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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 23, 2012 6:00am-8:00am EST

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right now on "news4 today," the holiday rush. >> at malls, parking wars and millions trying to make it to their destination for the holidays. good morning, everybody. i am richard jordon. >> i am angie goff. you will have calmer conditions if you have to finish up the holiday shopping. >> everybody was running into the stores and holding their heads. >> and holding on to their receipts and their bags, i'm sure.
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>> let's go to chuck bell in the weather forecast center. >> off to a quiet start on a sunday morning. as you two were referencing, less wind to worry about for today. a much easier day to move around and get outside and enjoy sunshine in the remaining days before christmas. it's 32 freezing cold degrees at national airport and best of all the wind is light out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour, and there are some very cold spots out there in northern virginia, particularly. all in the upper teens and 20s, and so a little breeze left out there, not too much, but windchills are primarily in the mid to upper 20s. storm team 4 radar shows not a lot going on close to us. your planner for today is filled with sunshine. sunny and pleasant day to be outside today.
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temperatures running a couple degrees warmer than average here in the warmest december on record so far, but i promise you we have some cold air coming our way in the near future. we will talk about that and a possibility for winter weather coming up. this morning the holiday travel rush is on with just two -- can you believe it, two days to go until christmas. fly something easier than it was in the last few days between this week's midwest snow storms and the high winds. those winds delayed flights for about 15 minutes at reagan national, and at dulles flights were delayed by as much as an hour because arriving flights could be land. this morning flights are pretty much back on schedule. plows are in full force in syracuse, new york. that's where people are seeing their first snowfall of the year, 3 to 6 inches in fact.
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and buffalo new york has more than a foot of snow in the last three days. >> right now on the roads things are looking clear so far but that could change as people set out later today. this is near the 14th street bridge near virginia. and there was bottlenecking near the springfield area and traffic was moving slowly in maryland last night, and there is some good news to awful this. the roadwork across the reen is suspended for the holiday weekend to keep traffic moving, 93 million americans are expected to hit the roads during the holidays. and the national average for a gallon of gas is at $3.25 a gallon, and that's 18 cents less than a month ago. and virginia is the cheapest, and in maryland it will cost you
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$3.31 a gallon, 9 cents cheaper than a month ago, and in west virginia drivers are playing $3.38 a gallon to fill up their tank. there's single tracking between greenbelt and khaul eupblg park on the green line from 7:00 in the morning until 6:00 p.m. today, and every other train will start or end at college park. normal weekend track work will pick up the weekend after new year's. >> today a senator will be laid to rest. he died last week from respiratory failure. yesterday there was a public viewing in honolulu. last week his body laid instate at the capital rue ton tkau.
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president obama said the holiday break is good for them to think about a deal. if no deal is reached by january 1st, taxes will go up and severe cuts will be made to the federal budget. and you can catch david gregory's exclusive interview with lapierre. this protest follows a rally in columbia heights last night.
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project and gun violence led the demonstration which included a candlelight vigil. the group says the latest tragedy should force a discussion about tighter gun restrictions. >> when it comes down to 20 first grader, i think it should hit the american people in the heart in a way it never has in mass shootings. it's a unfortunate circumstance when it has to take such a draw mattic issue. >> the group is working on what they are calling a million-kid march. and police say a serial arsonist struck again overnight. it happened at an abandoned storage structure. it's the 30th time since the 17th somebody has set fire.
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police believe the same person is behind most or all of the fires. also in virginia, a fire rips through a mobile home in khaur will you tell usville killing four that includes a 9-year-old boy. only one man escaped. his grandson woke him up to tell him the porch was on fire, and the boys' parents and grandmother also died. and voting over for egypt's proposed constitution, and one side is claiming victory. the results show only about a 30% voter turnout. the brotherhood accurately
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predicted the vote counts. ahead, the time is it taking some people to get a parking spot at some smalls
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this isn't minnesota or north dakota, it's actually california. the weather was so bad in the northern part of the state it shut down the highway yesterday. they are expecting heavy snow with some parts getting as much as 4 feet. >> the pacific storms, they do well. you have the sierras and nevada right there, and you can really ring out the snow. lucky them. they get to go snow skiing for
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christmas. kids will get sleds and people will be happy and it will be great. >> we could go roller blading. >> we could. you can tell who grew up in south florida roller blading on christmas. >> and the wind here, people in our neighborhood took your advice and deflated their christmas decorations, and can they put them up? >> yeah, put them up. winds gusted over 50 miles per hour across much of northern virginia into the great state of maryland yesterday afternoon. the peak gusts at reagan national reached 43 miles per hour. and hagerstown, maryland, 51-mile-per-hour gusts yesterday afternoon. those winds are now gone. we are off to a cold start this morning. temperature down to the freezing mark now at national airport,
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and there is one or sheltered spots out there, and manassas and bristow, and southern end of the shenandoah s morning. what are you going to do from day-to-day, if you are going up to baltimore the giants and the ravens playing and it's a 4:00 game this afternoon, so bundle up. clear skies. it will be cold. redskins fans, sunshine and pleasant in philly today for the redskins and the eagles. meanwhile, lake effect snows. the snow machine is on. and our next weather maker is still down here across the gulf coast. it's on a slow but steady course in our direction. it will be arriving long around lunchtime tomorrow. and sunny and quiet, and great day to be outside today and quiet weather up and down the eastern seaboard. if you are flying today or taking the train or driving
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whatever you are doing to get to grandma's house, it will be good travel today. 10:30 tonight, clear skies will allow the cold air to settle in place around here so by the time we get started 8:00 tomorrow morning, still a relatively clear sky but clouds moving in very, very quickly, and there will be a chance tomorrow as the moisture runs over that cold air, this pink and the blue out here across eastern and western parts of virginia, that may be a possibility of sleet at the on set of the next system. most of that will be up towards the blue ridge, shenandoah valley and upper parts of maryland. and tomorrow late morning to late afternoon be on the lookout for the possibility of slippery going north and west of town. today, nothing to worry about. sunny and nice, and temperatures up in the 40s today, and tomorrow the complete opposite, cloudy and cold and rain likely
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for most, but pelets possible. doesn't look like we will measure it as far as inches are concerned, but nonetheless, any kind of slipperiness is a possibility. christmas day is a nice one. and then the snows from california will have a chance to travel all the way to us. and then on wednesday night, windy and cold around here. this next system will have moisture and cold air to work with so we will watch that closer and then another one on the heels of that for next week. >> sounds great. >> both of you got hair cuts? >> yes. >> looking good. >> mine is a little short. >> mine is, too, but i like it. next up, reporters' notebook. >> we will be back in 15 minutes with our top stories and another check of the sunday forecast. welcome to reporter's notebook.
