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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  September 25, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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( "the price is right" theme playing ) >> george: here it comes, from the bob barker studio at cbs in hollywood, it's "the price is right!" lambe papoulias, come on down! dora torres, come on down! donald trent, come on down! and mojgan gomroki, come on down! ( cheers and applause ) you are the first four
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contestants on "the price is right." and now, here's your host, drew carey! >> drew: nice to see you. welcome to the show everybody! welcome to "the price is right"! good luck to all of you, say hi to george gray, please. >> george: hey everybody, welcome to the show! >> drew: let's get it started with the first prize up for bid today on "the price is right". >> george: great idea. it's "the price is right" jewelry box with a selection of beautiful designer bracelets. ( cheers and applause ) these four ettika bracelet sets are handmade with genuine wrap leather and linen, semiprecious stones, crystals, and gold- plated beads. >> drew: now is your lucky chance to one bracelets, go to
11:02 am in the meantime, the ones we have here go to who ever bids closest to the actual retail price without going over. mojgan, we're going to start with you. >> 950. >> drew: $950, good luck. >> 975. >> drew: 975. good luck. dora? >> 1,000. >> drew: and lambe? >> one dollar. >> drew: one dollar. actual retail price is $825. lambe, come on up, what's up, welcome to the show, you're doing great. nice to meet you. where are you from? >> i'm from los angeles, california. >> drew: hey, love what you've done with the place, it's beautiful. we're going to play a game called can wp dpold en row, how about that. >> sounds exciting.
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>> drew: it is exciting, this is one of our biggest money games. we're going to start with this sumpl can of dog food and we're going to follow this golden road and play for that. go ahead, george. >> george: a collection of picnic totes. ( cheers and applause ) this collection of picnic time essentials includes a rolling cooler with blanket, wine tote, insulated coffee tote, and two sport chairs with built-in tray tables and pockets. a perfect picnic from picnic time! >> drew: so dog food, and picnic totes, and if you win the toets we're going to follow the row to this prize over here. >> george: a new hot tub! ( cheers and applause ) this beachcomber hybrid hot tub combines a sealed insulation package with an energy saver management system to provide a much more efficient tub. comfortable design and quality construction from beachcomber hot tubs.
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>> drew: let's say you know dog food, let's say we get the camping equipment and the hot tub, you got another little journey on the golden road, it the end of the golden road, and it's a famous game on "the price is right" because there's always a huge prize at the end. huge. and today, the golden road prize at the end of the golden road is worth over $73,000. ( cheers and applause ) >> i'm a student, i need this. >> drew: well, listen, if you win this, i'll be high fiving you all day. george, tell us all about it. >> george: a new car! ( cheers and applause ) it's the audi a-7 prestige. this luxury five-door coupe features a three-liter engine, innovation package, carbon fiber rear license frame, a 12- volt cooling bag, and rechargeable mini flashlight. it's the audi a-7.
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>> drew: let's start with the dog food, i'll show you how much dog food is now aways, 61 cents. follow me, lambe, we'll go down to the camping equipment. 61 cents for dog food. now, look what i have here, step right over here. i have a price for this camping equipment here, $632 or $132. it's a six or a one what do you think? >> let's go with the six. >> drew: he's going with the six. $632. it is $632. that's kind of an easy one. let's follow the golden road to the next one! hot tub is $8,000 something 43. you have to get this one to be able to play for the audi. it's missing a two, a three, or a six. $8,643, 8,343. 8,243.
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what do you think? >> i'll go with the two. >> drew: a two. you got it! $8,243. let's go win you a brand new audi! come on over here! look at that. look at that car. isn't that beautiful? and it's only $73,000, something 91. four numbers to choose from for a $73,000 car. missing an eight, two, four, or a three. three, four, two or eight. for a $73,000 car. >> let go with an eight. >> drew: he's going to go with the eight. $73,891. if you're right you felt yourself an audi.
