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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 31, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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kuros said he hired hernandez for $10,000 to kill garrett warren. on the tape, hernandez made clear he didn't waste any of that money on transportation. >> i used my own c secretary of state hillary clinton is in a new york city hospital with a blood clot. details ahead. looking over the fiscal cliff. is a last-second deal even possible? kim kardashian and kanye west expecting a baby. new year's eve preps and the new york giants open their hearts to the families of newtown, connecticut. "early today" starts right now. and a very good morning to you on this new year's eve. it's nice to see you this morning. i'm veronica de la cruz. we begin with secretary of state hillary clinton in the hospital.
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clinton was admitted to new york presbyterian hospital after the discovery of a blood clot stemming from the concussion she sustained earlier this month. the clot was discovered during a followup exam sunday. she's being treated with blood thinners, and doctors will monitor the medication over the next two days. the 65-year-old clinton fell and suffered a concussion when she fainted while home alone in mid-december as she recovered from a stomach virus that left her severely dehydrated. clinton had been planning to return to work this week. it is crunch time on capitol hill. senate and house negotiators have just a few crucial hours left to come up with a compromise to avert the looming financial mess. if they don't, here's what's going to happen -- everyone's tax rates will go up. $1.2 trillion in federal spending cuts kick in. the federal tax holiday will expire. the alternative minimum tax kicks in, and several tax deductions expire, as well. nbc has more from capitol hill on the latest with the
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negotiations. daniel yel danielle, how are the talks going? >> reporter: there's been progress. at 11:00 a.m. the senate get back to work. when they do, they are not going to have a lot of time to come up with a deal to avoid spending cuts and tax increases. both sides are still divided, but before calling it quits yesterday, democratic leader harry reid said he hoped to have an announcement in the morning had the senate gets back to work. aides say they're specifically divided on what salary taxes should increase, but they say there was progress in terms of tax increases for the wealthiest of americans. also avoiding the inheritance tax increases. and democrats say that they're grateful that republicans have given up the demand for cuts to social security at least for now. now this progress has not come easy. democrats have accused republicans of being too stubborn on tax increases. and just yesterday, republicans slammed democrats for failing to give them a counteroffer in the
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negotiations. minority leader mitch mcconnell even called the vice president, joe biden, to get involved and help in the negotiations. they are hopeful that they will get a deal later today, but even with a deal, the fight isn't going to be over for long. republican will likely push for those reforms that they've given up on this time around in the new year when the debt limit debate kicks off. reporting live in washington, back to you. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. for his part, president obama has been trying to turn up the heat on congress, applying new pressure sunday in an interview with david gregory on "meet the press." nbc news white house correspondent kristin welker has details. >> reporter: on "meet the press," president obama continued his public campaign to pressure congress. >> if congress doesn't act, then everybody's taxes go up. and for the average family, that could mean a loss of $2,000 in income, and the whole economy could slow down at a time when the economy's actually starting to pick up. >> reporter: he again called on lawmakers to strike a deal or
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hold a vote on his plan which would raise tax rates on wealthy americans, a major sticking point for republicans. >> the way they're behaving is that their only priority is making sure that tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are protected. that seems to be their only overliove overriding theme. >> reporter: after the interview, republicans accused the president of assigning blame instead of leading. >> when they say leadership falls on you, mr. president, you don't have a role in breaking this impact? you've had a tough go with congress. >> david, at a certain point, if folks can't say yes to good offers, then i also have an obligation to the american people to make sure that the entire burden of deficit reduction doesn't fall on seniors who are relying on medicare. there is a basic fairness that is at stake in this whole thing. >> reporter: republicans say to be fair, the president must focus on entitlement reform to reduce the deficit.
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>> are you prepared to do that in your first year of the second term? >> what i've said is i am prepared to do everything i can to make sure that medicare and social security are there not just for this generation but for future generations. >> reporter: the president said despite the current gridlock, he remains optimistic but also asserted democracy is messy. >> one way or another, we'll get through this. do i wish that things were more orderly in washington and rat n rational and people listened to the best arguments and compromised and operated in more thoughtful and organized fashion? absolutely. but when you look at history, that's -- that's been the exception rather than the norm. >> that was nbc's kristin welker reporting there. now for a look at your new year's eve weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning you to. is it too early to say happy new year's? >> no. why not?