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many area leaders are taking their own steps to curb gun violence in america. do you see this crisis, this massacre, resulting in any changes in the city's gun laws, joe? >> i don't think so quite honestly. we may change this, which is a far leap of what it used to be for many, many decades. this is also about schools, and if i am not mistaken, many of our schools already have school security guards and metal detectors. >> jerry, do you think d.c. can get a new gun ban passed? >> i don't think -- it depends on who is in congress, and depends on who is in the house. this was pulled out before, and
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a lot of challenges coming out of congress and the supreme court ruled on it. i don't think it's going to change anything necessarily right now. >> d.c., even with the change, has stricter gun control laws than most areas, so i don't think it's going to change much. >> let's tpwaubg what is happening in virginia. there's a number of proposals there. the governor has said that virginia should consider arming teachers, and so has the attorney general who is going to be running for governor, and we see slightly different proposals coming from the likely democratic nominee who has called for armed police officers at elementary schools? >> gun control advocates were looking for a debate, should there or should there not be guns in schools, whereas if you have the democratic -- presumptive democratic nominee, terry mcauliffe saying we want more guns in schools with police
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officers, and then you have the presumptive nominee both saying we should consider the idea of allowing trained principals, or teachers that want to get trained in school districts where they want to do it and not a mandatory thing, and it's part of the debate and nothing they propose but want to consider. >> is the debate impacted where the restrictions are proposed? >> when you say where, in virginia, definitely because there's a split between northern virginia and say, the southern part of virginia, and there will be a lot of controversy within that state. >> and it's interesting, all of the folks that we just talked about, mcauliffe and mcdonald and cuccinelli live now or used to live in northern virginia. >> where they live and what votes they need are entirely different. i think you also have to keep in mind, look, there is virginia --
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virginia is the world headquarters of the national rival association. i think that this has been said, this is a debate that is going on because it's the hottest issue right now. the public is demanding a change. they are demanding this debate and they are having this debate themselves. you are right. it's interesting where they have all positioned themselves, and i think they are all sort of feeling their way right now, so they don't make a mistake that will cost them votes before they get started. >> the question for parents have to ask, do i want my children in school with a gun with a security officer? a lot of people i talk to are very uncomfortable with this idea of putting guns in schools.
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what kind of message does it send? >> it will be a locality and district by district basis, and some areas will go one way and some areas will go another. >> we have dealt in urban schools with metal detecters. it's a sad state but it's the reality in where we live. >> and the debate is likely to take place in maryland where the governor says assault weapons serve no purpose in society, and -- >> the governor has several democrats supporting him, but they are saying they don't want to be guns in schools and if anything they want to re-introduce the ban against assault rifles. >> i found it interesting in the past week in fact, two police
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cruisers have been stolen, and one was found in maryland and a second cruiser was stolen pr princess street. the first cruiser had a shotgun and mobile computer that vanished along with the cruiser. how do you steal -- i guess the way you do any other car? >> it is like the old television show "car 44, where are you?" it's not so much -- there's a difference between stealing a police car and another car because a police car is a thrill. hey, cops, we got your car here. and i think that's what this has to do with. >> if you want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, it appears that a lot of the gun control laws don't necessarily do that. if you can steal a police officers car and gun, that's a
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scary thing. >> i don't know if i see that connection, quite honestly. police officers, as somebody mentioned, often leave their keys in the cruiser for reasons of jumping in and out. when i lived in detroit, the chief of police had his car stolen. look, rosa parks had her car stolen, and we got her car back faster than the police of chief's car. and people know it's a police car and they are stealing guns and computers and who else knows what, and i don't think they steal them and want to drive around with the id, and they get as much equipment out of the car as they can and strip it with whatever it has and move on. >> both cruisers were recovered. >> with nothing with them. >> we will take a break and
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welcome back. the university of the district president was fired four years after he took the job, he was fired citing the challenges of reducing staff and cutting programs and detracting new students. the board says it's time to go into another direction. he came under fire in 2011 after expense reports showed a pattern of flying first class on udc business. he said at the time he needed to fly first class because of an unpredictable schedule and circulatory problems in his legs. >> i don't think this is a big surprise. the man had a problem ever since he walked in there to be the president of the university of the district of columbia. now the board is taking a stiff action saying we want to get rid
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of you mainly because the facilities are still inadequate and the policies were supposed to reduce staff and spending and that has not taken place. so he really has had a very tough tenure. >> will it change much at udc? >> i hope so because it needs to improve. it seems there has been a history of over spending, but not over spending on things that affect the classroom, and over spending on other things. so here you have -- you are both poor and over spending at the same time and the classrooms don't get what they need and the university is wasting money. >> what you are saying, you live within your means. >> right. >> old-fashioned idea. >> yeah, an old-fashioned idea. i think the board needs to come up -- before they hire a new president i think they need to come up with a comprehensive plan. what do you really want to be?
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they are a public university, the only public university in the district of columbia, and lord knows we need them, and with every new president there's a new concept and then it doesn't work and they fire the president and then they get another one, and i think before you hire, what is it you want to be? there's research dollars, for example, out there for research and urban planning and urban areas, socialology that you can get, that could add money to the university. and then jerry has not mentioned it, but we talked about it earlier, and i think you have to look at who is on the board of directors. >> most of them were selected under two different mayors, and mayor fenty had his hand in the pot, and how much gray has appointed, it's questionable. the fact is the board of trustees is as bad as the
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president in some circles because they too have let a lot of this go on and did not put the man to task. >> makes no sense of all the educated people we have in the region you can't come up with a comprehensive plan and stick with the plan. >> the second inauguration of barack obama is also at hand. what will we see differently here? >> probably not the huge crowds you saw, because that was a historical moment, the first african-american president, and everybody wanted to say they were there. i don't think you will have that crowd. and secondly, i think they learned a lot of lessons, because there were a lot of mistakes made from the distribution of too many tickets to tunnels being closed, and people redirected. i think it's going to be much, much better. >> you talk about the closing of the tunnel, and it was not so much they closed the 3rd street
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tunnel, it's the fact that people got stuck in the 3rd street opportunity for hours and questions about safety came about, and they say they are going to hire more staff, more monitors around the mall and the capital where the inauguration takes place. >> they will follow social media, and people can do it right from the scene. they will be able to see right away if something like that tunnel were to occur again, we would realize, oh, no, they are monitoring it in real time. >> thank you for joining us today. thank you for being with us. that's "reporter's notebook." merry christmas, and happy holidays. thank you. "news4 today" continues. welcome to "news4 today."
