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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 29, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a light snowfall across our region. transportation crews now shifting their attention to the freezing temperatures tonight. good evening, everyone i'm jim rosenfield. we'll take a live look outside where a winter weather advisory just expired in d.c. but the temperatures are expected to take a dive so the concern is icy roads. snow fell in frederick, maryland, drivers saw some flurries. there is leftover snow on the ground from wednesday there. snow turned to rain here in d.c.
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joggers braving the weather. less than inch fell in maryland. as temperatures dip below freezing, officials warning drivers to take it easy. storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci is here with more. >> not much snow fell at d.c. a trace at reagan national. if you go north of frederick you get to 3 inches or more. the storm is leaving us. we said good-bye to the flurries a while ago. that is where ski country is. here's what is next for us. gusty winds on the way picking up overnight. this sends the wind chills into the teens tonight. it will feel like the 20s
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tomorrow. when i see you next we'll talk about a hiccup in the weather system coming our way for new year's day. >> thanks, kim. new tonight, a 19-year-old's death in fairfax county is being called a homicide. we know the name of the victim, xavier stringfellow. he was from manassas. darcy spencer has new details on the investigation. >> reporter: a fairfax county police officer discovered the scene. a van slammed through a wall and traveled up an embankment. when the officer looked inside he discovered the body of a 19-year-old man behind the wheel. he is a member of a college football team shown here on the 2012 roster. he went to battlefield high school. police say he died from trauma to the upper body not sustained in the wreck. police are investigating it as a
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homicide. >> you are not saying if is it a shooting or stabbing? >> the detectives have not revealed that but they are working on leads and following up several leads. >> reporter: it happened at 7:00 friday evening on a service road. investigators say evidence found at the scene led them to believe that he did not die from injuries caused by the crash. they are investigating why he was in the area about 17 miles from home. >> tonight a spokesman from the college said that the college sends its deepest condolences to the family. yesterday he was singing to his doctors and nurses and more good news. he is out of intensive care. george h.w. bush was recovering from bronchitis last weekend when he developed a fever and was moved into the icu. the bush family said that they are thankful for everyone's prayers and good wishes.
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the house and senate will be back in session tomorrow and that's the earliest we could see any vote on any deal to avoid or soften the blow of the fist call cliff. lawmakers are trying to piece something together tonight. but as brian mooar reports it will be far short of a grand bargain. >> reporter: as the senate leaders were mapping an escape from the fiscal cliff, president obama and republicans issued dueling messages on the web. >> we cannot afford the self inflicted wound to the economy. the folks you send to washington have to do their jobs. >> reporter: if the nation goes over the fiscal cliff next tuesday each side says the other is to blame. >> we can avoid the fiscal cliff if the president and the democrat-controlled senate step forward and work with republicans to solve this problem and solve it now. >> reporter: all over the country right now, uncertainty is in the air.
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>> it's not a matter of am i going to pay my light bill but is it going to deplete my savings. >> even if the impact isn't real, the perceived impact could cause a dropoff in sales. >> reporter: gets a deal is up to the top democrat and top republican. >> we are engaged in discussions, the majority leader and myself and the white house in the hopes we can come forward as early as sunday and have a recommendation. >> whatever we come up with will be imperfect. that's where we are. >> reporter: harry reid and mitch mcconnell say they are confident they can find a compromise but they have to sell it to house speaker john boehner and his fellow republicans before monday night's deadline. brian mooar, nbc washington. >> and david gregory will have an interview with president obama on "meet the press."
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that's tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 4. you know what that means. it's make or break time for the redskins as they face the dallas cowboys tomorrow at fedex field. the winner is in the playoffs. jason is here with more. >> one more day and we'll see if the redskins are in the post season. six straight victories turned around the season. but this team isn't concerned about the past. come sunday none of that matters at fedex field. >> another game we have to go out and win. and that's the way we look at it. so, you know, every moment in your life is the biggest one at that time. we look forward to having many more of these but we have to take care of this one. >> the stakes are high, and emotions are going to be high. and we just got come out.
