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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now -- new questions amid the violence at sandy hook
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elementary school. what the suspect did before the crime to try to cover his tracks. a teen girl sexually assaulted in her virginia home to. night we know what the suspect said to convince her to let him in. fists go flying and a redskins players family was in the middle of it all. what they blame for starting this fight. more tears and tributes in newtown, connecticut, after the deadly school shooting. police say it could be months before their investigation is complete. two of the youngest victims laid to rest today. as police continue to search for a motive. investigators are planning to interview two of the survivors, in an effort to gain some insight about the gunman. they're also searching his home. collecting evidence about the days leading up to his rampage. jay gray has our report. >> to love one another. >> reporter: tonight again they gathered because they say there is a strength and security that comes from being together.
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thousand are drawn to newtown, they carry signs, stuffed animals, flowers and a burning desire to somehow try and ease the overwhelming pain here. >> we felt kind of helpless at home. felt look we needed to do something to help out in somehow being here it is helping us to help other people. >> reporter: especially now as they begin the heartwrenching task of saying good-bye. 6-year-olds, noah pozner and jack pinto were laid to rest. >> sad. >> comfort this community will need. >> the overwhelming support from the community and seeing the town come together like this is -- is amazing. >> reporter: but they still have to bury another 18 classmates and the six women who died trying to save their lives. as the mourning continues here, so does the investigation. police say the school will be locked dn and kconsidered a
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crime scene indefinitely. there is one thing they're sure of. >> i could tell you that the first responders that got to the scene, the shooter team that entered the school, saved many human lives. i can tell you it brock oke our hearts when we couldn't save them all. >> so many broken hearts in a community where many now wonder if they will ever heal. tomorrow an emotional day here as friend and family gather for at least two more funerals. jay gray, nbc news, newtown, connecticut. that awful situation in connecticut is sparking debate about mental illness and the stigma of developmental disorders. that's because the gunman suffered from aspergers, parents are opening up about the disorder and misconceptions. >> reporter: those anxious for answers about adam lanza's motives can cling to a sketchy portrait of a so-called troubled young man.
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friend of his mother point out he had aspergers, a form of awe 'tawe -- autism, prompting concerns. >> reporter: this 8-year-old is among 1.5 million americans diagnosed with autism. in his case, so far the developmental disability left this boy nonverbal and hyperactive at times. but certainly say his parent, nonviolent. >> he is a very nice little boy. he doesn't sit there and calculate violent acts. it has never been a concern of ours as parents. >> he was clearly a troubled child. we know that he had aspergers, nancy mentioned that several times. >> reporter: friend of nancy lanza trying to fill in pieces of the puzzle to explain the rampage and include information that he had aspergers syndrome, less severe autism. >> to put a label on it so quickly and say this was the reason or anything that they might be drawing a conclusion from on this, it is just, it is
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not right. >> reporter: parents insist it is a connection that shed little light on a motive and could add to the stigma for people with autism. 'tischild psychologist, dr. jonathan whiner agrees. >> aspergers does not cause people to behave like this. there is million r ore to this . >> some kids with aspergers have trouble controlling themselves when they get angry but on a normal scale. for now we await more information from investigators. so far they have shed little light on adam lanza's mind set in the days or hours leading up to the tragedy of staandy hook elementary school. >> thank you. gun control once again front and center after the tragedy in connecticut. protesters gathered outside the national rifle association
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auflss aufls -- offices in washington and called on them to stop preventing gun regulations. previously pro gun lawmakers including senator mark warner, and west virginia senator, and congressman joe scarborough say they are owe tupen to gun legislation, and president obama met with the vice president and cabinet members to talk about ways to prevent another massacre. a developing story. a 15-year-old girl sexually assaulted inside her home in woodbridge, and the man posed as a cable tv worker to get inside and commit the crime. shomari stone joins us live from the neighborhood where a sketch of the suspect has been released. shomari? >> reporter: good evening. we talked to the teenager's sister moments ago. this entire family is out here in woodbridge, virginia, frightened. the suspect pulled out a knife, flashed it and then sexually assaulted the girl. prince william county police
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released this composite sketch of the suspect. the 15-year-old girl told detectives the man knocked on the door claiming to work for the cable company, asked to speak with ricardo in the house, doesn't live there. suspect walks away. returns a few minutes later. scares the teen by showing his phone with a threatening text message through the window. she opens the door. he gets inside. flashes the knife. police say that's when he walks her to a bedroom and begins sexually assaulting her. stopped once the victim started kicking and screaming. we talked to her sister minutes ago. >> i feel unsafe for her. i am worried that -- he might try to come back or something. and -- i just want my sister to be protected. >> any idea why she opened the door, he is threating her, why did she open the door? >> he said he was a comcast person. he tricked her. >> tonight he is on the loose. police swarmed the area.