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i am angie goff. >> i am richard jordon. if you are doing last-minute shopping and last-minute traveling, you want to know what the weather is like. >> we have a chilly sunday to round out our weekend. for more, let's go to chuck. >> good morning, richard and angie. it's indeed a cold start this morning but the winds have definitely eased off quite a bit from yesterday afternoon, and that's going to remain the case for the remainder of your sunday. a very pleasant day to get outside and get some last-minute things done. if you took our advice yesterday and took some of the christmas decorations in to keep them from blowing away, can you put them back out today. there are some cold spots, manassas and culpepper, we're talking about you, but not too much of a breeze and no precipitation in the immediate forecast but the rain drops in
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louisiana right now are coming our way for tomorrow. we will talk about that in a bit. today enjoy the sunshine, everybody, temperatures well up in the 40s, and good weather for the redskins and ravens, and we'll talk about the 7-day in just a few. holiday shoppers may be trying trying to squeeze in the last-minute shopping today, if you are one of those people that still have a lot of shopping to do, many malls and shopping centers are staying open today and tomorrow longer, and some are open right now. >> reporter: tyson's torner is packed with shoppers three days before christmas. these two spent more than eight hours at the mall. >> this is my first time being here, and i just love it. we decided to come done to
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tyson's this morning, and we went here all day just shopping around and trying to find last-minute gifts. >> retailers are staying open late and slashing prices to lure customers in, and that worked for this lady that spent the day at the mall. >> i think a lot of retail stores had great sales and it's encouraging people to buy more. so boost our economy hopefully. >> erica hart says she did most of her shopping in new york, and tonight she was guarding bags while her mom grabbed a cup of coffee, and some say finding a parking space. >> it took my mom an hour and a half to find a parking space. it has been a little overwhelming but fun. >> a poll released this week by consumer reports found 132 million people are not done shopping and 26 million have yet
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to start and 17 million plan to shop on christmas eve. some of the shoppers we talked to tonight say it doesn't matter when you buy your gifts as long as they are there, under the tree in time. >> i have two more days of shopping, so you know, as long as christmas morning the kids are happy, the wife is happy, you know, it will be a success. >> some stores like toys "r" us and the macy's here at tyson's corner are staying around the clock until christmas eve, and so if you waited until the last minute, stores are still open. delivery drivers are out in force thanks to a record number of online purchases and they say holiday sales are on track to rise to $586 billion, and that's the highest since the recession. and 17% say they are cutting back because of the looming fiscal cliff. a fedex driver robbed and
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attacked as making deliveries. here is the family that found the driver unconscious outside their door. >> reporter: it was just 11:00 a.m., and the fedex driver made a delivery when police say he was robbed at gun point. >> my doorbell rang and i answered it and i realized the fedex man had been here. >> she didn't see him, and only his truck. her husband went outside and found him on the steps. >> i thought he was shot or something. >> the driver didn't move at first. >> and he said he thought he was still being robbed. >> for a good part of the afternoon the s searched a
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wooded area. it's unclear if it was related to the robbery a short distance away. services at a nearby church went on as usual, but for a while members were escorted to the church through the police line. >> unfortunately, this can be a dangerous time of year for fedex drivers or any drivers for that matter. they are instructed to watch behind them to make nobody is following them to take the packages away. two weeks ago somebody car jacked a fedex truck, but it was recovered shortly after. and a frightening experience for the driver -- >> but he was okay, thank god. it could be the end for the kayaking rental company to move out by january. the owner said he received a
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notification on wednesday, and he plans to fight the request. some stores are now boarded up after a fire. gusty winds yesterday morning gave firefighters a hard time as they tried to put out the fire in hillcrest heights. it took almost 50 firefighters two hours to get it under control. nobody was hurt, though. still no word this morning on what caused the fire. firefighters say this fire started in the garage. the family got out of the home unscathed, but they are now looking for temperature shelter. >> looking at that, they are so lucky. >> yeah, at this time of year, it's tough. >> the time right now is 6:35. we're inching closer to the new year, but the party may come to an end quickly if no deal is
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reached on the so-called fiscal cliff. >> we are going to talk to david gregory with the nra ceo today. also ahead, the factor spoiling the fun and the joy this time of year for some people. stay with us.
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the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> and those words from the head of the national rifle association refuelled a heated debate over gun control in the country, and la pierre will speak exclusively with david
6:40 am
gregory this morning. >> we're happy to have him back on "meet the press" and have lots of questions for him about what role if any the nra plans to play in the discussion, and a lot of people were shocked, and he talked about arming schools around the country, about one-third of the schools around the country already do that. that's a popular idea. that will cause debate. there's a big focus on gun control regulations and the extent to which the nra will be part of that is something we will learn this morning. >> and we are seeing more politicians calling for tighter gun restrictions. is this a courageous move considering all strong the gun lobby is? >> well, mark warner in our
6:41 am
area, and there are some who are nra members, and there are some saying we have to do something. and there's a certain focus on high ammunition magazines, and there's momentum there, but we will see. the nra has proven to oppose these successfully in the past, and we have seen the popular outrage, and the political decision, it will be the president's in terms of how hard he wants to drive this. >> moving to the fiscal cliff, the president said they are optimistic they can reach a deal, but -- >> the kind of deal he is talking about is not a big deal, but a small deal. he wants to get a small extension for tax cuts for those making $250,000 and below, and he wants to extend unemployment benefits insurance, and he wants it on his terms to be able to put off the fiscal cliff, but we
6:42 am
are still going to have a lot of debate about how to deal with entitlements and spending cuts, and this is just showing that even after the election, washington teams paralyzed and unable to act, not very impressive. >> we felt so promising after the elections they wanted to work together, and you talk about the small deal, can they get it done? because boehner said, as far as reaching the deal, god only knows. >> if we go over the fiscal cliff where we get passed january 1st, things won't happen right away. there are automatic spending cuts that will take affect, and congress can come back and get legislation done. congress can prove to work quickly when it has to. i think the expectation is they come back after christmas and get the smaller deal done that at least puts off the idea of the fiscal cliff and then they have to come back and get back
6:43 am
to the deficit-cutting deal if they can reach that later on. >> and president obama nominated john kerry as second of state. he has been in a good position to do this for a long time, and former nominee, of course, and he is well positioned to do that. he is very popular in the senate, and confirmation is all but assured. so that chapter has at least been closed for now. >> you have a lot to squeeze in today. >> we do, because i want to talk about the fiscal cliff and what it means for the president's agenda in the new year. between the gun debate and between immigration reform and the debt there is so much to do. and the idea that a president gets elected and has the wind at his back is misleading.