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>> happy new year's eve. happy new year's eve. >> let's go there. this is it. cold and snowy in many areas of the country. and we really flipped the switch. i mean, we were in the heart of winter. for many areas this will be the coldest week of the winter season. i mean, easily from the great lakes all the way through new england. winter weather advisories out. this isn't a big blockbuster storm, but it is enough to cause you travel concerns starting now in areas of north texas, oklahoma. and eventually here through missouri. also into indiana and illinois, especially the southern portions of those states. right now the winter radar warm enough that it's just rain in oklahoma city. throughout dallas, ft. worth, the ozarks, missouri. warm enough primary for rain. the white is starting to show up as snow. if you're traveling in kansas this morning, that will probably be the worst of it. as far as snow accumulations go, we're talking not a big blockbuster event. one to three inches in wichita, southern indiana, southern illinois. again, a coating of snow during the day today. tonight through the new year's. and temperatures are very cold
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this morning, too. especially up here, negative numbers in north dakota and minnesota. a little nippy in new england, too. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at weather outside your window. as far as snow accumulations, again, kansas city to st. louis, only a couple inches. maybe two at most. now, temperatures are above freezing. so we may even get the roads just wet as we go throughout the daylight hours. watch out tonight, though. as we mentioned, after we get rid of this mini snow event today, just cold. plain cold the rest of this week much of the country. >> great. i'm looking ford that. thanks, bill. the top new year's resolutions made and kept by successful people. huge entertainment news to tell you about, kanye west, kim kardashian expecting a baby. who broke the news, how far along is she, details next. plus, it is lights out for thomas edison's 75-watt light bulb. good luck trying to find one in 2013. you're watching "early today" on nbc.
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good morning and welcome back. some stories making news this morning starting with oregon. a tour bus crashed through a guardrail and down a steep embank. killing nine and injuring 20. it lost control on a highway covered with snow and ice. incredible images captured from a dashboard camera shows a russian plane crashing on to a highway at an airport in moscow. five people died, three survived. there were no passengers on board. someone who didn't want to be identified claimed the body of adam lanza, the man who killed 26 people at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut on december 14. and 200 students, parents, and faculty from the sandy hook school attended the new york giants' game on sunday. they were high-survived by the giants' players as they ran on to the field. kim kardashian is pregnant. kardashian's family confirmed the news. but the father-to-be, rapper kanye west, announced it last night during a concert in atlantic city. kim is about 12 weeks with a
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baby due in the summer. the wave of congratulatory tweets have been going all night. kim's mom tweeting, "oh, baby, baby, baby." and "the soup," tweeted "most pregnancies last nine month or about four marriage in kim time." ba-dum-bum. tonight an estimated one million revelers are expected to gather in times square to ring in the new year. and as with any high-profile gathering of this size, security on as high alert to make sure tonight's massive event goes off without a hitch. wendy gillette is live in times square with more on those preparations. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, good morning, veronica. as you can see, it's still quiet in times square. the traffic is still flowing. we're at 48th street and 7th avenue. as you can see, there are barricades set up here and all over times square to help control the crowds when they start showing up in just a couple of hours.
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[ cheers ] >> reporter: more than 2,000 pounds of confetti are in place. >> beautiful! >> that looks fantastic. >> reporter: ready to be thrown by hand from buildings in times square at midnight. >> i've seen it on tv, and it looks like so much fun with the concerts and the excitement in the air with so many people. >> it's magic. everybody in the world wants to come to new york for new year's. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands will usher in the new year here from all over the world. >> australia. >> canada. >> england. >> reporter: they'll see the famous waterford crystal ball drop down a 141-foot-tall flag pole high above times square lighting up the 2013 sign. >> three, two, one, happy new year! >> reporter: this year's ball will have 288 new panels engraved with doves befitting of the theme "let there be peace." one of the panels was engaved in the memory of the late dick clark who started hosting his new year's show in 1954. >> i know dick would be most appreciative and never expect a panel to be in the ball.
