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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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mean? >> it's pretty comfortable. as long as you got your jacket or coat or sweater this morning. >> you'll need something on the top of your head. whether it's a hat or little umbrella. a couple of raindrops. not going to be heavy rain. sometimes the light rain showers cause just as much trouble because they mix with a little bit of oil on top of the road pavement. even though there's just a bit of rain, you can get slippery spots on the roads. we're well above the freezing mark here in town. 40 degrees the chilly sky. as far as temperatures around the rest of the area, mid and upper 30s right now. everybody is comfortably above the freezing mark. here are light showers out toward borne county and green county and westchester, virginia. even light rain showers. southern maryland, southern st. mary's county, southern charles county. waldorf, la plata, could see a little light rain. again, not looking for frozen precipitation. that is good news. bus stop weather.
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kids going to need a jacket, lightweight umbrella, temperatures in the 30s. highs upper 40s and low 50s. plenty of clouds. could see a little peek or two of sun later on this afternoon if you're good. over to danella. >> good morning. well, chuck, checking our area. it's friday and so far pretty quiet. not seeing any congestion. road work that was happening overnight appears to be gone. as you make your way to the capital beltway, your travel lanes are open. over to i-95, same story, nice and clear. i'll give you a live look at 198. cars getting by without any issues at all. taking the rails, they're open. not seeing any delays along the metro, marc, vre. they're clear as well. breaking news at 5:01. here's melissa mollet at the news 4 live desk. >> that's right. we've been following the 7.3 earthquake that hit the northeast coast of japan. now a small tsunami about a meter high has also hit. when you take a look at this
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video, you can see the shaking. the tsunami warning is still going off. people are being urged to flee to higher ground. no reports of any damage or injuries. the power stations are open, but some airports are closed until the runways are inspected. this, you might remember, the same region that was hit by a massive quake back in march of 2011. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. today we could see the impact, the threat the fiscal cliff is having on our economy, even before the end of the year, the labor department will release its november jobs report this morning. many economists believe fewer than 100,000 new jobs were created this month. that may be because companies are waiting to hire more companies until after the financial crisis is resolved. superstorm sandy likely had an impact on the unemployment rate economisted expect the unemployment rate to remain at 7.9%. president obama says this northern virginia couple is proof that lawmakers must come to an agreement on a budget deal by the end of the year.
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he met with tiffany and richard santana yesterday. living with tiffany's parents to help make ends meet. she wrote about her struggles to the white house as part of a social media campaign. >> we live with an extended family. we have two sets of adult incomes in our home. it would be more like a $4,000 tax increase for us, which would be relatively devastating for our family. i wanted to share that with the white house. i wasn't sure i was going to get a response, but i did want to at least make my voice heard. >> president obama says he'll only sign off on a budget deal that includes a tax hike for the wealthiest americans. republicans say they want to generate additional tax revenue by closing tax loopholes and eliminating some deductns. the budget stalemate is taking its toll on maryland and virginia's governments. in maryland, state leaders say they can't make decisions on budget plans until they see how the fiscal cliff negotiations turn out. in virginia, governor bob
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mcdonnell says some of the cuts to state agencies recommended to him will appear in his budget even if congress and the white house reach a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. a developing story out of north korea. the country may set off a long range rocket as early as this monday. that's according to media reports in south korea. the rocket is reportedly being fueled, but heavy snowfall may have slowed down preparations. north korea wants to launch what it calls a peaceful satellite sometimes before november 22nd. the u.s. believes the rocket is a cover to test missile technology. president obama is speaking out against ongoing unrest in egypt. he has called egyptian president mohamed morsi to express concern about recent protests that have resulted in numerous deaths and injuries, calling the violence unacceptable. president obama did welcome morsi's call for talks with opposition leaders. this comes after a violent week in cairo. on wednesday night, six were killed and nearly 700 injured in protest outside morsi's palace. this morning d.c. mayor
