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tv   Today  NBC  December 29, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today." >> hello everybody. hoda and i are so happy you're here with us on try day friday. december 28. hoda is shining up her high heels because she's going to do something crazy on new year's eve, aren't you? >> yes. i don't know what it's going to be, but i'm going to do
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something. >> we're not telling you. >> have you ever been so sick and tired of your life that you wish you could just get in the car -- >> you're asking me this year? >> -- and drive away. you're at the grocery store, you're over it. your kids are crying, you don't have the money for the bills. all you want to do is drive. >> instead of runaway bride, you're a runaway mother or person. >> this one mom was tired of it, >> she did it. >> she had had a rough go of it. and she decided that she was going to -- she was grocery shopping and she'd had enough. she took some cash, put away her cell phone and decided she was going to make a break for it. she drove to orlando from her place i think in pennsylvania. she drove away. >> that's a long way. >> here's the bad part. she didn't tell her family. she didn't tell anybody where she was going. >> that's the point. she was sick of shopping and cleaning and runny noses. >> here's the thing. you can be at your wit's end but don't put your family through that. can you imagine? and the taxpayers by the way
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calling the police, missing person reports, everything else. i wonder if she'll be held accountable. >> she may. but i understand the thing about you shouldn't do it and all that stuff, but everyone's had it in their head where you wish you could -- >> go to an island. >> put your life in the rear view mirror and just go away. have you ever wanted to go that? >> of course. because life is hard. and life is heavy. and bad enough with your own life. when you start producing your family's problems and friend's problems. honestly this past year, i don't know one person who hasn't faced something really difficult. between the election and the heaviness and nastiness of that, along with the storms that we had. so many people battling cancer. that's so much more prevalent. even with all the research going into it. you know what i'm saying? seems like everybody has had a rough year. so, yes -- >> we get it. you want to get away. >> no one is running away from here. there are five cell phone etiquette rules that apparently every mom should follow.
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>> this is the thing. when you're on the phone you have to realize that your kid is listening to you. and sometimes you forget and you're a heated conversation and you're using big girl words and things and your child is soaking it in. so you have to be careful. you don't want to be the one pushing your kid in a stroller and having a conversation. >> they do take it in. >> number two. unless it's an emergency, don't answer the phone when you're in the middle of a real life conversation. it you're talking to a mom friend or kid's teacher or something, or your actual child, call the person back. because it is true, it's like call waiting. remember that? when you're on the phone with somebody and they get a call waiting and they go, oh, i'll call you back. you were the one in line. sometimes if you're waiting for a very important phone call, real friends will understand. but we're talking about habitual -- you get into a habit with this. >> someone's phone rings and says, no, i won't get that, i want to hear what you have to say.
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it makes you feel so much better instead of saying just wait a minute. wlet me take let me take this and i'll get back to your less important conversation. >> however, i have now become that person. i wasn't that way until my kids went off to college. then it's like, i'm sorry, i keep my phone on in case it's my kid. >> but you always say i hate to do this -- this is the other time. when you're on the phone with your mom friend and she's like, yeah, exactly -- stop doing that -- would you put that down? half of your conversation is their screaming at their child conversation. >> that's just reality. >> i know. then hang up i guess and do it. when you get a minute. >> then they'll say she hung up on me so you can't win. and no need to give mom details to your non- mom friends. the truth is you guys, nobody cares. nobody cares if you're changing diapers or -- nobody cares. you're not the first person who ever had a baby. >> and when you're talking to someone, don't text.
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let's say i'm on the phone with you and you're talking. >> yeah, i can tell when you zone out. it's so -- >> i do it without texting sometimes. but doesn't that happen? sometimes you're in the middle and someone's talking and you're like, gosh -- what time is that thing tonight? oh, we're on tv. >> this is what hoda does. she goes -- >> no, i don't. >> she zones out on me. >> i have never had that face ever. >> show me your zone out face. >> you'll see it i'm sure in a minute or two. anyway, okay. >> you know our friend, phil, he runs the "new york times" social cues column. somebody wrote in and said i had a consultation with a psychiatrist recently. after 20 minutes in the middle of a raw story about my family, his cell phone rang. he looked at it and said excuse me, i have to take this. >> so this guy thought it was an emergency. >> right. >> do you know what he said? i need to take this call. and he says, yeah, the lentil soup sounds great. perfect.
