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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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- he's falling behind, george. - i personally gave that horse his last exam. phil is a winner. - guys, guys! come on, i'm in the middle of this. - shut up, doug. - seriously, go somewhere else, you're gonna jinx us. - why am i the one over here expressing glands, and you guys are over there, bettin' on the ponies? - well, you're sort of betting too. - excuse me? - remember you loaned me money to build a gazebo? - oh, man. come-- that was gazebo money, yamamoto. - my wife's in charge of my checking account, all right? she doesn't like gambling! - so then don't gamble. - tell your wife to eat it, yamamoto. - i can't. she's so emasculating. i'd tell her to stop, but a part of me likes it. it's so complicated. - guys, look at that. phil's making his move. - all right, okay, that's it. - phil's making his move. - let's go, phil. you beautiful son of a bitch, make me some money! come on! - there he goes. - have y'all seen dr. coleman? - oh, dr. yamamoto, get the blinds. [monkey chirps] dr. rizzo, get the door. - come on, now. come on, now. daddy needs a new pair of shoes. come on, now! - only one working around here? - come on, come on, come on! - come on, go, go, go! get it, get it! yes! [cheering] - i won some money. - i'm gonna get so drunk. - [clears throat] - evybody back to work! this is a animal hospital, not chuck e. cheese. - mm-hmm. that's what i said. - yeah. - come on, guys. [monkey chirping]
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did you know chickens can run up to 9 miles an hour? - did you know we're running four hours behind? - there's order in my disorder, juanita. - oh, speaking of disorder, there's a woman in the waiting room, wants to see you, and she doesn't even have a pet. - i will look into it. [dog barking] [various animals making noise] [overlapping chatter] - oh, dr. coleman-- - good morning, hi. - dr. coleman. - hi, how are you? please wait your turn. i believe this yoga enthusiast is next. - surprise. - dorothy. [sighs] i'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. as far as people go, eleanor crane wasn't so bad. - thank you. she thought the world of you. [monkey chirps] hey, rizzo. did you get a haircut? [monkey chirps] - don't suck up to the monkey. - okay, george, uh, we need to talk. - i was expecting this. two years ago, you walked out on our relationship without any explanation, so now you're here to apologize?
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- that's not exactly how i member it. - apology accepted. - george-- - although, in my mind, when we had this conversation, that skirt was right over there on that table. - george, my grandmother left me the hospital. - you don't know the first thing about running a hospital. why would she leave it to you? - well, because i promised her that i'd pour my soul into this place. - that's stupid. are you sure this isn't just an elaborate ploy to get back in my pants? - it's not really hard to get into your pants. - i'll give you that. - i have been running up and down these halls since i was a little girl, okay? and i know that i can improve things here, starting with that mess of a waiting room. come on, follow me. - not gonna follow you. hey, hey, i've won three canine awards and a mountain dew meow. i built this place into the top animal hospital in the country. - yes, but it could be so much better. - name one thing. - for starters, maybe start caring about the owners. there's been a man waiting out there for three days. - that is--that-- that is a long time. - you are an incredible vet but a lousy director. - my system may not be perfect, but i help a lot of animals, and i meet a lot of girls. my system is perfect. - i'm not gonna sit around and let you
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turn my grandmother's legacy into a zoo. [small siren wailing] [monkey chirping] [horn honking] [small siren wailing] really? [monkey chirping] [tires screeching] [small siren wailing] - what? he's doin' his rounds. [horn honking] - wowie. dorothy crane back in your life, huh? can't believe it. - i can't believe how fat she got. - you wish. she looks fantastic. - don't get used to it. she'll be gone in a week. - i don't know, george. i always kinda had a feeling that you two were gonna end up together. - monogamy is unnatural. of all the species on this planet, only 20 mate for l-- you know who mates for life? both: termites. - yeah, you told me that before. hey, can i talk to you as a friend? - i'm not keen on being friends. - can i talk to you as somebody who's worked with you for the better part of a decade? - even that makes me uncomfortable. - george, my girlfriend left me for dr. shankar. - dr. shankar? that guy's a good catch. - come on, man. i'm being serious. - dominance hierarchies occur in most animal species that live in groups, including primates, doug. you lost your place in the food chain. - i'm not a primate. i live in brooklyn. i get my food from freshdirect. i have opposable thumbs. - you got to show her you're still the alpha male.
