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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  June 22, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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they're expected to cool us off. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly. it is hot out there right now. let's check on the weather. here's veronica. >> thanks, veronica and pat. at reagan national airport, but the bigger story is the storms coming into the area. a severe storm watch. areas of frederick county in maryland t. louding, alba marl county, and look at the counties shaded in orange? fact, we've got some that continue down here. look at this tremendous amount of lightning. even further south now, down south and east of charlottesville area, all moving east and slightly to the northeast, to quantico, you may
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see some moderate rain, but for stafford, for king george county until 4:30, severe thunderstorm warning. also the potential for small hail, but the bigger threat will be that of these hard downpours, frequent lightning, and with any of these, that means low visibility on area roads. we're seeing another batch just south of annapolis, moving east over the bay. for us, from now until 9:00, the threat of severe weather, and then after that, some more showers will continue until the cold front moves through. look at the heat out there, 88 right now, manassas 96 degrees and holding in d.c., our chance of storms against until about 9:00 this evening, but i think the fearest will be with us until about the sun sets. back to you. we have some breaking news. the start of rush hour, chopper 4 is over the scene of a jackknifed tractor trailer in largo, which is in prince
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georges county. it looks like several vehicles are involved. the crash is located near the exit for the 495, you should avoid that area for some time. this is happening on the inner loop at route 202 in largo. day 2 of jury deliberations in the jerry san cuss did i sex abuse trial. jurors relistened to testimony from two key withins. they continue their deliberations right now, and are prepared to work late until a verdict is reached. brian moore as the latest from bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> reporter: jurors finished their first day of deliberations with a question. today lawyers from the prosecution and defense answered back. prosecutor joe mcgettigan, and joseph amle dolla took turns reading testimony of two witnesses. mcqueary is the only third-party
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witness to tell the jury he saw one of the alleged crimes. on the stand, he was adamant. though it was a glimpse, he said he saw sandusky assaulting a young boy. a witness said a shaken mcqueary told him. i kept say, what did you see, he testified? each time he would come back to the sounds. the alleged victim has not been located, and the charges related to that incident rest on mcqueary's word. still, that's only alleged victim representing only a few of the 48 counts against the former penn state assistant football coach. the jury has been sequestered. unaware of any of the new abuse allegations level at sandusky. one comes from his adopted son matt, the other by traffic weaver, who tells nbc's "rock center" he was abused by engineer are sandusky for year. no word whether more charges
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might be expected. in bell pont, pennsylvania, brian moore, news4. a guilty plead from the alexandria man in an accused plot to blow up the capitol. he entered the plea today in federal court in alexandria. he was arrested in a parking garage near the capitol in february after a year-long undercover investigation. at the time he was wearing what he 2409 was a suicide bomb vest, but it was given to him by an fbi agent. he was a native of morocco, and had been living in the u.s. illegally for more than a decade. a afghanistan, at least a dozen people are dead from an overnight attack. the insurgents raided the hotel and took several on hostage. it set off 12 hours of intense
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fighting. witnesses said terrified guests leapt into the lake. the afghan taliban says it targeted the hotel because it was frequented by foreigners. attacks across afghanistan have surged in recent days. unrest in egypt right now as tens of thousands of protesters fill tahrir square, prompting the protest, a power struggle in which both candidates have declared themselves winners. richard engle has the laters from cairo. >> reporter: this country is extremely polarized. it's split roughly down the middle. some people support ahmed shafiq, and his supporters think the army should play a desiresive role and stop the protests that have put egypt in a state of political and economic paralysis for the last year and a half. on the other side are supporters
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of the muslim brotherhood. today tens of thousands of muslim brotherhood supporters were out in tahrir square, demanding that their candidate, mohammed morsi be announced the new president. they say he won the election fair and square and that the military is simply refusing to acknowledge that. we don't even know when this crisis will be resolved of the the latest we hear is that it will be on sunday when an official announcement is made. there are some reports, however, that the announcement could come on saturday. either way, the muslim brotherhood says it will stay in the streets until it gets what it wants, which is a tense situation prompting the military today to issue a imply worded statement, saying that anyone who causes a disruption of law and order after the election results when they were eventually announced -- are announced, will be severely punished. richard engle, nbc news, cairo. today family friends and
