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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 23, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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under age girls in to tan even though it's illegal? an nbc news hidden camera investigation. justin girlfriend's in 50 shades of gray. have you ever wondered what dogs rthing? one doctor goes inside their brains. good afternoon, everybody. >> i'm pat lawson muse. first today the head boss for the secret service apologized today for the prostitution scandal that has rocked his department. lawmakers grilled secret service chief mark sullivan. they said the incident recently in colombia suggested a cultural problem inside the agency. brian moore has new details from capitol hill. >> reporter: the head of the secret service ins sises the colombian prostitution scandal was an aberration. >> these individuals did some really dumb things. and i just can't explain why they would have done what they did but i do not believe they did it because they believed this type of behavior would be
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tolerated. >> reporter: and director mark sullivan rejects reports that rogue parties by his employees were so common place, they had a nickname. the secret circus. but lawmakers aren't buying it. >> this misconduct was almost certainly not an isolated incident. >> if one of the agents had not argued with one of the women about how much he owed her, the world would never have known this sordid story. >> i believe and i have a lot of faith in our men and women that somebody love reported this misconduct, because this just goes beyond the pale. >> reporter: a survey by the secret service found only 60% of employees would report something unethical if they saw it. the "washington post" reports some of the employees who lost their jobs claim what happened in colombia was business as usual. they want their jobs back but sullivan says they're done. as for the women involved, the investigation shows they posed
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no danger to president obama's security. >> the women for the most part were simply prostitutes. that's a rather strange thing for us to take comfort in in this case. >> reporter: the dirty laundry of the secret service, secret no more. and senators here are calling on the department of homeland security to do a second independent investigation. on capitol hill, brian moore, news 4. a second aide who worked on the mayoral campaign is facing federal corruption charges today. howard brooks is charged with making a false statement to the fbi. authorities say brooks lied to investigators about giving payments to the mayoral campaign of suleman brown. and destroying evidence. no comment today from either brooks' attorney or mayor gray. tom sherwood will have much more on this story coming up at 5:00
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tonight. three harness race drivers are recovering in the hospital today following a terrible collision at rose croft raceway in prince george's county. seven horses collided after the lead horse took a bad step in the final stretch of a race last night. three drivers had to be hospitalized. one suffered fractured vertebrae. another a separated collar bone. the third, a cracked heel and a broken bone in his foot. none of the horses or the other drivers were seriously hurt. we're seeing some isolated storms already rolling into our region. >> when will we be finished with all of the rain and the moisture? storm 4 meteorologist veronica johnson has the latest from the storm center. >> we're going to be finished with the rain before we're finished with the moisture. humidity is going to stay around this area for a while. take a look. 79 degrees, reagan national airport with the dew point temperature of 65 degrees. the wind, light. it is out of the south at three miles per hour. you mentioned the isolated storms for sure.
