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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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first democrat to win virginia in a generation. if he does it again this year, he could lose swing states like florida and ohio and still win re-election. he demanded congress keep tax rates the same for everyone except the wealthy. >> the republicans disagree with me on this. mr. romney disagrees with me on this, and i'm looking forward to having a debate because if you say you want to bring down the deficit, but you're not willing to let tax cuts lapse for the top 2% it tells me you're not serious about deficit reduction. >> reporter: to help the president former president clinton pressured mitt romney to release tax returns that might show romney shielded incomes overseas. >> they can think whether it's a good thing for a person who wants to be president to minimize his own tax liability by putting the money in overseas tax shelters. >> team romney fired back. >> when they want to talk about
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bank accounts, let's talk about bank accounts of the american worker who right now is trying to figure out how to make ends meet. >> reporter: romney himself charged in a letter to the president printed by virginia's largest paper. your insistence on slashing our military to pay the tab for your irresponsible spending could shut the doors on factories and shipyards and potentially shirt virginia military bases. a tough fight for a state that could be key in november. virginia polls put the president up by a bit. a new national poll out by pugh research finds mitt romney losing ground on the key issue, doreen, on who would be the best president to fix the economy. back to you. >> and is this accusation of the overseas tack shelter, steve, is mitt romney saying anything about that? >> he is, and the questions are biting. romney did something he hardly ever does late this afternoon
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which was to sit down and do one-on-one interviews with the networks. he told nbc, number one, his wealth is in a blind trust. it's his money, but not his investment choices. he says what's been released informed him that less than 1% of his wealth is overseas and he says no, he's not going to release more taxes publicly and he says give team obama more opposition research to work with. he says, instead he'll turn back to the economy that affects the rest of americans to try to get people back to work. doreen? >> steve handelsman on capitol hill. thank you, steve. >> you're coming up. coming up at 6:15, david gregory joins us to about one name surfacing as a possible romney runningmate. they called for mayor ins havent gray to resign because of the scandal are premature, attorney general says he's anxious to know the outcome of the probe.
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tom sherwood joins us with the latest on the story. >> the attorney general says the mayor is doing a good job of sticking to his job. >> this week, jeannie harris admitted her part in the $50,000 off the book shadow campaign to elect gray in 2010. and the lawyer won't let him talk opinion friday on the politics hour on wamu radio, d.c. attorney general weighed in on the scandal impact saying it does affect the running of the government. >> i can't say that this is not a distraction and is not the subject of water cooler discussions. he said the mayor is doing a good job. i have seen him up close and personal in dealing with governmental affairs and my judgment, this is an honest man
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who is doing a very good job as the mayor. >> reporter: now with three felony guilty pleas and more expected, the campaign scandal is raising questions that are hanging over the mayor. did the mayor in any way approve of the off the books campaign? did the mayor orchestrate it in any way or did the mayor learn of the shadow campaign and take no action to stop it? >> we have to go forward. >> after wednesday's felony guilty plea, three council members, david catannia all called for gray's resignation saying he needs to be held accountable. attorney general nathan said he thought that's premature. >> i know there's interest. i'm certainly interested in knowing the results, but i think we need to wait for the u.s. attorney to complete that investigation and that will -- and we'll know what happened. >> nathan said everyone realizes a very serious investigation is going on. >> all right. jim? doreen? >> as you know, despite the attention surrounding his campaign, mayor gray was going
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about business as usual today. gray did a walking tour of businesses on martin luther king avenue urging store keepers not to illegally sell drug paraphernalia and alcohol to minors. he got several questions about the campaign scandal and gray tried to keep things on topic. >> i kept to my schedule and i know to keep to my schedule and i will continue to do that. >> how much of the day to day operations can you monitor. >> you mean tops papers? >> no. i'm talking about the election. >> let's stay on this issue, okay? >> again, gray said while the investigation is under way, his lawyer says he can't talk about it. more fallout tonight from the allegation that a d.c. police officer threatened first lady michelle obama. united states. >> 4 learned the officer has been put on desk duty and other officers have been punished. jackie benson spoke to d.c. police chief kathy linear and jackie joins us outside police headquarters with the latest. jackie? >> reporter: that's right,