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district leaders are marking three years since the deadly trash. a plaque was unveiled to honor the nine people who lost their lives in northeast d.c. two trains on the red line collided, also injuring 80 passengers. that happened back in 2009. since the crash, metro has made several safety improvements to prevent a similar crash from happening again. you can see the plaque on the langley bridge which looks down on the crash site. president obama's change in immigration policy appears to be making a big difference for some voters. also today there's a new revelation about bain capital, mitt romney, and outsourcing u.s. job to workers overseas. nbc's steve handelsman has that story. >> reporter: president obama went to orlando, to the same latino conference that mitt romney addressed yesterday. the president leads by 16 points among hispanic voter in florida. 36 points ahead with latinos on
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average in five battleground states. after he ordered 800,000 undocumented workers and students can stay in the united states. >> no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter your last name, this is a place where you can make it if you try. >> reporter: barack obama's father was a foreign student. he said economic recovery cannot favor the privileged. >> latino and businesses have been the fastest grows small businesses, and we have cut their taxes 18 times. we've expanded new loans and new credit so they can grow and they can hire. >> reporter: mitt romney headed to utah to meet with major donors promising prosperity for all. new ads in four key states. >> day 1, president romney stands up to china, demands a level playing field. >> reporter: romney has been slamming outsourcing that sends u.s. jobs to china, but an
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expose in "the washington post" reveals bain capital under his leadership in the '90s helped finance and run firms like stream dplobl that pioneered outsourcing, and today help u.s. firms go overseas, to set up manufacturing and communication. top obama staffers pounced, charging if elected romney would you say outsourcer in chief. the campaign responded by romney helped some jobs, and they say that's different than creating jobs overseas. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. federal safety investigators are looking into reports of power steering problems with the ford explorer. government officials have received 15 complains. drivers suddenly lost power and had to use more force just to steer. the probe affects 83,211 explorers. no crashes or injuries have been reported.
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the inquiry would lead to a recall, though. when "news4 at 4" continues, as women get ready to hit the beach this summer, an expert has ideas about what's trending in wear. we'll preview the three new flicks opening today. a virginia man on vacation is honored for saving three lives in
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hey, welcome back, everybody. severe thunderstorm watch continuing until 9:00 p.m. we have a couple counties that have been added for those areas down south here. severe thunderstorms for spotsle vannia, start, also for charles county that's correct gots to
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4:45. up to the north we have berkeley county that's been added. meanwhile, i'm also here severe thunderstorm warning for washington county right there. severe weather threat all the way up into new york, even areas just north of new york for the central part of the state. storm4 radar, the most intense storms are down to the south, south of quantico. most will be reaching -- but for charles county again, you are in and out under a severe thunderstorm warning, then eventually the storms will hold together and head over the areas of value kerr -- so if you're in this area, stay alert and wait until the storms pass. back to you. >> thank you. there was a party in the streets of south beach overnight. the miami heat won the nba championship. lebron james won his first title as his team boat the oklahoma
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city thunder 4-1. spurs guard tony parker is taking a new york city club to court and not to the basketball court. parker is suing the w.i.p. club over an eye injury he suffered when a fight broke out last week. in the lawsuit, parker says the club was negligent in security and supervise. he's seeking $20 million. a battle is brewing tess box office. "brave" is expected to take home the crown. >> but it has some strong competition from a movie about one of these country's founding father with an ax to grind. rafael seth has more. >> however history remembers me before i was a president, it shall only remember a fraction of the truth. >> reporter: hollywood turns history on its head. benjamin walker plays the 16th
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president known for his chinstrap beard and tophat, but in this version he has an ax to grind, out to destroy the souls of the undead, with supernatural rage and ninja skill, he rages in a very uncivil wart. "abraham lincoln vampire gun fighter". >> a scottish princess breaks with tradition in "brave." she decidings she cannot sit idly by while men compete for her hand in marriage, and she takes charge of her own destiny. but when she asks a witch to change her fate, it takes every ounce of her courage to break the curse. what are you doing. >> find god, maybe move around some chairs. >> reporter: tough life choices. there's a killer asteroid heading for earth giving everyone just three weeks to live, but instead of enjoying
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apocalypse parties, he decides to try to find his first love. seeking a friend for the end of the world is rated r. that's the box office preview. nbc news. charlie sheen has tapped to play president of the united states in a new b-movie, the movie "machete" is the sequel from the flick in 2010. the announcement was made on twitter yesterday. a spokes american for sheen confirms negotiations are under way. mel gibson will also be in the movie, which is due out in 2013. sheen would be the second person in his family to play the leader of the free world. his father starred as president for seven seasonens on "west wing." summer heat hit town with a vengeance. >> summertime beauty and fashion concerns don't have to cramp your style.