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vincent gray will announce a new flood prevention for bloomingdale. this comes after flash floods swamped that neighborhood last summer. it would put storage tanks at the former mcmillan sand filtration plant, capable of holding 3 million gallons each. crews will also dig a six block tunnel under first street that could store 6 million gallons of storm water.king for ways to ease traffic and make road im. p -- improvements, and they want uncle sam to foot the bill. the government's shift to fort belvoir put a heavy burden on already congested roads. the county is looking for more than $1 billion from the government. county officials don't expect to get that total amount but hope to get something to alleviate some of those traffic problem. a metro bus driver is upped investigation after this video popped up online. check it out. it appears to show the driver holding and possibly reading a
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newspaper behind the wheel. the rider, who posted the video on the blog unsuck d.c. metro says it happened on the d-2 route during the morning rush last monday. they say the driver has the paper in his hands during a long stretch of the route, both while stopped and while driving. riders we showed this video to were outraged. >> you're reading newspaper. you're putting yourself in danger. you're putting your passengers at danger. >> it's a safety violation. come on, metro. do your job. check into your drivers and figure out what's going on. >> it is difficult to tell from the video if the driver was read lli ing the paper or just holding it. either way, aaa says it is distracted driving, and it puts the driver, riders, and everyone around them in danger. bus drivers are among the metro employees who will be monitored next year to make sure they get enough sleep. the transit system will ask
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those who operate and maintain buses and trains to log their sleep habits and wear a motion detecting advice. metro is trying to combat fatigue after a 2011 study found some employees worked longer hours than allowed and had no limit to the number of consecutive days they worked. metro is also concerned about late night shift workers who are more vulnerable to fatigue. it is now 5:07. a prince george's county teen looking to make history on the hardwood tonight.
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an unusual step to find a specific type of girlfriend for the holidays. mark paskin bought a billboard on the side of the interstate. it says "all i want for christmas is a latina girlfriend." then it provides an e-mail for those to reach him. he starred on a reality show called secret millionaire last year. >> he's specific. >> again, i cannot comment without getting in trouble. >> we'll just move on here.
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we're coming up on 5:11. time to get a check on weather and traffic on the ones. you might be dodging puddles, chuck. >> might be. won't be the secret millionaire anymore with a billboard and all. a little bit of light rain. most important of all, it's all liquid right now. temperatures are above freezing. that's an important part of your friday morning. no doubt. just light little spritzles down in calvert and st. mary's county. just enough to get the road wet and make you need the umbrella first thing. temperatures upper 30s by 9:00 a.m. low 50s with a peek or two of sunshine coming through. highs in the upper 40s with low to mid-50s with plenty of friday clouds. that's the four-day forecast. over to danella. rails still looking good in our area. still a lot of green, very light volume. 66, rest area in both directions, you're clear heading toward the beltway. clear there, inside the beltway, 66. no issues, spout run parkway, inbound, though.
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did have police activity just blocking the right shoulder lane. now it's out of the roadway. travel lanes are open. richard and eun? >> danella, thanks. 54 degrees. 5:11. we continue to track breaking news out of bangladesh. new developments following a factory fire.
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check out what turned up in a grocery store delivery in new mexico. an employee discovered this pistol and seven rounds of ammo stashed in a case of frozen meat. that worker told the supervisor who immediately called police. detectives put the gun's serial number and description into a national database. that could help track down the owner. breaking news now. the owner of a bangladesh clothing factory where 112 people were killed last month
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lost its fire safety certification in june. the factory owner told the associated press that he was only authorized to build a three-story facility. he illegally expanded it to eight stories and was adding a ninth floor at the time of the fire. despite the violations, the factory produced clothes for disney, walmart, and sears. the fire is bangladesh's worst ever industrial accident. this morning emergency teams are working to rescue hundreds of people missing after a typhoon hit the philippines. more than 400 people are believed to be missing. the powerful typhoon battered the country back on tuesday, killing 500 people. evacuation centers are packed with thousands who lost their homes. the philippine government and volunteer groups are rushing in emergency food and supplies. talk about being a little too close for comfort. check out new home video of a rare tornado that touched down in the new zealand city of auckland. these people were up close and personal as huge blasts the wind, heavy rain, as well as flying debris tore through the nation's largest city.
