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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 1, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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developing story today. it is anne arundel county executives resigns just days afteing convicted of miscduct. ho> a new twist, how the white softening the mandate. plus braey cooper comeso d.c., how silver lini's plbook he's he the world. it's a busy day in the news. >> another story ahead today that has a lot of people wonders, can you give your dog a cat the flu? >> interesting question. we asked doctors a question. 70 degrees, today we saw some snow, and it will be another cold night tonight. bundle up, folks. the first work is from doug. >> it's going to be a very cold night. already very cold right now. temperatures into the 20s in around the 30 degree mark in the city, but windchills down into the single digits in parts of the area.
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here's our little storm system that came through a little earlier today. notice the clearing skies. earlier this morning the storm brought about an half inch to an inch, some areas along 1 1/2 inches. out towards portions of delaware picking up 4 to 6 inches. we barely missed out, but this storm is out of here, and in behind it very windy conditions and cold conditions. take a look at the current wind gusts. 32 in leesburg, 30 in manassas, 30 back towards martins burg. very windy conditions, with cold air, and you talk windchills. look at these windchills right now, 16 in washington, 16 in frederick. 9 in winchester, 19 in culpepper. w50e6g9 a couple chances of snow. i'll talk more about that later. anne arundel cow executive john leopold has resigned effective immediately.
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it come at least day after being suspended from his high-profile job when a judge found him guilty. he'll be sentenced march 14th. leopold found guilty earlier this week. and for yew members of his staff to tend to his nursing needs when he had surgery. anne arundel's administrative officer john hammond will remain the acting county executive. new details have emerged about this devastating house fire overnight that killed two little girls. they were sisters. four our members of the family were injured. the flames broke out just before 11:30 last night on highland avenue in myersville. when firefighters arrived, the girls were trapped inside. crews tried to find them, but heavy flames and the instability of the house hampered the effort. we're told the children, sophie and 3-year-old madrigan died the
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smoke inhalation. their father, mother, and two children escaped. no word. three years, that's how much jail time jurors are recommending for ex-police officers daniel harmon wright. on tuesday they found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter. today they denied the defense's -- after some jurors conducted a dictionary. the attorneys say he's in that. a judge will decide in april whether to hold the sentence or lessen it. the white house today is softening the so-called birth control mandate in the affordable care act. after months of pushback and dozens of lawsuits, the administration announced details about a policy designed to accommodate religious group. danielle leigh is here to tell us more about the compromise and the reaction so far.
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>> good afternoon. the reaction has been mixed. it doesn't require religious nonprofits to offer it directly. women can get free action to coverage from a third party. basically what that does is try to get around the complaint from religious groups that the so-called birth control man dade basically vited the first amendment rights by forcing them to go against the religion. today press second tear jay carney set the white house believes this new accommodate satisfies everyone's best interests. >> we had to ensure that women have access to preventive services, lycra ception, and that the picy also respects religious beliefs. those guidelines action those criteria having followed, and as part of that process, there's more comments that will be taken on it. >> reporter: women's health groups have come out in support of this new policy. so has a left-leaning catholic
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group, but there are many groups that staunchly oppose anything but a repeal. the policy is under a 60-day public comment period. then it is going to take effect in august. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm danielle leigh, news4. the turkish government says an outlawed leftist group is to blame for a deadly suicide bombing. several bistanders were injured in the blast. white house officials say the bombing was was a trifl act. she's been the public face of the united states in 112 countries. today is hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state. 90 minutes ago, the employees she led through a sometimes tumultuous four years crowded into the lobby here to thank her for her service and wish her well. clinton says she is honored to have worked with them, proud of
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the work they have done. she described her time as unique, exciting and challenging. it's been a big day on wall street. it just wrapped up. a live look at the big board showing the dow stopping 14,000 for the first time since the financial crisis in 2008. the nasdaq and s&p also posted gains today after mixed news about the monthly jobs situation. the national unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9% from 7.9 in december, but the country added 157,000 jobs in january. hiring last year was stronger than originally shot. should i have to opt out of donating your organs instead of opting in, a controversial billing is introduced today. and how the in you is moving through our region. and how the nfl is focusing on
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still ahead, remembering ed koch, the man with a personal as large as the big apple.