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>> when you're pulling your hair back in the summer, obviously we all kind of default to a pony tail. one term we love is the half tiss turban, think of it as a wide headband that's stretchy. you loose stylish. celebrities like beyonce, even, if you're going to wear your hair down, look for products that do help fight frizz and eliminate frizz. that humidity is killer in the summer. there's actually a balm from bamboo that's nice, you can do it before you head out in the morning or throw it in your purse and tame the haired. i know for me as the day gets longer,s humidity gets worse, my hair gets worse. when it comes to clothing, obviously the one purchase that everyone has to make is a
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swimsuit. there's a million trends out there and so many styles. at we have done our round gem features some of the hottest trends and some of the best prices out there. starting with retro-inspired suits, there's a huge "mad men" craze out there right now. and that applies to swimwear. beyonce would you spotted in one in st. baarts. j. crew has an amazing collection, anthropologie has a collection as well. mara hoffman is kind of the queen of the boho chic geometric. they're pricey, but definitely
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worth the investment. >> did you see one that you would feel good in? >> the great thing is there's so much to choose from. >> i think unfortunately for some of us and we see why we wouldn't look good in any of them. >> i don't know, we could probably fit well into one of those retros. >> that's a good idea. coming up on the news, why there's a new tighter dress code at the royal ascott in brit
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it's really going to take down the high heat that we've had over the last couple days. it's going to make it go bye-bye. outside we have some overcast skies. if you haven't gotten -- we're until a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 p.m. that watch is extended back west
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to include western areas of maryland and all these counties shaded in bright orange. for charles county, for stafford, for jefferson county up in west virginia, for berkeley county, also for washington, and in fact severe weather goes all the way up to north. take a look at this powerful line. south of quantico, east of fredericksburg, right down i-95, told you about the warnings that we've got. charles county also under a warning. toward la plata in the next 39 minutes in the next 20 minutes,
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some heavy rain. these storms are even producing some pretty frequent lightning with them, so with that heavy rain on area roads, that means low visibility, a lot of lightning. just stay alert and keep an eye on the sky. 96 degrees currently, we may see a high temperature of 97 degrees, but this cold front will do a good job. heat indices from the upper 80s to mid 90s. 79 degrees by 11:00 p.m. we cool off from the storms. the thunderstorms should end about 9:00 p.m. then for tomorrow morning, 74 to 75, with still some cloud cover around the area. two lines of storms will be moving through, and our best chance comes prior to sunset or sunset then 8:30, 9:00.
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that front will come marching through tomorrow morning. we may have more clouds, thicker clouds down around southern maryland. for saturday, sunshine, only a few clouds coming into the area with another weather front that will bring rain the beginning of the week. heavy rain and wind for your evening forecast. then for tomorrow morning, a few clouds, a nice start for us, 63 to 73 degrees, and a high temperature tomorrow, guys, under 90 degrees most places looking good and feeling good for the weekend. there's your rain at the beginning of the week. i'll keep you posted on any warnings and we'll jump back in should any warnings be issued. still to come, a virginia man is hailed a hero after saving several lives. plus surveillance video shows th
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welcome back to news4, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here's what's happening in the news this hour. a pennsylvania jury continues to deliberate the fate of jerry sandusky. the former penn state assistant coach is accused of abusing ten boyce over a 15-year period. this morning jury re-heard time from a family friend and mike mcqueary. today marks three years since the deadly metro crash. a plaque was unveiled to honor the nine people who lost their lives in the crash. 0 passengers were also injured it was a volatile week.