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they are out there and they are some slow movers right now. to the north of us around gaithersburg, north of fairfax, can zoom in a little tighter. you can see that one cell. that is headed to the north and northwest toward windgate and willburn acres area. so right there, making its way around the i-270 bus and then you have another area up to the north and west around barnsville north of gaithersburg and north of leesburg. that will be also headed north and northwest toward buckiestown, bayrunnerunnswick . we've got 81 in la plata. a lot of locations down south. manassas where the sun has broken out, we'll watch those areas with cloud cover breaking. so it is rain and storm for your evening. up until about 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. after that, i think we'll see some showers. but notice the temperatures in
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the 70s. it will stay plenty sticky and muggy here for the evening. we'll talk about how much more rain we'll get and about our steamy, again, that moisture isn't going to go away. or steamy start to summer. facebook stock finally rebounded after three rocky days. it wound up about a dollar a share. meanwhile a group of shareholders filed a lawsuit against the social media giant and morgan stanley. this suit claims the ipo documents left out important facts. nbc's mark barringer is following this story. >> reporter: last week's facebook frenzy on wall street has quickly turn to frustration and astonishment. >> it is definitely the worst i've seen in 30 years. >> reporter: nasdaq blame a software glitch for the initial delays in the offering last friday and after an underwhelming showing on that first day, the share price of facebook stock has tumbled. >> everybody was on the same page. everybody thought there was tons
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of demands but now we can that wasn't the case. >> reporter: that could be because of reports that investment banks guiding the ipo process shared negative information about the company's financial outlook with selected clients. before the stock hit the market. >> so perhaps they decided to dump their stock which is a lot of the reasons why this stock has been in free fall from the beginning. >> reporter: morgan stanley, the lead underwriter, says its procedures complied with regulations. nonetheless the financial industry regulatory authority is looking into the actions and the senate banking committee is said to be preparing its own review. >> there are so many things that could happen. >> reporter: meanwhile a group of facebook shareholders has file a class action lawsuit against morgan stanley and facebook claiming ipo documents concealed negative information about revenue growth. >> you can't tell me there is not one investor in that facebook ipo that wouldn't have wanted to know that information. >> reporter: a facebook spokesperson responded, we believe the lawsuit is without
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merit and we'll defend ourselves vigorously. mark barger. egyptians are choosing a new president. there is a group of observers in cairo including former president jimmy carter and his wife. this is the first election since hosni mubarak was taken from power last year. there are five leading candidates in this contest including two islamic candidates who are members of the muslim brotherhood. each candidate represents a very different vision for egypt's future. if no one wins an outright majority, there will be another vote in about a month. the latest now on the presidential campaign. a new poll in a major battleground state contains encouraging news for mitt romney. steve handelsman has our story. >> reporter: mitt romney got good news about florida, the biggest swing state. he has turned the race there around, up by six in today's
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quinnipiac poll. in a state with a lot of hispanics. republicans figure romney needs 40% of latinos. romney got just 27% in the new nbc news "wall street journal" telemundo poll. he appealed for support today at the latino coalition summit in washington. not by focusing on, say, immigration reform. but a more urgent issue to many latino families. public school education. >> here we are in the most prosperous nation on earth but millions of our kids are getting a third world education. and america's minority children suffer the most. >> reporter: the big problem, said romney, is powerful teachers' unions blocking needed reform. and he charged, president obama is giving the unions a pass because they are big donors to democrats. >> we have to stop putting campaign cash ahead of our kids. >> reporter: mr. obama was at a commencement.
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the u.s. air force academy. reminding graduates who were just school kids on 9/11 that he is ending our role in iraq and afghanistan. >> for a decade we have labored under the dark cloud of war and now we can see a light. the light of a new day on the horizon. >> reporter: the war on terror. and public schools. important but second tier issues in 2012. but issues that both candidates can use to score points in a race that is still mostly about the economy. i'm steve handelsman, news4. here we are at day four of jury deliberations underway for former presidential candidate john edwards. edwards is charged with six counts of campaign finance violations when he ran for president in '08. prosecutors claimed he used nearly $1 million of donated money to hide his pregnant mistress. he faces 30 years in prison if convicted on all six counts.
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when news4 at 4:00 continues, snooki discloses the sex of her new baby and the plans for jersey shore. >> i could feel my cheeks getting flushed. i hope he didn't notice. >> smells like cat food in here. >> you've heard of the book. 50 shades of gray. now selina gomez mocks it. plus coming up at 4:55, hear from the laundromat worker who he
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a treat from google. a new google doodle. it come complete with audio. it is a tribute to bob moog, creator of the moog synthesizer. his wasn't the first one but it was noted for its portability. he is considered the grandfather of electronic music. he died in 2005 and would have turned 78 today. ♪
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kanye west and jay-z are the ones to watch at the b.e.t. awards. jay-z's wife received six nods. samuel jackson will host the show which will be july 1st in l.a. ♪ >> justin bieber has just announced his tour dates and he'll be stopping in d.c. the believe tour concert is scheduled for november 5th at verizon center. carly ray jepsen will be the opening act. tickets go on sale on june 2nd. >> bieber's girlfriend selina gomez is poking some fun at the 50 shades of gray book craze in a new funny or die video. except this version is titled, 50 shades of blue. >> gomez is reading the book when a painer comes over throughout the video. she is helplessly stimulated by
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the painer, turned on. who paints, who goes on to paint a wall in the house blue. she channels the book's main character, anastasia steele. >> you take a picture, it will last longer. >> he was so dominating. i had no choice but to obey. he wanted me to document our growing relationship. >> are you really going to take a picture? >> it was our first photo. >> unfortunately for gomez, the painter leaves once the wall is painted and she is left without a man. snooki is moving out of the jersey shore house. the very pregnant reality star will instead stay at her own place with her fiance. the pad will not be far from the house the rest the cast calls home. it is unclear how much we'll see of her in the mtv reality show.
