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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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chuck brown. >> pieces of an airplane fall off and crash to the earth below. the emergency landing is next. plus, madonna mocks lady gaga on teenage for stealing her song. good afternoon. i'm barbara harrison in for jim handley. >> we begin with the heat and the cooldown to come. >> tracking those storms out west. >> we've had this heat and humidity all day right and yesterday and we're seeing that cold front approach and a number of severe thunderstorm to our west and especially north of the area. in fact, upstate north, they have a tornado watch. as far as this area goes, advancing very quickly to the east and northeast. you can see several clusters of thunderstorms and they are producing a lot of lightning. so they're still intensifying and we could be seeing some small hail with these as well. we have one little area to the south of hagerstown.
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that storm is its way to the northeast, moving away from i-81 toward 70 right now. so that will be crossing right over 70 in the next couple of minutes advancing to the north and east. a lot of heavy rain, frequent lightning, possible small hail and even some downpours is possible with some of the storms we'll be getting throughout the late afternoon and evening. i wanted to open it up and show you how long this line is. it extends all the way from down south to areas of new york state where they are under a tornado watch. up there they're getting some very heavy rain and a number of airport delays around new york, teeterburg, new york. for our area, know that the late afternoon and evening, this whole area shaded in yellow, downpours and lightning. with any of the storms coming in later. i think the bulk of those will be hitting our area after 5:00. here's a look at our current heat index values throughout the
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area. what it feels like in frederick, 96. it has dropped to 72 in martinsburg. those are the storms coming through, really cooling things down. that is the big story. we'll go from this high summertime type heat and humidity that we had around for memorial day weekend to, well, that high heat is going to be taken a vacation. we'll look at the four-day forecast and more on the storms coming right up. >> all right, thank you. this should be mitt romney's night. the republicans voting in texas are almost certain to give him the delegates he needs to wrap up the presidential nomination. there is a distraction. donald trump. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: on the day he is set to clinch the republican nomination, when the votes are tallied in today's texas primary, mitt romney was in colorado promising to roll back obama administration regulations that locals blame for hurting the nearby coalmine and power plant. >> i want jobs and government
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that's an ally of business. >> in a new ad he charges president obama wasted tax dollars pushing low pollution businesses. not just solyndra. >> sun power. more than a billion dollars in loan guarantees. lost half a billion last year. laying off workers. >> but that romney message may be lost today thanks to donald trump who romney appears with tonight. trump is back to questioning the obama birth place. this morning on cnbc. >> you're not allowed to be president if you're not born in the country. but let's see what happens. so i'm not fanning any flames. this is something that came out last week. a lot of people are questioning his birth certificate. >> romney gave trump a pass. >> i don't agree with all the people who support me. >> president obama's campaign put a video up contrasting romney to john mccain in '08, he confronted birthers. >> i have read about him. he is an arab. >> no, ma'am, no, ma'am. he's a decent family man citizen
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that i just happen to have disagreements with. >> why won't romney do the same? donald trump noted today, john mccain lost. mitt romney is going ahead with his plans to celebrate clinching the nomination tonight with donald trump in las vegas. i'm steve handelsman, news4. it is graduation day at the u.s. naval academy. 1 you are 99 midshipmen became commissioned officers today. they became the 100th class to toss their graduation caps into the air. they said they started the tradition in 1912. today's ceremony included a flyover by the navy's blue angels. defense secretary leon panetta addressed the class. >> to serve this nation at a time of war. you have set yourselves apart in a profound and in an honorable way.