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flu cases are down, but the outbreak is still widespread in most of the country, including maryland and virginia. new numbers for the centers for disease control show 42 states have widespread flu activity, down from 47 states last week. the number of people visiting their doctors with flu-like symptoms is still above the average. so is the number of people
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hospitalized with the flu. eight children died last week, bringing the total number of flu deaths to 45 this season. there are only localized cases of flu in the district. have you ever wondered whether you can give your pet the flu? researchers are coming up with some answers to that question. we'll have their latest findings in just a few minutes on "news4 at 4." praise pouring in today from both parties for the man known as new york city's mayor for life. ed koch died early this morning of congestive heart failure. he led the city through a transit strike and out of financial trouble. mayor michael bloom better said koch said the city on course for a comeback. republican congressman peter king called him a true friend who personified the spirit of new york city. koch was 88. his funeral is set for monday. it's a story about washington, but it was filmed in baltimore. we'll tell you why it's raising
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eyebrows with his first original series. doug is back with a look at our weekend wea
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just ahead, bradley cooper's trip to washington. we're back in just seconds.
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i'm keith russell. this just into the news4 live desk. within the last half hour, we've gotten a look at the stats, given us an idea of the devastation of the storms earlier this week. 42 tornadoes have been confirmed in the outbreak between tuesday and thursday. that makes it the third largest tornado outbreak on record. most of those tornadoes touched down in the southern part of the united states from missouri to georgia. and within the last hour we've learned there's still no conclusion about what's causing battery fires on boeing's new 787 dreamlines are. the ntsb released the seventh update in the investigation. it comes after officials tested a sample batteries. no abnormalities were reported during any of those tests. all 787 dreamliners remain grounded until they discover what's wrong with the batteries. bradley cooper came to d.c.
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today to teach a lesson he learned from his role in "silver linings playbook." >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> mouthy. >> please tell me more about what he said. >> anything you know, it was just a very general letter. >> cool. >> the movie is about a family dealing with mental ilniz. he discussed the subject with a group of policy leaders in northwest. he said the movie has inspired him to take action on the issue. >> wow. thank you. i had the privilege of going from somebody who was ignorant to empathetic, and now i it take action. this is the little action i can take. if everybody else puts the time in to understand, they can start to take action. the next thing you know, we could have policy, and then real change can okur. >> the movie is up for eight academy awards. yesterday cooper screened the movie for a group of veterans at walter reed medical center. netflix branched out into new territory today by releasing
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its own original tv series. "house of cards" was shot in baltimore, but the political thriller is based in washington. if this experiment works, it could change the way we watch television s nbc's mark barger explains. >> reporter: not content with handling other companies' movies and tv shows, netflix is making its own, starting with the political drama "house of cards." >> we're a swing for the fences company. we want to do great things. >> the ceo reed hastings told cnbc the company took its inspiration from hbo, hoping a similar move into original content will grow its audience, now 27 million subscribers. >> words matter very much, ms. bonds. you should care more about them, given your profession. >> the company is investing millions for 26 episodes, luring the likes of kevin spacey.