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doreen. a short time ago d.c. police chief kathy linear, spoke about what has become a national news story and an embarrassing matter for her department. >> is it possible the officer was making a joke? is it possible that they were joking around? first and foremost, there's absolutely no place for jokes of a nature that could be perceived as threatening to the president, the first lady or anybody else. that's not funny and police officers get that. this is not something that you joke about. >> the officer in question, a 17-year veteran has, in the past, been assigned to the first lady's motorcade. he's alleged to have said during a roll call wednesday at special operations divisions headquarters in northwest, how he would, quote, take-out price obama and showed a photo on his phone of the gun he would use. the alleged threat was heard by an officer who reported it to a lieutenant who immediately notified superiors. the incident is under investigation by both the secret
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service and the d.c. police department's internal affairs division. that investigation could lead to discipline for additional officers who may have heard the statement, but did not report it. needless to say, these revelations are unwelcome to the d.c. police department. >> the amount of frustration and outrage and hurt to the members of this agency that if this allegation is true, cannot be overstated. this is an organization that prides itself in our history and being one of the most efficient and affected and professional agencies in this country when it comes to dignitary protection. >> reporter: news 4 has confirmed that a white house spokesman told reporters travel to virginia with the president that mr. obama is aware of the situation and that the officer has been moved to desk duty. reporting live to d.c. police headquarters, jackie benson, news 4. new fallout from the bad investment that cost j.p. morgan
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chase billions of dollars. the company's ceo jamie dimon now says the bad bet cost the bank about $5.8 billion this year. that's almost three times the original estimate. dimon says the bank closed the division responsible for the trade and got rid of the managers tied to it. despite the loss, j.p. morgan chase still earned $5 billion last quarter. that new report from j.p. morgan gave stocks a rally on wall street. the dow jones industrial average snapped a six-day losing streak to pick up 204 points today. the nasdaq gained 42 and the s&p 500 closed 22 points higher. the penn state community is reeling today in the wake of yesterday's big report about the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. nbc's michael isikoff takes a look at the issues facing the school from state college. >> the fallout from thursday's scathing internal report from
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former fbi director louie freeh are rippling through penn state community. the flood of lawsuits by the victims of jerry sandusky, armed with new ammunition that top university officials protected the former defensive coach. there are also ongoing criminal investigations and one of the biggest issues of all, will the ncaa take action against penn state and possible even suspend its football program? it's one of the big questions today here in state college. this is michael isikoff, nbc news. michael will have the latest tonight on nbc nightly news with brian williams. that airs right after our newscast. a pretty nice-looking day outside, but we could see changes in a hurry. doug kammerer is outside on the weather patio. what's the word, doug? >> reporter: the word is a little warm and a little muggy although not bad outside right now and i think it will be a great evening for all of us and a few showers out to the west. 87 right now at the airport with winds out of the southeast at 7 miles per hour. it is going to stay on the warm
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side throughout the rest of the evening, but notice the areas to the west in the 70s. 77 winchester and 78 in martinsburg and only 70 in cumberland, maryland. along the eastern shore. check out the storm 4 radar and you can see a few showers trying to make their way in through western maryland and part of the west virginia panhandle. i do think we'll see an isolated shower and a much better chance for rain during the day tomorrow and we'll continue to watch out for that. through your morning, tomorrow morning say you're into portion of fairfax county and around tyson's corner. 83 degrees by 7:00 and 77 by 11 and 73 by tomorrow morning and yes, we could see a few showers and you will need the umbrellas tomorrow and most likely at least some part of your saturday and where i think your rain could be the heaviest and just how hot our next heat wave is going to get. >> thank you, doug. still ahead on news 4 at
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6:00, more than a dozen people rescued as a fire rips through a industrial complex. >> how a 9-year-old girl saved a 4-year-old from the bottom of a swimming pool. how a light show can impact electronics matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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more than 200 delta air lines passengers are finally in madrid, spain. they arrived several hours later than expected because a suspicious device forced their original flight from new york to return to the airport. someone on the plane found the device with wires in the lavatory once the plane had taken off last night. it landed two hours later at jfk. a bomb squad determined the device was not dangerous and the flight took off again early this morning. there are calls tonight for the president of syria to take action after reports of a new massacre. helicopters, tanks and soldiers bombarded a small region in the western part of the country. 220 syrian civilians were killed. deputy secretary of state william burns spoke about the massacre in lebanon and they must pay the price for their rights violations. they believe the massacre is an effort by bashar al assad to crush the rebellion against him.