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>> as the saying goes, you put in the time one nickel at a time, and you made the effort. this is your day. >> the graduating class also recognized retired lieutenant commander wesley brown today. brown broke the color barrier at the naval academy in 1949. he died in silver spring last week at the age of 85 following a battle with cancer. another pioneer is being remembered today. thousands crowded the streets in northwest washington today to bid farewell to the godfather of go-go. chuck brown. chris gordon has more. >> reporter: the howard theater with long lines outside stretching for three blocks. from the theater all the way to the shaw metro station. it has become a party place where people are hanging out. they're selling t-shirts and other memorabilia. but the best thing is talking to the people after they go inside
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to pay their respects and they come out and they share their memories. >> before all this fame came along, it is me and him. and i love my brother to death. >> when you see him in there, you see all the people lined up to pay tribute. >> i was saying it first but now i'm very happy because all of them, they just make me happy. seeing how much they love him. >> i was the first person in line. i got out here about 6:00 this morning. i would rather be on the front end waiting than the back end waiting. >> chuck brown led a very good life. he really did. i appreciate him. and he was a good person. >> reporter: news4 producer everybody any mcmorris caught up with chuck brown's daughter as she surveyed the crowd. >> what do you think he would be thinking? >> he would want to be playing right now. >> if he did, what would be the song he would be playing? >> busting loose. >> reporter: flags in d.c. will flag at half-staff beginning on thursday, the day the city holds a memorial service for chuck
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brown at the washington convention center. reporting from the howard theater, chris gordon, news4. the jury had the holiday weekend off and today they still have not reached a verdict in the john edwards trial. this morning, the judge met with lawyers in a closed court session to discuss a juror issue. once that hearing finished, the judge reconvened the jury. there's speculation this jury may be deadlocked and unable to reach a verdict. he faces six felony charges stemming from the use of nearly a $1 million from donors to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 presidential run. now to a developing story on wall street. today facebook stocks continued to take a dive. the company's shares fell more than $3 putting them below $30 for the first time since the initial public offering earlier this month. the stock closed at $28.84. this comes as investors continue to show concern about the
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potential long term growth of the company. facebook debuted on the nasdaq at $38 a share. for the second time in nine days, a deadly earthquake struck northern italy. this morning's quake had a magnitude of 5.8. at least 17 people are dead. others may be trapped under collapsed buildings. a magnitude 6 quake on may 20th destabilizedle structures in the region. this morning a priest died when his church collapsed. the church was damaged in the previous quake and the priest had ventured inside to see if he could salvage a stat eustis virgin mary. some of the other debts came in factories that had reopened. radioactive bluefined tuna have turned up on the coast of california. the plant from japan damaged in the tsunami. some were worried about marine life but scientists doubted fish would become taint.
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four months later, radiation samples turned up in tuna captured of on the coast of san diego. researchers said it is the first time a huge migrating fish has been shown to carry radioactive that far. according to the study, scientists say the fish are still safe to eat. ? . some air canada passengers finally made to it japan this morning, this time without any problems. yesterday they we air canada jet bound for japan. that plane was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after taking off in toronto. debris from the jet fell from the sky, causing damagethe ground. steven de souza from cbc canada has details and reaction. >> reporter: she had just put gas in her car monday afternoon when something fell from the sky. >> i was surprised when i heard the noise. i got scared. i didn't really expect it. i didn't know what was that noise. >> reporter: she emerged to find damage on the side of her car end in the windshield. >> some pieces made of metal. it was so hot you cannot even touch it.
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>> reporter: the damage to jonathan's car was even worse. >> yeah. it was really, really strange. not something i expected today, having airplane debris fall on my windshield. >> at the time the air canada plane was an emergency landing. the plane took off just after 2:00 p.m. eastern. the passengers describes what happened next. >> midway through the air conditioning kind of popped which doesn't really happen. and then we stopped accelerating. the plane continued in that kind offing an of acceleration but nothing happened. >> reporter: one engine had shut down. the flew flew over lake ontario to dump fuel. they said the planes are designed to fly on one engine. the boeing 777 turned back around returning to pearson after being in the air for more than an hour and a half. >> we came in fast, twice the normal speed. even at that speed ifs glad to see ground that close. then fire trucks came from everywhere and apparently overheated brakes was the only
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concern at that time. >> reporter: crews met the plane on the tarmac and no injuries were reported. the debris fell at this gas station less than five kilometers from the airport. sandy was glad no one was hurt. >> it would be worse if people are. good thing nothing happened. we're safe. only thor today. >> that was steve de souza reporting. today canada's transportation safety board confirmed the debris did come from the jet's engine but they don't yet know what caused it to fail. when news4 at 4:00 continues, madonna pokes fun at lady gaga on stage. you know it's hot when even bears want to take a dip in the pool. ♪ hey baby i think i want to marry you ♪ >> it is the viral video that has the nation talking. the fiance and the man behind the impressive proposal made a stop on the "today" show this morning. plus, why kim
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check this out. it is what two teenage sisters in monrovia, california, woke up to early yesterday morning. the girls watched. then they pulled out the recorder from a safe distance, of course. and they watched as a bear swam around in their backyard pool. what nerve! it was only 70 degrees or something yesterday so it wasn't that hot. but the bear perhaps wanted to take in the nice view. >> he is out in a fur coat. >> of course. sex in the city star cynthia nixon is a newly wed. she and her long time partner kristine tied the knot sunday during a private ceremony in new york. they have one child together, a son max. the couple got engaged in 2009 at a rally for same sex marriage in new york. ♪ 35 years ago the sex pistols were british punk rock pioneers.