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>> if they're going to compete in the business as it grows and changes they'll have to start doing original content. >> spacey plays a congressman out to subtly undermine a newly elected president. the show's entire first season of 13 episodes is being released simultaneously. >> you wonder whether people want a more staggered season, or if they just want to consume everything all in one go. we'll find that out for sure. >> reporter: that's because netflix will do the same thing later this year with another show they're bankrolling brand-news episodes of "arrested development." >> it's their hope it makes them competitive with capable broadcasters and providers like hbo, showtime, fx, and maybe even in the long run with the broadcast networks. >> reporter: whether "house of cards" produce provides a firm
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foundation will be up to consumers. now, some media experts have doubts about netflix releasing the series all at once, it says it diminishes the word of mouth buzz often generated when a series plays out over several months. there are more than 700 vehicles on the showroom floor at the washington convention center. today marks the beginning of the 2013 washington auto show. if you want to do a little window shopping there this year, there's a luxury showcase with lux cars from different manufacturers. lots of different technology. see it all at the auto show now through february 10th. don't miss our special tomorrow night, "inside the washington water show." join veronica johnson and zachary kiesch for some of the coolest cars on the showroom floor. i saw one convertible in
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that bunch. we might have to wait a while to take the top down. >> love the top down. >> you might have to wait a long why. the first part of this winter started off -- yes, we hit 72 on wednesday, but that was such a long time ago. right now the windchill, what do you think it might be right now? >> 20s? >> no. >> 30s? >> wrong direct? >> 16! >> whoa! >> 16 is the current windchill. look at they numbers 29 is the current temperature, but here is the windchill of 16 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 21 miles an hour, we've seen those winds gusting 30, even 40 miles an hour through the day. these are the current windchills. how about this? 6 in haguerstown, 9 in winchester, 22 in culpepper, 15 in manassas, 8 in gaithersburg. if you have plans to go out and it is a friday night, a friday evening, you might want to
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bundle up. bring everything you've got. the scarves, the hats, the gloves. hour by hour, this is the windchill. breezy, a windchill of 16 down to 15 by 8:00, 15 around 9:00, 14 degrees around 10:00 tonight, we are looking for one cold evening if you're going out this evening. what are we going to see as far as the radar is concerned? we are all clear right now. that wasn't the case. that's where we're seeing this clipper-like system through the region, and it did produce some snow. you looked out on the rooftops, most of the grass was covered. many roadways were just warm enough we did not see too many problems unless you're well back to the north and west. right in here, we saw a swath of 4 to 6 inches in through the delmarva, also into southern jersey. we missed out on the biggest part of that snow. behind it, cold and breezy air moved in. that's what we'll see not only for tonight, but also for the day tomorrow.
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it will stay cold, the wind will die down, yet another clipper system will move there. this there move through late tomorrow evening. yes, another chance for light snow in here saturday tonight in through the day. once again, this is just another one of these clippers that moves out very, very quickly. then in behind it, we get colder air once again. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, just cold. temperatures 12 to 19 degrees. the good news is the wind will be on the light side, though. tomorrow afternoon, increasing clouds, possible snow late, but this will be very light, possible flurry. 31 to about 35 degrees, winds out of the southwest. here's the next couple days. late flurries, light snow, light snow, let's just keep going. light snow on your wednesday, temperatures remaining below average right through the next four to five days. once again, don't expect much. thank you, doug.
