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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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explosion, and said it's been very emotional the past three hours and she hasn't been able to leave the scene. >> i was e.-military police, and fill know what a close-knit group they are as police officers. it's like losing a family member, to them. >> reporter: kim also told me she saw a bright flash and walked up to the scene. we can show you that scene live. emergency vehicle has moved out of the way. officers are still investigating this wreck, what is a deadly wreck now. as far as road closures are kurn, noaksville road is blocked off from bristol to hornbaker road. we've also hear the vre exit is closed with the piper lane and
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that is closed, so cars exiting that are exiting via godwind drive. we'll bring you the latest as we get it. for now, back to you. more breaking news, this time from capitol hill. president obama and senior senate republicans confirm a deal is in the works to prevent tax hikes as midnight. even if the senate were to pass it, sources on capitol hill say the house will not vote on it tonight. as far as the deal goes, nbc news has learned that both sides agreed to keep taxes at their current level for individuals who make up to $400,000 a year, or house december holds up to $450,000. mitch mcconnell says both sides are very close to an overall deal. >> let's pass the tax relief portion now. >> keep in mind just last month republicans in congress said they would never agree to raise tax rates on the wealthiest of americans. obviously the agreement that's
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currently being discussed would raise those rates and raise them permanently. >> again even if the senate were to pass the deal tonight, the house does not plan to vote on it tonight, but that too could change. does that technically mean we're going over the fiscal cliff? >> msnbc's luke russert is live to explain why some congressional aides are call it a fiscal slope and not necessarily a cliff. good evening, luke. >> good evening, how are you doing? >> great. >> what we're seeing is this idea that the house represents will not teenage are take many any compromise, the reason simply being there's no bill for them to vote on. they do believe they could vote on something as late as midmorning tomorrow, maybe even all the way to january 2nd. it's not a fiscal cliff so much as a fiscal slope. they believe if the markets think congress is working towards a deal, that's enough to avert any real economic
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calamity, however, if you see january 2nd and still no deal and market's not performing well, maybe that will make them work towards an agreement that much more quickly emplts so this event at the white house, the president did not hold back. that didn't sit well with a lot of republicans. >> no, it did not. one of the hangups, guys, is remember the sequester we talked about, the automatic cuts to the defense discretionary programs part of the deal we had in 2011. right now the hold up on this deal is what to do about those automatic spending cuts. democrats would like to see the revenue that they get to pay them down. republicans want to replace them with new spending cuts. the president today and the comments saying called out congress that they waited too long. that upset a lot of republicans who thought the negotiations between mitch mcdonnell and vice president biden had been going quite nicely and the president was inserting politics. will it have an effect on
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whether or not this bill passes? it's so important probably now not, but it shows you how divided they are. >> my gosh, we don't want to go over that cliff. >> no, we don't. we could be in bad shape. switching over to the stocks. >> wall street ended 2012 on a big upswing today. the dow surging more than 150 points to wind up the day above 13,000. the streets seemed to like the news that lawmakers were close in on a deal. the nasdaq was up 59 points. the s&p jumped about 23 points and ended the year up 13%. more breaking news. doctors say outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton is being treated for a blood clot in her head. doctors say she's making excellent progress and they expect her to fully recover. she's stay under observations at new york's presbyterian hospital for the next 48 hours at least.