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their punk anthem god save the queen created a tomorrow of controversy during queen elizabeth's silver jubilee. the song is not a tribute to the queen. rather, the lyricser are to the monarchy as the fascist regime. they refused to play it but it still reached the top of the charts in the united kingdom. now it is being rereleased to mark the queen's silver jubilee. kim car dash i can't be starts a twitter war. >> and madonna takes a new dig at lady gaga. hot topics on a hot day. joining us to talk about it, nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> madonna has long said the song "born to be born this way" has a lot to express herself. during the weekend madonna mashed the two together. let's take a listen. ♪
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>> nice song. >> okay. >> we're not the only one who said there were similarities between the songs. a lot of people thought that and now they're saying this was a dig at lady gaga because madonna feels like a lot of the lady gaga stuff is modeled after what she did in the '80s and '90s. some people were saying this was a tribute. maybe she was saying, i appreciate it and i like your music. >> imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. >> most pooh saying no, this was a dig. it was done during a dress rehearsal, not a show. but it was filmed. >> sounds good to me. kim kardashian returned to europe and the cannes film festival with an accusation against the airline that brought her back. >> british airways. she was very upset.
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anyone who has been to the airport. you open up your bags. a lot of times they've been looked through when you get them back. she said -- >> rifled through. >> she said some of her stuff was actually missing and it was stuff that had sentimental value and stuff that wasn't replaceable. and she took to twitter. she said i'm really upset. shame out guys. i'm sure if british airways is smart they've reach out the do kim ckardashian. no one knows what they took. she she ever said what the personal items were that are not replaceable. our minds are wandering, what could it be? >> i would like to hear. >> it will show up on ebay. we can all bid on it. >> you be the first one. >> okay. >> listen, this wedding proposal by this guy out of portland, oregon, has gone viral. everybody is about it. let's take a look. ♪
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>> this guy enlisted dozens of friends and family members to help him lip sync the song "marry me." he apparently did it on the street and he looks pretty good. >> looks amazing. if anyone it'sing about getting engaged, if any guy is saying i'm going to get engaged and i don't know how to do it. they need to watch this video. over the weekend it got more than 5 million views on youtube. and people are saying this could be the greatest marriage proposal of all time. she had no idea it was coming. she is there in the back of the car and people all across the town were coming together to help him say will you marry me? so it is unbelievable. i think any guy watching this has to immediately, the bar has been raised. step up. >> the bar is too high. they were on the "today" show this morning. let's hear what they had to say. >> oh, my gosh. i was completely overwhelmed and just floored. i was speechless all night. >> afterwards. >> we had a party afterwards
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with everyone who was there. and i just stood there dumbfounded the whole night. >> i should mention that bruno mars even weighed in and tweeted. he said congratulations to both of you. >> wow, bruno mars liked the video! >> how could she have said no? >> i don't know. did you see the mustache? >> i don't know. she cld have said shave the mustache and then we'll talk. >> it made me cry. maybe i'm a little sappy for it but i watched and it teared up. it is a good video to watch. >> a nice love story. >> bruno couldn't have better music. >> tonight on the show, 7:00, we'll be doing falls to the people tickets. that will be at 9:00 tonight. then we'll talk to people who were being cheated on. holiday weekends are a crazy popular weekend to cheat, supposedly. so we will talk to people who maybe got the bad news this weekend that they had been being cheated on.
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>> that sounds sad. >> bringing everybody up today. >> a drag of a way to start the summer. >> 7:00 tonight. >> coming up on news4, a booming business. renting things online you would normally never think about renting. a beer gives [ mosquitoes buzzing ] [ female announcer ] off! deep woods dry repellent. the protection of off! deep woods with a formula that feels dry not greasy. off! deep woods dry. keeps bugs off! sc johnson. [ female announcer ] off! deep woods dry repellent. the protection of off! deep woods with a formula that feels dry not greasy. off! deep woods dry. keeps bugs off! sc johnson.
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the heat is on and the storms are brewing. >> we need some storms to take down the heat and humidity. that's what we'll get. between 6:00 and about 9:00 p.m. we'll see the worst of the storms coming through. the bulk are sitting in west virginia. take a look at the radar. and outside we've got the hazy conditions on the radar. plenty of warnings for again, especially in west virginia, berkeley, jefferson, right now hampshire, hearty, mineral and grant under a warning. washington county, maryland, until 4:45. alleghany around franklin and fulton county in pennsylvania until 5:00 p.m. these warnings extend all the way to the north and east through pennsylvania and especially new york state. this is one powerful line and again we'll see more warnings down here.
