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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  June 6, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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i'm pat lawson and i'm jim handley. we begin with breaking news involving one of the most influential leaders in local d.c. government. council chairman kwame brown charged with bank fraud. >> the felony charge was filed today and it's linked to brown's personal finances. news 4's tom sherwood is following this breaking story and joins us live now from the wilson building with the very latest. what have you learned, tom? >> reporter: kwame brown is meeting in the wilson building inside here on the fifth floor. staffers say the chairman told them he is resigning this afternoon. brown is facing felony charges of lying about his income on bank documents for his home. >> mr. brown, back up, please. >> why are the doors locked? why -- >> whoa. let me move my foot i'll let you close it. >> reporter: chaos in the wilson building as satisfiering locked the doors of kwame brown's office to reporters and
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citizens. >> the office is not open? all right. thank you. >> reporter: federal prosecutors wednesday filed one felony charge against brown for defrauding industrial bank of thousands of dollars to finance his home and lifestyle including a power boat. brown said just yesterday he had no plans to resign. >> i'm not going to answer any questions regarding an investigation, anything that's currently taking place. >> reporter: first elected in 2004, brown has been under federal investigation for more than a year involving allegations of missing money from his 2008 campaign, and personal finances. again, we are waiting for formal word that d.c. council chairman kwame brown is resigning today from his job. he's facing felony charges that he lied about tens of thousands of dollars of income on home loan documents with industrial bank. now, brown, the documents have been filed in federal court. he could find up in federal court as early as tomorrow, but at this moment, we still don't
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know what the court appearance will be. jim and pat? >> tom, is there any reaction from the mayor and secondly, who replaces him on the council? >> reporter: well, the mayor has not said anything in the last hour that i'm aware of. he said he didn't know enough about the actual charges to make a comment. what will happen is mary, the ward 3 councilwoman number two charge of the council will call a meeting of the council at early as tonight or tomorrow and ask then the council elect one of the at-large member, one of the four at-large meshes will become the acting temporary chairman until a special election can be held. >> speak to me of the timing of all this. an incident involving a radio reporter yesterday. any idea if that had anything to do with what happened today and why it happened today? writer was technically on vacation and came down to the council yesterday because of this and the mayor announcing an ethics panel and saw the
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chairman. i've known him many years. he clearly was working too hard at trying to be normal, and he was joshing around with people and acting nervous. he did push a wtov radio reporter and apologized noor but would not answer questions, said he was not resigning had nothing do with his 2008 campaign and that was a sleight of hand. he was not guilty of anything with his 2008 campaign in fact the federal charges were about this private life, inflating his income by tense of thousands of dollars to den home loans. >> tom sherwood, on a busy day. checking back at 5:00. thank you, tom. stay with news 4 for team coverage of ongoing developments in the kwame brown case at 5:00 and on now to the war of words between beauty pageant contestant and organizers of miss usa. miss pennsylvania says she's turning in other crown, because
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the competition is rigged, but as nbc's reporter says, pageant officials say her decision isn't about fair play, it's about politics. >> reporter: the rules say one thing. >> the judges now will decide who is most deserving of the crown based on everything they've experienced tonight. >> reporter: but one miss usa contestant is claiming the pageant's organizers staged a fraud. >> from pennsylvania. >> reporter: she made the stunning announcement on her facebook page saying a fellow contestant told her she accidentally found a list of the top five contestants before sunday's telecast. the backstage claim would have come as a double blow to her who just learned she didn't make the top 16. >> now in random order, here are the judge's top five finalists. >> reporter: and the 27-year-old beauty says the contestant's story proved true when the top five were then announced live on the air. in explaining her decision on
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facebook, she wrote, in good conscience i can no longer be affiliated in any way with an organization i consider to be fraudulent, lacking in moral, inconsistent and in many ways trashy. but pageant officials are refusing to turn the other cheek. the miss universe organization co-owned by nbc universal and donald trump called the flames false and said the real reason she resigned, disagrees admitting transgender contestants. an organization claims to have proof releasing part of an e-mail then say miss pennsylvania sent them, remaining disapproval with the transjernd policy change. this goes against every moral fiber of my being. i believe in integrity, high moral character and fair play, none of which are part of this system any longer. >> today donald trump said the
