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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  July 13, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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say goodbye to your old technology. welcome to life on fios. ♪ good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm aaron gilchrist in for barbara harrison. we are following breaking news out of montgomery county right now. nearly 100 firefighters worked to knock down this massive blaze. chopper 4 caught all the action this morn as the flames were shooting high into the air there. what you don't see is an amazing rescue operation that took place. firefighters say they had to rescue 17 people from that apartment building. the fire broke out this morning at the woodlake apartments on castle boulevard in burtonsville. that's where megan mcgrath is
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with the latest. >> this fire broke out around 7:00 this morning. some people were just getting up and some were just getting ready for work and it caught folks off guard. it was a fast-moving blaze and in the end 17 people were trapped inside and they had to be rescued by firefighters. >> when i woke up and looked out the window and the building was in a ball of flames. all i had seen was black smoke. >> reporter: a very fast-moving fire. >> within a matter of two to three minutes, the entire apartment was filled with toxic black smoke. >> reporter: the flames spread so quickly that many couldn't get out of their apartments. tim chizly watched horrified as family friends trapped on a balcony waited for rescue. >> and i felt helpless because i couldn't help them, you know, they were screaming and yelling and smoke was just pouring all over the place. it was awful. i'm tell you, it was absolutely awful. >> reporter: but firefighters were able to help and in all they pulled 17 people out of the burning building, some using ladders. >> it was just chaotic. people running around, daughter
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screaming, she was screaming. it was just -- the heat was so intense. >> reporter: too early to pinpoint the exact exos of the fire, but investigators believe it started in the rear of the complex and rapidly spread up the wall to the roof helped along by the building's final siding. >> vinyl siding off gases when it burns. kind of like vapors you might see off of a gasoline can, for example. those vapors actually ignite. >> reporter: you can see firefighters are still here on the scene keeping an eye on things and looking for possible flare ups or hot spots. investigators are trying to figure out what exactly started this blaze. now, in all 74 people have been displaced. in terms of injuries, there were only minor injuries, bumps, bruises, cuts, nothing serious. reporting live in montgomery county, megan mcgrath, news 4. new from overnight, one person is killed in a motorcycle crash on east village avenue a in montgomery village.
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that crash happened just before 10:30. montgomery county police said the driver lost control of the bike and hit a tree. this weekend, police in maryland will be cracking down on speeding motorcyclists. police from prince george's county, officers will target speeding motorcycles along a 14-mile stretch of route 50. want to get a check of the mid-day traffic now and danella seaha sealock is here. taking i-95 south, you are good until you get to route 123. that's where your slow and i'll give you a look as you make your way towards the occoquan. no accidents, just everybody getting out of town for the weekend. i-270 and maryland. a live look at father hurley boulevard. clear to the lane divide and northbound, as well. no accidents, no delays. aaron, back over to you. >> thank you, danella. we turn to the weather now
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and the return of heat and humidity out there. tom kierein joins us with the first forecast. tom? >> not yet. that is not going to be arriving until this weekend and still, comfortably dry. not a lot of humidity in the air, we'll take that for mid-july and this morning we had a few passing sprinkles as areas move in green, those have been moving from the southwest to the northeast and the darker areas, that's where the southern parts of maryland and beautiful day at the beaches, but a lot of cloudiness across northern virginia, the district and much of the rest of maryland and still a few sprinkles out in western maryland. the potomac highlands the panhandle of west virginia. right now 83 at reagan national and beginning to hit the low 80s across northern virginia and parts of maryland and under the cloud cover in the shenandoah valley and still getting some of those showers, only in the 70s. cumberland is only at 70 degrees right now. for the rest of the afternoon, a little sunshine breaking up and a slight chance of a shower, will be reaching the mid-80s by