4:25 pm
currently we're not under a severe thunderstorm watch but that could change. we could have plenty more of these warnings coming through. so pretty intense cells. this is around martinsburg. western maryland right now. we have a couple of other areas down here. winchester, white post area all headed to the north and east toward middle way. then another area of storms, 220. that will be heading toward 5:20, bringing some very heavy rain, a lot of lightning and we could be at some small hail with these as well as damaging winds. that is what we have on tap, especially between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. we're at 89. the south wind at 21. that is what is helping us, a little wind. breezy conditions coming ahead of the front. stormy conditions until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. by 11:00 p.m., still thunderstorms but less intense. then a warm start tomorrow morning and some showers around. that cold front will be moving
4:26 pm
through early tomorrow. so humid conditions until that front comes through here which isn't going to happen. winchester, i'm hearing a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:15 around the winchester area. there is the front. some cooler, drier conditions. it will take a while. you won't feel it in a big way. by the time we get to thursday, you will be feeling it. we'll have some sunshine. more comfortable conditions coming our way for the end of the week. so even forecast. showers and thunderstorms. strong to severe. that will be the main threat. we'll be getting some high winds, damaging winds and hail. 75 to 83 degrees. temperatures coming on down with these storms coming through. our showers, rain, that will be ending early about 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. we'll be starting between 64 and 74, still getting 80 to 86. less humid conditions with the return of sunshine. here's a look at that four-day forecast. tomorrow, 84 for a high. thursday, 80, sunshine, and
4:27 pm
pretty comfortable. the end of the week, we don't get the high humidity or the heat but we'll see more storms coming into the area friday and saturday. so west virginia right now with those severe thunderstorms. 6:00 to 9:00, expect more around this area. >> thank you. still to come, the scandal has rocked the vatican. the latest on the secrets revealed by the pope's butler. >> plus, why a war veteran is [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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welcome back. >> here's what's happening in the news at this hour. this may be the night that mitt romney clinches the republican presidential nomination. there are 152 delegates at stake in today's texas primary. the delegates are awarded in proportion to the statewide vote. if romney gets 38% more of the vote, he'll have the 1144 votes needed to win the nomination. thousands of people are converging on the howard theater in northwest washington to say goodbye to music legend chuck brown. he was known as the godfather of
4:31 pm
go-go music. he died earlier this month at the age of 75. doors will stay open until 10:00 tonight. brown's funeral is thursday at the washington convention center. >> at least 16 people have been killed in northern italy by an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8. two of the victims were found in the rubble of the collapsed factory this afternoon hours after the quake. a magnitude 6 quake on may 20th destabilized many buildings in the region and some of the factories had just reopened when the quake hit around 9:00 this morning. >> on wall street, stocks rallied across the bode to end the day on a positive note. the dow jones industrial picked up about 126 points. the nasdaq closed 33 points higher. the s&p end the day with a 15-point gain. all eyes are on the vatican as the leaked vat scandal involving the pope's personal butler continues to unravel. >> there is word the scandal may be larger than first thought. michelle cost insky has the
4:32 pm
latest from rome. >> reporter: if you've seen pictures of pope benedict, chances are you've seen but not necessarily noticed paulo. he rides in the pope mobile and serves the pope his meals. now accused of stealing confidential documents without even the pope noticing. today the pontiff's butler is in jail. authorities say at his home were letters to and from the pope himself. >> it is shocking in that he was at mass with the pope every morning. he was at breakfast with the pope every morning. so anyone who knows him is simply stupd and shaking their head. >> reporter: a scandal that has electrified the media. this headline reads a cardinal was guiding the leader. >> a power vacuum is going on. it is not the person alone of the butler who could be responsible for the leaks of the secret documents. it is a network of dissidents
4:33 pm
who are fighting because they want a change at the top of the papal government. >> reporter: a sticky web of leaks and allegations. in the center of power that also of faith. the journalist who published a lot of the leaked material said he had multiple sources. how fascinating if this is some organized attempt from the inside to change the way this church is functioning by leaking its secrets to the world. back to you. no dogs allowed. that's the rule. and a war veteran suffering post-traumatic stress disorder may lose his house because of it. eugene got the dog on the advice of his doctor to help him deal with the anxiety he developed serving in afghanistan. his new york city apartment does not allow pets, no dogs. and they served him eviction papers. the dog says he'll fight to keep his home and his dog.