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miss usa sorgs filing a lawsuit against ms. minin. >> officially the organization doesn't care who the top five or the top ten are. what difference does it make? it does care, and it's really disgraceful that she does it and what we authorized today, bring a lawsuit against this girl. the person that supposedly told her the list was told by another person. that person totally denies it and said there is no list and i've never seen a list. >> trump said he saw miss pennsylvania and did not think she had a chance of getting into the top 15. he added, she's just angry because she lost. >> the jury that will hear the case against jerry sandusky has been selected. the jur includes a penn state senior, retired professor and woman who's been a football season ticket holder since the 1970s. fault alternates have also been
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selected. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing ten underaged boys over 15 years. his alleged actions led to the ouster of former penn state coach joe paterno. opening statements are expected next week. and rolling ahead today after a controversial vote. the washington airport authority voted today drop a pro-labor agreement in the construction plant nap angered lawmakers in virginia a right to work state. withholding $150 million in funding if it wasn't changed. the next step, getting loudoun county officials onboard with the expansion. now to presidential politics. the governor's recall race in wisconsin has been called the second most important election of 2012. the embattled republican incumbent won. here in washington, analysts are trying to figure what the race might forecast for a lot of political futures. here's steve hamilton. >> reporter: the day after he won the recall election,
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wisconsin governor scott walker made sure to look like the new republican superstar with a photo op at a factory. he offered advice to the big boys. >> whether it's president obama or governor romney, voters coming to the presidential election will want candidates to explain what they're do and how they'll look out for the next generation more than just getting through the next election. >> reporter: walker's approach endorsed by wisconsin voters is to save tax dollars by cutting the benefits of unionized state workers. [ chanting ] >> reporter: they're in shock today. >> the idea they point fingers and blame public school employees as being the problem, as being the cause of this economic crisis is just crazy. >> reporter: in exit polls, wisconsinites preferred by seven points. president obama, who won the state in '08. romney is still the underdog, but republicans have new hope for november. >> but i think anyone looking at
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the results last night would also acknowledge that it's now competitive in wisconsin. >> reporter: not helping was bill clinton. hours after he raised money with the president, he raised eyebrows telling cnbc he would temporarily extend the bush tax cuts for the rich. >> to avoid doing nag would contract the economy now. >> reporter: republicans cheered. >> even bill clinton came out for it. >> reporter: for president obama, who's made hiking taxes on millionaires now a centerpiece of his campaign, it's a headache. like the republican win in wisconsin. speaking of money, another wisconsin lesson is campaign cash matters. republicans there outspent democrats about 3-1. i'm steve handleman, news 4. we're still seeing a chance of rain but a change is on the way, folks. >> meteorologist veronica johnson in the storm center with the late effort. >> clouds across the area, again
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in the low 70s throughout the area. let's look at the temperatures. late in date, in the 70s. comfortable, isn't it? there's your showers now around waldorf, around calvert and st. mary's. the other story, coastal flooding. right, minor flooding. there was a coastal flood warning out for an rundal county and four areas of d.c. near the water. advisories up until 1:00 a.m. thursday. this was earlier today. looking out there the water, you can see the pier, part of it gone. completely under water. so that's what's been happening down there. again, extended to 1:00 a.m. we'll talk about heat, humidity that's going to be heading our way in a couple minutes. >> thanks, veronica. big news president to the washington redskins. the team is relocating its training camp from redskins park in ashburn starting next year. heading south to richmond. news 4'sellie is in the
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newsroom whip the story. >> reporter: working on this the last few years, finding a new training camp spot and where to keep corporate headquarters. right no in ashburn, part of the feel feels they'll stashgs the state of v helping subsidize a $30 million upgrade to redskins' park but training moved to richmond in 2014. april mo apr among the sites for training camps, and one of the reasons they wanted to move, mike shanahan feels there's better camaraderie away from redskins park, when they have training camp at the park a lot of the players are going home to their families. no more of that starting in 2013 as the redskins move their training camp and their home base away from redskins park during the training period to somewhere in richmond. still don't know exactly where yet. back to you.