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midafternoon. a very light, variable wind and back down to near 80 by early this evening. going to the beach this weekend? i'll have your beach forecast. we'll look at your seven-day outlook, as well. >> thank you, tom. d.c. mayor vincent gray is slated for many public events today as he faces calls for his resignation. three council members say the mayor should step down in light of the investigation into his mayoral campaign. pleaded guilty to running $650,000 shadow campaign. last night the mayor acknowledged the probe while accepting a leadership award. he told the crowd he would get through this. outside the event, he told news 4 he has a job to do right now as mayor. >> are you not afraid that tomorrow could be the day that you wake up, sir, and get pulled away in handcuffs? >> i'll focus on my job. i'm not afraid of being pulled away in handcuffs. >> earlier this year, two other aides pleaded guilty to campaign conspiracy charges. eleanor holmes norton called the
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criminal activity "deeply disturbing" and said the mayor has an obligation to clear this matter up quickly. if gray were to resign, a bill just passed on capitol hill could determine when voters would pick his replacement. the senate pushed through legislation late yesterday that would give the district between 70 and 174 days from a vacancy. current law required a vote within 114 days of a vacancy. that means if mayor gray resigned by late august, d.c. could hold a special election in november. today the secret service is investigating a d.c. police officer accused of threatening first lady michelle obama. the allegations stemmed from a comment made this week. news 4 tracy willcon has more. >> the d.c. police officers assigned to this unit provide escorts to the white house that includes the president, first lady, vice president, his family and any dignitaries that come into the area. in fact, a source tells me the day before the officer being investigated made these comments, he was actually
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providing an escort for the first lady. now, a police source who does not want to share his name said a group of motormen were talking wednesday morning when the conversation shifted to threats against the obamas. one of the officers mentioned how unusual it was for the first lady to receive threats. the officer in question then allegedly showed a picture of a gun on his cell phone and said he would like to use it against the first lady. the female officer who heard this conversation was offended by the comments and reported it to a superior, according to a police source. cathy lanier tells news 4 there is convicting information about what the officer said. internal affairs will get to the bottom of it. secret service are aware of the incident and will follow up with appropriate action. police are not releasing the name of the officer in question and police sources tell us he's a veteran, who's served 18 to 20 years on the force and has now been reassigned within the department. now, a police source tells me
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that officers making comments about the obamas within this unit is not unheard of. he says, in fact, a sergeant was reassigned from this unit shortly after the election from making disparaging comments that were d.c. police would not confirm that. in northwest, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. an argument over a spare tire ended with one man dead and another behind bars. there was a shooting yesterday afternoon in the 11100 block of crossroad trail in brandywine. police say a domestic dispute between two men ended when one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other to death. police say they were arguing over a spare tire. police arrested one man also found a gun. today police canvassed an area where a man sexually assaulted a woman in montgomery county. police say a man attacked a 21-year-old woman on monday while she walked her dog at the green farm conservation park. this morning officers handed out
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fliers to drivers passing through that area. they hope that by passing out the information, they will get new leads into the attacks. >> well, there's description of the suspect, he was armed with a knife. there's also the phone number to the major crimes division, 240-773-5070. detectives are looking for people to call them, to provide them with any information, if they believe they know anything about the suspect or the crime. >> the man ran away. again, if you have any information, you're asked to call montgomery county police. the time right now is 11:09. coming up this morning, jpmorgan chase out with new numbers today. why the bank now says it lost even more money than first reported. and olympic outrage. why capitol hill is buzzing about the uniforms the americans will be wearing.
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welcome back. jpmorgan chase says a trading blunder cost the bank $4.4 billion since the beginning of april, that's up from the original estimate of $2 billion. the bank says all managers at the london office responsible for the trade had been fired. jpmorgan has said none of that loss affected clients and despite the news, jpmorgan stock is actually up right now along with other banks and right now dow is up more than 150 points. president obama just kicked off a two-day campaign blitz through the battleground state of virginia. he just took off from virginia for two stops this afternoon. he will hold events at a high school in virginia beach and then he'll travel to roanoke where he has a campaign event scheduled at a fire station tomorrow. the president will be in richmond and then make his way to northern virginia and speak at centervville high school.