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the storm killed three people and forced hundreds from their homes. it's the deadliest tornado to hit there in more than 60 years. we're getting a better idea this morning of how costly the damage from hurricane sandy is for the east coast. new jersey governor chris christie says superstorm sandy caused $37 billion in damages to his state. christie was in washington, making stops at the white house and capitol hill, asking lawmakers for an additional $83 billion in his state as well as new york and connecticut. today we'll learn the fate of a tour bus driver for a crash that killed 15 passengers. the jury will announce a verdict for williams today, who's accused of running a bus off the road and striking a pole in new york city in 2011. he's pled not guilty to manslaughter, claiming a tractor-trailer cut him off. prosecutors say he was tired and may have fallen asleep. if convicted, he faces 15 years in jail. the parade float driver
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involved in the train accident that killed four people will not be charged. the float was hit by a freight train. four veterans of iraq and afghanistan were killed, and 16 more people were hurt. an eye opener for men. in news 4 for your health, a new study finds that men are not only more likely to be diagnosed from cancer but are more likely to die from it. a study out of cornell medical college found of top ten can certifies, men have the higher rate of death in seven out of ten. only bladder cancer kills more women than men. higher rates of smoking and drinking may contribute to those results. they also say men visit the doctor fewer times, meaning cancer is often foupd nd in lat more advanced stages. you may not need to try the latest diet craze to lose weight, just cut down on fat. people who ate low fat food cut down on cholesterol.
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experts say choosing low fat yogurt and skim milk and reducing your intake of butter and cheese can help you get those same results. we should know in the next day or two whether software company owner john mcafee will have to return to belize to answer to his neighbor's murder. he is in guatemala right now and is under arrest for entering the country illegally. his lawyers plan to file an emergency appeal to keep him in guatemala. mcafee was admitted to the hospital after claiming of chest pains. mcafee claims his life is in danger in belize because he has information about political corruption. republican senator jim demint is stepping down at the end of the year to head the conservative think tank the heritage foundation. his announcement surprised many colleagues, including senior senator lindsey graham. he never saw demint's
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resignation coming. perhaps stephen colbert has his eye on demint's senate seat. a stephen colbert for senate twitter account popped up shortly after demint's announ announcement yesterday. the first tweet was reporting for duty, south carolina. the twitter handle has 1,500 followers. colbert was raised in charleston, south carolina. the state's governor will name demint's successor, but a special election will be held in 2014 for the seat. i think, if he actually ran for that seat, he'd have a good chance of winning some votes. >> it's hard to know if he's serious or if it's a joke. >> i don't know. he's got a pretty good gig going. we're coming up on 5:21 now. time to get a check of weather and traffic on the ones. you're going to need the coat and also the umbrella. >> many good morning. it's finally here, everybody, friday. temperatures in the mid and upper 30s.