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we have to be perfect if we want to win the game. >> this game is going to be everything we got. there is no saving it for this or the second time around. they are getting everything we got. >> one game against the division rival with everything on the line. that's what makes the nfl great. the fans will be electric. and it's going to be a great game. >> the cowboys and redskins game will be here on nbc 4. we have you covered before, during and after the contest starting with the pre-game show, redskins showdown kick offat 8:20 and redskins final at the ball game. and we'll have more on the match-up. looking forward to it. should be a good one. >> going to take a break. new details tonight about the suspect accused of pushing a man in front of a new york subway.
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frightening moments for travellers in russia today. and the snow may be out of the area but in parts of the northeast it is really coming
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at least four people were killed in moscow today when an airliner careened off the
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runway. it broke into pieces and caught fire. there were no passengers on board, only the eight person crew making the trip back from the czech republic. light snow was falling at the time but investigators don't know why the plane was unable to stop. a bronx woman is charged with murder. police arrested the 31-year-old this morning after someone recognized her from this surveillance video. she is charged with second degree murder as a hate crime. she is accused of pushing a man off a queens subway platform on thursday. she said it was an act against muslims. the man was hindu. this is the second time this month that someone was pushed to death at a subway station. crowds are turning out for the second day of the nation's gun show. but one group was notably absent. snow came and went today, but now storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci says
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firefighters in prince george's county spent the day going door to door checking to make sure that residents have working smoke detectors. this comes after a deadly house fire in greenbelt that broke out at 9:00. the firefighters put out the flames in 15 minutes but they found an elderly woman dead inside this home.
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neighbors say they heard a commotion and could hear people yelling for help. >> i came home and i heardere a. and i went out in the backyard and saw flames shooting out the window. two others were hurt trying to escape. investigators are not sure what caused the fire. thousands spent their saturday at the nation's gun show. the weather kept the protesters home today but didn't stop big crowds of potential buyers. many were there to buy things that are legal now but could be banned in the future. >> reporter: the nation's gun show it draws thousands at the dulles expo center like craig and his grandkids. >> i brought my grandsons down. i would like to get them involved in stuff like this and not be afraid of it. >> reporter: but the crowds are overwhelming. the lines a it the checkouts,
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enormous mostly in part to the ar-15. a gun that is sensationalized following mass shootings. >> it's going to drive us out of business is what it is. and we don't need any more kicks at us. >> reporter: it's the poster child for the assault rifle genera a line of guns that some say has no place in the hands of citizens. although the weather was cold and wet, scores of protesters were on hand opening day. >> people back at their home have stocks and stocks of guns. >> reporter: it's not just ar-15s flying off the tables, these high-round magazines were flying off the tables. they were a big seller. >> say we no long have the right to purchase a gun, that means that somebody got off their butt and decided to change the constitution a little bit and that starts the ball rolling on
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other things and will open the door to other issues. >> the gun show continues tomorrow and another one scheduled for february of next year. back to the weather now. we didn't see much snow but other parts of the east coast have seen plenty. this is pittsburgh this afternoon. the western part of pennsylvania is expecting 6 to 18 inches tomorrow. a 45-mile-an-hour speed limit is in place on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> who was driving on 95 today? >> you were. you had to deal with low visibility. >> it's not that the snow was coming down heavily but it was gray, that flight light and enough precipitation to make it tough to see. >> glad you made it back safely. >> so am i. the bosses wouldn't be happy. >> the rumor has it that the boss is in pittsburgh. so hey. >> he let us know there was more
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snow out there. >> we had some snow today but not a jackpot by any stretch. out to the west in garrett county they will pick up 3 to 6 inches tonight. around here the storm is done. we have to get ready for cold temperatures and gusty winds. we'll show you what we are expecting in the nighttime hours. the clouds will break up during the overnight. we'll have a cold one. we'll get down to around 30. we're looking at subfreezing temperatures inside the beltway and the city streets. untreated streets will be a little slick. we'll keep the temperatures around 30 when your wake up for your wake up good night forecast. it's going to be breezy in the morning too. looking at wind gusts tomorrow morning and into the afternoon 25 miles an hour. so it's just going to feel a lot colder than maybe what you've been used to. 42 is the high. that's the number coming in right now. the low is 34. the average high is 44.