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the president needs to do a better job of inspiring the public if he wants to win a second term. the mistake of his first term was thinking that his job was getting policy right. he sat down this morning with charlie rose. >> the nature of this office is, also, to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney responded to the president's comments saying that being president is not about telling stories a, rather about leading. mean whm, the romney campaign won't talk about one name that is surfacing as a possible running mate. the drudge report posted that former secretary of state condoleezza rice is a frontrunner among possible presidential candidates. earlier this month romney's wife, ann, said he was
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considering choosing a woman as a runner mate. lawmakers are fighting over tax cuts and spending. if congress cannot reach some sort of agreement by the end of the year, taxes will go up for everybody. nbc's brian moore reports. >> reporter: on capitol hill, the house is divided on extending the bush era tax cuts. >> you're prepared to hold hostage working americans by saying if the richest people in america might have a little bit of a tax increase, then everybody else is going to get a tax increase. >> denying them a job. it's about jobs. >> reporter: president obama says he'll veto a bill that keeps the tax cuts for the wealthy. but an even bigger battle is looming. congress has until december 31st to agree on a pair down budget or deep automatic cuts kick in for the domestic and military budgets. >> i say the chances are that we're going over a fiscal cliff and i hate to say it, but i think that's probably right. >> reporter: for now, the senate
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is squabbling over plans to cut taxes for businesses. >> the rest of the country, which is less interested in class warfare taking talking points and more interested in getting the economy moving, again, would embrace it. >> the only argument that republicans could possibly have against this proposal is that it just might help the economy. and they want to do that because they know what that means electerally. >> reporter: more partisan showdowns ahead, but a deadline is looming. republicans and democrats can agree that raising taxes while drastically cutting spending is a recipe for economic disaster. brian moore, nbc news, washington. the department of agriculture says the country is in the middle of the worst drought in at least 25 years. 60% of the lower 48 states have been affected by severe drought conditions, meaning serious damage to crops affecting people all over the world. 30% of the corn crop is now poor or in very poor condition.
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cattle ranchers are being forced to buy feed for their cows because grazing grounds are destroyed and experts say don't expect relief for a while. >> when it comes to the big picture weather pattern and any significant changes to these drought-stricken areas, we're just not going to see any improvements, at least through the end of july. >> the crop shortage will eventually affect consumers. farmers will be forced to raise prices, which will be passed on to you at the grocery store. meteorologist tom kierein is here now and we've been looking at dry conditions for the most part this year. >> yeah, it's been abnormally dry, but our local corn crop not doing too bad around am maryland. we're doing okay so far because we're not in the drought condition yet, i say yet. our total deficit for around the metro area so far for the year is running about six or seven inches and we'll take every drop we can get. we don't want those heavy dulluges like we got last week and it all washes away, we need just a good, soaking rain and
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you generally don't get that this time of year. you get isolated showers and thundershowers that roll on through and then they're gone and then maybe they only leave half an inch. we'll take every drop we can get. 83 at reagan national and partly sunny and a few breaks in the clouds and look at that dew point. still comfortably dry around 60 when that dew point is around 8 70, it is feeling humid. few passing showers across the metro area and right now all this area in color is a zone of some rain getting persistent downpours and beneficial rains in west virginia and that's into western maryland but right around the metro area, we have breaks in the clouds and little bit of sunshine breaking out and temperatures are now in these orange zones into the low 80s, that covers most of virginia and maryland, the eastern shore and ocean city now at 79 and we have, it's still in the 60s out of the mountains. 70s in the shenandoah valley and much of western maryland now and closer to washington, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties right around 80 degrees and hold
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steady for another hour or two and get into the mid-80s by mid-afternoon. let's go forward over the next several hours. just a small chance of isolated shower and this areas in green and as we get into the evening hours, just a small smans of an additional passing shower, again, mainly to our north and west, otherwise, clouds in and out through the rest of the evening. then during the day on saturday, perhaps in the morning, might wake up to a sprinkle very early around dawn and then a greater chance of the entire area getting some scattered showers and thundershowers by mid to late afternoon on saturday. and then saturday night, a lot of it will dissipate and then as we get into sunday, looks like we'll get those regenerating, again, during the afternoon as we get the steam heat moving in. yes, turning more humid and hotter as we get into saturday and sunday and that's going to linger into the first part of next week. so, for the rest of this friday afternoon, little break in the cloud cover from time to time, we'll have a small chance of a shower, mid-80s mid-afternoon and back down to near 80 by early evening and then by late evening, it will be continuing