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keeping a close eye on the friday morning temperatures. for now everything comfortably above the freezing mark. light raindrops coming in from the south of town, route 4 and route 5. also some rain showers along interstate 81 and the western part of i-66. all that inbound traffic will need the wiper blades to go back and forth at least a couple of times. here's the friday planner. spotty showers around this morning. not a lot of rain, just enough to get the road wet. cloudy and chilly for this morning. temperatures will be milder than yesterday. still upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow your weekend is finally here. sort of a rerun tomorrow morning, chance of raindrops first thing. i think on the whole your saturday looking noticeably better. cloudy, a bit warmer tomorrow. up in the low, perhaps mid-60s for some. perhaps the most important thing going on this weekend, sunday afternoon, fedex field, redskins-ravens. wip winds out of the north 5 to 10. could be light rain by the end of the game. we're keeping a close eye on
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that. redskins and the ravens. battle of the beltway. all we need now is great football weather. now let's go to danella for a check on the roads. right now checking the area roadways. if you're traveling the beltway, taking the outer loop of the beltway at 123, report of a crash in this area. good news, it's in the right shoulder lane. let's take a live look if you're traveling along the dulles toll road from reston as you make your way towards the beltway. travel lanes open in this area. very light volume in both directions, eastbound and westbound. if you're connecting to the dulles toll road, light volume again. 5:22 now. facebook's newest photo feature is raising concerns over potentially embarrassing scenarios. the photo sync application will instantly upload any photo you take with your smart phone to facebook. those pictures end up on a private photo gallery only you can see, and you have the option to make it public.
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the technology firm data doctor says you disable the facebook photo feature if you're worried about sensitive pictures from your phone ending up online. a group of cable companies have agreed to changes that will save around $1.5 billion each year in electric bills. the agreement states that at least 90% of the new cable boxes purchased after 2013 will meet epa efficiency leflvels. for around 10:00 p.m., dvr will push sleep capables. that includes dish, time warner cable, cox, and verizon. cox is a part owner of nbc 4's parent company nbc universal. a week of seemingly promising talks have crumbled and put the nhl season in jeopardy. players and owners seemed to be making progress all week in resolving the now 83-day long lockout. after meeting just an hour yesterday, the owners rejected an eight-year collective
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bargaining proposal from the players. now all good will seems to be lost. >> we are proposing a long-term system that will pay the players billions and billions of dollars over its term, but we have to have a system that works right. it's all part of the package. i am disappointed beyond belief. >> it looks like this is not going to be resolved in the immediate future. i hope that turns out to be wrong. >> owners told players not to expect another meeting before the weekend, and they say they have pulled many of their concessions off the table. despite the lockout, d.c. finally got a little taste of hockey last night at the verizon center. the caps american league farm team, the hershey bears, took on the norfolk admirals in front of a sellout crowd. we missed hockey. it didn't look good for the bears. just ten seconds into the game, the admirals took the lead. with the game tied at 1 in the third period, the bears held the back of the net. held on for a 2-1 win. the bears breakout goalie from last season, braden holtby, had
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26 saves on the night. one high school student is looking to make history. jasmine holt of serratsville high school is looking to score 1,000 points on the season. she has 996 right now. she could do that in tonight's game. hill will continue her hoops career next year at howard university. >> her whole family is coming in for this event. it's going to be spectacular. way to go. her story she wasn't a very good dribbler and she worked so hard. >> practice. that's what they always say. practice makes perfect. there you go. the national christmas tree is shining bright this morning after a star studded lighting ceremony. >> three. two. one. ♪ >> 17,000 people gathered on the lawn of the white house last night to watch the first family light up the blue spruce. it featured musical guests
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starting with kenny "babyface" edmonds and james taylor. mrs. obama read the night before christmas with "modern family" star rico rodriguez. president obama said he hopes this season reminds all of the spirit of brotherhood. someone else at the white house is getting into the holiday spirit too. bo, the first family's dog, is taking center stage on the official white house holiday card. this is actually a painting of bo. it was done by an artist from iowa, larassa kabel. she specializes in photo realistic pieces. the white house invited artists across the country to submit their work for consideration. i like the dark fur against the white house background. it's really nice. >> i've got to get my holiday cards out. 5:26. it is now 41 degrees. plunging on the tracks. the moment a metro rider's windchill malfunctioned. there is no mass-produced human.