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doctors found the close during the checkup yesterday. an aide says it's linked to the concussion she suffered earlier this month. well, we're counting down, but in many parts of the world right now, the new year has already been rung in. this is a live look at athens, greece -- >> as the clock struck midnight or 6:00 a.m. eastern time, fireworks erupted over auckland. and to new york, the big apple always nose how to do it up right. folks are already picking out that spot to watch the ball drop. 1 million people are expected to cram the streets. a more family-friendly way, you can head over to alexandria's first night celebration. darcy spencer is live in alexandria, where they're
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getting ready for a big night. good evening, darcy. >> angie, i think they did not have fireworks last year. do you remember that? >> i do. >> reporter: there were problems because of fire safety, so fireworks went away for a few years. they are back this year, but they are going to be on the potomac. i'm expecting a lot of people, because they are expecting back. also something new this year. these food trucks, first time they're having these, right along cameron street. very popular here. people are already lining up to get their food off the food trucks. just a few minutes ago, people inside, buying their badges for the event. it wasn't as busy as i've seen it in previous year. many of the badges are being sold online this year. there's a lot of performances, face painting, things for families to do. it's a nonalcoholic event. back this year, as we say, by
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popular demand, the fireworks. >> the by news, of course, is the fireworks on the river. the fireworks are back on the river. great views anywhere along founders parko behind the speedo factor. no ticket is needed to see the fireworks. we'll have dancing in king street stating at 10:00. it will be a lot of fun. >> it certainly will be. people have been waiting. they did a laser light show. last year they blew 6,000 balls out of the cannons, but nothing says new year's eve like fireworks. this is the badge. you have to get one of these to go to the event. entertainment, get your badge. it's $20. the fireworks are free. you can go down to founders park, and take them in at midnight. reporting live. darcy spencer, news4. the fireworks always clear skies help. so will the we were cooperate? >> let's head over to doug
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kammerer. how is 2013 going to shape up? >> i think we're looking good overnight. the good news is we will see temperatures right around where they should be. winds out of the south-southwest at about 3 miles an hour. that puts the windchill at 42. we're not see much of a windchill. actual temperatures 35 in martins burg, 36 at culpepper. satellite and radar showing plenty of cloud cover. yes, we will see a lot of clouds tonight. what that means for the next couple days. rain and snow back toward the west. will that make it in for 2013? nigh paragraph in a couple minutes. thank you. a great way to send out 2012 for redskins fans with a lot to look forward to. >> say that again. >> for the third time since
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1999. >> hey, the rookies, of course, led the way to a huge victory with everything on the line. now the redskins are headed to the playoffs starting with the -- pat collins hit the streets to hear from excited fans. it's still sinking in, but we begin with -- a long time in coming, buddy. indeed the guys out on the field. at 4:30 on sunday. one of the best teams in the league this year, perhaps the best wide -- some say a mere
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image. he ways getting is it done, too. his first touchdown on the ground since the 76-yarder in machinen. robert only threw for 100 yards. after the game we caught up with griffin. he was well aware of what the first division meant to the organization. >> i was 9-year-old in '99. to see them come to me right at the end of the game and talk about how much they appreciated us, because they've been on some bad teams, but this is a special year for us.
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we were 3-6 and won the division at 10-6. of course the cooley report is coming up in just a few minutes. he says, man, i just neat to beat seattle. the two other times the redskins have made the playoffs, they have lost to the seahawks. hellie, we will see you in a biff. skins fans could not be happier today. they each found a few if you know any dallas cowboy fans, see if they're already.
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maybe a pick-me-up might be appropriate. are you happy? >> i'm just delighted, ecstatic. >> i was in the middle school the last time. >> reporter: so now you're really happy? >> very happy. ♪ hail to the redskins [ dog howling ] >> reporter: they're the once walking around with big smiles. cowboy fans -- do you think you can find it in your heart to root for them? >> am i on camera? no, never. >> reporter: hey, where are those fans now? do you have any cowboy fans in the back of that truck? >> i think they're still at the stadium. >> reporter: under cover today. >> i'm out here. >> reporter: how did you like the game? >> i liked it. he did it to us again. >> reporter: all the ones are quiet in the building.
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>> reporter: what's it look being a cowboys fan now? >> i'm still a fan. >> these are for the cowboys fans. hail to the redskins. hail victory we're on a warpath fight for all did, c. >> reporter: they won because -- >> they have rg3. >> he's awesome. >> reporter: because? >> because of the defense. >> de-fence. >> morris. >> 200 yards. the redskins won last night because -- >> because the man, hall of fame. [ laughter ] >> reporter: touchdown! next, seattle, it's in washington. >> we are washington! >> reporter: they make starbucks. >> we make real bucks. >> reporter: their quarter become has a rating of 100. >> rg3 has 102. >> running become has 1590 yards. >> our running back has more. >> reporter: can we beat them?
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>> yes, el we can! >> reporter: can we beat them? >> yes we can! >> reporter: to redskins fans everywhere, cheers, happy new years. how did that get there? live in arlington, pat collins, news4. >> hey, he's starting a new trend. thanks, pat. it's tough to talk smack when somebody is holding a plunger. >> you don't want to go through. maybe we can come together. >> i like that idea. coming up next, we have a disturbing crime. the search for a man accused of shooting out windows at an elementary school. plus a robber gets more than he bargained for. another kardashian to keep up with. what kim is saying about having a baby with kanye west. and fighting drunk
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right now you may be getting ready to head out to your new year's eve party. local police want you to know they're preparing, too. >> authorities will be keeping a close eye on the roads tonight.