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to drop down to near 70 by midnight and just a small chance of a passing shower and, again, that would be mainly north and west of the metro area. going to the beach, heading east, well, here's how things are going to be looking for the weekend. here are the beaches, there's ocean city and lewis, delaware, all along the beaches, water temperatures are swimmable now and saturday and sunday both days very light wind, not much of a breeze off of the ocean, so, actually, the beach is very warm. low and mid-80s at the beaches both saturday and sunday and both days partly sunny and both days about a 30% chance of maybe a few passing afternoon thundershowers, but it should not really interrupt you for more than just a temporary period, maybe half an hour and then you can get right back out. as we look else where inland, hotter near 90 both saturday and sunday and greater chance of some scattered showers a thunderstorms inland and that includes our metro area, as well as on saturday and sunday and
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lingner to monday, too. little bit hotter midweek next week and more storms around as we get into wednesday and thursday during the afternoons mainly is the way it looks right now. i'll be outside next sampling the air, i'll report to you live from our weather patio in just a few minutes. >> we'll look forward to that. thanks, tom. let's get another check on the midday traffic. danella sealock is here with more on that. >> i think i might be jealous of tom's weather patio there. i'm looking at traffic and our weather is not as nice inside. let's look at i-66, aaron, you remember earlier today a huge accident caused big delays. jammed inside the beltway and the crash was at westmoreland and now nice and clear, in fact, in both directions. we'll check westbound speeds right now. 57 miles per hour and just 11 minutes from gw parkway to the beltway. heading across the american legion bridge, clear in both directions. nothing to report right now. aaron, back over to you. >> thank you, danella a.
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still ahead on "news 4 midday" you might think of it as a woman's surgery, but more men are undergoing the procedure. why hundreds are lining up to see this tree in new york. first, though, a look at what's hot on the first time i saw fios it was absolutely amazing. for years and years we had to put up with cable. once we got fios it was like somebody like took our computer and shook all the junk out of it. [ male announcer ] don't settle for the same old cable technology. switch to a verizon fios triple play and upgrade your entertainment equipment with our 100% fiber-optic network and whole home solution, including a high-speed wireless router plus a new multi-room dvr and new hd set top box free for 12 months. everything has to be fast now, and that's what fios provides us right now when we want it. [ male announcer ] and now, with new fios quantum speeds, you can enjoy internet more than twice as fast as anything you've ever seen. fios gives me way more for my money.
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just two weeks now before the olympics begin and it looks like the u.s. men's basketball team is going to be the team to beat. the american crushed the dominican republic last night in an exhibition game in las vegas. 115-39. the team will train here in the district over the weekend and the second match against brazil at the verizon center. the u.s. committee is defending its choice to have team usa uniforms made in china. ralph lauren designed the uniforms. you see them here. they were actually made in china. the u.s. olympic committee said, unlike most country's teams, team usa is privately funded and the company, rather the committee is grateful and proud of the sponsor support. but lawmakers on capitol hill don't like that the clothing wasn't made in the states. >> i think the olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. i think they should be embarrassed. i think they should take all the uniforms and put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again.
11:26 am
all if they have to wear nothing but a singlet that says usa on it painted by hand, that's what they should wear. >> similar controversy four years ago when team usa's uniforms were also made in china. ralph lauren designed those uniforms, too. for everything olympics, just head over to there you will find schedules, in-depth athlete profiles and more so you are preparied for te opening ceremonies. many people are making a pilgrimage to an image of the virgin mary on a tree. many folks believe the image and believers have left flowers and prayed in the circles there around the tree turning it into a shrine of sorts. some say all the attention is causing traffic delays in that area. well, coming up in the next half hour of news 4 midday, we will hear from a mother who lost one child while another saved her life in a boating accident
11:27 am
on july fourth. plus, where a local man and his dog were attacked by a fox. and tom kierein is back with where and when we could see some rain today. stay with us. the first time i saw fios it was absolutely amazing. for years and years we had to put up with cable.