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what would harvey do? [dog barks] confront shankar, establish dominance. - like, you want me to kill him? [mr. mistoffelees from caplaying] - ♪ and we all sing - ♪ oh, well, i never! ♪ was there ever a cat ♪ so clever as magical mr. mistoffelees? ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, well, i never! - dorothy said we would rotate our favorite music. - are we even open? where are all the patients? - already being helped. we're ahead of schedule, so-- - ♪ mistoffelees ♪ oh, well, i-- [elevator door bell dings] - good morning. - you're still here? - look, george, i know that working together may be a little awkward at first... or very awkward forever, but the important thing is is that we both love this place, so we can learn from each other. - you can learn from me. - and you me. - just you me. - okay, fine. i'll learn from you, which is why i will be joining you on your rounds this morning. - [sighs] okay. - great. [laughs] you are gonna be really glad that i'm here, george. i can tell, i can really feel it.
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walk away if you agree! oh, yeah. you agree. - mr. waxman, lily, good news. honey's going to be okay. she just ate something that needs to be removed. - thank you, dr. coleman. - sweetie, why don't you give honey to the nice lady? the grown-ups have to talk. figures. all this thing does is eat my stuff. what's this gonna cost? - surgery's $2,000. - 2 grand? i could buy, like, six dogs that wouldn't piss me off for 2 grand. i don't want to pay that. - what you want doesn't matter. when you brought this dog into your home, you signed an unwritten contract to feed it, care for it, and, yes, provide medical care if need be. - okay, look, if money is an issue, we can-- - hold on, i'm on a roll! now, you're gonna pay this money, i'm gonna operate. if you have a problem with that, then next time, don't leave your crap lying around. - i don't like your tone. - mm, i don't care. - okay, then. how much to kill the thing? - whoa. you don't mean that. - sorry, i mean, uh, "put it to sleep." - look, you're not putting her to sleep. - okay, let's "put it down" then? - i'm starting to get annoyed with your air quotes. - i find them quite useful, like when referring to a veterinarian as a "doctor." - okay, mr. waxman-- - save your breath. don't you see that his premare balding and feminine hands indicate masculinity issues,
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not unlike a dog who barks with no bite. i'm taking this animal. - what? - no, hey! that is not your-- give me my dog back! - rizzo, run some interference. [monkey chirping] - george! - what the hell? [monkey shrieking] - george, what are you doing? if we have any chance of saving this dog, we have to reason with that guy. - people are incapable of reason. why do you think they keep eating at arby's? - oh, only you eat at arby - you still won't admit that arby's is delicious! [monkey chirping] - ow. [monkey chirping] hey! [monkey chirps] don't. [monkey chirps] whoa, whoa. [monkey chirps] whoa! - all right, we tried things your way, and now we go back to mine. hey, rizzo, scrub in. - rizzo is not scrubbing in. - smooch him. smooch him. what? am i the only one who can sense the sexy tension? [kissing] - has anyone seen dr. coleman? about this high, emotionally unavailable? - george, does having this new director mean i gotta take another drug test? - not a good time, angela.
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- because i passed the first one fair and square. it's like a double jeopardy situation, and frank agrees. - who's frank? - my parole officer. - you call your parole officer by his first name? - well, yeah. once we started doing it, "officer kalinowski" was just a mouthful. - ms. crane, i am not peeing in a cup unless it's for money... or love. - okay. well, thank you, angela. that's good to know. - mm-hmm. - george, where did you hide waxman's dog? - i can't tell you that. doctor-patient confidentiality. - aha! so you admit that you hid him. - you don't get to "aha" about that. i basically just told you. [roaring] - bengal tiger giving birth! there were complications at the zoo! - give her two ccs of ketamine and one cc of medetomidine! juanita, get my scrubs! why wasn't i notified? - because dr. jackson and dr. yamamoto are gonna handle this. - no, no! my guys answer to me, not you. whoa! guys, stand down. - sorry, george, i'm a bad man. - i'm not sorry. this is goin' on the highlight reel. - traitors! this is not working for me. - tell me where waxman's dog is. - fine, fine, you win. dr. wong's office.