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a metro bus driver is under investigation after video services allegedly showing that driver reading a newspaper. the district will announce a new flood prevention plan for
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bloomingdale in hopes of preventing scenes like these. and leaders in d.c. may be ready to make a deal in the hopes of bringing the redskins back to the city. much more on those stories throughout the morning. first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm richard jordan in for aaron gilchrist. welcome to "news 4 today" on this friday, december 7th. breaking news from the news 4 live desk. melissa mollet. >> good morning. five people have been hurt after a 7.3 earthquake rattled northeast japan this morning. we hear none of the injuries are serious. the tsunami warning is still in effect after one small tsunami hit. it was about three feet high. people being urged to flee to higher ground. no report of any damage. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. >> time is coming up here on 5:31. check of weather and traffic on the ones. >> are we talking about a little bit of rain here, chuck bell? >> a little bit. not a whole lot. sometimes the littlest amount of rain causes just as much trouble, mixes in with the oil on the roads.
5:31 am
you'll have to be careful. miss sealock is keeping a close eye on the morning commute. a risk of light showers first thing this morning. kids out to the bus stop. sun not out until 7:14. plenty of darkness early on. temperatures upper 30s to low 40s. a real bupd l ndle up this morp. most steady rain across the panhandle of west virginia. charles town, what artonsville getting rain this morning. we're keeping a close eye. temperatures above freezing. we'll climb to the 50s later today. most of our rain should be gone by lunch time or so. turning mild into the weekend. danella? chuck, we'll start with the rails. if you're taking the rails >> announcer: reported dela, no reported delays on the metro, marc, or vre. an accident on the right shoulder lane involving a tractor-trailer. over to 50, no issues there.
5:32 am
in fact, a live look at 301. nice and clear east and westbound. 50 connecting to the beltway nice and clear. and on the beltway, all travel lanes open. trip will take you just 15 minutes. today we could learn if democrats and republicans are making any progress on the negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff. both sides now have less than four weeks to prevent steep tax hikes and spending cuts from taking effect. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: good morning. what could push that along is this morning's release of jobs numbers, telling how many people got jobs in november. it's not expected to change much. nationally we're at 7.9%, which is worth note ing is a lot high than the 5.1% here in the d.c. area. unemployment, if it continues to be stagnant, could force lawmakers to take a look at how close they want to get to that
5:33 am
fiscal cliff, especially at this time of year. >> it's very important that we get this done now, that we don't wait. we're in the midst of the christmas season. the closer it gets to the brink, the more stressed they're going to be. businesses are making decisions right now about investment and hiring. if they don't have confidence week get this thing done, they're going to start pulling back, and we could have a rocky time in our economy over the next several months. >> reporter: we are now hearing the staffs for president obama and republican house speaker john boehner are talking now again after a week. whether they're making significant progress, we hope to get more details today. >> tracie, thank you. breaking news out of syria. here's melissa mollet at the live desk. >> good morning. syrian rebels claiming damascus international a civilian target.
5:34 am
they're warning civilians not to approach it. they're also warning the syrian government is planning to use chemical weapons. and regime forces are firing rockets around the capital. 40,000 people have been killed in the country's civil war. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. today world war ii veterans nationwide will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. pearl harbor survivors will attend a wreath laying ceremony. in our area, flags will be flown at half staff today on all local, state, and federal buildings. in virginia, governor bob mcdonnell will attend a ceremony and lay a wreath at the virginia war memorial in richmond. governor mcdonnell has issued a proclamation for today to be
5:35 am
pearl harbor remembrance day. you can see the rider getting off the elevator at the eastern market station in july. that's when her motorized wheelchair malfunctioned. in the distance, you see her falling from the platform onto the tracks. her right arm and legs were injured in the fall. the rider called on metro to install guard rails to prevent a similar incident. but metro says that could cause a triple hazard for other riders. a woman is in the hospital this morning after she was hit by a car. it happened around 8:30 along massachusetts avenue. we're told the capital police officer was hit during a traffic stop. so far no charges have been filed against the driver. this morning d.c. police say road rage led a bicyclist to stab a driver. the attack happened on massachusetts avenue and scott circle in northwest wednesday night. police say the bicyclist got upset when the driver cut him off and hit the car's mirror. driver got out and got stabbed in the ribs.