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eight months since the cruise ship smashed into rocks off the coast. just a small number of people attended a special mass mark the costa concordia disaster. the cruise ship started to capsize after it hit the rocks in shallow waters and 32 people were killed including an american couple from minnesota. the captain of the boat is accused of abandoning ship after the accident. for the first time in 50 years a cargo ship from the united states arrived in cuba today. the small cargo vessel was carrying humanitarian supplies. the shipping company has -- a ten-person crew will unload the cargo and is not allowed to leave the ship. nothing on the shym be sold to cuba. as we mentioned at the top of the show president obama is campaigning in virginia today and tomorrow, underscoring the commonwealth's weight in the electoral equation. >> meet the press moderator, david gregory joins us now to talk about virginia's status about the battleground state. everyone was in virginia today.
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>> it will be hard fought. it was hard fought in the life cycle and president obama prevailed and this is a target of opportunity for mitt romney as well and it is just one of those states that will go down to the wire. just no two ways about it. so you will see both campaigns, spending a lot of time and energy. look at all of the advertising over this bain capital issue, for one, that's being directed on virginia and that's really going to continue. >> for his part, mitt romney sends rudy giuliani into the commonwealth and any traction with that? >> well, it is interesting that they're trying to put the president on the defensive with defense cut which is means so much to our area and particularly in virginia. of course, republicans wanted what was called sequestration as part of the package so that that sword would fall and cut into the defense spending as a way to force something to be done about the deficit which just hasn't
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been accomplished yet. >> what do you think about the condoleezza rice, runningmate talk. i think it was a distraction. the way they're rung the v.p. search is so formal and so buttoned down that somebody's putting this out there to try to create a distraction. >> there's no question that you look at condoleezza rice and she's been very clear and she's not interested in politics, and she brings diversity and she might bring some electricity and she brings a lot of problems, too. she was at the center of bush's foreign policy. she's socially moderate which i don't think governor romney wants to spend time wanting to defend. i just don't see it. >> any more sense since the last time we talked about when romney made it? >> i was trying to get more on that today and we just don't know. >> my hunch is that he'll have to wait until after he does it in the olympics and he'll want to do it in august and more of a
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run-up. someone suggested to me that he has a number of surrogates right now who are out deploying and raising money and out on the stump and that works to his benefit, so i don't see a particular reason why he has to accelerate that for most campaigns. >> he's doing a round of these network television interviews. is this to counter the bain argument that's out there floating around? >> it is. there was a feeling that the press is looking into it in a way and that only romney could most effectively address it and the issue is gone and it is most complex because the president will try to use his time at bane to say this guy is not a job creator. he's a super-rich guy who made a lot of money by ultimately exploiting companies and it's all part of a larger pitch to middle class voters. so the romney folks felt it was important for romney himself to get out there personally and we'll see what impact it has.