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- thank you, george. - you're welcome. - george, there's no dr. wong here, is there? - no, there is not. - deception. keepin' it sexy. yeah. i gotta go clean this guy's butt. [penguin groans] [sighs] - there you go. - okay, watch their heart rates and keep 'em stimulated, all right? thank you. - everybody out. everybody out, except for you two. - i'm so sorry, george. i am so sorry! - save it, yamamoto. that's your second strike. - what was my first strike? - when did we get on a strike system? - and covering my morning shifts for the next month is not gonna make it up to me. - then i'll cover two months. - make it four, and then i'll let you buy me dinner. - thank you so much, george, but not tomorrow night 'cause doug and i have dinner with dorothy. n-not the dorothy that you know, we know an african-american dorothy. - good one. - why are you having dinner with dorothy? - frankly, it's none of your business. - yamamoto, tell me everything. - doug had coffee with her this morning. there might have been a danish involved. he wanted romantic love advice. - oh. - i am so sorry. i'm a coward, and you know that. - dorothy thinks, and i-- i happen to agree
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that i just--i need some time to heal myself emotionally. - i gave you all the advice you need. - yeah, and your advice sucked. i confronted dr. shankar, just like you told me to, in front of my girlfriend, and he kicked my ass. - and his girlfriend saw everything. it was so humiliating. - so she wasn't even a little bit turned on? - no, in fact, there's a restraining order filed against me now, and i have to stay at least 50 yards away from her at all times. - you need to move on. it's time to wrestle with another gazelle. - i am not a gazelle. i'm not a termite! - i'm going to get you laid. - okay. - all right, let's go. - yeah. [dog barking] - we're gonna learn a lot today. - okay, good. - a woman's dog will tell you everything you need to know about her. right there, brunette with the terrier. now, that's a rarified breed. very well-trained, definitely out of your league. - okay. - redhead with the dachshund? skip it. i spy a closet racist. - that's a sexy racist. [dog barks] babe with the great dane? - the great dane is the subaru of dogs. that woman is a lesbian. - [laughing] you're just talkin' out of your ass. you can't know that. [dog barking] that's her sister. all right, what about-- okay, look, these two. - all right. two young ladies and their pugs,
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carefree, vivacious, ready to party. [whispering] dwayne, go break the ice. - yeah. [dog barks] - that's a good boy. oh, hey. there's my special guy. - hi. - hey. - hi. - you know, i don't think that we have ever seen two pugs as adorable as yours. - no, and-- and we're veterinarians. you know, we've seen our share of good-looking pugs. - this adorable pug's my everything. - that's cute. hopefully not everything. - what do you mean? - i mean, just-- generally speaking, you know, pugs have a short lifespan. - that's not true. - you're saying he's gonna die soon? - no. - no. - no. - no, that's--no. [laughing] no, no. not what i'm saying. that is-- what i'm saying is, judging from the paw size on that guy-- - he's a very healthy dog. - he is gonna live to be at least eight. - but he's already ten. - look at that. - [laughs] is he? - every day's a gift. who's thirsty? - me. - i'm gonna throw up. - ah! - this is why i'm not keen on friends. - [groaning and straining] oh, good. george, tap me out!