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can you give your pet the flu? we'll tell you why it might be a good idea to stay from your four-legged friend when you're sick. >> a woman drives a luxury suv right off the lot, but hey, she didn't pay for this. how she was able to trick the car dealership into giving her
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if you're homesick with the flu, you might not want to snuggle with your pet. >> as renee reports, researchers are looking into whether your pet can catch the flu from you. >> reporter: 14 cats, one dog, have been sickened or died from the h1n1 flu virus since 2006, possibly spread by humans. dr. christian lore from oregon state university told nbc via skype researchers don't know if the flu can be transmitted to pets. >> keep in mind that the strain that was transmitted from people to cats originated in the seasonal h1n1 flu virus strain, pretty much the same train that's circulated now. >> dr. lore said the flu spread to pets could be a serious mutation. >> it could mean that it's more
4:26 pm
aggressive than before. >> it says the flu isn't animal disease spread to humans, but says there's no firm research to show that the flu is moving from humans to pets. >> it is probable that the current strange of influenza can be passed to animals, but i don't think we have any real hard evident or real cases to show that that has happened yet. there is also a virus called canine flu. the symptoms are similar to our flu. there's fever and fatigue, trouble breathing. >> that's what to watch out for. those are the symptoms. there is a vaccine now for dogs as well, to fight the flu. who knew? >> who knew. well, a zoo in tokyo has an unusual and fun way to check its emergency preparedness. >> an employee put on a zebra costume simulating what it would be like if a wild animal got loose. zoo workers gave chase armed with nets, sticks, training we
4:27 pm
liesers. after a couple minutes, a womaner in the van zapped a seeba, and down he went. the worker who wore the suit said he was given the task because he's one of the zoo's newest workers. don't know if he got a bonus for good acting. >> or if he came back to work the next day. or an oscar for acting. >> low man on the tote empole. super bowl sunday almost here. we're live in new orleans, where they're not just partying, but also talking about safety. changes to the school lunch menu and to the vending machine. the federal government is
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for just $84.99 a month when you sign up online with a two-year price guarantee. plus a $200 verizon visa pre-paid card and an additional line included. verizon. welcome back to "news4 at 4." i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. happening at 4:30, john leopold is resigns today, just days after being found guilty of misconduct in office. he announced his resignation is a letter today, and says it could be effective meet immediately. catholic groups are reserving judgment about changes to the white house policy on
4:31 pm
insurance coverage for birth control. the catholic health association and the u.s. conference of catholic bishops say they are still studying the proposal. the obama administration says it's trying to protect religious freedom while provides access to all women. the dow close seg above 14,000 for the first time since okay 2007. investors showing confidence that the economic recovery is on track after new jobs and manufacturing data came out this afternoon. the big chilled is back. doug has the latest. >> reporter: when you look at the flag you know it's cold. the winds between 20 and 30 miles an hour. with temperatures already into the teens and 20s, we have 29 degrees right now in washington, 25 in martins burg. that puts our windchilling in the single digits, into the teens. the windchill right now in d.c. 16 degrees. it's going to be a very cold
4:32 pm
evening. gull through the night into early, dropping at 25 at 11:00, and then the winds begin to die down a bit in the morning, but start the off at 19. yes, even a slight chance of snow. the rest of next week. holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker is showing no signs he's willing to end the ordeal. late this afternoon nbc news confirmed this photo of the suspect. 65-year-old jimmy lee dikes, authorities say they have gotten the boy medicine for autism and colorling books. the family of the child hasn't spoken publicly yet, but nbc news records they're holding on by a threat now. for the first time we're hearing from the family of the bus driver, who was shot dead trying to protect the 21 youngsters
4:33 pm
aboard. gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: this bizarre and at times stand offis entering its fourth day. police rye main tight-lipped, but they say the 5-year-old hostage is unharmed. they have been talking with the suspect through a pvc pipe attached to an underground bunker reportedly equipped with supplies and electricity. police have been able to lower medicine and coloring books for the child into that bunker. this all started tuesday afternoon when a police sort says the suspect, jimmy lee dykes, demanded children, and when the bus driver refused, the suspect allegedly shot and killed him. now for the first time we're hearing from his family. >> every time a child got on my dad's bus, they were no longer their parents', they were his. he considered them his children. that's the reason why my dad took those shots for his
4:34 pm
children, just like he would do for me and my sister. >> my daddy was not just a hero on tuesday. my daddy was a hero my whole life. he was my hero. >> reporter: several schools in this area remain closed as this town prays for a peaceful resolution. gabe gutierrez, nbc news midland city, alabama. ten years ago the nation and the speights program were hit with disaster. offense february 1, 2003 when the nation awoke to news that the space shuttle "columbia" had broken apart. all seven astronauts on board were killed. today at the kennedy space center, nasa held a memorial service in honor of the "columbia" astronauts, the widow of "columbia" commander rick husband spoke it el service and shared memories of her late husband and his crew mates. we want to shift gears.