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she said she has no plans to go club hopping and stay out all night like she's done in seasons past. that's a good thing. >> and speaking of snooki's baby, it's a boy. she revealed the big baby news to in touch magazine. snooki said he will either be named lorenzo or giani jr. she said she was hoping for a little girl but she is thrilled about having a boy and can't wait to be a mom. snooki is due in late august. >> we can all sleep better tonight. 55 years after on the road was published, it is finally hitting the big screen and actress kristen stewart will star in this film. she was on hand for the its premier at the cannes film festival today. >> i loved, i love pushing. i love scaring myself. and the reason i wanted to do the job is because you read something, you're provoked on some level and then it is just taking that further and being
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able to live it and i always want to get as close to the experience as i possibly can. >> the film tells the story of two friends who make a series of cross country road trips after world war ii. this weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. one seasonal pest is getting the head start. >> experts predict this summer could be a brutal mosquito summer. kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: late tuesday night and into the early morning today, mosquito control was back at it in florida fogging with synthetic, a pesticide to kill as many insects as possible. >> in the united states we're doing a pretty good job of keeping the mosquitos under control. but we'll never win that battle. >> reporter: in southwest florida, a county air force with three planes and nine choppers, chris crosses 1,000 square mile doing battle. but this year, entomologist who's study mosquitos say the
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problem is not just in swampy humid florida. in texas, memphis, atlanta, health officials all report increased mosquito counts. in new york city, 3-year-old jasmine richie learned what it is to hate mosquitos. >> they're yucky creatures. >> reporter: parents are not happy with how local government has respond so far to this. why so many mosquitos and so early this season? this same mild weather that brought our early and abundant pollen season is now to blame for the mosquito explosion. >> it has been an unusually mild winter, and we did not see the repeated freezes that entomologists say we need to kill off those mosquitos. so now with the wet season upon us, this could mean trouble. >> reporter: that wet season was
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evident in south florida tuesday. standing water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. the biggest fear? disease. the cdc received reports of 610 cases of encephalitis or meningitis from mosquito-borne viruses last year. 47 resulted in death. >> if you developed thing like a fever swollen glands, it is very important to see your health care provider immediately. these could be signs and symptoms of more serious infections. >> experts remind us that mosquitos breed in water so make sure that you empty all of those pots and drain the water around your potted plants. >> smart advice. i'm itching already just thinking about it. coming up next for the national zoo showing off the two new guests. rare cheetah cubs. plus a real scare when a child rides a scooter in the middle of traffic during rush hour. >> for all your news,
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we've got some heavy rain moving and we'll do it all over
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again tomorrow, maybe even on friday. let's get right to it. this is u.s. 29 and lockwood. this is north of d.c. heavy rain coming down. you can see even there, reduced visibility on area roads and there's even the possible of hail and i have to tell you, we've got a lot of lightning. even north and west of our studios, there's some frequent lightning. there's a look at the dark sky. as far as our temperature go, the humidity, certainly a lot of moisture that is in the air right now. last time i checkedate coming down at one to two inches per hour. 79, the temperature. we'll be cooling off in a couple locations and look at our storm. look at the motion of these storms from the southeast to more of a north to northwesterly direction. that's the circulation around that area of low pressure that is just south of us. around gaithersburg, around
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fairfax, i'll zoom into these individual cells for you. from wheaton and 495, bethesda, all this its way north and northwestward. you'll be getting this very heavy rain and frequent line. same with this, west of sugar land run. that will be passing to the west of leesburg. we have another cell here around there. more for couple pepper and some rain, frequent line headed back over areas of the potomac there and toward mt. vernon. a chance of storm until about 9:00 p.m. for tomorrow morning, mostly dry with some wet roadways. and areas of fog back into the 60s for tomorrow morning. this front will be around for a while. so will the humidity. the humidity will stick with us