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the dow closed up, the nasdaq finished up 33 points. the citi of citi petersburg, florida, is saying a big thank you to gus hertz. in the matter of two days, he was -- he said he just did what anybody else would do. >> reporter: the fire chief james large said it best. >> you know, be at the right place at the right tame one time is rare. being in the right place at the right time two times is really unique. >> reporter: that's what happened to gus hertz. he helped in not one, but two rescues last week. >> i really don't think i did anything else that anyone else would do. when you're in the situation, you just do what you've got to do. >> reporter: last wednesday he pulled a driver from this
4:32 pm
partially submerged bmw. the next day he sauce an ultra-light plane go down while on a fishing boat. >> how are you? >> i'm glad tower you. >> reporter: hertz was reunited with the pilot rodney taio and his passenger gina timer man. >> i'm glad you were there to handle it like you did. >> reporter: the city of st. pete feels the same. he received an award as kevin daly, who helped hertz with the c caress could you. >> i think a little overwhelmed, and they look at me and see dad. i hope that continues. >> reporter: the family is from virginia, but vacationing here for the summer. mayor bill foster joked. >> enjoy the rest of your time here. please come back. with visitors like you, i feel
4:33 pm
safer already. >> reporter: and those he rescued are glad her was here, too. >> he got the key to the city and treated to lunch at a local burger joint. a driver in charlotte, in north carolina tries to beat a train, but doesn't make it. take a look at this video. transportation officials say the driver wasn't paying attention and tried to go through the stop gate. her suv was t-boned by the lightrail train. it took a crew of 14 firefighters to free one person who was trapped inside the vehicle. none of the passengers nor the train's driver were seriously hurt. the woman who tried to beat the train was cited in this crash. in "news 4 your health" the nutritional quality of kids' cereal is improving, but that's the finding of a new yale study found that cereals have gotten healthier, less sodium, less sugar and more fiber, but
4:34 pm
youngsters are seeing more ads with the ambulances for the least nutritional value. researchers found the are marketed for parents and not for the kids. an unusual reaction for apple from its fans. outrage, according to multiple sources apple plans to change the size and shape of the dock on the bottom of the iphone. that would render all accessories, alarm clocks and phone chargers useless. users have taken to the internet to complain. one tech blocker seg it's making change to conserve space inside the iphone. well, they dress to the nines to attend one britain's premier racing events, but this year spectators have to follow a stricter dress code. race fans were sent copies of the new style guide ahead of the five-day event. women are no longer allowed to
4:35 pm
show bare shoulders or ware thin straps. everything must wear hats or headpieces, menner required to wear a suit. if they're in the exclusive royal enclosure, the men must be in some called morning dress and must be either black or gray. so far the fans say they don't mind. it wouldn't be ascot without those big hats or morningclothes for the men. >> that's right. veronica is tracking storms. >> here the 911 call a father made as his wife was going into labor labor and there wasn't enough time to make it to. which goes on first? the sunscreen or t
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which goes on first? why do some ask for the ages of passengers when you search for a flight? what's the difference between an oven-safe thermometer and instant-read thermometer? liz crenshaw is here with this week's answers. >> thank you. the first question comes through e-mail from a viewer named mike, is it okay to use both a sun scream and insect repellant at the same time? >> good question. the centers for disease control gave this answer. it does recommend that people use both sun creeks and insect repellant when outdoors. in general apply the sun career first followed by the repellant. however, the cdc says not to use a product that combines. because the instructions of different.
4:40 pm
sun screens need to be reapplied and more often. they prefer two separate products. >> that's a good point. perkins wants to know why some places ask you for the age of a passenger? >> we turned to expedia for this answer. it tells us some airlines, not all, do have different policies and price foss different age groups. one airline might give a discount for traveling with an infant or child. since expedia checks for available flights from lots of different airlines, nose the age of the passenger helps gives more accurate pricing information. it won't book flights, by the way, for anyone unaccompanied minors under the age of 15. >> okay. our last question comes from gina in rockville, maryland. she wants to know, what's the
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difference between an oven-safe thermometer and instant real? >> two different kinds the dust september of agriculture says it measures the temperature of food, designed to be used at the end of the estimated cooking time and should be inserted the side of the food. an oven-safe thermometer, they're designed to rye main in the food while it's cooking in the often. these should be used for thick foods like roasts and not propose to measure the temperature of any food that's less than threne inches thick. if you have a question you would like you to consider, send it to us. you can connect with me on twitter. and on facebook by searching liz
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crenshaw's consumer watch. should you store your dvds upright or late them flat? how effective you are hand sanitizers. and what's important to remember when displays the american flag? more at 5:00. when we return, a husband's frantic call when his wife goes into labor. and a breast cancer survivor
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welcome back, we have some storms to talk about. we're under a watch under 9:00 p.m. look at these areas. we have several clusters of storms that have been warned on for the threat of very heavy rain and possibility of damaging winds you can see this line around fredericksburg just east is moving eastward, pretty slow, in areas like ashland, so stay
4:46 pm
ale alert. you have the possibility of real hard downpours, and that will make it is way toward cowher county. all these spots with the possibility of not just that, but maybe even small hail. we have several clusters, so some of these individual cells are getting strong enough, possibly producing high winds, and again some heavy rain, downpours. one cluster is up north, hagerstown headed towards areas like myersville. lewiston in the next 47, then another area that's south.