4:35 pm
it's february. if there was ever a month to party in new orleans, this is it. >> super bowl xlvii is happening right in the middle of mardi gras celebrations, but the nfl has more serious concerns for players. >> jay gray is live with a look at what's happening. jay? >> reporter: hay there. good evening, yeah, the fun is the focus. you can see the sun and super dome is shining at this point. it is a beautiful friday afternoon, perfect conditions as thousands begin their super bowl weekend a few hours early. kickoff is still two days away, but the game has definitely started in new orleans. thousands of fans filling the french quarter, some in full costume, others shopping for a super memento. everyone getting into the super bowl in the middle of mardi
4:36 pm
gras. for fans, there is nothing bigger. and while the focus is on fun and the game, there's also a serious side. >> we believe the changes we are making for our game will make football better and safer. >> reporter: but there continue to be mixed opinions on whether it will be safe enough. >> we have to find a way to prevent the kind of head to head contact that has led to so many former players suffering from dementia and other things. >> reporter: many of those who will play in the biggest game of their lives sunday, will say they understand and accept the violent nature. >> it's football. football is a physical sport. and i think they're doing the best they can. >> reporter: from the field to the french quarter, everyone here hoping the only headaches in the big easy this weekend come from big fun celebrating a super bowl win. mow when it comes to safety,
4:37 pm
one change the league will make next season, every game there would be an independent neurological doctor there to assess players should they get any type of head injury. i'm jay gray. pat, jim, bam to you now. >> thank you, jay. a woman who took a test drive never came back. the unusual trick she used to steal a luxury suv. why you might notice a lot of people wearing red toda
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lawmakers in maryland are considering a radical change. instead of opting in, they must off out if they don't want to. this bill sponsored by senator young would require the motor vehicle administration to notify people applying for or renews driver's licenses or i.d.s, that they will be an organ donor unless they choose otherwise, but this bill doesn't specify how the mva has to notify applicants. you may have noticed a lot of women wearing red today. there's a good reason for that. today marks the tenth anniversary of the american heart association's go red for women campaign. leone gregg reports the initiative has saved a lot of lives. >> reporter: spending time with her 21-year-old daughter was
4:41 pm
something ms. burke was told would never happened. her usually perky personal was bogged down by stream fatigue. knowing her sister had died at 19 from a hard condition. >> i went to actually two different doctors. they both said it's just because you have young children, it's your season in life. when they grow up, you won't be tired anymore. >> reporter: months later a different doctor agreed to look at her heart. when they called with the results, she was told she had only a handful of years left. >> my doctor called and said, michelle, your heart is in terrible shape. you need to be in the hospital tomorrow and be prepared to stay a while. >> reporter: in the time since her diagnosis, the american heart association's go red for women campaign has made great strides in raising awareness for both women and their doctor. >> okay. one orange. >> that increased awareness likely saved mary leah's life.
4:42 pm
>> i think i would have been a 30-year-old mom pushing a stroller and found out post mortem that i had heart disease. >> reporter: she was also a busy mother who was constantly tired. when she told her doctor about her mother's heart condition, he took her family history seriously, and immediately ordered additional tests. >> it was pretty world chef shattering and life-eighters to find that your heart is beating at 10% of what it should be. >> reporter: both women are living with their condition rather than succumbing to it. >> i love you. >> reporter: leone gregg, nbc news. the american heart association says 90% of the people who register with the go red campaign maybe a healthy lifestyle change. big party down in the big easy, as we get ready for the super bowl. it's a story of resiliency. a look at how the city was able to overcome two huge disasters.