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>> and hung up. >> the lentil soup sounds great. >> the guy says i know it shouldn't, but this bothers me. yeah, because you're paying a whole lot of money for a guy who doesn't give a rip about your problems. he said should i bring it up next session? no. call. and there will be no second session. this is what phil does. he's a much nicer person. he said if you don't, i will. doctors have a special responsibility to give us their undivided attention. in the midst of sensitive disclosures and we need to trust it. at your next meeting say it upset me that you took a call about lentil soup in the middle of our session. everyone messes up. but if he doesn't apologize immediately or provide a good -- this is so much trouble. >> too long. >> like i say, find yourself another doctor. >> get my zone out face right here. >> there it goes. here's the thing. let him know why. people doesn't always agree. i think people should be told exactly why. in a nice, respectful manner.
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it upset me so much that you did a, b or c, i'm going to change doctors. most are cowards. they just change a doctor and don't even tell. hoda is glazing. >> i was listening. no, i was. more or less. >> more about texting? oh, come on. another study. >> right. that says we spend 81 days a year on e-mail. now, keep in mind e-mail is ordering things online -- >> not me. >> e-mailing friends. >> never. >> paying bills. >> no. >> guys constantly checking scores. check for sales. that's part of bobbie's work, though. that's a lot of days. >> 81 days? think how much more life i'm living than you. i hear everybody complaining about how many e-mails they get. i don't get one. >> you know what, it's got to be freeing because often you feel guilty about things you haven't returned. e-mails you haven't gotten back to. >> think of all the guilt i don't have.
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speaking of which, the new sex therapy, i have no guilt over this at all either. blame it on "shades of gray." i'm the only one who didn't read it. >> sex therapists are different now. this isn't ian turner. although i bet ian would do it for you. >> this is weird. you're supposed to get intimate with your loved one in front of the sex therapist so that the sex therapist can coach you while you're doing it. to tell you what you should be doing to spice it up with toys or -- >> this is the holiday season and there are children watching. >> sorry. i said toys. but some people do it with skype. they do. >> or they will be delighted to come to the hotel room with you or to your bedroom. >> but you know, can i say one thing, if -- okay. when you're young and you've met someone and you get married or whatever, and you continue
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having sex the same way, you don't know all the tricks and stuff because no one has -- like we don't have conversations about that kind of stuff. no people we know do. i mean, b bobbii does but other people don't. obviously you don't know what you don't know. you know what i'm saying? >> yeah, but most people don't know if they're happy or not happy in their relationship. i can understand going for couples therapy, but that borders on kinky pervert stuff. that's just me. i won't judge any of you kinky perverts out there. >> i think it's time for your friday funny. >> all right. jacob, age 92, and rebecca, age 89, are all excited about their decision to get married. they go for a stroll to discuss the wedding. on the way they pass a drugstore. jacob suggests they go in and
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addresses the man behind the counter. are you the owner? the pharmacist says yes. we're about to get married. do you sell heart medication? the pharmacist says of course we do. jacob says how about medicine for circulation? pharmacist says all kinds. jacob, medicine for rheumatism? definitely. what about viagra? pharmacist says of course. jacob says memory problems? arthritis? jaundice? >> the pharmacist says yes, a large variety. they'll work. jacob says what about vitamins, sleeping pills? absolutely, jacob. do you sell wheelchairs and walkers? pharmacist says all sizes. finally jacob says to the pharmacist, we'd like to register here for our wedding gifts, please. >> that's a good one. >> it's worth waiting for. . yes, it was. you know what it's time for? bobbie's buzz. >> i have ways to spice up your new year's eve look in a very pg way. first fire and ice.
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each person would put on their own their companion's chap stick and then you would kiss to create a chemistry reaction with you new year's eve. >> don't even look at me. i'm glazing over again. don't even -- move on, bt. no, i won't be encouraged. the career is not over yet. we have a little time. >> this may be hotter than madonna and britney. >> go on. and so on my eyes, this is all about you can get your little black dress out and do something fun -- >> oh, no! >> now, mine is -- >> and this isn't kinky or perverted? >> no, mine is getting a little -- >> okay. >> how about yours? >> kiss me. >> nothing. >> nothing. >> that was it? >> oh, you missed out. that was awesome. >> you'll still be thinking
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about me. >> okay. so back to the little black dress. oh, my gosh. well, there's hair color and these i have to give a shout out to. please. these are smart pony still holders. it helps you get the exact cinch. kathy will be a model. and it leaves a little decoration behind. so when you are looking for something easy to do, you just slip it through and then pull like it says and the little charm hangs. >> i might give up my scrunchy for this. i love this. bobbie, see you later. >> happy new year's. >> it is time to watch the stars shine. you are so crazy. >> we look back on all the good times we've had with celebrities this year and bobbie thomas. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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>> i don't think so. ♪ >> you forget how many wonderful people have come here. thanks so much, everybody. now time to hear from our fans. all couple of them. >> sara is warming them up across the street with some questions right after this. teacf how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane.