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- no, you're doin' great. - i'm losing, george. - hey, george, can i have a word with you? - huh? yeah, i got a minute. - [grunts] - very funny, yamamoto. - i'm losing, george! i need help. - so i talked to waxman... - mm. - and he just wants one thing, whole mess goes away. - great, happy to do it. - you're not gonna be happy to do it. - you don't know me. - i do. - no, i've changed. whole new person. - he wants you to apologize. - no, absolutely not. - george, seriously! work with me here. - i don't work with people. this is my hospital. i'm not going halfsies, so please disappear the way that you did last time. - what are you saying? - two years ago, i leave to go pick us up some thai food, when i get back, you're gone. no explanation. - and do you remember what i said to you before you went to go get that thai food? - "i want tom yum goong." - i told you i loved you, and do you remember what you said back to me? "awesome." i told you i loved you, and you said, "awesome." - you know what? this little experiment of us working together is goin' bust, so if you're not leaving, then i will. - [chuckles] you're not leaving. - i am leaving. i quit. - george, don't do this. - watch me.
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- fine. i guess you get to be the one who leaves now. - hey, george, if you're done over there, can you help me out? [monkey chirps] - don't forget jaws. [monkey chirps] - i told myself i wasn't gonna cry. [sobbing] i lied to myself. - oh, hey, hey, hey, hey. he's fine, okay? he's probably got offers from, like, five different hospitals already. - you're a really bad lady. you're worse than my wife. - oh. - but you're still sexy. - he's a riddle. i-i-- - waxman called. he's gonna be here in an hour, and he's threatening to call the police. - i can't fix anything until i find the dog. do you--do you have any idea of where george would hide the g? - no. but i got a feeling i know who does.
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- sorry, ms. crane, but we have a fifth amendment situation on our hands, and you're gonna have to talk to my attorney, but good luck with that, 'cause he's in rikers, doing five to sev-- - i'll give you columbus day off. - throw in arbor day, and we have a deal. - done. - one missing yorkie, comin' right up. george sure had you running in circles, didn't he? - yeah, wouldn't be the first time. - you know, not all dogs go to heaven. sometimes they just end up in the ground. - uh, i'll-- i'll just take the next one. - no, no, no. come on in, it's your elevator now. [monkey chirping] rizzo, make room. - okay. thanks, rizzo. you're such a gentleman. - goin' home early? - yeah. yeah, it's been a hard day. - mm-hmm. ten years of being here, everything i have fits in this box. - you know i didn't want it this way. - no, no. i'm glad. i'm going on vacation. rizzo's always wanted to learn how to water-ski, so-- [monkey chirping] how's it going with waxman? - great. great.
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got it all under control. [chuckles] [dog barking] - then why is your purse barking? - [sighs] [dog whimpering] i was gonna pose as her owner and take her to another animal hospital. - interesting. - what am i supposed to do? okay? she needs the surgery, and i don't want any doctors here getting into trouble. - if only you knew a doctor here who's not a doctor here. okay. you believe that miscreant wanted to put this beautiful dog to sleep? wonder why i'm not a fan of most people. - one day you're gonna have to accept the fact that you're part of the human race. are we really that bad? - hold this right here. - right here? - yup. - okay. - don't move. - just like that? [flatline tone] - whoa. what'd you do? - what? no, what? i didn't do anything. - what did you do? you did. no, you did something. - i just did what you told me to do. i haven't even moved it. [tone stops] - just kidding. - [sighs] - oh. [breathes in sharply] well, mr. waxman, i guess you are what your dog eats.
11:15 pm
- [gasps] honey! - oh, easy, lily. honey's had a rough day. [laughs] - you kidnap my dog and then perform surgery? - yes, i did. - you can pay on your way out. - you better lawyer up 'cause i'm gonna sue you and you and the monkey! - dr. coleman, will you please show mr. waxman what you removed from honey's stomach? - i believe this is a coaster from dazzles. dazzles is a strip club. - yeah. - big scoop, divorced man frequents strip club. so what? - here's what. your little girl's gonna grow up and one day figure out that her father, who she trusted and loved, killed her dog because she ate a coaster from a strip club, and this is gonna fill her with such anger towards you, that in ten years, you're gonna walk into dazzles, and find that swinging from a pole is none other than your little girl. and you know what name i bet she's gonna go by? - honey! [dog yaps] [laughs] - we accept all major credit cards. [chuckles] that felt awesome.