5:36 am
police are looking for the bicyclist. apple is getting a lot of attention for a business move that plans to make next year, and it has to do with its new products. apple ceo tim cook is telling nbc's brian williams in an exclusive interview the company plans to make some of its products here in the u.s. next year although he didn't specify which product or where. over the years, apple has become known for having his product made overseas. most notably in china. >> we've been working for years on doing more and more in the united states. next year we will do one of our existing mac lines in the united states. >> you can see the interview on "rock center with brian williams" at 10:00 right here on nbc 4. speaking of apple, good news for t-mobile customers. t-mobile has announced it will start carrying apple products, including the ever popular iphone in 2013. they are the fourth and basically the last major carrier in the u.s. to start carrying apple. customers will be able to buy the apple ipad 2.
5:37 am
>> are you going to get that? >> i already got my ipad. >> look at you. >> i guess i could get it with t-mobile, which i like to have options. so that's good. let's make a deal. the item d.c. lawmakers might be willing to give up if the redskins return to the district. [ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center
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toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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how would you like to visit the moon? a new space tourism company wants to make that reality. it's called the golden spike company. it was founded by a group of space veterans, including a former nasa executive and a former apollo flight director. the group hopes to use existing rockets and a new lander to send expeditions to the moon. i'm over the moon on this. unfortunately, it's not going to be cheap. two tickets will set you back $1.4 million. the company says international space agencies will likely be their biggest customer. they hope to make the first expedition in 2020. >> or you could go to hawaii. you know what i mean? if i had the choice, there's a few caribbean islands i'd like to visit as well. >> that's not enough for everybody. more than hawaii. >> the beach and the sunshine.
5:41 am
that's all i need. >> sun or the moon. which one would you rather have? coming up on 5:41 now. time to get a check of weather and traffic on the ones. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here. >> you could buy an island in the caribbean with that kind of money rather than spend six days on the moon. outside early on friday morning, it is cold out there. temperatures upper 30s to near 40 degrees down townsh. hometown forecast, bethesda, maryland, rain should be tapering off around by noon. 46 degrees tonight if you're going to the movies. danella, how are the roads? >> it's pretty quiet, chuck. it's friday. good news. we're going to head up to i-270. i'm seeing just a minor delay. it's not terrible. making your way out of urbana, you're just sluggish to 109. making your way out of gaithersburg, 61 miles per hour. that's not bad. no issues as you connect to the
5:42 am
beltway. >> danella, thank you. 42 degrees at 5:41. still to come, preventing future scenes like the one you're about to see here. the steps the district is taking now to keep a neighborhood from flooding. there is no mass-produced human.
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the tsunami warning in northeast japan has just been cancelled. that warning was put in place after a 7.3 earthquake rattled part of the country this morning. five people were hurt but are expected to be okay. no reports yet of any damage. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. 5:45 now. the district may be willing to let the fbi move its headquarters to prince george's county. it apparently wants something in return. news 4 has learned that d.c.
5:46 am
leaders will support the fbi move if the redskins move back to washington. the fbi wants to leave its current facility in downtown d.c. d.c. council members won't discuss the details of the potential trade, but they do say they're interested. >> the idea of a switch for the fbi moving to prince george's county and, say, the redskins moving back to the city in a brand new stadium at rfk would be something that i would certainly be interested in. >> prince george's county would have to let the redskins break their lease at fedex field to move. county executive rushern baker says he isn't discussing this possible trade. it will be longer before we learn who will represent one prince george's county district in the state assembly. waiting a judge's decision over the battle for the seat. that means controversial greg hall is still the nominee. he has been trying to take over the seat from tiffany alston, who was removed from office.