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>> thank you. >> happy holidays. >> thank you. >> can i take one of the poinsetti poinsettias? >> sure, yeah, look, we don't have enough. another cool day ahead of us. >> let's check in with chuck. you can give david a poinsettia. come on. we will talk about what the cold air will be doing when the moisture arrives tomorrow. ♪ i -- i got it, i got it made ♪
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♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ [ male announcer ] at subway, you got it made. try a steak, egg white & cheese, tricked out any way you want. subway. eat fresh. some maryland elementary school students got help picking out presents thanks to local police officers. montgomery county officers teamed up with kids for the annual shop with the copy vent. the kids each had to use $100 to
6:48 am
pick out presents for their families. it's a way to connect with people inside the community. i love this event. >> reaching out to the children at such an early age, hopefully we can bridge the gap to where there isn't any type of distension between law enforcement and the community. >> and gift cards were donated by target. it's like a shopping spree. >> santa comes once a year, but cops are here year round, so it's a good relationship to help. our first shot here is the national harbor looking towards the wilson bridge. that's pretty breathtaking, actually. >> yeah, yesterday we saw choppy waters because of the wind. and tomorrow at 1:00, we are going to have a skiing santa on
6:49 am
the potomac. >> yeah, it's a christmas tradition. >> yeah, maybe a good time to bring out the family, and you may want to bundle up. >> the sun is coming up here. >> beautiful morning. >> so quiet and peaceful. a big difference from yesterday. >> yesterday all you could hear was the wind whizzing while your ears if that 51-mile-per-hour gusts yesterday at dulles international airport, and they were not alone. a lot of gusts over 40 yesterday and that's not the case today. we get a break in the action for today. we are in a very active weather pattern as the holiday week really approaches. that stretch between today and this time next weekend could be a whole lot of stuff to talk about around here. outside we go. a little hint of a smile on me. you know what that means, snow lovers. it's something to talk about. let's put it this way. i have not got the snow shovel out of the secret hiding place
6:50 am
yet, but i know where it is. for now it's still cold outside but quiet. winds are light this morning out of the southwest, and only 3 miles per hour. 32, the current temperature at the national airport, and some are comfortably below the freezing mark right now. 27 in gaithersburg, and 27 degrees also in mt. airy, maryland. 19 in culpepper. redskins on the road today taking on the philadelphia eagles, and a perfect day for football in philadelphia. temperatures in the low 40s if you are making the drive up i-95. drive save if you are going up to the ravens game, the giants and ravens -- we're all ravens fans now if you like the redskins, and if they can put a particular in the loss column that helps our cause.
6:51 am
>> and lake-effect snow machines turned on. syracuse, and other areas 6 to 8 inches of snow. and our storm is starting to form along the gulf coast. it's due to arrive here mid to late morning tomorrow. and a quiet day to be outside today. perfect weather for shopping or starting that trip. and then tomorrow morning we will get off to a cold start. the cold air will be in place through about 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow morning and moisture coming in tomorrow over the top of the cold air as the rain drops fall into the cold air they will freeze and likely produce some sleet, especially from the blue ridge westbound through the shenandoah valley and northern maryland and southern most pennsylvania and that will be the opportunity to see some sleet. i think here in the washington metro area, this is going to be 95% rain with maybe an occasional sleet pellet at the
6:52 am
on set and that's it. temperatures in the 40s tomorrow, and cloudy and cold and wet outside. rain likely. sleet for some, the first north and west from washington the better chances you will have, and anytime there's anton the for the frozen stuff we have to be very careful, asprblly so close to christmas. and christmas day, you can take anything new you received outside. and then the next storm does bear watching. windy and much colder next week. >> thank you, chuck. rg3 is a-okay for today's game against the eagles. >> a lot of people waiting to hear that. >> and my george mason squeaks out a nail biter. >> good sunday morning, everybody. your "sports minute" starts with a trip to the doctors.
6:53 am
robert griffin iii was at practice all week, but they had to wait for doctors to clear him as a starter. yesterday, that's exactly what they did. rg3 will be under center today against the eagles and is ready to get back to business. >> we came back with one mission, and that's the mission we are still on, and we won and that's what we have to continue to do, and guys can't get happy now, and we still have one game, and then another game after that. >> and a loss on friday night, detroit taking the lead early. and crawford and the wizards battle back in the fourth and get it within seven. but that's not enough. wizards lose their seventh straight 96-87.
6:54 am
the tie here at 64, and a three-pointer at the buzzer! nails it. 22 points including that buzzer beater. what a thriller. 67-64. and that's your "sports minute." hope your sunday is a good one. move over, jerry rice, calvin johnson set the receiving record last night against the falcons. he had a huge game and now has a total of more than 1,800 yards, and he got the ball to his father on the sidelines. he has one more game to try and become the first wide receiver ever with 2,000 receiving yards. in the rush to get things done during the busy holiday season most can agree there are many things that can really test
6:55 am
your patience. well, there are plenty of ways to overcome the things you dread most about this crazy time of year. >> reporter: the crowns of christmas not surprisingly top the 2012 list of the most dreaded aspects. >> crowds and long lines. battling elbow to elbow in stores and getting the perfect gift drives people crazy. >> reporter: he analyzed the survey of some 1,100 americans and what they dread the most this time of year. coming in heavy in second place was worry about weight gain. >> peoe over indulge this time of year and some said their biggest indulgence is cookies and pastries, so watch out for that.
6:56 am
>> reporter: and then the third is drivers testing your patience, and the survey also uncovered dread overrunning up debt. >> it's still wearing on peoples' minds and they are trying to be frugal and very responsible for shopping dollars. >> reporter: obviously people travel over the holiday, and he says wherever you go avoid frustration and leave early. and 60% of those asked said they dread getting gift cards, and preferred the receipt or cash instead. looks like many are willing to lie when it comes to getting time off work. a new survey of 500 full-time workers called in sick when they were playing hookie, and 27% said they used jury duty to get off work, and 26% made up a
6:57 am
death in the family to use vacation days, and 72% of co-workers think they are faking it when they call sick. >> i only had one sick day in over a year. >> it was a actual sick day? >> i will not tell you that on tv -- no, actually i was. still more "news4 today" right after the break. >> we also have news4's "viewpoint," so stay with us. we'll be right back.