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>> a new day is coming. thank you, dan. and coming up at 5:00, news 4 derrick ward will have reaction from washington football fans about the big move. when we come right back on news 4 for this afternoon, summer brings travel in many ways for fliers to get sick. ways to avoid common problems. >> a well-known american singer and songwriter reveal as new health challenge. she's facing kniss her life. later, one champion runner may be remembered for the race she lost
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well, she's all grown up. big news out of hollywood. miley cyrus is engage pd. she met liam hemsworth, and he popped the question. she said yes. natalie morales has details. >> she's your best friend, miley. sooner or later you have to tell her you're hannah montana.
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>> reporter: into real stardom. the 22-year-old rising star who land add role in one of this year's biggest box office hits they just want a big show. that's all they want. >> miley cyrus and liam hemsworth known as power couple. "people" magazine reports they are engaged. hemsworth proposed to cyrus last week in los angeles with a 3.5 carat diamond ring. cyrus met hemsworth in "the last song "and did a kissing scene together on the first day of filming. >> kind of sweet, because they shared miley's first on-screen kiss together. they've been together since 16. they have a very playful relationship. it's very real and honest. >> reporter: even though miley is still in her teens, reports are her mother and father are thrilled about the engagement and already consider liam a part
4:17 pm
of the family. from oscar parties to public pranks -- cyrus and hemsworth ha spent their entire relationship in the glare of the hollywood spotlight, and those bright lights are about to get even hotter for the australian actor. this hemsworth shares top billing with some of hollywood's biggest action stars in "the expendables 2 "and his character in the "hunger games" will get more screen time in the sequel coming out next year. >> miley has had a good dose of what fame and fortune is worth, and liam coming into his own, she's excited about his success and i think they'll be good for each other. definitely keep each other balanced. >> they will be busy these next few months. he's filming the "hunger games "sequel and she's working on new album nep have not set a wedding date yet. share crowe is battling a brain tumor.
4:18 pm
her spokesman says it's de9:00 and nothing to worry about. crowe is already a breast cancer survivor. whip the summer travel season upon us, many of us will be boardingary planes. air travel makeses a lot of folks sick and that can really ruin a summer vacation. and focusing on solutions to frequent flying ailments and talk about prevention. here with us, let's talk dr. jackie, about ear-popping, ear aches and pains. can you do anything about the popping? >> yes, you can. what's happening is you're taking off in a plane where the cabin may be pressurized but the air inside of your ear and yore sinuses are not. you want to take something that opens that up. the regimen should be about an hour before you leave, take a decongestant. be careful if you have high blood pressure and use of a afrikaan. -o afrin. >> and what's a germ phobe like
4:19 pm
me to do? >> come on evipt and have a kit and realize the whole place is full of germs because there's a lot of people in a small amount of room. you can come on there even wearing a surgical mask. i've been on plane where is it looks like a medical convention. everybody's covered up so they're not breathing in any germs. use purell liberally on everything including the trays that fold down and some people i've seen put like a table runner over the back of the seats and on to the headrest so they're not picking up anything there. >> that looks really weird. >> uh-huh. >> a lot of folks get sinus infections every time they fly. how do you prevent that? >> again, if you get on and you're congested whether you've got a little cold or got allergy, make sure you keep all the mucus moving all the time. use a sinus rinse before you get on. uses a sinus rinse after you get off and again the stuff with the afrin, and decongestants help, too. >> motion sickness? >> like for a cruise. ginger, mint. there's over-the-counter things
4:20 pm
like anti-vert or a prescription, pressure bracelets. same thing you'd do for a cruise and hydrate like crazy. >> flying can increase the risk of blood clots we know which can be very dangerous, especially in the legs. how do you prevent those? >> probably seasen this, too os planes. swirling ankles around, marching legs up and down. keep moving your limbs. ask for an aisle seat if you can. keep moving. especially if you're stuck on the tarmac a long period of time. >> quickly, how do you prevent jet lag? please? >> it's not easy. try to reset your clock before you go, hydrate like crazy. don't drink alcohol or caffeine when on the flight. >> a lot of folks will find than a joy-kill. >> yeah, but you'll feel better when you land. >> all right. jim? we could just stay home. right? coming up, personal testimonies of famous athletes making an impact on young fan. and a popular fast-foo t