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searching for him. a manhunt. and this investigation continues. live in woodbridge, virginia, shomari stone, news 4. >> thank you. we turn to weather now. dense fog out there over many parts of the area. silver spring, you are looking at there. those conditions force owed officials to cancel flights out of bwi today. doug kammerer here, can we expect this tomorrow morning, doug? >> i think so, jim. the dense fog advisory continues through 6:00 a.m. waking up tomorrow morning. may want to give yourself extra time on the roadways. look at visibility. down to 1/8 mile around baltimore. now up to 1.5 miles. mile and a half. good news. we had a little bit of a front move through. little shower activity. that did help. 2 1/2 miles around annapolis. 4 in manassas. charlottesville. quarter mile. once again. going to continue to see that problem with fog. here is what i am talking about with the rain. this helped with visibility. rain, through anne arundel,
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prince george's county. mostly light rain, through the i-95 corridor, stafford, back towards the west. more rain to come. i will let you know what the rain means for the forecast tomorrow. plus, the cold air, it will move in. show you when. >> thank you, doug. with concern about guns, police in alexandria worry one of their shot guns is in the wrong hand. a shotgun was taken from one of two stolen police cars. one of the cruisers was taken from princess street on friday night a nother stolen on duke street on thursday. both cars have been recovered. but the shotgun from the first car is still missing. alexandria police say it know it clear how their cars are being stolen. they have sent out bulletins to departments all over the area warning them about the thefts. a counteroffer from president obama to avoid the fiscal cliff. he met with house speaker john boehner today now there is word the president is offering to raise the salary threshold for a tax increase to $400,000 instead
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of $250,000. boehner has proposed raising taxes on any one making more than $1 million a year. congress must have a deal by january 1 or there will be tax hikes and spending cuts in effect across the board. longest serving member of the u.s. senate died. democrat, daniel inouhue, passed away, he was first elected in 1962, and served almost nine terms in office. senator inouhue, lost his arm fight in world war ii. former republican senator bob dole release aid statement tonight calling him one of the senate's giants. senator daniel inouhue was 88 years old. an indictment in a high profile murder in arlington. the county's second murder in more than two years. the grand jury indicted 53-year-old james carolyn on capital murder and weapons
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charged. accused of killing a man, tommy wong here, owned a jewelry store on columbia pike in july. carolyn set to appearen court thursday to set a trial date. next on news 4, tempers flare. the fight at yesterday's redskins game that landed several of his family members behind bars. 26 acts of kindness the we
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to others. redskins linebacker london fletcher blaming security after a group of his relatives were arrested at yesterday's game in cleveland. this youtube video appears to show the fight that led to the arrest. on the nfl network this morning, fletcher says, browns' fans were harassing his family from the moment they got out of their car. he says the security guard assaulted one of his relatives, instead of diffusing the situation. the browns are, browns' organization is investigating that incident. >> a man from guatemala was busted for frying to hide cocaine in jars of stew. agents made the discovery this weekend. inspectors became suspicious. 2 pound of cocaine were found
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hidden in the lining of the jars. the man was detained but not charged. customs agents say he will probably be deported. d.c. officials are coming up with plan b following the demise of the controversial red top meeter program. that program was designed to preserve 10% of the city's metered spots for people with disabilities. it would have forced them to pay for parking for the first time. the city has spent more than $700,000 on the new meters. but a bill on that program failed to pass the d.c. council last week. d.c.'s department of transportation says it is now working on another way to provide more accessible parking for the disabled. tonight, speed cameras in maryland apare to be making the roads safer. aaa says 365,000 drivers ticketed so far this year, down from half a million drivers in 2011. triple a believes drivers are slowing down because of speed cameras in work zones. crashes, deaths and injuries in