4:43 pm
why have organic milk have a longer shelf like? that's the question. the answer is on ask liz on "news4 at 4." we had a bit of snow. that moved through early this morning. now we're looking at sunshine, very cold temperatures. i'll
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
. tomorrow d.c.'s own potomac phil will return with his groundhog day weather. our own national groundhog is stuffed, but that doesn't
4:46 pm
inhibit his forecasting abilities. not sure how he'll see a shadow, but if he does, it will mean six more weeks of winter. tomorrow's festivities including polka dancing. everything kicks off at 7:30 in the morning at dupont circle fountain. phil will emerge at 8:00 a.m. sharp. bold new plan in the fight against childhood obesity. the government is making its first ever move to cut the junk. the agriculture department -- they would ban the say of many high-calorie options, and most candies in school cafeterias in fave of healthy sides, fruit, baked chips, and bottled water. there will be a 60-day comment period on the plan before the usda writes its final rules. those could be in place by 2014. football fans are pouring in for the big game on sunday. city leaders say they want
4:47 pm
everybody to have a good time, but they also want people to celebrate the city's recoveries. after two major disasters. cnbc's brian shactman reports on the big easy's long road to recovery. >> reporter: since new orleans last host the super bowl a deck indicate ago, a lot has happened. >> americans might have learned today just how awful the damage from the hurricane was. >> reporter: the devastation of hurricane katrina, and one of the worst oil spills in american history. this year, no talk of devastation. instead, it's the perfect storm of parties. mardi gras and the super bowl, same time, same city. >> this is very exciting time to be a new orleansian. >> we just want to be not just in the regular rotation, but the perfect ten. >> i would say this ranks as the event for the city of new orleans. >> reporter: with a billion
4:48 pm
invested, the planning that is not been easy. beyond transforming the super dome and getting a reported $60 million from mercedes-benz to rename it, the city did a massive $365 million upgrade of the airport, even no trolley lines are in place to take fans right to the game. the expected economic impact will approach half a billion, about 40% more than the last time new orleans hosted the big game back in 2002. then there's mardi gras. we're talking over a million people will come visit the city of new orleans. when you ko many bien new orleans and mardi gras, you have the best. >> reporter: hundreds of millions and a once battered city bursting with optimism. brian shactman, cn. business news. back in 2002, the face value of a super bowl ticket was $400. this year, the cheapest seats are $850 with the top seats at
4:49 pm
$1250. and on stubhub, the asking price for one suite is more than $400,000. doug, you might be interested in that suite. >> i would be interesting, but i have to stay here. dan hellie has been down there all week. >> he might be interested. >> for sure, but i'm not going in on that. hey, guys, really good news, you see the sunshine? here's the best news i think of the day. it's cold, freezing outside, but the sun will go down just after 5:30 tonight, so from now on, the sun will set after 5:30 as our days continue to get longer. that's a little piece of good news, even though we're sitting at 29 degrees, with a windchill of 16, look at the humidity, only 30%. very dry, but gusting to 29 across the region. that really puts things on the cold note. 27 in leesburg. 26 in reston, 29 in college park, 27 at camp springs. that's the temperature. how about the windchill? how about these numbers? 16 in rockville, look at
4:50 pm
gaithersburg. 7 the currents windchill in gaithersburg, 15 in leesburg, down towards huntingtown, so it is going to be a very cold evening, a very cold night tonight. nothing to show you on the radar. but over the next couple days, we will see some changes. we've got another one on the jet stream going through, and then yet another one, quick-moving system. we call them alberta clippers, from canada toward our region. most of the time they do not have much in the way of moisture at all. we may see a dusting or coting out of each we have these. now, increasing clouds to the day tomorrow possible snow. very light snow, though. temperatures 31 to 35. it will be a cold day tomorrow. here's the next couple days. 34 for your saturday, 41 on saturday. 36 on monday, then look, a couple more chances of light snow. highs a bit below average.