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there today, veronica. no humidity, which we like. >> what folks have liked about this weather. few showers around the area. still got to get out and water. what i've been looking at my plants i put in the ground this
4:24 pm
past weekend. the kind of weather you can stay outside twrice as long add get the work down. >> right. >> clouds building throughout the day. afternoon clouds back and showers around the area. start by showing you a pattern we've been in, folk, ever since the beginning of the week. the reason why we've had unsettled weather around the area, the reason we've had so many clouds and showers coming through a spin in the upper atmosphere. an area of low pressure just around the northeast. so that area of low pressure has kind of held us in this cool, showery kind of conditions but that's going to be moving out, and by saturday, weekend warm-up with a lot of the warmth in the ohio valley, the nation's midsection, will be pushing this way. a pattern flip for us. some folks will be smiling. 74 degrees now. low 70s yesterday. that wind out of the south at 6 miles per hour. again, the air is very dry. as you take a look at the radar, see the one spot that probably shows up the most is over in waldorf, in charles county around waldorf.
4:25 pm
the light showers now just west of culpepper, ready to make their way over 29, and then this one here, a little heavier. not seeing lightning with it but moderate rain heading toward calvert beach. you folks will be getting a little rain. 69 in hagerstown. and not a big range in temperature, again it is cool. we're going to average, average right now at 81 degrees. stick around with an isolated shower until 9:00 p.m. then we'll see breaks in the cloud cover again, just like this morning. 58 to about 60 drips. degrees. tomorrow, and then friday fantastic, sunshine across the areas. forecast, 63 to 69. keep an eye out for showers coming through. dry for form morning. 52 to 61. for tomorrow afternoon, 75 to 81 degrees, and out of the workweek, tomorrow is look like the one dha will bring probably a few more showers than any
4:26 pm
other we've had so far this week. the weekend, again, heating up to 91 on sunday. >> wow. good timing. >> yeah. thanks, veronica. still to come on news 4 at 4:00, a championship runner is gra congratulated because they same [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder.
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and welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim. >> and i'm pat lawson. following breaking news. d.c. council chair kwame brown, charged with felony bank fraud. the charge stems from a 2006 mortgage he secured on his d.c. home and on whether he overstatored his income on loan applications. brown is also being investigated for possible corruption during
4:30 pm
his 2008 re-election campaign. news 4's tom sherwood will have a live upday at the top of the hour. the miss usa organization filing a lawsuit against a contestant who claims the contest is fixed. someone told miss pennsylvania the final five contestants were determined before sunday's pageant. oergs say she's just upset by a transgender contestant was allowed to compete. scott walk hear become the first governor ever to survive a recall election. defeating democratic milwaukee mayor tom barret and now wants to mend the political divide. the washington redskins are moving their training camp. the last year to see them practice in ashburn where the training camp has been the last decade. more on the story and reaction coming up on news 4 at 5:00
4:31 pm
tonight. a simple gesture can take on another meaning. >> an ohio runner whose show of sportsmanship echoed far beyond a track mete. this inspirational story. >> reporter: megan vogel had just run the race of her life. >> just to be able to achieve something you've worked all your life for, that's a really good feeling and you can hardly put it into words. >> reporter: the 1600 meter state champion. the first girl from west liberty salem to wane track title in more than 20 years. but what people there that day will remember won't be her win but the race in which she finished last. >> it was really emotional and people came up to us in tears really moved by what megan had done. >> reporter: you are see after her victory, megan still had the 3200 meters to run, but her emotionally draining win had taken its toll. she was just trying to finish the race when it happened. >> i was coming around the turn, and it was probably about 100 meters left and she was probably
4:32 pm