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good morning, and welcome to "news4 today." i am angie goff. >> and i am richard jordon. we are still dealing with very cold temperatures. let's check in with our meteorologist, chuck bell. >> yesterday was much colder than today and that's for sure, and without the wind it's a much more pleasant day to be outside. sun not up just yet but almost there. and temperature now 31 degrees at national airport, so finally back down below the freezing mark but it's a lot colder from western fairfax down through prince william, and temperatures
7:01 am
in the upper teens to near 20. a cold day, but sunshine filled from start to finish today. sun is up at 7:24 and down at 4:41. there are six extra seconds of daylight today than yesterday. >> what would you do with six extra seconds? we need to put that on twitter. >> right now, let's look at the top stories we are following this morning. police say a serial arsonist has struck again. this time an old storage structure, and nobody has been hurt. and police on the lookout for multiple suspects that attacked and robbed a fedex driver. sources tell news4 that the suspects loaded packages in a car that looked similar to a taxicab. this is a live look at reagan national. flights there and at dulles saw delays yesterday because of high
7:02 am
winds but so far today arrivals and departures seem to be on time and check with your airlines if you want specifics. we will be back in a few minutes with another update. good morning, and welcome to "viewpoint." a few days from now millions will celebrate christmas, and sadly for many this will not be a marry christmas. others say christmas is losing its meaning in an increasing levi lunt and divided secular world. joining us are monsignor charles pope, reverend karen brow is the seni senior pastor.
7:03 am
thank you for joining us again. christmas will be very difficult for the families of sandy hook victims and the survivors in the newtown, connecticut, community. the sadness so many feel stretches far and wide and it's magnified because of the children's ages. how do we, as a nation, deal with this? >> christmas will never be the same again for those families or that community. those mothers and fathers and grandparents will live with that tragedy for the rest of their lives. i think they eventually -- eventually it will slip from the nation's memory and we will talk about it along the way but eventually as the years come and go it will be a passing memory. it will always be present in the lives of those persons who had to experience it. the christian faith, perhaps, is
7:04 am
the one thing that those families can use to help them live through christmas for the rest of their lives and to take day in and day out with the message of christmas that there is a christ who loves us and cares for us and can console us. i think it will be the one thing that will make the difference in their eyes. >> reverend, is that enough? >> i think that this year opportunity we have is to try to figure out as faith communities also how we create a space for a collective grieving process, too, because i think one of the casualties of living in a fast-paced society, similar to what reverend braxton says, i
7:05 am
think we can take a pause and be with each other and create a common space for our grieving and to find out where god shows up in that time together. i think that it's again, something we have to get better at doing. and i think of other tragedies of 9/11, again, what is it most difficult for us to do as people across a broadband, i think it allows that space to grieve and it takes a long time. >> it's so unfortunate, monsignor pope, that it happened around christmas, wouldn't you say? >> yes, and i also say, we tend to be sentimental about christmas. the first biblical christmas, it was a huge crisis. emergency mary at nine months of pregnancy having to walk 80
7:06 am
miles on a donkey. they probably walked 80 miles, and no room in the inn. and within a short time after the birth, a slaughter of the holy innocence. this is the first christmas. and the lord encounters us in real crisis. he got into trouble with us, so to speak, and that has to be part of the proclamation at christmas, too. >> what do you say to those that feel conflicted? on the one hand it's a season of joy and lights and parties and celebration, and on the other hand the nation's collective heart is broken and some people feel they probably shouldn't celebrate. >> the monsignor makes a point, and it's to what you are asking. the first christmas was -- the
7:07 am
land, that holy land that we talked about, it was a terrible place to live in. the poor were just dominated by those few who had money, and you begin to think about it, it's our time. and what the christmas message tells us is that god breaks in through our crisis moments, and somehow manifests the spirit of god, and that's what this baby -- this boy, this announcement is the breaking in of god in the midst of our crisis. >> uh-huh. >> what about people, if they believe in god, they question how god can let something like this happen? >> i don't think god let's stuff happen. again, we talk about this, like how did god allow this. god gives us room to live, and
7:08 am
to -- a free will to live. when you begin to look at these crisis and experiences, our personal experiences, we live in an enter woven pattern, and we experience these things and god doesn't stop and step in and say you can't do that, do this, do that, you know, and that's the kind of god we serve, and that's pretty kind of small minded who moves based on our own whims. >> the problem of evil, there's an intersection between inner freedom and god's power and sovereignty. there are times when god does intervene dramatically, but god requires us to love and that requires freedom and if he was able to micromanage us it would no longer be love, and it would not be a love relationship but
7:09 am
like a slavery. we often say why does god let, but the deeper question is how do we go on allowing the violence in the culture and we have to take up our own responsibility. >> we will take a break and have a discussion about christmas after this.
7:10 am
7:11 am
welcome back to "viewpoint," and we are talking about christmas and the crisis of christmas. what does christmas mean to young people these days? what does it mean to the old? where is the christmas spirit? is it alive or on life support? >> i think that there is a huge range in all generations, but if we speak of the youngest generation, sort of people will call the millennial generation, there's a wide band width, and
7:12 am
increasing is tipping towards young people who feel alienation. and i think there's a sense of -- for the people who are in church, sort of hypocrisy about the beliefs not matching how life has lived out, so i think it's a -- i think it's a huge dilemma for those of us who serve spiritual communities to really listen to what god is doing in the world and to also listen to young people, because i think they have a message that we have to learn some things about ourselves and about ways of connecting. >> i believe if anything, it's a rebellen against church.
7:13 am
>> yes, that's for sure. >> i think that there is always -- there has always been a generation that was striking out against the church's portrayal of god. i was part of that generation in college, not so much as the church against god, but the church, i was going through the black revolution, and demanding that we begin to serve a god of liberation. so i think that -- i think to say that young people are really rebellious against god is not true, but to your point, the way a church portrays god, the hypocrisy of the church at
7:14 am
times, i think that is where our younger generation really want to separate themselves and talk about a god -- a universal god who can do for us what we need. >> i want to read a quote that i found. this is a young person speaking to a pastor in some sort of debate about church and god. he says every time you bring up god to our generation we tune you out, and the information age, we can easily do our own research. what you are looking at is a hopeless downhill slide for your religion and you are wasting time and resources fighting it. what do you say to that young man? >> i want to say -- first of all, i can question whether that one young man can speak for an entire generation, and there's a trend where people are struggling and they think of
7:15 am
themselves as religious, but not particularly related to a particular church, and there are struggles that we heard that others have to adapt to. and on the other hand i think we have to accept as paul wrote to timothy, the gospel will be in season and out of season but we have to keep preaching the world, and the gospel is relevant in the times to which we are living, and if awful us were able to keep the commandments and implications, how much suffering would disappear in a moment. so much of our sufferings are rooted in our own rebilliousness. i think at some level we have to begin to show how connected the gospel and commandments and the whole teaching of christ is to the crisis that we are in, so that remains. paul's command is simply, keep
7:16 am
preaching the message. >> one out of five adult had no religious affiliation, and many say they do believe in god or a universal spirit and more than one-third said they are spiritual but not religious. what does that mean? >> i think it's -- i think it's a way of trying to -- for young people to articulate or figure out what do they do with the stuff they don't understand. i think that one of the things that i continue to learn with the younger generation is you also brought up that because people are spiritual and there's the whole internet, people can google whatever it is and get all sorts of information. what i am learning is having information and having wisdom are different things.