4:34 pm
>> kip is my medicine. my medicine, yes. >> the landlord originally wanted a note from the vet which he got. now they want a note from a psychiatrist. the secret is out. now you can cook like the colonel. two of colonel sanders' original recipes are free for the licking starting today at kfc facebook page. they're a preview of the soon to be released autobiography written in 1966 and discovered more than 40 years later. it is called colonel sanders, the autobiography of the original celebrity chef. and it will be available beginning june 4th, free of charge. there will be 33 never before seen recipes in it along with rare photos and firsthand stories from the colonel. today's two free preview recipes are for potato pancakes and upside down peach cobbler. >> yum! today first lady michelle obama is on the promotional tour
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for her book entitled america grown. her 271-page book is now on sale. it is a look at the white house veggie garden. it shares stories of people across the country who had their own community gardens. the book is divided into four sections. narc sections, the seasons and complete with recipes. proceeds from book sales will be going to the national park foundation. >> he was flamboyant on and off the court. today dennis rodman heads to a courtroom to learn his punishment. plus a mysterious disappearance. a college student's bike was found 25 mile from where she was last seen. with our newly updated washington, d.c. app, you'll get complete news, weather and traffic coverage at home, at the office and on the go. now available on your iphone, and android devices. be first to to know our breaking
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news alerts. get up to the minute weather updates. >> as we look at the rest of the afternoon. >> reporter: and check the scene for your weekend. know what's going on on the roads. see the latest in sports, medical and consumer headlines. and share your favorite stories easily to facebook and twitter. take news4 wherever you go. ti should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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hopefully we still have a
4:44 pm
little sunshine left out there. >> depending on where you are. so if you're long and east i-95, you're still okay. west of that area, the severe thunderstorm watch has gone up for portions of our area. let's not waste any time. we'll go right to it. you can see the severe thunderstorm watch for 10:00 p.m. those are shaded. carroll, washington county, loudoun county, rappahannock and green until 10:00 p.m. we have those embedded severe thunderstorm warnings for these lines advancing. so south of hagerstown and martinsburg. we have another cluster that's really packing a lot of line and one to the west. let's go ahead and zoom in this west area pulling to the northeast. that will be affecting you folk in stevens city. around berryville, the next 15 minutes. so little isolated ones coming from there. if you're in that area, you want to get the kids inside, you want
4:45 pm
to stay safe until the storms pass. there could be heavy rain and frequent lightning with the possibility of some small hail, too. and some high winds. another area, to springfield and old town all moving to the north and east and we'll see more of it during the overnight period. even tomorrow morning. the system advances to the east down to the south around quantico, waldorf, fredericksburg. maybe a slow drive getting into work early tomorrow morning with a few thunderstorms still lingering. most of us will be looking at the storms ending and certainly by noontime tomorrow, we'll be doing much better. the forecast is here. the good night wake-up forecast, some showers at 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. stormy until about 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. the rain for the morning, the high tomorrow, 84 degrees. and you're really going to like thursday. it will be not only cooler but it will be less humid and sunny across the area. a chance of storms back friday afternoon and saturday right now. but saturday only a 40% chance.