about 50 meeters in front of me. maybe a little bit more, a little bit less and i saw her fall. >> reporter: what are macon did next not only limited up another runner but an entire stadium. [ applause ] >> i just kind of didn't think twice about. it i knew i was just going to pick her up and help her out. you work it get to the mete you deserve to finish. i was going make that happen for you no matter what. >> reporter: on megan's shirt is a slogan, part speed, part stamina, all heart. perfectly sums up the girl who found victory while finishes last i. knew anyone on the field would do that follow me so i was going to do that for arden. >> megan and arden are both planning to run track against next year. singer/songwriter john mare says taylor swift humiliated him with her song "dear john." swift released the song as part of her defendant-selling 2010 album using, don't you think 19
4:33 pm
is too young to be played by your dark, twisted games. many speculated it refers to a romance between swift and mare who recently told rolling stone magazine the song completely caught him off garden and he said he didn't deserve it calling it cheap songwriting. he wowed the judging and audience on monday night's "america's got talent" now his audition is scumming under scrutiny. news report say country singer sargent timoney michael poe wasn't telling the truth about his military service. he claimed to have suffered a brain injury during a near deadly blast in afghanistan but the minnesota national guard said there no record of that injury. nbc has not commented. there is more to come on news 4 at 4:00. athlete role models. how some olympians and other famous athletes are inspiring a younger generation. and a one-time favorite of local tourists arriv
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[ mosquitoes buzzing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] repel mosquitoes without spraying your skin. try off! clip-on repellant. in minutes, its fan surrounds you, head to toe with effective odorless protection. whether it's at a game, enjoying family, or just relaxing, repel mosquitoes away without a spray. off! clip-on. keeps bugs off. sc johnson. a family company. the shuttle enterprise is in its new home in manhattan. the shuttle arrived on a barge up the hudson river from jersey city.
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>> it passed the statue of liberty and the world trade center site before reaching the intread ip air sea and space museum. enterprise was the center pease of collected at the air and space facility near dulles until the space shuttle "discovery" was added to the collection. >> impressive sight. you don't see that every day. >> you sure don't jshts and an olympic athlete is inspiring children in more ways than one. >> hurdler lolo jones spoke about her compliment to sexual abstinence until marriage. it's strengthening young fans with the same beliefs. one is 17-year-old neshlye florissi who also committed to abstinence. she believes joans is a roll model. encouraged after seeing the olympians televised interview where she opened up about her commitment. >> your interview on "real sport" she said waiting for marriage is harder than training
4:38 pm
for the olympics. i understand that completely. i told people i want to wait. almost like taboo. that's crazy, i don't understand. >> still also she finds support as a member of an organization for christian athletes. she's hoping other young teens will also be inspired by jones' commitment to abstinence. coming up next on news 4 at 4:00, the story behind this picture, leaving many people in disbelief. and morgan freeman talks with news 4 about his childhood, his career and his own bucket his cwhen it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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is this right? right here, like this? ♪ turn that off! plants can smell our fear then miracle-gro expand'n gro made things a lot easier for us. it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. we're loving it. >> i'm loving it. >> no comment. >> no complaints here as long as the mosquitoes aren't biting, i'm okay. school's getting out this week. >> right. >> so a lot of folks planning, ready to go. well, we're going to bring them the forecast a little early this week. probably on wednesdays and thursday, friday, too, each
4:42 pm
week. we're going to start by taking a look at the cloud cover where we are here and in ocean city. look at it as we make that fly. clouds across our area, but look at all the cloud cover there around delaware, around ocean city. that's the air temperature. 67 degrees right now. pretty cool. right? so they've had cool condition there's with that east and that south easterly wind. close to what the water temperature is right now. that's the way it works. that water temperature now at 64 degrees. the forecast for saturday and sunday, absolutely nice. amazing. we're going to be warming up. 77 degrees on saturday. probably still be a few clouds left around the area. southwest wind at five to eight miles per hour. by sunday, 81 dpegrees with a lt of sunshine. hmm. wsh wish i was going to ocean city this weekend. and 77 degrees around the gaithersburg area. 73 drips in culpepper.