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>> it's a tough decision to release information or you're hiding something. >> if you're explaining, you're losing and he wanted to do some explaining and ed gillespie will join us sunday, his senior adviser to talk more about this. >> david, thank you. >> we invite you to tune in sunday morning for "meet the press," david's guests include ed gillespie as he just mentioned as well as the debate between senator dick durbin and john kyl. and "press pass" follows "meet the press" and david's guest this week is sigourney weaver, one of my favorites. he will discuss her starring role in her new series "political animals." after the nats game you're going to? >> she laid it all out there. >> it's all david. >> and next week, on monday i'm going to be -- >> anyway -- >> see you sunday. >> thank you, david. >> we've got some video, pretty
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incredible, radiation from a huge solar flare is expected to reach earth tomorrow. nasa released this image of the flare which erupted on thursday. people living in southern canada and the northern u.s. may see some colorful auroras in the sky saturday. electronics can also be affected and experts say they don't believe this flare will have any major impact on communication systems and power grids or our cell phones, right? >> let's hope not. we love the colorful picture and they could be close to our area and maybe out to the great lakes and to the west. the east coast, not a good place this time around. >> never is. >> with the solaric soel continuing to get out there, we might see some over the next couple -- >> will you let us know? >> as long as it's not 2:00 a.m. >> yea. >> and you don't want to get up. >> i'll tell you what you do
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want to get up for and i would say, this morning was really, really great. tomorrow we could see some showers and i think they'll continue with those clouds. a lot of clouds out there right now and we did even with all of the cloud cover today. we saw a little bit of sunshine later this afternoon and that helped to push the temperature to 90 degrees today so we did hit 90. a little bit above average today and yes we had a chance of rain and another heat wave? yes, i think we have that, too. so a lot of people not excited about the hot air and they're not excited about the potential for thunderstorms and any thunderstorms would not be anything like what we saw two weeks ago. 87 degrees with partly cloudy skies and winds out of the southeast at 70 miles per hour and cooler to the west where we've seen the clouds and the rain out of the way and 77 in win chester and 78 in martinsburg and 85 right now in mraplata and along the eastern
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shore, cambridge coming in right now at 82 degrees. there are a few showers around and you can see some through baltimore and we saw some in frederick county and back toward the west and right along the blue ridge in i-81 and if you're headed to i-66 you may see sprinkles and also around the panhandle, once again, just enough to get the windshield wipers going and they will not be on heavy rotation. storm 4 radar showing what's coming our way. a lot of moisture and we have the chance tomorrow for pretty good rain and we need to see that rain across the area and it will not be a washout, but what it will do is provide us with much-needed rainfall and look at the highs today. only 75 degrees so we will stay on the warm side of things and look at this at 6:00. some of those could produce heavy downpours and same deal goes on sunday and a better chance for rain on saturday and still a chance on sunday and
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we're going a 60% chance tomorrow and 40% chance on sunday and sunday the heat does start to creep up a little bit and mostly this evening, mostly cloudy to the south and west. most areas should remain on the dry side. tomorrow morning we'll see numbers in the upper 60s back to the west and around 76 degrees and a few showers tomorrow and we might want to take your umbrellas no matter what you're doing and again, if it is not raining at your house it may be raining when you step back in. mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms likely with possible downpours and right there the temperature says 83 to 89. now i'm going 85 to 91. >> we don't like it when you go in that direction. beach forecast, not bad tomorrow. 86 on sunday and 87 on monday and the water temperature, in the atlantic, 81 degrees. how about that and there's the 90 degrees that we're forecasting for tomorrow and 93 on sunday and it gets hot and humid and 94 on monday and 97 on
6:24 pm
tuesday and 97 on wednesday and 92 on thursday. we're making that forecast, veronica johnson and i making a tuesday and that could be the day when we get higher than the 97 number. >> get us through this weekend. >> i will. for sure. >> still ahead on news 4 at 6:00 and a drama attic traffic camera that may have you hitting the brakes. >> hopeople leave their homes without belongings and firefighters had to pull them out of the apartment building. >> drew brees sets a record off the field. team usa's newest player, getting big early on and bradley beale's first day on the job for ♪
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petco officialsre testifying before the d.c. companies after the derecho storm. pepco officials took the stand following five hours of testimony from residents and groups. more than 65,000 pepco customers alone lost power. those outages lasted up to a
6:28 pm