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adam tuss is live in maryfield. >> reporter: so you're thinking you'll go out, have a few drinks and get behind the deal -- local leaders say there's no excuse. new year's eve on the roads can be unpredictable. there will be an increased focus to make sure you're driving safely. >> and all day, not just tonight we'll be having additional patrols who are specifically targeting dwi behavior fimplgts police actually started the crackdown about a month ago and they've been plenty busy. >> just in the first week of december or officers arrested over 100 people for driving under the influence. so we do have many, many people who choose to ignore the warnings. >> reporter: early this morning a deadly crash on route 28 near i-66 in centreville, a pickup
5:19 pm
truck slams into the back of a stopped tractor trailer. while alcohol hasn't been directly said to be a cause, police are not ruling it out as a factor. if you will be headed out and about tonight and will be have a few drips, the message this year, you have no rose to get behind the wheel the sob are ride program is a free cab right up to $30. any more, you pick up the difference. we'll start at 10:00 p.m., not just offering it until 2:00 a.m. when metro closeses or 4:00 a.m., but until 6:00 a.m. >> as far as the perception this service isn't fast or reliable, it takes the same amount of time as a regular cab. the folk number 1-800-200-taxi. something else to think about. on new year's eve, drunk driving deaths spiked by 50% across the
5:20 pm
country. >> drunk driver on the road, more on that at 6:00. reporting live, adam tuss, news4. a lot of people are wondering, is the weather going to spoil their new year's eve plans. >> a couple people reporting sleet down towards southern porz of maryland, but don't worry. i think your new year's eve will be a-okay. that is where we've seen most of it during the evening tonight. i think that's where most will stay, but it's not going to cause any problems. so it's cool, but not cold. we are dealing with cloudy skies. believe it or not the cloudy skies should be great if you're thinking about heading to any of the fireworks displays. you get that reflection off the clouds, so that should be pretty
5:21 pm
good. they should be high enough. we're going to go down a bit. here's where we are seeing that shower activity. some rain all down towards southern maryland. this a bit more than what's actually falling, because our atmosphere is very, very dry. most of this evaporating before it hits the ground. once again we're j.c. so dry that most of us will stay on the dry side. the best chance of seeing rain, snow, sleet, whatever it is, any kind of precipitation, will be to the south. and i'm talking about you folks in southern maryland. over towards fredericksburg, you have the best chance overnight and in through the day tomorrow. the cool weather we have today will stay on the cool side. you can see the best chance for shower activity. north and west will be dry. no problems there action maybe a sprinkle, maybe a flurry, but it's not going to cause any
5:22 pm
problems. on wednesday, the second day of the new year breezy and cold, maybe the coldest day, as highs will stay in the 30s all day. it's going to be cold. this is what you can expect, temperatures around midnight coming in around that 34 degree mark to cloudy and looking good. cold on thursday, friday, saturday sunday, looking good as we head toward the next redskins game. still ahead, jessica simpson shows off her baby bump, the bikini photo that's turns heads. plus -- the first same-sex weddings will be held here at 12:01. they'll begin a new year and new
5:23 pm
life together. i'll have the story ahead. after the redskins' big win. it's time for a playoff edition of "the cooley report." dan and chris join us live. still ahead the murder rate is at historic lows, but the city's police officers say they are tired of working
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you notice, the postgame interviews s. you just couldn't find two more humble guys, hellie. >> robert griffin iii and alfred morris have broken the mold. it's amazing the redskins were able to get both sides in the same draft. and it's amazing what they have done for the veterans. that's one of the things we talked about with chris cooley. he's not live with us today in the locker room, because it's new year's eve. we were with him on christmas eve. we didn't want to take all his time, but he taped a statement about an hour ago, which was nice of him. we talked about what this was like right after they captured the title. >> the locker room has been
5:27 pm
awesome the last six weeks, because they've all been playoff games, but this one was different. it was special. i was so happy for everyone involved. i was so happy for the owner. the owner was so excited. coach so excited. i think everyone did such a great job this year, to work so hard, and it's paid off. goal number one achieved, division championship. can't beat it. it was a fun night. >> so check off gold number one, does it make it more special, the fact that it was against the cowboys? >> i no for dan snyder, you know, he's friends with jerry jones. it was probably the sweetest. >> no better stage for what happened last night. it was perfect. it was set perfect. dallas is a great team. i think the winner get in or go