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right now on news 4 midday, police rescued 17 people from a massive fire in an apartment building. nearly 100 firefighters worked to knock down those flames earlier this morning. officials are now trying to figure out what started that fire. the search is on for what caused a fourth of july boating tragedy off the coast of long island, new york. the yacht with 27 people onboard capsized and three children died and investigators now have that boat and they're trying to figure out if there were enough life jackets onboard. the mother of a little girl who died said her daughter was only one of two passengers she saw wearing life jackets. she fought back tears as she described as her 12-year-old son
11:31 am
helped save her life. >> the boat started to lean and it didn't recover and then it just went over. >> were you thrown off the boat when it hit the water? >> yeah. i don't know if we slid off or fell off, i don't remember. >> and were you close to ryan when you hit the water? >> we separated for a little while and i was going under and if it wasn't for him, i couldn't swim. he grabbed me and he's like, i got you mom. and i grabbed on to him and he helped me swim to a chair that was floating before people got us out. >> investigators are now looking into whether overcrowding was a factor and the boat capsizing or possibly the weather or mech mechanical malfunction. no criminal charges are being filed at this point. federal authorities searched two planes on the east to coast after two separate scares. first in new york, a delta airlines plane heading to spain turned around about an hour after takeoff. a passenger reported strange wiring in the bathroom. authorities evacuated the more
11:32 am
than 200 passengers. a bomb squad searched the plane and did find wires, but did not say what they were from. the passengers took off for their flight to spain around 3:45 this morning. and bwi marshal hazmat crews were called out after a flight attendant got sick on a flight. she was taken to the hospital and is okay. hazmat crews determined a cleaning solvent in the air made the flight attendant sick. all the passengers were okay, as well. international crime ring busted at a local nail salon. we were there when police raided the star nail salon arresting five nail technicians and leading them away in handcuffs. customers in the middle of manicures were forced to the floor as officers moved in on what they called liquid gold, tide detergent. >> tell me what it was like? >> it was nightmare on elm street. you think it was a play or something. >> investigators say the woman, the women bought stolen products like detergent, razor blades and
11:33 am
fragrances and then resold them to people in vietnam. they're accused of mixing the tide with water to increase the profits. police claim they got $6,000 in this raid alone. a warning now for people in chevy chase, maryland, a man says a fox bit him on turner lane wednesday night. there were also reports of a fox attacking a dog on cummings lane. neighbors out there are pretty surprised about these attacks. >> they live in the creek. down here. and they have been around a lot. however, i don't think that i ever heard of them actually in the neighborhood and i've never heard of them actually biting anyone before. >> montgomery county animal services now patrolling that area. the national park service says foxes usually don't attack people unless they feel threatened. if you see a fox, experts say you should scream and they will usually run away. the power companies could pay a hefty fine in maryland because customers were in the
11:34 am
dark for a week after the storm. two state senators are asking the state's public service commission to find pepco and bge more than $100 million each. they say the money can pay to train more workers to help restore power faster. a popular georgetown restaurant temporarily closed. the washington business journal reports the hotel that houses it have water damage. the region has been hit hard over the last couple of weeks by storms, but it's not clear if that had anything to do with the closing. the m. street restaurant is run by michelle runard. let's check in, again, with tom kierein for the latest on our forecast. he's now outside checking out the great outdoors on the storm 4 patio. hey, tom. >> it is a beautiful summer day. the bright overcast and a little bit of a balmy breeze coming through and delightful day, not humid yet. the humidity is moving in as we get in to the weekend and as we
11:35 am
take a look at view from space that area in moving green, light rain and getting a few sprinkles now in the panhandle of west virginia and maybe they're in frederick county in virginia there just north of winchester and out at western maryland, parts of the highlands of west virginia, getting heavier showers but else where a little sunshine breaking out and you can hear the breeze blowing on my microphone right now. wind at five to ten miles per hour and 83 degrees at reagan national and near 80 near virginia and maryland and around the bay, gorgeous day around the bay and at the atlantic beaches and shenandoah valley into the 80s and still not very humid. a delightful summer day coming up and only a small chance of an isolated shower late this afternoon and this evening. and then a likelihood of showers and thundershowers tomorrow afternoon and, again, sunday and monday, as we get the increasing heat and the increasing humidity and that's going to linger all the way into next week. highs may even reach mid-90s on tuesday and wednesday.