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- see, "awesome" is not that bad a word. good luck with this place, dorothy. - hey, i would, uh, tell you that i am sad to see you leave, but that would probably just make you uncomfortable, right? - it's already making me uncomfortable. - exactly. that is why i'm here to tell you something that i know you will appreciate. you will never guess what happened to me last night. - you took home a curvaceous redhead who attacked you with a sexual ferocity you've never known before. - yeah. wha--? [chuckles] that was a shockingly accurate guess. that's, uh, eh, like, you got me a hooker. [sighing] you got me a hooker. - i didn't get you a hooker. i may have mentioned the name of your favorite bar to dr. shankar's ex-girlfriend, who also did not appreciate getting dumped. - really? you made that happen? - you bet. as any siberian tiger will illustrate, revenge is a subhuman instinct. siberian tigers will spend weeks
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hunting and killing anything that's harmed them. humans call this an anger bang or a grudge f-- - yes! yes, i heard that one before. i told you, george, didn't i? you are a friend. - hey, doug, uh, can i get a second with george? - oh, i guess so. - please unpack your box. at the end of the day, it's about the animals, and nobody knows animals like george coleman. - come on, dorothy. too much history for us both to be here. - i don't believe that, and i'd like to think that you don't either. i hope i see you tomorrow, george. oh. taxi! hey! what? [sighs] - i should've said it. i should've told you how i felt two years ago. - wow, george. you may actually have a heart in there.
11:18 pm
- heart's just a muscle, dorothy, nothing more. if i'm gonna romanticize an organ, it certainly won't be that one. - so this is gonna be okay? - you tried to sneak a dog out in your purse today to save it. that is impetuous and stupid. that was like something i would've done. want to get a drink? - i don't think so. - come on, just a drink. - no, it's never just a drink with us. - i know, that's why i like drinking with you. - good night, george. - i was listening the whole time, george, and she wants it. i mean, like, she wants to do the horizontal hula, and by, like, the horizontal hula, i mean she wants you to put your bread into her basket. - yeah, no, i got you. - hey, you still want to get that drink? - yeah, i don't know. - got some beers i took from some kids.
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told 'em i was a cop. [chuckles] idiots. - hey, have you seen dr. coleman? george? oh, sorry. i didn't mean to interrupt. - you weren't interrupting. we're just inspecting the fractured femur of a st. bernard that came in yesterday. - oh. well, i'm glad to hear things are running so smoothly. [chuckles] - go! go! go! - yes! - oh, no! - come on! come on! [monkey screeching] [overlapping cheering] - yes! - yeah! boom! - [laughing] yeah! [monkey squeals] - still goin'! - i told you. - pay up, riz. - pay him, monkey. - come on, monkey, pay up. all of it. all of it. [monkey screeches] thank you. - eat it, rizzo. and now from washington's
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leading news station -- this is news 4 at 11:00. romney/ryan hit the road. now the focus shifts to the republican national convention and who is kept off the stage. >> a navy destroyer left with a gash after smashing into an oil tanker. ♪ music, fashion, history combine as the london olympics come to an end. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gensler. after inspiration, heartache, redemption, games of 309xxx olympiad are history. london said good-bye showing off its artists. >> athletes paraded off. the flag was handed to rio. tracy potts has our report from london. >> it has been a long journey for us all. this game was fun. a challenge. we stepped up. >> reporter: u.s. men's basketball team eked out a win over spain and another wrestler
11:21 pm
landed on top, adding to america's medal count. 46 gold. 104 in all. more than any other country. >> it was the fight for your country. it means a lot. hopefully people in the states appreciate it. >> with the marathon and other events now over, london ended its xxx olympiad with british culture and song. ♪ we will we will rock you >> the finale smaller and less dramatic than its opening, but nonetheless entertaining. london brought out some of its most popular artists past and present. one direction, george michael, and a reunion of the spice girls. ♪ you want to get with me >> winners, losers, marched in together not by country. >> being able to walk on the track with 80,000 people. >> pa rated a parade of victors hopefuls, sporting their medals and flags from countries they love. >> cool. nice way to wrap up the week.