4:47 pm
they weiss seal the heat go bye-bye. the temperatures this weekend will be in the mitt to upper 80s. the storms will end, temperatures will drop to the low and mid 70s tomorrow morning. in the low 80s for this weekend. our storm chance under 9:00 p.m. the weekend temperatures upper 80s. we have a chance for showers coming through on monday with a high of 88, but most of next week our temperatures will be quite reasonable, in the low 80s, pushing into the upper 80s at the end of the week. again doug will have more on those storms that are out there right now. >> thanks, veronica. prince georges couple had quite the adventure yesterday.
4:48 pm
>> they sure did. news4's jackie bensen has the story. >> from the top of his appreciate head to the tips of his tiny toes, richard marvin johnson is limp sill perfect. he rests peacefully next to his mother after arriving in a great big hurry this afternoon. >> mar vest johnson, who has two older daughters says things began happening fast, squary fast. >> both hess father and i were very, very shocked at how fast he came. >> reporter: her hundred andre called 911. >> yes, they're 36. >> reporter: the call came into veteran 911 call taker brian fobs who now proudly wears this stork pin. >> he said, i seed head. i said, you do?
4:49 pm
the program talks you through birth. and i was trying to calm the father down. >> reporter: he dispatched an ambulance to the judgesen temple hills home. paramedics and firefights from station 29 listened to the dispatcher on their way. >> en route they told us the baby had already been delivered. >> yes, i was. i was very happy to see him. at that point, i don't think i could have made it to the car. >> babe richard has become something of a celebrity here. everything wants to hear of story of how he came into the world. jaxxie benson, news4. >> what a cute yes, and what a brave daddy. >> i know, he seemed pretty excited. congratulations to all of them. a breast cancer survivor fights for the right to swim topless. plus a park ranger slips and falls. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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we have a couple new warnings to tell you about, moran and berkeley county under severe thunderstorm warning until about 5:30. you can see a tremendous amount of lightning up there, so keep that in mind if you are going to be heading out. make sure you bring them in. the possibility of damaging winds. we'll have more coming up. a mt. rainier park ranger slid 3,000 feet to his death while attempting to rescue a group of climbers. four climbers were roped together when two of them fell. the other two managed not to fall in and called for help. 33-year-old nick hall responded. the park ranger put three of the four climbers in a helicopters before he fell and died the climbers are recovering from bruises and broken bones, but all are expected to be okay.
4:54 pm
breast cancer survivor has just won her fight to swim topless in a seat city pool, but her efforts are still going on. jody jakes wants to swim to regain her strength. she did not have reconstruction. she asked for permission, because the nerves in her chest are still sensitive and regular women's suits don't fit her. she was refused the first, but yesterday the superintendent agreed to make an exception. now she wants the same policy to apply to other patients. a virginia woman's death is a
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4:57 pm
tonight the death investigation of a virginia woman. dennis murphy has a preview. >> justine was found dead after midnight on a rural virginia road five miles from her home. an apparent victim of a hid and run. >> i looking for vehicle debris, any kind of skidmarks, things like that. i have none of that of the no paint chips on her clothing, no broken glass, no broken plastic.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: justine's husband was on the scene and told the state trooper that the wife with called him to help her because her car had broken downed, but when the triper checked out the mustang, he found apparently nothing wrong with it. >> and mike jones was told that the injure writes were not consistent with a person being hit by a car while standing. >> you have a mystery to solve. >> it was a mystery. it was. even the -- virginia's commonwealth attorney called for a special grand jury. we looked at the picture, and it was clear to us what had happened, and who was
4:59 pm
responsible. >> eric appearshire would stand trial for the murder of his wife, but a conviction was anything but certain. >> shattered airs tonight on "dateline" at 9:00. now at 5:00, doug is tracking the latest on severe storms rolling through the area. a lasting tribute to victims three years after a deadly crash on metto. >> day 2 of deliberations in the jerry sandusky trial. jurors had questions about testimony from the prosecution's star witness. >> first we're on storm watch tonight as severe storms roll through our region. the weather has taken a wild turn tonight. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm barbara harrising sitting in for wendy this evening. right now a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 9:00. and some of us are seeing -- >> yeah,


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