week. pepco says they appreciate the suggestions and are always looking for ways to improve reliability. president obama campaigning in virginia and he spent the day in hampton rose and tomorrow he'll be speaking at centreville high school in fairfax county. mitt romney sent rudy giuliani to campaign on his behalf. >> the secret service and the internal affairs division are investigating an allegation that a d.c. police officer made a threat against first lady michelle obama. chief kathy linear says another officer heard the alleged threat and other officers who heard the threat and didn't report it may also be disciplined. d.c. mayor vincent gray tried to keep his public schedule today after a tough week of scandal. on tuesday, a longtime gray associate pleaded guilty to helping run a $650,000 shadow campaign to get gray elected in 2010. three d.c. council members have called for him to resign. the mayor says he will not step
6:29 pm
down, today the city's attorney general said calls for gray's resignation are premature. it took more than 100 firefighters to put out a fierce apartment fire in burtonsville, maryland. more than a dozen people were trapped inside and had to be rescued and news 4's richard jordan talked to some of them 37. >> reporter: these residents forced to stand by and watch their homes melt away. the blazing fire took out an entire apartment building and the towering flames left the two next door without power. nearly 100 firefighters rushed to help, but most of the building was already doomed. >> i heard pop. i put my plate down, and i walked out and i seen smoke coming out of the room. darnell johnson says the fire started in his first-floor apartment and he managed to get a fast getaway. i lost every damn thing i had except what i've got on my back. many couldn't get out on their own. this family had to be helped down a ladder and the cat
6:30 pm
panicked. >> she was freaking out because of the fire. it's okay. she's my cat. i'm not going to let her go. i'm tougher than that. i'm not letting my cat go. >> this woman cut her arm during the fire escape. firefighters say no one was seriously hurt during the rescue. the red cross is hoping to make accommodations to those whose homes were damaged and they're grateful the rescuers would be able to reach out in time. if i could have, i would be right there to do what i could and just to stand and witness it and watch it, you felt like you were in it. >> reporter: the damage to the 36 apartments affected by the fire is estimated at $1.5 million. because there were some empty units in the apartment complex, a lot of the residents will be staying there so they will have a place to stay at least temporarily. in burtness onville, richard jordan, news 4. a former metro bus driver will spend a year in prison,
6:31 pm
plus two years of supervised release for causing a fatal crash. ronald taylor was speeding through a red light on 19th and constitution avenue when his bus slammed into a tax pip a tourist from california was killed and the man's wife and taxi driver was injured. there were no passengers aboard. he office parole for two drug charges at the time of the crash. he faces an additional 18 months in prison for violating that parole. >> an abandoned home that was an eyesore will no longer be a problem. today crews started knocking down the house on nova avenue. neighbors have complained about illegal squatters and people ditching stolen cars in front of it. it's part of the transforming neighborhoods initiative. she's just 9 years old, but
6:32 pm
a manassas girl is a hero to her whole community. at a local pool with adults and lifeguards around, she's the one who saved another child's life. news 4's melissa malay talked to the young rescuer in this news 4 exclusive. >> reporter: june 26 vth was a busy, hot day at the westgate complex pool in manassas. camille was here with her grandmother. her mother doesn't want us to show her daughter's face, but she was just about to get out of the water. >> i saw the girl. she was faced down on the bottom of the pool. >> reporter: the little girl, a 4-year-old. >> so i held my breath and went down there and poked her to see if she was playing around and holding her breath or something and she didn't look at me. >> reporter: police say the girl's mother had left her five children, ages 1 to 8 inside the gate while she signed in a guest. no one noticed the child until camille saw her. >> then i went down and brought
6:33 pm
her up. >> she picked her up and cradled her and laid her here on the pool deck. help! i think this girl drowneded! >> reporter: the girl wasn't breathing and two lifeguards started cpr. >> there was foam coming out of her nose, so i thought oh, my gosh, there's really something wrong. >> camille is being hailed a hero. >> she was at the bottom of the pool for a few minutes and luckily camille saved the day. >> the 4-year-old's mother has been charged with three counts of child neglect and was freed on bond. she witnessed the rescue and she says it was terrifying. >> you shouldn't entrust the children with just the lifeguards. there are lifeguards here and any parent shouldn't leave your children. >> the 4-year-old is expected to make a full recovery. >> feel like i did something really good. >> camille was honored and they
6:34 pm
will also give her an award for her bravery. melissa ma a lay, news 4. >> continental pools they've completed the investigation and the lifeguards were in the proper places at the time. >> i like that. she did something really good. still ahead tonight, a would-be robber got quite a surprise when he walked into the store in the middle of the afternoon. >> from fish and chip to the perfect pint. doug brings us a tasty tour in london. >> what's ahead in weather, dog? >> wait until you see what we did in london. what's ahead in weather? some shower activity and maybe rain during the day tomorrow and maybe a few thunderstorms and then the temperatures, they're
6:35 pm
[ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] every woman who believes decisions about our bodies and our health care should be our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest. and that's not all. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] for women, planned parenthood means life-saving cancer screenings and family-planning services. but, for mitt romney... planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that.