4:43 pm
70s throughout the area, like yesterday. low 70s. just like yesterday, the day before that and the day before that. we've got scattered showers around the area. making a move towards the south and east around rant. they'll s. for the most part, the activity stays back to west until 9:00 p.m. when showers chances end. that little moderate shower there, that's headed towards calvert beach. here's a look at our future weather. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, a fair amount of sunshine across the area. jim was telling me earlier, ooh, there was a lot of sun out today. same tomorrow, but more widely scattered showers and thunderstorms anytime about noon. this time tomorrow i think our chance continues not just through the early afternoon and early evening, 8:00 on 9:00,
4:44 pm
still see showers around the area. friday, dry all the day. sunshine and yes warmth. only areas with showers, ocean city, maybe a pop-up shower coming their way. 79 in culpepper. 81 in fredericksburg and 78 in plate oh for plato. friday, the warmth and low humidity around the area. saturday, high 88. sunday, more humidity with a high of 91 degrees. yes, we are introducing some of that summer heat. some of that july heat that's been gone for a while. right? then the early part of next week we hang on to it for a while and drop to the mid-80s by wednesday of next week. at least for one more day we're going see showers around the area, and warm up starts tomorrow. there we go. >> thanks, veronica. this week, president obama
4:45 pm
gave actor morgan freeman the lincoln medal of honor during the ceremony at ford's theater. >> barbara harrison sat down with morgan freeman to talk about his extraordinary career and found out his was a big name way before he hit the big screen. >> reporter: some sap it was "shawshank redemption" others insist "driving miss daisy ". president obama has stead was those early appearances on tv's electric company" that made morgan freeman a household name. but morgan freeman says he's always been a household name somewhere. >> i was known as a little known. well known. >> reporter: i bet were you. >> i was. >> reporter: tell me about that i. had a paper route when i was a teenager, and, you know, i was doing -- i was acting, in plays and stuff. and i remember one sunday i went to collect, and i -- my little receipts and wrote my name and
4:46 pm
this lady said oh, you are morgan freeman. yes. she said, my husband talks about you all the time. >> reporter: people love to watch you. what is it? what's the secret? what's -- morgan freeman bring to the screen? >> it is not something i can tell you. >> reporter: you don't know what it is. >> i don't know what that is. >> reporter: his movie star dreams began as a child. but he was about 50 when he finally made that breakthrough to the big screen. what was the breakout role for you? the thing that -- >> "street smart." >> reporter: yes. >> i liked making movies better than being on the stage. >> reporter: why? >> i always wanted to be in movies. all of my acting -- ambition was to be a movie actor. >> reporter: from your earliest
4:47 pm
days. >> from the very earliest days. >> and the oscar goes to -- morgan freeman. >> reporter: what's next? >> my bucket list has me doing what is at the movies, and getting an academy award for best picture. >> reporter: i bet you'll do that. >> of course i will. >> reporter: barbara harrison, news 4. >> the lincoln medal that freeman received recognizes people for their contributions to society. freeman was honored for the millions of dollars he's donated in educational scholarships and for the rebuilding efforts after hurricane katrina. and still more on that bucket list. >> yeah. >> a long list he's already accomplished mplg planning to get that oscar, too. >> coming up on 234us at 4:00, change on the menu at one popular fast-food restaurant.