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work zones are at a ten year low. victory tonight for a 13-year-old girl who set out to hold a major corporation accountable for perpetuating a stereotype. toymaker hasbro will soon sell a gender neutral version of its classic easy bake oven. this comes after the company wet myth an 8th grader from new jersey. she started an online petition earlier this month that called out hasbro for only marketing the oven to girls. >> why are women in the kitchen and guys, you know, working. like, that's basically what hasbro is saying. really this company that i have grown to love so much would resort to conforming to societal gender rules, i don't see why. >> hasbro will start marketing a new blue and silver oven for boys and girls by next summer. >> as we learn more about the 26
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lives cut short in connecticut and the nation tries to heal its collective wound, nbc's ann curry has come up with an idea. what if people joined together to commit 20 acts of kindness to honor the children lost up in sandy hook. that idea took hold on social media. and the number was increased to 26. to honor the kids and the adults who were killed. celebrities have sent it out to all their followers as have teachers groups, first responders and regular parents. tonight people worldwide are taking action. some are buying dinner for strangers. others coffee for firefighters. some are donating money to teachers' fund. one woman is making hats for 26 newborns at a local hospital. another ribbons for co-workers to wear in memory of those lost. we here at news 4 and nbc news are in. tell us on facebook and twitter what you might do. tell us if some one else has done something for you or you can simply read the messages and take solace and hope in the random acts of kindness taking
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place all around us. >> that's cool. >> great idea. >> great. >> nice to focus on something positive. >> for sure. good changes in our weather? improvements? >> depend on who you are. if you are one of the people enjoying the warm temperatures you have some of that left. if you have been waiting for the cold and so many people have been asking -- when is it really going to start to feel like winter. the answer to that question, friday. let's look at how things are out there earlier tonight. the kids enjing zoo lights. at the national zoo. what a great shot this was. really a spectacular event, going on down there at the national zoo. gets bigger and bigger every year. pepco helping to put this on. running through the first of january. of course, get out there and enjoy it. from 5:00 to 9:00 every night. and the event is free. yes, you have to pay for parking if you are driving over there. hey, the whole event is free. for the regard today, we did see a high temperature of 54 degrees. that is the current temperature right now. our temperatures have actually
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gone up over the past couple hours. as the fog has moved in. low temperature, 48 degrees. december, all most 7 degrees above average. we are, we are on pace right now to shatter an old record of december. oldest ever. on the warm side. continue to be for the next few days. 54 degrees. light to moderate rainfall. across much of the region. not a heavy rain. fairly steady rain. where it know it raining at least you have the midst and drizzle. wind out of the south at 8 miles an hour. that helped with the fog, just a little bit. helping to break that up. temperatures, into the 40s. 46 in winchester. 52 in leesburg. 54 in washington right now. 54, la plata. average high temperature. 46 degrees. we are 8 degrees above that at 11:00 at night. we have warm air out there. a lot of moisture. viability is up now. it was below a mile out there towards the bay. 2 1/2 around annapolis. 3 miles in washington. 7 in fredericksburg. a dense fog advisory for the
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areas in gray. until 6:00 a.m. wouldn't be surprised to see this dropped or more for this fog, move back in. once the rain subsides. that is exactly what we expect overnight tonight. here's where the rain is. see ate long i-5. in through portions of southern maryland. and then back to the west along i-81. two different batches of rain. this is some of the heaviest rain in jefferson county. charlestown area. martinsburg, shepherdstown. frederick. seeing rain along 270. down along i-95. scattered showers from time to time. we'll continue to see those through the evening hours and into the overnight. the frontal boundary. still back to our west. but it will be moving through tomorrow. and as it does. we will see a shiften our weather a little bit. the showers moving on out of here. slight chance of a shower tomorrow. but that is it. the big news, breezy, if not windy tomorrow. and temperatures -- that could be near 60, during the day tomorrow. i do expect the wind though to be upwards of 20, 30 miles an hour during the day. future weather. sunshine on wednesday.