11:36 am
could get a few more thunderstorms around perhaps on wednesday and, again, on thursday. that is the way it looks right now, i'll be back with another update in a few minutes. aaron? >> all right, we'll see you then, thanks tom. your commute on metro could get longer this summer. they might change some protocols. nobody got hurt last week, but the bent rails near the station made three cars jump the track. metro believes the hot weather caused that problem. the new policy would set speed limits for operating during future heat waves. metro maintenance teams will work on all five rail lines this weekend. buses will replace trees between braddock road on the blue and yellow lines. the reagan airport and crystal city stops will be closed. there will also be single tracking on the red, green and orange lines. one more look at a our midday traffic now, danella sealock has that for us. >> still checking out things on i-95. delays are growing. as you travel southbound and
11:37 am
approaching route 123 that's where you're heavy on the bre brakes. and then the road opens up and everybody is just trying to get out of town. let's head over to van dorn. on the beltway, inner loop and outer loop, in fact, as you head across the wilson bridge, no delays. travel speed from van dorn street traveling 52 miles per hour and just about a seven-minute drive. last week we told you about the growing number of men going under the knife and needle in order to look younger. well, today, a look at a surgery some may not associate with men, but that is becoming more popular. we're talking about breast reduction surgery. dr. steven joins us to explain. interesting thing here that's happening. why do you think it is that more men are having this type of surgery? what kind of results are they seeing? >> well, probably like everything else, social media. it's an increase of awareness. it's a big problem in large breasts in prepubertal boys.
11:38 am
almost 60%. adult males, 30%. so, it's a frequent problem and i think men are finding out that a lot of other men have this and now with liposuction, the new techniques of liposuction they find there is a way they can treat it simply and without scarring. >> is it a cosmetic thing? guys just don't like the way it looks for the most part? >> it is cosmetic. a big, psychological problem. we know many of oour patients won't take their shirt off or go to the gym. >> we're looking at some before and after pictures. >> so, it can be dramatic. it can really affect their life. but there is a procedure now using liposuction technique for reduction of this enlarged breast. they can look very natural with minimal scarring. in the old days they had to do a maskectomy surgery with big scars. men are learning there is a treatment. >> how different is this treatment for men from what you would do for a women in terms of breast reduction surgery.
11:39 am
>> breast reduction surgery for women is more about lifting the breast after children and things like that. men don't have children so we don't have that situation. men are better candidates and women tend to need lifting procedures, which involve more scarring. but, again, this is a procedure that ten years ago involved a lot of scarring and there's a great advance with liposuction. >> is this something for men, can you work out, can you lift enough weights to have an impact in that area or do you recommend the surgery more for guys who don't really see any results with that? >> obviously, exercise first is the rule. although some people who bulked up during their football days and now they lost the weight, they end up causing the problem because you can't keep that weight lifting up or you lose some weight. it's hard to get rid of this with exercise, frankly, aaron. so, that's why this surgery is very, becoming more popular. >> got you. i want to talk a little bit of breast cancer in men now how common is it, first of all? >> well, it's 100 times less
11:40 am
common in men than women. one in seven women. so very common in women. but something we have to be concerned about. if a man has unilateral breast enlargement or bloody discharge from the nipple, pain, painful lump, it really needs to be investigated because it does exist. and every time we examine a patient like this, not only for hormonal issues, but we have to rule out any kind of breast carcin carcinoma. >> is there a reconstruction process for men like there might be for women? >> the treatment would be masectomy and then reconstruction. so, yes, similar to women. >> if a man does have this type of surgery and then gains some weight. are the results lost as a result of that weight gain? >> not so much because, again, it's fatty breasts, gine cumastia is where you have the glandier tissue. you may gain weight somewhere else, it will go to your middle or your back, it's not going to go back to your breasts. >> no concerns there then. recovery from this certain
11:41 am
surgery, easy to get through? >> it's fairly straight forward. you know, you're bruised for about two or three weeks and you have to wear a compression garment like a vest under your clothes for two to three weeks but back in the gym within two weeks, probably not doing bench presses but cardio and things like that. >> if you have the surgery and gone through the recovery and you say you're back in the gym, do you see the same sort of results that you might see, you might typically see in the gym if you were lifting weights to build up your chest, having had the breast reduction, do you see better results? >> you can see the pecs now because the fat has been reduced. before, guys used to work out, bulk up and still have the prominent fatty breasts. >> to anybody who might be considering this sort of surgery, what sort of the, what sort of advice would you give them at the beginning in terms of what they need to be thinking about? >> well, some of us due to weight loss. so, first, get to your ideal weight. some of it can be due to medications. so, find out from your doctor.