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ready? one, two, three. man. double twos. i'm so sorry. come on over here, let's touch it, i just want to touch it. i just want to touch the car. oh, buddy. i'll see you at the wheel. you got the hot tub, the camping equipment, and a can of dog food. let's get another contestant up here right away, george. >> george: jordan uyede, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> drew: jordan! welcome to the show, good luck to you. next prize, please. >> george: "the price is right" tugboat is bringing out the next prize. it's a pair of surfboards. ( cheers and applause ) this 6'2" short board and nine- foot-long board are entirely hand-shaped and laminated for unmatched performance in any
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wave conditions. >> drew: jordan what do you say? >> 850. >> drew: $850. mojgan? >> $1,100. >> drew: $1,100. good luck. donald? >> 875. >> drew: 875. and dora? >> 900. >> drew: $900. actual retail price is $1,225! mojgan, nice to see you, welcome to the show. >> thank u.. >> drew: how are you? >> great. >> drew: you waited 0 years to play on "the price is right"? >> absolutely, today is the 30th anniversary since i moved to the states from england and watched "the price is right" for the first time on tv. >> drew: how about that. how about that. let's see if it's worth your
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while, george, what have we got for her? >> george: a trip to jamaica. ( cheers and applause ) you and a guest will fly round- trip coach from los angeles to montego bay, jamaica, for a five-night luxury included stay at sandals royal caribbean resort and private island, one of the most exclusive beachfront resorts in montego bay. old world jamaican charm awaits you at this luxury included resort, where love is all you need. >> drew: all right. come right over here. the price of the trip to jamaica is $9,773 or 7,036. what do you think? >> 7,036. >> drew: $7,036. when i say three, ready? one, two, three? you got it! you're on your way to jamaica!
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>> drew: welcome back everybody to "the price is right"! george gray, who's next, please? >> george: merry sedlak, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> drew: merry! come over here, merry. what's up?
11:13 am
nice to have you here, good luck. next prize, please, george. >> george: a new scooter. ( cheers and applause ) it's the bms heritage 150 scooter, featuring automatic transmission, electric start, and front disc brakes. >> drew: thank you, amber. merry, what do you say? >> 2,000, drew. >> drew: $2,000. donald? >> 2200. >> drew: $2200. dora? >> 1900. >> drew: $1900. jordan? >> one dollar. >> drew: one dollar. actual retail price is $1,988. dora, come on up here.
11:14 am
nice to see you, welcome to the show. come on over here. >> thank you. >> drew: where are you from? >> san diego. >> drew: what do do you in san diego? >> i sell real estate. >> drew: she sells real estate in san diego. george, what do we have for her? >> george: a chance to win up to $16,000! ( cheers and applause ) >> i could use it. >> drew: right over here. we're playing a game called it's in the bag. it's in the bag. i just call it in the bag. we have six grocery items over there and five bags, there's going to be a grocery item left over, okay. you're going to use only five of them, you're going to put the right one in the right bag and if you're right you're going to win $16,000. george gray, tell us about the items, please. >> george: a tube of toothpaste that fights tartar and freshens breath. pure silk rich and luxurious shave cream for women. enjoy soothing aloe and
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emollients to help prevent nicks and cuts and keep your legs looking and feeling like pure silk. introducing new hershey's simple pleasures chocolates. hershey's simple pleasures are a delicious sweet surprise for chocolate lovers. 30% less fat, 100% delicious. available in three flavors. try them today. three liters of cranberry juice. allegra provides fast, non- drowsy 24-hour relief of your allergy symptoms. starts working at hour one. allegra: use as directed. two and five-eighth ounces of a crispy, onion-y snack. >> drew: thank you very much, george. for $1.49, what do you think goes in the $1.49 bag? >> onions. >> drew: the delicious onion snack. there you go. thanks, manuela. for $19.05? >> allegra. >> drew: allergy relief.
11:16 am
the allergy relief. for $5.99, dora? >> the cranberry juice. >> drew: kran berly juice. for $3.79. >> the toothpaste. >> drew: toothpaste. finally, for $4.99. >> shaving cream. >> drew: shaving cream. pure silk, mangs, manuela. wow, you had quick decisions on all of them. >> i'm ready to go. >> drew: for 1.49 let's see if the funyuns are are 1.49, you got it. congratulations. here's the trick, can you take this money and sit down if you want, because if you get new of them wrong from here on out, you lose everything. it all or nothing right now. >> i'm staying. >> drew: she's going to keep
11:17 am
ongoing. for 19.05, it is allegra! now you have $2,000. i'll offer you $4,000 if this is 5.99, you can take your 2,000 and sit down if you want. >> no. >> drew: you're going to go for it, you're sure? dora, are you ready? you got it. $4,000. now you have $4,000. now, $4,000 is a lot of money, more than you walked in with, a lot of cash, right? >> yes. >> drew: how about $8,000 if you're sure that the toothpaste is 2.79. you can take the 4,000 and sit down. >> no, no, i'll say. go for it. >> drew: she's going to go for it. $8,000. this is a big one. are you ready? >> yes. >> drew: one, two, no. oh, it was only the last two.