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wednesday is looking nice. then here comes thursday. a very strong front moving through. showers, maybe, thunderstorms late in the day thursday. and then, boom. there it is. the cold air that is going to move on through here. high temperatures over the next couple days into friday, saturday, sunday. will only be in the 40s. wind chills on friday and saturday. will stay in the 30s. all day long. i wouldn't beep s surprised if saw temperatures, wind chills in the 20s. friday. friday, saturday, sunday, monday. looking chilly. enjoy the warm days. >> while we can. all right. thank you, doug.
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can't remember a year when the o line has not been banged up. some how or another they come through week after week after week. messed up and everything. >> don't know how many offensive lines in the nfl have started every game together. can't be more than a handful. hopefully that doesn't come to an end soon. one of the bright spots for the redskins this year, surprise league has been the offensive line. the same five players have started every single game. however two of the starters left the browns' game with injuries and today backup jordan black suspended for the rest of the sea phone fson for performance g drugs. now, the question is, of course, who is going to be the starting quarterback? robert griffin iii, in cleveland, kirk cousins got his first start of the season. we all saw how that went. cousins played well beyond all realistic expectations. after an early hiccup he was stuck in automatic. passing for 329 yards. a pair of touchdown passes, and
11:26 pm
he had a quarterback rating of 104. head coach mike shanahan said griffin will continue to be evaluated this week. when he is ready, he is the guy. >> we are going to play robert when he is 100%. and when that ligament is fine. when the doctors field there is no chance for injury. that he can go out there and perform at the level in the game situation without injury. we're going to go with our starter. >> how about this -- griffin sets another nfl record this week without even playing. number 10 jersey up. the top selling jersey for a single season since the league started keeping track, six years ago, the season is not even over yet. griffin's gel nooal now, get ba the field. philly playing an unfamiliar role of spoiler facing the skins. the giants next week. both teams of course, fighting for a playoff spot. >> yeah, i mean we can split them and -- it's not the
11:27 pm
greatest situation, but, you are, you are happy you are playing against teams that are, you know, have a chance, they're going to be coming in playing hard. we are going to be doing the same thing. trying to stop them. we don't want, we dent waon't wy of them going to the playoffs. we will try to beat them. they'll lose. who ever goes, i hope they lose in the first round. >> at least he is honest, of course he hopes they all lose. >> you guys laughing in there. that ain't funny. >> brent? >> yeah. thinking about this. everybody on the set has a robert griffin iii jersey except one person. >> really? >> doug. >> i i got one. you gave me one. >> i thought i gave tight soit somebody else. >> you can't keep your own stinger clean. >> thought i just gave them to you guys. talking hoops, anticipated john wall would be back around
11:28 pm
thanksgiving after being diagnosed with nontraumatic stress injury to his left patella. after the latest checkup, the wizards point guard not able to practice after three months. here's john. >> at the time i had been taken off, the shots i got, the treatment i have been getting is helping me get healthy so i can play basketball this season. you don't want to miss the whole season. if you come to it you have to. i am not trying to think that far ahead. everything else around my knee is in the right order that its say p say -- supposed to be in. >> a p
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we have the advisory in effect. and high temperature , 59. wednesday is looking good. breezy. the rain moves in late thursday night into early friday. and then -- the cold finally comes in. how about that. >> bring it on just in time for chri
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