11:22 pm
>> i had a good time. ready to go home and celebrate. >> when it was all over. >> britain delivered. we showed the world what we are made of. >> great britain handed the baton to rio, the next host of the games in 2016. so, what happens to olympic park now? some of the temporary venues like the basketball arena are being torn down. others like this stadium and the aquatics center will stay, as part of a park. they're spending nearly another $500 million to develop, the queen elizabeth park. they hope it will not only creep ya -- create jobs and attract millions of visitors. in london, tracy potts, news 4. >> the united states won the medal count for the fifth straight games. american athletes are at 104 medals at london olympics. 46 of them gold medals. china came in second with a total of 87. russia in third with 82. great britain, germany rounded out the top five. >> covering the games for us, he
11:23 pm
interviewed athletes and showed interesting things london has to offer. his report tonight with a look back at some of the best moments. ♪ ♪ ♪ pull! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ bell tolls ] whoo! ♪
11:24 pm
>> it actually hasn't hit us. it will eventually hit us when we are done. yes, we are, the champions. i just hop that i can really be like a role model to all the little girls out there, anything is possible if you work hard and you love something. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> bringing home the gold and we are bringing home the world record, baby! >> ha-ha! >> 6-0 with the gold. >> take a picture of you guys. you are getting all of us. ♪ >> honestly, i just remember watching all those podium ceremonies when i was a little kid. just seeing how inspiring those were and just being on that,
11:25 pm
like, gold medal stand was just unbelievable. >> once they put it around my neck that's when it hit me and i smiled like it is real now. >> just this entire team the mentality that we have. we don't know how to lose the. we have a lot of fight and pride. >> excite i'd got this opportunity. it is graut eat to have the med around my neck. >> it's a dream come true. >> put a beon ow on it. it is all over. what's the coolest thing. biggest story you have covered over there? for me, katie ledecki, 15-year-old from bethesda, amazing race to watch. unbelievable. almost broke a world record. it is not quite over yet. we can still hear the athletes at the village partying here in london at about 4:30 in the morning. i have a feeling they will be doing it until the sun's up. jim, doreen? >> they're ready to have some fun after all that hard work aren't they? >> they're having it.
11:26 pm
i think it is going to be going on for a while. >> they have earned the right to do that. dan, you did good work. come on back. >> you sure have. see you soon. dan hellie in london. >> chuck is tracking rain on the radar. he joins us live in storm center 4. hey, chuck. >> jim, doreen. they're not partying they're carbo loading. they're athletes. they're carbo loading. their story and that's what they're sticking to. change of atmosphere, yesterday to today. humidities have been lower. temperatures dropped back into the mid 60s across parts of the shen doug valley. dew points have dropped off. as a result i think it will be a nice start. there will be rain drops, possibly before your monday is over. so be ready for that. but a cool, comfortable start tomorrow morning. and bright sunshine to get your monday morning under way. we'll talk about the rain drops in a few minutes. >> thank you, chuck. >> dozens of trees coming down
11:27 pm
in fairfax county. vdot crews start cutting trees tomorrow. they want to prevent accidents like the one that happened last month that killed a driver. a decayed oak tree fell on a moving car on georgetown pike. all the trees are being taken down. that are dead or close to dead. 25 of them along river bend road in great falls. the project is expected to take about three weeks. this was a busy day in the key battleground states fornewt newly minted gop ticket, romney/ryan. jim rosenfechld details. >> for romney, biggest crowds, and earned $5 million since the paul ryan announcement. democrats they're pouncing on the ryan choice. as an endorsement of a potentially devastating, gop spending blueprint. >> it is good to be home. >> an emotional homecoming tonight for the wisconsin congressman.