7:17 am
i think what we also offer is wisdom traditions that come through our various denominations that we represent here. there are people that spent a lot of time in contemplation, ancient people and all sorts of ancestors that brought forth a wisdom about how to move and be alive in this world and that's a huge gift that we have to people who are spiritual. so that's one of the things that i think that we can continue to be confident on offering. >> this young man, i would be interested to see where he ends up when he comes to his damascus experience. you know, there's that moment in life when god probably doesn't take on a lot of meaning for your life, but as you grow older, and in wisdom, you begin to learn more about life and you begin to need greater things,
7:18 am
things that give you depth, and things that get you through crisis moments, and things that make you stop praying the little sweet prayers and begin to really sink into a deeper spiritual level with god, and then those kinds of things begin to shape up and you begin to see them coming to a deeper understanding and a deeper relationship. i maintain the church is the only place where you can find that. >> we will take a break, but we will continue our talk after
7:19 am
here are some of the stories we are following this morning. we are keeping an eye on holiday travel. here is a live look at i-95 as we take a live look outside.
7:20 am
this is near van dorn street in alexandria. drivers yesterday saw big backups across the area, and construction was lifted for the weekend to ease congestion. and then the national park service is asking jack's boathouse on the waterfront to move out by the end of january. they have been there since the 1940s, and the owner plans to fight the request. the redskins will hit the field with their star quarterback, and doctors cleared rg3 to start after missing last week's game because of a sprained knee. now back to "viewpoint." welcome back. we're talking about christmas and the holidays. we just have come through a very divisive election and now the holidays are here and families will gather around the christmas table and turkeys and they are bringing with them very
7:21 am
different political views and values and opinions and some of them are angry and can't find common ground. what is your advice to them? >> enjoy christmas. enjoy christmas. one of the things christmas does is it brings a different level of living beyond the other 364 days of the year. and it provides for families and friends and democrats and republicans and black and white, jews,gentiles, muslims, and it's a day of rest and happiness. >> it's a time-out? >> i would say it's a great opportunity for a time-out. and a great opportunity when you are around a table and there's a difference of opinion around the turkey is also to really listen to what does matter ultimately.
7:22 am
when you think of the struggles that we bring around the table and even the crisis that we have been in and we already talked about, what are those final messages you do want to give each other. are they about some of the divisive issues that we have with each other or are they about what we do have in common, being human and loving each other and trying to find ways to hold and comfort each other. >> i would say obviously there's tensions around the table and in some degree, tension is a glorious thing. no tension, no change. and we have in our country very different ring parties and values that come together, and at times we hit stalemates, and we are at a stalemate now with a divided congress and what not, and in the on going discussion and battle of ideas, there comes important wisdom for awful us, and we find sometimes that middle ground.
7:23 am
at times we can even rejoice in the tension and say it's good to have different ring ideas, and it helps me, i know, to refine my own thinking, sometimes when i challenge my faith, i am able to think more carefully through it myself. >> what do you say to people who are tense and worried about the fiscal cliff and their finances and future? >> give it all to god's plan to work us through it. i mean, i am not worried about it. one of the things that i said to the congregation on sunday, we have to believe that we will get through it. whether we fall off the cliff or not, we have -- there is in us a capability and capacity to rise whatever comes our way. i would hope it wouldn't come this way, but we -- we will make
7:24 am
it. we will live through it. god gives us everything that we need to live through whatever we encounter. >> there are a lot of people that just don't believe that. >> right. part of the ministry that i engage in is with women who are homeless and anxious, because part of the public drama around this, it's received by people who are financially vulnerable, in a way that for those of us who are more privileged we don't appreciate down into our core because it has to do with really daily life and very simple life. i think there's a lot of people who i know and talk to on a regular basis who are scared. >> reverend brown will help them get through it. >> because i'm not giving up. >> we will take a break. stay with us.
7:25 am
7:26 am
7:27 am
welcome back. one final question, if you will. in your opinion are new year's resolutions a good idea? is it a good time to make a change in your life or promise to yourself or do you think it's a good idea to make little changes along the way, especially with work and relationships and values and plans, dreams? >> i would be of the second frame of thought that you mentioned. i think that generally our nature is to grow and change slowly. something small and manageable. there's an acronym, smart. be smart about new year resolutions if you make them at all. my experience as a man of faith, there are moments of grace to break into my life where i am able to make changes but it doesn't necessarily fall on
7:28 am
january 1st. throughout the year god enables me to make a change. >> i don't do resolutions. i just will not do it. i think that maybe when the new year comes in, before it comes in, i just want to live better and do better. whatever that means, and whatever that takes, i am open to that. but to try and jot down i am going to lose 20 pounds, you know, i am going to do whatever, i think it's a waste of time for me. but as the days come and go, just help me to live better and do better. >> reverend brown, do you believe in making resolutions? >> i think big change does come slowly over time. i think that something like the new year does give a marker for us considering what are the things that we do want to look at and address and pay attention to in a different kind of way. so if for some people and some
7:29 am
years, a marker works well for me and some years it doesn't. >> some resolutions we can keep and many we break. what is your christmas wish, monsignor? >> my wish is that more and more people will find themselves coming to a life-changing relationship with jesus christ who enters into our world to embrace us. >> reverend brown? >> i think there's an openness that gets stirred in our fleshy lives that there is something more than us that i would call god at work. >> my biggest one is i believe christ can change lives, and the more people that come to christ the better off our world will be. >> thank you all, and merry
7:30 am
christmas. >> thank you for being with us. and thank you for being us with, and stay with us, "news4 today" continues. the debate over gun control takes aim in the district had weekend, this as the head of the nra depends his call to put armed guards in schools. >> and from busy airports and crowded malls and stores, the height of the holiday rush is in our area. welcome to new"news4 today," i angie goff. >> and i am richard jordon. it's a great sunrise behind us here. >> don't be deceived, because we are not getting much help from the sun. it's cold outside. let's check with chuck for more. >> most everybody's neighborhood
7:31 am
is below freezing this morning and this is the view from the tower camera in the west looking out towards the east, and the potomac river winding off in the background. the view from the camera is pretty. the temperature is 31. freezing cold out there. luckily the winds eased off quite a bit compared to this same time yesterday, but that doesn't make it much more mild outside. 19 manassas, and there you can see on the day planner for today, plenty of chilly sunshine here this morning. nice and sunny coming up. temperatures, mid to upper 40s for today. that's welcome news. enjoy it, clouds and rain chances back tomorrow. along with a chance of wintry weather. we will talk about that in a few. there will be another anti-gun rally in our area. there will be a protest in front of a gun shop in falls church.