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paid for in part by the ihop. everything you love about breakfast. >> drew: welcome back, everybody. hey, dora, spin the wheel for us, why don't you. wheel spinning time. want to say hi to somebody? >> i want to say hi to my husband, morgan and my beautiful daughter alexandra and all my friends at home. >> drew: 95! >> that's pretty good. >> drew: that's a pretty good one, right over there. you've got to beat a 95. here she goes. want to say hi to somebody? >> to my niece and nephew, and my brother, and my sister-in-law. >> drew: thank you, you just missed a 95. went to 50. spin again, another 50 would be great.
11:22 am
slow down. 45, 45, 45, 45. oh! man. nice meeting you, mojgan, god bless you. lambe, come on over here, you've got to get a 95. that's a pretty good number. want to say hi to somebody? >> yeah, my beautiful wife, my nephew, my parents and everybody at school. there were thank you very much. there goes your 95, there's a 50, 85. you need 10. 10 is right up there, has to go around at least once. there goes the 10 again. no. nice meeting you, man, take care, enjoy your hot tub. guess what, dora? dora is on her way to the showcase. we have more show coming up,
11:23 am
don't go away, folks.
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>> drew: welcome back to "the price is right"! george, who is next, please? >> drew: sherrie! hi, sherrie, come on down. arizona girl, hi. good luck to you. next prize, please.
11:26 am
>> george: around on the turntable comes a new coffee beverage system. ( cheers and applause ) brew coffee, espresso, or tea in your own kitchen with this coffee bean and tea leaf americano single-serve beverage system. includes 46 boxes of coffee bean and tea leaf flavor capsules, and accommodates six different beverage sizes. >> drew: how about that! thank you, manuela. sherrie, what do you bid? >> 500. >> drew: $500. jordan? >> 550. >> drew: $550. mary -- merry? >> 450. >> drew: $450. donald? >> 600. >> drew: $600. good luck, everybody. actual retail price is $603! donald! what's up, man? >> all right. >> drew: how much i love
11:27 am
people on "the price is right", that even though i'm from cleveland and he's from pittsburgh, we're still here to win something, right? >> absolutely. >> drew: i got my arms around you, i don't care if you're a pittsburgh fan, it's okay, long as you're on "the price is right". as long as we're not at a game. let's get together and win this. go ahead, george. >> george: new kitchen appliances. ( cheers and applause ) this three-piece stainless steel kitchen includes a 30- inch freestanding gas range, 22-cubic-foot side-by-side refrigerator, and a 24-inch built-in dishwasher. and we're covering your food bills for a year. that's 52 weeks worth of groceries. a prize package worth $7,144. >> drew: see the yodeling guy right here, he's got $25 to
11:28 am
work with before he falls off the top of the mountain. we're going to show you three prizes, one by one you'll tell me what you think the price is. for every dollar you're off the yodeling guy will go up one dollar, and you just gotta keep him from falling off the edge of the mountain. let's hear about the items, go ahead, george. >> george: first, libman hardwood floor cleaning system is a total solution kit for cleaning and protection. it includes a four-piece steel handle, easy-change velcro microfiber cleaning pad, and libman's first highly anticipated liquid floor cleaner. second, this colorful ball is actually an ice cream maker. just add mix, ice, and rock salt to make up to one pint of ice cream. third, this portable grill is the perfect size for camping or your next tailgate party. >> drew: thanks, manuela. so the libman mop and floor cleaner, how much for that? >> $20. >> drew: $20. is he right? no. go ahead, yodeling guy, on
11:29 am
your way. one, two, three, four dollars. nice bid. you're only four dollars off. ice cream maker, how much is that? >> $30. >> drew: he says $30 for the ice cream maker. is he right? yodeling guy, on your way. oh, you're only off by another four dollars! you're killing it. so listen, you have five, 10, 15, $17 to play with, okay. $17, you can be off by and still win this game. >> okay. >> drew: how much for the grill? >> $40. >> drew: he says $40. is he right? yodeling guy, on your way. you can be off by $17. here we go.