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>> are you counting with us? there are 15 days until the opening ceremony of the olympic games in london. the script says 16, but i looked on the screen. somebody's a little eager, maybe. is it 15? quick math. >> yep. >> 15. doug is right on top of this and he joins us again tonight with the look at the excitement abroad after his trip to the uk and this is what we were waiting for, the food part. >> you guys know me from backyard weather. i love to eat, and i love to eat food, and a lot of people think
6:38 pm
britain does not have very good food. london not known for its own food, but for its international food they are way up there. not only did we check out some foot, but we also, get this, jim handly, took a little bit of a pub crawl. >> reporter: when you travel there are many things you look forward to. you look forward to the sights. you look forward to the people and the culture, and you look forward to the food. >> like any great city, london is known for its food, of the international flavor. you can get just about anything you want here in cafe brew which happens to be right next to the thames, here they're serving spanish food. >> you can always get your hometown favorites here from mcdonald's to kfc. even the malls get in on the action with vast food courts that serve just about anything your heart or your stomach desire, but if you want to eat the local fare, just order the staple, fish and chips. although nowadays it's served a
6:39 pm
bit different. in most places it comes with mushy peas and get this, a side of curry. one of the best places to order up your fish and chips is at the local british pub. >> i think pubs have always been the traditional heart of the community and it doesn't matter whether you're in a big city or the smallest village. you will always find a pub. >> reporter: that is so true. we found pubs on just about every corner of the city and all of them were packed during the late afternoon. >> a great many places. great beer, fantastic and the brew brewed and traditionally, the price where everybody can meet and have a great time and chat. >> pubs are also a great place to hang out with new friends. flat dan hellie and i met up with a tour group from purdue university who were also enjoying the london pub scene. >> maybe it's because i'm a
6:40 pm
londoner and i love londontown! cheers! >> what a great time that was and we'd like to thank visit britain for helping us to set up all of our adventures while we were in london and we left flat before we left. >> before he was destroyed? >> he didn't make it out of the pub crawl, trust me, but the women from purdue, they took all these pictures of them and dan and i sent them to dan, but nobody else will see them. >> the international cosmopolit cosmopolitan. >> you told him i was beckham's brother. you don't know dan beckham? >> mushy peas are not working for me, though. >> no? >> i'm going to -- >> fish and chips, yes. mushy peas -- >> you might want to find your flat dan. >> it's at the bottom of the river, buddy. >> we have traction. >> what have you got coming up tonight? i think we'll talk baseball. thank goodness the nationals are
6:41 pm
back and their arms are locked and loaded for the second half of the season. school in session for the wizards out in las vegas and a lot to learn there and it's up, up and away for team usa and what
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6:44 pm