7:32 am
last night dozens gathered for a rally in columbia heights. there was a candlelight vigil. they say the shooting in connecticut should help force a national discussion on gun laws. >> and last year the school system hat a 6.8% absentee rate, and last week it was higher. a spokesman says it was a combination of winter break and rumors of a planned school shooting and the possible mayan apocalypse. and lapierre was defiant saying the country needs more guns to cut down on mass shootings and he called for armed security officers in every
7:33 am
school in america. he says the nra is used to facing criticism and has emerged in the past unscathed. >> we have seen this kind of popular outrage, if you will, after these massacres and then nothing actually comes of it. the political decision, it will be the president's in terms of how hard he wants to drive it. >> wayne lapierre will appear this morning on "meet the press." and new haven, connecticut, 50 miles from newtown, police offered $50 gift cards inexchange for guns. meanwhile, it was the opposite in kansas city, missouri, where hundreds turned out for a gun
7:34 am
and knife shows, and many buying assault weapons. dealers at the show say mass shootings have nothing to do with the guns and suggest better regulations on mental health and a solution to protect students is to put armed guards in every school. and president obama and the first lady will be among those saying good-bye to the center. he died last week from respiratory failure. yesterday there was a public viewing at the capitol building in honolulu. he was the first japanese elected to the senate, and he was 88 years old. meanwhile, harry reid is urging hawaii's governor to fill the seat by the year. he wants hawaii to be fully represented in the current votes. the debate over where to move fbi headquarters now spills
7:35 am
into montgomery county. the post says there have been similar bids from prince georges county and several communities in northern virginia. the general services administration wants to move the fbi because they say the building on pennsylvania avenue is deteriorating and no longer suits the agency's needs. 'tis the season for last-minute shopping. we are in the final stretch of the holiday shopping season and even late into the mall last night the mall at tyson's corner was shoulder to shoulder trying to finish up their shopping. many stores will stay open around the clock through tomorrow night. many say just getting into the mall can be a struggle. take a look at the traffic and the packed parking lot last night at west field montgomery mall in bethesda. security did help direct traffic, and this guard made the best of it trying to keep people
7:36 am
in the christmas spirit. but those that did not have a dancing traffic spot, finding a spot could take time. >> it took my mom an hour and a half to find a parking space. it has been overwhelming but fun. >> don't expect the rush to get easier if you are heading out today. a survey this past week found 132 million people were not done shopping, and 17 million plan to shop on christmas eve. >> wow. >> an hour and a half circling the parking lot for a spot. >> and the dancing officer, you can't blame him, it was so cold he had to keep moving to keep warm. 7:36 right now is the time. "news4 today" has more, including 26 acts of kindness. >> wait until you see the
7:37 am
emotional show of gratitude in the middle of an airport. others welcome holiday guests. you can join us online on facebook and twitter, just search "news4 today," and tell us what you think of our new mugs. >> yeah,
7:38 am
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it was already exciting enough to have colorado troops coming home in time for the holidays but their homecoming was made sweeter by a random act of kindness about 100 strangers. >> reporter: among the crowd during this busy holiday season, and among the hustle and bustle, there's a different crowd. a special group of people.
7:41 am
>> great, thanks. >> a group of people like jerry who just want to take a little time-out to say thanks to those that sacrifice so much. >> thank you for your service. merry christmas. >> maybe somebody that didn't get welcomed home, maybe that's making a difference. >> reporter: it's making a difference for soldier after soldier who could have been everywhere else but home for christmas. and folks like jerry really appreciate what they do. >> really, as a parent, you -- you pray a lot. >> reporter: jerry's daughter will also have to deploy soon, but before she does, a crowd like this, made up of people
7:42 am
like jerry, welcome her home, because after all the christmas season wouldn't be the same if we were not thankful for what we have. >> this is chelsea! >> there's no question. this is the best part of christmas. >> what a great christmas present. that was megan fitzgerald reporting. >> it would be so great if they could do that for every troop coming home across the nation, and they say they definitely plan to continue this. the shootings in connecticut sparked a nationwide movement to help others. >> here's a gift card to dunkin' doughnuts. i thought who couldn't use a cup
7:43 am
of coffee more than a truck driver. >> ann curry suggested 20 acts of kindness, and something as small as paying for a customer behind you at the coffee shop. head over to our facebook page or tweet us. >> it's inspiring to see the people taking it seriously. >> some man said he started holding the door for more people which is something you don't think about every day, and it does make a difference. >> very heartwarming. the "today" show is next on nbc 4 at 8:00. coming up on sunday morning on "today," it's the mad dash for last-minute gifts.
7:44 am
two shopping days left until christmas, and malls and stores across the country, i think we can say with a fair amount of certainly will be packed today. we are live for you as the busy shopping day gets under way. a wheel of fortune person, solves the puzzle but doesn't win because she mispronounced a word. and breaking with tradition, choosing to spend christmas with her family, the middletons instead of the queen. we have been cooking up a storm, or in my case trying to, and we will share some of the holiday favorites here on the show, and from the smells out of the kitchen, it's going to be quite tasty. >> we had a delivery here at the
7:45 am
station. we don't trust each other. you guys are brave. brave. thanks, erica. and the redskins will have a familiar face. rg3 got the green light from the medical staff yesterday after two weeks when he sprained his knee in the game against the ravens. rg3 says the team is not worried about next week's game against the cowboys. >> we came back with a mission and that's the mission we are still on, and we control our destiny and we won, and the guys can't get happy now, we still have one game, and then another game after that. >> the redskins destroyed the eagles, 31-6 in the first match-up of the season. today's game kicked off as 1:00 p.m., and we will have full highlights on news4 at 6:00.