4:51 pm
next few days. >>r we'll talk more at 5:00 and 6, and stay tuned for 11:00 as well. always. doug, thank you. well, all you know by now, you had better, the super bowl is on sunday the how do you keep the foods safe? can charities yew telemarketers to solicit donations even if you're on one of those do not call lists. and why does organic milk always seem to have a longer shelf life than regular milk? liz crenshaw is here with "ask liz. ". >> super bowl. >> we can't get enough. >> i know. some of our viewers will be feeding hungry fans during the big game. what can they do to keep these parties safe? >> u.s. department of agriculture has covered us with super bowl safety tips. it says that large gatherings tend to increase the chance of
4:52 pm
people becoming sick from foodborne illness. a couple tips. use separate cutting boards. never leave foods at room temperature for more than two hours. refrigerate or freeze those leftovers as soon as possible to prevent bacteria from growing, though leftovers at a super bowl party? maybe not. >> if you're at my house, no way. that's how you solve it all. second question -- do the do not call list, and can charities use telemarketers to solicit donations? >> we turned to the federal trade commission. it tells us that the do not call list is still very much in effect. it's important to note that placing your number on the list will stop most, but not all. calls from or on behalf of political organization, survey companies and yes, charities are still permitted. however, if a third-paired telemarketer is calling on behalf of the charity, you can ask it to stop calling on you behalf of that specific charity.
4:53 pm
to place your number on the list. simply debt final question from sue in waldorf. why does organic milk seem to have a longer shelf life? itch the international dairy foods association helped with this an. it says pasteurization temperature is what determines the shelf life. milk needs tore pack tourized to destroy bacteria, and can be regularly pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized. ultra-past tourization results in a longer shelf life and is commonly used in organic milk. the length of the shelf life is only valid whens package was unopened. if you have a question you would like us to ask, sent it to us at, connect with me on twitter, and facebook. coming up at 5:00, why do
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they use roman numerals for super bowl? how does closing your credit account affect your fico credit score? and if you want to count yew stepping, what is the best pedometer to use? >> they have fancy ones. >> but the simple ones work, too. >> good to know. see you at 5:00. pat, back over to you. imagine going to a dealership and picking out any car you choose. we'll explain how a woman did that, and then drove off in a luxury suv without ever forking over a dime. i'm tracee wilkins in laurel, taking a look at the packsant and the dam today, it's all looking good, but yesterday this is how it looked. could it have been avoided. i talk with officials.
4:55 pm
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offense a braising scam, a woman walk in, and without any -- we have more on how she got the salespeople to just hand over the keys. >> reporter: at west financial autos, there's absolutely no test drives unless three pieces of i.d.s are shown up front. the owner says the woman was going from one salesperson to another, trying to distract them. and it worked. >> the sail guy, he also handed her the key, thinking i took the
4:58 pm
license from her. >> the problem is she left nothing behind. once she had the key she was out the door, riding away in what is now a stolen luxury suv. >> i don't know what they're doing with the vehicles, if they're selling them, retagging them, chopping them. i don't know what's going on. police -- >> i will put a $3,000 cash reward if somebody would turn this lady in or even find the truck for you. it ruins it for everyone, honestly. it's the second time in two weeks that someone has stolen the car from an independent dealer ship in the detroit area. it's an attack the white house is calling an act of terror. we are learning new details about the suicide bombing in turkey. a security guard is debt, now it's becoming more evident who may have been behind this bombing. plus here at home, sisters
4:59 pm
dead in a fire. the home in ruins, a family devastated by the loss. we begin with the return of cold weather and already looking ahead to your weekend. doug kammerer hoo is here. >> it looks like it would be a nice night outside, but it will be a very cold evening. one of the coldest we have seen in a long time. radar picture showing the snow we saw early this morning moving way out, so clearing skies. that will be the case. >> we just missed out on bigger totals. look at the winds, gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour, and with temperatures in the 20s, take a look at these current windchills. 15 in washington, 9 in gaithersburg, 9 back toward the i-81 corridor. manassas at 13 degrees, we are in for


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