11:42 am
some of it can be due to smoking too much marijuana. smoke less marijuana. but, having said all that, if you go to a surgeon who is board certified that very least and demonstrates to you they see this a lot and can show you pictures and have it done in a certified facility. >> dr. steven hophopkins, we appreciate your advice. still ahead, ice cream on demand. the new service that could help curb a few cravings. plus, what happened at a justin bieber concert that has one mother suing. stay wit
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check your yahoo! e-mail account. a hacking group stole more than 400,000 user names and passwords on wednesday. yahoo! says only half of those accounts are valid. the company says it's working to prevent something like this from happening, again, and it's notifying all of the affected users. some d.c. area homeowners would get money from a discrimination lawsuit with wells fargo.
11:46 am
the bank will pay $175 million to black home owners around the country. the justice department discovered they paid higher fees than white homeowners who had the same credit risk. about 3,000 of those customers are in the d.c. area. wells fargo also agreed to use $50 million for down payment assistance in hard-hit areas, including washington, d.c., and baltimore. jpmorgan chase stock is surging in early trading. let's check in now with jackie deangela and she is live with that and the rest of the day's business headlines. good morning, jackie. >> it's friday the 13th, but not always bad luck for wall street. stocks averaged small gains on the day and, in fact, the markets are higher on the positive earnings from morgan. the bank reported $1.21 a share on revenue of $22.9 billion well above walltreet estimates but the bank pegging the $4.4 billion. ceo jamie dimon said the
11:47 am
worse-case scenario can see that number grow by another $1.7 billion, which is larger than the $2 billion estimate when that story broke. meantime, as the drought in the midwest continues, corn futures are higher building on yesterday's 4% gains. earlier this week the usda slashed the estimates for the corn crop. the u.s. is the top grower and exporter. yesterday goldmian sachs cut it corn yields for the second time in the past two weeks. time to hit the reset button. video game sales dropped 27% in june. analysts say that's due to a lack of compelling new games. sale of consoles fell 4 5% as consumer continue to wait for the new version of the sony play station and x-box. >> thank you. if you're feeling the need for a sweet treat, uber may be your best bet today. the car services rolling across d.c. in ice cream trucks delivering frozen treats on
11:48 am
demand. they will be available in the dupont circle area, downtown, capitol hill, arlington, bethesda. it will cost you $12 for ice cream for 5. the customers pay through an app on their phones and the special service only available today from noon until 5:00. >> just keep your eye on the horizon. >> i can't find the horizon! your favorite frozen friends are back in "ice age continental drift" the continents are breaking apart, but it's difficult seeing as they are stuck on a glacier. the fourth installment of this family comedy is rated pg. sigourney weaver star in the supernatural thriller "red lights" they play professional skeptics who debunk faith healers and confronted with a psych psychic, things aren't what they
11:49 am
seem, things are rated r. a powerful movie about imagination in beast of the southern wild. 6-year-old must deal with the real devastation of a storm wiping out her home. she uses her creative mind to help save herself and her father from catastrophe. bea "beasts of the southern wild" is pg-13. your time right now 11:49. why this friday the 13th is considered especially unlucky. plus, meteorologist tom kierein will be back with the latest on a
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
a staging area after the storm and the celebration starts at 5:00 this afternoon at the fairgrounds. it will feature live music and food, as well. the fireworks start at 9:25. well, celebrities being sued tops this week's mcfly report. tommy mcfly from 94.7 fresh fm is here with the latest entertainment news and a reason to fear the number 13 -- >> more so than normal. >> let's start with somebody who is not happy with the biebs? how could that happen? >> a woman went to a conert and it was very loud and now she's
11:53 am