4:46 pm
and notice for the weekend, we do not have the high heat around for the weekend. so it will be a little better for getting out. >> we just got a taste summer. >> thank you. the toys are piling up in the basement, that expensive gown you bought for that wedding will probably never be worn again. >> sound familiar? a growing number of people are renting basic things like toys and gowns online. >> reporter: when it comes to renting, most consumers think cars, furniture and apartments. but cut to today's internet age and consumers are exploring a whole new world. a world where you can rent and share even the basics. >> this is kind of a simpler more elegant way of consuming. it is a product that doesn't take wear and tear. >> reporter: his thought, why not rent? that's why he launched tie society. just like net flix, members can rent from over 300 designer ties. starting at $11 a month. and when you're tired of wearing that tie, return it and the
4:47 pm
company will mail you out the next one on your list. it is a fashion forward concept that's working for him. >> i'm happy that i can find a solution that doesn't require me to go spending like hundreds and hundreds of dollars. >> reporter: all part of a trend called collaborative consumption. an economical way to use products based on renting or sharing, all done on the internet. an author who studied the trend said these micro rental company are multiplying with now over 1,500 examples of offering virtually every type of product. consumers can rent high end jewelry. designer dresses from rent the runway and even one of a kind art pieces from turning art. in fact, entrepreneur magazine estimates the product rental industry is now worth $85 billion. shannon mcafee, owner of toy rental company has seen the 225% increase. >> it is realizing you can have
4:48 pm
access to more quality and fun and educational toys throughout the year without having to store them in your house and without having the expense to go along with it. >> reporter: mark who studies u.s. financial marks agrees. >> some points in our lives, maybe that's moecht important. access to a car and not ownership. or access to artwork. >> reporter: it is the kind of serving experts say is allowing consumers to downside their spending without downsizing their lifestyle. nbc news, los angeles. >> it's a way to save money. >> and get rid of some stuff. you're the one with all the stuff. >> coming up, the form he bad boy dennis rodman hasn't paid his child support and a judge will decide his fate. >> plus a woman not only drove into a house but right through it. coming up at 5:00, new details about the two pilots
4:49 pm
involved in that mid-air collision and why investigators from canada have been called to the scene in virginia. a health warning for women. working the graveyard shift. it could increase your rick of cancer. stick around. a father captures video of his daughter falling 20 feet to the ground. we'll find out what
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the nba hall have famer dennis rodman has to serve 104 hours of community service. he was sentenced today in family court on four counts of contempt for failing to pay child support. the sentence includes a condition that rodman pay current child and spousal support. rodman and his ex-wife have been feuding since their divorce in 2004 over custody and support of their two children, ages 10 and 11. he currently pays $4,500 a month in support. rodman's lawyers says his client is broke and his tarnished image has hurt his ability to pay.
4:53 pm
a brooklyn woman is facing dwi charges after driving through a home on long island this weekend. she was drunk when she missed a turn and went careening into the house. her house wept into the backyard. a 90-year-old woman and the caregiver were in the home at the time but they were not injured. still ahead on news4, what happened to a college student who disappeared ten days ago on
4:54 pm
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the family of a college student in louisiana who disappeared ten days ago while riding a bike home from a friend's house is trying to stay positive. this after the bike was found 25 mile from where the bike was last seen. janet sham leeanne has more. >> reporter: she is a big ball of sunshine. >> she is strong. she is witty. she has a little bit of a sass. >> reporter: one that has been missing from their lives for ten agonizing days. >> i don't like to think of this as reality or normal or how things should be. >> reporter: a break in the case came sunday. when the bike the 22-year-old was last seen riding turned up in a swampy area under a highway bridge. some 25 miles from where she was last seen on the streets of
4:57 pm
lafayette. police are now searching the remote location as well as the nearby river. >> reporter: we went out and did a crime scene such of the particular area. then we began a search of not only the waterway by air but also by boat and sonar. >> reporter: the lue university of louisiana student was last seen may 19 when she left a friend's house just before 2:00 a.m. on her bike and said to be headed home. that friend posted this video youtube. >> we need your help. she needs your help. bring mickey home. >> reporter: mickey never made it home. grainy surveillance video shows her riding her bike in the early morning hours. police are sefg for the drivers of vehicles also seen on the video at about the same time. >> we do have some leads and tips as to who may own those vehicles or who was operating those vehicles at the time. they were spotted on camera. >> reporter: amid searches and candlelight vigil, there have
4:58 pm
been few clues beyond her bike. her cell phone hasn't been used. no purse or clothing has been found. the senior anthropology major at the university of louisiana who loves horses missed not only her brother's graduation but her own birthday. >> that's all we want is for her to come back. >> reporter: yet for now her family is hopeful mickey will soon be home. >> it would make everything okay again. >> that was janet shamlian reporting. police want to talk to one of the drivers in the surveillance videos because another woman says the driver of a similar vehicle approached her late at night and tried to pick her up within the last few months. now at 5:00, fans remember a musical legends. ♪ >> tonight fans gather to say goodbye to the godfather of
4:59 pm
go-go. see how chuck brown is being remembered. chopper 4 over the scene as a metro worker gets pinned beneath a train. a look at the risky rescue effort. >> first we're rain on the radar. right now much of the region is under a severe thunderstorm watch and warnings are posted in some areas. good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> good afternoon. jim is off tonight. we're on storm watch. let's get right to doug kammerer who is conditions from our studio. >> watching those storms out there right now. storm 4 radar showing you where those stormsful are it is a line of storms their way toward the east. the metro area, high and dry on the hot side here. look to the west around the i-81 corridor from hagerstown to frederick, down around the charleston area, down through winchester. very heavy thunderstorms. and we do have a new severe thunderstorm warning. this for this storm right here. just to the south and east winchester around the millwood area. rightng


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