>> and hello, everybody. welcome back. we're looking at a lot of cloud cover out there. a little bit of sun in the capital and here comes a plane right on cue. not a bad afternoon out there right now, but it is on the warm side. 87 degrees and you'll walk outside and you'll know what i'm talking about. winds out of the southeast at 7 miles per hour and we are starting to see a few showers around winchester and also down around la rhea and back into the western parts of the west virginia panhandle and you'll continue to see some showers there, but there's a lot more rain on the way and chances of rain and the biggest bulk of rain has moved into pennsylvania and there's more to the south down around the roanoke area and just starting to see showers and thunderstorms there and that's going to be what it will be for us during the day tomorrow and a good chance of showers and thunderstorms. i'm not worried about severe weather and don't worry yourselves too much about that and this is not going to be an issue with severe storms and we are going to see a good chance
6:45 pm
for some rain and 76 degrees and overnight in washington and 68 in leesburg and 65 down toward fredericksburg and when you step out the door tomorrow morning and 90 degrees in frederick and going to a high in 90 in washington and 89 in manassas and it will be warm and rather humid tomorrow and yes, we have a good chance of seeing some thunderstorms out there and any of those could produce locally heavy rainfall and once again, we're very far behind with the rainfall and we need to see it and we'll make a dent during the day tomorrow and you'll want to keep your umbrellas handy. this is the xfin itty sportsdesk, brought to you from your home from the most live sports. >> that's escaping the heat in miami tonight. they're looking forward to tting back on the saddle and playing baseball because it's been a while for the nationals. >> tell you what. i'm not going surprise anybody
6:46 pm
in the season. teams are aware of how good the national league leading nats are and they have a 60-1 odds of leading the world series and their odds now, 11 to 1, right behind the yankees and the rangers. the best in major league baseball and the starters have been devastatingly good. all-star geo-gonzalez is tied with the major league lead, and stephen strasbourg with 128 and although jordan zimmerman hasn't reseefrd much run support. his e.r.a. of 2.61 is the best of any nationals starter. now the trick is to keep it going. >> we'll keep playing the same way we have in the first half and if we can do that we feel like it will put us in a pretty good situation toward the end of the year and i'll try to make a playoff run. >> it's great, but we have a second half here. the job is not done and we have to keep playing hard and see
6:47 pm
what happens at the end of the year. >> and of course, at the end of the year stephen strasbourg is not going to be there because they'll shut him down and he doesn't know exactly when, the nationals don't know exactly when, but i think they do. if they do make the playoffs they'll have to go as far as they can without stephen strasbourg and we'll get more attention as they get closer. >> blake griffin officially out of the olympics and they'll have surgery for a torn mmeniscus. i'll tell you, he is not back as doreen was after her torn meniscus. >> we'll see. he suffered a collision with john wall. team usa destroyed the dominican republic in an exhibition game. lebron and kevin durant and the two best on the olympic team. apologies to kobe. usa on the move in the first quarter and there's lebron, and everybody else on the team was
6:48 pm
hitting shots. >> second quarter, usa up by 13 and just draining three-pointers. he had five of them and 21 points in the first half and thunder fans have seen this before. james harden to durant and fourth quarter now. usa up by 50. number one pick anthony davis, blake griffin's replacement and how about getting in on the three-point action of his own. talking some trash to his old college coach in kentucky, john calipari. davis had nine points and the u.s. wins 113-59. coach k. loves what he's seeing. >> i was pleased with the unselfish business of our team and the defensive intensity and the fact that we really shared the ball and we got a lot of minutes for everybody tonight, but overall, one of the things we wanted to accomplish here was to develop good camaraderie and the guys, you can see really get along well.