4:48 pm
i'm wendy rigor coming up, news 4 at 5:00, d.c. council chairman kwame brown charged with bank fraud. reaction from fellow council member. a life saver. immediate the 8-year-old girl credited with saving her mom's life with a phone call. coming up at 6:00, someone hacked into linkedin. the social network for professionals. we'll find out how users are already being impacted. thachts at 6:00, but i will see ♪
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234ris copolice in colorado extreme nep took this photo, you can see, aed to sler not properly restrain and sitting next to a gas can belted into a car seat. neither the driver nor a 14-year-old passenger were wearing seat belts. the driver wars cited for no proof of insurance and with
4:52 pm
three counts of seat belt violations. taco bell is pairing up with a celebrity chef to revamp its menu. early next month the restaurant chain will roll out menu items created by chef lorena garcia. among of offerings, black beans, cilantro rice and citrus herb marinated chicken. the smoov designed to compete with other mexican chains like chipotle. burritos and tacoless stay on the menu. can't have a taco bell without tacos, can you? >> of course not. still ahead on news 4 at 4:00, a local volunteer fireman talk answer his quick action that saved a man's life. for all your news follow us [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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canadian police are trying to determine if body parts mailed to two vancouver schools belonged to a man they say was murdered by his ex-lover. the schools receives packages containing a hand and foot yesterday. the suspect, luka magnotta is in custody in germany. he videotaped killing and dismembering a man and mailing some of the man's body parts to canada's top political parties. a fiery crash. two people trapped and a volunteer firefighter with an
4:56 pm
agonizing decision to make. a young woman died but authorities say there would have been two victims were it not for the quick actions of a firefighter. it all unfolded in a split second early tuesday morning. melissa malay has details. >> reporter: the kid marks tell the story. a car doesn't make the curve and slams into the stone overpass. >> i thought it was really interesting. so i didn't initially grab my gear. >> reporter: within seconds washington county volunteer firefighters rob ga goreio saw fire coming from the car's engine slowly creeping into the dashboard, grabbed gear from his trunk including his helmet. >> took it off. went back to work. >> reporter: he first tried to pull the female driver from the burning car. >> took out the real window. tried to get in behind her and tried to move the seat and free her a little bit but it wasn't happening. >> reporter: but her legs were pinned by the dashboard and
4:57 pm
steering wheel. >> at that point, the fire started coming into the vehicle and -- i had to -- make a decision to go and try to extricate the passenger to the extent of the entrapment of the describer. >> there was no way to free her. >> i want to make it clear to the family of the driver of the vehicle that you know, every attempt was made to get her out. >> reporter: gragoreio feared the flames would also trap the passenger. >> at that point i pulled the second guy out who was going across the ceiling. >> gragoreio said a pass per by called t eed 911 and helped him the passenger here to an area away from the flames. >> it was -- it's not -- thank your local fire department. i just happened to be driving down the road. >> reporter: in dickerson, maryland, news 4. now breaking news.
4:58 pm
another political scandal in d.c. breaking news off the top tonight, d.c. council chair kwame brown now facing a felony charge for bank fraud. he is the second person on the council to be criminally charged this year. news 4 was first to break this story on the air, and tonight we have team coverage of the fallout. a big shoe is dropping tonight in d.c. politics. good evening. i'm jim hadley, and i'm wendy rieger. kwame sbroun accused of overstating his income on loan applications by tens of thousands of dollars. and staffers say his resignation is imminent. >> our team coverage begins tonight with tom sherwood, live outside the wilson building. tom, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, jim, kwame brown has left the building for tonight, and staffers say he is resigning from the council because of felony charges filed against him today. >> mr. brown, are you still chairman? >> i'm just trying to get out. >> reporter: it was chaos in the
4:59 pm
wilson building this afternoon when council chairman guacy brown emerged from private meetings with his staff and council members saying he is resigning because of felony fraud charges at a local bank. >> what can you tell the public. >> good-bye. >> reporter: brown made it to his car and left the wilson building without commenting to news 4. >> mr. brown, any comment? >> reporter: federal prosecutors wednesday timed one felony charge against brown for defrauding industrial bank of thousands of dollars to finance his home and lifestyle, including a power boat. brown has said just yesterday that he no plans to resign. >> can you here categorically say you will be here in your job for the foreseeable future and have no plans to prematurely leave at this moment? >> i have no plans to resign. so -- that's all i'm going to say about


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