11:30 am
$15. oh, come on! you got it! you got it! 50 bucks. congratulations. way to go! man, you steelers fans.
11:31 am
>> drew: welcome back to "the price is right" everybody. george gray, who's next, please? >> george: jonathan harris, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right."
11:32 am
>> drew: whoa, jonathan, welcome to the show! welcome to the show, nice to have you here. close one. next prize, please. >> george: a new satellite radio. ( cheers and applause ) enjoy music, news, and sports on the go with this portable satellite radio. includes vehicle accessory kit and a three-year subscription. >> drew: thanks, rachel. jonathan, what do you bid? >> i'm going to say 900. >> drew: $900. good luck. sherrie? >> 775. >> drew: 775. jordan? >> 600. >> drew: $600. merry? >> 901, drew. >> drew: 90 s. 901. actual retail price, $719. jordan. come on up here.
11:33 am
welcome to the show. where are you from? >> can kufr, canada. >> drew: vancouver, i love vancouver, you have a lot of nice things there. what do you do there? >> i do media sales. >> drew: media sales, well, you probably do a lot of sales calls, right? george, what can we do for him? >> george: a new truck! ( cheers and applause ) it's the ford f-150 styleside regular cab xl. includes a 3.7-liter v-6 engine, xl plus package and decor group, plus paint and fabric protection. it's the ford f-150.
11:34 am
money game. wee got nine numbers to choose from, first two and last two. all you have to do is pick them out and you can get four wrong and then the game is over. pick a number. >> let's go with 23. >> drew: 23. right in the middle it is. no. >> 25. >> drew: 25. you got it. 25 it is. you're in good shape, jordan. one, two, three wrong before the game is over, seven numbers to choose from. >> 58. >> drew: 58. the year of my birth. no. >> 94. >> drew: 94. no! oh, man!
11:35 am
jordan, this is your last chance. >> 86. >> drew: 86. good luck, man. here you go, for a brand new truck, $25,000 worth. oh, man. well, it called the money game, you win $261. you got a couple hundred bucks. i'm sorry, jordan. satellite radio, yeah. we'll be right back, folks. one more contestant to go.
11:36 am
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keeping up with the kids is tough, so i drink emergen-c. with vitamin c for immune support and b vitamins for natural energy, i'm ready for whatever they get into. get your free sample at stay healthy and feel the good.
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>> drew: welcome back everybody. hey, george, we're almost to that point, we are at that pine, oh my gosh, we only have time for one more contestant. who are they? >> george: alyssa, come on down! you're the next contestant on "the price is right." drew: alyssa! hi, alyssa. next prize, please. >> george: designer accessories. ( cheers and applause ) from yves saint laurent, step out in style with this leather tote bag featuring silver tone hardware and buckle detailing and a leopard print leather wallet.
11:39 am
>> drew: thank you, amber. alyssa what do you bid? >> 350. >> drew: $350. merry? >> 750. >> drew: $750. -- >> 751. >> drew: sherrie? >> 752. >> drew: 752. actual retail price, $1,854. sherrie, come on up here. welcome to the show, nice to see you, all the way from arizona. what do do you in arizona? >> i am a traveling grandma. >> drew: how about that! anybody out there needs a grand pa, just give her a call, she'll be right over to your house. george, what do we have for
11:40 am
her? >> george: an led hdtv and a home gym. ( cheers and applause ) first, this 70-inch black led flat-panel hdtv features connected tv services such as netflix streaming video plus built-in wi-fi. and second, enjoy a quality workout at home with the hg 2000 total body home gym, featuring a leg press and space-saving design for easy storage. from avanti fitness. >> drew: thank you, rachel, amber. 70-inch flat panel hdtv. the home gym by amber. and right in between, beautiful manuela with the price tag, $2,199. that's the price tag that goes to the tv or the home gym. where do you think it goes? >> the home gym. >> drew: home gym. there you go, that's the one right price, she says. let's find out. ready? one, two, three.