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[ air howling ] peppermint that cools as you chew. stimulate your senses. 5 gum. now in micro pack.
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sara is hanging out with the crowd across the street.
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>> we hope you pulled together some intriguing questions for us. >> i did. first up we have doris from new jersey. >> hi. what new year resolution are you going to make that you won't keep? >> good, i'm glad you clarified. >> i'll tell you, sweets. >> no. i can't give that up. >> but that's the one you always make and you don't keep for 20 minutes. >> the real one i make every year is -- >> to get organized. >> and i'll never do it, but i'm going to try again. >> i don't want you to because that's half your charm. let's make that 95% of your charm. that is you're so disorganized. >> what's the other? >> you have a great egyptian -- never mind. anything else, sara? >> roseanne from florida. >> hi. boxers or briefs? >> boxers. >> nothing at all, baby. >> oh, lord. >> unless you're anderson cooper and i insist you wear them with your jeans. either one. from frank is a boxer guy.
2:30 am
>> would you rather date al or matt? >> that is so unkind. that is setting us up for disaster. >> they are both happily married and we'd never do such a thing. >> but if they were -- >> but willie geist -- . yeah, he needs to be in that mix. >> he's also happily married. but anderson -- never mind. thank you, sara. >> all right. from the hilarious to the ridiculous, you never know what's going to come out of our mouths. we'll take a look back at a full year. and the laughs don't stop. we pulled together the year's funniest moments. >> how is that even possible. >> we'll show you how to spice up new year's eve. all of that is coming up if you can stand it. 2@
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we're back with today's beauty, break through products of the year. every year hundreds make their
2:33 am
debut. >> but which are really worth trying. grace is here with the best picks. >> you combed them all and wh whittled them down to just a few? >> there are over 8,000 products launched every single year. the only new thing with most of them is just the marketing. so we've brought products that have new technology. bare minerals are legendary for their mineral foundation. >> and it's so clean and good for your skin. >> yes. they finally put it together in a compact because usually it's loose. this is a full coverage foundation. >> this is a foundation, not a powder? >> yes. and it gives you full coverage. you put it on with a brush. this is great for moms. >> it doesn't look like it would give you that much coverage but it does. a long way to go. let's get along. >> this is the celebrity loved line. they love this for the red carpet.
2:34 am
are pawn knee -- armani this is maestro fusion foundation. check this out. it has a pigment fusion to it. it's almost like a dry oil. so you don't feel it on your face. >> look at the veins in my hand. >> close up, please. >> acne is a big problem. >> not for us, but go on. >> when you have it, you feel like it defines you. so sad. >> and this is zappers. and this is the first one that prevents acne, as well. this is a light and heat. and it's vibrating, too. you probably can feel that a little bit. >> oh, yeah. >> bringing the bacteria to the surface. and that kills it. so you can use this preventatively. >> what are you stopping for? >> okay. so that's twice a day. it doesn't feel like it's doing anything but you got to trust that it's working. >> is this pricey? >> this is pricey. $195. but if you break out in the same area every time of the month -- >> just use it.
2:35 am
>> is it circulation that's causing it? i mean the actual -- >> it's the heat and the light. >> okay. >> this a big brand right now on movie sets, tv sets. everybody on "the voice" is using this. and it's like photoshop for the face. the face, it goes on, celebrities can using it on their chests, the back of hands. it has soft pigments that goes in to the lines, the wrinkle, fills them and blurs imfictions. -- imfictions. they also have an eye version. so this serum goes in to the q-tip. and this has ginseng in it so it tightens and lifts you up. it lasts for about four hours. so a little like cinderella. . why siberian, you know? >> because it lifts you up. >> but everybody is in the gulag.