6:49 pm
they pull for each other and they play hard. wizards starting their summer league taking on the atlanta hawks and first quarter off and running and they're ve sshgvese looked greatly improved and the wizards' top pick and he started things off right. and he gives him the ball to the duncan and he wasn't done yet, and this is why he likes beale and get that stuff out of here and beale played defense and he's with the game high 22 and unfortunately, the wizards lose by 20. next up for the wizards, the houston rockets tomorrow. and don't forget both the mens and women's olympic basketball teams this weekend and they'll play a doubleheader and the women tip off at 5:30 and the men will go at 8:00. on the links, the elder statesmen playing for a major championship. it's the u.s. senior open in michigan and this is where you want to be on the water and this is not where you want to be in
6:50 pm
the water. >> i don't think so. tom watson, and you have to do that in the measure and at least his next shot won't be from the water. watson, two over today, two over for the tournament from tom watson to tom kite. kite on 17, looking for that long birdie and bird was the word. he shot even par today after the round today and he's one shot off the lead. >> how about drew brees. finally getting paid. the saints gave the quarterback a record-breaking deal, five years $100 million. where's the record, you ask? we've seen contracts that big before. how about his first year take? a salary of $40 million. >> oh, my goodness. >> a front-loaded action in the nfl. that's not too bad. let's hit the h hellie pad. >> gregg williams who was also the former coordinator for the redskins suspended indefinitely for bounty gate spoke for the first time today saying i sell
6:51 pm
coach again. knicks point guard jeremy lirn signed a three-year $20 million sheet for houston and they have three days to match that up and good news, wizards fans, kwame brown is back with the 76ers next season. the former number one overall pick gets a two-year $6 million deal and they'll be able to see him as verizon center while he's wearing a different uniform and i don't think you'll be too disappointed with that. >> thank you, dan. >[ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s.
6:52 pm
my dad and grandfather spent their whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here, and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i came to ge after the plant i was working at closed after 33 years. ge's giving me the chance to start back over. [ cindy ] there's construction workers everywhere.
6:53 pm
so what does that mean? it means work. it means work for more people. [ brian ] there's a bright future here, and there's a chance to get on the ground floor of something big, something that will bring us back. not only this company, but this country. ♪
6:54 pm
>> hey, here's one store clerk you deaf fitly don't want to mess with. a would-be robber tried to hold up the store in massachusetts. the clerk wasn't having any of it. first he threw a plate of hot food at the guy and then he went after him with a baseball bat. the suspect got away and hasn't been caught yet. it's safe to say he won't try to rob this place again. >> the video of this car crashing through the air is
6:55 pm
being used as a lesson for other drivers. the man behind the wheel wasn't hurt, but police charged him with drunk driving. the driver wrecked on june 29th. city officials are releasing the video, trying to encourage other people to drive more satisfily. >> works for me. a major hollywood studio is planning to bring your favorite shrek characters to life in a new jersey theme park. dreamworks entertainmenta, announced it plans to build an indoor amusement park called american dream. this park will be built on the part of a stalled mega mall in east rutherford. it will have rides and ice skating rink, ferris wheel and an indoor ski park. all of the dreamworks characters from madagascar to shrek will be featured at the park. >> that sounds kind of interesting. indoor skiing. i never quite could how it works. >> it works the same way. it still goes time and you go
6:56 pm
down and a long time to get up. >> exactly. so one more word about our weekend weather. >> it's not going to be a washout and that's the first thing we want to make sure and we're not going to have all severe weather. that's the good news. we are going to see some rain and a lot of you have been asking for that rain. down toward the beaches and if you know someone headed down toward ocean city, looking good on your saturday and 86 on sunday and yes, you'll see a chance for showers and you'll still be able to get the tan. monday, 87 degrees and just a slight chance of a thunderstorm. your four-day forecast for everybody else. 90 degrees on your saturday and 93 on sunday and 94 on monday. best chance of rain here will be on saturday. i think tomorrow has the best chance of seeing rain. more thunderstorm activity on sunday and then we just get hot again and another heat wave moving in here and we do think we'll see the heat index up around 100 degrees possibly for monday, tuesday and wednesday. at least prepare for that. this time around, though, it
6:57 pm
looks like everybody should have their power. so that's good. >> most important. >> hope you're right. >> thanks, chuck. did you know that pigeon racing was given a trial run at the summer olympics in paris back in 1900? it didn't make the final cut, but the pursuit still has admirers and listen to this, a prestigious international competition took place in europe and there was an upset. more than 25,000 birds took off from a loft in northern france. they had to fly to barcelona. pigeons from belgium have a reputation for being the fastest, but the winner was a bird from france little marseille and it flew 15 hours and the pigeon's owners are thrilled and they consider the race the equivalent of the world cup. apparently they're not sentimental about little marseille. they've sold the birds to an asian collector for more than 120,000, and i don't understand how you can get a pigeon to do that.
6:58 pm
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