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for days. for tomorrow afternoon, we'll fire back up any time after about the noon hour. then again on friday, there's a slight chance, very, very slight that we could have a little isolated shower from another front coming in. that will be its way through ohio on friday. so we'll see if it will weaken. the holiday weekend is looking pretty good. for us for the evening, keep an eye on the storm. 62 to 67 degrees. know that you will take it easy and if you have to be somewhere in the next hour or so, you might want to leave early. back into the upper 70s to low 80s. then for friday, your high temperature, 86. as we've been advertising for the last couple of days, it is going to get hot around here. it will stay humid. in fact, it will get more humid as the heat turns up for this
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memorial day weekend. saturday, the high. 89 degrees. sunday right now, 90. we have sunshine posted for saturday and sunday. hopefully it will stick that way. we'll look at memorial day coming up in a couple minutes and your beach forecast. some folk are going to the beach. >> we've got a heads up for those of you taking at the time met row. all the service elevators at the bethesda metro station. still to come, are letang salons allowing under age kids to tan even though it is against the law? nbc's hidden camera investigation is coming up next. plus, hear from the plus, hear from the still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start.
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made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do.
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> your headlines right now, lawmaker spent the day grilling seek service chief mark sullivan about the colombian prostitution scandal. senator joseph lieberman and other lawmakers say they don't believe the incident last month was isolated. sullivan told lawmaker the scandal doesn't rep the agency's employees and apologized for the distraction the incident caused. a second aide who worked on the mayoral campaign is facing
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federal corruption charges. howard brooks lied to investigators, the fbi says. yesterday, gray's assistant campaign treasurer thomas gore pleaded guilty to funneling money to brown and destroying evidence. tom sherwood will have more on this story coming up at the top of the hour. a group of share holders filed a lawsuit today against facebook and morgan stanley. they blame the social media network the bank left important information out of the ipo dolts. on wall street, stocks closed the day on a mixed but flat note. that follows several positive reports today about the euro zone's debt crisis. the dow jones industrial average fell about 70 points. the nasdaq gained 11. the s&p closed two points higher. kids and tanning. it has been a hot topic in the news with the so-called tan mom.
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>> when you hear about teens and tanning you may not think it is a big deal but doctors say it is a big deal. studies show that kids who go to tanning salons are more likely to get cancer or kids who are tanning are more likely to get cancer. that's why many states have passed tough laws about who can and cannot use tanning salons. when teens try to get in, to do have the salons try to stop them? >>. today jeff rossen went undercover to find out with hidden cameras rolling to test salons in the tan mom's home state. >> reporter: she has made tanning the sew hottest issue. that's the tan mom charged we are w bringing her 5-year-old caught into the tanning booth. she has brought this national spectacle has raised serious concerns about the dangers of underage tanning. >> if you start tanning as a teenager know you're 74 time more likely to get a magazine i will nant melanoma as a younger
4:32 pm
adult. >> reporter: 33 states have tough age restrictions at tanning salons. in the tan mom's home state of new jersey, kids under 14 are banned. 14-17 must have a parent with them to give written consent. we found some salons are apparently ignoring the law and seemed willing to allow teens in. no questions asked. >> she told you it was for her sweet 16. she told you her age. >> she. did i was in the wrong and i apologize. >> she said her parent isn't here. >> i'm going to have to ask you to leave. >> we did an peermt. wiring up this young "today" show staffer and sending had he in to six tanning salons in new jersey posing as a 15-year-old, looking to bronze up. with her another young nbc staffer posing as her teenage friend. first stop, soleil tans. >> i would like to get a tan please. >> i have a sweet 16. >> here the clerk immediately shuts her down. >> it is the law.