11:28 pm
after a whirlwind weekend. >> i said yes. >> in their 60-minute sitdown, mitt romney's choice for number two admitted any public disdain for congress the police he spla his career. >> it's dysfunctional. >> he blamed the president. >> president obama has not provided leadership we need to bring people together. >> president obama weighed in on the choice. >> he is an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision, but it is a vision that i fundamentally disagree with. >> at newly energized gop rallies in key battleground states like north carolina today. romney explained his choice. >> one of the few that stood up and fought for principal and said i have ideas to get america back on track is this person i have chose tine be my runningmate. >> the hearing will come to order. >> ryan's sudden thrust into the national spotlight brings renewed scrutiny of his road map for america's future. romney asked if his vp choice
11:29 pm
now makes the election a referendum on the ryan budget plan. >> i have my budget plan, as you know that i have put out. that is the budget plan woe are going to run on. >> paul ryan embraced extremism, suggests we should end medicare as we know it, shred the safety net. >> any person in this debate has the blood on their hands in regard to medicare it is barack obama. he is the one that is destroying medicare. >> passed over for a spot on the ticket, but said to be on the short list of possible keynote speakers at upcoming gop convention, new jersey governor chris christie. silent at the convention, former vp candidate, sarah palin who said she will not have a role at the gathering in tampa. >> thank you, jim. house republicans are going to file a civil contempt suit against attorney general eric holder. they're going to do that tomorrow. it is the latest move in a fight over the fast and furious gun tracking operation in which guns were given to mexican drug lords
11:30 pm
and u.s. border patrol agent was killed by one of the guns. republicans hoof s have demand documents related to the gun operation, the white house refused citing executive privilege. house oversight chairman, claims that that privilege does not exist in this case. the husband of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords says she has been waiting for this day for a long time. she is returning to her home in arizona after spending more than a year at a rehabilitation hospital in houston. gabrielle giffords was moved to the hospital just a few weeks after she was shot in tucson in january of 2011. her husband, mark kelly, former astronaut, lived and worked in houston. jared loughner, the man who shot gabrielle giffords and killed six other people pleaded guilty last week. >> a candlelight vigil near the white house to remember the victims of the shooting at a sikh temple last weekend in wisconsin. six people were killed when a white supremacist opened fire at
11:31 pm
a service last sunday. tonight, in lafayette park, dozens of people got together in song and prayer to speak out against hate crimes. a vigil was held as a show of solidarity with the members of the oak creek congregation. >> to continue to have this dialogue, to show the people who may look different that, inside all we are same people. that's the foundation. that's what we believe in. >> earlier today, in oak creek, worshippers gathered for the first time since that shooting, about 1,000 people turned out for the services. many called it an important step in the healinging process. >> a fight over food ended with a teenager killing his roommate in maryland this weekend. prince george's county police arrested 19-year-old travis hos kit. ns today. investigators believe he shot 29-year-old oliver davis in the home on glacier avenue in capital heights yesterday.
11:32 pm
hoskins charged with first degree murder. >> a man is dead after a motorcycle accident in gaithersburg, near high gables drive. that road is shut down tonight while police investigate. famed evangelist, billy graham, is in a north carolina hospital tonight. the 93-year-old treated for bronchitis. he was admitted to the hospital last night. his spokesperson says he is in stable condition expected in the hospital for several days. graham has been a spiritual adviser to a dozen u.s. presidents. he has remained active in the ministry and politics. he is currently working on his 31st book. >> tomorrow, maryland's house of delegates will consider governor o'malley's gambling expansion bill. they'll do that in a special session in annapolis. the legislation would pave the way for table games at the state's five casinos. it would also add a casino in prince george's county. the senate passed that bill on friday. delegates are expected to debate amendments to the legislation tomorrow. even if it gets the go-ahead
11:33 pm
from the lawmakers the measure will have to get final approval from the voters in november. >> right now, the eastbound lanes of the dulles connector road are close bed tween the beltway and route 123. crews are doing work overnight on metro's silver line. the road will be reopened tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. when the broadcast continues, an anti-gravity treadmill helping olympic athletes recover from injuries faster, letting them walk on air. >> a day after charged with head butting his why, chad ochocinco johnson is fired. he learned the other reason, he says he is the real victim. says he is the real victim. >> [ male announcer ] in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.


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