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he'll be part of the celebration again. >> reporter: workers are preparing the stages in times square for big-name acts. >> i'm excited to see psi do "gangnam style." >> reporter: the youtube sendation will be here prompting a lot of this. taylor swift will headline the show. >> she's one of my idols. >> reporter: bret adle and his girlfriend are practicing their midnight kiss before going shopping for some warmer clothes. >> a hat, scarf, pair of gloves. just anything to keep warm. >> reporter: the forecast is clear but cold, hovering around freezing. and despite the cold, people will still wait out here for much of the day. last year the prime viewing areas were filled up 10.5 hours before midnight. live in times square, back to you. >> thank you very much. and the new year's countdown in washington, d.c., is all about spending your money as we await the outcome of those fiscal cliff negotiations. on the positive side, you won't be seeing $8 a gallon for milk because congress acted in time
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to head off an expiring agricultural bill with a one-year extension instead of the five-year one being sought. on the downside, those of you who love your 75-wood incandescent light bulbs better stock up. new laws forbid them from being imported or produced in 2013. the "tribune" company announced it is emerging from bankruptcy today with new ownership and board of directors. "forbes" has compiled a list of new year's resolutions that successful people make and actually keep. among them, plan vacations now. wake up to the essential first, check e-mail second. support a cause. find your purpose and go for it! straight ahead, an ice rescue like you have never seen before. plus, late last week, former first lady barbara bush called one of her ailing husband george's favorite bands and requested a private concert. the oak ridge boys were on vacation, but since they've been best friends with the bushes for many years, they agreed and gathered in their office to sing
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over the phone. the 41st president requested "elvi "elvira" and the band complied. they also sang "amazing grace." take a listen. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪
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well, christmas day sledding took a terrible turn as an accident set off a chain of rescuers falling through the ice. we have the latest on the dramatic rescues. >> reporter: the video camera michelle herman got as a present captured it all. >> that's seriously not funny. >> reporter: christmas day a man on a sled came down a hill and fell through the thin ice of jackson lake, and then one after another those who tried to save him fell into the freezing water. >> it just turned it into a total disaster, just panic. people falling in, people trying to save him, then trying to save themselves. >> give me the rope from under the seat now! >> reporter: that's the voice of michelle's husband mickey. >> i undid the rope and threw it out, it's 25 feet long but was seven feet short of getting him. at that point we noticed this
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guy can't swim. he observed him going under three times. call 911 now! >> reporter: more people went on to the fragile ice including children. then another rope attempt. another one in, then the man who tries to save him, as well. inner tubes and sleds. finally -- >> get it, come on, go! >> reporter: rope to pull them to shore. >> in southern california, it just doesn't get cold enough for anybody to be out on the ice. they're very fortunate that everybody came out alive. it was very hard to watch. [ screams ] >> that was robert kavasek reporting. moving to sports, sunday night football, cowboys/redskins. washington captured the nfc east division title for the first time in 13 years. as robert griffin iii ran for a touchdown to help beat dallas 20-18. the redskins are play you've bound as the cowboys head home for the third straight year. indianapolis coach chuck pagano was back with the team after leukemia treatment.
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and drew luck threw for two touchdowns to beat houston 28-16. peyton manning had three touchdown passes in the game for the 73rd time, surpassing the league record set by brett favre as denver swamped kansas city 38-33. russell wilson tied manning. n record for most touchdown passes by a rookie with 26 for the season. the seahawks defeated the rams 20-13. there are four college football bowl games today. the music city bowl, north carolina state faces vanderbilt. the sun bowl has usc against georgia tech. the liberty bowl is iowa state versus tulsa. and in the chick-fil-a bowl, lsu battles clemson. coming up, tough economy or not, moviegoers spent a record setting $10.8 billion at the box office in 2013. plus, we're going to take you to one of the cutest places on earth. you're watching "early today."
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well, welcome back on this last day of 2012. tonight the areas of concern for driving, if you're going to be in missouri, kansas, light snow is expected, just enough to cover the roads. it will be a little slippery there. mostly just rain, though, for oklahoma, arkansas, and also portions of texas. very cold tonight at midnight in the northern plains. minneapolis all the way up to chicago. the temperatures will be plummeting later tonight. the dakotas, wisconsin, iowa, make sure you bundle up for extreme cold. for new year's day, the light snow washes out as it heads east. looks like a quiet but chilly start to the new year. >> bundle up is right. thanks. "the hobbit" continues to rule them all at the box office. "the lord of the rings" prequel earned $32.9 million this weekend, making it the third week on top. number two with jangle and chains" and "les mis." kate winslet's wedding gift
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is taking her to speak. her father-in-law has given her a $200,000 ticket on board one of the upcoming virgin galactic space flights. bill's jealous -- >> i'd be nervous. >> now we know why she married this guy, ned rock and roll. "magic mike" star matthew mcconaughey and his wife welcomed a baby boy on friday. their third child together. lots of baby news. lots of baby news. and hulk hogan's restaurant hogan's beach will open tonight in tampa. the wrestler and reality star says the eatery will be jimmy buffett's margueriteville and hooter's times ten. he ultimately wants to turn it into a reality show, right? >> no. >> that's scary, the whole thing, right? i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. ♪
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. a great morning to be a redskins fan after the burgundy and gold ride that winning streak all the way into the playoffs, baby. plus, the clock is ticking for lawmakers on capitol hill as the country edges closer each second to going over that fiscal cliff. looking outside this morning, you're going to want to grab that winter coat if you're heading out the door. one of the chilliest mornings thus far this winter. the forecast coming up. good morning, i'm erika gonzalez. i'm richard jordan. welcome to news 4 on this monday, december 31st.
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>> last one. >> redskins fans are probably a little tired and excited this morning. the skins are going back to the playoffs. >> the range at the 33. morris exploits a hole. there he goes. morris to the end zone. touchdown. >> the burgundy and gold clinched an nfc east title by beating the rival cowboys 28-18 last night. robert griffin iii might be the most high-profile member on o the team but alfred morris was the star last night. he scored three touchdowns in the win. >> i'm thankful that i was able to come out today and give it my all like i do every game. the running game was working today. just thankful that we're in the playoffs. >> this is the redskins first division title since 1999. it will be their first playoff appearance since 2007. they host the


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