5:47 am
alston claims she should be the delegate still since her sentence was reduced before judgment. d.c. mayor vincent gray will discuss a flood project for many blooi -- bloomingdale. if will put put a tank at the filtration plant. eric olson disappeared more than 14 hours ago. his family says the 34-year-old takes medication but does not have it with him. olson was last seen outside his home on deer lake road in derwood. he had on a blue coat and dark blue sweatpants. if you see this man, you're asked to call montgomery county police. a crime alert at george washington university. police believe the same two women broke in five dorms yesterday in the ivory tower residence hall.
5:48 am
in each case, students left their doors open. the women came in and walked away with laptops. police warn students to lock their dorm room doors as they leave and even consider keeping them locked when they are in the room. police are trying to figure out who attacks a george washington university employees inside a campus rest room. a woman who works in rice hall says a masked man tried to sexually assault her in the bathroom after hours. she managed to fight him off. rice hall is an administrative building, and police say the man would have had to use a special card to get inside. university officials have added more security to the building. wednesday night a man called the front desk of an econolodge in woodbridge and claimed he locked himself out of his room. when the clerk went to help, police say a masked man with a knife forced her into the room and assaulted her. a similar attack happened last month. police arrested a man for assaulting a maid. hotel guests say the cases are disturbing.
5:49 am
>> kind of wondering what's going on here the last couple of weeks. got someone running around here. >> the econolodge plans to hire a security guard to patrol the property. it also plans to add more security cameras and improve lighting. >> the time is 5:49. one person is in police custody in connection with a deadly the sh lly shooting. the shooing happened around 8:15 inside an apartment northeast. the 16-year-old victim was taken to the hospital, where she died. her name has not been released. police took one person into custody. they're not releasing any details about his relationship to the victim or even a motive in the case. murder charges for a maryland man accused of killing a 14-year-old boy in prince george's county. detectives say 24-year-old jose rodriguez nunez killed eliasa reyes in a drive by shooting on sheridan street in lewisdale. another man was hit in the shooting. he's since been released from the hospital.
5:50 am
police are investigating whether the murder was gang related. news of a bombing suspect who damaged the atm outside the virginia credit union. someone put an explosive device at the base of the atm near the drive-in window. the bank and six apartments nearby were temporarily evacuated. police hope the images will lead to an arrest. a gaithersburg family fears wild animals are responsible for a deadly attack on their farm. coyotes or possibly wild dogs wandered on their property in woodfield road and killed several sheep. the family is worried the animals could strike again. the attacks don't just put the sheep in danger, but kids as well. >> we have so many kids in the surrounding area, and they all play outside. these dogs, whatever they are, are out there, and it's just a matter of time before they attack a person walking or children. >> this was the second attack like this one in two weeks. the family believes the sheep are easy prey and could be attacked again. ten minutes now until 6:00.
5:51 am
three weeks from now you'll be able to gather in maryland at this time. maryland casinos will be allowed to stay open 24 hours a day starting on december 27th. casinos plan on adding table games sometime next spring. a commission must first approve regulation for those games. 5:51 now. time for weather and traffic on the ones. >> looks like we may be dodging rain showers today. >> a little wet start first thing friday morning. not going to add up to a whole lot of rain. but sometimes even just a few light rain showers can make the roads slippery. for now, cloudy skies at reagan national airport. temperature holding at a comfortable 40 degrees. comfortable, that is, because it is above the freezing mark. temperatures area-wide above freezing. that is welcome news. mid to upper 30s.