11:41 am
you got it! congratulations! sherrie is a winner. we're looking for a male model and you are going to help decide who he is. log in to, starting friday vote for your favorite guy. we're going to spin the wheel right after this. symp on my chest... t he thought he was having a heart attack. she said, "take an aspirin, we need to go to the hospital." i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm very grateful to be alive. aspirin really made a difference. it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s,
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>> drew: welcome back everybody. jordan, come on over here and spin the wheel, buddy. any time you're ready. close as you can to a dollar. want to say hi to somebody? >> yeah, all my family and friends back in vancouver, b. c., and ontario. >> drew: thank you very much. how about an 80? 80, 80, 80, 80. that's a good number. right over there. sherrie, you've got to beat an 80. want to say hi to somebody? >> to my whole family, i love you, and happy birthday, myron. >> drew: thank you. 60. spin again, you've got to get
11:45 am
to 80. it's a lot heavier than people think it is. you have 60, and... too much. that was close, man. donald, come on up here, buddy, you've got to get to 80. want to say hi to somebody? >> yes, hello to my sister delores, i'm doing this for her, my children, my brothers, all my friends and family. all my friends and family. >> drew: 90! and don al is on his way to the showcase! showcases are next, folks, don't go away.
11:46 am
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in half the time so you don't miss a thing. mom, have you seen my -- hey! hey! he did it. [ female announcer ] swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. >> drew: welcome back everybody! here's the showcase round with dora and donald. glock the both of you, pay close attention to the first showcase because it could go to either one of you. here we go, good luck. >> george: this showcase has really great taste. first, keep warm this fall while looking chic in these new designer coats. ( cheers and applause ) from burberry, these his and her trench coats include a single-breasted coat with upper side pockets for her and a double-breasted style for him.
11:49 am
next, sample some of the greatest tastes that one of america's finest cities has to offer in new york city. ( cheers and applause ) you and a guest will fly round- trip coach from los angeles to new york for a four-night stay, including one dinner at bobby flay's americain, at nyma, the new york manhattan hotel. located in the heart of manhattan and close to times square, nyma offers an array of free amenities, such as wi-fi, phone calls nationwide, and breakfast in a modern and contemporary setting. plus, enjoy a three-hour walking food tour of manhattan's nolita neighborhood, where you'll sample some of the local favorites. finally, you're gonna be the taste of the town in this: it's your brand-new hybrid car. ( cheers and applause )
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it's the toyota prius c-1. this five-door hatchback comes with hybrid synergy drive system and carpet floor and trunk mats. designer trench coats, a food tour in new york city, and a hybrid car: this showcase is all yours, but only if the price is right. >> drew: donald? >> yes. >> drew: you get to decide whether to bid on that or pass it on to dora. what do you think? >> i'm going to pass it to this young lady. >> drew: he's passing it on! >> yeah, i'm a passer. >> drew: dora? >> oh, my gosh. let's do $10,000. >> drew: how much? >> 10,000. >> drew: $10,000. all right, dora, good luck to you. donald, here's your showcase, good luck.
11:51 am
>> george: we're expanding your vocabulary with these online language courses and desktop computer. ( cheers and applause ) stay connected with this all- in-one dell computer. features a one-terabyte hard drive, eight gigs of ram, and a 27-inch hd wled monitor. printer included. and we're giving you a one-year all-access pass to 32 different languages with transparent language cd-rom software. then brush up on your french and dutch before heading to a place where they speak both-- in brussels! ( cheers and applause ) you and a guest will fly round- trip coach from los angeles to brussels for a six-night stay at a contemporary deluxe hotel in the heart of the european quarter. plus, enjoy an exceptional dining experience at a former church that's been restored to its original grandeur. next, perfect your accent and
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thai charm and offers impeccable service, making your stay truly unforgettable. a desktop computer with language courses, and trips to brussels, buenos aires, and bangkok could all be yours if the price is right. >> drew: donald! hey, man, you're retiring, you might as well just travel. >> i'll tell you man, that's all good. >> drew: what do you say? >> 21,000. >> drew: $21,000. well, $21,000 for donald, 10,000 for dora. we'll find out who wins right after this. i but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene.
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everybody. a lot of discussion back stage about who we're going to start with. donald, we decided to start with you. your showcase was a computer with some language software, because we are sending you on a trip to belgium, argentina, thailand, all around the world. you bid $21,000 for your
11:57 am
showcase. actual retail price, $32,972. a difference of 11,-- almost $12,000. now, dora, your showcase bid was low, but how low was it? your showcase was trench coats, trip to new york, and a toyota prius. you bid $10,000. actual retail price, $31,259. you're off by 21,000. you're on your way around the world, donald. donald is going around the world. $40,819 worth of prizes he won. thanks for watching today, don't forget to get your pets spayed or neutered. we'll see you next time. bye-bye.
11:58 am
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