again. how much could we get? areas here haded in the green show that we could have anywhere around a half eventual of rain, anywhere in the blue which includes near d.c. and some of the spotty areas to the north and especially off to the west, we could have anywhere from a half to over an inch of rain through just tomorrow. 66 our temperature to start out, 59 in leesburg. again, that with still clouds and fog around the area. and then you humid and back into the 70s tomorrow, again more storms that could be leading to a lot of rain around the area. already a very wet month for us with almost 2 1/2 inches of rain. your high it for tomorrow, 78 degrees. the high it for thursday, 82. look at friday and saturday, 87 to 89 degrees. and something we haven't seen in a na while, the 90 degree temperatures. so it's going to get hot around here for memorial day weekend as temperatures rise in to the low
4:46 pm
90s. very humid conditions. we'll be i think complaining. make sure if you're traveling you pack plenty of water. >> and no wining complaint wise. >> right. we're hot already. thanks. it's been 20 years since dateline first went on the air. and tonight "dateline" celebrates with a very special edition. >> ann curry reunites with the mccoy family, the world's it first surviving accept accept it up september tare already for h school. >> tchts announcement of a seemingly miraculous event, the first surviving septuhlets. >> reporter: we met them in iowa methodist hospital just four days after they made history. for our news team, it has been a journey of intense curiosity
4:47 pm
watching them grow into outgoing children. it's almost impossible to believe they're already 14 1/2. what is different with being the parents of septuplets? >> we're not dealing with anything more or less of any than any other participants. t parent. the only difference is we have a line of them skpg the questions. >> who has a boyfriend or girlfriend? >> nobody. >> who would like one? >> you're about in a matter of months to go into high school. how would you say life is looking? >> it's going to be harder. gr more challenging. >> their story is still being written. stay tuned. >> look at them now. >> what a family. >> dateline's special also includes an interview with michael j. fox and a conversation with singer kerry
4:48 pm
underwood and a profile of erin ral stan r ralston. all tonight at 1:00. >> going to be a big night. and every snnight is a big nigh in the mccoy household. coming up, a child gets stuck in the washing machine. plus finding your way through a maze can be very difficult, but not for one robot.winning in-vehicles is next. gary majori local stum husband projects were supposed to p
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4:51 pm
a disturbing individual video is making people cringe before it started a joke. surveillance video show as dad putting his toddler into a washing machine. this happened earl dwrer this month. when the door closed, it automatically locked and turned on. you can see the parents flap particularly trying to open the door while the child spins
4:52 pm
around inside. eventually a laundromat worker comes to help. the person who posted the youtube video says the child suffered only minor bruising. it's unclear if the parents will face criminal charges. this may look like just a game, but it's really the work of some of the best minds in china. more than 500 teens took part in the national micro mouse robot competition. college students worked for six months to qualify. the robot mouse who finished -- that finished the maze in the shortest time wins. all of the micro mice have chips and sensors in them. the winning mouse solved the maze in less than four seconds. still ahead, a gator refuses to give up a soccer ball. >> and a teen's scary fall into a water fall. and the dramatic r
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
a pickup soccer game took a long time out because a goalkeeper wouldn't give up the ball. the game was between pashltss a parents and kids and the goalie that jumped in was a 13-foot
4:56 pm
alligator. it kept the ball in its mouth for two days. >> today we got a hook in him and he spit the ball out. that's a tough ball, buddy. >> yeah. >> you get what you pay for in soccer balls. >> the ball's owner couldn't decide whether to continue playing with that ball or to keep that ball as a trophy. a 13-year-old boy who nearly went over a 265-foot water fall in washington state on saturday is talking about his dramatic rescue. he spent eight long hours stranded on rocks with freezing water rushing by. and it was all caught on tape. >> my son was down by the water and he slipped and he fell in and he's safe, but he's on the other side of the water over here. >> i thought i was going to die. i was going down the river. >> reporter: william was okay, but not exactly in a sweet spot. there he is where he was able to
4:57 pm
climb out of the water a few feet from the edge of the 270-foot falls. here is video of the rescue. >> i would say he was in a very, very dangerous spot particularly if he tried to move out of there. >> reporter: at one point after he was lowered to william's position, the rope sawed through on the rough rock edge and he plunged into the water. >> i went for a very short ride before i was able to climb up on the bank of the river and my backup line held. >> reporter: he was saved by his safety line and a new plan for reaching william was quickly hatched. >> so we radioed down, we said we need a ladder up here. we ran the ladder down the bank and i tied the ladder down on the bank side to secure it. >> reporter: with a platform in place, they finally reached him. william had been thrown clothes and towels to keep warm.
4:58 pm
he knew he was finally almost safe, but it had been a long and frightening night. >> i was scared they were going to have to chop off my toes from hypothermia or something and the ladder gave me a good if place to stand. so he came over and he hooked me up in a safety harness and then we had to go straight up. sgle wanted >> he wanted to go faster than we wanted him to go. >> the rescue team had to stay in the woods overnight. they built a fire until daylight and that's when the rescue chopper could get into the area and fly them to safety. now at 5:00, dangerous flooding on on local roads for the evening rush. off the top tonight, high drama in prince william county as a driver gets trapped in rising floodwaters that he tried to drive through. rescuers had to move in and fish him out. between evening. welcome it news 4 at 5:00. >> that heavy rain overnight leaving it mark across northern
4:59 pm
virginia. >> and the weather weather isn't over yet. the water is so high, people in nearby homes have been forced to evacuate. drivers it in other areas having to navigate through sinkholes and debris. >> reporter: well, as you can see from chopper 4, people who live in the noeksville sections of prince william county say they haven't seen a rain like this this in a good ten years. it tore up roads, created sinkholes and turned fields into lakes. this was the scene on roads and brims throughout prince william county. after a night of heavy rains. quakes turned in to rivers. a tore reant of water forcing driverses to turn around. >> we've never heard such downpours. my dog was on my bed, my husband


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