7:46 am
there is one game at a time, and you saw the little smile, and that's the cowboys. if the redskins and cowboys both win, they could move that to the primetime. what about your sunday forecast? how about sunshine in your
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
people in northern california got lots and lots of snow. some parts of the area can get as much as 4 feet. >> trying to get to tahoe for christmas, and we pulled over and saw a small sign that said road closed and we thought they were kidding, but they weren't. >> the national weather service issues a hazardous weather out look for the san francisco bay area. there's a lot of cleaning up today after storms passed through upstate new york. the storms brought snow as well as high winds toppling trees. this giant one came right down on this elderly couple's house. it took the crane and a bucket truck to clean things up. the good news is the couple plan to be back in their home for christmas. >> that home was made very
7:50 am
sturdily. that was a big tree. now they have firewood for years to come. >> always a silver lining. sunshine for us. you know, yesterday was a pretty day to look outside yesterday, and if you are like me, what a nice day it was yesterday to watch the clouds racing across the sky. this is not going to be how you will spend your sunday afternoon because in addition tthe sunshine coming but there will be almost no clouds at all in your sunday sky. they will be back tomorrow, though. outside, let's take a check of the skies. looks like a little cloud on the east and we will talk to the city council and see if we can vote that cloud out of here. it's a cold start. temperature is 31 degrees at national airport. winds are lighter now and they will stay in the south to southwesterly direction at about 10 to 5 miles per hour.
7:51 am
nowhere is the wind as ferocious today as yesterday. and 35 in fredericksburg, and temperatures are well below freezing in fair tfairfax. a great day for everybody in fairfax and falls church and back in the mid-30s by late tonight. redskins on the road at the eagles. no weather-related problems at all. in philadelphia, temperatures in the low 40s with plenty of sunshine. the ravens are at home as well, but it's an evening game, 4:00 and the radar shows nothing around here just yet. the next weather maker is showing up across parts of the gulf coast. it's not going to be a big event for us, but nonetheless it will be moving northbound and into
7:52 am
the cold air. so the cold air we have outside today, it will be a beautiful and sunny and pleasant afternoon, yes, but clear skies will continue, so even after the sun goes down temperatures once again tomorrow morning will be well down into the 20s and 30s. cold air will be in place by 9:00 tomorrow morning, and still dry around here, but late morning into early afternoon it looks like there will be a chance for light rain and at the on set, the very beginning of it, there could be sleet pellets mixed in and they could persist up in the panhandle of virginia. it will not be a lot of anything, but nonetheless it could be a little of something. today sunny and nice, good travel day, and temperatures will be in the 40s around here today and far fewer airline problems than yesterday. but tomorrow, cloudy and cold and rain likely and maybe sleet pellets mixed in for you folks north and west of town.
7:53 am
tomorrow i-95 will be an easier trip than 81 will be. and whatever we will get monday, it's in and out quickly and i think the skies will start to clear about midnight, monday night going into tuesday. i don't know why anybody cares about the midnight forecast, you know. >> we have a lot of people that work here that come in at midnight. >> wednesday and thursday, that looks more tricky. we will keep a close eye on that one, too. this morning, the holiday travel rush is on with just two days to go until christmas, and flying is looking easier than it had been looking at least a few days ago between this week's midwest snowstorm and yesterday's high winds. those winds delays flights for ten minutes yesterday at reagan national, and over at dulles flights were delayed for an hour because they could not land, and now they are back on schedule. now on the roadways, things look clear so far, and that's likely to change as people set
7:54 am
out later today. this is a live look at conditions near the 14th street bridge in virginia on i-395. there were backups on i-95 south bottlenecking near the springfield area. and here is a live look at the beltway near connecticut avenue. there's some good news to all of this, roadwork across the region is suspended to keep the traffic flowing. if you are one of the millions hitting the roads this weekends you are paying less to fill up the tank. the national average is at $3.25 a gallon, 18 cents less than a month ago. and d.c. has the highest prices in the area, and virginia is the cheapest at $3.15, and then in maryland, $3.31 a gallon. time is running out for you to get those christmas gifts and
7:55 am
your stress levels might be heading through the roof. don't you worry, liz crenshaw has dos and don't, so you can cross everything off your list right now. >> reporter: you made your list and checked it twice and now you are ready to spend but are you willing to haggle the price. >> do i haggle the price? our first do, do haggle the spraoeus? only 13% of the people surveyed said they tried to haggle the price at the store and saved a median on $105 on televisions, and $43 on dvd and blu-ray players. want to buy without spending any money? >> that sounds good to me. >> reporter: check your credit card rewards balance. you may have wracked up more points than you realized and use them to buy gift cards or gifts. like shopping online but hate the shipping fees?
7:56 am
>> they can be outrageous. >> there are times i will not buy it because the shipping is too much. >> reporter: before you give up check out here is a don't. don't fall for the extended warranty pitch. consumer reports say warranties are waste of money for electronics and household products. not sure what to buy? do consider a gift card. >> it's easier on us and it doesn't give them a bunch of junk they don't want and have to find a place to store. >> not all gift cards are created equal. want to know which ones have a bunch of fees or refund policies.
7:57 am
and no matter what you are shopping for, don't forget to ask about return policies. half the adults surveys told consumer reports that they do not check a story return policy before pwaog, and usually it's 90 days but shorter times for electronics and software and dvds, and watch out for restocking fees for electronics in particular. consumer report says it's usually 15% of the price. are you a last-minute shopper? >> i am not a guy that waits until the last minute. >> do shop december 21 to 24 to scoop up big ticket items like tvs or furniture or expensive jewelry. stores do discount items that have not moved. >> one more tip. no matter what you buy, always ask for a receipt. >> doesn't matter if it's a
7:58 am
paper receipt, or e-mail receipt, you will need them to make returns or file for rebates. >> good advice, there. it has become something of a holiday tradition in washington, tomorrow is the holiday spectacle, the water skiing santa and the knee boarding reindeer. santa sets off 1:00 p.m., rain or shine, and the best view is from the national harbor. this is the 27th year for the event. i love the reindeer. >> i love his sack of gifts, but they have to be soaked. hopefully my gift isn't in there. >> maybe they are waterproof gifts. >> the forecast, for people that want to head out and watch santa take to the water. >> they are good, it's rain or shine, and santa will be wet either way, because he is water skiing.
7:59 am
that will do it for this edition of "news4 today," and we will be back in 20 minutes


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