suing for $9.2 million is pretty much where we're here now. a woman from portland, oregon, went to to her and it says this in the document, got into a steel gondola and the shriek permanently damaged her hearing and it's worth $9.2 million. >> good luck with that, lady. i mean, concerts are cloud. that's got to be new. >> never heard of that. >> madonna also heading to court eventually. >> madonna is being sued because of "vogue" not because she flashed half of herself around the world but there is a lawsuit filed against everyone and their mother. apparently there is now claims that "vogue" sampled a 1977 song called "outbreak." >> that brand-new song "vogue" that hassant been out very long. >> kind of waited a little while. >> somebody needed some
11:54 am
publicity here. >> they wanted to make sure they were totally right. checking their homework. >> talk about getting extra publicity. "american idol" making headlines because of steven tyler. >> steven tyler said he's not doing "idol" but said it in the best way he could. time for me to let go of my mistress "american idol" before she boils my rabbit. >> did you just say that on the morning news. >> which is great. it was in "usa today" the quote. jennifer lopez has been saying i might come back and might not come back and let me give katie and tom some divorce advice. clearly jennifer lopez is trying to get another deal out of it. >> i can't help but wonder if maybe this was already, you know, this was expected by the folks at "american idol" and the executives need to get a little more publicity going. >> steven tyler was out and air aerosmith will do more music and he said from the beginning, not
11:55 am
life-long rest of his career and now the band will kick up and do new stuff. >> randy is hanging tough. >> every office has one of those guys that has been there for 25 years. >> or longer. >> randy is the "where is my stapler" guy. >> let's talk about friday the 13th. this particularly unusual. >> yes, because this year there are three of them, which hasn't happened since 1984 and they are 13 months apart. the first one was january 13th and then april 13th and now july 13th. three of them this year. 84 was the last time, but people who fear friday the 13th, i wrote it out here, i have been trying to how to pronounce th this -- >> you're on your own with that. but nothing necessarily worse happens on this friday the 13th. >> well, it just kind of 13s going around. three times this year, 13 weeks apart on friday the 13th.
11:56 am
>> just freaking out. >> i wouldn't smash a mirror today, if i were you. if you can avoid it. >> do my best there. we appreciate you coming in, buddy. >> see you. well, let's take a look at some of the stories coming up on news 4 this afternoon. summer is carnival season and most kids like to try their luck at winning the prize, maybe, but are the games unfairly rigged against the players? carneys say, no, but nbc sent professionals in and undercover cameras, as well, to try their luck. the inside story tonight on that at 4:00. tonight at 5:00, "washington post" food critic takes us to a place that off aers small plates with italian flare. time to get one more final look at our forecast this friday. tom kierein joins us. >> it is friday the 13th. we are lucky weatherwise. we have had cloud cover with us this morning it's kept it a bit cooler and it's very pleasant and over the last several hours
11:57 am
we have had few of these passing showers as areas in green passing north and west of the metro area, almost like there may be a few sprinkles in southern prince george's that has popped up in the last minute or so. else where, partly sunny around the bay and northern neck and beautiful day at the beaches and just a few high clouds drifting there, but out of the mountains, those areas in the green are getting some sprinkles, washington county, the panhandle of west virginia, far northern shenandoah valley and farther west, moderate showers out in west virginia, but all of that is going to be staying west of the metro area for the rest of the afternoon. and it's still pleasant with 84 at a reagan national and still not too humid. highs are reaching well another degree or two up into the mid-80s and we'll have it getting a bit cooler, again, tonight. in fact, we were in the 60s this morning and probably do it again saturday morning down to the 60s and still not too humid, but saturday progresses, it will become increasingly humid and hotter as afternoon highs climb to around 90 and a lot of clouds
11:58 am
around tomorrow. likelihood of scattered afternoon showers and thundershowers on saturday and, again, sunday and monday, otherwise, sunday monday and end of tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. just heat and humidity. maybe some afternoon storms mid-week next week. that's the way it looks. have a grit weekend. we'll see you monday morning. >> looks like july out there. >> feels like it. thank you for joining us for "news 4 midday." be sure to tune in to news 4 from 4:00 to 7:00. i'll be back along with tom for news 4 today at 4:30. the first time i saw fios it was absolutely amazing.
11:59 am
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