5:52 am
plenty cold out there. the fact that temperatures are above the freezing mark means not much, if anything, in the way of a slippery problem first thing today. recess, 11:00 this morning until about 1:00 in the afternoon, plenty of clouds around, staying on the chilly side. noontime temperatures, upper 40s to around 50. recess today, i'm grading it only a "c." not exactly the prettiest day to be outside. most of the light rain to the north and west of town. western parts of loudoun, northern frederick county, maryland. raindrops on the south and south western corner of the capital beltway. the steadier rains along interstate 81, could see a patch of rain. not looking for any accumulation, but if you're out driving around first thing on friday morning, just be extra careful with the raindrops. most of the rain is going to taper off around noontime. leaving us with a cloudy day. spotty showers in the noon hours. especially down to the south of town, one or two little peeks at the sunshine.
5:53 am
tomorrow cloudy skies. tomorrow afternoon should be a nice day. noticeably milder. tomorrow back into the 60s we go before another chance of showers kw coming up sunday. and best chance of rain after that. showers coming up primarily in the morning. staying cloudy and chilly. here's the all important seven-day forecast. 53 etoday. 65 degrees coming up for tomorrow. rain chances move in by sunday afternoon. sunday night through monday, maybe lingering onto tuesday as well. most important thing, looks like we could have raindrops for the ravens and the redskins. over to you, danella. >> thanks, chuck. traveling the metro rails, let's talk about delays on the yellow line here. pentagon city, had a train malfunction there. looks like you're still seeing delays as you're heading towards huntington. be aware of that. let's shift over to brunswick
5:54 am
east train number 870. vre not reporting delays at this time. over to the roadway, not seeing raindrops here and good news because your volume is still pretty light. i-95 at route 1, you can see, still making the commute heading from woodbridge to the beltway, you're clear. in quantico, the drive is 25 minutes. your average speed is 55 miles per hour. >> thanks, danella. 5:54. major delays may slow down your commute on any part of the metro. starting tonight, the transit agency will close five stations on the red line. that's takoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton, and glen mont. crews also plan to do track work on all the five lines, but all the work should be wrapped up in time for monday morning's commute. this morning we're getting an idea just how many people will be in d.c. next month for the inauguration. the homeland security director told news 4 about 500,000 people will be here. many of them will be localed. that's half the size of the crowd that flocked to d.c. in 2009 to see president obama's
5:55 am
first inauguration. planners are basing their estimates on factors like hotel reservations. about 2,000 police from d.c. and other areas will help with security. here's news that could soon disrupt your morning routine. you may have to pay up to read "the washington post" online. shartia brantley is live with that story. >> many ggood morning, eun "the washington post" may consider a pay wall for its website. one of the last newspapers to hold off on the move. the post will likely implement a metered pay wall, meaning people will be able to read a limited number of articles for a month for free before they're charged a subscription fee. the move is expected by next summer along with notan increasn news stand prices. and we're keeping an eye on ford today. consumer reports say the ford c-max infusion hybrids fall about 20% short of their advertised fuel economy claims.
5:56 am
both vehicles are expected to average 47 miles per gallon, but the magazine says in their road tests they both delivered 37 to 39 miles per gallon. it comes a month after the epa found hyundai and kia overstated the fuel economy of their vehicles. the fusion and c-max still deliver the best mileage of any sedan they tested, but drivers shouldn't expect to get what ford has promoted. back to you. >> shartia brantley, thank you. have a good weekend. shoppers rejoice. macy's famous one day sale is now going to be two days, 48 hours. the retailer says it plans to keep all stores open nationwide beginning at 7:00 a.m. on friday, december 21st, through 7:00 a.m. on sunday, december 23rd. this is the first time the
5:57 am
retailer will extend hours at all 800 locations. you done with your's shopping? >> done? i haven't even started. it may take the obama campaign strategist david axelrod a little longer to get ready for work today. >> many of his friends and colleagues may not recognize him when he's done. axelrod is shaving his famous mustache today. he vowed to slash his stache if he raised more than $1 million for epilepsy research. he did it. so he's putting his money for his mouth is, or at least where his upper lip is. we'll see how he looks. >> some think he may look completely different and some say just similar. >> we'll have to see. the pictures that already have people speculating about apple's next big product.
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