2:36 am
this is the way my brain works if you're in siberia, who is looking at your face. >> i want to know about the mascara. >> anastashia. this is lash genius. the first waterproof top coat. you can put this over any mascara to make it waterproof. keeps it very creamy. >> you can use any regular mascara. >> lancome, if you have puffy eyes -- >> hoda does. >> i'm over this segment. >> oh, i like it. >> you can massage it under the eyes. it breaks up fluid retention to break the puffiness. it's awesome stuff. and it's stainless steel so it's going to stay hygienic. and of course nail stickers were a big trend this year. this is kiss. >> i was going to say for children. >> look.
2:37 am
don't you like that? >> we thought they were for youngsters. >> well, young girls can have a lot of fun with it. you can get it in the drug store for $6.99. >> you peel them off? what do you do? they're stickers so you can stick them right on -- >> stickers for adults. >> grace, you're a sweetheart. it's how we get this party started every day. >> all the fun we had all year long right after this. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news
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every day we start off our show by talking to each other. >> and sometimes it gets very personal. >> but any way, it can get a little silly as it sometimes does, but it's always a lot of fun. let's take a look. ♪ >> hi, everybody. beginning of the week. it's fun day monday. booze day tuesday.
2:42 am
wines day wednesday. thirsty thursday. try day friday. we made it. >> this is not good. >> it's never good when the show starts off like this. >> what's in our show today? >> seriously, i have no idea. this is called blind faith. >> what would happen if you or i showed up 45 minutes late for our work here? >> the show would be better. ♪ ♪ >> if you write down everything you put in your mouth, imagine what it looks like. >> everything? >> what am i in for? >> how much time am i doing in the slammer. >> the average erect male is a sharpy. >> not where i come from. that baby wouldn't even come out to play if you know what i mean.
2:43 am
>> you go through menopause and you'll have big ones. big ugly unsightly ones that there is no room in the bathtub for. >> hoda, have you ever -- >> what? had a one night? never. >> good. >> no, i haven't. i'm just trying to figure out if i'm lying. ♪ ♪ >> we're starting there. >> i like it. >> because kathie lee gifford's musical is going to broadway. >> go to scandalous on, baby. >> my play list.
2:44 am
>> ready? here we go. ♪ >> hoda, please put boyfriend on your play list. ♪ >> oh, i like it. >> if you were my boyfriend, i'd be arrested. there's no, hey, goofy goofy. none of that stuff. nobody's going to call the po-po. at closer than ever. >> maria can continue grunting. you see what i'm saying? >> how do we do it, hoda, day after day? >> boom, just like that. >> how about regis. >> he's out of control. >> time for favorite things. >> something out there called a hoda barbie. >> look mommy i have a hoda barbie. >> time for kathie lee's friday funny. >> a woman was nursing her baby --
2:45 am
>> seriously, is it over? ♪ >> this is the worst chat we've ever had. it is. >> kathie lee apologizes now for what she said, what she's saying, what she's bound to say next. i'm embarrassed and i apologize on behalf of nbc news for what hoda just did. >> this is the second worst chat ever. >> boom, boom. >> three emmys. three. >> i tell you two are probably the most talented people i know. >> wow. >> we're awesome. >> we really are. all right. do you want to spice up your new year's menu? vivian rocks. the two hot tamales will show you how to do it.
2:46 am
right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with your weather forecast for this last weekend of the year and yet another winter storm moving across the country. this will be impacting the northeast by latered to and back across the ohio valley. still expecting scattered snowshowers for the big cities, fi philly, new york, boston. several inches possible by evening. up to a foot possible in southeast massachusetts and rhode island. that's something we'll have to watch by this evening. rainshowers down across the southeast, moving out of the atlanta area, moving out birmingham and montgomery for your saturday. it's cold enough for snow from the northeast to the great lakes, only 18 in minneapolis, 77 in orlando. on sunday we'll see snow spread across the mountains of utah and into nevada. the inner mountain west there. most of the snow tapering off in
2:47 am
the northeast. we'll have enough wind to bring snow east of lakes ontario and erie. otherwise we're clearing out in the big cities. still cold, though. that cold air is not going anywhere for the second half of the weekend. 61 in phoenix on sunday. and how about your new year's eve forecast? we will have another storm moving across the country bringing scattered snow across the plains. definitely looking at some accumulation in some areas. then rain farther south in places like dallas, only 35 in chicago, a cold night for all your celebrations. and new year's day the storm makes its way towards the northeast. so rain on the southeast side. by wednesday we're looking at scattered rain still for the southern states, still at freezing in new york city. but no snow forecast there for the middle of the week. much quiter in california. a few rainshowers along the coast from washington to oregon and into northern california. remember you can always get the very latest on these forecasts week day mornings, wake up with al and stephanie at 5:30 on the weather channel.