4:33 pm
anyone you said the age of 18 needs parental consent. the parent has to be in here and sign the waiver. >> two other salons also did the right thing. no parent present, no letang. >> hi. >> reporter: but at hot spot tanning -- >> my sweet 16 is this weekend. i want to build up my tan. >> okay. >> reporter: our girl is waved right in. >> okay, cool. the clerk takes her back to the bed. >> thank you. >> reporter: that's when we show up. hey, jeff rossen from nbc news. >> hello there. you just sole this young woman tanning package. you never got her parents to sign a permission form. >> you're right. i didn't. i assumed the lady that was with her was her mother. >> reporter: really? she thought these two were mother and daughter? >> i apologize to you. i should have asked. i assumed something i shouldn't. >> reporter: we're not done yet. next up, tantalize salon.
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>> my sweet 16 is this weekend. i was wondering if you could show me what kind of beds you have and how much it would be for a tan? >> sure. yeah. are you interested in a bronzing bed? >> reporter: the clerk doesn't blink even when our staffer writes her birthday right on the salon's form. showing again, she is only 15. >> you're all set. >> reporter: and there she goes, ready to tan. >> jeff rossen from nbc news. you just allowed this young girl to tan here. she said she was under age. >> okay. i'm sorry. >> reporter: then she walked away. the owner later told us the clerk was fired because she violated policy. >> the results of your hidden camera investigation are completely unacceptable. >> reporter: new jersey state senator loretta weinberg is pushing for even tougher laws to ban all kids from tanning at salons. presental consent or not. the letang industry is fighting it. >> government should not be getting involved in an outright ban. and we have a sensible parental
4:35 pm
consent law already in place. it just needs to be enforced. >> reporter: but in some cases are the salons themselves helping kids to scheme? at this next one, tabs mania in north brunswick. we were in for a twist. >> i would like to get a tan, please. it is my birthday this week. sweet 16. i need on get some color. >> reporter: to get her in, the owner actually asks her friend, our other staffer, to sign the consent form even though she is clearly not the girl's mother. >> just sign the form. >> oh. >> i'm just here with a friend. >> if she's under 18, you need lick a parent's signature. >> i'm not her parent but -- >> can she sign it any way? >> you can sign it any way. >> reporter: that's all it takes. our girl heads to the bed. jeff rossen with nbc news. are you aware that the young girl you just allowed to tan is under age? >> yeah. she was with someone who is 18. >> reporter: you actually need parental consend. >> that's what i asked right here. >> reporter: the other woman who
4:36 pm
signed said she is not her parent and you still let her go ahead any way. >> she said she was her guardian. >> reporter: no, she did not. >> you were not here. >> reporter: i was watching on hidden camera. >> i'm going off tto have to as to leave. >> reporter: half of them allowed our girl to tan. >> what's at stake is the health of our young people. it is up to us to protect young people from themselves. >> now remember, letting under age kids in to tapping salons without parental consent is illegal inle states including new jersey where that undercover investigation took place. >> the indoor tanning association says most salons follow the law and those that don't should be held accountable. there is more to come on news4 at 4:00. a sight you don't often see. a child riding a schooler in the middle of a busy road. plus, jumping out of a helicopter without a parachute .
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we're getting our first look at the two new additions at the national zoo.