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dulles with .9 inch of snow. frederick got only about .8 inch. and martinsburg got about 3 inches and 4 inches in cumberland. we warmed up into the 40s today. didn't think we would but we did. lows tonight bottom out in the 20s. 30 in the metropolitan areas of annapolis and d.c. there is the winter storm warning out this there in ski country. 3 to 6 inches possible. but around here we are getting ready for the gusty winds. this storm winds up across new england and we will talk about what is heading our way next. gusty winds waking up with 30 degrees. this will feel like the 20s with the wind blowing. and watching this front over my
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shoulder to come our way new year's eve to bring clouds and rain or snow showers on new year's day. the redskins forecast? well, the cowboys are in town and it's just a little too cold for their liking. i think we will do well with the weather favoring us. windy and cold tomorrow morning. and tomorrow afternoon temperatures trapped in the 30s with gusty winds. we are okay new year's eve, just cloudy. new year's day a risk for a few showers and snowflakes. and we stay cold in the new year, highs trapped in the 30s, well below average. >> it will be january. >> it will. >> coming up in sports, jason will be here with more on the
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. a lot on the line tomorrow. but rg3 seems to thrive on that. >> he plays his best when the stakes are at their highest and the team has been doing that the last six weeks. the redskins have a chance to clinch the nfc east tomorrow with a win against dallas. a big reason the skins have been successful is because of their running game. albert morris has been running like an experienced veteran. he is 104 yards short of breaking the single season
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running records. those watching closely are not surprised by the numbers. >> he has done such a great job and the numbers speak for themselves. but, you know, he's going to be successful for a long time. i think people appreciate what he's done and how well he's helped our offense. you got to have a back like him the to separate yourself, you know, from the rest of the pack and he is playing at a very high level. >> he runs hard. we always said it looks like he is playing pee-wee football out there. he never goes down and that's just the way he runs. he takes care a of his body and he can have 20 to 25 carries a game. we are proud of him and the way he is running. >> cowboys-redskins will be here on nbc 4. it starts with redskins showdown. stay here for the game and
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redskins final. jeno smith has been outstanding for west virginia throwing for 40 touchdowns and six interceptions this season. but he met up with a top quarterback from syracuse. pinstripe bowl taking place at yankee stadium. it got testy before the game started. the field conditions were not great due to heavy snowfall. 'cuse up 12-0 in the second. but smith finds bailey on a quick screen and bailey did the rest. 32 yards for the score. that cut the lead. 12-7. later on, same score, third quarter now it's rob's turn. his pass here is going to get tipped by a defender but it lands right in the hands of his tight end. that's wells for score. 19-7, syracuse leads it.
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'cuse is up 38-14 in the fourth quarter. navy and arizona state. we are scoreless off the play fake. kelly hits ross for a 16-yard hookup. the sun devils go up 7-0. in the second quarter it's 21-0, asu. the mids trying to get on the board. reynolds steps up and finds aiken in the end zone for a touchdown. navy down 21-7. later on in the first half. the sun devils up 21-7. kelly deep to ross again and brings in a 52-yard score. arizona state is leading 41-7 in the fourth quarter. the terps haven't looked back since losing to kentucky to start the year. ten straight victories.
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that string continued as too as the terps thrashed delaware state. hosting the hornets. first half, maryland down one. look at seth allen making the moves dishing to charles mitchell. maryland up one. later in the half, pass ahead to howard, no look, gives it to dez wells, cleared for takeoff. a monster jam by wells. logan the pass to lind for the dunk. maryland wins it 79-50. they're 11th straight victory. virginia tech taking on byu salt lake city. pick it up at the start, scoreless. pass and he is money from behind
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the arc. hoss, 6 for 8 behind the line. alley-oop to brandon davies. he slams that one home. byu up 10. second half cougars running away with this one. up 89-67. hoss takes this one to the rack and tyler hoss led all scorers with 42 points. byu wins it 97-71. >> it's all about the skins tomorrow. >> it sure is. we're all over it. that's our news. nightly news is coming up next
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