5:28 pm
homemade it just right. nothing better. nothing. the fact that alfred morris comes through with the best game of his entire career, and 33 carries, i feel like we talk about him every single week. now he's on the national stage. everybody watches that game will remember who alfred morris was. >> first of all, happy for him. he became a star last night. he had an amazing game. he's consistent week in and week out in terms of preparing. hi practices harter than everyone else. his cleats are spatted up, and he's going full speed. the guy is a worker. and he plays the same football game every week. he's been getting better and
5:29 pm
better, gaining confidence. he's still humble. >> do you think alfred will ever believe he's a star. he said afterwards, i'm not a star, i'm just alfred. he's the most humble i think i've ever med. >> he is. i know he'd never change ago a person. he will never change as a person. he doesn't matter if he believes it or in the. he's one of the best running backs in the nfl. >> you're getting out of here early tonight, celebrating new year's eve. what did chris cooley do on new year's eve? >> i'm going to hang out with friends tonight and try to take it easy. >> that's bores. >> it isn't going to be boring. if i go out, i sign autographs, take pictures, do all kinds of stuff like that. maybe i should do that, because the fans probably deserve it. >> the fans deserve it. >> i'm going to hang out with my friends tonight. a little family gathering thing, friends and family. >> so cooley taking it easy. he's grown up a bit, come a long
5:30 pm
way. i think fans gout exactly what i want thissed, theirs first division title. on the hides many, the seattle seahawks, a very good football team coming to fedex field on sunday at 4:30. guys? >> we're going to get it done. you're signs autograms tonight, too? >> i don't president to ruin anyone's piece of paper. coming up at 5:00, another reason to say hay to the redskins the the major economic boost coming to our region. plus why the new year means the end to the iconic american light bulb. and live look at times square, where things are already lighting up. about 1 million people expected to ring in
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police officers chris young has died in a motorcycle crash while responding to another call. he collided with a minivan here in brings to, and both vehicles burt into flames. officer young was a seven-year veteran. no one else was hurt. breaking news. it appears a deal to prevent the nation from reaching the fiscal cliff will not happen today. president obama and senate republicans say they are close to a deal that would prevent tax hikes on most americans. at this hour, there's still no plan in the house to hold a vote
5:34 pm
on it. that could all change, and we will definitely keep you posted. and you're looking at a live pictures of times square in new york city. 1 million people are expected to jam the streets to celebrate the new years and waffle the traditional crystal ball drop. authorities are working to keep everyone safe. a ban a alcohol will be enforced, bags will be searched, surrounding streets will be shut down. back here in maryland, some in you year's eve celebrations will give way to wedding celebrations. same-sex marriage will officially become legal in the state shortly after the ball drops. at chris gordon reports, that has some couples planning their ceremony down to the second. >> reporter: sabrina and natasha live in frederick with their three children. they're cupping to the annapolis chapel to get married. >> this is what i dreamed of. we live together, we have a nice house. we have a fence.
5:35 pm
that's what i always wanted. >> reporter: they've written vows to share with each other and their 14 guests. >> i want her to know how sincere i am and that i want to spend the rest of my life with her. i want to tell the world that and i should be able to. >> reporter: the wedding ceremony about begin at 11:45. their big moment okurs one minute later. >> i'll have a clock right bemy. at 12:01, wherever i am in the ceremony, i will say you are married. the universalist church hopes to perform same-sex weddings here. >> politics aside. it's a great way to welcome people into family-making. >> reporter: in november, maryland voters passed measure 6, making possible this wedding day for no tasha and sabrina. >> thank you. i mean, from the bottom of my heart, i appreciate everyone
5:36 pm
that stood up and everyone that assisted us in this journey. >> i'm just excited, and thankful that we could have this day. i'm just happy. >> reporter: in annapolis, chris gordon, news4. couples wanting to get married in court will have to wait until wednesday. same-sex marriage isn't the only new law taking effect this week. jim rosen field is at the super-screen with details on other legislation. >> there are a couple new laws that impact people of all ages in maryland. one is the first law of its kind in the entire country. it's important for parents to know about. it's the child identity lock law. here's how it would work. it lets parents freeze a child's credit at any time to help protect from fraud. up until now, parents could only request a freeze if their child had an existing credit report, a the which point it might be too