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two cheetah cubs were born three weeks ago at a smithsonian facility and are staying at the zoo. he is a little hungry. one cub was rejected by her mom. the other had to be delivered by emergency c-section. the cubs are now about two pounds apiece. they will grow to be at least 60 to 70 pounds. the female cub will be part of a breeding program. the male cub could be put on exhibit at the zoo. possibly by late summer. >> still getting used to the bottle. a 3-year-old boy gave commuters quite a scare when he rode his toy scooter into rush hour traffic. take a look at this. surveillance video captured the scene in eastern china. you can see drivers swerving to avoid hitting the boy. a police officer eventually rescued the toddler and he was later reunion i'd with his grandfather. who was supposed to be watching him. thankfully the boy was just fine. talk about a atlantic of faith. in england, a stuntman dropped from a helicopter 2,400 feet in
4:41 pm
the air without a parachute. the dare devil's name was gary connery. he is reportedl the first person to make that kind of jump without a parachute. he was wearing a suit that almost made him look like a flying squirrel. it allowed him to glide into a pile of 18,000 boxes that were set up to catch him. i don't care how many boxes you got. that ain't happening to me. . >> he has a lot of nerve and a lot of boxes. when news4 at 4:00 continues, if you've ever wondered what your dog it'sing, doctors hope to answer that question one day. plus, why a student was suspended for an anti-bullying video.
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nasty conditions. if you are out on the roads, we've got some line and some low visibility. >> low visibility and some very heavy rain. it is pouring out there. take a look at the white house. it is absolutely coming down. in fact, at the rain rates on radar a couple minutes ago. it was coming at a rate of one to two inches per hour. there is probably some uponing on area roads with the cell that i'll show you. in fact there is one cell here that is up around the dulles area where the visibility could be below a mile at time. the winds, perhaps, around 40 miles per hour. the national weather service just issued a statement on this one cell here that is its way away from the beltway. it is moving toward the north northwest. you can see the heavy rain and a lot of lightning with this cell. right around i-270. gaithersburg area headed northward. then more toward leesburg area right around 50. heavy rain, low visibility.
4:46 pm
the cell are only moving north northwest at five miles per hour. very, very slow. more around the clinton area headed toward mount vernon and west of manassas. low visibility. ponding on area roads. no flash flood warnings as of yet but that could change. so make sure that the kids aren't anywhere near those stream and rivers. i wanted to zoom down to hatteras. we've had several areas of low pressure this week but the spin there with the wind off to the east, the winds aloved more out of the west. and it helped produce this cloud. this wall cloud yesterday. isn't that amazing? it is huge. these pedestal clouds will develop out of the base of a big cumulonimbus cloud and they'll develop where the up draft is. look at the houses down below just covering a huge part of the sky. we won't have that at the beaches. it will be great at the beaches. water temperature, 64 degrees, ocean city. saturday, sun, monday. 76 to 82 degrees. it will be about 10 degrees
4:47 pm
cooler at the beach this upcome memorial day weekend. the nice conditions with the northwest wind to a southwest wind and picking up a few more clouds. our forecast tomorrow, rain and more storms likely for your afternoon. the high, 83. friday, the high, 86. for saturday and sunday, 89 to 90 degrees and 92 on memorial day right now. it will be hot and human and it will feel like it's around 95 degrees. we bring back showers and storms tuesday and wednesday of next week. the humidity, the big story coming our way for the holiday weekend. we will be keeping you updated. of course, the chief meteorologist will be up at 5:00. >> thanks. there's no denying the strong bond between human beings and dogs. >> now researchers are sending man's best friend from your lap to the lab in hopes of finding out exactly what our furry friends are thinking. nbc's erica edwards has more.