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now in today's holiday kitchen, leave to the two hot tamales to add spice to your new year's eve party menu. you invite these ladies and all hell breaks loose. >> mary sue is with us and also susan, co-chefs and owners of border grill restaurants. the hot tamales. >> vegas, baby. >> all right. well, you better start new year's eve early, right? >> it's about time. we have a recipe for the cava guava, guava champagne and just for good measure a little tequila. >> what about a toast? >> we don't want to cut into our drinking time. >> we're doing surf and turf. for new year's eve. take a little bit of shrimp.
2:51 am
? you can do ahead of time. you're not making a mess of your party by being all nervous. >> i want to be drinking and hanging out. >> of course you do. >> a little bit of fresh pepper. cumin, paprika and a little bit of cayenne. >> what is cumin? >> cumin is an amazing earthy spice. it's the major ingredient in chili. >> yert earthy kind of flavor, not really a spice. you want to make sure the whole shrimp is coated. >> once you cook it up, how long do you -- >> it's easy as can be. look at what happens. you get a nice little crunchy bit here. >> these you don't do ahead.
2:52 am
>> no, you can. they're wonderful just room temperature. wait up you see how we serve them. we serve them with a mexican cocktail sauce with a little bit of ketchup, finely diced onion depending on how spicy you want. a little bit of chili, jalapeno. >> so nobody really worries about their breath on new year's eve. >> this is a great cocktail sauce. it's very easy to make. we like to be really crunchy. so you can make the sauce and shrimp ahead. >> that's your dipping sauce, basically. >> let's taste it. give it a try. >> and right when it comes out of the oven you put on some fresh lime. >> dunk it in there? >> dunk it in. and you can make it as spicy as you want. the shrimp have a red marinade. that's the surf. and the turf is the skirt steak which has a green marinade. >> can i double dip?
2:53 am
>> yeah. >> we have about a minute, gang. so we have cilantro, lime juice, a little bit of fresh chili. and more cumin. and fresh garlic. >> this is a vinaigrette to go on to the skirt steak. it comes this texture. >> basically a marinate. >> how long do you soak it? >> i like to do it for a couple hours when it's thin like this. we put it across the grain. >> so all sides go into the marinade. and then you stick it on some skewers and put it right on the grill. aren't they beautiful? >> how long do you cook these for, guys? cook it literally probably two minutes at most. >> we have a couple of different sauces. and -- >> this is a south american chili that gives this great color. >> you guys rock. >> delicious. we love it. >> all the recipes are on our website. a look back at all the fun moments we've had on the show.
2:54 am
but first this is "today" on nbc. i played a round of in the last five hours? then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours.
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i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook.
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>> before we go we'd love to share some of the fun moments we've had this year on our show. i thought we already had but guess what there's so many more. have an awesome weekend, everybody, and god bless.
2:57 am
>> i got to stop doing that. i really do. >> for a special price of seven per drink in honor of 007. >> double 07 not 007. >> at my age i can see there's more than two 0s and a 7. >> how old are you going to be? >> 59. i cannot believe it. >> hoe darks try yours on. >> my head is bigger than yours. >> hoe darks try on your hat. >> i want to see you try on this one. >> coming up next -- i hate my hat. >> you should. >> blow, mama. blow. ooh. ooh. >> but listen. you were making sounds.
2:58 am
>> boy, these gulp loudly. >> that and sucking on one nostril. >> what is the one you can't live without? >> i can't live without god. >> that made me feel awful. that was just rude. >> you're not to say it. and don't do it again. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> is this game stacked? >> no, but we are. >> oh, my god. look at those cocoa nuts. >> is a what a lovely pair of cocoa nuts. >> this get up today. she looks like she's about ready to mount sea biscuit and go for a ride. all you need is the crop. >> we want to show our crew.
2:59 am
they decided to deck out in this show. all the way down. >> he looks like winnie the pooh. >> wow. wow. wow. >> finally something i want. thank you. >> and now we're going to fly in the two pairs of hawks. there you go. you've got one. and the other one is going up to the ceiling. >> the urinating wolf can go that way. >> the kangaroo is not getting any attention. you've insulted every one of our guests. >> just flew out of your nose, hoda. that was not impress. >> i have one plays an important


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