5:37 pm
late for act, because if a child has a credit report, it likely means he or she is already a victim. a veterans license will cost $20 unless you wait for your license renewal date, then it's free. angie and jim? thanks. a man with a gun shot through the window of a local school. now police need your help to catch him. take a look at this picture in woodbridge, virginia. this is the man who police tell us used a handgun to shoot out the window. no one was inside the school. staff noticed it and called the police. they believed it happened between 9:30 friday night, and 8:00 a.m. on saturday. >> a family in enveloped washington is grieving tonight after losing their 16-year-old
5:38 pm
in a hie-and-run crash. tarsha jackson was struck last week. jackie bensen has more. when. >> reporter: she was hit by two cars, only one stopped to help her. beautiful, fun-loving and family oriented. that's show shaneesh describes her 16-year-old sister. >> she was always smiling. laughing, making jokes. she loved all of us. but she's she was a kind person. >> reporter: a student at dun barton high school, walked out of the home and moments later was struck attempting to cross busy new york avenue at first street. police say a 2003 pontiac
5:39 pm
bonneville heading east struck her when she was in the street. she fell to the ground and was run over by a gold-colored suv that kept going. her distraught family kept vigil at her hospital bedside, but she suck culled to her injuries less than 24 hours later. her sisters and brothers go back and forth between shock and disbelief. >> she was -- >> reporter: the agony is made worse by a lack of answers about exactly what happened. >> come forward, whoever knows who did this. come forward and tell us. this is crazy. >> reporter: anyone with information about that tan or gold-colored suv seen driving -- possibly driving erratic by on new york avenue in northwest washington about 6:00 friday night is asked to called d.c. police. reporting live in northwest
5:40 pm
washington, jackie bensen, news4. jackie, thanks. paying $100 just to get home on new year's eve? that's steep. still ahead, why it could cost more than double the normal price if you were planning to catch a right tonight. and kim kardashian's beg
5:41 pm
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well, it's a long flight to see this. this is sydney, australia, rocking in the new year. thousands lining up along sydney's harbor to watch the mayesive fireworks display. >> awesome shot. >> if you are planning to yew uber-to plansh be prior pedestrian to pay. they're using surge pricing. soo when more being available, the price will go back down. customers should expect to pay twice the normal fares tonight. in some cases there could be a minimum of $100. i guess if you have a lot of people. coming up on news4, going dark. why 2013 means the iconic
5:44 pm
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oh, yeah? [ girls screaming ] yeah. [ crowd cheering ] if you give him the pepsi, you can be in the band. really? ♪ and never, never, never stop for anyone ♪ ♪ tonight let's get some ♪ and live while we're young ♪ 6 . still pumped after last night. redskins fans couldn't be more excited on this monday after. the team is headed to the playoffs after an amazing run. news4's prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live at feddics field with more. good evening, tracee. >> reporter: there's the washington redskins, but they play in prince george's county.
5:47 pm
that means when the redskins win, so does prince george's county. fans were stocking up on gear. >> you drove to aspirin georges from montgomery to stop at the store? >> yes, i did. at the carolina kitchen in largo, they're still serving all kinds of fans, left over from yesterday's game. >> they came in with the cowboy gear on, because they're still in town, but we had to feed them as well. and they were happy. they were very happy. >> reporter: that's just the beginning of the money coming in, thanks to the redskins hosting the first playoff game in 13 years. >> what does this mean? having a home, a playoff game? it means a lot. >> reporter: county chamber of commerce president david harrington says there's a lot of money to be made. >> it means people coming to hotels, to our restaurants, people staying in prince george's county, learning more about prince george's county. >> you have 80,000 people coming to the game in the county, they
5:48 pm
spend money. >> reporter: they're expecting this single playoff game to yield an estimated half a million in amusement and admission taxes alone. >> tough economic times right now, values have gone down over the years, property taxes have gown down. anytime we get an influx of retch that allows us. >> reporter: now, i asked county officials, where will the parade be? in prince george's county or d.c.? they said they'll have to figure that out. coming up on "news4 at 6," we talk about local businesses about how all of this is already impacting them. >> go to ash burn, d.c., get the whole region in. well, talking about the weather tonight, a lot of people are headed out to see fireworks tonight. will the clouds let them do it? doug kammerer has more. >> i think we'll be socked in. that's a good thing.