4:48 pm
>> hey, buddy! >> reporter: a dog's affection is hard to miss. they wag their tails. some even overdo it with sloppy wet kisses. >> sweetest of sweetness. >> reporter: don't you ever wonder what's going on behind those puppy dog eyes? >> what we hope to figure out is what is a dog thinking? and more specifically, what are dogs thinking when they look at humans. >> reporter: this is not your typical dog house. to get the first look at an active dog brain, dr. greg burns at emory university spend months training two dogs to stay still in an mri machine. they used a simulator so the dog could get used to the small space and loud noises. the dogs were taught hand signals that indicated treat or no treat. >> what we're discovering is just how sensitive they are to hand signals, body language, and what parts of their brain are processing that. >> reporter: they found the reward center of the dog's brains lit up when their owners signaled treat. >> there may be benefits for
4:49 pm
service dogs, therapy dogs, military dogs to improve training and bonding with human. >> you are so good! >> reporter: while this is just the first study, the researchers are planning more and they already have willing treat hungry participants. >> now when we go to the scanner, it is hard to get her out. >> reporter: erica edwards, nbc news. >> boy, they learn treat. you have to spell treat around my dog or he goes ballistic. dr. burns and his group plan to study two dogs in their next experiment. >> and the group is hoping to get a glimpse at what's going on in a dog's brain when the dog sees one of its furry friends. researchers are also looking to determine whether dogs have their own interspecies language. >> hmm, smarter than we thought. some some action like they want to talk. coming up next, a female student explains why she was suspended for an anti-bullying video. and hear from the work here rush into action to save a child trapped inside a washing machine
4:50 pm
at a laundromat. coming up, the wife of a prominent d.c. scientist. victim to a mysterious attack. so why did police keep him from visiting her in the hospital for week? call for change after a local dispatcher falls asleep during an emergency call for help. coming up, the danger of misleading travel warnings. one woman tell her horrifying story after her husband was murdered overseas. watch the special report before you plan y
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jessica barbara was suspended for creating this youtube video. it tells the story of a fictitious 12-year-old who was bullied so relentlessly that she killed herself. she also create a facebook page asking friends to write a hateful message that she could incorporate. a concerned parent saw the page, thought it was real and call police. barbara explain the project but she still was suspended for five days for causing a distraction. >> they have been teaching us since we were in kindergarten that you should treat people the way you want to be treated and not to bully. then i made some type of movement in it and i get punished for it. >> her youtube video has gotten about 14,000 hits along with
4:54 pm
supportive comments. the royal canadiens rode down near buckingham palace. they took part in the of the guard ceremony. the invitation to them was part of the queen's dime jubilee celebrations. when we come back on news4 at 4:00, a child put into a washing machine. today hear from the mother who found out
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4:57 pm
an update on a story we will but yesterday. this video now seen by millions of people shows a man putting his little boy into a warrick machine not realizing the machine would automatically start. today we're hearing from the child's mother, and the man who pulled the boy out. news4's jackie benson has our story. >> reporter: the viral video that has millions of views on the web. we now know it was not the parents who put a child in a washing machine at a new jersey laundromat. it turns out it was a friend of the father's girlfriend who played the so-called prank on the child. the video was posted may 11th. a child can be seen spinning around while people frantically try to get him out. they ran to get help from the store employee. >> then i ran and then i'm all -- i don't want to do that.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: you turn off the circuit breakers. >> reporter: he placed the child into the mom's arm. the mother said she didn't know about it until she saw it on the incident. >> i never knew nothing about it. i was working. and that's his father's girlfriend. >> we're upset that we did not know. we just found out. >> reporter: how did you find out? >> the prosecutor's office. >> reporter: they called you? >> no. they came and knocked on the door. >> reporter: police are investigating to make sure the child is okay. news4. now at 5:00, heavy rain is falling in parts of the d.c. area. doug is tracking the storms. off the top, an elementary school teacher accused of assaulting a 10-year-old student. a bizarre burglary. breaking into a storage shed. a story you'll only see on news4. >> hello? >> calls for a major overhaul
4:59 pm
after that local emergency dispatcher falls asleep on the job. good evening, everybody. on a busy wednesday in the news. i'm jim handley. >> we are on storm watch again tonight. heavy rain and thunderstorm moving through parts of our region. you probably heard the thunder and seen the line. doug habit. >> we've got numerous thunderstorm out there. a lot of lightning and some very heavy rain across the area including right across the district in through montgomery county of baltimore, fairfax, they are starting to see the lightning out there. a ton of lightning with this to the east of gaithersburg. at storm just now formed right over the district continuing to make its way really up georgia avenue. right around the airport, seeing a big storm here. you go farther to the west, thunderstorm out here and more toward the south and prince george's county. we're not done yet.


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