5:49 pm
because of that, i think any fireworks that go off,sh see a niece reflection. >> tax a like at the numbers. 36, down towards huntingtown, in an appear application. out towards the bay, 41 degrees there. everybody looking good. we're on the cool side, but that's about it. we do have shower activity. this is very light, but we've had reports of sleet. sew heads up in this area. i would not be concerned about the roadway, so it will be okay. but take a look at this. all streams our way. we are very dry in the lower levels. as we move on through the night. tomorrow, same deal, we are going to have a chance for it,
5:50 pm
it's going to be very light. so this even, 9:00, 36, 36 at midnight inside the d.c. metro area. a little cooler toward the west. waking up tomorrow or tomorrow morning, first day of 2013, temperatures in the low 30s. here are the numbers tomorrow morning. not bad at all. highs into the upper 30s to lower 40s, yet flurries down toward the south. but once again. not a big deal at all. a cold, breezy wednesday, rather cold on through the week through the weekend. when we watched the redskins take on the seahawks. thanks, doug. around this time, new newscasts are packed with the year -- in a city full of power players, washington loves a good
5:51 pm
list. on the cover of a magazine or posted online. >> i started new pages for 2012 rurp one of the most exclusive lists. technology industry lobbyist drew litman is behind it. >> never more than 85 people on it. there are a lot of washington power types. heads of arguments, chiefs of stat in the senate, but someone doing energy invest in bali. >> reporter: for nearly 15 years he's hand-picked the group. every year he compiles the best in books, film and movies. members on the list agreed to react with their top picks, too. >> it's really who is really a culture maven. who is going to the movies every weekend like i am. who is reading the most books. any kind of books. >> i think there are a lot of people on the list who feel that they really need to bring their a-game to the list. >> jody arlington heads pr and has been on the list for five
5:52 pm
years. >> i love reading everyone's responses and discovering -- basically discovering new work. and also sharing the things that have inspired me. >> but who else has action? john leibowitz, and jeff berman, general manager of media for the nfl. tom rosensteel is among them. >> that's actually one of the astonishing things about this, is that it is at once intimidating and a little pompous, and also people are willing to say anything, even to strangers. >> reporter: members who fail to supply with their thoughts risk being cut. litman already drop 20 people this year new york city deputy mayor. >> he's a brilliant guy, but if people aren't replying, the community could fall apart.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: which means the former member didn't get the list just sent out, best books up for discussion includes stag's leap. in movies, a big debate is already brewing. >> i think drew is very brave. he's willing to argue for a james bond movie as one of the great works of art of the year. other people are agasp at that. >> reporter: in a town big on who you know, all agree this is one list with real connections. litman's list has never been published until now. we have the top 2012 picks in films, music and books on our websi website. all you have to do is. reality star kim kardashian and kanye west are expecting their first child. west made the announcement on stage in atlantic city on sunday. today kardashian posted on her website that they're looking forward to new beginition.
5:54 pm
she's still married to chris mum fridays. they are in the middle of a very mussy endorse. the other baby news trending surrounds jessica simpson's revealing bikini photo. she treated this picture with the caption bumpin' and proud. she announced her second pregnancy last week. and still ahead, take a look. a robber finds out the hard way that crime doesn't pay. we're going to tell you who jumped in to stop him. also, no vote tonight on the fiscal cliff package in the house. find out what that means for you and your taxes. plus the waterfront is $ó"h7
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a would-be robber gets beat up with vodka. the robber entered the store, displayed a gun, demanded cash, one xro impliee complied, but another grabbed a bottle of vodka and started swinging. police caught up with the suspect a short time later. he's charged with arm robbery. well, as we say good-bye to 2012, we're also saying good buy
5:58 pm
to a fixture in america's lighting fixtures. >> reporter: as the nation rings in the new year, it's lights out for the 75-watt incandescent light bulb. the u.s. government is pulling the plug. >> the edison bulb hasn't changed much in 100 years. >> reporter: under federal law, they cannot be produced or imported. the retailers can clear remaining stock. >> 90% of the energy is wasted. what they replaced them with is more energy official, just as bright and good, and will save
5:59 pm
you money. >> reporter: most screw-in bulbs must use at least 75% less energy. two options are compact fluorescent light bulbs. >> they have some drawbacks. they don't get bright inns atlantaly. >> o.l.e.d.s. >> they use about 75% energy than a regular bulb and produce just as much light. >> l.e.d. bulbs are expensive, but prices are dropping. the future is dim for incandescent bulbs. while 175-watt edison bulbs go the way of the dinosaur, the u.s. government will turn out the lights on the 60 and 40 watt bulbs in 2014. right now at 6:00 --


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